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IMadaaJst, Tsilor too raxton Blk.
Orffse percolator, $5, Burgess-Ursndsn,
Boot Prlat It Now Beacon Prsse
"Today's Complete Mart TTorTm
elaaslf:ed section today, and appears la
The Be EXCLfSlVKLT. Find out whal
th various moving picture theaters offer
Chlropraetlo Adjustments Incur
health quickly and permanently. Dr. Bur
horn. Wend building. D. &S47.
eateaced for Bobbery 1L Bell, ntri
was aenlem-ed to ninety days In Hie
ounty Jail for robbing a. Gromberg. 2M3
Capitol avenue, of $.
oath Btde ProgTssslvss Entertain
The South Side Progressive club will en
tertain next Friday evening at Ha hall,
Fourteenth and Cstellsr streeta.
Keen Ton Mo.. .nH in the
American Safe Deposit vaults Jilt 8. 17th
ft. Bee Bldg. Boxes rent tt for three
month. nMn rrnm t . m r. m
Morrow Talks to Philosophical Uty
Harvey W. Morrow speaks to the Omaha
Philosophical society at S p. m. today at
Labor temple on subject,
ance and Anarchy."
Dual meeting of the Assoc iated Charl-
tlea of Omaha will be held at the office
of the society at Gardner hall, 1718 Dodge
street, at t p. m. Monday.
a.e... . tie. t
ent siate
of Worces -
.? 71 vaa?l
st. .1 ears.
aee W. H. Indoe. general a
Mutual Life Assurance Co,
ter. Mass. one of th. i,l,lpt
and boat comnanles on enh
The State Bank of Omaha pays 4 per
cent on time deposits and 3 per cent on
savings accounts. All deposits In this
bank are protected by the depositors'
guarantee fund of the state of Nebraska.
Order of Stags Charter fee, $3
... . IT . ' ,
monthly dues, 75c; weekly benef Its. $7;.
. , ... ' . ...
funeral benef ts, $125; free phys c ans, free
legal advice, free employment bureau;
700 members ln Omaha. Join now. Of
fice 308 Brandeis theater. Douglas 3684.
Prisoners Appreciate Papers Mrs
Paul Getxschmann has received a letter
of thanks from German war prisoners
who are being held ln Toklo by Japan.
The letter is in appreciation of some pa
pers which Mrs. Getxschmann sends each
Brockton Wants Sunday A call was
received for a "Billy" Sunday campaign
In Brockton, Mass., which Is the center
of the shoe industry. Brockton Is on
Cape Code and would be the farthest east
that "Billy" has ever gone In preach
ing. Honolulu, whither he goes next
summer, will be the farthest west.
Pern Club to afeet The Peru club oi
Omaha will hold its annual session for
the election of officers Thursday at t
o'clock at the Toung Men'a Christian as
sociation. Besides the election of ol fleers
other matters of business will be con
sidered. Miss Mattle Cook Ellis, dean of
women at the Normal school at Peru,
will speak. All former students and
friends of the school are invited.
Z'tt Mnn Sunday Trains Beginning
Sunday the Northwestern road will run
Sunday as well as week-day trains be
tween Omaha and Oakdale, via Albion
and Scrlbner. This will afford through
train service between those points dally,
Instead of dally except Sunday, as here
tofore. Trains Noa. 309 and 310 will make
thla schedule: Leave Omaha 5:30 p. m.,
arrive Oakdale 1:15 p. m. ; leave Oakdale
6 a. rru, arrive Omaha 1:35 p. m.
Father Burrows on
Visit to Creighton
The Rev. A. J. Burrows, S. J., formerly
an instructor at Creighton university, and ,
now provincial of the Missouri province
of the Jesuit order, visited the college je
cently on his way to the Indian missions
controlled by the Jesuits. Father Bur
rows la on a tour of Inspection, during
whioh he will visit the Indian mlrslns
at Pine Ridge, S. D. ; Holy Rosary mis
sion. South Dakota, and St. Stevens',
U C. Nash, vice president and general
,anarer of the Burge.s-Na.h company.
.n..i.j ... . . . '
accompanied by a corps of department
buyers, left last night over the North
western for New York on a buying trip.
Mr. Nash stated before leaving that
everything pointed to a wonderful fall
and winter business, everything is right
for it, and business all over the country
seems to be on a more steady and sub
stantial foundation.
The present trip Is for reorders of fall
merchandise and holiday goods.
Those who went with Mr. Nash are:
T. 8. Kelly, men's furnishings; H ram
Jones, silks and dress goods; A. W. Hunt,
rugs and draperies: Miss M. Doris, gloves,
and Mrs. Agnes Rogers, muslin under
wear. Girls! Women!
Take Cascarets
If Constipated
They liven your liver and bow
els and clear your
Don't stay headachy, bilious
with breath bad and
sour stomach.
Tonight sure! Take Cascarets and en
Joy the nicest, gentlest liver and bowel
cleansing you ever experienced. Casca
rets will liven your liver and clean your
thirty feet of bowels without griping. You
will wake up feeling grand. Your head
will be clear, breath right, tongue clean,
stomach sweet, eyes bright, step elastic
and complexion rosy they're wonderful.
Get a 10-cent box now at any drug alore.
Mothers csn safely give a whole Casca
ret to children any time when cross, fev
erish, bilious, tongue coated or consti
pated they jvro harmlsss. AdvsrUsv.
Look to Yourselves that You
Receive Full Reward from Jesus
"Billy' Punday preached Sunday on "A
Full Reward" as follows:
A great many people suppose that
after they have accepted Jesus Christ
as their Savior, made a public acknowl
edgment of Him as such and Joined a
church, that that Is all there Is to a
Christian life. Well, there Is something
more, that cornea by way of experience.
I am one of the kind that believes that
there are consistent and Increasing bless-
Ings to be had If you pay the price, but!
It costa something to know the fullness'
of God's power and to be ablo to have I
Uoi answer your prayer.
I Thpr te something more, and It comos
wtlcn lt we stand In the presence
Of Him who. havlns not ,en lv.
in u John, part of the eighth verse, I
reaa Look to yourselves that
we re-
celve a full
reward " Th. mn,..i.
I hould be placed on the word
Jonn seems desirous of Impressing the
, followers of Jesus with the fnct that
i thrT are rewards. There are those who
w'" be Mtiafled with Just getting Into
ana as joo says, "Hy the skin,
1 of 'our teeth." John seems desirous of j
i Impressing the followers of Jesus with
thal fact' and he " "I-ok to your.
' etlvM tnit lv f" reward." Do
' ur l,tmo-' your best. You are
r,v.rAaA ,u. K....
I not oln" to bo rewarded on the basis of
comparlson. God isn't going to com-
j Pare what 1 do with what you do. God
won t ludge you by what Solomon, or
David, or John did. but God I. going to
Judge every man and woman according
hi. - , .
to his or her own ability. "Look to your-
selves. Never mind what I do. Never
. ' '
l mind whether you can do as much as the
. ,.,, -rM ...
preacher. "Look to yourselves that we
, - i ja uiiftiii as well
receive a full measure." j bring a baby Into the world, tie It hand
Re word ts Promised. 1 and foot and fasten it to a cake of Ice
I am not surprised at all to hear John ""d 'xpect it to live and grow physically
ay In the nineteenth chapter of Mat- t0 Pct that the new converts will
thew. "We have forsaken all and fol-1 make any progress ln religious matters
lowed Thee. What shall we have then?",f have to go into a godless, worldly.
Possibly you have found yourself pon- j rcat big refrigerator of a church. 1 know
derlng over that same question. I know tht If some one who has taken their
I have. I have said many a time "Well. tand would slip and fall tomorrow some
Lord, I have made great sacrifices for ! '. vou would say, "Ha, ha, Just as I ex-
You. I have sacrificed the delight which
It would give me to be at home with wife
and children. I have sacrificed hours
and nights of sleep and tiave had days of
worry and long nights or labor: I have
done a great deal. I have been in the
thick of the fight. I have been on the
firing line for you when I have thought
I was tho only one standing for God's
truth. I have been In fields white under
the harvest and have labored in the bar
ren spots." It is not a good thing simply
to think of the remuneration. You be
lieve when you work In the mill or on
the railroad or In the public school that
you will fee paid your wages, therefore 1
you have faith to believe, and God aays,
"Now, I will reward you." 80 remem
ber that God has promised and He that
promises Is faithful.
Look to Yoorselres.
"Look to yourself that we receive a
full reward."
A friend of mine told me that he ac
cepted the pastorate of a church, and
when he preached his first sermon down
the aisle came an eld man, hobbling on a
crutch, and he aald, "I am afraid you
are going to make a failure out of this.
You're the first young man that has ever
been pastor here." (They thought that
success, was synonomous with gray hairs
and decrepitude and that youth and fail
ure were inseparably connected.) "But,"
he said. I listened to you and I'm going
I to help you." The pastor thought, ' Poor
old soul, what can vou do -to heln m.-
He said, "Four men c.tme to my home
and on our knees we promised God and
signed a pledge that every day you are
faster of our church we are going to priy
for you." And my friend aald It was the
first word of encouragement he had re
ceived. But he saw the four grow to ten.
then Jump to twenty-five, then to fifty,
then to 100, then to 200, S0J and 400. and
many a Sunday morning before he would
go Into the pulpit he would be ln the
church parlors with 400 men and on their
knees they would pray, "Bless our minis
ter, will you? Make him a soul-winner.
i'7. M af "'V'?""
'PB, JT??J?h "d rUh,t
eousness. and he said that as he woulc
preach he knew there were 400 men that
would die for him and for Jesus Christ,
and while he was pastor of the church
over 1,200 pressed their way to the king
dom and over half of them were men.
Btrlkrs at the (runiblers.
I don't kaow what the power of the
ministers who have served In Omaha haa
been. I don't know what the power of
the men you have here now Is, but there
never was a man, there Isn't any now
and there never will be a man who will
serve you as pastor, but that that man's
power for Jesus Christ will be multiplied
if he only has a prayer behind him. But
a lot of you will go to church and ait
there and grumble and growl and go
home and pick the preacher and hla ser
mon as dry as you do the chicken on the
rlatter for your Sunday dinner and then
wonder why your church doesn't grow. I
wonder why it doesn't sink Into hell, with
a prayerless, beer-drlnkinir, dancing, card
playlng crowd like many of them have.
Sat Prenrhtngr for Money.
Oh, I can tell you of church members
that haven't come to this tabernacle ln
seven weeks, whS haven't lifted a little
finger or sweat one drop to bring old
Omaha to Its knees. Then whit right
have they to claim anything from Ood?
What right have you to walk up and In
sult God by tilling Him you are His child
when you have done all you can to pre
vent the success of these meetings? GoJ
pity such miserable people! It any of
them are here and have given me any
money, come up and I'll givo It back if
you want It. You can't charge me with
preaching for your mcney. If I was
working for some f Tow's pocketbook I
wouldn't throw as many rocks or thlr-teen-lnch
shells aa I do.
Why lh Tabernacle.
Paul says: "This one thing I do." I
tell you. I think that would be our state
of intud if we only realized that people
without Jesus Christ are lost. I tell you.
the church Is all wrong, by whatever
name or denomination she la known, if
she simply says. "Come and hear the
preacher preach and the choir sing, and
If you don't, why go to the devil." That
doctrine has paralysed the activities of
the earth. This is what I call going to
the multitudes, and I have never seen the
community that was willing to go into
their pockets to put up a tabernacle that
failed to get a blessing. I have had
preachers say "We hav a church that
holds so many." I say, "Then get some
other man; I'm not the one you are look
ing for.'
I won't go to a town and hold
a revival ln a church, for several rea
sons. There are lots of fellows who will
never darken a church, and therefore
God has seemed to call me be the
apostle to reach the fellow outside, that
the church never touches, and they moan
and groan and sigh and they didn't touch
him, then when God Almighty had been
pleased to honor me, they denoune me.
To perdition with such fools! They make
me sick, I have no patience with them
If there la one word on tkxl a earth that
la uttered In connection with religion
that I hate. It la that word "conserva
tive." They say. "Mr. Sunday, thla I
a conservative community. Our paa
tor, our people are conservative." That
nieana they have taken the devil a
opiates and have gone to sleep. That
means their church Is a great Mg dor
mitory; don t stir them up. I would as
,ol,n be P"str ' h graveyard.
"" ! til-HaH.
We hve tmo crowds. th ruts and the
.anti-ruts One crowd wants things dono
l: (Jeccnc' order. There are some
f'op'? afr"'J f innovntlo,'- fr"IJ f
sonieining. ior ir you illil
you might get a fellow that would g to
hell If you didn't. If I were pastor of a
church I would put a brass band In front
and I'd give the
devil the best run for his money that he
ever had. Don't be afraid of Innovations
for God and Qod'a truth. "They that
trlve for the mastery are temperate In
all things.
Feela No Hatred.
...v,ry PundftV hl tescher and every
"1r mu"1 ,ert the rwP"n.lblllty to do
T ,r P0Wer' "W ,h" th't n,e l'
,n' tl,;w,n to a close. I know what
Bom" P'0ll8 ln Omaha think about revl-
vlvalUta. and especlaUy
?Z tTV'' I
"til !f" " 1 11 T,th
1"" "V'wlV" "ly "a" r'l,nmt.
ha ent 'dloJd m o T'ous'y1 na
navent dipped my colors to anybody;
h.v. t hnM . , .;.w '
rlrh or nnnr wku.
rlcn or Poor, white i
God's truth t i,n
UCMJ tr"th. I know
or black. I preach
mrh.t t . .
think ,,. ...... ,.
pected It." You miserable old wretch,
listen to me. "If a man be overtaken In
a fault, ye that are spiritual restore such
a one In the spirit of meekness, consider
ing yourself lest you also be tempted."
And If you are a miserable old card
player you will be a miserable old sneer
ing, turned up. crooked nose (If God didn't
spare you the trouble when be made your
old proboscis) hypocrite. "If a man be
overtaken in a fault ye that are spiritual
restore such a one In the spirit of meek
ness, considering yourself lest you also
be tompted."
"If a man be overtaken In a fault let
him alone."
"If a man be overtaken In a fault tele
phone to the newspapers."
"If a man be overtaken In a fault call
up 'central' "and tell her to get everybody
on the line. Don't speak to him, you
might help him back again. Push him
ana see if you can't help him to hell.
Walk on him and see if you can't trample
him deeper. Let him alone, even tub
stands on its own bottom.
"Ye that are spiritual rertore such a
one, considering yourself lest ye also be
Btody the Bible.
Now. then, get down Into the old
Mother book. Go to the old Bible and
read It for yourself. One of the pro
lific sources of unbelief and back-sliding
today la a bottle-fed church, where
the whole membership lets the preacher
do the studying of the Bible for them.
He will go to the pulpit with hla
mind full of hla sermon and they wl.l
come to church with tr.elr minds f.llol
with society and last night's card play
ing, beer and wine drinking and mvel
reading party and will sit there hair
asleep. Great God, it would take fo ty
thousand Gabriels with trumpets to
arouse a crowd like that! It's a hard
thing for a man to be eloquent to a
lot of corn shocks. If you want your
preacher to be eloquent you have to be
In sympathy with what he la trying to
teach you.
Secret of Earnestness.
You will agree with me. In closing,
that I'm not a crank; at least I try not
to be. I have not preached about my
first, second, third or hundreth blessing.
I have not talked about baptism or Im
mersion. I told you that while I was
here my creed would be. "With Christ
you are saved; without Him you are lost,"
Are you saved? Are you lostT Going
to heaven? Going to hell? I have tried
to build every sermon right around and
answer those questions and steer clear
of anything else, but I want to say to
you thla morning, in closing, that it Is
the Inspiration of my Ufa, the secret of
my earnestness. ,
"V Kaow Not the Hoar."
If John were here and I would Invite
him to preach, he would preach about
the love of God. If James were hero
and I would say. "James, will you
pray?" he would say "Faith without
works Is dead." James would aay:
"Get a move on you." James would
preach the Gospel of works. If Peter
were here and I would say, "Peter,
preach us a sermon," he would preach
about the Holy Ghost. If Paul were
here and I would say, "Paul, preach us
a sermon," and Paul would get up and
talk about the resurrection. He would
talk about Jesus when He comes to this
old world. I would say, "Luke, will you
preach us a sermon," and he would
talk along a similar strain, as you
will read It In Acts. Now, then, I say
to you. "Watch, for ye know not the
day or hour." In Revelations I read:
"Around about the throne were four
and twenty seats and I saw there four
and twenty elders sitting clothed in
white raiment, crowns of gold on their
heads, fl know some elders that won't
wear crowns unless they get converted.
They don't live In Omaha, these fellows
I'm talking about.) "I saw four and
twenty elders, clothed In white raiment,
on their heads crowns of gold, and they
cast their crowns at His feet." That's
a picture of the glorified church. Hero
It is the church militant; there It ts the
church triumphant. I sometimes think
here It Is the church somnamhiilcnt. Here
we call It the church militant, there
the church triumphant, where all things
have passed away and we atand before
God to receive the record of our labors
and our tolls for Him there. Wha a
grand thing!
That was a wonderful time. In 18'?,
when the soldiers returned to Kngland
from the Crimean war and assembled
on a given day In the Crystal palace.
and the queen gave out, through her
assistants, medals. I'pon them were the
names of the principal battles and sieges
la the Crimean war.
A man named Trowbridge, when a ball
shattered one of hla limbs, threw his arm
around a tree and supported himself,
and another cannon ball came and shat
tered hi other limb, and he fell. They
carried him, aa they supposed, dying, to
(he rear, but stranse as It seems he sur
vived the ortli-at. nen the day of
awarding came the llmhs hadn't healed
to enable htm to wear wooden legs, and
four of Ms comrades bore him on a
stretcher. When her majrsty saw thru
coming she turned to her chief chamber
lain and said. -What Is his name?" and
"What was the battle?" He replied.
"Ills name Is TrowbrMse and Inkerman
the battle. " She said. "Give me the
medal." She arose, walked down the
steps, went down the aisle and met the
soldiers hearing the wounded comrade
on the stretcher. Thee stopped, she
leaned over and brushed the hair back
from his forehead. The tears trickled
down her cheeks and fell on his upturned
face and she said, "Poor fellow, hew you
(must have suffered! How I grieve for
you: How terrible are the ravages of
war that they leave mn like this! God
i speed tne day when they shall be no
more.' And with hrr own hand she
pinned tho .medal on his tirenst, and the
royal musicians trlrd to play, but they
broke down. The royal singers In the
gallery tried to sing and their song
ended with a sob. and then all. seemingly
simultaneously, cried out. "God savs the
queen!" 1 saw an old tYlmean veteran
out In Iowa who showed me his medal
and ho said It was a marvelous sight. I
met him ten years ago and he was then
S years old.
He said, "I wish you could have wit
nessed It." I wish I could mvself. but I
thought it would have been more wonder
ful If every soldier had pulled the medal
from his breast, walked past the throne
and thrown them at tho queen's feet and
said, -Your majesty. It la reward enough
for us to look Into your face and stand
In your presence and feel the power of
your personality. We are Klad ws rn.
JdureJ all we did. Just for the blesxlng
and honor of standing In your presence."
I think, when my eyes to earth's glories
grow dim and I have gone to the last
city and preached my last sermon and
offered my last prayer and have given
the last Invitation to the unsaved, and
the death dew gathers on my brow and
the death rattle in my throat, and my
wife and little ones stand around my bed
side and I look Into their faces, I want
to tell you, ln a tlmo and an hour like
that, when the world recedes and heaven
opens and I burst through the gates Into
the city and look Into the face of Him
who, having not seen. I love, whatever
reward Jesus feeU I have earned. I will
feel like taking the crown off my head
and throwing It at His feet and atand
and gase on His face and say: "Jesus,
It Is reward enough for me to look Into
Yo.U face. It la reward enough for me
to know that the pearly gates have
swung behind my back on their Jeweled
hinges and I will go In and out no more
forever. I just want to stand and look
at you, Jesus."
"Look to yourselves that you receive
a full reward."
(Copyright, W. A. Sunday.)
"Billy" Sunday Is
One Who Likes to
Crack Good Joke
"Billy" Sunday. Ilka Torlck, la "a fel
low of Infinite Jest" when he Is at home.
He always has some droll word for the
newspaper men snd "Bob" Mathews, his
secretary, knows Just how to take him.
He bustled Into the office yesterday
with the quick query:
"la Mr. Sunday In?"
"No." said "Bob." "You can't see him
"Well, I have to sea him. I Just want
about an hour of his time."
"Well, he can't see you," aald "Bob."
"I might get him to see you for fifty-
five minutes, but an hour is out of the
"All right, all right." aald "Billy,"
pretending to get angry, "Aa soon as
one of you fellows gets to be secretary
to a great man you think you're the
whole cheese."
"Now, see here," said Mathews, also
pretending to get angry and rising from
his chair, "aa long as you were courteous
I treated you like a gentleman, but If
you're going to get rough you'll have to
get out, that's all. Come back when
you're sober."
Thereupon 'Billy." with a grin, turned
up the collar of his coat and went out
Harvey Green Buys
Getten Drug Store
Harvey Green, who has been a regis
tered pharmacist in Omaha for twenty
years and formerly conducted Green's
pharmacy at Park avenue and Pacific !
street, has purchased the Getten Drug
company. Sixteenth and Howard streets,
which will be known In the future aa
Green's phramacy. The consideration
wss $30,000. Mr. Green has long been well
known as one of the leading druggists of
the city.
Ed Getten, partner In the firm of Getten
& Wick ham cigar stores and formerly
owner of the Getten Drug company, will
devote his whole attention to the cigar
business here In the future. He will open
a wholesale cigar and tobacco Jobbing
house here In the near future. It Is also
his Intention to open another retail cigar
store soon if he succeeds In obtaining a
lease which he Is now negotiating for.
Mr. Getten, who was formerly a traveling
cigar and tobacco aalesman, will go back
on the road for hla own Jobbing house
ln tho Nebraska and Black Hills terri
With about a hundred young men and
prominent local doctors In attendance, the
Kta chapter of Creighton Medical college
and Iota chatter of the medical depart
ment of the I'nlverslty of Nebraska, both
chapters of the National Phi Rho Big ma
Medical fraternity last night held a Joint
smoker and celebration at the I'nlverslty
club. The sffair was ths first Joint cele
bration given by the two chupters aul
niaikcd tho anniversary of ths found'ug
of the fraternity, October II. 10, being
tho date when tho Phi linos came Into
In Its short story contest Life this week
prints a little talo, entitled. "Presump
tion of Innocence," which Is entered by
Lyman Bryeon. former Omaha boy.
who used to work on The Bee and who
has been parti-'ularly successful with his
literary efforts from the time he was
ktudying at the Michigan university,
where he was one of the editors of the
student publication.
It Really Does Relieve Mhennaatlans.
Bloan's Liniment does give almost In
stant relief. Nothing better for Rheu
matism. Backache and Sciatica. Only
Sc. All druggUU. Advertisement,
Be Thou Strong and Show Thyself
a Man" Is Topic of Men's Sermon
Mr. Sunday preached yesterday after-
noon to men only on the subject. "
or a Mutt, Gasoline or IMMiwster, Heads
or Tails." He said:
Text: I Kings. II 2. "lie thou strong
and show thyself a man."
No one can read the Hlhle In a thought
ful way without being Impressed with the
ract that it makes much of manhood and ,
UuUls It up as something thst should b ;
sought after with diligence and perse- I
vera nee.
1 In fact, the Bible exalts and emnli.-
slies manhood In a rmikhi. . .,,.1
shows that real manhood la the greatest
thing in the world.
The book of Genesis contains sixty
chapters snd covers 2.3"n years of human
history, snd yet one-half of It Is devoted
to telling us about the cohssal manhood
of Abraham and a third to that of Joseph.
The story of creation Is dismissed In
X won!, but a great deal more space
la given to the etory of Caleb's rugged
It shows that God thinks the making of
a man more Important than the maklmr
I of a world. A whole book Is occupied
with the story of Job. and another with
that of Daniel. Hundreds of others are
passed up aa unfit In the same way that
a tramp passes up a pay car or a hum
ming bird flits by a swlil barrel.
Hear His admiration of the character
of Job. In the strongest language that
even God can use. In declaring, "He is
That's double A O. Some people look
all right, but It's character that counts.
You cant hide character. A fool may
havo a knowing look, but when he opens
his mouth It s all off. All that some peo-
pie cere about Is the appearance thy
ran keep up. They're all front door, but
when you open the door, you're In the
back yard. It s character that counts
every time. Whenever gold's around
you'll find brass around trying to shine
up and Imitate the gold. You can do like
a woman who went Into a Jewelry store
to buy a gold ring. Kvery ring passed
out tor her Inspection she put to her lips.
The Jeweler asked her why site did that.
"You can't taste gold.", he told her. "I
know I can't." she said, "but 1 can tasU
Old Framenp Didn't Work,
Sham battles don't kill; neither does
sham character count.
Look at Joaeph, when he was ln the
house of Potiphar. how he stood up and
shewed his character. Potlphar's wife
tried a frame-up on him. When her hus
band was away ahe went after Joseph,
but he pulled away from her and ahe
grabbed hla coat and held It, But Jo
seph pulled out of his coat. Then when
her husband came home she showed him
the coat and said. "I have the goods on
him." But Joseph looked her square In
the eye and said, "Nothing doing." !
They tried a frame-up on Joseph, but
It didn't work. And the old gang haa
been trying a frame-up on you ever
since Joseph's day. And yet you'll run
out after aome fusxy-halred, callcoed
little chicken Just the same.
And Abraham towers like a mountain
above molehills when he pushed aside
the rich spoils that the unrighteous king
of Sodom tried to force on him. But
Abraham pushed them aside bees use he
would not be dependent on a king of
Sodom and his unrighteous treasure.
Stand up, you God-forsaken, hog
Jowled, peanut-brained ward heelers,
grafting politicians, and see how a man
can be a man. Look at Daniel keeping
himself pure ln the pestilential palace
of Babylon and refusing to hit the boose I
Look at Moses turning away the scepter
of Egypt, the greatest country In the
world at that time, so that he could tr
what God wanted him to do! There's
rati an over thla country for strong
innsuan men. The Bible applauds real
manhood. So arm for Christian manhood.
It la the grandest thing ln the world. If
It pleases God, be a man, not a mutt!
Let me ask you to note thnt n.M
wanted Solomon to be anchored to a
noble purpose. He didn't want ths!
young man to drift along In an aimless
way, like a log In a whirlpool, but he
wanted him to have his eye set on
something for which it would be worth
his while to strain every energy to
Ktnrubled to Throne Didn't Stay.
He told him that a dead fish drifts
with the stream, but that It takes a
live one to wriggle up against tha stream.
David himself had been a man of high
and lofty purposes. His own life must
have been greatly Influenced by the
character of Moses and the other mighty
men of God who had preceded him. That
his aim was high and his purpose lofty
Is clearly evident from hla life and his
Saul stumbled to tht throne of Isreal,
and he didn't stay there. A young man
that Inherits hla money has It aoout
that long. A fellow that's got to earn
every cent he has won't part with it
for a gold brick.
David was faithful to all hla duties
aa a shepherd, but he looked higher than
that humble calling, and made of It a
supping aton. He wouldn't sit on a limb
of a tree and saw between him and the
tree. He wouldn't stick hla head In a
lion's mouth unless there were a hundred
chances to one that he could get It
out again. Half the failures in the world
come from men attempting to do some
thing that's not In their line. And no
man can be a man who Is not a Chris
tlon. The manliest man la he that ack
nowledges Jesus Christ.
David was anxious that Solomon should
havo a hUh aim. He wanted lilin to
reach out for the top of the mountain
He didn't want him to b content with
a summer house in the valley,
Tower Finds sslous Everywhere.
Have a high aim. You get out of this
life what you want to get out of it. A
vulture Is looking for carrion, no mat
ter how high ho soars. A toper sjes a
saloon on every corner. A C'hrlstlun sees
the church on the corner. A humming
bird doesn't learn to sing hy taking les
sons from a crow or a hoot owl
politicians see no more of public good
than the good they can get for them
selves out of ths public criu. A plumber
smiles when It Is forty beluw xro. Ths
Kiasier prays ror a hailstorm. The u
dcrtaker is happiest when he Is tacking
a crepe on a door. The m ser gi is a
barrel of money and prays for a famine, j
i.very man looks at life from h s own
A dog turns around before he lies
down because dogs did it thousands of
years ago. The habits of youth will be
the ropes to hang you by or balloons to
lift you with when you are old. It's
because the murderer went with th
wrong crowd that they're shooting I.0u
volts of Juice Into him. Your life today
la determined by whether or not you sa d
yea or no yesterday. Your lira tomorrow
depends on what you aay today.
Life la full of the failures who are let
ting buckets down Into empty wells and
pulling up nothing but hot air. Be a man,
brace up! Without thla your blood will
turn to Ice water. You'll be dishwater
Instead of gasoline.
Be a man, not a frame to hang clothes
on. Some fellows go around the world
disguised as a man In a suit of hand-me-
down clothes. To know rome men Is an
Invitation to he decent. To know others
Is sn Invitation to go to hell.
Iits of men In our day lead boya and
girls astrsy, and give large sums to char
ity to cover up their wrong doings. Men
like that must be taught that nothing
they can do In giving money to charity
can blot out their rotten, atlnklng deeds.
David wanted his son to raise his chin
hlKh enough to look the sun In the face.
nd so he said, "Solomon, be a man!
J Manhnod-true manhood-princely man
hood, like that of David, Is one of the
grandest things In the world, and it Is
something that counts as nothing else
It does not depend upon the slse of the
body, but the soul. There are men of
small stature, like St. Taul and Napoleon,
who tower above other men aa the moun
tains tower above the plain, and there are
phj steal giants who are midgets In man
hood. St. Paul was only a little red-headed,
freckled fellow; but he could run rings
around the rest of the preachers in his
day. For his soul was great. Napoleon
was Just a little fellow, five feet, five
Inches tall; but he had the dynasties of
Kurope trembling and staggering until
y n1 t0 end him to St. Helena,
I Men ,,k" Shakespeare, pale, wlsened,
enemlc, have the world at their feet
j General Grant, and men like him, tower
llk mountains above other men.
... .......
Me" of M Mahosrany.
( n vTrr ,tr,M!t eor oa cn f,nd
a "owd of the nlckel-a-bunrh fellows,
' nut ,h'r" Ar m'n 'H11 Moses who
"'""y lived. What the world, and Omaha
Nebraska need la mora men of solid
I mahogany. We have too much veneer
these days. Too many only look like men
across the street. They don't weigh any
more In the balance for morality and
good government and good living than
their hat rack.
There are some who say: "Bill, a
young fellow must sow his wild oats."
All right, but let me tell you when to
sow your first crop. Put out your first
croi whsn you are between to and JO
years old. By that time your ardor for
cheap boose will be about aa warm as
two cold feet In your back at Christmas
The Chautauqua lecturer, who. for
about fifty per tells a young man to sow
his wild oats, has aa much sense aa
Balaam's aas when he tried to kick the
rim off the milky way.
It you are not willing to deliberately 1
take the risk of becoming a good-for-nothing
sot, settle the question at once
and finally that you will never take your
first drink. Not to do this la to havo
about half decided that you will yield
when the temptation comes. j
If you are not willing to take the risk
of becoming a social outcast, decide as
Joseph did long before ha reached Pott-j
pher's house, that you will live a white
Soma fathers are woefuly deficient.
Their spark or and gasollns don't work
together. They can't make the grade.
If every man lived right today no boy
would go to hell tomorrow.
Like Water on Dark's Bsek.
David s counsel to Solomon would have
been like water on a duok'a back If 'Jt
hadn't lived It. Solomon know what hla
father meant by hla father's Ufa when
he told him to be strong and ahow him
self a man.
To train a boy In the way ha should
' l ' '. " -"t
your boy to go to heaven, go that way
yourself. Kvery boy tries to ba Ilka
some man. Every man la a hero to aome
The trouble la that wa are trying to
make a living, and not a life. A whisky
barrel is more dangerous than a gun bar
rel. We reach the wrong conclusion be
cause our vision la wrong.
Don't be a moral tramp, afraid to go
to God's bathhouse because ha will turn
the hose on you and clean you up.
area fJolleth, "Main Cheese."
With his sling, bing! and David had
Goliath on the ground. David was tha
youngest of the brothers, and had to
herd sheep and wear hla brothers' old
clothea. Being the youngest eon. he got
the hand-me-downs. One day hla father
told him to take aome food to his oldur
brothers who were fighting the Phllle-
tlnes In Saul's army. When David tot
to tha battlefield he saw Goliath coming
David asked, "Who'a that big lobster?"
They told him, "That's aollath, thu main
cheese of the Philistines." And they told
him how strong ha was. David said, "Ari
you fellows letting that guy pull a bluff
Ilka that? Does he think he can get away
with that? Let me at him."
Then King Saul sent his armor to David
and David got Into It and felt like a fel
low with a suit four sixes toa large for
him. 80 he threw off the armor, went
down to the brook, picked up four or five
smooth little stones and went out to get
Goliath. When Goliath saw him, he
laughed: "Well, who are you?" But
David Just took that sling, whirled It
around and soaked him on the coco be
tween the lamps, and the giant went to
the mat and took the count. Then David
took the sword, chopped off Goliath's
head and the gang "beat It." That's
dressing Old Testament atorles In twen
tieth century tanguage, so we ran all gt !
David never practiced any gumshoe
methods. Ths great men of the Bible
were made of the same stuff that we are.
But they didn't wait for hot temptation
to draw them Into evil. The man today 1
let his manhood stay burled under doubt I
and beer. Dig It out. Manhood must sign 1
Its own declaration of Independence, fight j
Its own revolutionary war before you can
celebrate your Fourth of July.
A Urtyhnrm In Kvery Life.
There's a Gettysburg in every man's
dfe which he has to fight.
Having rll or no oil In your lamp I
the difference between light and dark
ness, between happiness and despair.
If you are not willing to run the risk of
losing your soul, take the only step that
make it safe by taking Christ Into
your heart and life at on e. Jjln th)
inunn 01 your rnuicv muu vviiumi uur-
elf to a religious life.
If you do not want to deliberately build
your house on the sand, where It la only
a question of time as to when destruction
will come, decide that you will never go
In bad company.
Tha man who lets tha dsvll choose
his company for him will soon do any
thing the devil wants him to do.
Strive for self-control by forming good
(habits before bad ones fasten them
selves upon you. A thread can be broken
but a rope will hang you.
Before you get Into the hopper take
a look at the grist that Is coming out.
Before entering a life of sin sit down
and have a talk with yourself. Before
n!n-r to sleep on the railroad track
take a look at tha fellow the train Just
iau over. Before you go Into a boose
Joint by the front door go around to
the back alley door and take a good
look at the lobster Just staggering out.
Before taking blood upon your hands
take a look at the fellow In the electrlo
chair, with an electrode on his head and
leg, waiting for the high sign.
Illttlna- Trail Shows ( nam are
A prudent man won't swsllow a po
toto bug and then eat Paris green tu
kill the bug. Boys, you can t rids blind
baggage on the gospel train. The f i
low that comes down that trail shows
courage! I'll know In a few minute'
whether you are a mutt or a man.
whether you are a four-flusher cr n t
If you want honey on your flarjac a.
you've got to go where the giants aio
Don't lock for a sift spot or an eay
cushion. If you want to et y ur m: g
In God's house of fame A fellow w o
wants to be helped over the rough spots
might aa well not have ary lets. We
don't worry about the chicken that die
In Its shell. It's the one tho own
from the roost that we worry about.
Better be a bleeding conqueror than a
bleeding slave. The devil Jibs his own
arithmetic, which shows great dividends
from the wages of sin. Hut In real !1 c It
la an arithmetic that sends you to hvl.
The Christian life Is an adldtlon; tlu 11 e
of sin Is subtraction.
A tadpole, when It sees a frog. Is never
content until It can wrluxle out of being
a tadpole Into being a frog. Get out of
It, you tadpoles. If you want to be a real
man. be a Christian. If Christ had not
been the Son of God, I'd love Him any
how, for He Is such a real man!
Study the purpose of Christ and notice
that He never once swerved from the
business for which He came Into the
world, although Oethaemane and Calvary
lay directly ln Hla way. By a very little
veering to one side He could have missed
them both, hut He set Hla face like a
flint and went up to Jerusalem when He
knew that to go would mean suffering
and death.
Study Ills prudence and courage and
you will also find H true of His self
control, faithfulness, charity, unselfish
ness, benevolence and sympathy.
Find anything In any man anywhere
that everybody considers noble and
manly and then look for the same thing
In Jesus, and sea how It shines out In
Him as the day above the twilight.
Ha never shows the white feather, and
never In Hla whola life does He speak
one single unmanly word, think an un
manly thought or do an unmanly deed.
Men of Omaha, crown Him. Come on,
you merchants, bankers or whatever you
are. Bow ln humility before this Divine
Man. tha Man of Oalllee.
(Copyright, W. A. Sunday.)
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Make Merry for a
Throng at Gayety
A mighty snappy show Is offered at tin
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Girls," and the big audience that saw th
first performance last night gave them a
very snappy response, There Is vim nni
sparkle from start to finish In the dm
clng, music and fun, and a generous
supply of those three requisites n.akes In j
entertainment a winner.
The oompany la well balanced, and c m
tains some good voices, several pleuslnj
dancers and some sura flra comedians, s
that the crowd last evening found nmplo
grounds for demanding numerous en
cores and awarding generous approval.
Clara Evans. Harry 8. LeVan and
Harry Bentley create laughs that mer j
Into an almost continuous uproar, their
Individual efforts aa well as their team
work being of tha kind that takes well.
Walter Pearson, who wrote the skit, and
Madeline Whitney, who leads several
of tha moat catchy song hits, both have
exceptionally pleasing voices, and In a
duet they produce a charming harmony.
Mamie Mitchell and Jane Pearson round
out the big program of musical selections
In the main part of tha burletta. whlla
the Sherlock Sisters present a number
of specialty duets that are well done.
Karl and Marie Gates, a pair of dancera
who made friends here In past seasons,
furnish several popular numbers. A
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