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Gnn Battle at Election Contest at
Outcome of Democratio Pri
maries in Charleston.
Protect!? Organization in Dei
Moinei Returns Fint Car
Reported Stolen.
Sidney J. Cohen, a newspaper re
porter, waa allied and four men ahot
In a melee that occurred here today
Jot oataide the room where the dem
ocrats city executive committee wi
to meet to eenvaos the retnrna of the
municipal primary lart Tuesday.
W. A. Tarner waa hot in the rlfht
rang and aerioariy injured; W. E.
'Wtngate receltred a aerlona tcalp
-wound, II. X Wllaen Wilensky H
ahot In an arm and Jeremiah OBrien
m ankle.
The commltte Just sbout to be
rafted to order to canvas the return
of last Tuesday's primary at which the
trouble u threatened. A flirht started
In the AJolntnc room from that In which
th committee we to meat The
ha not been determine.
The aeufflliMr occasioned by the ftfht
"barfly had started when a fusillade of
ahota waa heard from the committee
room. Thle continued for several min
ute, aa the commit teamen, and specta
tors made a frenUe ruh to rat out.
X Arrests MaeU.
rollcatnen were atatlaned la the eom
mittee rvom edjolntac, but no arrests
had bean mad two hour after the
ihootler and aa far aa known at -hour
no one seemed to know who had
fired th firs ahot er whe Jiapt It utf.
The sottln; for the affair waa dra
matic. At the Intersection of King ami
fteonre street, where la situated the
bulldirnr In which the eomrolttae waa tu
meet, a large crowd had fathered. The
demeanor of thoae there had lad the
chief of police te plan a Urge num
ber of officer there. Op to the time ef
the ehootlac. ho were, thle erowd bad
The demooratlo municipal primary de- w1' wa"e
veloped Into uoh a bitter factional fight
between the adherent ef Mayor John P.
Grace and Triatman T. Hyde, running at
the head of the ticket,, that eerloua
trouble waa feared. Representation mad
to Governor Manning by the aheriff and
member of the demooretlo lealslatlv
committee resulted In the governor order
ing lour companle of mllltla and three
dlvUlona of naval mllltla held at the ar
mories aa a precautionary measure.
Ikeei W Coaat.
The atate adjutant general waa hurried
to Charleston from Columbia Monday aft
ernoon to take charg of the situation
and to save the mllltla take over the
buaineaa of policing the city, had It ben
deemed necessary.
The aheriff swore In fifty extra deputto
and had them ready for Immediate action.
Charges that the governor waa Interfer
ing with the primary In favor of one fao.
Hon were heard and promptly denied.
Those who made the charge pointed to
the fort that there wa no trouble Tues
day or Tuesday night aa substantiation.
The mllltla waa ordered to report to
the armories at o'clock Monday night
and waa not dispersed until 7 o'elock
Wednesday morning. '
The unofficial oount showed that Hyde
had won by nineteen, votes, but more
than 100 votes were contested. The com'
tnlttee met teday to oanvas the return
and settle the contest. .
Governor Manning this afternoon called
four companle of the Columbia battalion
of mllltla, under command of Major Mer
chant, to assemble in ;thelr armories and
await eventualities In Charleston. Letter
the governor called the entire Second
rvidment of the National guard under
Germany Makes i
Eeport on the
Progress of War
rtRRIJJ. Oct 16. The teat of today's
German official statement follows:
"Weetern theater: Northeast and east
of Vermelle the British have again been
driven out oc our positioner. They nave
been able to retain only a small portion
of a trench en the' western Any of the
Gravel quarry.
"In the Champagne, east or Auberlve,
gaaoa troop took the only remaining
French fortified position from which a
great atteoa? could t be rnad upon pur
positions. We captured five officer and
WO men. a well a several machine
guns. '-'
"During the night of October U-U the
atatlooe of Uharlon and Sttry-le-Pran-
eols, ef tnflltary Importance for opera
tion now under way, were bombarded
by our airship.
"Eastern theater: Army of Field Mar
shal Von Hlndenbwc. southwest and
south of Dvlnak the Russian mad re
wul aUacfcs yeeUtnlaF, - Bubtll eC . the
Dvtnak-Nov Alsaandrovstt . line they
were repulsed with unusual heavy kssis.
"Two attaefca northeast of V?aaotowo
alao broke down. At a third attack the
Russian auuosedsd In penetrating eur
position over a width ot on battalion.
A counter attack la now In progress.
"One of our alshlpa dropped bombs
freely en the station at Minsk, where
large number of troop were entraining.
Five Urge explosion were heard and one
large fir observed.
"There la nothing to report oonoernlng
the army group of rrinoe lopold.
"Balkan tbetvr; The army of Field
Veronal Von Jju k.eei continuing on
It course aSKorliig to prearranged plana
Buuth f Bel red and Bemendrla the
BerMans have been driven bark further.
lrlaoocr to the number of 3e and throe
gun, on ef them a heavy gun, have
bn captured.
"The werk on the southern front of
iourovao were stormed last night and
the fortified luwn thereby fell Into our
The Bulgarian first army ha begun
It attack over the east Serbian frontier.
It took possession of the heights ef the
paase between Belorradjlk and Kujaae-
ViUarpal Cuts
Loose from Villa
F.L. PASO. Tea.. Oct UL-Dr. VUlareal,
chief of the Villa sanitary corps, re
nounced aUetrlance to VtUa today, aa did
e'so the head of the aecret servtr In E
l- to. They followed the example of Ovn
ml Tliotuia Ornelas, military com
minder, and Mayor liontfort, who yt
i. i 'ut abandoned the Villa isuse and
tioutj to the l.'ulted Butte.
(FYora a Btaff Correspondent)
TKH MOINKS. Oct. 111. (Special Tele
gram.) Py means ef the Automobile
Protective association, organised by
Sheriff John Griffin of De Moines, the
first automobile stolen from a member
since the organisation wa formed ha
been returned to Its owner. The thief
aa yet Is still at large.
As soon Fulvlo Prosper reported to
Sheriff Griffin Wednesday night that Ms
car had been stolen, eards were promptly
mailed out notifying all officials to
watch for the thief and automobile, the
number being given.
The chief of police of Iowa City Inter
cepted the machine at Iowa City and
It ba ben returned to It owner.
Mae Menrallty Cede Member.
Prof. George H. Bett of Cornell col
lege. Mount Vernon, ha been appointed
a member of the Morality Code commis
sion by State dunerlntendent A. M.
Deyoe. This 1 a national body, of which
Dr. Milton ralrchlld of Washington, D.
C, la president, and It rurpos I to
promote morality In the public school.
The commission Is offering 15,000 In
premium for the best articles on moral
ity In our publle school system, suggest
ing the beat methods of Inculcating good
moral In children.
Bsaplarrer Liability be.
An Important principle in the employ
er liability law baa Just been passed on
In the ruling ef the arbitration committee
In the case of John Richard against the
Central Iowa Fuel company, with head
quarters In Lucas county. The arbitra
tion committee has ruled that he I en
titled to 60 per cent of hi average
weekly wage, figuring hi wage on th
total amount h earned during the year
preceding hi accident Riohard wa ask
ing compensation on th basis of what
his wage would have been If he had
been employed during the whole year at
the rata he received while he waa at
work. The committee figured his average
annual wa waa and average
He I given to per
cent of this amount Th member of th
committee were Industrial Commissioner
Warren Oarst, It B. Alberson. represent
ing the employer, and Roy B. Cubbage,
representing the employ.
Paroled Mia De Well.
In a statement Issued today by the
State Board of Parole announcing Im
portant changes In Its rules and plans
of work, th board shows that closer
sorwrvlslnn of paroled prisoners and th
help extended them In securing work and
In solving their problems la proving of
great benefit. In th month of August
this year the total earnings of paroled
prisoner waa 17,114-H. Th avrag wage
ef men paroled aa farm hand during
August waa tM.9t and In addition to this
they received their board. The average
wages of those men other than farm
hands waa $4&7I each fftr the month.
The hoard ha doided to visit prisons
offoner, make hearings earlier and glv
closer supervision to paroled Prisoners,
An effort Is to be mad to reacu eacep
tlonal and meritorious cases early and
to more readily place men out after they
are voted a parole. "Blnoe the employ
ment of a second parole agent a few
month ago there I apparently an Im
proved condition among paroled men,
declare th board. "It 1 now possible
to more quickly place men In good Jobs
after they are paroled and to visit them
more frequently during their year on
parole and to more quickly respond to
their call when they are in trouble.
Th number absconding and the number
who are having to be ent back to
prison for violations ' havs perceptibly
diminished. The rules have been amended
In some partloulsr and th practice haa
been dsveloped In handling th or
mor who are constantly on parole, so
as to make the most praottoal possible
efforts to help them to beoome re-estab
lished a producer outside Instead of
state charge Inald. They are advised
and assisted In saving a portion of their
To Meat la 0eeela
Osceola ha. been selected as th next
meeting place of the state convention of
th Church of Christ, to be held next
May. Following th state convention dis
trict conventions will be held In the five
district of the state, at which plana will
be made for the entertainment ef the In
ternational convention ef the Church of
Christ which Is to be held la De Molhe
In October, IMS, At this International
convention aom U,0u9 te JO. 000 visitor
are expected.
" Canada Land foe Sal.
Hundred of thousands of acre ( land
In Saskatchewan, Canada, are advertised
for sale for taxes In the Saskatchewan
Gaiette. an official publication put out
by the provincial government and re
ceived here. More than tot page In each
of th last three Issue ef th Oaaette,
Issued la bulletin form, are given over to
land and other property advertised for
sale for taxea.
Aelkrei Net Petal.
'A' new 'tern from New Tork tolling of
the Illness of a man In Delia ue hospital
who haa contracted anthrax, .evidently
from, cattle, declare th disease I always
fatal. Dr. J. L Gibson, state veterinarian
here, say' this la erroneous, fiom year
ago five person In Bloux City war 111
with this disease and all' recovers!. It
la a germ dtaeeae, to which man la sub
ject. a are all classes of live stock.
lewa Literature Wanted.
"Wanted An Interpreter of low life."
This wa th subject of an address by
Austin lialne, assistant advertising man
ager ef the Iowa Homestead, given before
the Iowa library association meeting at
Colfax yesterday, Mr. Haines lamented
th tact that there are no wrltor who
really depict with th human touch th
life of the Hawkey. It waa pointed out
by Dr. Cora William Cboat. trustee of
the Marahalltown publle library, that li
brarians of the state receive much lower
salarle than de publlo school teachers.
' k Water with Fiea.
Nearly l.COO.OO fish hav been placed In
the river and lake of Iowa thla fall.
according to a report mad to Governor
Clark yesterday. Th work ot reatook
ing th Iowa water will be continued
until they trees up. All ef th fish
handled so far thla fall hav been rescued
from the slough and shallow lakes left
by the Mississippi river when the water
fell after the raluy season.' They consist
of th mailer varieties, most of them
being las than six Inches long.
Officials FifcTirinff How to Expend
Money Provided for in Pro- .
poied Appropriation.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 15. The na
tional defense plana of the adminis
tration, calling for an expenditure in
(he next fiscal year of more than
$400,000,000 for army, navy and
fortifications, were completed today.
Secretary Oarriaon baa forwarded hla
estimate, already approved by Pres
ident Wilson, to the aecretary of the
treasury, and Secretary Daniel sub
mitted bi estimate today, after
golnic over the final detail with
President Wilson.
Secretary Daniels today discussed with
the president the question of how many
battleships, battle cruiser and smaller
warship to recommend each year during
the five years for which a program ha
been mapped out. He and the president
reach an agreement but the secretary
said be could not give the figures until
later. It waa learned, however, that th
expenditure will t distributed as evenly
as possible over the five yeara
Report from Secretaries Oarrlaon and
Daniel will be made pubtio within the
next few day. Th nevy stlmatea prob
ably will be mad public tomorrow and
those of th army on Monday.
Th plan of th navy, Secretary Dan
iel Admitted, Include a large building
program. He aald he wanted to Increase
the capacity of the varioua government
navy yards and do much ot th new war
ship construction In those yards. It Is
planned also to hav some aeroplane for
th navy built by th government
Th secretary conferred In Orange, N.
J., last night with Thomas A. Edison,
chairman of th naval consulting com
mittee, regarding the committee' recom
mendation for a large research labora
tory. The navy estimate will Include a
recommendation for an appropriation for
research work, but Secretary Daniel ha
not asked for 16,000,000, the sum th com
mittee thought should b spent for a
laboratory, because such a large sum for
thla purpose Is believed to be nnecessary
the first year.
Secretary Lan saw th president re
garding Interior department estimates,
which will total approximately CUO.OOO,
000, or about ttOOO.OUO lea than the esti
mates last year. Ills estlmatea Include
fs.OOO.OOO for the Alaskan railroad, $760,000
for the Flathead Indian reservation re
clamation project between $S,O0O,00O and
$9,000,000 on other Irrigation work, $3,000,
0U0 lea than last for pensions, about the
same amount as last year for the land
offloa, a alight Increase for the bureaus
of mines and education, and more money
than last year for Indian work and na
tional parks.
The Increase for national parka has
been made neceaaary by the fact that
this year mor than twice a many peo
ple visited th parks than did last year.
Th European war caused many tourist
to visit the parka Instead ot going
Additional money to employ ) more
patsnt examiner ha been asked by
Beo;tary Lena
Lawyer in Dynamite
Case Is Near Death
IvOfl ANOBLES. Cel.. Oct IS.-C. H.
Fatralt of Ban Francisco, chief of coun
sel In the detens of Matthew A. Schmidt,
on trial for murder in connection with
the dynamiting of the Loe Angeles Times
building October 1, 1910. was said today
to be near death. Relatlvea telegraphed
for Mrs, Falralt to come at once.
Attorney Falralt la at the home of his
father-in-law, Ed Horan. at Venice, near
here. He was taken tber yesterday
when Illness compelled him to leav the
court room where Schmidt Is on trial.
The nature of hla Ulnesa Da not neen
Unsecured Loans
Wreck the Sing Sing
Prison Savings Bank
OSSWINO, N. T.. Oct 15. The Pm
Sing prison aavlngs nk ha suspended
payment after an exlstene of five days,
and today the prisoner are mourning
the loa of th "token money" they hd
An excea of loans without security,
followed by unsuccessful gambling by
the borrowera, wrecked the bank. The
plan of using "token" money In the
prison was put Into effect last Friday
and each prisoner was paid K for two
days' work, Saturday. Financiers among
th convicts promptly started a aavlngs
bank and many prisoners deposited their
Warden Osborne notified the prisoner
Tueeday morning that they must pay 40
cents a day In the "toaens" for their
board. There wes a run on the prison
bank, which revealed the fact that Its
funds had been dissipated by bad loana
The warden ordered the bank dissolved.
A depositors commltte has been ap
pointed to aave all possible from the as
sets and the Mutual Welfare league I
expected to put the bank' officer on
trial for malfeasance.
New Duty Rates
Into Mexico Now
LAREDO. Tex., Oct U. Increased cus
toms on Import Into Mexico, ordered
several month ago by Carranxa authori
ties, became effective today. The law
require that 10 per cent of all duties
shall be paid In gold. Carranxa bank
note will be accepted for the balance.
There has been heavy Importation of
foodstuffs from the United State during
th last few day In anticipation of the
new duty ratea.
Brief Forayi j Serbian, and Bui
l-ariang Only Thing: to Mark
Activities of War.
LONDON, Oct. 16. Actual mili
tary operations in the Balkans ahow
but little change since the capture of
IielgTade, except for brief foraya by
Berblana and Bulgarians. Defend
ing Itg action in declaring war, Bul
garia claims Its neutrality waa vio
lated by Serbia. Official announce
ment tbat Serbia had declared war
on Its neighbor was made today.
It asserts that the Utter on Tuesday
made a vurprts attempt to obtain pos
session of strateglo polns In Bulgaria
commanding th rout to Serbia, but
were defeated and driven back.
A pre dispatch from Nlsh t Part
assert the Teutonlo force hav not
progressed mor than four mile outh
of the Danube at any point whll the
Bulgarians are being held along the
Greece 1 being financed by th entente
allies to an extent sufficient to pay the
expense of keeping the army moblllxd.
according to an Athens dispatch to
Milan. The sum or aS.OOO.OOO already ha
been advanced. It I declared.
In the Dardanelles th Turk claim to
hav Inflicted heavy losses on th all!
near Anafarta by the use of bomb and
to hav had a similar success near Sed
dul Behr In hand grenade attack. Allied
torpedo boat hav been driven from
The Narrow by th fir of Turkish
e s
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Telegram. A parade of . school chil
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