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    he Omaha Daily Bee
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VOL. XLV-NO. 10'J.
Trlm, at Hotel
Stews Steads, etc, ft
I Hare No Interest in a God Who
Doea Not Smite, He Tells
. Audience at Tabernacle.
Unequal Distribution of Wealth Poor
Apology for Cussedness, in
His Opinion.
10 a. mv JTelg-hborhoed prayer meet
ings. 11 a. m. to . tn Basin a woron'
lnncheon, 1809 rrnm etrset, - Kits
IB iSO p. in. Business man's prayer
meeting-, T. M. O. A.
p. m. ftnnday at th Tabernacle.
a p. nu -Tabernacle Bible olas.
3:45 p. m. Boys' and girls' meetlav,
Park Torsst chapel. Bouvh Bid. Xls
4 p. m . Wlbla olaae for cbol teach
ers, 2lrat Methodist oh arch, Mies Saxn.
4: 18 p. n. Commercial High eonool
and business oollege girls, Y. W. O. A.
Mln lUUar.
4:30 p. m. Boys' and arlrl' meeting,
flrat, Preebyterlaa ehnrch, South Bids,
Miss Oamlla.
T:30 p. m. Bunday at h Taberoaole.
8 p. iil Tonir paipla'a maatlnir, First
Baptlat ohnrch, Booth aida. Mlaa Oaralta.
8 p. nu Blbla study, Tirst Confrega.
Uosal church. Council Bluffs, Mlaa Base,
"Billy" Sunday yesterday after
noon at the tabernacle reiterated his
belief that damnation awaits those
who do not obey God. "
"I have no Interest In a God who
does not smite," he declared. "In
many people's minds God has got
to be a great bis kiss. It Is a wrong
He handed political reformers and
certain of his critics the following
"All this attempt of today to apol
ogise for euseedness on an economic
basis Is rot"
There were many vacant benches
In the tablernacle, bat the old negro
auntie who Is strlTlng to emulate
"Billy" Sunday's preaching was on
hand and she was seated on the plat
form. She mounted the rostrum and talked
for fire minute while ' the crowd wm
gathering. After Sunday arrived aha
gain advanced, shouting- "Praia God "
"Auntie, you'll have to alt down." said
of the musical preliminarle. Auntie sub
sided, but the members of the Sunday
party ha1, to wateby throughout the meet
in as she several tinea threatened to
compete with "Billy" tn preaobtng.
Lord WoaJd Bar 8am Thing.
In his eonversstlonal prayer, which baft-an,
"Well, you're mighty good." Sun
day declared! -
' "Lord. I wish you were her to preach
today. How glad I would be to sit down
and listen to you. I know if you were
bare you'd tell 'em what I've told 'em,
only tn different language, I know you
wouldn't tell them anything different
from what I have told them."
The collections yesterday were for the
benefit of the Old Ladles' borne and the
House of Hope.
After th sermon Miss Baxe outlined
tier plan of permanent BIN study or
ganization. Bunday defined actual sin as "any vol
untary, wilful violation of the known law
of God. Original sin. he said, la "that
depraved condition of th human heart
out of which actual sin cornea."
Banker Cosgriff
of Denver Dead
DENVER, . Colo., Oct. 11 Thomas T.
Coagrlff, president of the Hamilton
National bank of Denver, and widely
known stockman, died her today, after
a week's Illness of typhoid fever.
The Weather
The Weather
Forecast till T P. m. Friday:
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Shower a; not much change in tempera
TesagHtmtsur at Omakat . Yesterday.
i a. m
7 a. tn
S a. m,
a, m
10 a. m
11 a. m
11 m...
1 p. m
..... 49
2 p.
4 P.
6 p.
7 P.
t a. m..
tTomparatlT Local Record.
VtK. 1814. 1)1 1U
Itlfrhest yeaterday 73 4) 77 71
Ixiweat yesterday 47 4 67 44
Mean temperature 0 44 47 (s
Precipitation 00 .OS .Oj .00
Temperature and precipitation depar
ttirea from the normal at Omaha eince
March 1, and compared with the last
two veara;
Normal temperature t
Kxreae for the day 4
Total deficiency since March 1 613
(Normal precipitation 08 inch
iH-flcieni-y for the dav c inch
Total rainfall since March 1....24 i lnchea
Iteficlemy flnce March 1 1.14 lnchea
, deficiency for cor. period. H14. 1 64 lnchea
le(icieniy for cor. period, 11I. t.Oi Inches
Reira from Statlaas at T r. M.
Ftation and State Temp. Utah- Raln-
of Weather. I p. m. ef. fall.
Cheyenne, cloudy bl 69 .01
Uavenport. cl"ar cl 7 .0)
lenver, cloudy fs 61 .
Iea Molnea. ivmr f4 74 .0)
Iviiiitvr .l.,n.1v fji ia
N..i (h Ilatte, luudy M 41
(imaha, t. clou iy t7 71
I'uei'lo. clear it ri .IK)
Rapid City, cloudy P2 Jt .00
lalt Lake t'itv, pi. cloudy M &H .V)
hi.nta Ke. douly 4 t .(i
hheridan, cloudy 63 44 '
r!iou 4 My, pt. cloudy 6 71 ' .00
Valentine, cloudy 4J 4 i .0)
li A. M t-LH. Ucal Forecaster.
TIEN The figure in white is the American consul. With
him ore lTaytien notables and United States troops.
1 i - p " ' " j
'V ' "' 'l
r'v t vl
Condemns Wilson and Bryan for
"Citizen Soldiery" and "Non-
Resistance". Remarkf. -
DAVENPORT, la., Oct. 14-Con-
demnatlon of certain utterances of
President Wilson; and William J.
Bryan, regarding cltlsen soldiery and
non-resistance and of the LaFollete
seaman's act, as tending to prevent,
creation of a merchant marine auxil
iary of the navy was uttered here to
night by Henry D. Eetabrook, a New
York attorney, at the banquet of the
midwest conference on preparedness.
Mr. Estabrook, Senator Cummins of
Oowa, and several other speakers ad
dressed an audience containing many
members of the national congress, as
well as representatives of most of the
principal cities of Iowa and Illinois.
"No nation threatens us in . so many
words," Mr. Eila-brook said, "but who is
oblivious to hints and Intimations T We
boast our strength to repel attack when
we know that we are weaker than dish
water. Whll other nations have been
preparina for assreaalon. we bav not
made ready even for defense.
M mat Spend Money. ..
"The machinations against this govern
ment at the moment are more subter
ranean than submarine. Our duty la to
defend against both. We must forthwith
spend money for defense and lota of it.
We must know that we ere safe even
from the temptation of attack. Our peace
and future happlneas depend upon this
Mr. Estabrook said further that there
are "no better auxiliary to a navy than
a merchant marine, nor Is there any in
strumentality that contribute more to the
glory and riches of a country." Till
brought him to consideration of the La
Follette act, which he characterised a
"the stupidest piece of legislation in the
history of the country."
"It should not be spoken of as an act
I to encourge our merchant marine, but to
abolish tt and turn our shipping over to
Japan, for that will be the aum total of
Us accomplishment." aaid Mr. Estabrook.
Senator Cummins advocated a conalst
ent program of preparedness ot amke the
nation ready to defend Itself and main
tain Ha peace.
"I have no aympathy with the Pro
posal to enter in mad competition for
dominance, which has characterised the
policy of Great Britain and Germany,"
aaid Senator Cummins, "but congress
ahould take immediate measures to sup
ply the necessary elements of ou rnaval
strength. However, I am utterly op
posed to any plan for the reorganisation
of the army Including land reserves that
Involves compulsory military training ex
cept In schools.
The regular army probably requires
some enlargement, but we should be very
conservative about the extent of its In
crease. For the body of reserves we
must either take the National Guard or
create federal militia and make the serv
ice so attractive that we will at all
times have enough young men with mili
tary experience to furnish almost In
stantly an army of any desired strength."
Miss Altce French fo Davenport, known
! under the pen name of Ostave Thanet,
I was the only woman speaker at the con-
fcrence. Ehe expressed the belief that
i the women of the I'nlted States wer be
coming converted to preparedness for
they were learning that the only way to
Insure protection for their homes waa to
be prepared to defend tbem from aggression.
f "SWU " -Tb. ewnn,,,-,
w ) m ..,- s . ,. i
jr -.-a w a-
k .f..-.rr-T:
Seyenty-FiTe Million-Dollar Appro
priation Required to Carry Into
Effect Plant Proposed.
. , . - ., , - i-rr ,
WASHINGTON, Oct. 14. Presl -
dent Wilson today approved Secre-
n.,, ,. . . , -..i
tary Garrisons plan for increasing
the army. It calls for an annual ex -
penditure Of 1184.000,000. an In-1
"a ! ; 1
crease of approximately $76,000.000. ! wnen the nota whlch th mn hd wrlt i
Tk. i.. i u. a , ,ii'n fund n br". yin: "I I
-vv- won't tell what th trouble started over,
be presented to congress with the j but you will find our bones in th ashes,
full backing of the administration. iW. c"
Th president spent th morning going I Eaqalred Aboat Retarsu
ver Secretary Garrison's estimates and I That the man went about his work In
plans, which ar understood to propose' methodical way is shown by his ha,
an incress of IO.M0 to S0.0CO men and. fail !g ,CaJ1fVP ,Arab!a' ,n"udrin1 " Mr-
1 1-IuAian haft MturnAil an ska e1 nnaa.
the army, a large reserve to be created
v vvi iuwu wv fwni wsv sesjisaay
by short term enlistments).
The plans also Include encouragement
of the National guard and Increasing of
the, number of army offlosrs by using
th military academy at West Point to
Its full capacity.
After conferring with Secretary Garri
son and Assistant Secretary Brecken-
rldge, the president laid the plan before!
Chairman Hay of th bouse military com-!
mlttee. . Later he will consult Chairman
Chamberlain of th senate military com
mute and, other Influential leaders of
both senate , and house.
Th administration is confident that
the .democratlo leaders in' both houses
will approve th plan, although It Is not
expected that "the appropriations will be
made without some . opposition.
In the recommendations of both See-
retarle. Garrison and Daniels particular
attentkm was paid to aircraft. -
" . 1 1 .
would be devoted to coast defenses and
a substantial increase in the field artll-
a uuBiaiiiiai increase in me ncm arm-1
r. . o . .1
lery. Details as to increaso In the per-!
., , ' . . " i
sonnel of tho army hava not yd been
made public ' '
If the navy, which will .k for sn In-
cre of tlO0.00O.0CO. carries through It.
plan, making th total naval appro;, la-
tlon S2t8.O0O.Oco, the appropriations for na-I
tlonal dr.nM . inri.uiiiur h .,..!
10 000, would total 1432,000,000. It Is prov
able, however, that In flnsl form the ap
propriations will not exceed M'. "01,000.
Five of German
Vessels . Are Sunk
in the Baltic Sea
WASHINGTON. Oct. 14 -Btate depart
ment advices today from Sweden re
ported five German vessels sunk in the
Baltic sea by submarine. The dispatches
were brief end gave no details.
News dispatches have reported that a
British submarine Is Inflicting great
losses on the German mercantile fleet
In th Baltic. , . ,
Proclaim Martial
Law for Hague
THE HAOl'B, Oct. 14.-Martlal law In
a apeclflo and partial form was pro
claimed here today. The proclamation
affects ths various trades which furnish
supplies for the army.
The proclamation, announcing that The
Hague was placed under a minor atate
of martial law was placarded this morn
ing. The measure afects movements of
workmen employed In the trades which
provide military supplies. These workmen
hereafter wilt be compelled to obtain
military permits if they deaire to go to
other districts. Foreigners ar not af
fected by th decree.
'Mrs. John Heelan and Mrs. Layport
of Arabia, Neb., Victims of At
tack While Head of Home
in Omaha.
I Leaves TwelTe-Year-Old Daughter
at Hospital to Return
VALKNTINE. Neb., Oct. 14.
(Special Telegram.) Returning
home, accompanied by her friend,
Mrs. Anna Layport, Mm. Nell Heelan
found awaiting her a moot unspeak
able death.
While details are very meager evi
dence, as found In the ruins of the
I linrnAit liAm. t.nt n V. n 1 1. n , trt
defenseless women were foully mur
dered by a young man about 18 years
of age who was ' employed on he
Heelan ranch. After leaving a note
In a conspicuous place In the barn,
the fiend went Into the house, shot
Mrs. Heelan through the head as
she was In the kitchen, which Is
proven from the, charred remains of
the woman's skull, which was shat
tered, and the exploded shell In the
gun barrel, which was found near tha
Having killed Mrs. Heelan the man
t,'ien wen tlnto the living room, where
Mrs. Layport was frantically calling
over the telephone for help that
never came.
- ' ' .
That she waa murdered as elie VhS
pleading for help is proven by the fact
that her body was found mingled with
broken parts of the telephone. Neighbors
hearj the phone bell ringing, but could
get no answer.
Set Bodies Afire.
Having murdered th-sffo women the
man went to a kerosene barrel near the
i house, secured a quantity of oil. In his
excitement leaving the faucet turned on.
lie saturated the bodies of the victims
and the Interior of the house and set fire
to the same in a desperate endeavor to
hide his crime, then securing on ef his
employer's f est horses the murderer went
1a Wom? l..h. At -which vtlaAY h WAS
: seen this morning, followed by th Heelan
'family flog.- " """ -r-
I oBarding a fast freight train early
thu mo'ns. the murdorer left for th
' we' and was captured by Sheriff Ros-
,ter on 4 dwrlptlon turnhe, w a
; conductor who wired from Gordon,
The first hint of foul play was had
enKer lraln. Mr. Heelan. who was with
Mrs. Layport, said she did not expect
her huuband home that night.
A confession has been wrung from th
men. who has stated that ha attempted
assault on the person of Mrs. Heelan
and failing in the attempt murdered th
Sheriff Rosseter took theman out of th
(Contlflued on Pag- Two. Oolumn Three.)
McKinley Club to
Have Big Men Here
as Its Speakers
A real campaign for MIS-IS Is to be
mad in Omaha by the McKinley club.
Th.. flnK haa Anmnl.tiut amnmniita fnp
. a ,ln. of UIent for
j durlnt m tlm. member.
hve been notified that the campaign will
i start Friday, October 19, with a banquet
... . , .
In honor of Henry D. Estabrook of New
, . . , . , . .
York. The details and place will be an-
. , .
"ounced In a few days.
" N.V!hrMi ?! C'Ub ltt. h:'d
bnUut t to Hotel Fontenelle In Jnor
of ,orJm" U. , r' S ? T T
dor" E Bur ?'',0'.r 1?""
nentlv mentioned for the republican
nomination for th presidency,
Senator Burton has not been in Omaha
In recent years, although he has pasaed
through here on his wsy to the Pacific
coast, where he spoke In many cities.
I Senator Burton Is Interested In Omaha,
particularly on account of his nephew,
Mr. William Burton, being a practicing
l attorney here. He is associated with Mr.
John Ia Webster.
The McKinley club has also arranged
tentative dates with United States Sena
tor John W. Weeks of Boston, who Is
now touring the country, and Governor
Brumbaugh of Pennsylvania, The for
mer will probably come early In Decern-
bar and the latter next March.
Harry S. Byrne la president of the Mo
Klnley club, Oliver 8. Frwln Is secretary
and K. L.. Thomas, treasurer.
A New and
Thrilling- Photo
Play Serial Story
Sec it in the Movies
Read it in The Dee
Starts Next Sunday
Pastor Wilis Is Charged with
Making "Get-Rich-Quick' 9 Deals
NKW YORK. Oct. H.-The charge IhM
Rev. Newell lwlsht Hulls, pantor of
Plymouth church, llrooklyn, made "quick
fabulous profits" throi'gh selling Rrltish
Columbia timber claims to ministers and
other friends was made today in an affi
davit filed by Frank 1 Ferguson, former
chairman of the board of trustees of the
cht-rch, and for five esrs mnsger of
lllllla' business affairs.
Rev. Mr. mills had procured an order
lo examine Mr. Ferguson before a
referee. Ferguson obtained an order re
quiring Hillis to show cause why he
wished to examine Ins former business
manager. When tho argument on the
latter order was railed today before Su
preme Court Justice Kelly, attorneys for
lllllla asked for addltlonnl time In which
to answer the Ferguson affidavit, which
they termed false and misleading. The
argument waa postponed until October 19.
Germans Halt Offensive of Slavs in '
Eastern Part of Province and
Push Them Back.
DKHLIN, Oct. 14. The ItuBslanj
army, that has been advancing vie-;
torloualy In eastern Galtrla, In said
by the war office today to have been
checked. The Ruttatans were driven
back across the strlpa river.
The official announcement regard
ing operations on the western front
"While enemy monitors were shelling
the coast near Westendc, Belgium, and
th artillery of the enemy was shelling
our positions to the north of Yprns with
out success, the British began an attack
behind clouds of smoke and gna over al
most the entire front between Ypres and
Loos. This attack failed completely.
Repalse th Aaetrlana.
PARIS. Oct. H.-KIng Nlcholne of Mon
tenegro Is quoted by the Petit Parlalen
as having doolared to its Cnjtlnje cor
respondent "we are fighting In the ene
my's countryj we are ready and we fear
The Montenegrin army has been reor
ganised and re-equlpped, according to
Colonel Patchltch, chief of staff. The
offensive begun by Austria all along the
Montenegrin front has been repulsed up
to th present.
Tnrks Shoot Down Aircraft,
BERLIN. Oct. 14. (By Wireless to Say
vllle.) An official communication - from
Constantinople aaya .that .the -Turks have
shot down a hpatll aircraft east of Kl
Arlsh. Th aviators wefe captured.
Taroo-Bnlaarlan Aarreemeat.
AMSTERDAM. 0t. 14.-Keinl-officlal
announcement that a Turoo-Bulgarlan
military agreement has been signed, Is
made in the Lokal Anielger. t'nder the
terms of th agreement - Turkey places
two army corps and its munition fac
tories at th disposal of Bulgaria, whll
th latter country agrees to supply Tur
key with coal and railway materials. It
Is agreed that Turkey shall have free us
of Bulgarian harbors.
Rnsalaa Co-operation Promised.
LONDON, Oct. 14.-Slr Edward Grey,
the secretary for foreign affairs, an
nounced In the House of Commons today
that the co-operation of RuaMan troops
In th Balkans had been promined, as
soon a troopa were available.
Martial Law la Saloaikl.
PARIS, Oct 14. Declaration of mar
tial law at Salonlkl Tuesday Is reported
by th Athens correspondent of the
Havas News agency. General Moerhom-
owto, who Is in command of th Oreek
forces there, ordered his troop to smlut
th Frenob and British officers. The
oommander of th allied troop will issue
a similar order.
Seymour to Run
State Campaign
for Mr. Kennedy
The announrement is mad from Lin
coln that Victor Seymour has resigned
as chief deputy In the office of the clerk
of the supreme court, and will for the
present take charge of ths campaign or.
ganlsatlon for John L. Kennedy's candi
dacy for United States senator outside ot
Mr. Kennedy's home county. Mr, Sey
mour has been second In command under
Supreme Court Clerk Lindsay for nearly
fifteen years, and has extensive personal
acquaintance in all parts of Nebraska.
His retirement Is to be permanent, and
his place has already been filled by the
BDDolntmeiit of P. F. Greene, a Lincoln
lawyer, who is a graduate of the unl-j
varsity law school and -popular with the
bar down there.
Ready to Sign Up
Contract for Loan
NEW YORK, Oct. U-The Anglo
French ftnsnce commissioners expect to
sign the contract for the SuOQ.00,000 loan
tomorrow afternoon.
After the contracts are signed there will
remain Lome matters of minor importance
lo be concluded. For this reason the
commissioners expert ta be here until
the, letter part of next week, when tt is
thought, they will go to Citnada fur a
short stay before aalllng from New Yoi k
for Europe.
Involves Taxes of
More Than Ten Years
LONDON, Oct. 14. The statement was
made in the House of Common today by
itetftnald McKenna, chancellor of the
exchequer, that material progreas was
being made in the negotiHllons between
the board of international and revenue
nd Chicago packing houses In regard
lo the amount of Income tax due from
those firms. Taxes for a perluj of more
than ten years ar Involved.
Fergvaon In Ills affidavit asserted that
he had turned over all documents and
matter connected with mills timber
deals In Itrltlsh Columbia and denied that
his testimony Is necessary for lllllla in
tho libel suit filed against him by Ms'
nephew, Tcrcy 1. mills of Victoria. R. C. j
Ferguson further alleged that mills
had between S3.0IX) and eMiO when he be-:
gan speculating In Umber lands, but
through aales to other ministers and
friend he made enormous profits within
a year, mills' financial troubles. Fergu
son alleged, were brought on by his own
bunlness follies and wilful action. He
explained how the pastor hart contrscted
to purchase more than ITM.nno worth of
timber lands, and Ferguson asserted that
he had personally borrowed and turned
over to mills more than 1300.000 in an
effort to meet his obligations.
Fifty-Five Killed and Hundred and
Four Injured by Attack of Ger
man Airships.
LONDON, Oct. 14. Zeppelin air
ships have made another raid over
London, dropping bombs. Fifty-five
persons are declared to have been
killed and about 118 Injured. The
material damage done Is said to have
been small.
The home office shortly after mid
night made tho following report on
the raid:
"A Zeppelin raid was made on
Wednesday evening over & portion
of the London area, when a certain
number of Incendiary and explosive
bombs were dropped. The material
damage done was small. A few fires
resulted, but they were quickly put
ot.t by the fire brigade. Th admir
alty will issue a statement today
when particulars are available.
"At present It is only possible to
ray that no public buildings were In
jured and that the casualties so tar
reported number two women and six
men killed and about thirty-four In
1 red. With the exception ot one sol
dier killed all these were civilians."
Dissension and '
111 Health Foroes
Del Casse to Quit
TAKIS, Oct. 14.-TheophlI ' Delcasse.
the foreign minister, who retired yes
terday, in his lotter of resignation did
not Invoke poor health as th reason for
leaving the cabinet, but rather dissen
sions between himself and other ministers
In regard lo the French foreign policy,
says; th Radical. This letter, which
Premier Vlvlanl refused yesterday to
read to the Chamber of Ieputles, re
calls certain facta, discussion of which
the censor forblda.
Th resignation ef M. Delcasse has pro
duced a profound effect upon the French
public, although It has been known for
some time there has been friction be
tween him and th roet of the cabinet.
Th press generally abstr.lns from com
ment, but what little Is safd Is hostile
to the retiring minister. Wrltors blame
him for the failure of the Balkan policy
and charge that he is trying to shift tha
burden of responsibility upon his former
colleague inatead of trying to find a
remedy for mistakes. Hiss Illness Is re
garded as of a diplomatic character.
Georges Clemenreau, who all akmg has
attacked th French foreign policy, de
clared :
"Vlvlanl refused to read the letter In
which his colleague resigned. All he
can aay la that Delcase Is In full agree
ment with him. It Is th first time a
minister has resigned his port because
of the absence of a disagreement."
Liquor Shut Out
of Frat Houses
of the Beta Phi
CHICAGO, Oct. 14. Resolutions forbid
ding liquor In chapter houses of the Beta
Phi fraternity were adopted at the con
vention of the order today.
The resolution affects chapters at
twelve colleges and universities 1n the
From Church to
tho Picture Show
WAGNKR. S. l Oct. 14.-(Speclal.)-Sunday
movie shows after rellgloua ser
vices have been concluded Sunday even- j
Inga la an Innovation In the amusement I
line which has been Introduced here as '
the result of a conference between mem
bers of tha rlty council and Manager
Nanceof the only moving picture theater
In Wagner.
There waa a pronounced sentiment
against the theater being operated Sun
days on the ground that tt would inter
fere with religious services In the local
The manager of the t neater and the
members of the city council met for the
purpose of seeing what could b done to
compromise. ,
As a result It has been decided that
Sunday evenlnga the theater will remain
closed until the evening services st the
churchs are over.
Pictures Shown Sunday evenlnga will be
of a religious character, embracing bib
lical aubjects and also educational and
historical films. It la believed that be
cause of the character of tha films to
be shown Bunday evenings there need be
no objection to such church member as
tske an Interest In moving pictures go.
Ing straight from the cuurvbua to the
Feeling- Intensified on Account of
the Silence Maintained by It
aly Relative to the Bal
kan Situation.
Russians Said to Be in Full Posses
sion of Initiative that Carried
Them Across the Stripa.
D Kit LIN, Oct. 14. The Tageblatt
publishes a report that the Italians
have occupied twelve islands In the
eastern Mediterranean, tn connection
with the new developments in the
PAIU8, Oct. 14. Premier Vlvlanl
announced to the 8enate today that
Italy probably would take part In the
Balkan operations.
Bl 1.I.KT1V.
BERLIN. Oct. 14. A general at
tack by the British along almost the
whole front from Ypres to Loos, ac
companied ,by bombardment of the
Belgian coast, Is reported In the offi
cial statement today of the war
office. All attacks of the British are
said by army headquarters to hava
BERLIN, Oct. 14. The AuRiro
German army which is Invading Ser
bia has captured the fortified works
to the west, northeast and southeast
of Poiarevao. Announcement to this
effect was made today by the war
LONDON, Oct. 14. Increasing
uneasiness Is felt In London at tho
absence of definite news concerning
the concerted allied action In thi
Balkans. This feeling is intensified
by news from the French Chamber
ot Deputies In regard to the Balkan
danger by Italy's persistent sllenco
regarding participation In the expe
dition and by uncertainty concerning
tha British prosmTY"
' Opinion here la divided to some
extent as to the advisability -of tak
ing part in the Balkan conflict. The
general opinion Is that Great Britain
la morally bound to assist Serbia If
this can be done without a danger
ous attenuation of the main front,
where it Is felt the war will finally
bo decided, notwithstanding the Bal
kans' diversion.
tieranaas Make Cains.
Having failed In their attack on the
British positions on th western front,
th Germans hav turned upon tha
French and made a gain east of Pouches.
Th advantage obtained, however. Is not
of sufficient Importance to affect the
! general situation of the French. Their
aaaault In th vicinity of Tahure In pur
suance of ths move begun three days ago,
! likewise it has been materially unoro-
ducttve thus far.
I On ths eastern front the Russians are
' now In full possession of the Initiative
and th momentum which carried them
across the Strlpa river in eastern Gallcla
has not yet diminished. It Is rs ported
unofficially from Petrograd that tt is th
Germans who now lack ammunition, thus
reversing conditions of two months ago.
Although the Germans are continuing
their attacks on the Dvlnsk lines, th
fury ot tha onslaught has diminished and
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