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Girls! Lots of
Beautiful Hair
25 cent bottle of "Danderine"
makes hair thick, glossy
and wavy.
Removes all dandruff, stops
itching scalp and fall,
ing hair.
I ) w 1
V ,
I,,C . ? '.
- A
, ' '"' I !, ' i
' .-'" . " !
,:: i ; " ; -
To be possessed of a heed of heavy,
beautiful hair; soft, limtroun, fluffy
wavy and free from dandruff la merely
a matter of using a little Danderlne.
It le easy and Inexpensive to have nice,
oft hair and loti of It. J net set a 23 cent
bottle of Knowlton's Danderlne now all
drug stores recommend Itapply a little
directed and within ten minutes there
will' be an appearance of abundance,
freshness, flurrinoss and an Inoompar-
able glois and I net re, and try aa you
will you can not find a trace of dandruff
or falling hair; but your real aurprlae
will be after about two week' uee, when
you will see new hair fine and downy at
first yes but really new hslr sprouting
out alt -over your scslp Danderlne Is,
we believe, the only sure hair grower,
destroyer of dandruff and cure for Itchy
scalp and It never falls to stop falling
hair at one.
If you want to prove how pretty and
oft your hair really la, moisten a cloth
with a little Danderlne and carefully
draw It through your hair taking one
mall strand at a time. Your hair will
V. fclAw ...... Km. .11... I I.,- '
--v..u. ...
a few moments a delightful surprise
awaits everyone who tries this. Adver
tisement. UEEHLY
Good quality steel
with D handle; spe
cial price 58
Good horsehlde strop,
only .-..75
Guaranteed, a large
assortment, reg u I a r
?5c, special . , . .4S
Dlsston'e good
gua r a n t e e d
saw, spe'l 68t
Solid steel blade,
special, only .80
l'U'K UHENt lit
Genuine ' Btillson,
10-in.. only ..85
14-ln.. only S1.10
Stanley, C-lncb. blade, rose
wood handle 23
Superior quality, only ..10c
That bold a good edge.
6-Inch, special Ttid
7 - inch, special . . .
8- iach, special . . .
Res;. 11.10 size,
only 80
Reg. $1.45 site.
oniy ...-Sl.iyjfc
Wire potato baker.
lie and
20o sue, only
Regular 60c all-steel . . .
Pent Your Vacant Houses by
U&inz The Bee Want Ad
y. !i7:." . . . .
OME folks msy think the society
the high cost of living;, but they
things they are doing without.
by the sinking of the Lusltanla,
mere bagatelle of a few million dollars Inheritance, applying In court In
New York for an allowance out of the Income, and showing that no girl of
her age, beauty and wealth can get along on bare necessltleg for less than
$30,000 a year, itemized as follows:
"Rent of apartment, $6,000; school, music, languages, books, etc..
$2,500; maid's wsges, $(00; three servants' wages, $1,200; food and
household supplies, $4,000; clothing, $3,500; doctors, dentists, etc.,
$600; upkeep of auto and chauffeur's wages, $2,000; recreation and
amusements, $1,600; summer vacation and traveling expenses, $2,600;
Insurance and storsge charges, $200; Incidentals, $1,000; wages of
guardian, $5,000; total for one year, $80,000."
That's interesting, Isn't It? And,
of the young woman was so conclusive
Concert at Auditorium.
An unuaually large attendance Is -
peeled at the Auditorium this evening to
hear the Boston Bymphony Orchestra,
the first of the series of the charity con
cert course. Owing to the number of
out-of-town visitors who are here for
the Ak-8ar-Ben festivities, society will
be well represented.
Among those giving box parties will
be Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nash, who will
have as their guests:
Mesdamea Mesdames
n W. Nssh, T. J. Rogers.
Mr. Frank Xoerh.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Stapleton.
Mr. and Mrs. George Drandela will en
tertain the following:
Mesdames Mesd ames
Kerry Itoawnrth. Matthsw Carney,
Messrs and Mesdames.
J. L Kennedy, Karl tMils.
IT. William Harper of Chicago. '
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mots will enter
tain a bos party In honor of Mr. T. K.
Htillwell of New Tork and Mr. Carl
Holme of Cincinnati. Their guests
wilt be:
Misses Misses
Marlon. Kuhn, Gertrude Met.
Harriet Mete,
Messrs. Messrs.
T. K. Htillwell of Cincinnati,
New York, Philip Meta.
Carl Holmes of
Others having boxes reserved for this
evening are H. It. Baldrlge, T. L. Kim-
ball. Dr. D. B. Davis, O. W. Wattlea, A.
j U Reed, George Hoagiand, T. F. Qulnlan,
IL. F. rCofoot, Luther KountM, Herbert
, Rogers, W. W. Turner, R. C. Howell, J.
j Palmer Flndley, C. Will Hamilton, Frank
'Hamilton, Mlas Blanch Klnaler and the
board of governors of Ak-Sar-Bsn.
Feseirities of the Week.
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Burns will
give a dinner at their home Friday eve
ning preceding the coronation ball In
honor of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoe ford
of Mollne, the gueate of Mr. and Mrs.
Wlllard Ilosford. Covers will be placed )
for eight j
Mr. and Mrs. Wlllard D. Hoaferd will
! entertain AtntiAr Hatiirrimv av.nln. in.
their houae guests. Mr. and Mrs. Richard I
Hosford of Mollne.
Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Colpetser will give
a supper after the ball Friday night in
honor of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hosford
of Mollne, who are visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hosford.
Ak-Sar-Ben Visitors.
Mrs. M. IL Ashby and daughter of
Bloomlngton, 111., are la the city visiting
Mrs. B. C. Miner.
Mrs. Ida M. Kelly of Davenport, la,,
and Mrs. Buele M, Brlaon of Muskogee,
Okl., out-of-town matrons of honor for
the coronation ball, are gueate of Miss
Dora Alexander.
Mr. and Mrs, Martin Saxe of New Tork
City, are at the Hotel Fontenelle. Mrs.
8axe was formerly Mrs. Georgia Pax ton
of Omaha.
Luncheon for Mrs. Eoiford.
Mrs. John A. McStiane gave a prettily
appointed luncheon at her home today
for Mrs. Richard Hosford of Mollne, the
guest of Mrs. Wlllard Hosford. The table
decorations consisted of pink rosea. Cov
ers were placed for:
Mesdames Meadames
of Molina.
J. L. Kennedy;
Wlllard Hosford,
John A. Mcdhene,
Joseph Marker,
v. J. roys.
ilxuls Nash,
' Marriage Announcement
Miss Elsie A. Tramner and Mr. Paul
Hulbsrt, both of Oakland, were married
Wmliosday aftsrnoon by, Rev. Charles
W. Bavldgs at hla office in the BrandeU
theater building. They were accompanied
by Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge E. Schrosder,
Jr., of Cralr. Nsb.. and Mr. Jay Lavsrty
of Omaha. - - v
At the. University Club.
! Mrs. John S. 8ullivan will entertain at
an informal luncheon today at the Uni
versity club, when eovars will be placed
' tor sis guests.
1 To Honor Oueit
Mrs. W. Richter Wood gave a kanslng
ton this afternoon for her sister, Mrs.
Sidney Smith of Hartford, Cona. about
fifteen were present.
0a the Calendar.
MoKlnley ladlee auxiliary ef the B'nal
B'rlth will hold Its opening meeting of
the winter season tonight la the B'nal
Ami club rooms. Nineteenth and Fa roam
Ak-Sar-Ben Visitors.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lang wttl arrive
I Friday morning from St. Paul to be the
gueets of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. T. Belt for
the Coronation ball.
Mrs. K. Zell Bteever ef Tort Russell.
Wyo.. Is the guest of Mrs. J. F. Co ad,
jr., for the Ak-Sar-Ben festivities.
Festivities of the Week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Towle will entertain
at dinner preceding the Coronation ball.
Mr. and Mrs. George Redtck will give
a supper at the Omaha club after the
Personal Mention.
Mrs. P. A. Brogaa la visiting In
Mrs, U A. Diets Is tn Minneapolis
visiting the Stickney family and la not
expected home for several weeks.
Mr. Howard Nelson has returned to
Culver Military academy at Culver, lad.
Mrs. John F. Flaok Is spending a few
days at Esoelstor Springs.
i. Clarke Colt leaves Friday for Atlan
tic City to attend the national hardware
dealers' convention.
Miss Ophelia Harden la expected hocne
the end fcf the week after visiting In
Washington and New Tork city.
Lieutenant Carlysle W biting of the
Fourth infantry, stationed at Browns
ville. Tea., Is the guest ef Mrs. Whit-
Thursday, October 7, 1915.
pace In Omaha bai act the limit tor
evidently do not know how many
Hera li a 16-year-old girl, orphaned
from which sba was saved, with a
what's more, the showing on behalf
that the court made the order asked
tngg parents parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.
A. Sweet. Mrs. Whiting has been her
for several weeks.
Miss Louis Dinning arrived home this
morning from a stay of several months
in the oast
Mrs. D. V. ffholes Is expected horn In
about two weeks from California, where
shs bas been for the past two months.
Mr. and Mrs. R. l Huntley left Fri
day for California to b absent for sev
eral weeks.
Mrs. Thomas Kllpatrlck has been eon
fined to her home by lllneaa for the last
Morgan Kills Self
While His Family
is Viewing Parado
Robert Morgan, Med M years, a former
employe of the Nebraska Telephone com
pany, was found dead, hanging by a
cord from a rafter In ths attlo of hU
residence, at Dale and Farnum streets,
Florence, Wednesday night.
Mrs. Morgan and her two children had
attended the parade, and upon coming
home noted that the only light In the
residence Issued from a window In the
attlo. Making their way to this part
of the house they discovered the body of
Mr. Morgan suspended from the rafters,
not clear of the ground, but so the man
oouJd have stood upright. Earlier In the
evening he was In the best of spirits,
but asserted that he did not feel physi
cally equal to going down town through
the crowd.
He waa last seen alive by Ms folks
as he waved them goodby from the door-
way and told them to have a good time.
The children, according to Mrs. Morgan,
could hardly wait to get borne and tell
their papa "all about the floats." Mor-
tan had been out of work for nearly a
year and had worried considerable over
this fact. Coroner Crosby will not hold
an. inquest. Haynes, the undertaker, has
the body and will conduct the funeral
It Is apparent that by no means did
the Wednesday visitors to the city all
leave, for their homes after the
parade. While all the late trains were
heavily loaded and many of them run in
sections, the city Is still full of strangers. Id0, he,M you. Aa drugs lsts.-Advsr-At
the depots this morning there were tll(.m,n,
throngs of people Just starting for their I
homes In the country and In nearby
While the passenger men of the rail
roads have not received reports on the
number of tickets sold to Omaha during
the last three days they assert there
were more than laat year.
'hew Bawr i sas.
When a mother is awokef.ed from
sound sleep to find her child who has
gone to bed apparently In the best of
health struggling for breath, she is
naturally alarmed. Yet If she can keep
her presence of mind and give Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy every ten min
utes until vomiting Is produced, quick
relief will follow and the child will drop
to sleep to awaken In the morning as
well as ever. This remedy has been In
J use for many years with uniform suc
cess. Obtainable everywhere. All d rug
Sis ta. Advertisement
Fred Goodman, restaurant checker,
asks judgment for U.000 In district court
aialnct , Marlon Mann, a cook, for
"severe cuts, bruises and lacerations"
which ' he alleges he received during a
dispute with the defendant.
The defendant. Goodman alleges, ap
plied "a heavy dish or cooking utensil"
to his head with sufficient violence to
cause much pain.
These watches are with
out a doubt the best values
in Omaha for the money.
You ought to see them.
They Come In Two Styles,
Double Sunk XHala.
l-jewel adjusted Combs
special watch, 20-year filled
case, gilt dial, )50
1 -jewel adjusted Combe
special watch, plain polished
JO-yr. case, plain Jl 750
white dial. at.. J1
s tt-TCr sTV
aae eveca v a" If 1
These watches are with-
She is Miss Virginia Bruce
Loney, aged 16, orphaned
by the sinking of the
Hh" -'
V )
I ;
i lit'' :.
1. 0.0. F.Grand Lodge
Officers Visit Omaha
Grand Master Harnlsh of O'Neill and
Grand Secretary Gas;e of Fremont were
In Omaha Wednesday on business pertain
ing to the grand lodge and the grand
encampment aesslona of the Independent
Order of Odd Fellowa which will be held
here on October 19 to 22, Inclusive. These
officers were well satisfied with the ar
rangements made by the local commit
tees and predicted one of the banner ses
sions of the grand lodge In point of at
tendance. The state Rebekah assembly
and the Patriarchs Militant branches of
the order will meet here at the same
Fall Coaaha and Colds Danareroas.
Don't run the risk. Get a 60c bottle of
n. K-. tv,w n Th rir.t
John Ksttn of Richmond, Va., was ar
rested Wednesday night at Slxtenth and
Farnam streets with his hand in an
other's pocket, according to Detectives
Rich and Fssanowskl. The officers as
sert that John became so exolted that
he had considerable difficulty In extract
ing the erring member. He will be
held for further Investigation. Charlee
Smiley" King and Lewis Rubensteln
have been arrested on suspicion by the
same pair. The officers declare that
stolen jewelry was found on the person
of King.
Safety First
Indigestion, constipation, biliousness
and many ailments of the digestive
organs are often the source of serious
illness. At the first sign of disordered
conditions take the reliable family
remedy that is always dependable
lareeet Sale ef Aay Medkia iatfce WerU.
SeU everywhere, la beaee, IO SSe.
How to Lose Your Tan,
Frck!M or WrinkUa
A day's motoring, an afternoon on the
tennis s rounds or solf llnka, a sunbath on
the beach or exposure on a sea trip, otten
more perplexing still, a vigorous crop of
freckles. A very necessary thing then Is
mercollsed wax, which removes tan. red
ness or rrerkies quite easily, it literally
peels off the affected skin Just a little
at a time so there's no hurt or Injury.
As the skin conies off In almost Invisible
flakv particles, no trace of the treatment
le shown. Ut n ounce of meroollsed
wax at your driiKSlat's and use this
nightly as you would cold cream, wash
In It off mornings. In a week or so you
will have an entirely new skin, beauti
fully clear, transparent and of a moat
delicate whiteness.
I Wrinkles, so apt to form at this season,
msy be easily and quickly removed by
bathing the face In a solution of pow
dered saxollte, 1 os., dissolved In witch
haiel W ulnt. This is not only a valuable
' astringent, but has a beneficial tonlo ef-
feet aiso Advertisement.
The handle of your Grip
or Suit Case? Don't worry,
we can replace It. Glad tot
We like email repair Jobs.
Fr cling & Stcinle
Omaha's Beet Baggage
President Theodore K. Tail Will Be
in Omaha Friday to Inspect the
Plant Here.
President Tbeodora N. Vail of the
American Telephone and Telegraph
company of New York is to be in
Omaha with his party today fore
noon, lie is on his m ay to Ban Fran
cisco, making a general inspection
tour of the telephone plants of the
The telephone officers will spend the
forenoon largely with President Casper
E. Voat of the northwestern group of
Eell Telephone companies. Mr. Tost will
loin the party and proceed with It to the
In the party are: Theodore N. Vail,
president of the American Telephone and
Telegraph company; Union N. Bethell,
senior vice president American Telephone
anu Telegraph company, New Tork, and
C. S. Oleed, chairman board of directors
of Southwestern Bell Telephone ayatem. of
The party is to arrive over the Illinois
Central at 8: this morning from Chi
cago and will lave over the Union Pa
clfio at noon.
Mr. Vail on the way to Omaha will
pasa through hla former home town of
Waterloo, la. Mr. Vail was born on a
farm alx miles out of Waterloo. Just a
half century ago he used to play base
ball with the Waterloo team. At that
time he liked base ball so well that he
used to ride a big farm horse to town
whenever a game wss on and get there
In time to go to bat when hla name waa
called. Old-timers there still remember
the games they played with him, and
many will be at the station to see him
go through.
Apartments, flats, houses and cottages
can be rented quickly and cheanly by a
Bee "For Rent."
Pries Hitting
that are being sold at A. Hospo Cos PRICE HITTING SALE
are rare beauties the prices far below the real values.
This is a sale of strictly brand new pianos of all styles Grands, Uprights, Flayers,
Electric, Etc., including the very latest invention in Flayer Pianos. This is the instru
ment that can be played in three ways By hand, foot pedaling and by electric motor,
all at prices and terms within everyone's reach.
Our building at 1518-1515 Douglas; Street ts entirely remodeled. Our new front Is the talk of
the town, liefore starting our remodeling, we disposed of practKnlly every new, used and shop-worn
piano on our floors. Our entire stock is lirand New and we have the new 1016 styles of tho best piano
makers of piano and player pianos In all fancy woods. Hy ordering this Immense stock at one time
and by paying spot cash, we were able to buy at biggest discounts. This stock embraces the world's
Wders Th Mnaon A Hamlin, Kranich & Bach, Apollo, Brambarh, Kimball, Busli & Lane Krakauer,
Cable-Nelson, Whitney, Henderson, Hospe, Davis A Son, Hlnze, rflneger, Stelnhaucr, Baumbach Werner,
Boudoir and others.
We bit the prices on all lines. Fine Upright Pianos for $78, 398, $103, $126, f 152, $178, S202,
$238, $279, $313, $352, $379 and upwards.
Player Pianos $278, $331, $375, $450, $550.
Grand Pianos $455, $495, $550, $850, $800, $950.
Many pianos on terms as low as $1.00 per week. This Sale is now on. Mall orders and out-of-town
customers solicited.
Come and see the GREAT PRICE-IIITTIXG Piano Sale.
A. HOSPE CO., 1513-15 Douglas Street
r" - Ji
i. .rr jv. f "jirJUv iv,. e-T-xsc-VX. v . y VTysd "yi
"Ada Bellen1s3oar---to
Ply With Julia .
North from Omaha
The Ad Peile" Is the name of a boat
of 100-horse power the Decatur business
men have Just purcnaaed at Chamber
lain. S. D.. to be put on regular service
between Decatur and Omaha at once to
supplement the transportation service
now given by the Julia. This boat ha
about four times the power and capacity
of the Julia. It drawa eighteen Inches
of water, haa a 12foot deck, some 25
feet wide, and has In Itself a capacity of
about tone, while It Is capable of haul
ing bargee with from 150 to 200-ton cargo
Captain Davy Waltera la to bring the
boat down the river with the barge the
Julia haa txn using, while the Julia
will go to pioux City to be ready to
bring down the string of government
barges In dock there as soon as permis
sion can be obtained from the War de
partment with which the river navltfatlon
committee of the Omaha Commercial
club Is now negotiating for the use of
these barges. The committee has been
active lately In this matter and al'o
In the matter of building a wharf house
at the foot of the Douglas street bridge,
where a substantial wharf house Is now
almost completed. The warehouse Is Vt
by 40 ft In dimensions. Work is now In
progress on the construction of a sub
stantial breakwater to guard against the
action and high water and floating Ice.
Drives Family from
Home on Cold Night
in Night Clothes
Tom Crocker, colored, J15 South
Twenty-eighth street, drove his wife and
five children from their home In their
nlghtclothes Wednesday night after first
breaking a window In the place, ire was
armed with a slungshot, according to
hi wife, and attempted to strike her.
Otto Schneldwlnd, to whose homo Mrs.
Crocker and the children went, had the
husband arrested, and In police court he
waa sentenced to sixty days In the
county jail.
Piano Sale Follow ths
May Find Help in This
Swan Creek, Mich. "I cannot speak
too highly of your medicine. When
through neglect or
overwork 1 get run
down and ray appe
tite is poor and I
have that weak, lan
guid, always tired
feeling, I get a bot
tle of Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
rMnrwMinf1 A ft A I
vNbuilda me op, gives
me sirengui, ana re
Stores me to perfect
health again. It is truly a great bless
ing to women, and I cannot speak too
highly of it I take pleasure in recom
mending it to others." Mrs. Annth
Cameron, R.F.U., No. 1, Swan Creek,
Another Sufferer Relieved.
Hebron, Me. "Before taking your
remedies I was all run down, discour
oged and had female weakness. I took
Lydia E. Finkham's Vegetable Com
pound and used the Sanative Wash, and
find today that I am an entirely new
woman, ready and willing to do my
housework now, where before) taking
your medicine it was a dread. I try to
Impress upon the minds of all ailing
women I meet the benefits they can
derive from your medicines." Mrs.
Chabies Rowe, Kennebago, Maine. .
If yon want special svdvice
write to Lydia E. Pink ham Med
icine Co., (confidential) Lynn.
Mass. Tonr letter wil be opened,
read and answered by a woman
nd held In strict confidences
Trail o! the Wise
. .( :-, - " 'it '!