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Former Madison Attorney Conticted
of Accepting Bribe Get Inde
terminate Sentence.
MADISON. Neb.. Oct 1.PpcM Tele-
grerh) Motion for new trial In the ca
of Arthur J. Konelfirteln. convicted for
taking money of Norfolk resort keeper
whit county attorney of Martlon county,
waa overruled. The court conaldtrlng the j
rour counts or me innirinmi aa imt
rcnae senirncea jnneiKiein m mo b'i
penitentiary for a term of one to five'
yeare and to py the coet of proaecu
tlon. KonelgMrln's ren'icet that Judg
tnent be guipendrd pending appeal to the
a u pre me court waa denied. lie Immedi
ately applied to the eupreme court to be
released on ball pending hearing on writ
of error.
Conlntued from Page Of )
fashion, but when you ronalder the aver
age society wnmnn: maternity hasn't loet
Tmirh." lie differed. "Women pride
Uiemaelvrn' on a knowledge of prevent
Ivea more than they do a knowledge of
the proper upbringing of children. Many
women endure wifehood that they may
lead a life of ease and affluence.
'Too many plrlg marry for other raitae
than love," he Bald. "AmblLlon. Indo
lence, avarice and aoclaj position were
motive that have taken "He plar. he
said. ,
He acored heavily mothers who tried to
arrange worldly marriages for their
daughters. -
rtoa't Advcrtla Main WaMval.
"Don't worry If you don't marry and
don't let your actions adrertlse 'Man
wanted quick,'" waa "Dllly" Sunday's
advice to girls. There are Bo "old maids''
they are only "ladles In waiting." ae-i
cording to "Billy." Oettlng married to ;
the wrong man was a worse evil than
remaining single, ha told them.
Hilly" was at his best In his aMde to
club women. "Don't go daffy over eu
genics," he said, drawing out the word
with a sneering laugh, "as if that were
a cure-all for all evils. "A person may
be physically pure, but be a moral leper,"
he declared. "You ought to start a mare
ment for drees reform. You nee that
more than you do suffrage or civil serv
ice reform. Not that I am against
woman suffrage," he' hastily , added,
'. amidst thunderous applause.
The girl who dresses to attract atten-
tlon has a head full of bulk oysters and I
ii.iu .xmiki in nillv." Purltv. !
llgnlty and spirituality are the trinity of
woman's grace, he said.
"The virtue of Its women la the bul
wark Of the American nation. If that la
broken down, you caVi pave the way to
hell with It fragment." was his closing
MatfKilled in Auto
Upset at Sao City
SACcVtT. la.. Oct T. (Special' Tele
gram.) J. C. Burton, a young telephone
lineman at Newell, waa killed lata yes
terday when the automobile In which he
was riding, along with five other men,
went over a twenty-foot embankment
throe and a half miles south of Sao
OUyf tv. U Holt, postmaster at Newell,
and Ed Lewis of the same town sus
tained minor Injuries. The party had
driven to Sao City from Newell In the
morning to attend the Odd Fellows' con
vention and were returning from a short
drive around the country when the acci
dent occurred. In turning out to meet
another ear W. B. Rust, the driver, was
erowded too near the edge of the grade
and was unable to avert the disaster.
Burton Is survived by his wife.
". Notee at Claiabae.
COLUMBUS, "'Neb., Oct ,7.-r 'Special.)
A deal waa completed yesterday by
Which the Rothleltner Hardware com
pany sold their stock to Charles Mlcek.
Mr Rothleltner has been county super
intendent of public schools of this
county for some time -and entered -Into
tha hardware business and conducted
same for the last fifteen rs.
The Mothers' Culture lub held the
first meeting of the season at the par
lors of the public library thla afternoon.
The annual convention of the Nebraska
Woman Suffrage association will be
held In Columbus Octobnr 11, 11 and H
A complete program has been proparcd
for the occasion. The. ooenliitf session
on Tuesday evening, October 13, will be
given chiefly to abort addresses and to
musical number by Columbus people,
which will be followed by a reception of
Columbus women and visitors. The
main speakers durlnj the convention
will be the addreaaea oy Mla Mary K.
McDowell of Chicago, who la a promi
nent leader of the suffrage movements.
"Gc!s-!f fcr Corns,
SORE as Sunrise!
Any Cora, With "Geta-It" oa It, Is
an AbaotuU doner!"
' Taa, If tha eat thnf In tha world
to aoi riti vt a -orn -we, you u '"tiala
It. tha wor d a (raatcat corn-rl4ir.
l-.Jly. It almoat a pioaaur to tiava
Cvi n Just to aa Uiam own o(f witb
Urt-lV rmta Vaeir reat In Clav
f"et- It." It jut leoeana the cura from
Irx ire flesti, eaal y, and tuea ubku It
Mne "clean utf." l ho. ra end y m for
It t a. li iiiak-a tne um of tapa. ouru.
a4utslna- b rulof a. lrT.tiitlr.g aaJtea.
li Ivr. Kliwn nml raiora really luok
nu.u.l ui. t rid of tt o a r'na iUli'Hy,
i.nrty. I elii!l iuat ellv erlih "(le(a
)' " For aart and tRmluua. lotx It a tae
,Mr. r y.
;-' It" ta a.. Id kv all dnitllat. at
a .''tie. or sent ilrft liY liwreiuie
4 . f hlcaao. Ho.d In OtaaJia and
rrrP'nmill aa the world' rorn
fri. u4 t, tiltarmiuk A Wot'tiiinoll Drug
v a r'loit
J 1 y3t
Sundayisms at the
On the Fly by
is nt 15 POVTKTY f- OUR FATHER ) fl
1M VlKAmSJfs J J
jij. rvSS NONE OfTtftS
Uz $!H' ViV farrow?
i f i-jrl mow n it t Nt 7irsrwtjM
111 II X ft Y ii 4 1 C mw ww tw rvrfi, riinr
(Conlntued from Page One.)
Major Church Howe, that the big
orchard rated so highly, f-r he under
stands fruit raising as few men do
fruit, live stock and grain.
llonwrbl Amy Rerd
Church Howe has the distinction of
having served In many Important posi
tions for the United States. He was
I'nitwl 8tates consul at Palermo, Italy,
1S79-1D0Q; United States consul, Sheffield.
England, UOO-I; United States consul,
Antwerp, Belgium, UOM; United State
consul. Montreal, Canada, a part of one
year and then held tha same position
Immediately following, until October,
nil, at Manchester, England, lie was
born at I'flnceton, Maaa., In December,
1839, and was reared on a. if arm. ' He
finished his common school and academlv
education at the age of Jl , He clerked
In a grocery store at Worcester for two
years and on April IS. 1861. enlisted as a
private In Company O, Sixth Massachu
setts military infantry, which ' was the
first regiment to respond to president
Lincoln's call" for volunteers. This regi
ment was mobbed four days later while
passing through the streets of Baltimore
on Its way to Washington,
Major How was appointed quartermas
ter sergeant of his regiment prior to the
muster in of the company, April 22, 1801,
and waa discharged from the service July
23, l&U. that be might accept appointment
as regimental quartermaster in the Fif
teenth Massachusetts Infantry volunteers.
effective August 1, Util, and was regarded
by the department aa having been mus
tered In the service as captain of Com
pany K of that regiment effective March
1, Uii. . On February IS, , he was
transferred to Company A, and later to
Company K of the same regiment He
acted in various Important positions, in
cluding aide-de-camp on the staff of
General Sedgwick, In which position he
also acted aa ordnance officer of the divi
sion and waa with General Sedgwlok on
September 17. Utt. When the general waa j
wounded at Antletam, Maryland.' Army
orders dated October 17. 1881. announced
Lieutenant How a aide-de-camp ta Brig
adier General Oorman and orders Issued
later- of the same" year announced him
as provost -marshal at Harper" a Ferry
ami Bolivar. In December of tha same
year General Sedgwick returned to duty
and Howe waa again appointed upon hut
ataff and aervad thara uUl h. ... U !
charted April 10, lXiO, h rcalinlng. Ha
waa bravattad major of Unltad State)
volunteer to data from March 11. 1A
Ik I ... . T" 1? - V,CT "
veius wt uau m viuii) v mir
Savaae tttatlon, aicndal and Malvern
Hill Virginia, and AntUaLam U.rvl.nJ '
nui. Virginia, ana Anueiam. Maryland,
and for meiitorloua aervlca during the
war. In hi report. General Badtwluk om- I
ullmented Ur. H.n muat hl.hlv f.. hi- I
- - '
untiring elfort and axertlona and hta
loyalty In camp and on the field ot bat
tle. (
Karly OffleUl af Wr,.a,
After tha war Major How returned to
Maaaachuaetta and In ISt waa appointed
by Preatdent Johncon aa collector of In
ternal revenue for the Worcester (Maaa.)
district. In INts he was appointed by
t'realdont Grant aa United fitatea marahal .
for Wyoming territory, where ho helped 1
organise the territorial government.
Wtll on hta way to Wyoming he bought ;
40 acres of land In Nemaha county, Ne
break a. and when he returned from ,
Wyoming, In he settled permanently 1
on this tract and entered eitenelvely to !
ralalng 11 vi atock. By purthaae h ha,
added adjoining land until hi farm now i
comprise 1.60u ncraa. He cold a portion
of hta original arm, which I known a
Walnut Grove,. In 1894, and removed to
Auburn. ' Near hta farm he eatabUahed )
the town of Howe, which waa named for ,
him. While still operating hi large farm, '
be engaged extenatvely In railroad con- '
tree ting, which he continued until 1.
He waa alao one of the organiser ot tha '
Ftrat National bank of Auburn, ef which
he waa preeident. and retired from active
bualneaa In IKw, leaving the management
of the Interest In the hand of his son, I
Herbert R. Howe. He was admitted to
the bar by the supreme court of Wyo
ming In 170.
I'.aler. Mebraaka Pull tic.
lie entered politic vrumlnently In Ne
break In lt4. when he wa elected to the
Nebraska legtalature, and for twenty
ware, thereafter, was a prominent factor
a fjounclt of hi party In the political
Tab as Caught
Our Staff Artist
sffalrs of the state, and during which
period his face was a familiar one aa a
member on the leglslrjlve floors of Ne
hraska, he serving In both the lower
house and the senate. For ten years he
was a member of tha State Normal school
board; and In 1S7S he was a member of
the state relief committee for the distri
bution of seed grain; was a member of
the republican national committee from
Nebraska from 18M to ISM; a delegate to
the republican national convention which
nominated Blaine In 1KR4. and he has
servid a number of .years as a member
of the republican state committee, he was
active In the Nebraska state grange
movement and when It became financially
involved he was elected Its master and
settled up Its affairs. He was elected
mayor of Auburn two years ago.
Major How had had many honors eon-
ferscft iuton him., at hrniiA Vmnt
JlTteong has been a prominent figure In
Grand Army of the ' Republic, depart
mental work and has served aa chairman
Of the Ornnd Army of the Republic relief
oommlttee. He Is a charter member of
Nebraska Commandery Military Order of
Loyal Legion, a thirty-second degree Ma
son, shrlner and member of other promi
nent lodge organisations. Major Howe
was married June 1, IMS, to Miss Augusta
C. Bqitomly of Leicester. Mass. Mrs.
How died January 8. ISH. Major How
has never remarried.
Culls- From the Wire
Government ownersnm ot public utili
ties waa termed a menace to pragma
and a means of swinging a controlling
vote by Jonathan Bourne. Jr., of Port
land, former-United Mtatea senator from
Oregon. In an address befoie the Ameri
can Kiectrlc Railway association conven
tion at San Francisco.
The fourth convention of the National
Housing association opened at Minneap
olis attended by social welfare represen
tative from many slates. At a round
table luncheon lr. W. A. Evans, former
lieultn commissioner of Chlcaao. u ih
principal speaker. Ui toilo was "The
Asssa. dibu nu in Vk nvfcr "
at Step In Health Work
Enormous Increases In the cotton ex
port trade during August are shown in
the monthly statement of foodstuffs, cot
ton and Oil tlSolll YrymAm
I - -- - - ...... mmviim in
Cotton .porT." f o? . h.' monuJ
aere 183 bait, valued at t7 ol as
compared with exports of 11 JiO
valued at l,Su.U7 In August. 11)14.
Explaining the Stat department's re
rent refusal to Issue paasporta to several
Mormons who desired to go to England
enu other Kurupean countries for mis
sionary work, department official said
no pasaporta were being granted ml
sloharlra of any faith for work In Kur ,i
in department a Dollrv la to arant n.-
fi?"? '??. " enljr
Mw yvivuiial IX Ave
IV W(Ul.
A rorr animation of th Cudahy Pach
Inf company waa announced at ChVcao
I hi R. A. (?tiiijahw t tin auM
!h? of th M"''" Cudahji "cVr
7 ' . a u nu c r
vr-4 uvmxm ana i r
t. tnil.f h. mtll..rf
j thia month. To accainillh thl a new
"""" won i or men una or I lie
.w. ot jjaln4 and the old atoca rel-
ued to pr cent hareholler on the baal
' W."0,iioo i.rr.rid and the balance
nmon tock The o d corporation waa
an iinnoi cc
concern with . canlt.l a'n-k
of $10,00 common and tl o O.0T6 pie
frrred, and hn accumulated, Air. Cvidahy
hI1, a aurpltia of IS 0on,(o. No chau.e
vlll he made In the buaimaa organisation,
be said.
TIJUY Will be de
livered prompt
ly those Fall duds.
And made for you
from fashion's most
exclusive fabrics.
, . Drop in today I
Suits and Overcoats
to Order
?20.00 to $15.00
VicCirttj-WUsoi Ti!!orlr Co.
31.1 booth llb Htrtrt.
If A.
Next Week Will Be
The Window Display
Week for Merchants
The potent power of advertising as an
aid to efficient dl-tributlon and as an
agency promoting economy Is constantly I
' becoming more apparent. Thinking peo- I
i tie no longer condemn advertising but i
rather embrace It aa one of the most
laudable developments of our time. This I
Is decidedly true of retail merchants and ,
;the romtiopnlltaii throng with whom 1
thear deal. '
Of Tie vast multitude which looks upon
advertising as a power for good, a great
proportion favor the dally newspaper
as the best advertising medium. And the
newspaper Is the best advertising med- .
lum, the greatest In volume of advertis
ing space and the most Important, be
cause It touches most Intimately the
lives of the millions w.o make up the (
great consuming public. i
Retail merchants have long been aware
of this fact. They are In dally contact
with the public and know the preference
of people for newspaper advertised goods.
They know from experience that the con
sumers who make up the great buying
public are more responsive, to newspaper
advertising it la more direct, more spe
cific and more Intimate than the adver
tising of moat mediums which are merely ,
general In appeal.
In order to bring these facts to the
attention of the great business organi
sations which are responsible for much
of the advertising, to show them that
the nowspaper Is the most efficient aid
to distribution and most acceptable to !
the people at large, the merchants In '
conjunction with the newspapers have .
arranged for a demonstration which shall I
be known as International Newspaper I
Window Display Week. !
During the "Week," October U to If,
Inclusive, local merchant will have ie- ,
clal window displays of products which 1
are advertised In the newspapers. It
will be worth while to look at the various
displays, because It will be
Instructive and profitable.
Held at McCook for
Murder in Kentucky
M'COOK. Neb.. Oct 7. W. Clayborn I
Wilson of Wcox, Ky., was arrested '
here today and Is being held In the .
County Jail on a charge of killing a
negro at Hartford, Ky. Wilson's ar-:
rest followed the finding of a letter he j
hal rvceiitly received from his wife,
dtted at Hnrtford, Ky., In which ref
erence waa male to the killing. Wilson
had drorped the letter In the depot and
It was tinned over to the authorities, I
who wired to Hartford for Instructions. 1
The sheriff at that place sent a tele-1
gram requesting that Wilson be hld
until an officer from Kentucky could
come for him.
Thomas J. Boyle.
HEBTION, Ncb Oct 7.-(Special.)
Thomas J. Boyle died Wednesday, ajed
fT years. The funeral will e held to
morrow. He had lived here thirty years.
( Never, mihd
When you're learned to spend
70ur-money properly you'll have a
lot of It left In your pocket or In tha
A ftylish appearance payt a higher ,
rate or interest tnan any bank, or
other investment.
Invest In one of the expertly tail
ored.' modern suits or overcoats we
are offering and -you'll see exactly!
hat we mean.
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We are authority on
Fotmal Wearing Apparel
Pease Bros. Co.
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The Fashion Center
of the
Middle West
Friday's Offerings
Dependable Apparel
cloth, Serge, Garbardine and
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that we have the most ex
tensive and attractive stocks
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Ruffs . that we have ever
High and low neck g-uimpes and
separate collars.
Flchues and vestees In lace and
Georgette crepe.
Also lace, organdie and net col
lars, and
The newest style, the "Lotus."
iam.iMii.M.ii.mi.ii.,pji mm ,aj, H t , fflffirmfrnffi
Hard Coal User, we want YOU! Using Hard
Coal the way you to, you'll b,e quick to SEE wherein
'Vulcan Coke" is REALLY better and 20
CHEAPER,than Anthracite. With "Vulcan Coke"
you've no residue excepting clean ash, and no clink
era. "Vulcan Coke" is smokeless; that ought to
swerve you towards it, even if there WERE no other
talking point
Men who know evolved a way to produce "Vul
can Coke" from a mixture of the best Coking Coals
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provement over anything "natural"
Phpnm TyUr 17S4
Wow While) Yog
Think of Pul
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JrAUf cVy aw .
, y,.,., . .-, mm m, i .
Friday the Famous
Sale of Co1ored Dress Goods
Formerly $1 to $2 a yard.
The best of these 'now famous sales of odd pieces,
broken lines only two or three of a kind and none in re
serve. All go in one lot; your choice as long as they last
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An early selection is to your advantage.
Women's Knit
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Women's Wool Vests, high
neck long sleeves, pants to
match, ankle length $1
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low neck, no sleeves; Dutch
neck, elbow sleeves; high
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length $1.25
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Suits, fall weight, knee or
ankle length, all sizes. .65p
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Hosiery News
from Omaha
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double soles and tops, an ex
tra value, only . .25 a pair
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lues and prices.
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lengths, in Colored and Black Dress Goods
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Suitings, Novelties, Serges, Cords Mostly skirt and dress
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and Retail Agents
BrandeU Theater Bid?.
MW Tosigbt Mat. Tcaaorrow
n World' Blgrt an Musical
gbow. ,
Compaay of lag Udoaiag rioreace
Kcor an 1 an la. Dazle. Mat- im to
t.SO. JtlghU. So t 92AO.
CGflf tXTl . Cnrta'a B'se After
eWMr Fa a TM
rarposely Booked for Ak-la-Bea Week
tXK k Uo Bostonians r-V..,.
Tka riraml'l t'adUpuw Dlaai. Ta. oaa
bow rliit.ira aaool im; .Mkia Ilka u k
I.M. Cbmiij f M.rlr M la Tkraa OlilUnoj
UrM' Sp4'taclM. Rtr.llBff Beauty rhonu.
eBasTD mativib rait-".
gat. Mlia aa Wa. Iaw k.lif babaia ghov.
Bon? la
Tka Oalf High OIm Vaaanlll ClrealL
bally Matlaa t 1 Brr NihL U.
utMr acta mu w. iwn
MclroM. Lcr Glll.u. Bnu
W . od. Alia. DU.aart S C. .
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Several Warner
at the price of 50c
The Warner Brassiere Is the cor
rect foundation for fashionable
gowning this season. We are
showing several new models In
plain materials with heavy laces,
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Powder Puffs
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The price does not indicate bow
good a value these puffs really
"The Lsnd of Bohemia"
H been the ba-sla for countlen
dramas stuiics, comedies, comic
operas and moving- pictures but wi,
are candid' In anylna; that In Anthony
P. Kelly' Inspiring Allegorical
featuring Emily Stevens, the superb
emotional actre, and which w of r
today and tomonow, we have one at
the atrongeat problem play the
screen has yet seen. If you want to
laugh, hunt up Charley Chaplin, be
cause there la so much dramatic in
tensity to thia picture you are held
enell-bound' from start to finish; at
the same tlm, there 1 ui-h "flu
nesse" (we got this wo.d out cf u
Hweile dictionary) to everything
connected with the picture t'.y
story, the aettlnga, tha performer,
the atmosphere (another word we
haven't the allghtest idea whet 1'.
near) that yuu will go out savnn:
"Thla la the b8t feature I ever saw.'
Oh, yea; Sunday and Monday if
have a bree.v Richard Haxdln
Davla atory. Playinn Dead." with
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Drew In t ie
adlnir pnrta. v
Edward Lynch f iVSXV
Owes Bavla' Oreatest 'ay,
Matinees lBo-gse. Bt1 &eb-0Oe
Boaw Mom, Ifaee "The Blue Mew.
4 S?W VEO.. Oct. 13
(or mwakchcnt rnnummtoms)
.Mi. a.. ) Ib, , e 1. 3 J
KI6HU50C 75c S1.C3. .1.50, $2