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Tho Deo Is Tho Paper
r aek fori If yoa plan to be
absent mora thaa a few days,
bar The Bit mailed- to you.
Omaha Daily
vol,, xr.v no. in;.
Oa Trstne. at Hotel
flews ataada. tto., 5
t , . . ... .
Tells Huge Audience Composed of
Women Only What He Thinki
of Society Butterflies Who
Avoid Maternity.
Alternately Denounces Sinners and
Makes Hearers. Rock in Seats
Vvith Laughter.
Pre-ions days... 3,600
Evening- 41
At .and.
4JS,b00 .
,500 .
9.6O0 .
Total 3,703 451,100
No collections taken.
Previous days .4,
Wednesday ... 2-
Total .EM
(Special Day of Prayer.)
7 a. m. Prayer meeting, Y. M. C. A.
10 a. at. Melghborhood prayer meet.
,Bfo":30 a. m. Bandar addresses Beaton
High school.
11 I. m. to 9 is, m. Bnslnees Woman a
lunoh. 1809 Parnam street. Hies KUlor.
13 m. Prayer meeting, T. M. O. At
Mr. Bodeheaeer.
9 p. m. Sunday at the Tabernacle.
3 p. m. Tabernacle Bible claea, Kiss
3-45 p. nu Boy a and glrle meeting',
rirat Baptist church. Miss Gamlln.
4 p. m. Blb.e clan for school teachers,
first Methodist church, Miss Saxe.
4:iS p. m commercial i-u ion";
girls and business oolle-s rlrls, Y. W.
C. A., Miss Miller.
Third Praabyterlaa chnrob, Mlaa aaalla.
7:30 p. m. Sunday at the Tabernacle,
a t. m. Bible euaa, First Congre-.-
tional church. Council B lull a, miss saxa.
Women only packed tho tabernacle
to Its seating capacity and hundreds
stood along the outer edges and in
the rear at 1:30 o'clock Thursday
afternoon, a half hour before the
time appointed for "Billy" Sunday to
give his celebrated lecture.
A few dozen men sought entrance,
but were sent away by the ushers. A
man was smuggled in and with his
woman companion walked down the
aisle to the platform, the target of
the laughing audience. Miss Saze
met them at the head of the aisle and
informed he would have to leave.
Dtteg&tlnns -from- Omaha.- and -Council
Bluff , Woman's Christian Temperance
: union organizations had the largest res
ervations and presented several hand
'some bouquets of flowers to Mr. Bunday.
Their song, "Nebraska's Going Dry," and
their yells made a hit
A collection was taxen win anernoon , A few mllp, back from Auburn, at the
and evening, the proceeds to be divided tl,8 town of jiowei ijea a 1,600-acre farm
between the Child Saving Institute and owned by church Howe, which raised,
the Nebraska Children's, Home Finding amonK many other things last year,
society. i 31,01 o bushels of apples. Not long ago
Preceding the sermon Mrs. Asher ted ' the United Statea government had a
In the singing, with Miss Elizabeth Hren- .representative visit thla farm and Invea
izer. Young Women's Christian assocla-; tigate Its great orchard. The report
tlon secretary, at the piano, both women from Washington, after hundreds of
replacing Homer Kodeheaver and Mr. other orchards had been examined, was
Brewster. Miss Grace axe gave in
structions to the women ushers, among
whom were Mesdames F. D. Wead, C. R. :
Sherman. F. U. Straight, J. H. Dumont,
J. K. Carpenter, D. C. Edgerly and Mlas
Marlon Carpenter. Several men ushers .
assisted In the collections, after which !
"Billy" dismissed them. "Ma" Sunday j
offered the opening prayer. j
Jokes Folio-r Penunclat ln.
While "Billy" started his talk in a se
rious vein and sternly arraigned women
who shrank from maternity and pursued
phantoms of pleasure instead of being
content as true helpmeets of their hue-
bands and mothers, his good spirits soon . II. Union to ball In the sura of I3a,(k)0.
gained the upper hand until his audience Lawson was convicted of first degree
rocked with laughter. His talk was given 'murder in connection with strike dls
with a verve and he delighted the women orders.
with bis antics. He gave many humor- Lawson was sentenced to life Imprieon
oua accounts of his experiences, accom- ment on a charge of murdering John
panylng the stories with his own tnimlta- Ntmmo, a deputy sheriff, killed in a riot
bl acting. There were few trail-hitters, ! mar Uidlow. In October. 1WJ. The su
however. jpreme court several weeks ago granted
Mr. Sunday paid high tribute to good supersedeas and writ of error,
women and especially to mothers. i Lawson Is the district No. 15 member
"Society la putting maternity out ot'ot th8 Internationa, executive board of
- 'the United Mine Workers of America and
(Continued on l'asu Two, Column One.)
The Weather
Tesaperat-re at
6 a. m ,
a. m ,
7 a. m ,,
a. in ,
8 a. m
10 a. m
11 a. in
12 m
1 p. m
2 P. m
i p. m
4 p. m
i p. m
6 p. m
7 p. in
Loeal Record
U j
, 63
, M
. 1
47 !
U79 mh l9'j'
'.! 4a 40 '.
.. 44 70 M 6o
.. .V) 131 .14) ,0J ,
Highest yesterday,
lowest yesterday
Mean temperature
i'rf Imitation
Teiui erature and
tures from the normal
formal n.merature ,
Heflclenry for the day
Total deficiency since March
Normal precipitation
iJeliciency for ttm dav
1 is
.1 Ini-h
.0t ini-h
1 Ola I
rainfall since Marrh
1.24 34 Inches
iSEy f'pXi' m; lit ar:
Uellcleiicy for cor. period, 11)13 5.64 Inches
Heports froaa (Halloa at T P. M.
Statlnn and State
Temp. High. Rain-
or vteaint-r. 7 p. m. m.
Cheyenne, clear 44 64
iDaveniiort. clear 44 4
Ienver, clear 64 &i
les Moines, clear.. 4 ' S2
Lander, clear 6) &4
North Platte, clear 48 bi
Omaha, tlar 4i 53
I'ueblo, clear f4 68
Rapid City. part, cloudy 4! t)
ait lke Cliy, clear.... k4
fanla e. clear U (3 ,i
Sheridan, clear 4S H j
Hum 'ity, part, cloudv art b)
Valentine, rartly clju.iy 44
"T" indicates trace of precipitation.
1 A. VVELdU. Local Forecaster.
i ' 0)
1 V
- . ..-jr. . "i .
I i, , ,wy . I
Man Prominent in Affairs of State
of Nebraska for Nearly Half a
Century Passes Away. j
AUBURN, Neb., Oct. 7. (Special
Telegram.) Hon. Church Howe,
iromlnent in business and political
circles in Nebraska for forty-four
years, died at his residence here this
morning at 7 o'clock, alter an illness
; of many weeks
More than a year
'a go a cancerous growth appeared on
! the back of his neck which affected
; his spinal cord and finally caused his
death. Mr. Howe's last service to
the public was as mayor of Auburn,
to which office he was elected in
1913. His term expired last May.
. The funeral will be held on Sun
day at 2 p. m. at the First Christian
church. Bishop Arthur L. Williams
of Omaha will conduct the services.
Congressman C. F. Reavls and Wil
liam F. Gurley of Omaha will each
pronounce an oration, reviewing his
life and career. From the church
the local Masonic lodge will have
charge. The body will be escorted
by the National Guard and the Grand
Army of the Republic post.
J 4 Sketch' of liiia i.lfe. -
Major . Howe was' the first man tc
enlist for the war on Lincoln's call who
'lived in Neb A a, it Is said. He went
out as a "muiute man" In the Sixth
, Massachusetts and wu proud of the
medal he received.
to the effect that the Howe orchard is
the best In Cnited States. In passing let
It be remarked that It Is much to the
credit of Herbert R. Howe, only son of
tConUnued on PagB Two. Column Two.)
T Arlmifforl
Jjcl W OUil XlUiill I LCU.
To Bail by Highest
. Court of Colorado
DEN'VBIt, Colo., Oct. 7. The Colorado
supreme court late today admitted John
was a member of the policy committee
of the union throughout tha strike.
Horace N. Hawkins, chief eounsel for
Lawson, staled that ball would be pro
vided Immediately and that Uwsjn
probably would be released at Trinidad
tomorrow. ,
John I. Rockefeller, Jr., when Informed
jof the action of the court, said he was
toward an early dlt.p isltlon of this and
the other casos growing out of the strike,
War Shares Make
Substantial Gain
NEW YORK, Oct. 7 -Yestewlaya tur
bulent reaction In rtrln.a u 1m r...l v r
triev;i1 today s early dealings. The
with which substantial recoveries
were made suggested that the market
hl hn nlF.,.l,l In ,K. rlr..
derv.r-!,".. " " ..,, y ., " .
w was a va aiiejj i.auiiunai J S1VII'
tude taken by the Stock exchange au
thorities. Many of the more speculative war
shares showed gains of from 1 to t
points at the outset and a more substan
: 'rjyj'
was seen In the further advance of rep
resentative railways. .
Yaquis Beat Women
And Young to Death
DOfGUAS. Arts.,
Inhabitants of l-a
Oct. 7. Sixty-three
Colorado, a mining
'!town lii the liermosllU. ttonura. district.
e re masMtcied by Vajul Indiana, who
tapturid the town this week, according
to reports received here late today.
Women and children wtjre beaten to
death. It U said.
Bureau Does Not Promise Ideal Day
for First Battle of World's
Series Today.
Distribution of Tickets Begins Early
- and Speculators Are Busy
on Scene.
riUL.ADKI,riIIA. Ta.. Oct. 7. In
termittent showers which fe'l today
slowed up on the final workout of
the Philadelphia National league
pennant winners In preparation or
the world's base ball championship,
whirh beKins here tomorrow. All tho
players were son the soggy field dur
ing the morning hours, but curtailed
their work this afternoon because of
the dampness, Manager Moran was
not much disappointed, for he has his
men in first-class condition.
According to the weather bureau If It
rains at all tomorrow It will be only
light showers, which should not prevent
the first game from bplng played. In
dlratlona are. the bureau staled, that the
present cloudiness wl'l continue without
much change In temperature.
The distribution of tickets began today
both at the uptown ana downtown of
fices of the rhllHdelphla club. All per
sons who hud applied for tickets by mall
and whose requests were granted were
notified by mall to prexent themxelvea
at the offices. Speculators hovered
about the offices and when the police
were not looking offered advanced prices
for the reserved seats held by the lucky
applicants. They met with little success.
Betting on the scries today was largely
at even money on the result of the
aeries, with Philadelphia money holding
out In many cases for odds.
Thomas A. Edison
Elected Head of the
New Advisory Board
WASHINGTON, Oct. 7. The naval
board of advisers today at Its first busi
ness meeting elected the following offi
cers: '
Chairman Thomas A. Edison, Orange,
N. J. .
First Vice Chairman Dr. Peter Cooper
Hewitt. New York.
Second Vice fhalrman William L.
Saunders. Plainfleld. N. J. v
Secretary Thomaa itoblns, Ftamford,
BsTTOint lir ' ltiJ' ChalrmarW."' R.
Hutchinson, Orange, N. J,
Only members of the board were pres
ent at tha meeting, although Secretary
Daniels conferred with them for a short
time. He would not disclose what sug
gestions he had made.
Members of the board had planned to
leave Washington for their homes this
afternoon, but did not , complete their
work in time, returning' to the library
of the department after luncheon with
Secretary Daniels. No committees to deal
with special subjects had been appointed
when the recess was taken.
Four Men Killed -by
Explosion in
Powder Factory
EMPORIUM, Fa.. Oct. 7. -Four men
were Instantly killed, another probably
fatally hurt and six seriously Injured, It
was stated today, were the casualties re
sulting from the explosion last night at
the plant of vthe Aetna Explosive
A large quantity of smokeless powder,
prepared for shipment today to the allies,
exploded from some yet undetermined
cause, blew the two-storytng drying
house to atoms and shook the surround
ing country for miles around.
Inasmuch as the mill has been closely
guarded day and night, officials Infor
mally expressed the opinion today that
the explosion was accidental. The Inves
tigation Is being continued, however. Of
ficials fix the property loss at $314,000.
Seven Hundred '
Testify in the Case
Against Mayor Bell
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Oct. 7. The
state closed Its case In chief In the trial
of Mayor Joseph K. Bell, charged with
election conspiracy, today. The defense
was prepared to start Introducing testi
mony Immediately.
The prosecution used approximately 7S
witnesses during the four weeks It was
presenting evidence to show that there
was a -conspiracy to Intimidate voters, to
make false registration and to purchase
votes in the primary of May 6, 1914, and
the election of November 8, 1914.
The trial was begun September 7. At
torneys for the dcienne have stated they
probably will be able to Introduce all of
their evidence In chief within a week or
ten days. , .
Zaimis Announces x
New Greek Cabinet
ATHENS, Oct. 7.-4VU London.)
Alexander Zaimis has accepted the pre
miership In succession to M. Venlseioa.
at the Invitation of King Constantine.
He completed his cabinet today. M.
Zaimis will serve as foreign r.iinister.
as well as premier. The new cabinet Is
constituted as follows:
Premlr and Foreign Minister Alex
andrr Zuimla.
Minister of Interior M. Ootinaria.
Mlniotrr of War Oeneral Yannkitsaa.
Minister of Marine Admiral P. Cuun
tourlotis. Minister of FinanceStephen Dra-
Minuter of Instruction M. Theotokja
Mln l-r of Justl e and Communications
li. O. Rhallls.
The members will appear in the cham
ber Monday.
GOOD-BYE, DR DUMBA! Here are photos of Dr. Con
stants Theodor Dumba, recalled Austrian ambassador, and
his wife, with Prince Zuhohenlohe Schillinssfuerst, first
secretary cf the embassy, starting for the "New Amster
dam, " on which they left American soil
r I-.
?l IT
;' J"v' j f M A
A ?- iv
Thousands of Knights and Gentle
women to Participate in Splendid
Coronation Ball.
.. .3,380
.. 6,647
.. 7,328
. .81,800
. .17,774
. .81,810
Thursday . ,
i Friday
stnrday . ,
! Monday . . ,
Tuesday . . .
King Ak-Sar-Ben XXXI Is' to be
crowned with all the stately cere
mony that belongs to such a court
ceremony at the Ak-Sar-eBn Den this
evening at 9 o'clock.
Knights and ladles of the realm
will gather in thousands to witness
the ceremony. ' Hundreds of the
knights will be in knightly garb,
bearing sword and scabbard, while
many hundreds of others will come
in dress suits ust to witness and then
to participate in the grand coronation
ball that marks the close of the sea
son's Ak-Sar-Ben festivities.
The twenty-first king entered 'the
streets of Cibola, the chief city of Ills
realm, Wednesday night In an electrical
blaxe of unspeakable grandeur. At that
time he received the key to his chief
city. It remains now only for the cardi
nal to crown him king of the prosperous
realm of Qulvera.
This done, and the queen Instated upon
the throne with due ceremony, the sweet
est orchestra lu'all the realm will lead
off with soft strains of music, aturdy
knights In gallant attire and fair ladles
of the court In silks will glide gracefully
Into the dance, and the great coronation
ball will be on.
Nine Deputy Sheriffs
and Twenty Strikers
Injured at Detroit
DETROIT, Mich., Oct. 7.-NIne deputy
sheriffs and twenty striking employes
of the Michigan Alkali company, were In
jured late last night in a fight which
started when about 2U0 strikers attempted
ito force their way through tha gates
of the plant. The men, all laborers,
w-a!ked out yesterday morning, demand
ing an Increase In wages from $1.75 to
12.1 a day. The guaids were forced to
fir several volleys over the heads of the
crswd. which then dispersed.
Germans Using New
Asphyxiating Gas
PARIS, Oct. 7. A new kind of gas. ap
parently. Is being used by the Germans
In the fighting In the Champagne. De
tails regarding Its effects were given by
Dr. Luclen Dumont by sufferers he wag
called to attend in Parla hospitals. Ac
cording to the written statements of
three men who fought, respectively, at
Zoualn. Zuippes and MoranvlHers, they
were surrounded for a few seconds by
clouds of deep green gss of a rather
pleasant odor. These men asserted that
noldiers. who wore no masks, aoun were
suffocated, while, those with masks lost
consciousness for varying periods. '
L'pon regaining consri lusness at f lei I
dressing stations, yiey said they suffered
convulsive fever, resembling epileptic
fits. It Is believed here that pri:stc acid
is used as the basis of tbs new gas.
Crop of United Statu This Year it
the Largest Ever Grown in
Any Country.
" WASHINGTON" Oct, 7. AtrtftlOna
bushel wheat crop, the greatest vef
grown In any country, has been pro
duced In the United States this year.
The government's preliminary estl
; mates of the great crop, made today,
I nlanorf It of 1 nr. 9 H9Q Clftft hnshals
or 111,000,000 bushels larger than
the record crop of 1912. ,
The corn crop, now approaching
maturity, Is estimated at 3,026,169,
000 bushels, or 98,000,000 burtels
less than the record.
The estimates and forecasts, together
with the forecasts made from the Sep
tember 1 canvass and statistics of last
year's crop production, follows. (In thou
sands, 1J. e. COO'S omitted):
Oct. 1 Bept.l Kst'lil.
lncltcfi's. Korec't. 1114 Cr.
Winter wheat
ispring wluat
All wheat ....
Oats ,
air, i;t
KM .urn)
3,0JH.iri 2,'.iHi),(l 2.(S72.h4
1.M7.47S l.ios.otui l,141.lH)
Hailey 238.KN3
Kye '44,179
Huckwheat 16,7:
White potatoos 3W,1.M
Hi, KM
Sweet potatwos
; Tobacco, lbs
l.S.wi4 l.l'.ll.tfrt l,i4,7
i.-;i ji.itn Zo,u4
Peaches f.4,21S 64.21(1 M,U
Apples, bbla..,.. 71 M40
II a v, lame, tone i,th3 K0.SS.1 70,071
HMjr, wild, tons at.WJ 20,23 1H.H15
HuKar beets. Ins t,V,H , &.28H
-Final for 1H1B.
Comparison of the October Indications
with Die (September forecast show the
change In bushels In crop prospects as
(Continued on Pas Four, Column Three)
Dar of Demonstrations.
NEW TURK, Oct. 7. Monday. Decem
ber o, me uav or tne opening of con-
f !, has been chosen by the American
c tense society, It wis announced to
nltit, as the most tlrm-ly occasion on
which to nold demonstrations In luvor of
an adequate preparedness.
" I
N'avrr l-ori to Pes).
FOUT DOIW1K. la., Oct. 7.f!,nrge
McDonald, murderer of Charles lllrd cf
Dubuque, la., was today sentenced to
Fort Madison for life.
The Day War News
ALEXANDER ZAIMIS s forsulagg m
ew ireek cabinet, la which lead
ers of the opposition will be alvea
representation, ar r ordinal to an
Athens ejlspatrh. Former Premiers
Uounla, Hhallls, Drogoamla anal
Turotrkla will be members of the
coalition ministry, It Is declare..
LUMIUY PIIOM Inclines to he.
lief that Greece, despite the fall of
the Venlselos cabinet, will he
found In the eal on the aide of the
entente allies.
Inter lew alvea shortly before bis
break with King Constantine,
leaves no doubt that nader bis pre.
lulershlp tireece wonld hare via,
oronsly anpporlcd Serbia B the
presrnt crisis.
PKTHOt.KtU HEARS that there
have been antl-wnr demonstra
tion In aertlona of Uolaarla, a
state of alege having; been pro
rlaluied to deal with the d I -affection.
HKI U MIHXIIIIi Man tob Man.
ders, who baa been the Uernuta
.commander of the Tarklah forcea
be Ins met at rblllppolle b- Klaaj
FcriMHand, according tu adtlrea
reaching Asurtrrdeea,
Britons Say Kin- Conttantine Can
not Force Nation to Co-Operate
with Bulgaria.
m i.i.kti .
LONDON, Oct. 7. The Flulgarian
minister to Italy was handed pass
ports by the Italian foreign minister,
according to a Stefanl news agency
dispatch from Horns.
LONDON, Oct. 7. The allies have
broken off diplomatic relations with
Bulgaria and news is momentarily
expected of that nation's active par
ticipation in the war on the side of
the central powers.
Its king and the late leader of Its
government being at odds, Greece Is
forming a coalition cabinet, pending
the construction of which its policy
will be obscure. There are no mis
givings in Knglandhowever, that it
will co-operate In any way with Bul
garia. The cabinet crisis has In no
manner impeded the landing of allied
troops at Salonikl, and the fact that
these forces are on Greek soil la con
sidered the best guarantee that
Greece ultimately must align itself
with the entente powers, with which
Fremler-elect Zalmis is in sympathy.
tattles In F.aat aad Weal.
Champagne In the west, and Dvinsk In
the east are now the scones of the strug
gle most likely to bring derisive results.
The Hermans still are engaged In concen
trating against Hvlnsk, evidently bent
on a supreme effort to take the city. The
Nubians, howeve,, are delivering hard
blows all along the linn, and the Ilrltlsh
and French press professes to see general
Russian "recovery" for which the activi
ties of tha allies In the west are given
Capture by the French of the village
and hill of Tenure la a success of con
siderable local Importance. The hill, al
though less than 200 feet high, was one
of the most Important German positions
In that sector.
On most of the remainder of the French
front thert Is still In progress the violent
cannonading which usually precedes In
fantry attacks.
French Repalse Hersnsm Attacks.
PARIS, Oct. 7.-The Germans bom
barded violently last night all the
French front to the north of I Scarpo
and at the same time delivered four
counter attacks agulnst the positions re
cently captured by the French near
Bouches. They were repulsed at all
There was furthermore Intense artillery
.exchanger at other points oa to ..front.
This Information was glvea.put by the
French war office this afternoon.
Allies Camping On :":
Ground Ceded to
Serbia by Greece!
ATHH.N8, Greece, Oct 7.-OVla Paris.)
British troops began to land yesterday
at Salonikl. French troops are disem
barking a mile and a half from the town
and are being concentrated In a camp
located on ground ceeded to Berbla after
1913, upon which to build warehouses.
From this point they are entrained as
quickly as possible for Gl-evgell on the
Serbian frontier.
Bulgaria has evacuated all buildings
on the coast near Dedeaghatch, while
the forts In that city are being armed
with lung range guns and mine layers
are placing a double line of mines across
the port. Dedeaghatch Is reported to be
full of troops officered by Germans from
He Tells Traction
Magnates Municipal
Ownership Will Come
SAN FRANCISCO", Cat.. Oct l.-Dls-cussing
municipal ownership today before
I the American Electrio Railway associa
tion Blon J. Arnold, chairman of the
board of supervising engineers of the
Chicago Traction company, advised the
delegates to the : convention to cease
wasting their energies In opposing a pub
lic movement that will surely come If
It Is economically sound.
"Let us direct our energies towards
the terms of the purchase clause and the
conditions of the resettlement franchise," 1
Hal! 1r A rnnM " fnw ntnnlnln-1 Amn. !
ship Is coming despite all opposition."
Mr. Arnold advised the railway men
to meet ' new conditions with the
weapons of publicity, standardized ac
counting and friendly co-operation with
the courts and commissions.
Government to Keep
Eye on Steel Merger
WASHINGTON, Oct. 7.-Attorney Gen
eral Gregory Issued a formal statement
today saying that any attempt to bring
about a combination of Independent steel
companies "would bo subjected to the
closest scrutiny by the Department of
RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 7. The British
freight steamer San Mellto arrived here
tcday from Tuxpam, Mex., and reported
that It had been attacked at sea by an !
unknown vessel. The captain of the San
Melito reported that soon after leaving '
Tuxpam his vessel was attacked la thai
night, and that eight projectiles exploded
against lis sides. One sailor was killed
and six were wounded. The vessel was
damaged, but managed to escape.
Since the internment of the last of the
German auxiliary cruisers at Newport
News there have been no reports Indi
cating the preserjw oi Q-JDjan war craft I
In tbs Atlantic
400,000 STROflG
Great German and Austrian Forces
Cross Drina, Save and Danube
Rivers Into Litt Balkan
Berlin War Office Asserts Soldiers
Have Entered Enemy Land in
Many Places.
AMSTKHDAM, Oct. 8. (VI Loiw
don.) The Cologne (Jazette report
two II nasi an cruiser actively bom
bardlng the ItulgarUui rt of Varna,
LONDON, Oct. 7. An official dis
patch reached London today statins;
that the Austro-German armies con
a total of 400,000 men.
BERLIN. Oct. 7. (Via London.)
Large German and Austrian forcea
have invaded Serbia. The Teutonlo
troops have crossed the Drina, 8av
and Danube rivers at many places,
the war office announced today. It
in stated that the Invading troops
have established firm footholds on
the other banks of the rivers.
The German announcement Indicate
that the invading movement Is In prog
ress along a large part of the boundary
between Austria and Serlfii. The Danube
forms the border from the Roumanian
frontier to Ltelgrade, the Save from Bel.
grade to the northwestern corner' of ths
country and the Drina runs along tha
western boundary to a point not far
norMi of the Montenegrin line.
The Teutonlo Invasion marks ' the
beginning of the expected campaign
agalnat Serbia and may precipitate the
crisis In the Halkans which has been
looked for. Recent developments ha
shown that Bulgaria was likely to co
operate with Germany and Austria by
attacking Serbia from the east. An
army of French and British troops hsa
been landed at Salonikl, Greece, and
aent to Serbia to assist In meeting tha
new attack.
German and Austrian troops are said
to have been dispatched to the Serbian
front from Russia, and It Is reported
that Field Marshal Von Mackensen, tha
famous German commander, fjs,
cnarge or mesa operations;
The German plan of campaign Is be
lieved to be to force a way through
Serbia, and If either the active assist
ance or passive neutrality of Bulgaria
Is obtained, to reach tha Sea of Mar
mora and give assistance to . the
Turkish army.
Hurricane Headed
Toward Mobile
WASHINGTON. Oct. 7. Another West
Indian storm, headed apparently for tha
American coast, was reported today In
ths Gulf of Mexico. Storm warnings
were ordered displayed on tha gulf coast
from Mobile to Cedar Keys, Fla. Ths
probable course of the present storm
could not be determined by weather bu
reau officials today from the meager In
formation at hand.
Sheriff Indicted
For Orozco Murder
VAN HORN, Tex., Oct. 7. -The Culber
son county grand jury today jointly In
dicted Bherlff John A. Morlno and eleven
other persons on a charge of murder la
connection with the killing of General
Pascual Oroico recently In Green River
canyon. The case Is set for trial thla
week and the record Is to be sent to tha
State department at Washington.
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