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C. B. Becker has been sppolnted by W.
A. KlttemnasteT. general agent of the
freight department of the Canadian Pa
cific, to be acting district freight agent
for that company In this territory. Mr.
ated from the Omaha High school snd
front the lew department of Crelghton
university. His territory Includes all of
Iowa, half of South Dakota and part of
Minnesota, aa well as the city af Omaha.
$1,0C0,000 Mrs. Wright Barclay, New York society
woman, who inherited $2,000,000 from her first husband,
now owes $1,080,240, and has but $39 in the bank, accord
ing to bankruptcy schedules. 1
Funeral services for Gera'dlne O.
Btrandgard, who dk'd Tuesday at the ss
ot M years, will be held from the resi
dence, 2S Jsckson street, this morning
at 1 o'clock. Burial will be In Forrest
lawn cemetery. , - . '
Helps Weak Klaaeya aa Lasaaaaa.
Get a Iks bottle ot Floan'a Mnlment:
apply en ba?k and take drops four times
a day. AH druggists. Advertisement.
Becker la an Omaha boy, having gradu
' w-g3y-rr. flm-. ;i
! By MELLIFICIA. Wednesday, October 6, 1915.
A society editor would surely be distracted these days before the Coro
nation ball It It weren't for the fun one has In retting descrip
tions of gowns to be worn. You , some of the women are away
and their husbands take it upon themselves to answer for
their wives.
- After telling mo that his wife is out of town, one man, I am not men
tioning any names, but he is sovereign commander of the Woodmen of the
World, wrote me: ,
"I suppose the gowns, 'as far as they go,' will be all right, but I have
jio Idea how far above the floor they will hang, or how far above the waist
line they will ettend."
I called another home, that of an official in the Nebraska Telephone
company, whose name I had confused for the moment with that of another
official's name, which is quite similar.
"Is Mrs. Blank in?" I asked.
Thinking some one was plajlng a Joke on him, he answered, "Just
moment. I'll call her."
He waited a moment, and then Impersonating a feminine voice:
"TL1 Mrs. Blank," he said.
"What are you going to wear at the Coronation ball, Mrs. Blank?" I
asked, sweetly, for I detected hls bluff.
This question staggered hlni and be burst out laughing. "There la no
Mrs. Blank," he confessed.
TfitiTitiei of the Week.
sirs. John A. Meghan wll aiv a
luncheon Thursday complimentary to
Mrs. tllchard Hosford of Mollne, guest of
Mrs. W. D. Hosford.
Mra. John U Kennedy is planning a
bridge party lor nest Monday, at which
the honor guests will be the sisters ot
Mrs. George Brandeis, Mrs. 'Harry How
worth, Mrs. Carney and Miss Lillian line
era of Chicago.
Mrs. J. M. laughrty Is planning a
luncheon for Thursday complimentary to
Mias Oertrude McCarthy of Chliago.
The Knle-hts of Columbus will give a
banquet at th Fontenll hotel Tuesday
Former Xinf'1 House Party.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Black are enter
taining a house party of AS-flar-Ben
visitor. Among them are I". W. Am
bler of Chicago, Miss Rebecca Haven of
Cincinnati, who waa the guest of the
Blaca'e last year also, and Miss Mary
Augusta Wllllaon of Creston, la.
Miss Haven arrived yeaterday with Mias
Halcyon Cotton, who spent a few dsys
In Cincinnati en routs home from the
east, where aha haa been since June,'
Miss Cotton toured New York by auto
and spent soma time at riermont-on-the-Jludson,
and at the Thousand Islands.
For Ak-S&r-Ben Governor.
Mr. Louis Nash will entertain the Ak-Sar-Ben
board f governors in two boxes
at the Boyd this evening, after the pa
rade. Those present wilt be:
Messrs. Messrs.
W. l. Hosford. K. Hlack.
Frank W. Judson, Kendall K. Brown,
of riattsmouth. Neb., and the brides
maid was Miss Josephine Hart of Omaha.
Mr. II. V. Uoerke and Mm. I.uella Ooerke
and other members of the family were
present The wedding was strictly quiet
In accordance with the bride's wish. Mr.
and Mrs. Ooerke will reside at the St.
Clair spartments.
On the Calendar.
Mrs. Charles Wtra entertained
bridge luncheon today. Covers
placed (or twelve guests. . ,
at a
J. Im Forest
OeorKa K Ilever-eUck,
K. Bucklnuham,
OnuM Ileti,
Louis C. Is' ash.
Ak-SarSen Visitors.
Mrs. 1 11. Bsrkdull, snd Miss Mabel
Morrison of Chicago, are the guests of
Mrs. T.-Cahiil. .
Miss Irene Krans of Holsleln, la., will
arrive this week to be the guest ot Mr.
and Mrs. H. J. Krans.
Mrs. -Charles Miner and Mlsa Effle
OUbert of Temora, Neb., are visiting
Mrs. L J. Copenharve.
Mrs. A. E. Kavanaugh of Ppilnsfleld,
111., is the a-uest of Mia. J. D. Reed for
the Ak-8ar-I)n festivities.
Mrs. Shirley M. Enslish of taJlas. Tex.,
will arrive today to be the guest of Mrs.
flames Ludlow at the Colonial, during
the Ak-ar-Bon festivities. Mrs. Eng
lish Is on her way home from California.
Parish Aid Society Meets.
The I'arUh Aid society of Trinity ca
thedral was entertained at luncheon to
day at the home tit Mrs. Charles Martin.
Hereafter the Aid society will meet each
Wednesday between the hours ot 10 a,
m. and I p. m, at the deanery. Tba
member are:
Personal Mention.
Mrs. W. A. Fraser is expected home
Friday morning from a visit to Illinois.
Miss lorothy Blgelow of Chicago, who
waa to have been the guest of Dr. and
Mrs. J. F. Anaon, has chsnged her plana
snd will not be among the Ak-gar-Ben
Lloyd 1. Willie returned Tuesday
from a three weeks' auto tour through
New York and New England statea. Mra.
Willis will remain in the east until Oc
tober lft
Mrs. A. Q. Deeson Is exacted home
Sunday from the east, where aha has
been for a number of week a
Registering at the Hotel McAlpIn In
New York during the last week from
Omaha have been B. Tred and E. F.
Big Fortune Awaits
Unknown Omahan
According to a letter received by City
Clerk O'Connor, a fortune awaits "John
It. Johnson" of Omaha. Tho man la said
to have lived at 2d Leavenworth street,
but inquiry at that address failed to yield
any knowledge of the prospective bene
ficiary. The letter received by the city clerk
may be seen by Interested parties. It waa
written by a Detroit 'concern making a
specialty of locating missing heirs.
The amount of the fortune Is not dis
closed In the letter.
Kit' v'Z;r
S : ; t. t Jt
v 1
1 fi
. - a
".-A 'T "
Writes to Mayor for
News of Lost Sister
Writing from the city Infirmary. Hart
well, Cincinnati, Johan Uottfried Mack
makes a pathetic appeal to Mayor Dehl
man for assistance In locating a alster,
who la aald to bo the wife of an Omaha
attorney, but whose married name haa
been forgotten by the brother.
Mr. Maek wrltea -be Is 71 years of age
and his slater four years his senior. Hs
Is a victim of rheumatism. His wife died
sixteen years ago and four children are
said to have married and their where
abouts uaknown to the unfortunate man.
A. J. ,1'oppleton. '
Byron Heed,
Arthur Williams,
Menry W. YaUw.
S. J. Bark alow,
F. H. Davis,
Martlia Heth,
James A. Tanrock J oh neon,
Herman Kounlse,
J. J riulllvan.
Charles Martin,
Wise Cook.
)ia N akeley,
A. L. Heed,
Krank Halter.
Thomas Brown,
Frank Martin.
Oeorge Barker,
laaao Coles,
Joseph Barker, 2d;
K. Wakelev.
M. T. Barlow,
. I. Keller.
W. A. Kraeer.
Jamea Bartlett.
For Miss McCarthy.
An urgent Invitation to "Billy" Sunday
to conduct a campaign In Los Angeles
was received Wednesday by telegraph,
It Is signed by Msyor Hebastlan and fif
teen ministers of that city and reads as
Kv. William "Billy" A. Sunday. Omaha.
m Anueles and California
unanimous in me most urgent call possi
ble to corne to loa Angeles at the earliest
. . i , I . . . ,,, . . i inianiuiT uai". t'lllllllUIIB iivvtir Id IS.V
wauun nuun win p Itoaioaa l orm,l. In ,,.. hlst.M V. BellVM1 hv .11
Happy Pairs Flock to Court Honse
to Be Joined as Man and Wife
Six at One Time.
Cupid ' army Invaded the court
house, stormed the county court and
Invaded even the giant vault, built
to withstand any attack ahort of
artillery. Volunteers were called and
g stirring contest against time re
sulted before the last license had
been granted and the last groom had
kissed his bride.
Half a dosen couples who, as many
others did, came to Omaha to aoe the
electrical parade, and also to be married,
arrived at the aame time. They and their
friends filled the offices of the county
Help," called Herbert IL Btubbendorf,
marriage licence clerk. Clyde fiundblad.
clerk of the county court, and Q. B. Ken
nedy and J. Q. Sherry,' assistant clerks,
came to the rescue and dashed their pens
madly over blanka recording the pedigrees
of the "contracting parties." v
Boa la m Harry.
Four couples desired to be married
forthwith and without delay in that very
office. Andy Ukells and Hattle Travis
were aent into Judge Crawford's private
office and a hurry call waa aent out for
Justice of the Peace Brltt
The justice arrived and began marrying
couplea aa fast aa he could. As the turn
of each pair came the bride and groom
and their friends were ushered Into the
spscious vaulta adjoining the offices of
the county court. ' K
There the words which made them one
were aald, tha bridegroom hastily peck
the tip of his fair companion's nose and
they were aent out into the cold world
to make the best of It, , while another
youth and maiden were led In.
The following couplea were married in
the record vault: Artie Hanneman and
Edna McNeill of Walthlll, Morten T.
Thompson and Elsie Schneider of Wisner,
Oeorge W. Mundorf and Syrtlda Short of
Most of this week's newly weds are
from out of town.
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the City
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Two Special Kid Glove Values
' For Thursday
Women's Two-Clasp French Lamb or Real Kid Gloves, In black,
.white, tan, brown and gray, also In white with black backs.
(Gloves bought from Pen-In.) Guaranteed perfect CI 1 C
Special, pair eJIl.lsJ
Women's Two-Clasp Kid Gloves, mostly black and white, some
colors. Should sell at considerably more. fiQ
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In Many Pretty Styles
Angora Wool Scarfs, up from 75c
Silk. Scarfs, up from $1.25
Puritan Collar and Cuff Sets,
hemstitched Swiss, 29c
rxatnty Colls rs, also Collar p f
an1 Cuff Sets, In embroidered Jill
Bwisa, also usinty-colored sltecU v
dinner this evening at the Omaha elub
In honor of Mlsa Gertrude McCarthy of
Chicago, who ia the guest of Mrs. Ben
tiailaarher. A large basket of red roses
will be used for a centerpiece. - Her
guests will Include:
Mlnses Mlssee '
Gertrude McCarthy Uerlrude Mets.
of Chicago,
Mrrxre. Messrs.
Carl Holmes T. V. Stlllwell
of Cincinnati. '" of Now Vwrk, '
PhlHw Meti.
Mr, and Mis, Paul Oallagher,
At'lhe UniTerit Club. "
A targe Attendance is expected at the
V el vers it y club this evening fr both the
dlnnur and dance, Ui latter l begin aftur
the electrical parade..
Mr. and Mis. 1. W. Cepen will enter
tain a party of -lht at du.n.-r this eve
ning at the t'lilvwrsitV club. Covers
wilt be placed for:
kt !. snd Mesdamcs-
H. N. lioxlill. K. Kvenlld,
A. V. hliotwi-ll. l:. W. en.
Oth r who bavs tniil atlons
are Warren Howard, to; John It. liurnai
six; A. M. ituei. four; A. If. Tiichard
on, sl: lllland Nu)'M, Kur, B. 11 ln
vls, two; II. '. Co krH. tlx; E. ' T.
Ieary. two; A. I. Crvlsh. two.
An Irtfonnal luncheon waa given at the
i;Avrlir club tolav bi honor of Mrs,
O. W, Ulbson. and Mrs. Shirley M.
lih of fiallaa. Trs , the guvst of Mrs.
James Luiilow. Covers were placed fur
Miss t.uclle Bacon. MUs Kleanor Mac
kay. Mr. Aualln Ualley and Mr. Frank ,
flby will make up a party at the liil-'
verslty club dinner-dance this evening.
Hitibition of Dancinr.
Aa rxMbltton of dnnciiuc will be given
tiila afternoou at I o'clock at the home
of Mrs. A. I- Hd. by Miss Gladys Tree
of lxndon. r.ngltuid. who U the house
STUrct of Ir. and Mis. K. U Hrldges.
About sixty vf lt yunfcr set will be
Wcliinc Announcement.
Mr. KJwsrd Ciete Goerke and Miss
Ct-. il W Kim. !! were marrld Tuesday at
AH Faints' church, the Rev. T. J. Mackey
of't'la f I.
1.. a Lt Tt.un was Mr. K vrl F. Haailer
our oeoina inis would ue ureatest cam.
paKn In your wonderiiil record. No cn-
lervaimm. to oveicome. The city and
whol south would be In Instant response.
We are of one mind. The committee and
an cnurcuva aimoiuieiv alive to the ks
eltmltv of securing you. "tild you give
data In sirlng, as suggested tn conter
enie with our chairman at Winona Lake
.ugut . t onnnaiKl us and we Will
try and obey. An early rily will be
Health department statistics for Sep
tember ahow 187 cases of diphtheria re
ported, seventy-three being of the nasal
type. During Auguet only ulna cases
were rvporttM. Most of the cases last
inoiuh were on the Soiitlj Bide,
There was a gon'-ral' Incruase of eon
tedious dlsvuats, ai'Cviillug to the follow
lug figures:
Kept. Aug
Moarlet fever .
Triihold tever
Tuherculosle ..
Baptist Ministers
Listen to Sunday'
. and Meet Daily
Seventy-five of the' Baptist ministers
of the state are In Omaha aa the guests
of the omaha Baptist ministers While
here they are holding daily conferencea
at the Young Men's Christian associa
tion In the morning, and In the after
noon and evening are attending the
Tabernacle to hear "Billy" Sunday.
While here they are entertained at the
homes of the local clergy and of the lead
ing members of the church.
Rev. Fred Berry, superintendent of mis
sions for the state, was leader of the
meeting Tuesday, and Rev. Wilson Mills
presided Wednesday.
Evangelist Earle D. Sims came a long
way to hoar "Billy" Sunday, and during
the week Is being entertained by Mr. and
Mrs. W. E. Rhodes, 4819 Case atreet. Mr.
Sims has been an evangelist for over
twenty years and haa held meetings all
ever America and Asia, and haa aeen
thousanda converted In his meetings. He
Is enjoying the Sunday meetings and
says' "Billy" Is all right. Mr. Sims Is
now state evangelist of the Nebraska
Baptist Stale convention.
Apartments, flats, imim and cottages
aan be rented quickly ana cheaply by a
Bee "Fur Rent " , .
, a
A letter from George Barrowman of
the department of cbemletry of the t'nl
veralty of Nebraska to Krank Heat, chair
man of the Hoard of County Commission
ers, says that a chemist at an early data
will' examine the day In the region of
Klvervlew home to determine whether It
is suitable for brick making purposes.
The county board desires to know
whethar brick clay would be available If
a, woranouse is eMaoiiaoea.
Henry M. Lemon, who. asserts that lie
la a constable at Tender, Neb., waa ar
rested Tuesday night with Jxiuts Ander
son, charged with being Intoxicated. It
developed In court that Lraon had come
to Omaha to stop the white slave traf
fic, and while on the job in Jefferson
square, appointed Anderson as a deputy.
Anderson fell asleep, but was rudely
awakened by Iipmon, who asserted that
he would have to go before Uacret Scr
vice Agent Ebersteln for falling asleep
on the Job. Anderson appealed to a police
man, and both men were arrested. "Leave
the white slave traffic to the traffic
(Hips, and get out of here and quit drink
ing," was 'Judge Foster's advice as be
discharged both men.
"Hinky Dink" Comes
West a Day Behind
.the Chicago Mayor,
City officials who hobnobbed wit
Mayor Thompson and party of Chicago
tell of defections tn the ranks' of the
party before leaving Chicago, on account
of the mayor's saloon-clostng order.
"Hlnky Dink," otherwise known as
Michael Kenna, alderman of the First
ward, is reported as passing through
here today with twenty-five Chlcagoana
who originally were scheduled to go wltu
the mayor's party.
This detached party Is said to have
taken the stand that they would prefer
to travel by themselvea than with the
mayor Who Issued the Sunday closing
order Just before he started on his west
ern trip. ,
Not Only Chic, But Very Serviceable'
475 New Moleskin Felt Hat
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rrlats, 3o te So, I4.1tu Bervlo.
Tot ( kll4rBi Haa trsss,
The two chlldreit of J. NV. Nig, mer
chant. Cleveland. G., had croup Ust
winter. Una was a box ot s, the other a
girl of t years. Mr. Nil wrltea: "Both
(Ot so choked up they could hardly
breathe and couldn't talk. I gave them
Poley'a Honey and Tar and nothing else
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liable medicine should be In every borne,
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Mies lllancha Ros. a well-known at
resa, who darkened her gray hair with a
Simple prevjaretlon whloh she mined at
home. In a recnt Interview at OUoao,
111.! made the following statement! "A"
lady or gentleman can darken their gray
hair and make it aoft and glossy with
this simple re-tle, -which they can mla
at home. To a half pint of water add t ,
os. of bay rum. a email bos or waroo
Compound, and os. of glycerine. These
ms-redlents eaa be bought at any drug
atore at aery Utile coat. Apply to the
hair twloe a wees until it becomes the
required shade. This will make a gray
haired person look years youner.' It
Is also fine to promote the growth of
hair, relieves Itching and scalp humors
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