Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 07, 1915, EXTRA, Page 6, Image 6

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founti-d bt rnv.A-; roskwater.
Tkm Be Publishing Company Proprietor.
teter: at Omih posteffloe eeeond-cWuia matter.
By carrier Ft mull
pr month. Pr er.
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fliy without funday....' 4.00
fentr.g and aiimisv 00
rnl( without Sunday
funoay F" only I
(Ur.4 nelc of rharge of eddrrea or complaint or
fi-reguiat-Hy la delivery t Omaha Bee, Circulation
fleuH Vr draft, aiprr-i or portal order. Only two
seat stamps received In paymant of small aa
esmata. Personal cheese. icept oa Omaha and tartar
lafe-ara, not screpted.
Omsk Th Bee RelUllng.
out a Omaha ait N etre-L
t'oonrtl Wufte 14 North Mala atreat
Inooln 1 IJttla Building.
.Tilrafo-T Hearst Building.
Vtw lark Room 1104. Fifth avenu.
ft. Tnila- MB New Hank of Com err.
Waahlngtan "7t Fourteenth Bt.. N. W.
alllre enrnmunlratlone ratatlnr to rtawa and edt
Serial attr to Omaha Be .dl to rial Department.
8iTF.ini:u el ncr ut iox.
Stat of Nebraska, Count- of DourUa, aa:
Pwight Willi. ma, circulation manager of Tha Fe
Publishing company, sworn, vara that tha
everese cJrruUilon for tha month of rVpicmoer, lls,
I WIGHT WILLIAMS. Circulation Manager.
Sabscrlied In my p esence and awom to before
M. this tot cay of Octoher. 1M6
ROBERT UL'NT K, Notary Publ!.
Bnlmcfibrra leeviaft the city tern porarily
aboald hare The Bee mailed to them. Ad
drM will be changed aa often aa requeued.
Thottght for the Day
Mtttd ojr Mn. John W. Vf .
Tht mill of God grnd lovly,
But Vity grind txwding $mail;
TXough rith paiitnr Jh .tandi wailim,
Wttn txactnt jriiiai a a.
Pretty strong competition, "Billy." to play
against Ak-8ar-0en.
If the preparedness program for the, nary
in road to Include a fleet of prairie schooners,
we, will all be for itt
Never mind, Ak-8ar-Ben will hare a floral
airship parade some of these fine days when
the ear will float before us like orchids.
The republican senatorial water in Nebraska
must look good when so many ambitious states
men begin getting out their swimming suits.
Sunday closing is creating a terrific stir In
Chicago. Holy smoke! But what would Chi
cago do If it were up against an 8 o'clock lid
lawT' '
S It la still everybody's gueae as to the iden
tity of their Royal .Highnesses, the King and
Queen of Ak-Bar-Ben' for the twcnty-flrnt dy
nasty. "' "
, v- - -
Queen Sophia of Greece Is a sister of the
kaiser and a Hohensollern from crown to shoe
buckles. This fact may help explain the wob
bling of King Constantlne.
General Carranza proposes to , probe the
hooting of Americans by raiding Mexican, Go
ing through the forms of a coroner's inquent is
needed to make sure of the right targets for the
shooting squad.
The Santa Fe railroad company assumes
responsibility for the damages to life' and prop
erty wrought by the explosion at Ardmore, OM.
The earn of the settlement insures a vigorous
boost for safety first.
Sheepsbead Bay, Outtenburg and New Or
leans race tracks are closed tight to the "pony
players." Some equally effective means of sep
arating fools from their money was necessary to
ease the pressure of sporting blood, and Wall
street serves the purpose efficiently.
Punishment for various grades and classes
of sinners has been Indicated hereabouts with
satisfying clearness, but the quality and quan
tity need Intensive improvement to fit the case
of the auto driver who ran down a child and
dashed away from his victim. Rev. Sunday's
hell la Inadequate.
National control of insurance companies,
systematically advocated for years past, finds
definite eipresalon in the draft of the proposed
constitutional amendment approved by the na
tional convention of insurance men. Central
control looks mighty good to folks more or
leaa annoyed by tha cocky lnquiH'tors ot state
insurance departments. ,
l ,vV Mi ill tf v-iyr
Tha YVoman'i Synocllral IUlonary aoctoty of Na-
brka ommenced tha bualnvna of thrlr (S)enth an
mial eonyentton in tha Io1k Htrwt t'rrabyUulaa
churefc. Mra. Prrine ana tha a tint lrl:fnt.
A aertoua accident overtook lWn B. Wood, rajihli
f tha First National lnk, whilo driving down 81x.
Uwnth atrrvi with hia wlfa and rhild when a twain
following hi i craj;hvU Into tha bunny. Mra. Wood wta
picked up um'onat'kiua and tha little one badly cut
about tha face.
Mra. L. M. Jauoh and n left to vtmt fi1nds In
Hanover, l'a.
A Fourth ai-d reuuhlloaa caiicua endoraud th
candldatea lor At eU-a to tha county convention:
ltarhel. Parker, t 'lnutlunaf n. tlurley, Uray, Turney,
Ke-dick and KennitoiL
At a cpeclil niL-etli it of the Omaha Gun club, Gecrga
T. Mill ami W. S. MuKha Were chuu a captains
for tha two Mk f'.r the big match hunt, and Mraara
Cruker, farittah' ami line cftiiiniUaiuned to count h
Sama, ae!ct tv t nl and atraiiK for a banquet.
shirk waa to h held at the Mlilard, tha time for tha
aunt to be fixed nut week.
H. Juaeph'a hc;np tbl acknowledge donatlona ft
soney and auppllea, ln tudlnif a aoodly tuuta of veyi-
IbXlea from lite f'nuyluii t'oumy fair.
A Uva (juration of tha day la whether tha polli
ihvuM M required to wvar uulXoruia aad IncidaaUr
Sy tvr tneui tl.i;uiol cn
Great Britain'! Tarn.
The adjuntDMsi of the dispute wth Ger
many - qbmarlne warfare leaves the
United males free to take up with Great
Britain the question of Its Interference with
American commerce on the high seas. This
matter has been pending for many months, post
poned on several occasions because of the more
Immediate German problem, and baa reached a
stage that make some eort of understanding
Imperative. By the simple expedient of an order
In council, concurred in by ita allies, the Brit
ish government has undertaken to abrogate or
modify the rules laid down for commerce In
time of war to a degree that literally makes the
high Kca an Knglish lake. Presumption has been
substituted for conclusive proof, and every doubt
that might exist is resolved beforehand in favor
of the British contention. This condition Is In
tolerable. No one disputes the charge that
Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Holland are
carrying on a considerable traffic with Germany
and Austria and that quite a lot of American
goods have found their way to a German desti
nation through the neutral porta of Europe.
This does not give Great Britain the right to
stop all American traffic with Scandinavian or
Dutch porta. We are still permitted to sell ab
solute contraband to customers not engaged in
the war, without regard to the disposition made
of these wares by the purchasers. If these buyers
subsequently deal with the Germans, the com
plaint Is against them and not against the
Americans. So long as we are In the business of
selling our surplus products, it Is not within
the right of any nation to specify where and
how we shall seek our customers. ;
Secretary Lansing sayi the note will soon go
forward to the British government, but does
not give any Inkling as to its text. For the take
of American dignity, it ought to be as plain
spoken as were the notes to Germany.
...J i
A Scandalous Situation.
The controversy between State Treasurer
Hall and Governor Morehead from which has
developed the spectacle of the governor's depu
ties and appointees lawlessly holding and. ex
pending public money without passing It
through the treasury must impress the taxpay
ers of Nebraska with the need of reform that
will give us business methods in the state's finances.-
The enactment of what is known aa
the "Gerdes law" to require deposit in the treas
ury of all fees collected in the different depart
ments of the state government la supposed to
meet this demand, but we are now confronted
with a flagrant disregard of that law as well as
further Illustration that it is not fully effective
for the purpose Intended.
We know what would happen if this scan
dalous situation with respect to the holding out
of money from the state treasury should arise
in any big private business corporation like a
railroad, or an insurance company or a manu
facturing enterprise. -Without a doubt a lot of
people would lose their Jobs, and consider them
selves lucky to escape prosecution for embezzle'
raent No reputable business establishment
would knowingly stand for that sort of dolnga
for one moment.
Is there any good reason why the finances
of the state should be run more loosely than
those of a business corporation? Certainly not.
except that nothing- but incapacity can be ex
pected from control of our stRte government by
a democratic administration Impelled only by a
hankering for partisanship and patronage.
Shearing1 the Sheep.
News from Wall atreet supports the conclu
sion that the brokers there are making up for
the time lost last year when the "shearing pent'
of that great institution were closed, and that
the "wool" crop is unusually heavy. An orgy
of speculation has been, in progress for several
weeks, and within the last few days has reached
such proportions as to become a menace to the
real business Interests of the country. This baa
led the clearing house banks and allied organiza
tions to take some steps with a view to check
ing the debauch of gambling now in full awing.
The danger of a panic is always present under
conditions now prevailing and it is to avoid thta
that the action Is taken. No legitimate purpose
of commerce or industry is being served by the
wild buying and selling on margins, betting the
price will go up or down, while the certain
ending ot the excitement in colapse, nnlesa It be
otherwise brought to an end, la a serioua menace
to business. For this reason, the most drastic
means required to put a atop to the frenzy and
to bring Wall street back to its normal state.
will be justified by the service rendered.
Neutrality Between Frier di.
It now appeara that the landing of French
troops at 8alonikt la In reality a' breach of
Grecian neutrality against which a formal, if
feeble, protest Is lodged by Premier Ventselos,
JiiKt before he gave in his resignation because
King Constantlne refused to endorse his war
policy. It is well understood that the Allies, for
strategical purposes need the open way through
'Macedonia to 8erblan borders. The diplomatic
maneuvers preceding the present movement
seemed to have slipped a cog somewhere. While
Bulgaria made a feint several days ago, leading
to the announcement that It had declared war on
Serbia, this course has not yet been finally
taken. In offset an ultimatum waa sent from
Petrograd to Sofia, but here again an unex
plained delay of twenty-four hours occurred. In
the meantime the transports bearing the French
troops were steaming along to Salon Ik I, and
reached there on schedule time, but before the
statesmen had the., stage com pint ely set and all
things prepared tor the entrance of the soldiers
on Grecian soli under the flag of France. It is
not at alt likely then troops will now be re
called, but rather they will be followed by
others, even it the course does not comport en
tirely with the high sounding professions of re
spect for neutrality ot the weaker nations of
Kurope. After all. what is neutrality among
No result of war la aurer at this moment
than that the hitherto invincible defenses ot
free trade In Great Britain will go down before
the big drive for money. Political policies and
party principles are submerged in war's greater
stakes. Indirectly the overturn of the ancient
economic shrine will be felt in the United States.
The passing of British free trade aa a "horrible
eiample" la our presidanlal campaigns robe the
stump of a venerable thriller.
Latest in Aerial Warfare
. . Oerald Morgaa la xta ers Weekly
THB conduct of trench warfare lias not varlal
retly from tha methods ueed at Port Arthur.
It la true that tha Germane have obtained a
meaaure of eucrees with their Baa. but It remain
limited. A sentle brveae from a particular quarter Is
nceaary alwaya and that la omethlns' upon which
no ataff can count. Flame electora have aleo be,n
Invented and employed, but they can only be need
after the enemy'a trenches have been lnvadd. Hand
rrenadea, ha) one t a, knlvee and revolvers etlll remain
tha principal support of hand to hand flfthtlng. .'n
abort. It la Still neceaeary to eject the enemy from
hie trench l y physical force.
But aeroplanes and auhmarlnea ana new. Aero
planes are now used for several purpoeea. For bomb
throwlnr. the French have obtained the an a tent auc
ceaa by uln squadrons of thirty or more machine.
For acoutlnc or marking artillery ransea, and on tha
other hand for flchtlnir, both the French and Oer
mane Uee different machines. The 1-Yenoh or German
ecotit aeroplane la not supposed to flsht at all; but
the nrltlah ttlota are ordered to engage the enemy
wherever Been. Aa a matter of fact, the French and
Germane rely for offensive work chiefly on antl-alr
craft artillery, which has not been perfected. I have
seen both side (hooting and have watched one shell
buret close to an aeroplane, only to aee the next one
explode half a mile away. Now and then a machine
la brought down, but It la simply owing; to a lucky
hot. Anti-aircraft range flndera are still In the ex
perimental stage.
The Brltlah airmen, have aa a rule had the upper
tlAnfl Of thA f 1 t-tn rm Km I- almnli. K.n. .1
T narMnattv frit- fltM.. 111... . Mnnt.d
training any flrt-claea Br tlah rroaa-country rider
wno ia noi 100 oia win outriy the Oer an prorea-
PlonjtlN Th tmrtH t . K . V, tXiMtl.U nh..n.ii.ilfl.
of Individuality and national sporting spirit have stood
mem in gooa stead Here. I venture to say that their
air victor lea have been won oa the playing fields of
Eton far more than ever was tha battle ot Waterloo,
and I propheey that In time our own flyers will be
aa good If not better than the Brltlah.
But the Germane have recently dealgned and
launched a new type of machine. Thie ia a double
biplane, carrying a crew of four, and armed, not only
With two machine nini Hut tan 4h . ..n -.
gun which aboota ahrapnel. The motors are bellevod
to be two of 100 horsepower each, and the machine
la very fast. Thla "air-dreadnought" made Ita ap
pearance about three months ago and auoceaafully at
tacked a Britleh biplane. The biplane escaped and
came down on fire within ita owa lines, but both pilot
and observer were badly burned. A Brltlah airman
told me about thla and concluded, "The petrol had
even run Into their boots." Flying la not all Joy by
any means.
The Germana ir h1ivo4 i.. ... -
three of four of theee "air-dreadnoughts," and so one
"r aafely expect an Improved type before long. But
the French and English are aleo designing larger ma
chines, and without doubt in future the war In tha
air will be carried on by battle planes carrying gun-
..... ...u .ruor.ry. i ney will t manned as warehlpa
are manned, for dav h i4 -i .
more appronchee the conditions of aea warfare. Boou
I . . ",r r scouts, air battleships;
we shall talk about mnimi f .... . ..
. hi. wi , ou we anau
have a code of International air law.
Twice Told Tales
f"ae of Neeeaalty.
Here Is a atorr that w -. . ..
Jamea C. Cantrlll r.f v. ,,., ..
. , . - """""--J " uiner axiernoon
in llluatratlng a remark on the force of neceealty.
"7;-""' n mrea a noree ror a canter along
the Pike, but tha unlm.l K.ul- t.w
. ... iiviiiivr wwi nature
nor a great dealre to work etrenuoualy. began to
lit loir n 1 i ' "
.J '. 'r " ungracioualy thrown through
the air and dropped by the wayside
foowb1!;0'i,8'nll n,"""r"r "marked a friend the
following day. "I .aw you out horsebacklng yester-
"Tou did?" reiwonded fcn.Kh i..i ' .
'";i"itiiiH 10 riranr
d?' c0AnUnw th ther. his .mil. broadening.
TVhat made you drop down so quickly"
"Caae Of neeeaaltv o... .
- -rai omun, -uia yon aea
anything up where I waa to hold on tor'-PhlladelphJ.
Ttai4e relygamy.
The old negro had hn t
. - . iwi uts more
than one wife," the last woman being tne complainant.
lu wen anown locally and an orderly
"How many Wivea hava a . . .t
Judge uuiuinaua ino
"Hl yo' honah," waa the reply.
"Why couldn't vou ui. ... .
Judge Insisted.
Well, auh-de fust two spiled the whit folks'
clothea when dey washed urn; de thud weren't no
cook; de fo th waa dea nacherally Uiy-en' da fir
1 11 tell you, Jege-the flf, ahe -'
"Incompatlbilltyr' the court auggeated.
.JJyZ th n 'w'y. "it
worn t nothln- lak' dat. To' Jea' couldn't get along
wld her unlesa yo wua somewhars elae.-Caae and
Hard Fin.
"Miner Jetlge," aald the old colored citizen who
came Into the Justice's court leading a small negro
by the coat collar, "Mister Jedge, wlah you'd please
auh. give dls boy ten yeere whar de state'll furnish
de vittles for him."
"What do you mean?" asked the astonished Jus
tice. "What has ha been doing?"
"Eatin' me out er house en home, euh," waa the
reply, "wld dat appetite er hia. Why, Jedge. de appetite
er de whale dat swallowed Jonah couldn't hoi' a
candle to dat bov't eatlna? miiHn i -
Lawd's sake, Jcdge, let de s ate feed him av hrie lO'ade
yumer cniuen a in pica up en enjoy life." Pittsburgh
People and Events
The personal tag rolls of New York City shows up
(S3 millionaires, exclusive of millionaire propertji own
ers. ,
I-at year's toll of death snd maimed by automobile
in Cook county (Chicago) waa 236 deaths and .13t per.
sons more or lesa crippled. No one has yet been pun
ished for the slaughter-
Tha win 'of Mlaa Henry W. Watson, probated at
Doyleatown, Pa., provides for the sale of th gems of
her Jewelry and th gold to be melted and used aa
lining for a font In a memorial church In Philadelphia.
A New Tork boy of IS, heir to a a null estate, ask a
th aurrocate 'or an allowance of $5,000 a year for
education and an automobile. Th youngster's guardian
realixea that education should be baaed oa th latest
Saloon lioenee In New Tork City Jumped from $l,i
to Il.toe on October 1. and 609 saloons were obliged t)
close up. Thoae which pay the price have boosted the
eoet pt a "tub of suda" from I to K cants and stretch
the collar an Inch.
Merit turns the apotllght oa Mlaa Frances Selta.
society editor of th Patcheuge (N. T.) Arguavwho
has been appclntod deputy sheriff and assistant truant
officer. Miss Holts weighs elsbty-slx pounds and la aa
expert pistol shoe
"I'm a gambler," swore R. W. Hartwlg. a Chicago
druggist. In an affidavit presented In court. His
gambling was playing th grain market, and having
been equeese! for tl.SOO uaed tha gambling plea, to
eecape pey'ntc hia debta.
A Jereey City Jury fixed the value of a, two-minute
kiss at IM, which la going some for the Jersey variety.
Trf 17- ear-old plaintiff, who wanted 110.1X10. protested
agalnat the targain counter figure, and tha doctor who
waa aoaked la equally Indignant because he f wear he
didn't get "the gooda."
When Fathers' day la definitely located as a vaca
tion event, the Fwthera' club Just launched In Illinois
will lend considerable ec'at to the celebration. Quali
fication for membership calls for a block of ten or
more children. Governor IHmne heads the charter
saembaralilp wlU raoard a Utlrteea.
The Plaaets 4 the Weal her.
NORTH IjOUP, Neb.. Oct. 6. To the
Editor of th Bee: If our weather bureau
would ask for a small appropriation tne
a study of the upper atmosphere, the
cause of the heavy rainfall and dro .ti
years might be discovered. In 1901 the
present writer began a study of these'.ns and while no testa have been
made, the fact appears evident that the
temperature of the atmosttfiere far abov
the earth surface has much to do with
cloud and rain conditions. Primarily
rain la caused by a cold current of air
passing against a warm moisture-laden,
current of air. Hence a chansre of twenty
degree in the iuper atmosphere would
make a great difference In the matter
of rainfall. V
Any person who has studied weather
conditions has noticed that any of th
planets cause a rise of temperature Just
previous to the changes of .those planets.
Thla phenomenon Is especially noticed
In the moon rhangea, because of th
quickness of thoee chanties. I have also
noticed that magnetic conditions, caused
from theee changes, affects the temper
ature of th atmoslphere, regardless ot
the sun. I roni the tact that the planets
Haturn and Jupiter are so very large and
far from the sun and earth, the magnetlo
conditions cotisod from those planets ap
proaches slower and continues much
longer than similar magnetlo conditions
of Mercury, Venue, Mars and the moon.
The difference la a matter of the six
and distance of the planets. For Instance,
the planets Haturn and Jupiter come ln:j
certain positions and for many months
their magnetic Influence causes a rise f
temperature In the upper atmosphere
As soon as those planets pasa those posi
tions, the temperature falls below tu
normal, and a wet aaason is the result.
A study of the of Saturn and
Jupiter with respect to the sun will go
a long way toward the solution of the
cauaea of the wet and dry years. Tlio
years of ISM; '83, '94 and ' were e y
similar to the yeara 1910, '11, '12, '13 ana
'14, and those planets occupied th same
position In those years. They are now
In about the same position of 1SH0. They
occupied the same position In 1SSI and
1902, both wet years. They arcupled the
same position In WS6 and 1MB, both
wet years. But the fact must be
remembered that other' planets have
similar magnetic forces, and those fovess
may concur In opposition or conjunction
with the forces of Saturn nnd Jupiter.
If the earth's atmosphere were subject
to the heat from the sun only, we might
know exactly what each day of the year
shall be from year to year.
Masle of the Itevlval.
OMAHA. Oct a To the Editor of The
Eee: We are having the Boston Sym
phony Orchestra here for the avowed
purpose of raining the musical taste of
Omaha. Heaven knows It needs It A
community that will go twice a day and
be satisfied to sing at the Tabernacle
such musical atrocities aa "Brighten the
Corner Where You Are" and consider
that muslo when tha hymn books of all
th churches are full of noble examples
of harmony free for the use of any one
Is a reflection on the musical Intelligence
of that community.
To chronicle the arrival In town of fh
author of that abominable substitute for
music as If he had done something good
Instead of committing a crime against
aesthetics Is the limit. Of course, the
grade of muslo fits the grade of language
that "Billy" Sunday uses, but It Is a dis
couraging outlook for the growth of In
telligent musical appreciation In Omaha
that such a maudlin traveaty on music
should be taken at ita face value. The
whole Sunday performance, muslo and
all, is a reflection on the good taato and
common aense of the community. '
"Those on the right aide will sing th
first two lines. "Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, tlnk,
tlnk, tlnk.' Those on the left wlU sing
the next two lines, 'Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle,
tlnk. tlnk, tlnk.' The choir will sing the
next two lines, 'Tinkle tinkle, tinkle, tink,
tin, tlnk,' and the last twenty rows, a
little late, but there Just the same, 'Tin
kle, tinkle, tinkle, tlnk, tink, tink." Then
Brother "Rody," who hatea himself so,
will accompany the double-barrel piano
with the chorus, "Umph, umph, umph,
umph, umph, umph."
It certainly Is an elevating musical per
formance. . R. C, B.
Iwteraatloaal Ethlc.
MCCOOK. Neb., Oct. 1,-To the Editor
of The Bee: Can there not be made a
rational and satisfactory statement of
International ethics that will satisfy the
conscience of America and th world as
to the selling of supplies by us to the
warring nations? I think there can. We
have enjoyed a long term of peace and
trade intercourse with .all the world.
Needlea to remark the European war
arose from no acts of ours and called' for
no participation. We very properly pub
lished our neutrality to the world and
went about our concerns. We have con
tinued to sell our products to ail cus
tomers presenting themselves at our
counters, totally without discrimination.
W do not have for sale nor ever have
made or sold any commodity useful only
for war. We have alwaya sold explosives
and projectiles and guns, both large and
smalt, and barb wire and motorcycles
and automobiles and aeroplanes and tele
phone and. cotton and corn and wheat
and beef and pork and shoes. Not an
item named is exclusively useful In war.
Nations have peaoeful uses for them all.
To refuse any of these articles to any
of our customers Involves our Judging
their Intentions and charging them with
Intending Immoral use. They would deny
It. They might admit th use would be for
war, but contend It a righteous war oa
their part. What then? for wars are not
necessarily Immoral on both sldea. To
be In a state of war la not prima, fade
evidenoe of wrong on the 'part ot a
nation. Wars ot defense are considered
honorable by every aane man. Wars as
sisting an ally are clean wara. If the
ally's cause be Just. War to preserve
the balance of power among neighbor
ing nations are abov reproach. If we
denied the warring nation, they would
then trade with ua totally through, their
neutral neighbors, as they do largely
BOW. At that Stage our sentimental
carpers and critic would demand that
we put up our shutters and completely
suspend foreign trade to eacap culpa
bility for th continuance of tha war.
But let ua suppose that dona (and Na
poleon found It Impossible to make auch
unnatural reatrktUma workj would It
stop " the war? Not neceaaarlly.
Not probably. Th war aubalat on
greed and the hate and Jealously and
destruction. Materal means are only
cleans and not causes nor effects. Un
til the hate ia replaced by other anl
mua a fear, pity. aaUtatlon. th . war
will go on. if not In grand -style, aa up
to thla time, then meanly and barbar
ously, to Its end. Tet probacy before
total ruination la reached, the end will
. Lt the earpers aod ctlUoa cultivate
patience and composure. let them leara
also this baaio law of all ethics vis: the
law of eelf-prservatlon. It the dlsemploy
ment of our people upoe our farms. In
our factorlea, along our wharves and In
our country houses Is th price that we
must pay for Indulging tha muddled sen
timentality of Senator HJchoock and his
like, then we simply reply that th sane
man ia not tb one who praters his
neighbor to himself, nor the patriot, thu
shouter who would distress his owa coun
try by butting in to foreign quarrels with
doubtful mean and attempa to bring
peace. Nor are auch callow cavtlers poa
aessed of any finer morality or truer sen
sibilities. They are simply muddled. I
would prescribe history and philosophy
for them and a Uttl bromide.
Haly Kercee of Sataa Oppose.
KEARNEY. Neb.. Oct. C-To th Edi
tor of Th Bee: The Bee, in my opin
ion, la Omaha's best paper and most of
tho editorials are interesting and good.
I am one of the million that admire
"Billy" Sunday. I have heard him
for weeks at different places aad think
that he is one of Hod's greatest grena
diers In hia fight agalnat vie, corrup
tion and infidelity.
Some poor. Ignorant boob try to criti
cise him, but on must always consider
th source and class of people from which
such criUclrm come. In all ages ths
satanlc forces of earth and hell hare
made their attack upon men Ilk him.
A decent man who believe la God and
th Bible cannot knock "Billy" Sunday
unless he Is Ignorant of the noble work
he I doing.
Some csJ I him a grafter, but it Is al
ways those who do not giv. What
those who wlah to contribute to Ood'a
cause give, I nobody's business but their
W eat too much meat, which
clog's Kidneys, says
noted authority.
If back hurts or Bladder both
ers, stop all meat for
a while.
Tired Business Man Take dancing les
sons! Well, I guess notl There are too
many other ways by which I can make a
fool of myself.
His Loving Wife Yes, dear, but you
have tried ail of those. Judfe.
"Yes," said the itor, "my address was
a great hit Why, they applauded me for
five minutes after I sat down."
"They .waa awful glad ywu was
through waan't they, par' said Tommy.
Boston Transcript
"So they are finding out how to manu
facture colors for our own trade?"
"Yes; the manufacturers have been
spurred on by a desire to dye for their
country." Baltimore American
"Tt's a ease of love at first sight"
. "Well, maybe It wUl work out all right.
u,m .uur n iw in y puansna,
and look what I got" Detroit Free Press.
Stox ay, old man, I'm sorry that
- . -- vt. j urn j i u. u w
um no irtui, A n
When you wake up with backache an.,
dull misery In the kidney region It gen
erally means you have been eating too
much meat says a well-known author
ity. Meat forma urlo acid which over
works the kidneys In their effort to fil
ter It from the blood and they become
sort of paralysed and loggy. When your
kidneys get sluggish and clog you must
relieve them, like you relieve youi
bowels; removing all the body's urinoui
waste, else you have backache, alck
headache, dlxsy spells; your stomach
sours, tonsru Is coated, and when the
weather ia bad rou have rheumatlu
twinges. The urine Is cloudv. full of
sediment, channels often get sore, watei
scalds and you are obliged to seek relie
two or three times during the night
Either consult a good, reliable phj-Ml-cian
at once or get from your pharmacist
about four ounces of Jad Salts; take
a tableapoonful In a glass of water he-
fore breakfast for a few days and your
kidneys will then art fine. This famous
alts Is made from the acid of grape
and lemon Juice, combined with llthia.
and has been used for generations to
clean and stimulate sluggish kidneys
also to neutralise acids In the urine so
It no longer Irritates, thus ending blan
der weakness.
Jad Salt Is a Ufa saver for regular
meat eaters. It Is Inexpensive, cannot
Injur and makes a delightful, effer
vescent llthla-watcr drink. Advertlno.
IViv I bit (h.f. .11 T - - - - .
- ' '"' ...... . j 1 1
along to a fellow I had a grudge against.
Hoeton Transcript
Philander Johnson. In Washington Poat
Said th blacksmith to th carpenter
one quiet afternoon:
"Kind words are very useful In their
You can sometimes tarn a colt If you
will sing a gentle tune
And feed him while he listen to- your
But when It cornea to fashioning or nail
ing on a shoe
It's a waste of time to warbt Ilk a
If you want a tidy Job that does you
credit when you're through.
You ve got to use a hammer now and
The carpenter took thought and to th
blacksmith he replied:
"I figure on my plan with pensive
joy, w ...
But when It's time to nafl the work in
which I've taken pride
A sturdy stroke Is what I must em
ploy. Your dreamer and your schemer may be
grateful to the 'mind.
But, to do the work that should be
done by men.
Though you must overwork it all resent
fully Inclined,
You've got to ua & hitmroer now and
then. '
A Contented Mother.
A qutat, traneuil Mother will tra nu
ts it a er healthful influence than if
kk is extreat ly nervous from undue
pain. That is why experienced moth
ers are eenatanuy urging expectant
nottMurs ta use the eld time remedy,
Id other's Friend, a dependable ex?
taraaJ treat ant obtained at any
drug store. It relieve undue tension
M the eeeda and ligaments resulting
hoetaea the network ef nice nerve
threads. It la the one splendid as
Utant ta ease, exeimrt aad safety.
, Thoatende ot men and women suffer' front
beadaoiiee every day, other tboosanda hav
headaches every week or ere month, and still
Maer hair headaches occasionally, but not al
ragular intervale. The best Doctor Is often unable
So find the oause ol many of these headaches,
aad ia saosS other cases, knowing ths csuse, 6
does not know what wUl remove U, so aa to giv
a pei aoent core. All be can do la to prescribe
the usual pake relieve, which give temporary
relief, hut th headache returns aa nsnal, and
treatment is again neeeessry . If yon luSer from
bead tehee, no matter what their nature, take
AnU-kannla Tablets, and the results will be sat U
lavtory la the highest degree, ton can obtsln
tbeta at all druccists In any quantity, loo wort.
Ke worth or mora. Ask lor A-K Tablets.
tttk-toadch, the notl fnftv?rb!o of all tick
ww s, a s winiii wurn ja-fa, a iiir( mrm
Ukn. Wbes roa feel aa attack com in on.
- v mi mb, nuu in mujf ei, lira auara
Ub wardaa oft. Durfot an attack Uka oca
e" e wvrj w p UiHiH, j. gs s TK COnV
tort wfcfch follow, can b obtained In to otbaf
A-K TmkUtm Lmmr AC
At air af argssts.
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fr VouPn OukerCooker.Cntltout.Tbenbnya
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