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    THE HKK: OMAHA. MONDAY. OlTOl'.KU 4. ID .ft,
Sunday. Preaches Sermon on "Booze
r "Get on the Water Wagon9' Now
Billy" Sunday irrmon entitled
"Boose; or Oct On tha Water Wagon,"
which he. delivered at the tabernacle
yesterday afternoon, follow:
I will take my text from the Mh chap
tor of Matthew, the 2Sth to the E1 verse,
describing the canting out of the devi.s
which entered Into the twine.
Here we have one of the strangest
enes In all the gospels. Two men,
Hostessed of devlla, confront Jesus, and
while tho devlla aie crying out for Jesus
to leave them, He commands the devlla
to come out, and the devlla obey the
command of Jesus.
The devlla auk permission to enter Into
a herd of twine feeding on the hlllaide.
Thla ia the only record we hsw. of Jeaua
ever granting the petition of devlla, and
He did tt for the salvation of men.
Then the fellowa that kept the hogs
went back to town and told the peanut
brained, weasel-eyed. hog-Jowled. beetle-browed,
bull-necked lobster that
owned the hogs, that "A long-haired
fanatlo from Nazareth, named Jeeua,
has driven the devlla out of om men
and the devils have gone into the hog a,
end the hoga Into the sea, and the sea
into the hogs, and the whole bunch is
And then the fat. pussy old fellows
came out to see Joans and said that He
Was hurting their buslnes.
A fellow says to me, "I don't think
Jesus Christ did a nice thing."
You don't know what you are talking
about, i
Down in Nashville. Tenn., I saw four
wagons going down the street, and they
were loaded with ntllls, and kettles, and
What's thlsr 1 said.
"United States revenuo officers, and
they have been in the moonshine district
and confiscated the Illicit stills, and they
are taking them down to the govern
ment scrap heap."
jfiat Christ find' Revenue Officer.
Jeaua Christ was God's revenue officer.
Now, the Jews were forbidden to eat
pork, but Jesus Christ came and found
that crowd buying and selling and deal
ing In pork, and confiscated the whole
business, and He kept within the limits
of the law when He did It. Then the
fellows ran back to thoee who owned
the hoga to tell what tind befallen them,
and those hog owners said to Jesus:
"Take your helpers and hike. You are
hurting our business."
And they looked Into the sea and the
hoga were bottom side up. but the men
were right side up. And Jeaua said,
What Is the matter!" '
And they answered, "Leaive our hogs
and go." A fellow say it Is rather a
strange request for the devils to make,
to ask permission to enter into hoge. I i
don't know If I was a devil I would 1
rather live In a good, decent hog than j
In lots of men, and If you will drive the I and fill hla hide so full of red liquor that
hogs out you won't have to carry slop ' he I transformed for the time Into an lr
to him, so I will try to help you get rid , responsible, dangerous, evil smelling
of the hog. brute. But "personal liberty" 1 not for
And they told Jesus to leave the coun- j hi patient, long-ufferlng wife, who ha
try. They said: "You are hurting our 'to endure with what fortitude she may
business." jhla blows and curses; nor Is it for his
"Havo you no Interest In manhood?" children who. If they escape his Insane
"We have no Interest In that; Just rage and are yet robbed of every known
take your disciples and leave, for yoU'joy and privilege of childhood, and too
are hurting our business." often grow up neglected, uncared for
That Is the attitude of the liquor traf- I and vicious as the result of their sur
flc toward the r-c and the state and ; foundings and the example) before them;
government, and the preacher that has ; "personal liberty" is not for the sob'f.
the backbone to fight the most damn- f Industrious cltlaen who, from the pro
able, corrupt Institution that ever wrig-;ceeds of honest 'toll and orderly living,
Bled out of hell and fastened Itself on has to pay. willingly or not. the tax
the public. b'lls which pile np a the direct result of
I am a temperance republican down to mkenness, disorder and poverty, the
my toe. Who U th man that fight items of which are written In the records
fhe whisky business In the south? It of every police court and poorhouse In
Is the democrat. They hawe driven the I the land; nor I "personal liberty" for the
business from Alabama; they have ; good woman who goes abroad In the town
driven It from Georgia, and from Mia- only at th risk of being hot down by
Blsslprd. and Tennessee, all but three clt-
ies; and out of 100 counties In Kentucky.
And they have driven It out of 117 coun
ties In Texas, and out of North Caro
lina. And it la the rock-ribbed demo
crats south that Is fighting the saloon.
They started this fight that Is sweeping .
like fire over the United States. You j j w1ii ,av that they uie 2 per cent. That
might as well try and dam Niagara wouij make 81,000.000 buhel. and at W
Fall with toothpick a to top tho re- 1 cents a bushel that would be about 25.
form wave sweeping our land. 000,000. How many people are there In
The democratio party of Florida ha. tha united States? Eighty million. Very
put a temperance plank In It platform, . wreil. then, that I 27 cent per capita,
and th republican party of every state t Then we sold out to the whisky business
would nail that Blank In their platform for -7 tent apiece th price of a doren
if they thought It would carry the eleo- egKa or a pound of butter. We are the
tion. It la simply a matter of decency j cheapest gang this lde of hell If wo
and manhood, irrespective of politic. It
Is prosperity against poverty, obriety
against drunkenness, honesty against
thieving, heaven against hell. Don't you
want to see men sober? Brutal, stag
gering men transformed Into respectable
"No," said a saloonkeeper, "to hell with
men. We are interested In our business,
we have no Interest In humanity."
All Asrree Saloons Degrading.
After all ia said that can he said upon
the liquor traffic. Its influence Is degrad
ing upon the Individual, the family, poli
tic and business, and upon everything!
L r w . k w rl ,.
the time ha long gone by when there is
any ground for argument, of its 111 ef
fects. All are agteed on that point.
There I Just one prim reason why the
saloon has not been knocked Into hell,
and that is the false statement, "That the
saloon are needed to help lighten the
taxes." The aaloon buslnes ha never
nald. and It has cost ftflv times more
for the saloon than the revenue derived
from It.
I challenge you to ahow me where the
saloon has ever helped business, educa
tion, church morals or anything we hold
You listen today, and If I can't peel the
bark off that damnable fallacy, I will
pack my trunk and leave. I say that Is
the biggest lie ever belched out
The wholesale and retail trade in Iowa
la every year at least $000,000 In license.
Then If there were no drawback, it
ought to reduco the taxatalon $5 per cent
per capita. If the aaloon I necessary to
pay th taxes, and if they pay $500,000 In
taxes, It ought to reduce them ifi cant a
head. But no, th whisky business ha
Increased taxes $1,800,000 instead of reduc
ing them, and I defy any whisky man on
God' dirt to show on town that ha the
saloon, where the taxes are lower than
where they do not have the saloon. I
defy you to show me an Instance.
Listen! Seventy-five per cent of our
idiot coma from Intemperate parent; 80
per cent of the pauper; 82 per cent of
th crime ia committed by men under
the Influence of liquor; SO per cent of the
adult criminal are made. Tho
Chicago Tribune kept track for ten year
and found that SS.ZAt murder were com
mitted by men under the Influence of
ArthbUhop Ireland, the famous Koman
Cathollo of St. Paul, said of social crime
today. "That "5 per cent U caused by
drink, and to per cent of th poverty."
I go to a family and it is broken up, and
I .ay, "What caused this?" Prink! I
step up to a young man on the scaffold,
and say, "What brought you here?"
Drink' Whence all the misery, and sor
row, an corruption? Invartbly tt la
Klve Points, in New York, was a spot as
near like hell as any spot on earth. There
are five streets that run to this point, and
nght In the middle was an old brewery.
and the strceta on either side were lined
with grog-shops. Tho newspapers turned
a search-Hunt on the district, and before
they could stop It, the first thing they
had to do was to buy the old brewery
and turn It Into a mission, and today It iV
docent, respectable place.
Saloon the nm rt All Vlllalnlea.
The saloon is tlte sum of all villainies.
It Is worse than war or-pestilence. It Is
the crime of crimes. It is the parent of
crl.nea and the mother of sins. It la
k, .a rim..
In the land, and the principal cause of
crime. It I the source of three-fourth
of the crime, and, of course. It Is the
source of three-fourths of the taxes to
support thit crime. And to license such
n Incarnate fiend of hell Is the dirtiest
low-down, damnable business on top of
this old earth. There Is nothing to be
Compared to it
Do away with the cursed business and
you will not have to put up to support
them. Who gets the money? The saloon
keepers and the brewers and the, distil
lers, while the whisky fills the land with
misery and poverty and wretchedness
and disease and death and damnation,
and It Is being authorised by the wtll of
the sovereign people.
Tou say "that people will drink It any
way." Not by my vote. You say "men
will murder their wives "anyway." Not by
my vote. 'They will steal anyway." Not
by my vote. You are the sovereign peo
ple, and what are you going to do about
Women'a Tears Will Not BP Mqnor
Let me assemble before your minds the
bodies of the drunken dead, who crawl
away "Into the Jaws of death, into the
mouth of hell," and then, out of the val
ley of the shadow of the drink; let me
call the appertaining motherhood, and
wifehood, and childhood, and let their
tears rain down upon their purple faces.
Do you think that would stop the curse
of the liquor traffic? No! Nol
In these daya when the question of sa
loon or no saloon Is at the fore In almost
every community, one hears a good deal'
about what is called "personal liberty."
These are fine. lara, mouth-filing word
and they certainly do sound first rate;
but when you get right down and analyse
them In the light of common old horse
sense, you will discover that In their ap-
plication to the present controversy thny
mean Just about this: "Personal liberty,"
la for the man, who, If he has the Incline
tlon and the price, can stand up to a bar
gome drink-erased creature. This rant
about "personal liberty" a an argument
has no leg to stand upon.
Now, the corn crop of 1918 wa t,5D3,
732.000 bushels, and it wa valued at
$1,350,000,000. Secretary Wilson said that
breweries use less than 2 per cent
will do that kind of business.
Worklna-ntea Spent $3,300,000,000
for Rooso.
Now listen I Laat year the Income of
the United State government, and the
cities and town and countle from th
whisky business, was $350,000,000. That is
putting It liberally. You aay that's a lot
of money. Well, last year the worklng-
men spent $2,300,000,000 for drink, and It
coet $1,800,000,000 to care for th Judicial
machinery. In other word, the whisky
business cost tt last year $3,400,0O).00). I
will substract from that the dirty tiM).
000,000 which we got, and It leave tf.O'A-
000,000 In favor of knocking the whisky
1 buslnes. out on purely a money basis. And
" v
"But" y t" whisky fellow, "we
would lose trade; th farmer would not
come to town to trade,"
Partner Wotld Knock Whisky Into
You lie. I am a farmer.' I wa born
and raised on a farm and I have th
malodor of the barnyard on me today.
Yes, sir. And when you say that, you In
ault the best class of men on God' dirt
Say, when you put up tho howl that If
you don't have the saloons th farmers
won't trade-say. Mr. Whisky Man. why
do you dump money into politic and
back th Legislature, into the corner and
fight to the last ditch to prevent the en
actment of county local option? Tou
knew If the farmer were given a chance
they would knock the whisky buslneas
J nt0 neii y,, frit throw out of th box,
You are afraid. You have cold feet on
the proposition. You are afraid to give
the farmer a chance. They are .cared to
death of you farmeia.
A farmer brings to th brewer a bushel
of corn. He find a market for tt. Ha
get 60 cent and goes hi way. with the
statement of the brewer ringing In his
ear that th brewer I th benefactor,
But you haven't got all the factor In the
problem, Mr. Urewer, and you cannot get
a correct solution of a problem without
all th factor In the problem.
You take, Mr. Brewer, th farmer'
bushel of corn, brewer or di.MHcr, and
you brew and distil from It four and
one-half gallon of apt. Ita I don't know
how much ho dilute, them before ho put
them on the market Only th brewer.
. i i.til a.,,4 Aal hnml Jl"li a man
who drmk." tt doeTn't but. If he doeen't I '"f "-""V ""7.
ottuU It at an, h. pot. on th. market ' te'v to fifteen In nd the,
four and one-half gallon, of Intoxicating I 'r deadly enemle. o the rata Th. re
.r..,t...i runts. I am not aolna- ' UH was that tha rat. disappeared, and
tn trace the thlrty-.ix. It will take too .ur m mmi. ; health and cauaea aisease. tt promises
long, iiut I want to trace three of them. ' 00 t0 'et(1 upon xh attacked the I prosperity and wiids adversity. It prom
and I will gtv you no imaginary stories j nake. and the frogs, and the lizard j ises hppln. and sends mlnery. Ye., it
plucked from the brain of an excited - that fed upon the insects, with the re-' end. the husband home with a lie on
orator. '"',t ll,at "1 '""''' Increased and they his Hps to bin wife; and the boy home
I will take instances Iron, the judiiia! tii:'l"d the gardens, eating up Uiu wlili u lie on hla tii. to tils mothor; and
paKa of the supreme court and the cir
cuit court .Indues" ri porta in Indiana and
llilonla to make my case.
Kills Best friend for Drink of Ram.
Two years In the city of Chicago
a young man of good parents, good ,
character, one Sunday crossed tho street
'and entered a saloon, open axainst tho
law. He found there boon companions.
I There waa laughter, song and .'est and
'much ririnklnp After a while, drunk.
lnnnr,.u. ,,,. r( ,.,. Bn(, he WBs
kkkri ,nto th ,trfrU j found hSt WRy
nrrowi ,,, ,lH mother's home. He Im-
porlnne h,.r rr n,,,,, t nuy more
drink. she refused him. He seized
frotn tho sideboard a revolver and ran
ollt nl the street, and with the ex-
preyed ilt termination of entering the
saloon and getting more drink, money
or no money. His little mother followed
him Into the street
Oh, men of Omaha' His fond mother
followed him Into the street. Phe put
r P " ont restraint,
" " fron hlt" n'p t,'rn
hl8 ",mr .cam" nnd dl,pd, ,,eT
v" -"' neighbor, whom he
knew, trusted and respected, came and
I put hla hand on him In gentlettees and
friendly kindness, but In an Insanity of
drunken ruse he raised the revolver and
Virtf' hla ftHftnd t fa ,t In lila tilM,,! n th tha
There was a trial; he waa found guilty
of murder 'He was sentenced to life Im
prisonment, and when the 1 ttlo mother
heard the veidlct a frail little bit of a
woman-she threw tp her hands and fell
in a swoon. In three hours she was dead.
Ciolham'a Drink Bl'l Million a Day.
And ay, my friends. New York City
annual tit ink bill Is rS,npo.OCO a year.
1.,000 a day. Listen a minute! That Is
four times the anntial output of gold, and
It Is at least one-third the va ue of a 1 the
coal mined In the Vnlted States. And In
some sections of New York there Is one
saloon for every thirty families.
The money spent In New York by the
working people for drink In ten yest
would buy every working man In New
Yoik a beautiful home and allow 13500
for house and lot. New York' annual
drink bill would buy "J.OOO.OoO barrel of
flour, nearly a barrel for every man and
woman In the United States. It would
take fifty people one year to count the
money In tl bllla, and they would cover
10.000 acres of ground. That la what the
people In New York dump Into th whisky
hole In one year. And then you wonder
why there Is poverty and crime, and that
the country Is not more prosperous.
This gang I circulating a circular about
Kan a City, Kan. I defy you to prove
a statement In It. Listen! Kansas City Is
a town of liXl.OUO population, and temper
ance went Into effect July L Jjng. They
then had J saloons, 200 gambling hell
and sixty houses of Ill-fame. The popula
tion was largely foreign, and Inquiries
have come from Germany, Sweden and
Norway, asking the Influence of th en
forcement of the prohibitory law.
Prohibition Increased One Hank's
Deposit fl.TOO.OOO.
At the end of one year, the president of
one of the Urgent bank In that city, a
man who had protested against the en
forcement of the prohibitory law on the
ground that It would hurt business, found
that at the end of one year his bank de
posit had Increased ll.700.000. and TI
per cent, of the deposits were from
men who had never saved a cent before,
and 42 per cent tame from men who had
never had a dollar In the bank, but be
cause tho saloons were driven out they
had a chance to save, and the people
who objected on the ground that It
would Injure business, found an Increase
of 109 per cent, in building operation; and
furthermore, there were three time a
many people building home a before,
and there were more peoptd seeking In
vestment, and court expenses decreased
25 .000 in one year.
Who pays to feed nd keep the gang
you have in Jail? Why, you go down In
your ock and pay for what the aaloon
ha dumped In there. They don't do It
1LI m .
M... ninny nun, wny don t you go
down and take a picture of wrecked and
blighted home and of insane astlums
with gibbering idiots that It cost 6,000,
000.00 to uprort? Why don't you tako a
iicture of that?
1-Viv I'rinonera In Kansas City Jails.
At Kansas City, Kan., before the sa
loons were closed, they were getting
ready to build an addition to the Jail.
Now the doors awing Idly on th binge
and there 1 nobody to lock In th Jail.
And the commissioner of the poor farm
says there is a wonderful falling off of
old men and women coming to the poor
house, because their son and daughter
are aavlng their money and havo quit
spending It for drink. And they had to
employ eighteen new school teacher for
600 boy and girl between th age of U
and 18, that had never gone to school be
fore because they had to help a drunken
I father support the family. And now they
nave ju.t set a.lde ,--,000 to build a new
achool house, nd the bonded Indebted
ness waa reduced $2i3,OU) last year without
, th. .aloon nveali Ani doia you knQW
another thing? In 1906. when they had
the aaloon, the population, according to
the directory, waa K3,6X. According to
the last census the population waa IW.tH,
or an Increase of 1J per cent In on year,
without the grog hop. In two year th
bank deposit Increased $3.9oO,Oft.
You say drive out the aaloon and you
kill business Ha! ha! "Blessed are the
dead that die in the Lord."
I tell you, gentlemen, the American
home la the dearest heritage of th peo-
pie, for the people and by the people,
and when a man can go from hi home
In tha morning with the kisses of wife
and children on his lips, and com back
at night with an empty dinner bucket to
a happy home, that man ia a better man,
whether a Lite or black.
Whatever take away the comfort of
home whatever degrade that man or
woman whatever invade the sanctity of
tb home, 1 the deadliest fo to the
horn, to church, to state and school, and
tho saloon la the deadliest foe to the
home, the church and the state, on top
of God Almighty's dirt.
And If all the combined force of hell
KaiiM aaaamKI- In 1.1. '
despise God. and ;purity, and virtue If
all tho scum of th earth could mingle
with tb sen of hell to try to think
of tha deadliest institution to home, to
church and .tate, I tell you. tr. the
i combined helll.h Intelligence could not
I conceive of or bring fort! an Institution
that could touch th hem of the garmont
of the open licensed saloon to damn ths
bom and manhood, and womanhood and
buslnes and every other good thing on
God's earth.
In the Island of Jamaica tb rat In
creased so that Uiey destroyed th crops,
and they introduced the mongoose, which
Is a specie of th coon. They hav three
. t. . ' X :... ."tor th best horse, snd cow, and butter.
Heard at the Tab
Ulllv" Sunriav announced tint m
Wednr-dav evrn'ng he III pre,., h l.m ;
famous sermon on It. Jekyl and lr.
Thursday afternoon and evening nl tho I
"Tah- will be for women only. The only
man to be present will he Hev. William i
A. Sunday.
"Doubters and KVeptlca" will be the
subject of the inrmon of "Hlll" Sunday
Tuesday evening.
Collection w'll be taken tn Tuesday
and Thursday of th s week for some
local charities. Kor Tues.ley the t nlon :
Uospel Mission end for Thursday tho 1
fhlld Saving Instltule. 1
onlona and the lettuce, and then
mongoose attacked the ahee-v, and the,
rats, and the puppies and ths calves, and
the geese. Now Jamaica is spending
hundred, of thousands of dollars to 't
Md of the mongoose,
America's "11 on noose Is the Licensed
The American mongoose Is the open
ness and happiness. ;
Like a drummer on a railroad train, i
There were some men playing cards, and
one fellow pulled out a whisky flask and
psssed It about, and when It earns to tho."
drummer he aald:
"What," they said, "have you got on
.... ' . .......
...... aim iiijt no inumir.
. ...
there. I wa In there when In cane a ,
young fellow with ashen cheeks and a I
wild look on hla face. Ho came up trem-
i bllng. threw down a little parkage and
said: "Give me 10 cents." And what do
you think waa In that package? It wa a
pair of baby shoes. My friend said.
" 'No, I cannot take them.'
"Give me a dime, I must have a
" 'No, take them back home, your bal.y
will need them 1
'My baby Is dead, and I want .!
drink.' answered the poor fellow. I
Boys. I don't blame you for the lump !
that eomes nn in tht Tk.r. 1.
no law, divine or human, that the saloon ,
re.pects. Lincoln said: "If slavery is not
wrong, nothing I wrong."
I ay If the saloon, with Ita train of
disease, crime and misery is not wrong,
then nothing on esrth Is wrong. If
the fight I to be won w need men men
that will fight the chur. Catholic and
Protestant, must fight It or run away,
and thank God she will will not run
away, but fight to the last ditch.
Who works tho hsrdest for hi money,
the aaloon man or youT
Who has the most money Sunday morn
ing; the aaloon man or you?
Saloon Ia Rat Hole for Wages.
The saloon come a near being a rat
hole for a wage-earner to dump hi wages
In as anything you can find. Tho only
Interest it pays Is red eyes and foul
breath, and the loss of your health. You
go In with money and you come out with
empty pockets. You go In with character
and -ou com out rulnod. . -a go In
with a good position and you lose It.
You lose your position In the bank, or
In the cab of the locomotive. And It
pay nothing back but disease nd dam
nation and gives an extra dividend In da-
llrium tremens and a free pass to hell.
And then It will let your wife bo burled
In the potter field, and your children
go to the asylum, and yet you wslk out
and say that the saloon I. a good In
stitution, when It 1 th dirtiest thing
1 on ,irth- u l,B'1 OB to Ur"1 "
and has nothing to commend It to a de
cent man. not one thing.
"Hut," you say, "we will regulate It
by high licenses." Kegulate what by
high license? You might as well try and
regulate a powder mill In hell. Do you
want to pay taxes In boy or dirty money?
A man that will aell out to that dirty
i business I have no use for. Be how
I absurd their arguments are.
If you drink Bourbon In a saloon that
pays $1,000 a year license, will It eat
your atotnach leas than If you drink It
in a saloon that pays $000 license? Is
It going to have any different effect on
you, whether the gang pays $500 or $1,a'
No. It will make no difference whether
you drink it over a mahogany counter or
pine counter It will havo th same effect
on you; It will damn you. So there Is no
use talking about It.
In some insane asylum, do you know
what they do? When they wsnt to test
some patient to see whether he ha re
covered hi tretson they have a room with
a faucet In It and a cement floor, and
they give the patient a mop and tell him
to mop up the floor. And If he ha sense
enough to turn off the faucet and mop up
the floor they will parol him, but should
he let th faucet run, they know that he
1 crazy.
Trrtnar to Moo with Water Itannlnar.
Well, that I what you are trying to do.
You are trying to mop It up with taxes,
and Insan asylums, and Jail., and cures
and refonnatorle. The only thing to do
! to shut off th source of supply.
A man wa dallverng a temperance ad-
dreaa at a fair ground and a fellow came
up to him and said
"Are you the fellow that gave a talk
on temperance ?"
"Well, I think that th manager old
a dirty plec of business to let you give
a lecture on temperance. You hav hurt
my business, and my business Is a legal
. one' ,, .
"they did do a mean trick. I would com
plain to the officers." And he took i'P a
premium list and .aid; 'Ujr the way, I
see there I a permlum of so much offered
What bu.lne.Ms are you in?'
I'm In tho liquor business."
Well, I don't see that they offer any
premium for your business. You ought
to go down and compel them to offer a
, pnialum for your bu.lne.s. snd they
ought to offer on the list $26 for the best
wrecked horns, $15 for the best bloated
bum that you can show, and $10 for the
f'nest specimen of a broken-hearted wife,
and they ought to give li tor th finest
specimen of thieves snd gambler you
can trot out You ran bring out the fin
est looking criminal.. If you have some
thing that Is good trot It out You ought
to come In competition with the farmer,
with hi Mock, and th fancy work, and
th canned fruit."
Defines galoon In Many Ways.
The saloon 1 a liar. It promises good
cheer and sends sorrow. It promises
licensed saloon. It eats the carpet, off sellers. They don t want you ( ft , ,. .
the floor, and the clothes from off your your carcass In their h.dge.. 'ies s r. I i my .
back, your money out of the bank, and tell you. tho curse of God I. on It It Is j ,, (rol(
It eata up character, ami It goes on until on me uon ainue. ,t - , ... .. hlw down my dol)U. rhi
at last It leaves a stranded areck In the and ny tne grace or ..o., . a... ikeepor gets my dollar and I get a
home, a skeleton of what was on.e bright- "e h a ihuii, won - or. - - , . . .nmm m. ,
"You can laugh If you want to." he '"T''" T . . . "7 "7.1 .h i . 1 'ou "Pt the nl,,h- ,"n'' ,,f U H,'r you
..Id. "but I was born with an appetite .on. that re put In. ; h0 ' " tha
for drink and for year I hay taken JaX"1; , for he, nt.r-H-JH-ntHl j""1"0"-
from five to ten glasses per day. but I , l? , , ,dson ';"' " 111 Do.
was at home in Chicago not long ago. : . . ' .,!. in mnkn it 1,1,1 ro,,u1 on: 1 wl" " to a ,or and
and I have a friend who has a pawn hop 1 ... .. i ., i,iK..rt ' Pnd th dollar for a pair of shoe. I
It causes the employe to He to his em
ployer. It degrades. It l Clod's worst
enemy and the devil' best friend. f Ten-
tj - tivt per rem ti imruinir ivm-n mmi
the grog shop. It spares neither youth not !
oIj jt waiting with a dirty blanket I
... . - . m . . I
I for the baby to crawl Into this world,
It Ilea In wait for lite unborn.
it ,.0t.ks the highwayman's pistol. It
, h , ... l' mpB
It Is the anarchist of the world and It
dirty red f1n Is ilyed with the hinod of
women and children, and It sent the bullet
through the bode of Lincoln; It neived
the arm tltil sent the bullet through
canrfllil nn.i William McKlnley Yes. It Is
a murderer. F.vpry plot that was ever
hatched against our flag and every an-
atvhlst plot axKlnst the government and
i.- w bred ml crawled out i
i ... t,i. r.,nlrv i
or no ko's pii"i " ..I..... ..i.e. ....... .
f !jt(l thp, ,he curMt of ,,,, M.
. . . fh loon Legislatures are
,.....,,, .... i. n.,..,,i .,ietv Is.
n(r ol(t T1) fl(,,rrn,,i brotherhoods
ro knock,n(r ,, ,. n,,, Mm,n nnd th,.
Odd Fellows, and the KnlBhta of Tythlas,
1 7' 7 r" ' Z " 7 'v.,r.
and the Ancient Order of t nlted Work-
men are closing their doors to the whisky
know how i-isien to me. a... s-m o
"w " now w0 ,,m' m oUr mon'ly: U
costs W cents to make a gallon of whisky:
ovfr counter at 10 cents a glass
w'11 brln"
"nut." said tho aaloonkrcper. "HI 11 . yon
must figure In the strychnine and the
cochineal, and other stuff they put In It,
and It wilt bring nearer IV
hr. I,. Ihlrtv I
jrs: it himpwih ii
fr)in(J rtW,rge H. Stuart, for
.ome of th. fo0w,ng point.!
The iel Profit from Walakyf
I will .how you how your money In
burned up. It costs cent to make a
gallon of whisky, old over the counter
at 10 cent a glaaa, which brings H Lis
ten, where doe It go? Who get the
I OS cent? The farmer for hla corn and
rye. Who get mo resn .
states government for collecting rev-
nue. and the big corporation, and part
u ,fv our " our
P"1"- " "h"w. J .!n J
now you now u ......
don't need half sens to catch on. and
if you don't understand Jut keep tlll
and nobody will vr know the differ
ence. I sy, "Hy. Colonel Politic, what I
the matter with th country?
He .well, up like a poisoned pup and
says to me, "Bill. why. the slWer bug
bear. That' what l tb matter with
the country."
Hayl The total value of the sliver
coined In thl country in 1907 was 37,6.
000. Hear me! In 1007 the total value of
the gold produced In thl country wa
IM.'Zi.OOO, and we dumped ten time that
much In the whisky hoi and didn't fill
It. What I the matter? In 1904 the total
value of all the gold and sliver wns
ftKfSStt.OOO, snd w dumped three times
that amount In tho whisky hole and
didn't fill it.
What la the matter with the country,
Colonel Politics? He swells up and say.
"Mr. Sunday, ttandpatterism, sir.'1
I aay, "You are an old windbag."
"Oh." ssys another, "revision of the
tariff." Another man .aid, "Free trade;
open the door at the porta and let
them pour the product In and wo will
put tne trUBt on the ldetrack."
Say, you com with mo to every port
of entry. Listen! Last year th total
value of all Import, wa. $1.438, 000,000,
and we dumped that much In tha whtoky
hole In twelve month, and did not fill It.
"Oh," aay a man, "let u court South
America nd Europe to sell our products.
That', what 1. th matter; we are not
exporting enough."
Say. laat year th. total value of all the
export wa $1,000,000,000, and w dumped
that amount In the whtsky holo In one
year, and did not fill It
One time I wa down In Washington
and went to th United State treaaary
and said: "I wish you would let me go
where you don't let th general publlo."
And they took ua around on the In.Uln
and wa walked Into a room about twenty
feet long and fifteen wide and a many
feet high, and I ald: "What la thl?"
More Goes for Whtsky Than Own.
"Thl is the vault that contain alt
of th national bank stock In the Urflted
I .aid. "How much In here?"
They said, "$37$,000.000.
And w dumped nearly four time the
valu of the national bank stock In tho
United State Into tb whisky hole last
year, and we didn't fill the hoi up at
What I the matter?
Whenever the day come that all the
Catholic and Protectant churche Just
whin the day come when you will ay
to that whisky business: "Tou go to
hell," that day th whisky business will
go to hell, but you sit there, you old
whltky-aotlng elder and deacon and ves
tryman, and you wouldn't strike your
hands together on the proposition. It
would stamp you an old hyiocrlte and
you know it
MM Mile of Saloons.
Say, hold on a little bit. Have you
got a silver dollar? I am going to show
you how It Is burned up. We have In
this country 250,000 saloons, and allow
ing fifty feet frontage for each saloon.
It makes a street from New Yoik to
Chicago, and 6,rt.00O men, women and
children go dally into the saloons for
drink. And marching twenty mile a
day It would take thirty days to pa.
thl building, and marching five abreaat
they would rearh 6S0 mile. There thV
go, look at them!
On January 1 600,000 of tha young men
of our nation entered the grog-shop and
began a public career hell ward, and on
December SI I will come back her and
summon you people, and ring the bell
and raise the curtain and say to the
saloons and breweries!
"On January 1 I gave you 500.000 of
the brain and muscU of our land, and
I want them back and have com in the
name of home, and church and :hool;
father, mother, sitter, sweetheart, give
me back what I gave you. March out."
Drunks' Ptner.t 3,000 Mile Long.
I count and WO.OUO hav lost their ap
petite and have become muttering,
bleary-eyed drunkards, wallowing in their
own excteinent, and I say:
"What is It I hear, a funeral dirge?"
WhAt 1. that procession? A funeral
proceoaton $.0u0 mile long and 110. OO
hearse In the procession. On hundred
ard ten thousand men die drunkard, la
thl land of the free and tha homo of tho
In an hour twelve men died drunkards.
90 a day and HOOuo a year.
On man will leap In front of a train
another will plunge Into a river, an-
other will plung from th dock Into a
lake, another will throw hi hands to hi
ho - d and life will end Another will cry,
' Mot her!" and hla life will go out like
ft burned match.
.- - -
the whisky rrln.lnnl. They say. 'Yes.'
I'M. I f'"1 the bullet." Yea, I backed
t rM. nr I k lalla ktul eilinf '
my wire Into a miner and Peat lior tire
out. 1 ant waiting ror tito searioia; i
am waiting " "1 am waiting," says an-
other, ' to flip Into hell." tin, on It goes. i
I bold a silver dollar in my hand Come
jon. we are going to a saloon. We will
Into a saloon and spend that dollar
. f "r iuatt. 71 takes 20 rent to make a
Unllon of whisky and a dollar to buy a
'mart, a ray to the saloonkeeper. ;
"dive me a Quart."
' '" '.' )' welt a minute. ;
,,ow ",, rnea ui. nere i am jonn,
" aruiiKen imm wun a wue ano sis ;
kids. (Thank O.xl. It's all a lie.) i
...... .
(Mine on, I will go down to the saloon '
throw down my dollar. It costs W ,
cents to make a gallon of whisky.
'nickel will make a quart My dollar will
uart of boose. Who gets the
ttloUel? The farmer, for corn or apples.
Who gets the cents? The I'nlted
" , .......
states ir ivernment. the big distillers, th
big corporal Ions.
ger, and reel, nnd spew Into my wife'
presence, and she says:
"Hello, John; what did you bring
home ?"
"A quart."
What will a iuart do? It will burn up
my happiness and my home, and fill my
home with squalor and want. So there
la the dollar. Tho sali'wikeejer has It.
want them for my son, and he put them
on hi feet nd with the shoes to protect
his feet he goes out and earn another
dollar, and my dollar become a .liver
thread In tho woof and warp of happl
nesa and Joy, and the man that owns
the building get tome, and th. clerk
that sold the shoe, get some, and tha
merchant and the traveling man .and
tho wholesale house gets Some, and the
factory, and the man that miido the
sh es, and the man that tanned the hide,
and the butcher that bought the calf, and
the farmer that raised the ealf, and
the little colored fellow that shlned the
thoea, and my dollar spread Itself and
nnliody I. made worse for attending the
I Join the Booster club for buslnes. and
prosperity. A man tald:
"I will tell you what I. the matter with
the country; If. overproduction."
"You He; It Is underconsumption."
Say, wife, the bread that ought to be
In your tomneh to satisfy the cravings
of hunger, la down yonder In the grocery
store, and your husband hasn't money
enough to carry It home. The meat that
ought to satisfy your hunger hanga In
tho butcher shop. Your husband hasn't
money to buy It. The cloth for a dress Is
lying on a shelf In tlte store, but your
husband hasn t th money to buy It.
The whisky gang has the money.
What Is the matter with our country?
I would like to do this: I would like to
see every boose filthier get on th water
wagon. I would like to summon all the
drunkards In America and aayt
Toy let's cut ber out and spend the
money for flour, meat and calico; what
do you say?"
Pay! $&no,ooo.OOO will buy all the flour
In the United Plates; $500,0000.000 wtll
buy all the beef cattle, and $'00,000.00o
will buy all tho cotton at $50 a bale.
But we dumped more money than that
In the whisky hole laat year, and didn't
fill It. Com on; I'm going to lino up
the drunkard. Everybody fall In.
Come on, ready, forward, march, right.
left there I come with all th drunk
ards. We will lln up In front of a
butcher shop. The butcher says: "What
do you want, a plec of neck?"
"No; how much do I ow you? $3.
Here your dough. Now giv m a por
terhouse steak and a sirloin roast."
"Where did you' get all that money?
"Went to hear BUI and ollmtied on th
water wagon."
"Hello! What do you want?"
What do you want?
We empty the ahop and th butcher
run to th telephone. "Hey, central,
give me the slaughter heuse. Have you
got any beef, any pot"", and mutton?"
They strip the slaughter houses and
then telephone to Swift, and Armour, and
Nelson Morris and Cudahy, to send down
train toad of bfteaka,
nttln on Water Wagon He as.
"What' tha mltr?"
"The whole tiutich ha gotten on th
water wagon."
And Swift and th other big packer In
Chicago aay to their tJemen: "Buy
beef, pork and mutton.
The farmer ae th price of cattl nd
sheep Jump three times their valu. Let
me take the money you dump Into th
whisky hole and buy beefsteak! with
it. I will thow you what la the matter
with America I think the liquor busl.
ness is the dirtiest, rotrenest business
thl tide of hell.
Come on, ar you ready? Fall in! W
lln up In front of a grocery tore.
"What do you wnt?"
"Why. I want flour."
'What do you want?"
"What do you want?
"Plllsbury, Minneapolis, 'Sleepy KyT "
"Yea; ship In train loads of flour; send
on the fast mall schedule, with an engine
in front, one behind and a Mogul In the
"What th matter?"
"Why, th worklngmen hav (topped
pending their money for boot and hav
begun to buy flour."
" h'skT Men Have Yonr Money.
Th Wg mill tell their men to buy
wheat and th farmers see th price
Jump to over $2 per bushel. What' th
matter with th country? Why. the
whisky gang ha your money and you
hav an emtpy stomach, and yet you will
walk up and vote for the dirty business.
Com on, cut out th boos, boys. Oct
on the water wagon; get on for the sak
of your wife and bublea, and hit th
booze a blow,
Comtt on, ready, forward, march! Right,
left, halt! We ar la front of a dry
goods trtor.
"What do you want?"
"What do you want?"
"What do you want?"
"Calico; all right, com oil
"The .tore or stripped.
"Hey, Wanamaker, Btrawbridge
Clothier, Gimbela', Llt'a, send down cal
ico. Th whole bunoh has voted out the
nsJuona and we havo such a demand for
ealloo we don t know what to ao
I "And th big atore. telegraph to Fall
I River to ship calloo, and th factories tel-
II.m la n. w n i n rl t ha..a that TV. nnt
egraph to buy cotton, and they tell their
salesmen to buy cotton, and the cotton
plantation man sees cotton Jump up to
llMl a tint
What la the matter? Your children are
going naked and the whisky gang ha
your money. Trims wnai s me maurr
witn you. ioni listen 10 mos o,..
whisky - soaked politicians who say.
"Stand-pat on the saloon."
Usee m Urankard. He Mow Rare fnr
Come with me. Now. remember. Wt
l4avp ,n whole bunch of boose fighters
on ,),- water wagon, and I'm going home
snd ,
Over here I was John, the drunken
The whisky gang got my dollar
rot a nmrt. Over here I am John
on th. watpr wagon. The merchant got
lv dnUar j,j t have Ida meat, flour and
r.lle and I'm .nln. hnms now "Ri it
" - - " -
ever BO humble, there's no place llkt home
without Loose." Wife comm out and say.
"Hello, John, what have you got?"
"Two porterhouse steaks, Sally,"
"What a that bundle, pa?"
"Cloth to make you a new dress, sis
Your mother has fixed youi old one so
often It looks like a craty quilt
"And what have you there?"
"That's a pair of shoes for you, Tom,
and here Is some cloth to make you -a
pair of pants.' Your mother has patched
the old ones so often they look like a
: map of the Vnlted States."
What's the matter with th country?
I We have been dumping the money Into
tho whisky hole that ought to have been
spent for flour, beef and calico, and we
haven't that hole filled up yet.
A man comes along and says; "Arc
you a drunkard?"
"Yes, I'm a drunkard."
"Where are you going?"
"I am going to belt"
"Because the Good Book aay: Nc
drunk rl shall Inherit the kingdom ot
Hod.' an I am going to hell."
Another man comes along and I '- -"Are
you a church member?"
"Yea, I am a church member.
"Wher ar you going?"
"I am going to heaven."
"Did you vote for th aaloon?
"Then you ahould go to ban.
Pay, If the man that drink the whisk)
goes to hell, the man that vote, for th.
1 saloon that .old the whisky to him will
go to hell.
If the man that drinks tho whisky goei
to hell, ana the man that sold th whlakj
to the man that drank It goes to heaven
then that poor drunkard will hav th
right to stand on the brink of eternal
damnation and put hla arms around th
pillar of Justice, .hake hi. flat In tha fact
of tho Almighty and aayt "Unjuat! In
Just!" If you vote for th dirty buslnesi
you ought to go to hell a sur a yoti
live, and I would Ilk to fire the fur
nace while you ar there. Hem fellow
Drive lint f a loon, Kmnty tho Jail.
"Hrlve the saloon out and th build
ing will be empty." Which would yoti
rather have, empty building, or empt)
Jnll. penitentiaries and Insane ayhunal
You drink th stuff and what have yoi
to say? You that vote for It, and yoi
that sell It? Look at them painted on thi
canvas of your recollection.
What Is th. matter with thl. grand ol
country of ours? I heard my friend
George Stuart, tell how ho Imagined tha
he walked up to a' mill and .aid:
"Hello, there, what kind of a mill art
"A tawmlll."
"And what do you make?" -"We
make board out of log."
"I the finished product worth mon
than the raw material?"
"We will make law for you. We mu
hav lumber for houses."
lie goes up to another mill and .ays..
"Hey, what kind of a mill ar you?"
"A grist mill."
"What do you makr
"Flour and meal out of wheat anc
"I th finished product worth mora
than the raw material?"
"Then come on. We will mak law fo:
you. We will protect you."
He goe up to another mill and say.:
"What kind of a mill ar your'
"A ppr mill."
"What do you mak paper out of?"
"Htraw and rag."
"Well, w will mak law ror you. Wi
must have paper on which to write notet
and mortgage."
Boy Are firlst of the Rum Mill.
He goe. up to another mill and aay.t
"Hey, what kind of a mill ar your'
"A gin mill."
"1 don't Ilk the look nor th tmet
of you. A gin mill; what do you make'
What kind of a nuil ar your
"A gin mill."
"What la your raw material I"
"Th. boy of America."
The gin mill of thl. country must hav
1,00.1,000 boy or abut up ahop. Say. walk
down your ttreets, count the home, an.
very fifth home ha. to furnl.u a boj
fur a drunkard. Hav. you fumishci
your? No. Then I bav to furnish tw
to mak up.
"What I your raw material V
"American boy."
"Then I will pick th boy up and givi
them to you."
A man says: "Hold on, not that boy
be la mine."
Then I will aay to you what a taloor
keeper aald to m when I protested: !
am not interested in boy; to hU wltl
your boy."
"Hay. aaloon gin mill, what I you
finished product?"
"Bleary-eyed, low-down, ataggerin
men and th tcum of God' dirt that
hav gone to tho mat and taken tb
Go to th jails, go to tb lnsan. asy
lum and the penitentiaries, and ths
home for feeble-minded. There you will
find th finl.hed product for thlr dirty
bu.lness. 1 tell you It Is th worst bual
ner this aide of hell, and you know It
What is your raw material, aaloon
American boys. Say, I would not giv,
one boy for all the distilleries and aa
loons this side of hell. And they havt
to have $.000,000 boy every generation.
And then you tell in you ar. a man,
when you will vote for an tnatltutlot
like that. What do you want to dot
pay taxes In money or in boys?
The Lesson of th Rattlesnake.
I feel Ilk n old fellow In Tennessee,
who made hla living by catching rattle
snakes. He caught on with fourteen
rattle and put it In a box with a gla
top. On day when he wa tawing woot
hi little 5-year-old boy, Jim, took th
lid oft and th rattler wriggled out anl
truck him In th cheek. He ran to hli
father and aald: ,"TIi rattler has bit
me." The father ran and chopped th.
rattler to piece, and with his Jack
knife, he 'cut a chunk from th boyl
cheek snd then sucked and sucked at
th wound to draw out the polaon. H
looked at little Jim, watchsd th pupil
of hla eye dllat and watched bin
well to thro time, bl normal ls
(Continued eu Pago Bovoa, Cot Four.;