Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 02, 1915, NEWS SECTION, Page 9, Image 9

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thnt n rue-Heel " '
nvm rrlty .IH -cerlei1
A p.rty-hatre1 mnn who wot a
cap bad operated the rlee and new
Stand for year An air of quiet and
pr, omt mr tha ominous forerunner
of commercial illeaeter, had lately bun
over the place).
One Any there van a change. Fvan
from arroaa the street It could be dla
ccrnad that mftamorphoa'a had takan
place. An air of brightness and bualnoaa
nrrouniled the old ns stand. On closer
lnvstucnt!on It w found that the out
aide had bn rapainted and en attractive
window display arranged. A new name
had b-en painted In nld inters acro.s
the window. gha was a vision tn a lluht
blue, carefully ta lored ilre. b c Muo
yra and a mop of blonde hulr arrannod
In an Intrlrata but extremely attractive
pattern. A hystamlrr continued to s
aurreptutltloualy at the arrarltlon under
the pretense of looking at sonic mo
slnee faatened In tha window. When the
vision atarted toward him ha was too
startled to retreat. The door opened and
aoft voice Inquired If ha would not
come In and look at tha better thlnaa
that were on display Ins do. He went In.
although ha wanted neither malai nea
nor cluara. InxMa there was an un
wonted air of order and business. Under
the iiell of tha blue eyes and the blonde
hair the man bought two two-for-a-
quarter rlgara. although ha hail alwaya
found 5-cont once perfectly aatlafartory
before, and a K-rent maaatlne that ha
had never aeen before and In which he
waa not at all Interested.
roon other discovered a new Interest
In cigar and mainline, ltualnraa grew
better wtlh each day. A group of young
felloe a who apent monry a well a
talked constantly about the place, and
Ita presiding genlua erred all with lm
Partliility. HusWice waa good. Another
chapter, however, remained to be ad.ied
tc a atorjr which properly ahou'd end
here. The young woman proprietor waa
mtlng one day and a young man waa
In her p are. Me waa one of the voung
men who had hung faithfully about (he
place for eome time preceding, lie aeem
now to be a permanent fixture at the
old stand. OeoaMonnlly the young woman
retlce him for an afternoon. ard some
time he cornea Just before closing time,
and they go away together, but the
young man aeem to be a reeling tho
buittneee. And bualnee la not o good
now. Indianapolis Newa.
A "For Sale" ad will turn second-han4
furniture Into eaah. '
Personal Shopping Service for Ak-Sr Bea Visitors
This store will provide) a shopping expert to accom
modate strangers and others who require Intelligent
assistance In making purchases. The, ah op per will
relieve, you entirely of shopping or they will simply
accompany you through the store. The service la help
ful, courteous and, withal, efficient. Ask any- floor
1,500 Pair of Children's and Infants' Shoes
On Sale at One-Third Off Regu'ar Prices
Finely finished, all porfoet, splendid sty'es vkrl lid.
tan kid and patent leather, with red kid or An
black leather or cloth topa; hand turned HfjC
soles, nature-shaped laata. All sues; to 2 aw
Will Ee
Dresses and Coats for Girls
aMBBaajaaBBBBiaBBBBBBBMBBBBBBBBBaMiMagBBaBaaBBiaBBaawMiB ' aagMBMBaWaaawaaMBl saaMBaBMBMaMBMaaaagaaaMaaa eBBBsasaBaaaBaeBaBaaBBaaaj laW"MMBBMMKteai
A Dig Purchase of an Eastern Manufacturer's surplus stock of Children's and Juniors'
Dresses, entire surplus stock: of coats and dresses from prominent New York manufacturers.
go on sale Saturday, Children's Day,
Extra Special Velvet Dresses
it is neither extravagant nor expensive for the mother who is smartly dressed to dress her children equally pmart. The question of dress has so much to do with the kiddies' standing particu
larly in school that good clothes are not an extravagance but a well-repaid investment At Israndeis Stores mothers can provide their children with a wardrobe that will be n credit to them at
very modest cost.
Special Fitting Service for Girls
in H. & W. Corsets and Waists
We have devoted a-section in our corset department to
girls' corsets and waists.' We have Mrs. Leland from New York
.with'us, who has made a study of girls' figures and their wants.
Starf the proper molding of your
daughter' figure now, if the graceful
figure linee are to be here after $he ',43v ' y
Many young girls, today are wearing cor
sets designed for fully developed women sim
ply because mothers do not know of the H. &
W. Waist sand Corsets" for Misses and
Juniors, especially designed for . girls
from 13 to 16 years. - v
. & W. Waists for Girls i
to 12 Ytar8 Styles OUC
W 3 1
Dresses that readily sell. for $7.50 to J112.50.
The new and popular colors African crown,
subterranean green, plum, tield
mouse, navy and black, choice,
-Aincan crown,
On Main Floor
Bargain Square
The styles represent the masterpieces of the
best designers, employed by this maker of chil
dren s apparel. 1 he lot comprises tine plushes,
caraculs, corduroys, zibelines and novelty cloths,
in the correct colors for this
fall. All sizes for juniors and
children, at
For girls 14 to 16 years, who are more fully developed, an II. ft W
Garment, In which features of the corset and the waist are combined'
PMlable clasp front. Sizes 14, 15 and 16 years, choice at
$1.50, $1.00 and DC
Semi -Annual Opening of
Misses' and Juniors' Section
In the Millinery Department
Saturday, October 2d
Two seasonable novelties 1 Illustrated, by
Weisman, with a touch of the war note, both are
exact copies of the hats worn by German and
Russian soldiers, being made of good quality
velveteen, in all the-best colors O 1 CO
of the season, at $1.00 and D 1 OU
Dress Hats, Street Hats, Q rf
School Hats, at $2.50 to. tDO.OU
Sample line of Hats and Baby Bonnets, over 300 styles to select from,
Just received from Morton weisman, 1Z1 w. 27th 8t., New Yora City.
All-Silk Velvets. Silk Plush, Fur Trimmed effects. Dressy
Bonnets for little tots and a wide selection for glrla 3 to
12 years. Positively worth to 15.00, at.
M wi sa.
Any child, accompanied by parent or elder person. visiting our Mil
linery Display, will be presented with a handsome souvenir Saturday.
Children's Dresses of cordu
roy, serge, mixtures, 1th fan
cy lace trimmings; also fur
Worth up to
Chlldrati'e awaattra. In whlta,
rad, ry and navy mad Wlhar
ruff neck or high collar ffc;t.
tn plain and funrjr stitch, with
porksta. Mad of rood aiiallty
wool; valua worth up
to tl.tS; apaclal fur
UUa aala
Children's Worn ted Prevroa tn
check and plaltl. trimmed with
fancy collars and cuffn. niedo up
In different atyrea, both French.
walated or atralsht Una effects.
in sues (rora I to
worth op to 1. 10.
w lure iv'v'.?'. j
nuvciijr V.IUIIO,
For Saturday, Children'
Day, we feature a select as
sortment of chinchilla, Kibe
line, corduroy, plush iwd
caracul coats. In the season's
authentic styles
nd colors, at
60, $5.00 and,
A special selection of htah
class dresses tn plaids,
serges, checks, etc., with
pretty velvet and braid trim-
minus. Priced,
12.50, $3.50
Misses' and Children's Vest", high
neck and long sleeves; Ankle Pants
to Match; 2&o quality, , q
garment 1C
- Misses' and Children' Velastlc
Vests and Pants; regu
lar 35o quality
Misses' and Children's QC
rnionSults; worth 50c, suit jDC
Hoys' I.ambsdown Union
Suits, 75o quality, suit
Children' School Handkerchiefs, flrt
pames In full an fin sheer linen. C
.Worth lo, each
Children's 8t hjol Handkerchiefs with
new colored lnltlHls, HVio gU,,
ues, each
' Children's Tiber Bilk Uosterr;
I lo quality ,
Children' School Hoee,' In flna
rlbueS Hsla; ttu valuea, pair.....
Hoaa for Olrla and' Bol i wurth
lie, paw ,..
. 2Sc
, ISc
A 14-karat, gold point, genuine plain
canlte rubber barrel. An unusually
good pen, equal to some of seat
the high priced pens. Re- If
nlar 1100 alu. at W
A Very Special Purchase
of 50Doz. Children's
Gloves at About Half Price
will be. placed on sal Saturday,
"Children's Day." It ts a very well
known make, and Includes chil
dren's, boys' and misses' kid gloves,
unlined and silk lined Worth to
11.25 a pair, very special
Children's Fur Set
Imitation chinchilla, coney, Thib
et and angora. Excellent values at
$1.50, $2.50 & $3.50
A Big Day for the Boys
Everything in tip-top shape for the biggest display of boys'
wearing apparel ever shown in any store in th.e west.
Three Big Specials
for Saturday
$3.00 Blue Serge Suit $3.75
gplendld tailored, all-wool 7C
blue serge, at yOf D
Corduroy Pants
Regular price, 11.50, sale A A
price, palr... plsUl
$1.00 Blouse Waist 45c
An exceptionally Inrga purchise of
these blouses makes this ridiculously
low price possible, . J r
Boyi Suits With Two
Pairs of Pants
All those splendid new tartan
checks, Glen Urquhart plaids, in
ftrif.tly new shades, he f te
New Juvenile Bults Tommy
Tucker, hton ana
Vestee styles, at
$2.80 to
Velvet Butts, In green, maroon,
blue, brown and
black, at M.OO
Corduroys In tan,
blue, brown aod
grecn, 2.95 to .....
Our Boys' Mackinaw
Are Sure to Make
a Bis Hit
Three bin tables sleeked high
with new stylish niarklnsws. Reds,
hltiea, browns, rreens and grays. In
plain colors or Smart Plaid Effects,
a vumie. tfff p g
Coats as low as $2.95, i Sll
and up to A....V1 'W
In Oar Lonf Trouser Suit Section
Our popular high school model
ults, no suits ever sold have the
same fitting qualities as these rnlen-
dld model suits.
Priced as low as
7.00 and up to....
Boys' and Children's Hats
Rah Rah Hats, i 25c
I Boys' and Children's Rah Rah Hats. Regu
lor 60o values, on sal Saturday, at
Boys' $1.00 Hats, at 49c
Orer 100 Dozen Roys' and Children's Chinchilla Rah
Rah Hats, with inside ear bands. Also cloth hats, lull
hats and golf caps with fur inside bands. 76c ant
$1.00 values, in one lot Saturday, choke 49c
Boys' Headwear
Tha most complete and up-to-date line of Boy' and
Children's New Fall snd Winter Headwear
in the city, at 49c, 69c, 1.00, 11.25 and.
ML 0
Womens New Moderate-Priced Apparel Among Fall Fashions
Embracing all the successful models of this fall, the very moderate' prices being possible
through the quick action and foresight of our representatives in the East
tx new IIUUI
- JVK I C' i P. - i
fi jersey opori v.oai
,i Beaver fur trimmed.
' German knit cloth. One of
the season's newest ideas,
all shades, rose, Chinese
blue, purple and green, a'
special value Saturday
New Chinchilla
In Sport styles, showing
new box and belted flare ef
fects, featuring the new
plaids in green, blue, tan
and . rose combined with
white, a special value Sat.
New Corduroy
Sport Skirts
In Russian, Green,
Navy, African Urown,
Mouse and Black, belts
and pocket effects, a spe
cial value for Saturday,
Choice Afternoon
Popular t priced, char
meuse, satin, taffetas - and
Georgettes. All new shades
navy and Hague blues,
blackberry, rose, Russian
green including, at
$25, $35 $59
New and Latest
From the New York mar
ket showing the new boxy
coats and longer line in Hua- jr,
sian effects, in broadcloths, t
duvetynes and velvets, hand- ifi
somciy irnnmea in iur, irom j
$35, $39, ?45 p
Wonderful Values for Saturday at the
Brandeis Blouse Shop
New Plaid Blouses, with ' Georgette crepe
sleeves. All the new shades navy, (C HA
brown and green, at yD.UU
Crepe de China ' Dlouses that are exceptional
values- Eieellent quality crepe de chine, numer
ous attractive models, some plain tailored, others
elaborately embroidered. White and o eQ
flesh, at 12.00 to t pjaUO
Dreasy Georgette Crepe Blouses, this season's
most popular material, at C( C(
13.68 to , apO.DU
Note This material launders beautifully.
Drugs and
Toilet Articles
Uaterlne, site.
Brandeis Piano Quality Not Limited
Every piano manufacturer and dealer who advertises his WONDERFUL LOW PRICE
acknowledges that his riano is In the class where price alone counts THAT HE IS IN COM-
PETITION ON A PRICE BASIS. You know what thit means. In all such pianos every dol
lar's worth of value that can be put into them Is firured out in advance, and is limited by
that low selling price, hence LOW PRICE MEANS LOW QUALITY.
Only pianos of known value are handled by us, and the BRANDEIS GUARANTEE OP
SATISFACTION goes with each and every one.
Brandeis Piano Deparlment--Third Floor
DJer-tOes rac Foaraer,
loaa'a Liniment, I0o else,
per aottle
Hospital Roll Cottan.
)6g vaJae, at
Horllrk'f Malted Milk,
hospital also
Aubrjr Sisters' Tint.
too also
Mine. lee'bell's Fees Hoarder,
too also box for
Lustiite h'all Enamel,
wortn 6c, at
Meloroaa tleuie.
0a also
Kim. lee'bell's Cuoumbar Craain,
11 also, per Jar
Pandertne, 0c alaa, speolal.
per bottle....
Melba tneaneer.
Noticeably Good Hosiery Underwear
Women's Pure Thread Silk
Boot and Fiber Hosiery, full
fashioned and seamless; black
white and - colors; double
soles, heels and toes, garter
tops. Worth 5oc, 9Cr
special, pair JJC
Women's Silk. Usle Hose,:
seamless, spliced soles, heels
and toes; black only. Worth
25c, special, , 1TM
Women's Pure Dye
Thread Silk Hosiery, In
fancy colors, plain black
and white;; novelties and
embroidered Insteps; full
fashioned, high spliced heels
and toes, double toes and
wide garter tops. Worth
to Jil.oo, special, at
69 c
Women's Glove Bilk Vests, hand
top, reinforced under arm slileld,
white and pink. AH
siaca, rum
Women's Glove St'k Bloomers,
reinforced, in pink and while E
tra good quality,
. Women's Munslng Union Prlts,
low neck, sleeves; knee length;
Dutch neck, elbow sleeves; low
neck, sleeveless; high neck, lone
sleeves; ankle lengths. j QQ
Cut Flower
Sale of Dutch Bulbs, Boston
Ferns and Carnation
At Very Low
Real Human Hair Switches
24.1nch Switches, weight Cl QC I 24-Inch-Switches, weight; Qlft
2$ ounces, at 0H:JJ 2 ounces, at OX v
A special lot of Switches, 23 inches lonf, weight Cl QQ
2 ounces. $5.00 values, at... , ..,..) X etO
Our Beauty Parlors ire the best equipped and most sanitary in Omaha.
Halrdressinjj, manicurinj and facial massage. We make a specialty of bobbing
children's lulr. Appointments made by phone Douglas 1614.
Second Floor.