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    IHK BKK: OMAHA. WKhXKsM Y. ShPTlW! lUll! 2.K 1 !U
Ed P. Smith Filet Brief in Case
Involving Poweri of Rate
From a Staff Correspondent.)
t.INVOL.N', i'ept. Z( Special. ) That
the Ncbrat-ka Railway commission la tho
ole Judge of equitable freicht rut1
within the Mate, anil that these rates
should not necessarily be governed by the
Interstate coninicn e rates. Is the sub
stance of a brief prepared on brnlf of
the Nebraska commission by Ed 1. Smith
of Omaha, iipeclal eovrsM employed by
the attorney eerier! office.
Tho brief is In reply to the criticism of
tha- "Nebraska clss r.ite sch.iule by the
.Commercial organtJiat ions of Sici;x City,
Council Bluffrf, St. Joseph, Kansas City
and Atchison.
Considerable attention is riven in the
brief to an exr'nnlion of the equaliza
tion of rats na between Nebraska .lob
bing centers, which are declared to be
on practically the same bas's as the ad
justment made by the railriads them
selves before the class rate order I e.ame
Answering the charge that certain rends
are required to make the anie rate ovfr
round-about routes as other road hi di
rect line, Special Counsel PinHh Inti
mates that the commission wnc.lJ be will
ing to allow the circuitous rond to el ane
its rates If It careg to surrender its busi
ness to the direct lines.
Two-Cent Hearing; Set.
The hearing; of the application of the
Missouri Tacific railroad against the Ne
braska Hallway commission for a tempor
ary Injunction in the Nebraska 2-cont
rate law has been set to be heard In
Omaha November 3, by Judgo Walter H.
Sanborn of the United States circuit
The receiver for the railroad. Benja
min Y. "Rush. Is asking the federal court
to restrain the commlpelon from enforcing
the 2-cent law, and asks that the com
pany be allowed to charge 3 cents a mile
for passengers.
Reappraising; Land.
Land Commissioner Beckmann and
' State Treasurer Hall leave Wednesday for
Red Willow and Qosper counties to re
appraise school land and raise its valua
tion. Smallpox In Nuckolls.
A dozen cases of smallpox In Lawrence,
Nuckolls county, have been reported by
State Health Inspector Case to the State
Board of Health. While every case is
under quarantine, the local officer did
not recommend the closing of the
schools, but Insisted that every pupil be
Mellor Bark Again.
Secretary Mellor of the State Fair
board has Just returned from the Sher
man and the Nuckolls county fairs,
where he reported both the exhibits and
the attendance excellent.
More Warehouses Licensed.
The E. Btockham Grain company of
. Hastings has taken out with the railway
commission licenses for six warehouses,
one each at Hastings, Fairfield. Mount
Clare, Ragan, Bloomlngton and Phillips.
Lincoln Labor Body Believes in Pro
tecting All Members Affili-,
ated with It.
(From a Staff Correspondent.).
LINCOLN. Sept. 8.-Speclal.-The
Central Labor union of Lincoln will in
all likelihood not follow the lead of the
Typographical union In ' cutting loose
from the Nebraska Federation of Labor,
according to several labor leaders. The
printers withdrew from the union because
the state convention body declared
attains! prohlhltlon.
The leaders explain the action by point
ing out that a large union membnrsh'p
Is employed in the breweries and distill
eries over the country and these union
workers would bethrown out of employ
ment. It is the policy of the union to
protect Its members in all lines of em
ployment, it Is pointed out.
It is charged the ultra prohibition ele
ment in the labor ranks Is not consistent
because it does not attempt to restrain
carpenters or other crafts frow working
on buildings that are used for the manu
facture arid sale of liquor, nor does it
frown upon other occupantlons which
directly or Indirectly contribute to the
liquor business.
Tlieactlon of the Typographical union
Is taken to reflect the opinion of a news
paper, where a large membership is em
ploed, which is engaged in a prohibi
tion fight.
Notes from Beatrice
and Gage County
BEATRICE. Neb.. Sept. 2S. (Special.)
Clyde Lynch of Wymore has finally won
out in his fight for a saloon license at
Du Bols, Pawnee county. Judge Raper
handing down a decision In his favor.
It la the first saloon license granted at
Du Bols In ten years.
Mrs, O. L. Savage Monday received a
telegram from Marshal, Tex., announc
ing the death of her uncle, R. L. Jack
son, formerly of this city. He wss 701
years of age and a veteran of the Civil
war. He leaves five children. The body
was taken to Lincoln for Interment.
At the Oliver evangelistic meeting in
this city Sunday 253 hit the trail, and
Monday night twenty-one went forward.
Since the meetings opened, about two
weeks ago, nearly have confessed
Christ. Prayer meetings are held dally
at the various homes in the city.
Double in Number and the Deposits
Quadruple in Fifteen Years, .
j . Says Rouse.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Sept. ?t.-(Prxcial.)-State
bunks In Nebraska have doubled in the
Inst fifteen years, and the deposits have
more than quadrupled, according to K.
Royse, secretary of the State Banking
There are now 804 bsnka. with aggre
gate dopostts of $lll,(M0,t, compared
with 4J! banks, with deposits of ir.t'OO.OiiO
In Koity-flve new state banks have
taken out charters In the lsst yar,
while the deposits have Increased Jl.'.Ooo,
iM over any previous year. With fine
crops in view, the coming year promises
to smash All pnt records.
Tie last addition to stnte banks. Just
chartered, Is the Cheyenne County bank
at L.dge P'le, with a capitalisation of
1.VV lis officers are C, O. tilts, presl
dent; Fred IemKtihl. vice president, and
John P-oherty, cashier.
Nebraska Federation
Women's Clubs Holds
Session at Norfolk
- Benefited r rt.aniberlala's
"Last winter I used Chamberlain s Lin
iment for rheumatic pains, stiffness and
soreness of the knees, and can lonselen
tlously say that I never used anything;
that did me so much good." Fdward
Craft, Elba. N. T. Obtainable everywhere.
NORF01.K. Neb., Rept. IN tSperlal
Telegram.) The twentieth annual con
vention of the Nebraska Federation of
Women clube was cslled to order here
by State President Mrs. A. O. lYterson of
Aurora. Neb., at S o'clock Tuesday even
ing with about Sni) delegates In attend
ance. Tlila n imber Is expected to be
swelled to 4'0 before Friday morning,
when the convention adjourns.
Mrs. Percy V. Pcnuybackor of Austin.
Tex., national president of th organisa
tion, delivered the principal nddress
Tuesday evening. Addresses of welcome
were delivered by Mayor Friday of Nor
folk and Mrs. L M. (lottery, president
of the Norfolk Woman's club. A beauti
ful musli-nl program by local talent was
one feature of the opening program. The
delegates hero are from every corner of
the state and represent practically all of
the women's organlxntions of Nebraska.
Mrs. J. N. Taul of St. Paul. Neb., vice
president of the state organisation, was
launched as a candidate for president.
Mrs. George N. Heels of Norfolk, Nob.,
Is talked of as a likely candidate for vice
president and the fight appears to be
centered for tho vice presidency, Mrs.
Paul apparently haiving no opposition. The
nominations start Wednesday eenlng
and the election takes place ThuimJay
Banks May Operate j
in Same Building!
(From a taff Orrespondent )
LINCOLN. Sept. 2v -(Spot IhI (-The
State Lnnklng lxard has no power to
deny a charter to a suvlngs I .ink Jusi
because its liustness Is curried on In the
same room with a national bank, accord
ing to a ruling made by Judge Cornish.
In the district court this aftcrnnuti.
The ruling was mad on an application
for a wilt of mundiimus by the First
SaMngs bank of Clarks. Neb., to compel
the State hoard ef lie-ue It a charter.
Attorney General Willis L Reed. It Is
understood, will apieal the case on be
half of the banking board.
The ruling of the boaid In not permit
ting different bunks to oorate In the
same building whs made after the First
Saving bank of Superior went to the wall
a short lime after the First National hank
of th same place, with which It wa
housed, had falh-d.
Naptha was not put in Fels
Naptha soap just to give it a
name I It was put in to make a
soap that would do the best
work in the easiest way in the
shortest time.
Have Itearnlar Rowrl Movement.
Take Ir. Kings New Ufn Pills and
have a dally easy movement of the bow
ols. Cures constipation. Only 2ic. All
druggists. Advertisement.
Ilarllnatnn Wilt Open Library.
IIART1NOTON. Neb. Sept. IS (Spe
cial.) The Cainegie library In this city
will be formally dedicated October R.
Oround was broken for the building ln.t
fall. The library Is located Jut across
the street from the crt house and It Is
a great ornament to the city. The li
brary board consists of C. L. Culler, W.
S. Weston, Oleorgo L. Parker, II. P.
Spork. H. Ready. W. F. Hryant, K. K.
Collins, Mrs. F. P. Stone and Mrs. J. L.
Fierce. Mrs. R. Rfady if tho librarian.
Through the efforts of Mrs. H. Kady
and Mrs. F. 1. Stone, who have made a
thorough canvass of the town, about bX)
new volumes will be added to the lllirary
at the opening, which will have been do
nated by the women of Ilartingtori.
is a combination of naptha and
other harmless cleansers which
Idoes the hard part of your
jwashing in 30 minutes while
(your clothes soak. Dissolves
i grease and loosens dirt.
! Use Fels-Naptha for all soap-and-water work.
Let The Bee get you & good job.
"Situations Wanted" ads are free
NORFOLK, Neb., Sept. 28. Special
Telegram.) Federal court reconvened in
Norfolk Tuesday morning with Judge T.
C. Munger presiding. A number of Im
portant damage suits are on the docket
and It Is expected court will be busy
throughout the week and then return to
Omaha. The case of Philip A. McNeeley
against the Northwestern Railroad com
pany, in which McNeeley aska damages
for the right of his right hand, will
probably go to the Jury Wednesday
- NORFOLK. Neb.. Sept. 28. Special
Telegram.) Thousands of people are ex
pected in Norfolk Thursday when the
annual fall festival opens for a run of
three days. The city la richly decora'
and illuminated for the occasion. Movie
men are here to make pictures of the fes
tival features and snap the state and
national officers of the Federation of
Women'. Clubs, which is holding an an
nual convention here.
Falrbnvr New. Notes.
KAIRBURY, Neb., Sept. 28. (Special.)
T. Beard, division storekeeper for the
Rock Island, has returned from a trip.
to Horton. Kan., where he conferred
with C. II. Schneider, district store
keeper for the Rock Island. .
The Falrbury band is arranging to go
to Omaha next week to play in the Ak-flar-Benn
Owing to a rush of business. Road
Foreman C. W. Reed has employed four'
new nremen to handle the business on
the' Nebraska division.
James McQuald was called to St.
Marys, Kan., owing to the serious Ill
ness of his son,- Bernard.
Mrs. S. E. Reed Is In Norfolk. Neh..
this week attending a meeting of
women's clubs. Mrs. Reed Is president'
of the Falrbury Woman', club
Beautiful .
Hair Tinting
Absolutely and Positively Harmless
"Iirownatone" Instantly Change
the Hair to Auy Shade of Brown
(or Black if Inferred).
Nothing so robs a woman of her god
looks and attractiveness ss gray, streak
ed or faded hair. And there 1. no morp
reason or sense
k in tolerating
fi unattractive
A hair than ther.
c J- Is in wearing
" J J I unn m, c O m I n m
"owns. NHy
17,1. m
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Sept. U. (Special.) Railway
Commissioner Thomas L Hall appeared
at the state house this afternoon and
created quite a stir by circulating a peti
tion for Fred Shepherd for permanent
appointment as postmaster at Lincoln.
A. Hall la a republican and the office
democratic, the petition created more
than usual Interest.
New Bank at t'edar Creek.
PLATTSMOL'TII, Neb., Sept. 2S. (Spe
cial.) The First Security bank of Cedar
Creek, this county, which Is capital lej
st $10,000, will open its doors for business
Thursday. William Schneider Is president,
W. H. Lohnes, vice president, and J. F.
Foreman, cashier.
Another rasrr for Table Rock.
TABLE ROCK, Neb., Sept. SS. (Spe
cial.) Rumor has it that a second paper
is to be started here in the near future,
to be called the "Tab'e Rock Times." un
der the management of George Kdsoa,
now connected with the Burchurd Times
of Burchard. Neb.
all of the more
noted, beauties
long ago TVC04
nlied thl. tact,
and 00 wear
their hair not
only in th
style, but al.j
the color, most
The one hair
stain that stands supreme I. "Browna
tone." It i. slmole und easy to use. Juet
comb or brush it into your hair. It can
not be detected, will not rub or wash
off acts Instantly, and I. absolutely
harmless. 4
"Hrownatone" will give any .had. de
sired from golden brown to blacg.
Your druggist sell. "Brownatone" or
will get It for you, and it is worth yojr
while to Insist upon having this prep
aration and not something else. A sam
ple and a booklet will be mailed you
upon receipt of 10 cent., and your or er
will he filled direct from our labora
tories If you prefer.
1 wo sires J5c and 11.09.
Two shades One for Golden or Me
dium Brown, the other for Lark Brown
or Black.
Irslst on "Brownatone" at your halr-drerher's.
mai al Co.,
Sold and g-iiaranteed In Omaha hv
Sherman MiCoenell Irug Stores and
other leading dealers.
on'y bv the Kenton Phar
62 E. Pike St., Covingt.v
Omaha Man Killed by
Fall at Fort Dodge
FORT DODGE. U., Sept. 2.-(S:ecl U
Telegram.)-Joseph Smith of Omaha, a
fainter 40 years old. fell five stories from
the roof of the Wahkonna hotel this noon
and died instantly. His head hit a cun
crete slab six Inches thick, which broke
under the impact. Smith's wife, who
worked In the hotel." had warned him a
few minutes before to be careful as he
emptied flower boxes over the edge of
the 'roof. Mrs. Smith when she learned
of the death of her husband became
erased. It Is thought a nail in the flower
box caught on his clothing, causing him
to lose his balance.
What to Do for
Itching Skins
It Mill Hrltete Haekarhe.
Apply Sloan's Liniment to y iur back:
pain gone aiiroot laMant ly. Don t rub; it
per.etratta. All druggists. Adver-
There I. immediate relief for skins itcli-
Ing, burning and disfigured by edema,
' ringworm, or shnlla-r tormenting skin
trouble, in a warm
bath with re-ln
soap and a slnrple -application
of resinol
olnuner.t. The sooth
ing, healing retdncl
medication sink,
right Into the skin.
slops in
stantly, and soon
clear away all trace .
at eruption, even in
severe and stubborn cases where othar
treatments have had little or no effect.
j You need never hesitate to use resinol.
i It Is a doctor's piescriptlon that ha. bean
u;d by other physicians for twenty
yea's in the tieatment of skin affections.
It contains absolutely nothing that coul.
Injure the teni ervst skin Eveiy drug
lit Us le ini I ointment and resriol soap
Samples free. A. T-R, iUs'.nol, BalU
Blurt, Vil , ..
rn n
o) L
.eceiver's Sale of Entire Stock of
Fred Brodegaard Jewelry Com
pany for the Benefit of Creditors
Following order was issued by the District Court of Douglas Co., Wm. A. Redick, Judge:
The Receiver is ordered and directed to proceed at his earliest con
venience to sell the goods, wares and merchandise now in his hands,
at public auction, and to continue said sale until such time as the de
mands of the creditors of said defendant corporation are satisfied or
until he may determine it is to the best interest of the creditors to dis
continue selling at public auction.
W. A. REDICK, Judge of the District Court.
Pursuant to the above order the Brodegaard Store, corner of 16th & Douglas Sts.,
will be closed all day Wednesday, September 29th, for the purpose ot taking inventory.
On Thursday Afternoon, September 30th, at Two O'clock will commence the greatest
Auction Sale of Fine Jewelry that Omaha has ever witnessed. Nothing reserved.
Diamonds, High Grade Watches, Solid Gold Jewelry, Clocks, Sterling Silver, Cut
Glass, Silk Umbrellas, Etc., Etc., Etc.
All to Go for Whatever Is Bid
Bear in mind that this is a genuine Receiver's Auction Sale and you are invited to
select any article from this large fine stock and it will be offered at auction immediately.
James L. Hand, the well and favorably known Jewelry Auctioneer, will conduct
the auction, and the quality of each article sold will be carefully represented.
Chairs will be provided for ladies.
Don't miss the commencement of this great Auction, Thursday, September 30th, at Two
It will continue daily afternoons at Two O'clock and nights at Seven-Thirty until the
demands of the creditors are satisfied.
At the Sign of the
X&mii,C.,fS?lLl V-a
L. D. SPALDING, Receiver.
Up the Golden