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    THK HKK: OMATTA, W F.1NT,S1AY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1915. .
God Cares Not on How You Come
To Him Just so You Do Come
Hv. "Billy" Sunday spuka last evening
nt th Taliernacle on the "Timid Woman."
II' ald:
Mark v., 2S-84: The srrne of thU ston
Ik In Capernaum. Our Iord hH but r
rntly returned from the country of th
Uadartnea, on tha other Hide of tha S
cf OaUlee. On the way over He hu
(tilled tha tempest, and while there ll
had heAled tha 'liri man who u flllc
with a lesion of drmona, and the pen),,
there , had beaought Him to leave tin
rountry aa quick aa He could, for In
paving a man i,IA ho had been lost,
and they dMn t- want any more work
done for them at that I'rtce.
I can eee Mini of those old hng-ralaere
wringing their handa and declaring that
the whole rountry la going to be ru.n'i.
unless the Man who had went their awlne
galloping headlong Into the rti ran be
persuaded to depart from their coast, and
not cast out any more devlla In their
plg-worehlplng land. What d.d It mat
ter If home were unhappy; It women
and children were bavin t live In want,
fear and wretchedness? What did It
matter If men were being robbed of their
manhood by the demon that poaeeneed
them, and made like wl.d beaata, ao
savage that they would break their
'halni, and ragged and wounded and I
bloody would become a tcfror to all who
cama near them In place of the dead? j
What did It matter If people were
ometimee killed, and homea were eome
tlmee burned dnwn and murh property
destroyed by theaa wild men 7 What did
did their bent In Ilia name, even what,
none could be Been. It la necessary tha.
the dlartple of I'hrlat ehould learn t
live by faith, for It will not do to Judg.
from appearanoea aa to what 0d la do
ng. A lifelong Impression waa made upo,
.he dlamplee that morning by the hali
ng of the crowd there in the atreet tu
how them that, a great work had beet,
one when they had not been expectlna
anything at all. I'eter, Jamea and Johi.
and the others were probably thinking
of what waa going to hu i when the
reached the house of Jo,.. ,ut they hau
not thought of anything being done before
they got there. We look for great
when we have the revival meeting neai
winter, but we are not looking for any
thing before then. Momethmg may hap
pen on Sunday, the preacher thlnka,
when the church la filled with peop.e,
but nothing la ex pert ed In the little
prayer meeting, where only a few old
atandbya are gathered.
Heaalt ultra lakaawa.
By Jesus (topping that crowd In the
atreet we have the right to expect aome
thlng now, whether we ever learn what
It la thta aliie of heaven or not. Home
thing is going to happen now. You can
depend n it, aa aure aa God la Ood.
Whatever good aeed la aown He will ae
to It that It growa, for tha parable of
the aower la alwaya true.
And ao I believe the Lord halted the
throng that morning to help Hla dls
ciplea to take a long atep In faith, that
V. u w I,. 1 1 1 m ht nmmm lh luim HI
It matter If taxes were made higher by , down ( TfMt wnr.ver H. and
wherever Hla faithful servant ia, aome-
the ravage cauaed by them7 hog had
been rained In untold number. Their
madneaa had never done the hog busl
nea any harm and the awlne, trade waa
a great thing among the Gadarenea.
Didn't It give employment to a lot of
men who looked after them and fed
them, and took better care of them than
they did of their own wive and children?
"Destroy thla bleaaed hog business and
down goe everything," they eaid. o
they w.ped their weeping cyee on their
bogikln coat aleevea. threw up their
handa Imploringly, Ilka a brewer Just
before election, and beaought Jesua to
turn Hla back on them a quick aa poa
alble, for every minute Ho tarried more
and more hog were rushed Into the sea.
Bleaaed Haslaeaa.
Isn't that juat like the whisky busi
ness at thta time? Oh. It la a bleaaed
bualneas! lon't It give employment to
a multitude of folks? Don't lawyer and
aherUfa and Jail keepera and oon tract or
who aupply penltentlariea get a rl h living
from the stream of dollars It turns their
way? Don't It bring men to town to
trade? Don't It promote sociability and
good feeling among the people? Don't
they ahake handa more In the saloons
than they do In tha church? Don't
tha license fee pave the streets and make
a lot of publlo Improvementa and support .
the aciioola? Don't It do this, and doesn't
It do that? You might have heard a good
deal of that seme kind of talk about tha
untold benefits of the hug buatnesa that
day In Qadarm, aa delegation after dele .
gatlon cama up to Jesus and beaought
Him to depart out of their ooaata.
It makes a lot of difference In thta
world as to whether we look at things
from a hog standpoint or from a man i
hood or a womanhood and childhood i
liaal. The man who thinks mora of Ma
thing that Ood la satisfied with la
done, and that away, down In the eter
nities heaven will ring again and again
with the music of our rejoicing over In
finite aurprlaea. Away beyond the time
I when soma of tha brightest star have
grown dim, we shall meet aoula In the
eternal world who felt the touch of
Christ unmistakably aa tha timid woman,
through effort of ours when we didn't
dream we had dona a thing.
1 shot an arrow Into tha air.
It fell to earth, t knew not where;
l''or o swift It flew, the sight
Could nut follow It In its flight.
I brenthfd a song Into the air.
It fell to earth. I knew not where;
For who has slfht so keen and strong
That he can follow the flight of song?
Long long afterward. In an oak
I found the arrow, still unbroke,
And the aunir from beginning to end
I found again In the heart of a friend.
And this Is but a repetition of what la
alwaya going on. Not one aoldler In 1,000
who fires his musket on the battlefield
ever knew whether his bullet had aver
hit anybody, and yet fearful execution
had been done. Tha battle Is alwaya
won by men who do not know what they
have accomplished. Even our failures
are sometime the very thing Ood needs
to bring about certain results. George
Washington, when a boy, had hla heart
act on being a midshipman In the British
navy, and tha arrangement waa all made
for him to gc, but hla mother weakened
'at tha lost moment and would not give
her consent. Had that la-year-old boy
had hla way, perhaps tha revolutionary
war might never have been fought.' .No
matter how things go, we should believe
that "Ood la In Hla heaven, and all la
welt with tha world." A preacher waa I
niw than m hf hui wif. .nit babtea ! ono preaching a written sermon when
1 the devll'a Idea of what a nuabend and.! "lht at the beginning of tha-moat tm
father ehould be, Toy can bring hall Pwtaut Prt of ft.1 aa tietthessht. aotne
and heaven together when you can bring . of lle pages were blown out ol tha Win-
whisky and Jeaua Christ together. Hold-1' dow and lost, and ha had to atop right
ing a dollar within an Inch of a man' I there In great mortification. Years after-
nose will make him atone Wind to every
thing that la good. ,
Ho when the Gadarenea declared in
such unmistakable terma that they pre
ferred their hoga than decent men. Jeaua
took them at their word, aa Ha alwaya
does, and returned with Ills disciples
across the sea, telling the man for whom
He had dona so murh to go back to hla
borne and tell what great things had
been done for him. It would make mighty
good reading If we could only know how
much that man's testimony hurt the hog
'business. Karly the next morning,- aa
Jeaua waa taking Hla morning walk with
'ills disciples, Jalrua cama to Him with
great trouble In hla heart and said: "My
little daughter lleth at the point of death.
I pray thee come and lay Thy hand on
her, that aha may be healed, and aha shall
live." And Jesus, followed by a great
'crowd of people, started at once to go
with him, for there la no ease on record
of Ilia turning a deaf ear to any father
or mother who went to Him In trouble on
account of a child, and thta ought to gVvo
, parent confidence' In going to Him now
for their children, for lie la Juat the aame
today aa Ha waa that morning when He
started ao promptly for tha home of
How many little children In Gadara
were at the point of death when Jeaua
waa there, and who might have been
saved from death had not their hog-raisin-
fathers besought Him to depart out
of their ooaata. but those who would rath
er keep hoga than Christ cannot expect
to see their children ralaed from the dead
The man who la engaged tn tha buaineaa
ul damning other people's children has
nobody to blame but himself If his own
.are lust, for a t-urae that ia wilfully
turned loose on others la aura to return
n him who sent It.
"Mot II Not It"
A Jesus and tha great crowd led by
Jnlrua la passing along the street sud
ilmly the Master atone and aaya: "Who
touched mer- and like chlldien at school
when some wrong U discovered, every
Ixdy says. "Not I, Not I," and Feter, In
til usual brusque and Impulsive way.
.: "Why. Master, with all this crowd
no clow around You, how can You ask,
'Who touclied Mr " And the next mo
trtent a timid woman cornea forward and
fall trembling at Hla feet and declare
With sobs of jy before them all how
oh. had reached out and touched the
iiem of hla garment and waa healed of a
trouble that had been eating away her
life for year.
P-rrips Jalrus may have chafed some,
wlmt at the delay cauaed by the woman
who thought ti get a blessing without
anybody knowing It, and perhape he may
lave said to himself: shall be too
iate end my daughter will die. Why
eouldn't rhe have watted a little lonner
If h had wattrd twelve years another
lour wouldn't have made much dlff erf-rue."
But nobody ever lose anythlnr
ly waiting on Jeaua If he undertake
f 3iir ca-c He will always s It through.
.ton't be anxious about Hla part of the
Vork for you. He may seem to linger
ronwttmea. as Ha did In the caea of
i-sxarus. but He never geta there too
And now that' the scene la before us
In Its proper setting, let ua see what
i.xon there I for is In th story of the
timid woman. I believe It may be taken
'ur grHnted that her case Is a typical
ii.i. Just sutii tb'nc are alwaya go
in on, and I believe that Jesus baltd
ih throng ubout Him that morning for
th purp-jse. of giving encouragement to
1 a diaclple and to ahow them that they
ii Id alwaya count on result when they
ward ha met a man who had been con
verted aa the result of that -vary meet
ing, through the awakening that cama
from the last thought given before the
sermon took wings through tha window.
It ought to help our faith a great deal
to find out that God can even use a
written sermon. If he can do that I
don t see why any kind of a preacher
should ever have the blue.
Like the Timid Woman.
In every congregation there la some
body like1 the timid woman. Somebody
who haa been going to. other doctors fpr
year, without getting any help, bat
rather growing worse, and now they have
come to the conclusion that they will a
a last resort try Jesus. It was a desper
ate resolve the woman made, but here
waa a desperate, and ao waa mine
and yours. It waa the only thing ahe
could do. Had ahe only had one mora
dollar to try one more doctor that pro
cession toward tha sorrowing homo of
Jalrua wouldn't have halted In tha street
of Capernaum that morning. She couldn't
do anything else, and ahe couldn't be any
worae off If aha failed, and ao aha made
tha venture. Venturing on Christ la tha
beat day's work anybody can aver do.
(the ventured, though, with great timid
ity. I can aea Jeaua beg'nnlng to walk a
little alower aa that poor weak woman
coma limping toward him, for he always
autta hla paea to tha strength of those
who seek Him. 8he had no ona to help
her make a plan, and ae ahe had to do
the Ibtoat ahe could, and make her own
plan. It waan't murh of a plan, but It
wa the beat ahe could make, end It
That kind of a plan will always work.
The plan that puta Jeaua right liJhe cen
ter alwaya work, no matter how poor a '
plan It may be In other respect. Jesua
never turns away from any poor aoul who
seeks Him just because they may not'
know anything about theology. It la not
theology. - It la not theology that aavea,
but Christ. The scribes and Pharisees
who crucified the Lord were the best
theologians In the country. On that Una
they could not only split hair with any.
body, but they aoula quarter them, and
men wniitie each quarter to a point. No
body ever haa been kept out of heaven
becauee they didn't know much about the
The poor woman said, "If i ran touch
but th fringe of Hla garment." She
cldn't know It. but aha waa away over In
Alaska In her theology on that. She waa
putting a piece of cloth la the place of!
ChrUt. and every theologian will tell you
there Is nothing In a piece of doth. It la
ChrUt that aavea. But aha had made her I
ian me oesi ne could, theology or no
theology, and It worked, bhe had never
been able to go to school a day tn any
academy where theology waa taught, and
( "aa a good thing ahe hadn't, ar she
might not have got within a mil of
Christ. Rhe didn't know anything better
than Juat to try to get aa close to Jeaua
aa ahe could tn the only way ahe could
think or. The reason why ah wanted to
touch Hla garment was because He wa
In It. and brother, you touch tha thing
that ChrUt la la and you will be certain
to get a blessing from It. Join th church;
attend th revival meeting; read your
Bible, for Christ ia in all these, n(j H,
will know whether you really want to
touch Him or not. Her plan waa a very
poor one. the scribes and Pharisee and
even aome of the dUrlples would have
said, but It worked.
Baptlaed ky laasaeretosi.
Many a poor aoul baa aald; "If j ran
be baptised by Immersion I shall be
.avil. ' And tin y tried ll and It worked,
omethlng wss done and they were
aved. Just as they believed they would
be. Another has said: "I wlil Join thl
ihiirrh or thst, and I believe that If I
do I will be saved," and they tried It and
It worked, just aa they believed It would,
and they ddin't have to go under the
water at all. They made their own little
plan and Ood looked into their hearts,
and saw that they were walking In all
the light they had, and He let It go at
that. Another said: "If I ran only get
out of bed and get down on my kneea
and pray I believe I will be aaved," and
he tried It and It worked. And another
said: "If t ran only take th communion
I shall be saved," and he tried It and It
worked, and some of these who made
their own plans the best thev rould and
tried them and found salvation by doing
It. were our fathers and our mother, and
they are In heaven now, because Jesus
knew what they meant aa He looked Into
their poor, hungry hearts and He blessed
them because they did the best the
knew, and He will do It with you. my
brother, and with you, my sister. If you
will only take the step you believe In
your aoula you ought to take, and will
take It now.
Yee. all the little plans of which I have
been telling you? and a great many mora,
worked, and yet every theologian know
they were all wrong; and you say ao
yourself when you Uke them all lo pleeea
and look Into them like a botanist looks
at a flower; but thank Ood. He can and
doea save people, and He does It In a
hurry, 'In spite of wrong theology. The
ology may stand up and tell you until
It la black In the face that all the water
In the world ran t save a sinner by his
being baptised In it; foi water haa noth
ing to do with It; It la the blood of Christ
that saves, and yet everybody who haa
got Into tha kingdom In that way knowa
that theology la talking through Its hat.
for they tried It and It worked. Theology
will tell you that Joining the church won t
lift you toward heaven an Inch and I
say It, too. If there la no faith In Christ
behind It and yet people Join the church
because they know they must do some
thing or be loat, and so they blunder
toward Ood the best they know how, and
In their doing It they get a touch from
Christ that saves them through and
It ia a thousand times better to blun
der toward Ood In, the worat kind of a
way than It la to do nothing at all. The
ology will also tell you that there la
nothing In a mourners' bench, and that
you may pray to your dying day; for
prayera alone can't aavei and that you
may take the communion without getting
any help, or whatever else you will, and
yet never get rid of our sins, because
these thlnga ar all nothing in them
selves, and It la true, every word of It,
Just as theology say, but poor sinful
souls have tried them, some one, and
soma another, and they worked with
them, and they were saved because they
just stepped out and blundered toward
God the beat they could, aa the ' poor
timid woman did. Thank Ood that Jesus
wasn't a hair-splitter, that He wasn't
hidebound, and dead set on having every
thing done in an Iron-clad and legal way,
aa was th case with the men with broad
philacterles who nailed Him to the croas.
Just because He wouldn't do their way.
Want to Be hrtstlan.
If H sees o coming to Him heart
foremost He don't care how much w
slip and slide with our feet. Ho will
reach right out and take hold of ua with
HU Hfe-glvlng hand and make nt strong
II T r I . . ' . .
wiwgy tec me virtue got
out of mm to heat tha folks who are t
, .111 la. . , . . ... . ' e
- w uo me rigm ming, no matter
now murh they may tremble and
In trying to do It.
There are any number of people who
honestly and earnestly yes, longingly
want to be Christiana for years, Just aa
thla poor woman never wanted, to be all, but she couldn't help It, on
account of her going so much to the
wrong doctors; but at last when every
body else failed her. she took her case
to Jesua tha beat she knew. So I say.
there are people who want to be Chris
tian Just as murh aa ahe wanted to be
aound and "well. They have felt that they
were losing life; that It waa going from
them drop by drop; and they tried and
trl d. first In one way and then In an
othergoing from doctor to doctor until
at last in their helplessness they put out
a hand, very timidly and haltingly, for
they had been disappointed so much; but
this time they stretched out their hand
toward Jesua, and He saw It coming, and
He knew what It meant, and let virtue
go out of Him and aaved them.
Thank Ood, He did that with me, and
he will do It with you. This may be
your lent chance. Just aa it waa the last
chance for that poor woman, ao, make
your plan, and make- It very quickly.
io anything rather than not do any
thing at all. Only be la earnest In your
aeeklng, amd if you are only rWht in your
heart It won't make any difference Jf
you are ten miles out of the way In your
theology. Jesus will understand you,
even if the doctors of divinity don't, and
you will have His blessing.
Profrealoa Wot Kaoagsj.
Soma of you who profess o be Chris
tiana are Juat aa bad off aa waa that
poor woman. Tou have been mora dead
than alive In the church, Juat aa ahe waa.
You have had no strength to do anything
for anybody else. There haa been no joy
In your religion, and no aunshlne. You
have been so near dead all the time that
you haven t been any account at any
thing. You have never counted one In
the prayer meeting. You have dona noth
Ing In the Sunday school. Your voice haa
never been heard In prayer. Everybody
who knowa you aaya: "Well. If that wo
man haa religion I want something else."
I Or, if that man ia on hla way to heaven,
I I believe I'll take to the wood." You
have been ao diaaatlaf.ed with yourself
that you have prayed and you have
fasted, and you have read tha Bible, and
i you have made the children stay in the
house and keep atlll on Sunday, and you
have gone to church through wet and
dry; but you never got any benefit from
anything, and now you are so dlacour-
aged you don't know what to do.
You don't want to give up, and you
don't aee how you can go on. What
shall you do? You have nobody to ad
vise you; there la no ono to help you
make a plan. No one to ahow you tha
way. Don't ' you sea there Is only one
thing you can do? Do a tha woman did.
Determine to get to Jeua aomehow. Put
out your hand and resolve to touch Him
with It, if It wlthera and fall dead at
your aide. Earnestness la a great thing
with Ood. Make the best plan you can
for getting to Christ and then act on It
without delay.
Juat aa I am, without one plea.
But: that Thy blood waa ahed for me.
O Lamb of God, I come, I come, I come.
If I could but touch Hla garment I would
become whole. ,
(Copyright. William A. Sunday.)
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which la In a very tender etage. If this
frost Is not fol owed by another the com
will not bo hurt.
ittrel't In Caster. I a
BKOHCN BOW, Neb., PepC 1. 8pe- Q
clal Telegram.) There waa quite a heavy !
frost In thla vicinity Monday night, and j
the thermometer dropped to 27 degrees. . B
As near aa can be ascertained little dam- ! r
age waa don the corn. The farmers de- i si
dare a medium frost la of some benefit
Damaae at rierre.
PH3RRK, S. D., S pt. . (Special Tel
egram.) With a government record of IS
degrees, the first light frost of the. sea
son showed up here this morning. It
wss not severe enough to injure tomatoes
and other vegetation, and corn was not
5.1 mi tn Kim rra nt
Thompson-Belden & Co.
000 II (S
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It 1 thought that a heavy dew protected
the vegetation. There la quite a diversity
of opinion whether the frost did any
damage. It la oonceded that early corn
la safe and that nothing short of a freeae
could harm the late corn. Clear akles
existed on thla county laat night and no
wind. v
No Damaare . la Clar,
EDGAR. Neb., Kept. . (Special.)
Bdgar was vlalted by a frost laat night,
tha ftrat of the season. "While It waa
fairly heavy little or no damage will be
done u niece It la to tha young alfalfa
from trench to trench with bomb and
hand grenade.
"Along the canal from the Alane to the
llarne we secured footing on the right
bank at a point near Saplgneut.
"In tha Champagne district the Ger
man artillery yesterday directed violent
firing Into the suburbs of Mourmelon. .
"There waa effective artillery firing
against tha German positions at Bols Hau
on the heights of the Meuse and along
the front In Lorraine, where we dis
persed groups of German pioneers and
provision convoys.
"From the Vosges there haa been re
ported fighting with hand grenade at
Hartmana-Wellerkopf, where w made
perceptible progress.
"French dirigible last night bombarded
the railroad Junction at Amagne-Lucquy,
to th east of Rethel."
IC3 '
Metier nolds-Poesehl.
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cialsThe marriage la announced of Carl
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which took place at Pender on Saturday.
Tha young people are popular and well
known residents of this community. The
marriage waa somewhat of a surprise to
the friends of the young people. The
groom ia the son of Jaaper McKeynolds,
a prominent farmer, and the bride the
daughter of Wenxel Poeachl, an old set
tler of thla county. - They will make
their home In thla vicinity.
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with her many new ideas. She
will be pleased to meet her many
friends at her daily classes from
10 a. m. to 12 m. and 3 to 5 p. m.
Children's classes "every Satur
day morning from 9 to 12.
AH are cordially invited.
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A True Exposition of SUIT Fashion
Read This About the Suits Ycu Can Buy for $18.85
All of the suits in MVdneadajr's alllag arrived here Monday from New York; ao you art sur of atrlea
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late arrivals In Ulou
Georgette and Creoe de
nine styles. The actual ?al-
of the waists at 15. 16. &
and 16.60.
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If I UJ5 wanted Kal
f IS. 60.
choice of Ladles'
Skirts In doieaa of
all styles. All sites.
values range, from
and upwards to
All new e Wirt a.
1508-1510 Douglas St.
"Where They're Remodeling'
TODAY -CMtlaooaa, Twm 1 . an. e
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