Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 09, 1915, Page 6, Image 6

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The fee Publishing rropj.y. Proprietor,
rrw W17U.D1NO. rAnxAM and PKVK.xTicrwTTr
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rrroifity U liry te UiMhi re, cifHilij !
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rent stamps rer-nl in pevment of Sfnelt -counts
personal '"). i ept en Omaha in fMUm
exchange, hot erefitd,
Omthl-tt He I'lilld-ng
Smith mah-:is W ar.t
Cnutifif Ml'ift--t ffia Main afreet
iryoln-:; I,llfh fmlMIn.
;hkff-T Mrt tini'dlne
1MW Tfif-'Unnnt 1I, IK fifth BVfiia
pv tnite-fW lW ank nf Cnmmerre.
TVaehlrtn ? Fourteenth PI., N. t.
id; eernmtinicafinfia ritifi to news d
lorlel aAlMr Omaha bet, railerlal DepartTWA,
Al'l fcT (Vatl l,.tTI)..
Mte bf WehfaaM, f'mintr rf fvmglaa, :
liwight lil.Hhta, t lr".lntlnrf hmnm't f The PM
Publishing pfimpanv, helig ilulv nwmn. seya that tha
averaSH rlrtulatlun for the month of August, reli,
was .,
lwtmtT Wlf,LlAf. Clfi'tiUlltli Mnr.
!hiirriid In ffiy pretn and awnth t befor
It. UU 1I gar t( if l'ta(filf, 116. A
HOE Kit I' lit NT Ml. Nulaff Public.
ftuWrltwr ItrlnK Id t H lrhiH.mrlly
ho Id h Th Itt-f) liiAit0 lo thetn. Ad
1rai will lw rliitttitHl mn t.flfn ltl.
Ko th tr1l pMm ti having a lotnh
tt It (hi faaori;
nfflrlal rortifrttifjlqueit from Ball Crtek tio
ttiat h lfrHf UHCflM M loln ret
ifcutlott In tb hMtt6nr fnrh.
Vl-d from any point of the ronipana, Bpp
temhf walhr Id lh tnont nergatu booattr of
rptlmlaW that lfU1l h ftffl bit.
htl bat placed fbtlon on ih eontf&tiaod
lt. Ta American cotton grower need not
worry 10 litg aa Untie Sam bank the crop.
Ia it goMlble Mayor "Jim" and "Billy" 8tin-
ray roti 11 nave oern tne
"UttlD fiutterctip" who
"mlxea ihoflg bablea
If Vb-f mail service does not Improve after
the cftfdlal toepltallty Omaha. has been extend
ing th ItJlUr carriers, we will Ihtnk our efforts
Gel it Kralght. The' frT)i f Peace will
be loyal ttf the t'nited States ltd long aa trie
i nitod Mt'Ata ta loval lo the (enets of the
Frlenda bf freace.
Caf Nicholas goes to the frtthl to dlrct his
nnnlea III person. KaUer Wllhelm, King fcm
n.anuel fchd King Albert arA alftllUfly engaged.
A rojal flush painted red.
Nothing that the republicans have ever said
ai-out III flemocrats In the slate house was ever
o grilling as what these dlttllrtgllUhed deraO
trata r sl)ing about one another.
Go to It, Oovenior.
If the tea of his publle statement fairly la
dtrnte the slate of Ma mind, Oorereer More-hi-ad
Is somewhat perturbed becauce of tbe eot
nimacy of BtSle Treasurer Hall, In refustflg to
ly out mony on wiffsnta drawn to meet ex-P'-ndltures
for which no Srof latloi wa
rnAd by the e(tisiwre. The governor admlta
(tiat the fterdes law U good one, but flode no
good In the treasurer because be obeys It. But
t'ne g(rrnor errwoterrharges that the state
Irenstifef has ftyt been so scrupulous In obsTt
Iftg other law, and cites tnslaaeee of specific
vreng-dniftg. Moreover, he announces his in
tention to present the treasurer t th eowrte,
rot to he dealt with as remise In his official
t'vty, not to enforce restitution of public money
(Megsllr diverted, but, If possible, to compel
him fo disregard th plain letter of the law th
suvernor hlmielf helped tA pnt oft the statute
The cofietllufloft of Nebraska makes it the
flfsl duty of the governor to see that tin law
are upheld and enforced. Ife Is Hot clothed
with any royal prerogative' of suspension or dis
pensation. The governor admits cognisance of
alleged hiatfeaaaflre by the atate IrfaHOrer. If
be has known of this for so many months, why
has he waited all this time to bring it to pttbtln
notice, and why does he now dleelose It only to
support a threat? And, tight here It might be
well to direct the attention of the governor fo
a provision of law he see ma to hat overlooked.
He says he would have been willing to approve
n bond for tbe treaeurer In tbe sum of IOO,090
although the law of Nebraska, section 6725 Af
Hie Revised Code says the bond shall not h
loos than $600,640, and not less thee double
l he sum that may come Into the treasurer's
hands, as fixed by tbe governor. Did hot the
governor, as charged by the treasurer, thus ad
tla hint to do an Illegal act, in calling for a
t; jfld for- only f 500,000, when the law makes
1600,000 the minimum?
Other little points In this delightful demo
crats family row Will later be brought before the
I tiblif, but enough Is Already out to folk a tire
mat the constitution pitta little figure between
the democrats except when tbey disagree among
Homesick at the Front
What tbe governor of North ('ardllaa slid
to the goverhor of South Carolina was altogether
otffereht ffbm what the govetnor of Nebraska
is saylHg to the treasurer of Nebraifkb.
Tfc shot-king charge Is public! higde! that
the prohibition candidate for governor of Mas
BHcbuaetl "drank beer out of a b&tlle.'1 11 Is
not the offense that shocks, but the manner or
doing it A Bay atate thirst which aurrounja
the rierl of a bottle constitute! i mortal sin
against tood taste.
The Washington cot respondent of the
Brooklyn felagle drops a aeiul-bffitlat intlmlttdri
that Bsefelary Lansing woujd be ait admirable
senator froth New York. The reasons atlggewt
Ing a change are that Senator O GormKH "18
not IB complete harmony with the administra
tion. " Nebraska patriots, do you get thai?
A New York magistrate tails igginit women
operating automobile, "lu the first plst'e," be
ays, "lha hasn't the strength, and In the secviid
placet ah la very pt to lose her head." Even
so, she will not exert the strength, she has or
lose tier head sufficiently to knock dbwit a
pedestrian ind dash away to escape the penalty
of nilscohduct. - .
Aeeurdlng to the Wall Street Dally Journal,
there kre 1,600.000 reglstere'd 'automobiles In
the Untied States. Tbe latest estimate Of (he
Department of Agriculture says there are
19,000,000 borsea and 4,000,000 ulUlet 16 the
t'nited States, denpite the shipment of 420,000
animals to the war tones of Curope. The horse
less age may be approaching, but, like the
nilllehium, It is still In the distance.
Ko Mori Teiohffi Tnlnlflf gohool.
Uy decisive vote the school board has af
firmed the decree registered In star chaanber
session by three members of the teachers' com
mittee abolishing the teachers' training course,
I ut the debate has brought out nothing to dis
close adequate reneons for the mote.
It la not perhaps so much the abolition of the
training athoot as the peculiar method by which
It has been don without thy previous, public
discussion of the subject, without any unbiased
Investigation and report upon the workings of
the school, and the efficiency of it graduate,
and without even the excuse of necessary flnan
dal retrenchment, for the board, with Ita padded
tilidget and SS-mlll tax( has more money to
spefld than ever, and actually Included the cost
of continuing the training school In the school
levy already Imposed rot fiext year.
Btit H ore than that, W believe the school
board Is pointed out by Member Poster, la
doing k grave injustice ttf Ihe young women who
graduated from the high school list year And
qualified by competitive examination to enter
the trglhlHf riasa, only tfl find the dbbrs ihUt
in their faces at In eleventh hour when, had
tliey been notified of the board's Intention last
J line, tHey Inlfcbt hare made dthr arrange
ments or have gone to work (aa some of them
,e 111 Mo havl to do) without wasting three
months' valuable time. In our Judgment, a
scbool board haa no business to set such an ex
kfaipld of shabby dealing" with helpless girls.
The Bee haa Ho interest Itl the training
st litiol different from the average taxpayer rod-'
rerned with tbe maintenance of high standard
fcchools. We feel sure, however, we voice the
sentiment of a majority of our people In enter
ing this protest. .
Fuhston oh the Right Trail.
Uenefal fHifittdd Is meeting a condition on
the Mexican border that requires vigorous treat
ment with decision and promptness. The Beo
eume tlih ago called attention to the existence
of forte for fomenting disorder aJortg the Itio
Orande, and now that the general in command
litis full protif Of thr conspiracy, ha Is gbtng
i-.ftflf th ttoubie ureedera in a fashion that win
l ave general approval. It is not A question of
political rights, hut one of sedition against the
totrrntiieht of the t'nltfl State. Metlcana resi
dent of tbe Tnlted States must be made to
understand that they are secure tn all their
rights, either of perott or property, so long as
tbey respect our government, but they must
also fully comprehend that conspiracy against
Mir goverumeut wilt get them tn bad. American
i ltUeus who join w ith Mexican residents Ih Such
Movements mnst alsa ' understand that their
conduct Wilt equally Ihlite punishment. Much
patience hits been shown by our governbleal ho
far, in its efforts to preserve its neutrality and
! show the utmost hospitality to foreigners
fotuiclled here, but there are limits fo the ob
ligation! of hospitality.
C7 ;:Vc vJJapt Cl-idti
Th4 day cleared up tor ttie fair ind a aood irotid
on the grvniula to luuk at tha axhlbtta and wit
nws the rar. llvniy J'undl. with a record of twen-ty-even
yeara, ia out for the prise bus of t-ofTre of
fered to tha Oldrat giocer In OttlStiS.
"A l-lm veil, a !)! tk-S't good tot twenty
mcala at the Calt City reataurant, and a boy's Ml
hat may he le-overed by the uwner by applying at
police hr-d'iuru-.a n tha arounrls."
A atHldl ka iwu at the Mlrupolltan hall for the
benefit Of Mlaa Motile Pa Kan, tha young woman re.
intly Injuied tn i una ay, with proapecta of aub.
atanttsl pirn !. over HO It. kit having been aold
Tha gentlem'n tni-rr'd In the affair Imluded T. E.
Junea, i. A. i'uuth. O '. Hurn it. II J. Fuller. A. I
r'.atn. Juhn MiMivr, UtHjiiee Htei uajorf, Alva B. Cook,
K. V. Vit'-ii.n and (I. K. Craudelt.
A metlng at the (!. c of W. . t-hner indertuua
arivrgenicnta fur a grand rllK' ( iiade and larnl
vai f.if Filt'Sy hi, In.
7h fl'-a at knoa :-Jn' a tu-ri ntxte by the Parlln St
(rnderf Iraea hahd t( i inlun. III.
M. W Scalding of Mutnlng S m. la., U) th gweet
f aas krvthtr.
1 toadea Daily Mail.
MOT often It sj in nttte thlwa tt "fn
the front hoWWHMr.
Itf the r ef inmnnan n
frmn Itnynnet thi a Hi flH e(W(iter H wag t
amcKe fiom a Weekemtm s ffers-". Tfce iTlrttmew wae
havlm a good time ttf rrae mint be swwrtt tai
Sfwnve. AM taew: m over an atronw. k-
boirweh knraa dM. that enly in tf ef beWag lrh4
at f Would h KM fUt dvw M tH- Tvi aa4
howled, ' he l. it s-eiw1 Httkt thlnW lf
upe-t him o. la axihetenee jnat a pe of ywllrw-b4weBi
erwoee WW rr tang that onty forge emoxe nas. wet ia
ffe. t a maalc rtoie wna-a CtrrM Mei wrtrfcee theaj
a atwit from te war Sone M Krae to tn aweet.
auney flMe of freised. If ennrtilfsa tmw as eny
a arae. From it Stiesptr.s; atvfiier ei n in
waa mfiriTphed leto a bry of 12.
It ta etv.lay morning llftte P eMyTiawt. T
trleh boy a Mg man, wbo looks A good" ttesl like
whet the Wy hope, to look tike some day. jolt ever
a htlly fo1 hi a cart drawn by afclhnf brews) htr.
Tley rrely afok. The me saifS "flk-tk-rlk" oc-
ealonelly wH II e boy alnga and whtetb. When they
have pweerf toe etif foek formto rjr the rti1de
at whtrh tbe leSat tmagrnetlve hrtvse ta sat
the hv Ut hia M oft Ms father's new. '1t m
enve." Myi. (m fheee rare (ripw that ta vn'
vervlng forrniht. t'fttees the road e rery had
father let him drive. Aed se ehWMt o'eterk thay
earrte t? the lewn. Wrrtte yef a long way eff Ih boy
l.eln to- entff. P' eliHerNling kts wowtrtle wMe a ad
Inhalfhg bar h ian mell ioal amoke. It remeS from
a bfamltli e ahop m1M6 th teWn. A IHH" farther
on. ffowi the lop of Mil. they see the shoe. It
ginrtda In a hollow. The town I beyowd, renad
hend in the road. The boy Ssd hi fataef stow at
the MecfcetnlttTa SlioO. fot Old ChSfll ItewttS to b
ho1. While the ahrs gd Ml the boy pwttere around
the ahea en.1 the yard, fie breathe 61 fill of eel
amok. Tha denae ilonda almoat rhoke him. bwt In
nerr he eotne to mfftx'Atlori the bappter be g.
They do noi bum cosl at his hont er at any of the
neighbors honsea. lie amells coal smoke eely whea
he rome t ton. It I a megteal o1or. t'eder rt
lnftetiee hl Hood bound, Ms rnalntloo kindle.
It I th eaenc of the town, the hefSld of .toy te
rorr It tSlfl-S gayety. Chafig. life. St that t
what the boy waste.
Then there waa another man who confessed t
hatttestcknee. Ill emotionel dla1flnce was Csueed
fre Ih tkklha of a clwk. The clock ws In the
kitchen f French farmhouee where soldiers went
fr eg. Il ws a Mg ctoch WltH portentous,
stately tick mere anggeatlve of eternity than time.
They had A clock at horn In l.ndm that ttcked e
that. The London clock reserved Its highest moral
and physical forr for Ilia hwra between mldfiljh'.
and I a. m. It wi rufieibtiman In it lotttifkm. lt
a feliew sup in ever so euietly, that clock knew and
tell on him with aeeneatloftg ana rewcoef. The latee
the hour the bigger the racket, aa If It were, bent on
Kharlng Ita cilacovrrlea vrlth all.
Penally mother heard firal. When the boy was
half way up the atnlta her door opened a few Inches
and her head appeared. "Roddy, is that yo'ur' she
whlepered. "Yes." Roikly whispered back. Mother
Sdld 110 more, but Some ene Iweld the room grunted.
That ws father. PorrtMlm the clock kept t It eJ
Idwd and a strong that one could hea It In one'
ewn roont wit II the door abut. Tt said bnrn, ugly
things, all ef wm. li were eepoated try father th next
morning at lieakfant time. A regular nuisance that
clock mnde of Iteelf. it wsa partly to get away from
It that Roddy went into the army. And hre in
ymnre was another Clock Just like It. Under tho
spell of the French t )o N Franc and the conflict that
ravaged her were rhftmetitarlly forgotten. The boy
waa climbing the StSIt at home. He atralned his ears
for mother "ftoddy, IS that you?" and fathers
grunt. They eld not cohle. It would be rather nice to
hear tliffrl fr a change.
Twi French boya ahsrpenlng knlve on a grind-
Stone had n inure deptfrssine effect on a wetl-et-up
!itfahlre man thnn all the German artillery. Ther
Was a grlnOatooe In the rck garden of the Lancashire
man home. Me had tiftd many a turn at it. Some
time people paid hire for turning, more often not.
They aald It was a mucle-1eveloping exercise and to
develop muarle n as sufficient reward for any ambttloaa
boy. Knlvea and axes without number were aharpened
through th development of that boy'e aching arma
and hack, lie bevef wobld tiava believed, If h had
flot helped to ShSrpen them, that there could b so
many knlvea and axes In the world, lie wondered
then, and be Wbridef SoW, who ever used them all.
There WSS Otie mart WO had th plggeet knlve of
nyhody: he aharpened them oftenent and he paid the
least money, tie had a aoolhtng. muatca.1 voice, wiucn
he employed with excellent effect when the boy'e in
tereat In muscular 0lbpment ebbed loweat. Iuat
6 he rttdre ttlrn, my ISd, bne more turn." he chanted
encoureglnaiy. Revived by that gracious stimulant.
the hby turtiM agSlh, and yet again and again, until
th knives' acquired the drtelred edge. The French
hoys knew no iuch Urban taskmaster. They seemed
td grind khltes for the fun of It. They had only two
knlvea of moderate alie. and they sharpened tnem over
and over. TM theif knives never looked very sharp.
Once In a homesick moment the Iencaahlre man took
a turn at tht grindaton. When he had finishes) Ina
French boyS weie frlslitehed of him and of th khiees,
They thought he ntuet he a German to fashion sue
rhUrdermta-loeklhg Irrblefnehte. The aoldiSr wUhd
that th man Of many knlvea could hava beln ther to
On night a party of soldlera billeted la a barn
heard the neighing of a hora outside. The Soldier
were tired, snd very soon those whe had been
awakened by the neighing went to ltP a gal it But
on young man could not aleep. Presently he dis
covered that th man beald him enl not sleep,
either. Queer, atrangllng aound cam f rem th c
ond man. Th ftrat eotilier put Out hit handi ant
touched the aeoond man. It was nulrering all over
and the atrangllng aounds continued. He thought tn
aecond man waa afraid.
"It a all right, old chap." he astd. Tbre ' getkla
wrong. It waa only an officer hors."
"It sounded like Ned." tbe aecond hin aM.
Th eolrtter held hia hand Sftrt after a llttld th
quivering topred. The neat morning the! second than,
looking rathr ahame-faced, referred to th Incident.
"t could have awora it Wsa Ned out there last
nisst." ke aid. t Wouldn't have believed ther wa
another hoiae In th World that could heigh Just Ilk
that. Nd la father bOrae. W drov him to th
tatlon w hen I cam away to enlist. W got thet
good half hour before train time. Father II1 not
wait ilomealckneea la a rotten dlaeae."
Nebraska Editors
Editorial Siftings
Th Alaawartk Democrat la IntalllUK
J. W. Tampla. editor of th Tekamah
JoumaJ. cckrbraacd hia tenth annlveraary
a vwaer c the paper laat week.
K. a rode, who haa been cnncted
with rarma paprn fca Blair for the laat
haeteen year, bp the nw btuloea man
ager ef Ui Blair ttssnorraX.
Joweph Hcfn. ereprietor ef th Verdi
gris CRIsen, waa married laat week to
Mlw Rial Haaert oC Crelghton. They
vVdteil Omaha and Chicago on their
Wedding? tor.
Kay Kellenbarger of Aneebno ha pur-
ckaaed the Seward Tribune from M. B.
Rusaell. on of tha founder. The Tribune,
which la a seml-wcekly, wa started a
few months ago by Sir. Russell and M.
O. Cralge.
Rev. Clark rwll, paator of th
Iitheran church at Oahkoeh. ha filed a
uU agalnat P. J. Bens and w. C.
Kent, publlahers of th Oahkosh Herald
and Lwellen Times, alleging libel. II
k tfi.OQg damages.
J. W. Burleigh, who recently avid the
loup City Tlm-lndfepndnt, ha pur
chaaed th Crawford Courier. H. B. Wllfla.
who purrhaacd the Tlm-Indevndeat,
he eoacluded th nam la too long and
laat week tiie paper appeared aa th
Adam Breede. proprietor of tne Hast
ing Tribune, sisturdsy purchased the
Hastings Republican front Y. A. Walkins
and 9. G. Kvan and hAa cohaolidated
It with th Tribune. Th Republican,
wbica waa democratic in politic, was
established In 180. Mr. Watktns retains
tha Job plant and bindery and will aId
new atock and equipment. The connoll
datlon put Hastings In the "one dally
elae," along with Fremont, Grand IslSnd
and Net folk,
Th Gering Courier, A. B. Wood, editor
and proprietor, laat week got out Ita
annual prosperity edition. It H In
Sued under tho auapicrs of the fcott's
Bluff County Exhibit association and Ih
devoted to showing th prngres made
by th city and county. So marvelous
he been the development of this scc
tlan of the "Great American IH-Bert" that
It takes forty pages of reeding matter
and picture to tell th story. Kditor
Wood, la one of the pioneers o( tho
upper. North Platte valley and hi energy
and enterprise have been a Urge factor
In making the dessrt rejoice and bio
Mm e tbe rose.
Woman's Activities
The euffraginte of Waltham, Mm.,
were told that they could not have a
float in a park procession, because the
city lawa forbid political prOceeslons In
the parks.
O. Ia. Cross, superintendent ef tho
achoola of Macon, Mo., Sara that aU
teachere are beautiful. "It 1 theory
of mine," , he saya. "that no WemaH who
loves her work la homely very long. In
telligent mental effort always Imparts
graceful expression to the features."
The Texas Council of Mothers ha sent
a eerie of oplnlona. In tha fdfm ef ques
tions, to the National Board ef O tutors,
aa thery wrant better picture show for
their children. Scenario writer are aaid
to b working on fairy stories and nur
sery classics in the hope of making film
that will meet tho approval of mothers. -
The landladies of Columbia. Me., are
aid to be ao partial to the young men
atudent of tha -university thfet the uni
versity may be compelled to build dormi
tories for the girls. Tha general state
ment ia that the boy are eaaler to keep.
They do not wuh handkerchiefs and
stocking in the bathroom, nor do tbey
cauae much annoyance by "hating com
pany" too late at night.
Miss Janet Glider, well known a a
writer, haa ootne out in a long Statement
opposing tbe ballot for women. "It
aeema to me," she says, "that it ia a
trigger feather in a woman's cap, a
brighter Jewel in her crown, to be the
mother of George Washington llisn to
be a member of congress from the Thir-ty-eoond
district." 8he eaya with the
ballot ther will be "girls of the Fburth
ward in New York" a well aa "boy"
Jennie Watklna of New York City is
said to be the only woman who has ever
readhed the 1300.000 club In her Insurance
company, whlh mean thai duritig the
year kh muat sell that amount Mr.
WatkJn found herself left With nothing!
ta support herself and baby iftet the
death ef her huaband, and took bp this
wti WhleM aha thinks I splendid for
Women who have the industry and perse-
rrano required td make a gunoeea of it.
Chivalry Still Survives.
All of the finer sentiment that made for the
glory of war. the recognition of valor, and the
lomage paid true courage, haa not been
ai.tieeted out by the mechanics of the niodetn
Lkttltfield. A loach of generous chivalry will
be found in tha action or the Herman aviator
vho sent a wreath to lay on th grave of hi
rdversary, Pegoud, ho loxt his life in a mid-air
duel. The airship, with all Its novelty as a
Means bf carrying bn warfare, haa apparently
brought back something of the day when iben
rijolced In
"Tha secret joy that swordatnen feel
In foemea worthy of their steel."
It Is comforting to think that man has not
been entirely brutallxed by the dally presence of
war's horrors, and this survival of chtvglroua
recognition of an opponent'a courage roba th
conflict of some of its sodden beatiality and
throws a. flitting balo over tho grim business ol
killing. It It not shared to any great extent by
Peoplo and Events
A fourteen-foot Hisrk weighing W pounds hak
been captured and hauled gut bf th water at Corley
laamt. Tbla on fr outweigh any Shsrg ra pi urea
on ehore.
Th memory of Crtt Netlew nd hr hatchet
will b peirwtuaied by a portrait and hr famea
weaDon tn th Kansas ftt Historical sodety'g
museum at Topek.
A not tier ancient Institution, condemned a a vll
thing, la booked to to. ftew Yerk Board ef Healta
orders th family WaH rag to th Hiclirtof a the
only sure means ef destrelng th grm It Hold.
To ay that w r hot prepared for emergefceiea
Is to tgnor mighty truth Th mayor f St. Cloud,
Minn., convinced that a grav merguncy iiateo,
oardoned a wicked Sinner So be eeutd umpire a baa
ball game. Th town team won In a walk.
After having been la Wualneaa fifty-el years la
th asm spot lit Orange. N. J., during which tun
h loat but tw wertt days, Abrarrt U. Baldwin, aged
. haa retired freiti btiainess a Shoe marchant Hi
waa the flrat retail she aeaier tn oraea.
Ther mag h btlir sound sleeper In th Una
Here and There
Indlanpoll Hwt: Thr la no doubt
that the men who have been In th hos
pital oervl'-e of Uil war ahlne a good
deal more brightly In th eyee of civil
ized folk than the men who made It.
Cleveland t'laln Dealer: If an aJloared
armv officer Is right, that mlliUa gatk
erlng at riattebur 1 nothing mora
nor lean then a rink tea. Well, tt
might b worse. It might be a fox trot..
Boston Transcript: Mr TTioma Upton,
always a proper sportsman, never waa
ao good a loser as when he annoancd
Tuesday that he would make up himself
to stockholders th 11,360,000 use due to
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Prance, Italy.
Oreat Britain and the other eJlles ar
doing littl to aid the unfortunate Rue
elan. Rut another ally, traditional and
ever faithful, la marching to their aid.
The forces of King Wlnur will begin to
how their outpost in Oourland before
many mart week hav elapsed.
Hnrlngfield Republican: Ther ha
been aome grief In Scotland at the ap
pearance in the German army of General
von Mackenaen. who I believed to be a
Highlander gone wrong. Th Manches
ter Ouardlan set th troubled folks
right with th assurance that "von
Mackenscn is no sort of a Mackenzie."
but a number of a very old German
lamlly deriving its nam from the vil
lage of Mackensen, in Hanover. The
numerous Macks may be reassured or
disappointed, aa their sympathies lie.
Philadelphia Record: Penal or Hitch
rock of Nebraska in quoted aa saying
that at th coming aeaslon of confrreM
he expect "to reintroduce my hill to
prohibit exportation of arm and ammu
nition and advocate ita passage." Why
not save the time of con green by read
ing Secretary Lansing's note In answer
to the proteet of AustrlaHungary and
recognizing the strong legal and patri
ot la stand there taken t it, through any
mischance, th Views of person like
fiehator Hitoheock should provall In
congress. President Wilson would be
under the Imperative flecesatty of vetolng
such a propoaed embargo.
"W(icn I went horn tbe other night,"
J aid Air. Mer-kton, "Henrietta mistook me
or a burglsr.''
"it muat have been an unpleasant e
"1 rather enjeyed It It was th first
time In tnr life Henrietta wa ever afraid
of in." Washington fttaf.
dull aivl formalt I eupnoee iw-r tells
you that von are sa ewet as smrar.'
"On the conlrarv. he telle ft" that I am
aa awect sa mwcriarlne. whKh. fia he r
lalne. is times a sweet as common
The BrlHBTOowi duel before the
monyr 1 muat take a brwser. but I won t
want te nvfrdo It How niuvh oht I
to take, old follow ?
Knet Man Well. I should keep on tak
Ing m nil I diin t car whether I w
married or not. Life.
John K. Bant In Nw Tork Times.
Farewell, summer, mid nfl Weak.
With thy heavens sprung aleak!
Gone for sve thr wintry days.
With their frigid arctic waya
Back Into thy polar twat
Speed thee onwart. there tn T
With thy fog. and sleet, and froit.
And thy spirit Umpeet-toet!
Whn designed the nnne may knew.
With thy January glow;
Whence waa born thine antic Scheme
Only wlxnrtrv miy dream;
Wherefore thv December touch,
Wherefore thy November clutch,
Wh'rfore all thy flood snd halt
No mere mortal may unveil.
PnealhlV than wast a J eel
Of aome pow'r by wara dlrtreat.
Pent to thrill a weeolna earth
"With a ruflle Homerio mlrth--But
a ead Joke, If at all
ftummer aping winter, fall.
Is a bit or empty chaff
gulte unworthy of the laugh.
Or, perhaps, some Cubist wight
Hth conceived thee on seme night
When the gods were eecupleil
With Rellone crimson tide.
Changed the from th silky thing
All true poMe ueed to Slti.
And for eiinahlne, sephyrs sweet,
Give us but storm and sleet.
Whence snd wherefevre ail thv stress
Finite mind csn never gu;
But 'tis Certain, high Or low,
tllnd are we to see thee go;
And we hop till thoil srt ssne
Thou wilt not return again--Changeling
child of film and flam.
Dandruff HayBe
Condemned Murderer (to Iswrer) Toil
Said you could get me off with a life sen
tence juid here! am te be electroeuted In
, lwyef-'fhat's all right. M will be
ImprlMihed for life. Won t you? Ahd Only
a month. Instead of long, wi-y yer. Be
reasonable, man. Boston Transcript.
"! glnfl to have yoti here," fnurmttfed
ine noarees, wno naon I nouoen nrm be
fore. ' iou have certainly
been the life
ore. "iou have certainly
ti tha rtnrtv all fliA fvpn nf
"I can hardly believe that."
"that I due to your modesty."
"Noi It I due to the fact that I have
but thtk rnlnUte arrived.'7 Louisville
' Mr. Styles When I married you I had
a fine head of hair and money.
Mrs. ntvlsa-Welli you can't bistne M
for the iors bf your money. Tbnkers
"What do you think Nelly il tiir
album with her admirers' photogiklHi
In ltf
"Her 'hlfh' bonk." Baltimore Ameflcali.
"Yea, I am, receiving attentions from tt
youtig Scientist.".
"Don't you find hia love making rillir-i
Preosded by light. Veuskse of ObUeOta
Ointment t spot ef dandruff.
Sacririle)0 Frcti by Mall
cwtfemr so SM 6ltiM aM eteraiiw.
liberal astll el axkswae pm w1i tt-. bok.
yet mrt -ouUean." XM U, !.
other branchea of the aervlce, which are too but few hate reached the publicity stags surpawtag
busily employed l mere butchery, but the world , lr; Oort, ' ",,r';-0 l?J 5
for n sent before sh ask and arrm4 roe the
will appreciate tha llttU bit of old-Uma courtef
that still persist a.
police. faa y beat Itt
A littl round ball of paper which Mr.
Charts R. Vincent of Philadelphia dug
out of th pocket of an old Sweater she
was washing mad her heir to real estate
valwea at 1600. Th paper proved to be
her husband's will.
Tha Hoheasollori fortune, which to
taled I., tt 0,060 When the great-grand father
of th resrnt kaiser died, I now esti
mated At Seven timed that future. Eight
een month ago tha kaiaor paid a mili
tary tal of r,ooo,
Th lor of an ejection bet In . Balti
more had to Wheel th winner several
mile In a wheelbarrow, with tha nro
vision that every ttm the man toppsd
t rest fv Inehe war te he cut off
th legg of hi trousers. H stopped
four time.
A met Which fell recently in front
bf th ham of Charles flolmon, w ho Uvea
hear preaoett, Mich., went t an unknown
aepth and wter came up to th surfac
ht the hoi It made, although feolnioh had
keen Unable t strike water at a depth
Of eighty fel.
An automobile plant la Uetralt turned
tdl ground beald Its factory into a play
ground for children and tksy trooped
t It as eagerly ka though It war a
tlrcug. As a result of th new recrea
tion center, tret accidents lb that neigh
borhood hav fallaa oft 10 pr cent
Th Harvard graduates ef fit. Paul.
Minn., went on a river excursion th
ether day, and on of them, leaving hi
clothe aboard, went wlmmin. But
when th boat started off, clothes and
all. nothing In the world eoiild hav
saveg htm but hi oolleg yeil Ad edu
cation may help in unexpected Ways.
On bf th oldest irrigation ditches
knwn t haa been dlscerersd re
certly in New Mexico. It ia probably be
tween l. ana IM year old. and ilea
In a vallsy wear Pert ftanten. tt ta so
ancient that sedimentary 4epoll fr.,m
waler passing Ihrotigk have changed ita
gaud U lini1n In Various plaiaa.
Th Apollo Playtt Piano
haa alt of tht devictt
whlth bthtt pl&yttt hav
the Apollo Player
plays the) key i at
played by hand
(Down Touch) tt
is itlf TOllln and
te-rollingt Tho music is played in different keys.
To Appreciate the Supremacy of 1
Player-Piano you muat gee it, hear it and play it. Pricea
$650.00 and up, on payments if desired.
iiwii. . na.n.j.,1. .!..vul.Lii:i'.laMaWIiliasw ..u,. ... .. , .p.
Tbe sweetness) of the ftholda barley malt,
ootnbiiied with (he fine flaror of Imported
hops, runkfle ita IomU mort delioiooe.
Sve Oonpona and Get Premium. Phone Douglas 1S39.
Persistence Is the cardinal vir
tue in advertising; no matter
how good advertising may be
in other respects, it must be
run frequently and constant
ly to be really succcessful.