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    THE BEE: OMAHA. WKDNKSiU Y. Aldl'ST L., 1!H..
Condition! Offer Striking Contrat
to Recent Unsettled
NFW TOnk". Atir. H.-'-onct lion In
1h wV market imUv offoro.1 ptrlk
inc contrast to rf-wit Htia-tllfd sessions.
TVudm was mrlv and on s more
jnohinl !. but the rm)ir:nn a
firm fvi hn prlfoa slioayinl a dls-
T'niiawi Sii- Ptwl was th rontral
featur. It position rnsklns It the ob'ert
o amnt-v bear atta'-ka. but at no ttm
.11.1 It vlelrt more than a fmrt'on. it lil
the aeneral rts of th" final rintir a
vanclnv to 74. n nrrrnliht sain of .
nil' rloHl at Its t. or ' above -ter1aV
low quotations.
War enure were n-t In nrom'nenre.
with funher siclacilar reroverlee from
reoetit derllnee. New York Air Hrk
rooe It oolnta to US on annrninoement
tliat the. romrn hail ra-eivrt eome
more profitable contract. I.'iwnn
Kteel at''et 7 to veaterrteVa el'-an'e of
t.S, arortnr the new hlph pre o' .
I'rurib'e Hteel roee to 71 lleth'elnii
Steel 9V, to r. HalHwIn Icomo"ve 4'.
fn TV while wianv other iiiltmvni a.
trxliiatrlala and motora roee J to 8 lnts.
IVoflt tannic effaced part of thMW
irelna at tha end.
Railroad a aawtn cmritel a pl"e or
Mx-nnrbtrv Importance. althma advanc
Ina a point or more with the tc ialtira
In tha later tnxtJna:. Hock Islsml. a re
cent atrontr feature, declined W to z)1
en report a of a aetback In the proposal
reoraan I nation, but regained ime of Ita
loa later. Total a lea amounted to
MK.t0 aliarea, eteel a-aln rolllns up
about 55 per rent of the wiiole.
llc.nda were malnlr firm. altliouh mii-nk-lal
and atata lawuea, with R;k lel
and deibenturea. were lower. Total aaloa
par value airreirael K.4tO.KV
fnlte.1 States Its and I'anamx V
rllned V4 pr cent and 1'nltaa Htatrs
coupon 4a 1 per cent on rail.
KmM at sslas sM taaalBS asotatloas oa
frykg vara aa telle
Alaax OoM
nrt-aa Bsat lofar....
Afcaricaa Caa
America Kowlt. 4 Kef .
amarlxsa rM...
Antenraa Paaar Rrfla...
Amerlraa Tel Tel....
AfnaHraa Tnhaena
Ata-ena attaina
Palilnera at Ohio
rrwklra HjwHiI Transit.,
tiailfnnila WnHtia ...
rnIla Farina
fVnlral ImIIw
rhempMka OMa,,...,
I hi . )t. Weetem
-hl.. Mil. a a. Paul....
O.l.aan Northweaura,
iino Pam
rinriV fuel A Ima...,
ltlnra.lo aV nnnlhera ....
Imnr Rio Orande...
Ivarr R. l . cd...,
rkatillerar Beeintlaa ....
)netat Clertrto
tWeat Nnrthara. f4.....
threat Northern Ora etfa. ,
OMcaentwim fliploratloa.
Illlnola Central
lnlerLnrauah Met., (la...
Churgei Against Rome Hotel and
Milder Bros.' Saloon Seqnel to
Ministers' Caronse.
In a nigned document, F. A. High,
ll,lw. !? Phade I Hltrlc aunerintendent of the) Antl-
(-p.-rnllte p.'tiiimcni w inuni -
durt- the afternoon tredinir bv the plea galoon leaRUP, auks the Cltjr COlinrll
rr nermanv throuith the Oennan atn- . . ....
baeexdnr for a aneneneion of J'.'Umcnt (o revoke Ihe llcptlUCa to Bell liquor
"Z'moTS'tlnTr? ! by Home Miller, proprietor of
b Home hotel, and Milder Broth-l-e
and ore f-orable railway earn- eri 211 South Thirteenth street. He
Tnr. tneiiidlnar that of the ltaltlmore . . a. . , , ,
hio road, ehowtna- a net aain of iort rharftea that the Rome hotel Bold ar-
.Ive' feTro."mon" ,h' h,r '""'iter hours on March 13. June 25. July
4, July 5, July 9 and An Runt IB and
Milder likewise on February 28, July
9 and Ausum 18.
Rev. J. R, Heard. Rev. Thomas M.
Grans. Rev. F. A. HUh, Rev. W. II.
I'nderwood, 8. J. Woodruff and W.
II. Woerner are among the men said
to be ready to testify of the alleged
violations of law. The following story
or the adventures of the ministerial
detectives Aas revealed when the
charges were made:
Taata It. toalo it."
"So, yon taale It."
rtov. J. R. Beard of Cherry Hill Con-
srcKNtlonftl i hurrh and Itev. F. A. High,
dlMrlrt superintendent of the Antl-aaloon
league, ant faring each other acroaa a
email table In a booth at the Rome
It was far after S oVIork. In front of
each reverend aat a tea cup
full of foaming beer.
Mereaaary to Taate It.
"We'll have to taate It and moke sura
It's beer In order to get evidence if we
are to ask to have thla man's license re
voked," aald Itev. Thomas M. Evans of
Grace I'nlted Kvangellcnl church, who
eat In the party alo with a foaming;
flagon before lilm.
"Thla is all child's piny," or words to
that effect, excialmed nevi W. II. Un
derwaod of McCaao Methodist church aa
he uncorked a little flask of whlaky. 'It
wan't hurt to take a mere taate Jut to
fce rn Bithn to give intelllfrrat testi
mony." "1I11 you are the official of the
Antl-ealeon liyague," remarked ono. "It
Is up to you to drmk."
And the ministerial caroiMal broke up
at the Rome hotel.
At tka Mlldea Kalnoata
Nest the elergymen repaired to the
aaloon and hotel of Milder Itroa., where
long after the hours when the law says
the ealoona should be cleaed they bought
beer and whisky. After all, so much will
not depend upon the teatimony of the
preachers In these caaea, for In each In-
atanoe they ba4 with them several follows
in the party who are not preachers and
who may fairly be presumed to know
the taate of beer and whisky. These fel
lows bought, taated, drank and hint a
good time.
They are deteetlves of the Antl-Snlaon
league and will be on deck to testify it
the matter ever aotnes to trial.
.But then, the reverend gentlemen
wanted to see for themselves lust ta see.
Bo Rev. K. A. High hired a competent
stenographer and had her make a long
Hat of datei and houra of the night when
liquors of various kinds were porchaaed
at various places. ' This Hat ho has filed
with tlia city council. He has asked. In
the name of the Antl-Saloen league, that
the lloenae of Home Miller and of "Boobs''
Milder be revoked.
The council gave the matter the pre
liminary examination today.
Boy Injured When
Motor Car Collides
With Big Macnine
John Oloden. 13-year-old son of Mrs.
Ostb.rlne llloden. T.ll Davenport street,
snd Joaeph Tuchman, J720 Burt street,
were aerlously Injured when the auto
mobile In which they were riding col
lided with a heavy eeven-passenger ma
chine driven by Adam Baudo, a mechanic
employed by the Cadltlac company, at
Twenty-seventh and Invenport atreeta.
The Oloden lad suatalned severe cuts
snd bruises and probable serious Intcrnsl
Injurlea and Tuchman suffered several
cuts and brulsea.
Tuchmsn was piloting his light car
eolith on Twenty-aeventh street at the
time of the accident. According to Oloden
and Tuchman, Haudo was driving his
machine east on Davenport, up the hill,
at a fast rate. They also declared he was
racing with another car. At the Inter
section the big car craahed Into Tur li
nt tin's machine and threw It up against
a telephone pole totally demolishing the
car and throwing Its occupanta several
Both Tuchman and the Oloden lad were
removed to their homes and attended by
family physicians.
International Ha
Kaiuas dir. SWhera...
lohlgti Vallar
1x.ula.llla A Kaahallle..,
ettw rVlmlaam ,
Miami Center
St., Kan. a Teia
Mlaaaurl INuilfla
National Dlarult
National laS
Nnala Coor
Nw Y CraltWl
N. T H. M. H
Norfolk Weatera
Norther Paottla
Parlflo Malt ...
.Panne Tl 4 Tel
I'ltllaian Palara Car
Ititr t'oeUSata Cos?
lirvaMle. Iron A Steal.
lalanS Ce
1uk lnti Co., M...,
w. u s r.. m ..
Houthera T"clfle
eutltern Pallwr
Tenneaae Copper .j......
n.a-.4mpan)r ...
l ima lrti ,
1 r.lnn Paflflc.
1 nllra States Sieol
1 tilted Htalaa HtMl. M
1 th Copper
Vabaeh. pfo
Weatem t'nloa
eetlnshouaa KlexirtO ..
Vontana Poarar
Haltfwla Ieofflotlfa ...
tepeni Motor
Pathlelwm Sleal
rnvlble Steal
. r t r
iMftiai Loomotlva ..
Total tar toe ,, SK.SM shares.
Bales. Hlh. Iw Cle.
I to) in t'i
10 4 1 .1'4
10 70S (' M iS
.4W 11 ITS 7S
nS KV. KT.S,
.n is I "'a
ins 1 la "Ht
I4.7frt It M
mo ioi s ii lot
I !K tm M)S !
l.eoA MS M'4 "
n HIV, H
I an u, M Hf4
,e 4i t
6"l 44 4fit 44
4M It tit, u
l.W) u SI 4 i
t IH
t.ana 4tVt 44 4S
l 40 mi "
.4no r t
VA 17J til ITtH
in tii n7
tl i 40H 1 S
1 to l4 -loo
I0I4 101 ioi
11 .too n4 M MS
I m ut itnti yi
l 7 K. H
1,100 141 140H 141
, 10 m 14 7', 2
too X. H tiH
"titoo "i4 "iii H
, lis
KM 41 S 4 41 4
4. I4a 14 14i
, t.4f0
, (.M . '
t.i lor. lo-,s v:.
Its) lt' loH l"1
l '
"' lot I0S 1ot
, 1.MW 1 Hit
, 10 t) 1 14 I47H
, 1;0 41 4 4 4JJJ
'jna "" " H
tua 4 4 4H
, 4. ran an r,
4 H IS M
, M.fO MH 0i stla
, . MM 1 l' ll
, t ;o tasai ir7 im
a?4.4) 74 704, Tali
4.4 111 111 lit
. 4.JU0 (.Mi 4
MA TO M4 t
, t4.te H4V4 in Hi's
, t" 'i w
, l,7o II N tl
900 J7 171 I"
, an ano 71 7'i 71
, ta . li It 15
, 17. 7 17 ,
. K.u U 41 M
New Vrk Masmr Market,
J'AF'KR-s'stiSX per cer mi.m.A
UTKRUINil lty dat jllls, $46175; de
mand. M uh; cables. W.35.
MUVKR Bar, 4Tc; Mesh-an dollars. .c.
BONDS Government, weak; railroad,
"ToNEY-Tlme loans, firm: slsty dsys.
tH per cent; ninety days, t per cent;
six montha. 3atr3H per cent. II money,
ateady; high, t per cent: low . 14 per cent,
ruling rate. per cent; laat loan. I pet
cent; cloalng. bid. 14 per cent; offered at
s tows .7!.... ST Ms. PS. T. Is... M
li tNf !' N T. ran, sab. s..l4
So claaaa . T. C. 4s tl44). Ioi
V a ssTrag ' t-s N T. S. 4s 104
da r'asVaoVT .'. " T . H. II. S U
raTasia Uasooa..1 " "H
a7-sJisl sTT.-ltk.!.. ParJflo sa
irmoar a Ca. 4s. si . 8 U ref. 4a.
Sta a, 4. ... i Pa.lfls T. T Is. .102
14.1 CW 4a.... -. soa. 4a..
tva Taa. 1st tstaPansa. aaa. 4a....7
1ios a Otli 4s.. HaaJlas aea 4a,... tit,
a a Q. : 4a.. h. S. V. r. 4a. sai
r'j agPe4..W So. rsrtfio e. a.. s
l- K I. ft P. r. 4a. J" Ho. Pacltta. raf. 4a. 44
aoalo. a B. rat 4-a. e. -. "-'- r"
1 a R O. eat. as. 44 Valoa Parltla 4a M
Krla s.n. U t'nfa l"a a 4s. M
Oaa. aiartrto U....1"! U. . Hubb.. s...ij
iA Kor 1st 4s .. 'W a Ble.1 I. 1S
lll tVn. ref. 4s.. Wahaati lot la lue
K. C. B ref. aa.. 7Weat. Vatoa 4Ua..v,
Pacific Mail Agents
. to Turn In Supplies
The I'aclfic Mall Steamship company
that was the ocean llnK In K. H. liar
rlman'a proposed system, which would
Include a railroad serosa this continent
and another scions Asia and Kurope, Is to
become a thing of the past.
Local agents of the 1'aclflo Mall have
been requested to return to headquarters
all tickets and supplies, an announcement
having been Issued thst September IS the
company will discontinue business with
the Orient.
It Is asserted thst the action of the
Pacific Mall la due to the pannage of the
LaFollette seaman law at the last ses
sion of congress. It Is further asserted
that the passsge of this law and Its re
quirements make It Impossible for Amer
ican bottom ships to continue in the
Oriental trade on the Pacltic ocean. The
Commissioner Withnell Reads Cost
Figures of Proposed System and
Enthusiasm Wanes.
Commissioner Withnell Is not aa
enthusiastic aa he was over the propo
sition of spending $150,000 for in
stallation of a standard fire alarm
system and $&0,D00 a year for main
tenance. The commissioner has Just received
from A. O. Beeson of the Nebraska
Inspection bureau copy of a lone; de
tailed statement made by E. R.
Townsend, hydraulic and electrical
engineer for the Natlom-i Board of
Mr. Townsend recently appeared
before the city council and verbally
outlined what he maintained Omaha
must do to be saved from high in
surance rates.
Mr. Townsend sets forth nn estimate.
of flDO.OfiO ss the first coat of a fire alarm
system such as he outlines. In order to
come within his requirements and to ad
vance Omaha from 2'4 to second class
for Insurance rating, this alarm
system must be maintained In a fire
proof building, a competent electrical en
gineer must be In charge and two opera
tor present at all times. The present
telephone system of the fire department
to be maintained and the exchange lo
cated wtlh tha fire alarm hendquarters
Slore Conditions Named.
To further advance Omaha to V class
Mr. Townsend requires pumps for emer
gency service at Walnut Hill pumping
station, a rceervolr with capacity from to ,000.0n". In southwestern rart
of the caty, and soventy-five more
hydrants In congested districts.
To bring the city within the H class
It Is further required that over 1100.000
bo expended for motor fire apparatus.
Amendment of building laws, additional
chief provision of the law. according to nspectorUt ,nd . ,ot of otner
local agents, that falls most heavily mlteT flfc,Rred necessary before lower
rv.i ...(. iiic i pi tut ukxati itaua ta
that 75 per cent of the crews must be
able to spesk the language of the com
manding officers. This, It Is asserted,
puts the control of the Pacific In the
hands of the Japanese.
The Pacific Mall had five big trans
pacific steamers. These, It Is announced,
have been sold to the Atlantic Trans
port enmpaay and will go Into the enat-
Insurance rates will bo given, according
to Mr. Townsend of Chicago.
Thinks Townaend Aaka Too Blooh.
Commissioner Withnell believes Mr.
Townaend Is going rather strong
"I believe we should have more fire
alarm boxes, and it may be' we should
have a new standard fire alarm system.
The chief Insists It Is necessary, and t
slieady have Mated we Intend to install
em trade. With the passing of the Psclflc more motor apparatus, but this fellow is
Mall, It is asserted that the only big asking too much," declared Commls
venscl on the Paclflo ocean flying the I sinner Wlthm-ll.
American flag Is the Minnesota, owned
snd operated by the Oreat Northern Rail
road company.
Omaha hotel employes will hold their
second annual ball at Washington hall,
Tueaday evening. Auguat Si, when tha
rag, tango and foxtrot will be danced to
music provided by Rubin's orchestra.
Cabaret performances will be given dur
ing Intermissions. luteal hotel managora
and clerka will ba guests ef the employes'
association. Kenneth Hell of the Rome
hotel wll be floor manager snd the aaslat
ants wilt be Tim Whalen and Uillio Wat
son of the Henshaw.
II. Bockman, aged U years, a laborer
living In the north part of the city, sus
tained a dislocated right shoulder and
severe lacaratlona at Thirteenth and
Douglas street, Monday afternoon when
he was struck by a southbound Thir
teenth streeta car. He wss attended by
Jrs. Charles Hhtok and Charles Zlmmei
er and taken to the Ht. Joseph hospital.
Jitney Regulation
Issue Postponed
The pending Jitney regulation question
has been deferred another week, to give
the Jltneers an opportunity to show what
kind of a bead they can procure.
Representatives or the Jitney Interests
and city officials held another conference
in the office of the city solicitor. The
present sticking point Is over the form
f bond, rather than the amount. It
has been agreed that 2,0t la a reason
able bond.
The city wilt Insist upoit tha Jitney men
following regular schedules, such as may
be approved by the superintendent of
police, but It Is likely that a compromise
will be mads an tha matter ef sched
ules for trips. .. .
Valuables Stolen
from Pross' Room
Carl Proas, ttU Davenport street, was
the victim of a thief, who removed a
watch and Jewelry from his room while
he was absent In the afternoon.
A- B- Pcrdrrcock, 1519 Vinton street, was
ret bed ef ST by burglars who cut a sereea
to enter his heme.
Victor Qana, 222 Harney street, was
held up by two masked men at Twenty
eighth and Harney streets, who took 95
cents from him.
Thu city coinmlaaloners do pot look
with favor upon the proportion of spend
ing Sl.'tO.OOO for an extensive fire alarm
system to cover the entire territory of
Greetcr Omaha already covered by Me-
phone alarm.
Mr. Withnell will submit a report on
the subject to the city council this month.
A restraining order was granted In dis
trict court against Perry J. Thles to keep
hint from interfering In any way with
his wife, Mary E. Thles, during the
pendency of a divorce action, which she
filed. They were married In "Denver in
1910 and live In Florence.
Phe alleges various Instances of
cruelty and non-support Laat Saturday
he threatened to shoot her, she says, and
started after her with an automatic
pistol. Fhe fled to the home of neighbors.
he says he has property worth I2S.000.
Rhe asks a divorce and custody of their
Charles E. Btanbrough was sued for di
vorce by Nellie E. etanbrough on the
ground of desertion and non-support.
They were married In Joplln. Mo., April
1. 1913. She asks support for herself and
ItoUert Itudd la charged with extreme
cruelty and non-support by Isabel Rudd
In her suit for divorce. They were mar
ried In Omaha In February, 1M3.
A decree of divorce was granted Dottle
E. Whitney from Delbcrt F. Whitney on
the ground of extreme cruelty.
Rail Service Over
Galveston Causeway
After Septemb f 15
The local offices of the Hock leland
sre In receipt of a report from Traffic
Manager Booth of the International i
Oreat Northern railroad, Houston, Tex.
In his report he gives in lengthy detail
the story of conditions In tbe principal
Gulf cities struck by the recent hurricane
and high water. As to Galveston, he
"The piers and wharves are In fairly
good condition and probably rail service
will be resumed over the causeway by
September 16.
"At Texas City." says Mr. Booth. "It
will be several weeka before the elevators
will ts In condition to handle grain.
Ball servloe Into the city will soon be
"At Houston tha ship canal withstood
the storm and sailings are going oo with
out Interruption."
Undian Chief 's Pass
Comes Back to U. P.
The Union Paflclf passenger department
has received a reminder of the days when
railroad passes were ss common as grass
and as easy as hay fever to get. The
reminder Is one of the passes Issued by
th company, bearing tha number Sfil and
good during the year P&. It is signed by
W. Snyder, who at that time was gen
eral superintendent
The railroad pass that comes back to
the Union Pacific aa a rello was Issued
to Chief Washakie of the Shoshone In
dians. It seems that Chief Washakie dur
ing the early days of the construction
rendered some valuable services to the
Union Pacific and to reward him, he was
given an annual pass over the system, j
that then consisted of a single track line j
from Omaha out into Wyoming.
It Is doubtful If Chief Washakie ever .
used the pass, for It Is bright and clean, J
though the Ink used In filling it out Is i
a little faded. It seems that years ago,
prior to his death, together with some 1
other relics. Chief Washakie turned the j
pass over to Judge Carter of Uinta
county, Wyoming. The Judge was the
father of Mrs. Maurice Gibson, pure food
Inspector of Wyoming. Upon the death
of her father the pass came Into her j
possession, and recently in looking
through some of the effects, she camo j
across It and has sent It to the Union '
Pacific. I
Streets Closed at' !
Order of King Ak
In obedience of a royal command from j
King Ak-Sar-Ben the city council or-i
dcred the closing of Fifteenth street
Howard to Leavenworth, and Jackson ami
Jones streets. Fourteenth to Sixteenth
streets, during the , Ak-Sar-Ben festivi
ties this fall.
An even doaen organisations of tha city
are to bo reprcaented at a meeting to be
held at the Commercial club on Wednes
day at 13:30 o'clock, for the purpose of
making arrangements for Omaha day at
the state fair at Lincoln, September 9.
Special trains are to be arranged for
again, as usual, and automobile parties
organised. Cards containing the train
schedules will be presented to the vari
ous organizations, which will then ar
range transportation details.
The bureau of publicity of the Commer
cial club has called the meeting and has
invited the Commercial club, the Ak-Sar-Ben.
the Elks, the University club, Ad
club, Owl club, Associated Retailers, the
Manufacturers, the Rotartans, the South
Side Business Men's association, the
Union Stock Tarda company and the Live
fctock exchange.
U a H. an. .... ! wast. aiec. ct.
lit. aaoffarad.
Sank Clearings.
OMAHA. Aug. H. Rank .clearlnge for
Omaha today were U7J4,9S7.r7. and for
tr-e corresponding day laat year, 12.49.
7W.M. Cottea Market.
market for coffea futures opened at un
changed prlcea to an advance of two
rm'nta In reaponse to ateady Urasllian ca
bles, but met with a renewal of near
months liquidation and eased off in the
absence of any assreaalva support, cloa
. inn at a net loaa of three to live points,
with September eelltng at line and March
at 4 tc In tha late trading. Hales. Includ
ing exchangea, gft.Tr) bags. August. S ite;
h. i4emlr. S.ITc; October, S3c; Novem
Wr. .Sc; December,; January, Sdsc;
February, S4.V; March, .47c; April, t.blc;
Vsy, uie: June, iftic; July, t.A4c. Spot,
say; Rio No. 7. SMja'l Santos No. 4. iQ.
4'ost and frela-ht ofera were ateady,
rana-ing from about to S.76o for
r'anioe 4s. MHrela prices In Brasll went
tincUaiiged. Hlo exchange on London,
urn-banged, at 11 3id.
' frsss Oil Pries Ad vane.
PITTSBURGH, Pa . Aug. U -Five
nls a barrel was added to the price of
ih principal gradea of crude oil today
when the couth Penn Oil rotnuanv n
hounoed the fillowing tales: I'ennsylvanl t
rude. II 0; Meivvr black, NisMla
and Cabell. fl.2u; Corning. II M. Two
c uts wero tacked onto Kagland. bring
ing it to (3 centa. but there waa no
t.angs in Hniett. This la the third
ivtuic within two weeks.
Llrerpool brain Market.
MVF.RP4JOL, Aug 24 WHKAT-Spot.
No. 1 Manitoba. Us i1!: No. a. Us 4'jd.
.No. 1 nun her a mluth. lis d.
O pot, Amarrtcen, mixed, new,
i l iralr4 Aslea nns Dried FraMs
AHll N vl-t.
imiru r KL' ITS Prunes, steady: sprl-
uta, fleady; puacbee, stead: raia.u.
Burmester Named
Furnace Inspector
Louis Burmester, former city council
man, has been added lo tha city payroll
as fumacw laspector, at S13S a month. He
will work In tha city building department
Commissioner Withnell stales many fires
are caused by defective furnaces.
With Mr. Burmester, the following four
men In the employ of the city make up
a quintet of former councllmen: Lea
Rrldtfea, Ooodly F. Brucker, W. 8.
Sheldon and Peter E. Elsasser. -
Ed Mc-Prlde. Falrbury. Neb., was held
up and rolrtoed at Twelfth and Howard
streets - lata Tuesday morning by three
men, who secured S0 In caah.
fta gertstas.
Croup and 'Whooping Cough are Chll
nren a ailments. Dr. King's - New Dis
covery Is what you need-it kills tha Cold Twenty-eighth avenue, did considerable
Germs. All druggists -Advertisement. damage lo the houae and furnlahlngs.
I threatening to suffocate Mrs. Hansen and
Key to the Situation I'eo Advertising. her three children In their bedroom. A. B.
t'mlth, a roomer, was firwt awakened and
Slumbering Family
Endangered by Fire
A fire early Tuesday morning at tbe
OI a ad Hoaln.
Firm. STHc: aalea. 330 bbla.: re
reiitta. M4 bbla.; shipments. 271 bbls. :
stocks. is.(i.
Itor'IN Ktrm: sales. 873 bbls.: receipts,
!.&) bbla ; alilpmenia. 1.787 bbla.; stocks.
. bbls. Uuotntlons: A, li. l,
I2.5; K, i WV. F ? a.: U. H. I. H.10; K,
t3: M. RU0: N. Ut; VU. U.U; WW.
aar Market.
NEW TORK. Aug. t4.-8l'aAU Raw,
steady; centrifugal. 4,79c: molasses. l.&3u;
refined, eaty, I points lower; cut loaf,
IUi.; eruahd gs&c: mould A. Cl(k?: eubea
IMir; XXXX powdered, shoe; powdered, , the City.
tibc; me granulated, iw; diamond A,
l.s: confectioner' A, t.6fc; No. 1. 1.40c;
futurea were easy early today, and at
noon were 4 to ( poln'a net lower.
he aroused the other members of the
Hummel in Quandary; ;
Three Pet Goats Die
City Commissioner Hummel is In a j
quandary evr his recent venture of '
raising geats. He bought twelve Alison a '
ata for the Rlvervlew park soa a week '
ago. Three died Monday night.
The city health department was con- 1
suited and suggested that the lower nltl- ;
tude here might have had an -enervating '
effect on the respiratory organs of thefe ,
goats. j
Tha animals were treated with every
care. Mr. Hummel says he Is open for :
suggestions on goat raising. !
The city council authorised maintenance
of the Field club district special lighting
system, tha annual expense over the or
dinary lighting not to exceed 11.1. It
has been stipulated that the system,
when completed, shall be turned over to
Metal Market.
NKW TOR". Aug. 14 -METALfl-Lead.
offered at 14 W; anelter. not aucted:
ropiwr . steady: electrolytic, lit ioi7 W;
Iron, steady and unchanged; tin, steady,
At London Copper, spot. f5 7s 'd;
futures 10s: electrolytic, 77: t'n
soot. tr4 sa: futures. ai.M 10s; Lead,
t.i 13a M; spelter. 15.
at. Loals Ural Market.
ST. IM'lrt. Aug. 14 WHKAT No. t
red. tl lJrfrl ISM,: . No. I hard. II U; Sep.
teniber. II ,S1.0u'; Knnitr. STStf
riiRS-Nr . Sic: No. t whlla. nominal:
September, 3c; IVce-nber. 4Wti)So.
OATH-Xo, X. ixj-toe; Nj. S whlta,
John Toeney, William Henry and Wil
fred Coyne, charged w)th breaking and
entering the home of John Neil, tL
Burt street, ware bound o.'er to the d'l
trtct court with bonds fixed at 7i0 each.
.Benefit by c haaabs'rialn'a
"Last winter I used Chamberlain's Lin
iment for rheumatic palna. atlffneaa and
soreness ef the knees, and ran tonarlen
ttoualy say that I never used anything
that did ma ao much good." Edward
Craft. Elba. N. T. Obtainable everywhere,
The Omaha Press club has engaged
John W. Ruskln. noted explorer, to de
liver a' lecture free to the public at the '
Boyd theater Sunday afternoon, August j
29, at S o'clock on "The Truth About the j
North Pole." j
Mr. Ruakln has been engsged In ex-
ploratlon and expedition aork for tha
laat ten years. He was associated with !
Dr. Frederick A. Cook for a time, and j
was a member of several Arctic expe- j
ditlons. Including the Whitney expedition
in 1907.
Mr. Ruskln la In Omaha preparatory!
to giving a aeries of Illustrated lectures i
for a week at tha Boyd on "Wild Animal,
Bird and Insect Life," as ha has photo
graphed It with the movie camera In
all parts of tha world. As he has an
Interesting collection of Arctic movies ,
with him. and as ha Is aa ardent student I
of the Cook-Peary controversy, knowing
much about polar work from personal ex
perience, tha Press club baa grasped this
opportunity to engage him for a lecture,
which It will throw open to all who are
Many Branch
The Pantorlum, Omaha's
Oldest and Best Cleaning and
Dyeing Establishment, baa
34.479 branch offices In
Greater Omaha.
There is probably one right
at your elbow Jut pick up
the receiver and auk for Doug
las 63 whenever you want any
Cleaning or Dyeing done. Six
bright. rl?an. hurry-up autos
are at your aervtce every min
ute. '
Now is a good time to have
your heavy clothes put in shape
for the cool days of September.
V'e will rellne your jacket,
put new velvet collar on your
overcoat, put la new sleeve lin
ings, or do amy other repair
ing or altering necessary.
There is some distinction,
and a lot of satisfaction, In
having your clothes cared for
by us. '
There's a difference.
The Pantorium
'Go! Cleaners and Dyera"
1513-15-17 Jonee HtrrW,
Phone Doug. 963. Receiving
Station, S013 Farnam Strert.
South Side, 528 No. 24th St.
intone So. 12H.1.
Commissioner Withnell has Introduced
an ordinance to prohibit maintenance of
automobile garages in connection with
any building used for dwelling purposes.
Instances have been found of garagea
In basements of buildings UmkI for rrsi
denca purposes.
The explanation Is offered that thla
ordinance Is to reduce the tire risk.
KemoTti bursal Enlargements,
Thickened, Swollen Tissues,
Curb, tilled Tendona. Sore
ness from any Bruise or Strain;
Stops Spavin Lam t nets. Allays pain.
Does not Blister, remove tha hair oi
by up the hone. 11.00 bottle,
delivered. Book 1 K free.
ABSORBINE. JR.. the antiseptic Hr.1
mcntfof mankind. For Synovltla, Strain 1
Gouty or Rheumatic deposits. Swollen
Painful Varicoee Veins. Wi I tell yov
more if you write, f 1 and f 2 per bottle at
dealers or del' vered. Manufactured only bj
.F f0UM.r.0.r. I!4laai at&nslsM.laaa
SBi.lsisjaagjaassasjsajai ais i 1 1 4
siniW'ialarisatririiW ti
Continue (or
Slashing Piano Prices
Not Less Than 50 Pianos Must
Go Within the Next Ten Days
To mnkn room for lnrsro sliinmcntg of V orld-f amed
Pianos and F'laycr Tianos, now in transit from various
Every Piano and
Player Piano
(With Exception of Knabes)
will be offered at most alluring low prlcea during thla Clearance Sale.
Choose from such world-famed makes as
Everett Fischer Smith & Barnes
Sohmer Estey Price & Teeple
Schaefff r Marshall & Wendell Geo. B. Morris
and others. While among the Player Pianos
The "Angelus," the Player Supreme,
is included with several other splendid makes.
You can't afford to miss this rare opportunity at pricings so
extremely low. t
Good Upright Practice Pianos $65, $85, $90, $100
Vcrj Slightly Used Pianos Regular $250. $275, $300 and $350
instruments, at Just Half Original Prices.
Your Choice of Ten New Pianos Beautiful instruments, made to
sell at $350 $173
Player Pianos. x $225, $275, $300, $325, $350
Used Organs at $5, $8, $10 and $12
We Rent New Pianos and allow six months' rent to apply on
purchase price.
Terms Arranged to Suit Your Convenience.
After returning from the links
you will find a cold bottle of
most refreshing. Ask for it and
be convinced. Quality counts.
Save Coupons and Get Free Premium.
'Phone Douglas 1889 and Have a Case Sent Home.
We Will Pay You
To Tell Us This
Why axe you planning to move T and
what sort of a new home do you wish to se
cure f A city residence or suburban hom
apartment or flat, no matter what, nor where;
tell us about it in a letter. For the best let
ters submitted THE BKE will pre away $25
in CASH PRIZES, to be divided as follows:
$10.00 for the bt letter, $7.00 for the second
best, $5.00 for th third best letter, and $L00
each for the next beat three.
The contest is undertaken in connection
with the
Complete Rental Guide
of THE BEE. There will be lots of contest
ants so get your letter in early. Write clearly
on one side of the paper only, and, Bigned and
sealed, submit to THE BEE marked for the
"Letter Contest." Every ono will have an
o-jual chance, but do your best.