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    THE I5KK: OMAHA. Jl'KSUAY. AWt'ST 21, 1!Hj.
Mermuo Sirer Eiiei Rapidly in
JJig-ht and Drives Thousands
from Their Beds.
f?T. LOns, Aug. 13. The Mersmec
T'ver, which rose swiftly Saturday
night and Bandar, flooding a large
:Mrt of the manufartarlng and sum
mer resort town of Valley Park, nine
teen miles southwest of St. lyouls,
foil rapidly today, making possible a
.ireful Inquiry to determine the ex
;ent of the flood damage.
Reports of drowning mere unron
f'rmed thia morning, though the for
mer last night aald twelre drown
ligs had been reported to him. None
was mlnslng In Valley Park today, so
f.r aa could be learned, though 8. BOO
jersons were driven from their
Thousand's of acres of farm loalanils
Ion ir the river wre still under water
nd tt wa tmosifhle to learn definitely
whether the acoree, mostly white, who
who had bean reported missing laat
htfht, had been accounted for.
The water stood In the atreeta of Val
ley Turk today from two to four feet
deep. The Merameo river fell alowly
beoeuee of the Man water In the Mlari
Ippl. The Meramec la flooded alone He
mtlre course of IK) mllea throuah the
Oaarka. More than 10D mllea of terri
tory In tha heart of the Otarka between
Sprlntflf Id, Mo., and 8t. Louis la rut
ff from communication with either city.
HewTF Diauift la Illlaola.
Equally olatreaaln4 conditions prevail
throughout aoutheaatern Missouri and
paj-ta of weatern Itllnola, where the toll,
teaa eaver in the number if Uvea loat,
la far greater In' damage to property
and crop. Railroads, telegraph end tele
phone facilities ere demoralise, the
physical dams may sisreeme IMXM,
MO, and tans of thousands of farmers
and villagers are honieleaa.
The Merameo river rose during the
night while thouaanda of campers and
picnickers slept In tb club house and
summer oottages which dot the river's
bank. From I 0'clooa yesterday morn
ing until laat midnight the river roae a
foot aa hour. Tha flood water of swol
len Osark mountain ' streams, which
empty Into the Merameo, cam rushing
down the Marameo In layera a foot high,
tearing farm houses, club houses, bridges
and barges from their mooring and burl
ing them against tree, telegraph pole
and egalnat each other In the mad ruah
toward the Mlaslsslppl river.
Rat a r Tell All Day.
Calla for help were ennt to "t. louls
and hundreds of rescuers with motor
boats and other crafts were on the aoene
at daybreak. They tolled all day and all
last night and rescued SOD persona. This
morning man and In a fsw cases women,
who bad climbed tree tope and roofs
still were crying for help. Moat of the
population ef VM.-y Perk-i.Ho families
were driven from their home a! id large
manufacturing plant, about which the
town Is built, were rendered uaeleei, prob
ably for week. -. , ; -
, Newgtorlt Ark., I ITooioe.
LITTLJt ROCK, Ark., Aug. fl-Whlle
river la coming' over the Kork laland
leva at Newport and the town will be
flooded, according to report hers today.
The fSt.Ooo causeway Just completed over
Newport lake ha broken.
Hundred of volunteers today were
working on the levee and negroe had
been forced at the point of shotguns to
Kln them. The Stevens steel levee at
Ingleald. near Newport, has broken.
.Raporta ware received here laat night
that a family of five peraona had been
drowned In the bottoms near Oil Trough.
In Newport all bualneea has been bub
pended. The water and electrto tight
plant have been put out of commlaalon
by the water. The damage to crop In
White river butt m i will be enormoua,
a thouaanda of itcreaf are flooded.
" Th eteamer Muakogee and Mary Q.
Lucaa are running day and night rea
ming families from the overflowed dle
trlcts, many of the dwellers of the low
landa being taken from tree.
Hundreda of head of stock driven out
of the bottom by tha water are roaming
the street of Newport and vicinity.
LEO FRANK LAID TO REST At the left i3 shown the caket being taken down the stepi
of his father's house in Erooklyn, to the waiting automobile hearse. At the right is shown
the mother of the dead man being assisted down th stepi after the casket.
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fte Vi
r r r ' - -,
(7 .in
'",!: j. .'if
i M
5 U LI, -
I prp--'--
I es-e 'C M
w': ' r& I
f. &
- x?
s: I ' t MJy ' I i fit
S I j ' 1 ;i 4 ft 4 UK - B M
A ' - -- t -'-3 r -J f. , 3 i 4 ve j fl 3
i-': St, I 11 LJ f." ? 3 ;4 tf II ! i ! 1 t fl
' ewi'il wi urtleii mm l .mil m . .iXt a
asTefKV; HQO3&
admlte that there are probably earn '
thing which may need looking after,
but to what aatent he will not say and
until be has secured aome more legal
advtoe will take no action.
Bit Molda t'p Vewehee.
State Auditor Smith this morning held
up the first voucher coming from the
railway oommlaalon. H with other
state officer Interested In the matter
were In consultation during moat ef the
forenoon. They have been cntlotslng State
Tresaurer Hall becauae he would not
abide by the opinion of the attorney (gen
eral when tha attorney general rulad that
Fir Commlaaloner Rldgell was sntttUd
to draw money on Ms warrants, mid
nw they muat decide whether to take
the advloe of the attorney general In th'a
matter. Juat what the auditor will do will
be made publlo after holding anna mora
eonferenoes with hi state house brethren
and a few eeanoee with the attorney gen
eral. Refegre la Old Theory.
fttate officer moat Intereated In th ef
fect the declalon ef Attorney. General
Reed will have on the officer whoee
bonds are not sufficient, to eoyr the
oonatltutlonai requirement apiar to
take comfort from a declalon ef the su
preme court In the Eugene Moore case,
where he, aa tat auditor, wa charged
with approprlsttnn of fees, that th fee
coming Into the different department are
not stats fees until they have been re
ceived by the state treasurer. In othor
woids, thsy are claiming that the ststa
ha no right te th fees coll?t'l by
them until they get fy to turn them
over to tli Ut treatu.-er. To a buth
of patriot who have Lean condemning
such acta, this la decidedly lntireaMng.
In the meantime the atate house a
standing up alt right under the strain,
but when Lieutenant Governor Ilrrvon
comee down from Morefleld end demand
of Governor Morehead that ho set out
and alve him a chance the old dome may
tremble a little.
aocount and, therefore, the aame aa no
bond whatever, and the governor haa no
authority to act.. .
Affeetlac Other Offhera.
The report of the secretary of state
enow that the fea of that office during
the laat blennlura amounted to noj.yri.
V'nder the Interpretation given the con
aiitutlon by tha attorney general the ec
retary of state should give a bond of
more than 1400,000, and hie bond of tM.OOO
la not a legal bond and. therefore, Mr.
fool haa not complied with the constltu
Son and has no right to the office.
Nl,t Treaaurer Hall admits that under
the Vullng of the attorney general he
ahould give a bond of about M). 000,000
inatead of 11.000,0(0, aa he haa done, and
aa former slat treasurers have been do
ing. t lark Uleee Vteera.
Chairman Henry Clarke ef the Stat
luilway commlaalon thinks the attorney
general 1 considerably off th legal
rraervation and has no authority (or his
opinion to back him. He Is of the opinion
that Mr. Reed I somewhat Inoonalatent
In claiming that he ha known of this
condition since he flrat came Into office,
but notwithstanding that he believed the
onun Union without authority to do bust,
neaa for the stat. haa associated with
it aa counac and baa taken trip to
.Washington and other polnte to aaalst In
the work the commission was doing. Ha
knsUU that If th attorney general kax
Umt the commlaalon wa working with
out authority of the constitution that he
hhl no rttfht te spend the money appro
priated by the state te the present mam-
era tor eapenaee of the commlaalon la
M h Mr. Heed was taking part.
Ilali Write letier.
lomoiUjjooer Hall . ba . taken the
trouble te send a luttor to the attorney
general Ui,n gives' e," idea of hew the
amended cotuitlt ution came to be as tt
Governor il..head would not talk for
publication U0 momlng. . He Intimated,
liuwevrj. that ha might Uaue a atatemetit
Jltc on, probably tomorrow, after he baa
time to 1, Jot(J th malUr,
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Military Wedding
Upon Camp Grounds
CRETE, Neb., Aug. 2S. (Special Tcle-gram.)-The
field of th Fifth regiment
waa a busy place today, ending with a
regimental parade at I p. m. Hard drill
ing of the companiaa haa continued from
early In the morning.
Ijaat night's program waa concluded at
T:M p. m. with a military marriage, the
principal parties to the affair being lieu
tenant Elmer Lunstrom of Fremont.
member of the signal corps of the Fifth
regiment, and Mlas Georgia MoCreedy of
Fremont, Neb.
The offlcera formed at the headquar
ters tent and escorted the bridal couple
to the platform where the rellgloua serv
ice were held. The band played the
wedding march.
The bridal couple was accompanied by
Captain and Mrs. Jeaa of the algnal oorpe,
both dreaed In white. The groom was
Areaaed In full military white, and the
bride was dreaed in blue silk. The cere
mony was performed by RJ. Be Geerg
A. Seeoher of Kearney, chaplain of the
Fifth regiment.
Tomorrow wUI practically finish the
week' work In field work and hard drill
ing and marching. Captain McMillan has
left the field and his mechanician, C. F.
Laxgeverker. left tonight with the aero
plane for Miniature, Scott's Bluff oounty,
where Captain McMillan will make a
flight on August 28 and TT. Captain
tthaefer la atlll on the ground and win
fly tomorrow afternoon during the ma
neuvers of the companlea In the felld.
Lieutenant Daaafeldt. Inspeotor and In
atructor In the hoapltal oorp. who I d.
taehed from th regular army In thl
work, waa very busy In hard drill work
with his Red Cross aguad, preparatory to
the field work to b don tomorrow.
UfFFALO, N. 1 Aug. 23,-Charle
Austin Fosdlck, 73 years of age, died at
th horn of hi aon-ln-law at Hamburg,
N. T yesterday. Mr. Foatdlok, under the
name of "Harry Castlemon," wrote many
book of adventure for boys.
iiearily Laden Transports Convoyed
by Warship Leave Four Ports
. for Unnamed Destination.
nolK. Aug. -iVla Paris.)
Several trnii -iportn, ludfn Alth troops
and esrorfffi liy warships, have rle
lartfd from Xapics, Syracuse, Ta
rr.nto and HrlndIM for an unknown
Thf-y sailed under sealed orders. It
Is gonrrally believed that they are
to be f-mploycd - for operations
against Turkey.
(inpalg Planned laet Month.
VDINK (Via rarls). Aug. U-Tli fuel
I dlsvlosnd that joint military action by
Italy with F.neland. France and Russia
galnat Turkey wa arranged by the
Italian General Tlrro during hla visit to
the Anglo-French front In July. Plans
studied then, It Is iw . ran Immediately
he put Into action.
Tarker and Italajarla Plgn Treaty.
BEUUN, Aug. 23. -(By Wlrlcaa to 8ay
vllle.) The Oversea New Agency today
gave out the following:
"Official reports from Sofia and Con
stantinople state that Turkey and Uul
garta have signed a new treaty, Turkey
granting Bulgaria Its desired direct rail
road connection with the aea. and Bul
garia agreeing to obaerve a benevolent
neutrality, It not more."
Unofficial reporta late In July stated
that a convention had been signed on
July 23 by which Turkey redod to Bul
garia the Turkish portion of the Dedeag
hath railway. The reports stated that
the treaty left Bulgaria unpledged con
cerning Its attitude In the war.
nnatantlnopl AVIthoat On.
SOFIA, Aug. 13. (Via lxnrion. The
itua works at IoKlabotche, which supply
Constantinople, have been shut down,
owing to lack of coal, nnd Constantinople
Is now lighted by petroleum, eccordina;
to the lateat advice from the Turkteh
capital. For the aamo reason trains on
the Anatolian railway are running at
half BMeri.
Japan Will Aid Raaala.
TOKIO. Aug. a3. Tho Kokumin Shlm
bun aaya: Premier Okuma state that
Japan haa decided to give greater aa
slHtanco to lluesla to proeecute the war.
He could not discuss details; but al
lowed It to be understood that this as
sistance would take the form of the for
warding of greater supplies of muni
tions." The Associated Press learns that Japan
ha decided to emptor alt available gov
ernmental and private reeourres for In
creasing; the output of munitions for the
alllee, particularly Rusala.
The Japaneee government believe the
time haa arrived for more concerted ac
tion acalnst the enemies of Japan ami
Ita allies.
Hr Killed by l.lehtnlna.
8HOPHONI. AVyo.. Aug. JT (Special.)
One son of Duncan McClelland, a
ranchman, was Instantly killed and an
other waa so badly bruned that he may
not recover, when th youngsters wer.-
struck by lightning late Saturday, whl!"
driving the family cow In from paeture
during a thunderstorm. The older of th
boys, aged It years, wss killed, and the
younger, aged , seared from head to
Keep It Heady for Rheaaaatlaaa.
Ion t suffer and try to wear cut your
Rheumatism. Sloan's IJnlment goes right
to the spot, kills the pain, ST. All drug
gists. Advertisement.
Thompson-Belden C
The Vogue of the
Separate Skirt
Every woman admires a separate skirt bemuse) it
is so practical. So it's indeed good to know that
Fashion favors them and their popularity is aisured
for the coming" season.
Shown in satin, broadcloth, sergti,
gaberdine and mixtures in a most
attractive variety of exclusive models
Priced $6.75 to $25
Attractive values for $8.50 and $10.50.
The Store for Shirtwaists
Announces the arrival of a series of new blouses,
exclusive models, which are remarkably fashion
able. $12.50 $16.50
Also out of the ordinary in value art these
plaid blouses at $5, $5.95 and $6.50.
For Freckled, Tanned,
Red or Wrinkled Skin
that aooount the Russian naval victory
may have large effect on the German
Italy's declaration of war on Turkey
haa not yet led. ao far aa Is known her.
to definite result, but It le expected to
have a great effect on Roumanla, which
king has been connected oloeely with
From the Franoo-Belgiaa front comee
reporta of artillery duels, unaccompanied
by infantry activity.
Ra.ataa Offletat Rrt.
PETROOitAH, Aug. 23. Vl London.)
Th recent naval battle In the Quit of
Riga Is described aa follow In a tate
ment from navy headquarter:
'Th Oerman fleet on August If re
newed with large force It attacks
on our position at th entrance to
the Quif of Riga. Our ships, during
August 14 and IT, repulsed th attack
of th enemy, whose secret preparations
for entering the gulf had been favorwl
singularly by misty weather.
"Taking advantage of a thick fog, hos
tile forces of considerable stse entered
the gulf on August IS and our vessels
retired at the sunt time, continuing to
resist th enemy without losing touch
with them.
"On August IS and M the snamy reoon-
nolUred la different direction at th I
am time, keeping up a fight with our
hip In which their torpedo boat flotilla j
uffered material loasee. On our aid I
we loet the gunboat Slvutca, which per
lahed gloriously in an unusual fight with
an enemy cruiser, which wae escorting
torpedo craft, and came up te a distance
of 0O yards from her. Th fltvtitch, en
veloped in flame, continued te reply shot
for shot until It sank, having previously
unk enemy torpedo boat.
"In view of the loaeee auffered and the
futility of hi efforts, th enemy appear
to have evacuated th Oulf of Rig on
Auguet tL
"between Auut II and K two enemy
cruiser and a fewer than eight tor
pedo boat were either sunk or placed
hora du combat Simultaneously our gal
lant allies succeeded in torpedoing la the
Baltlo one of the moat powerful dread
naught of the Oermaa fleet."
The foregoing contains no Information
of the loss of the Husalaa gunboat Kor
eet which waa aald in aa ofTlclal Qer
meu atatsmnt of Saturday te have been
unk. aa welt aa the rr-utoh.
n1" kat freckled, tanned or
re.ddene.1 comp exlon there a an exqulett
t?. .t V;"1 ,kln "'youthful tint and del
lacy. if you could only brine; thle cunv
?ok3 n-i "rfac the dla
Ifll'TiJ:. on'. You ran-ln the eaaleet,
impieet. moat natural manner Imaginable.
iU ."et njr Jrugetore an ounoe of or
dinary merooliaed wax, app.y nightly like
w.,L ''J"- XJ"vlng It morn na with
warm water. The wax aaslHia Khun kv
a-radually pawling off the llnirering parti
clea of soorvheJ and half-dead surface
Causina- tin Uuin.f .
Cutaneoue defecta like plmpleB. Mmrhu!
erota. moth oatche rnwu.
couree dlaappcwr with the old ak'.n. Noth-
wil' ocnP"h uch wonderful
reulu In o ahort a time.
J1"'" n(1 v,n 0Pr wrtnklea
often aiiear at thl aeaaon. In auch
""7 "o"1" la, better than a face bath
lite In H pc witch has.!. Thle le remark
ably effectlv,-AdAertlaement.
Last Performanoo
Thl Gnat nIIM Fireworks
Thsarle 1 1 1 14 Spectacle
War of Nations
w aTr land all this week
-Tmm iitoox nsnvr
Edward Lynch ItaVeiru'
Owe Bklaa.r's Bomaatte Drama,
licatueee. lae. BSe. Urg... tse, ate. aoe.
"t werti -The aoh.lore Baby.
aa a otasr Aots
- a aa assoraea
lffsrl rrorTam of
2lVI oro-Jra ts
Sun.f Aur. 29
At or aaara uzatmn
TVXasAT. AVQ. ae.
Slhiainnief u!
lautfhte-r., in Mexico
Seven nations of tho iXmorican continent now stand together for this end. Here if? the first BIO in
stance of united action cn tLo part of American republics. Men who realize the significance of this new
note in Pan-American politics will want to read of the combined effort of tho United States and BoutU
America to restore order in Mexico. It is covered in a most important and interesting article in the Au
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"With the serious outbreaks on the Texas border, the defiant attitude of Carranza, and the prepcration
of the American fleet under orders from Washington, the Mexican situation is now perhaps more menacing
than ever before. You will want to read of President "Wilson's 'last stand" in his attempt to bring about
peace through the co-operation of tho Latin American republics, of Carranza 's disapproval of this plan,
and of his threats to the Unitod States. It's all in the August 21st issue.
Other articles of timely interest in this same issue are:
The Drift of the Progressive Party
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A Sculptor in War's Vortex
How a Dictionary Grew
lighthouses for the War's Blind
How France Fights Drink
To Snare Submarines
And Other Timtly and Interesting Femtures
Another article of immense importance to Americans, especially in the South, takes up
The Cotton-Contraband Controversy
and presents both sides of this troublesome question which is turning more and more threatening propor
tions from day to day.
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National Defense at Plattsburg
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Closing An "Undiplomatic" Episode
(The Resignation, by Request, of James J.
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An Attack on the Tagore "Craze"
Defending War Marriages
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June jigraj iUfgpM
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