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- THH HKK; OMAHA, 51 ON PAY. AUGUST 23. 1915.
1 ;
77ie Holyoke-Dox School adcrls
Will r-open Thursday, September 1ft, 1916. Classes ar carried
from th Kindergarten to Sixth Grade.
Telephone Harney 6654. MKS. E. A. HOLYOKE, Principal.
To provide thumuirh mental, moral and physical training
nt the lowest terms consistent with efficient wot!:. For
tnye from 1o 1. Charges: 1160 00.
Two miles from Kearney. In the Platte Vallay.
Jtj acres of land. Four buildings Oymnaalum, swimming
pool. Heparate lower achool building.
College nradiiatea with buelnees enperlence.
College preparatory: commercial law and business meth
ods; manual training; mechanical drawing, agriculture and
animal husbandry.
Koothall, baaeliall, haakethall, track, tennla, swimming,
Address Harry Roberta Iirummond. Headmaster.
srrxoxsver i teat or duoatiostm.
Ilu helped many and can help you through
the Commercial. Shorthand. (Ivll Rervloe,
rtititnnnii. Ty new rl t nn .nglteli, Hank
ing and Court Reporting fotireee. Type
writing taught by mall. For Information
or catalogue, address I W. NUTTER,
'resident, llo H. Manhattan, Kan.
- 1 ..
The University School of Music
llth and It Streets, Lincoln. . v
. i
Pianoforte. Oman,' Voice, Violin.
' 'Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone,
Comet, Trombone and alt Theoretic Branches.
Public School Methods, Piano Tuning,
Two Orchestral, Aesthetic Dancing,
Complete Courses la all departments leading to degree.
Fall Term Begins September 6.
Write Department A for New catalog.
rarlbenK, Minnesota.
A reflnai home school exclusively
for 'oun boys. Healthful, tnvlgorat
In climate. limited number. Indi
vidual Instruction In amall classes.
Heat equipment. Instructors, care and
Influence. Thorough training, mental,
moral, physical, manual, military. 10
arrea. Outdoor life and sports under
supervision, (trades first to eighth In
clusive, 16th year, fror booklet address
aWr. James Dobbin, B. D., BhWt,
or Frederick K. Jankina. Headmaster.
A Mlssoarl School for Tea hers that
Has Made Ureat Strides.
The Fifth District Normal school of
Mlssuuri, located at Haryvllle, has In
creased Ha enrollment from 7T5 which wna
the figure for the session of 1906-07. to
1.2V. enrolled during the 1914-15 year.
This schcol was created by the general
assembly In 1WR. The cornerstone of the;
new b'Uldlnir was laid October 12, 1907.
Founded 1888.
A SCHOOL for girls, near Chi
cago, under the same man
agement from beginning. Aca
demlo and College Preparatory.
Music, Art aad Domestic Science.
Brick and stone buildings, muslo
hall, large campus aad gym
nasium. For catalogs address
Bar. B. Frank Flettwood, D. D., Rictor
Sycamore, Illinois.
Maryvtlla is on the Walah and Uurllnx
ton railroads and la a beautiful residence
city. Ideal as the seat of a collese.
Tho rchool's building has a epeclnl fan
ventilator system. An wldltional build
ing known ss the 1aryille eomlnary will
soon be put to the uses of the normal
school. A landscape artist has laid out
the grounds in charminK manner.
An outdoor tutoring school.
Winter home, Florid. Fall and Spring in Wisconsin,
Address, Registrar, Prairie da Chlen, Wl.
'Mm K
130X020,000 Studsntt Hivt Won Joccen
Oue-BiitneM Tretnlni
urm roue tMMH. LraMt echool
In tlM Wmi. Im4Idi lunotrii rMpartawnt. Oixxl pwltloa to
Trr traduat. Kntm Wlntar Chautauus. Reaeoaable toltloo
C'brlatlan latluaacea. tat olty. IliiiMrata4 enllass paper tras.
1. Xm Tnoker, Frea. Ml Baata. re Ave BaUaa, km,
The State Normal School
A Standard Professional College for the
Training of Teachers. Splendid Instruction
in Agriculture. Home Economics. Manual
Training. Art. Music and the Usual Aca
demic and Professional Subjects.
Fall Quarter Opens Sept. 14 1915.
A School Conducted by Slate: of St.
Francis of Perpetaal Adoration.
This school, located at Columbus, Neb.,
offer complete courses In academic, com
mercial end olementary lepartments. m
sic, physical culture, class Jrawlng, paint
ing In oil and water colors and on china,
elocution .nd all klndj of useful and
ornamental needlework.
It 1m primarily a school for girls but
also takes boys under 11 years of age.
The academy Is accredited to the etate
Two OM Schools.
Stanley college and the Northwestern
Conservatory of Music, Art and Expres
sion at Minneapolis will open, respectively,
their twenty-sixth and thirtieth years
next month.
They have new buildings and charming
gTounas In the best residential section of
om imnrjiB 1.
OonerlSTe Xannaire, Hotel Bams,
Artlatlc and Hoclal Dancing tauftht In
classes or private lemons.. Ppeclal at
tention given to parties ana private
Classes for beerlnners, advanced pupils,
tun toi-s, children and tad lea. Phone
liouglaa mi or Webster 386.
the city. Stanley college offers a normal
course In home economics, also secretarial
snd vocational courses.
Northwestern conservatory has more
than S00 studenta enrolled each year and
has more than thirty Inatructora.
Lutheran Ladles' Seminary at Red
Wins. Minn., Krowlna; Rapidly.
The Lutheran ladles' seminary at Red
Wing, Minn., presided over by Rev. H.
Allen, has recently added very materially
to Its equipment, additions being made
necessary by a constantly growing stu
dent body.
The latest new building Is a muslo con
servatory which cost $50,000 and contains
a handsome pipe organ.
Thl, college lor girls offers Junior col
lege, seminary course, preparatory, homo
economy, commercial, art, elocution,
piano, violin, voice, organ.
It haa twenty teachers and Is excep
tionally beautifully located in a most
wholesome and Invigorating climate, with
modern and commodious buildings. About
forty pianos are needed for the use of
Rates for hoard and tuition are very
low. ranging from 1225 to $25 a year.
Two physicians are employed by tha
school to thoroughly safeguard the health
fit KlHrljint. nnfl A 1 1 It. m.A .ima I
nlshed whenever, necessary.
While, students select such work as fits
them severally and Individually for what
ever profession is desired, each receives
a sound training along the linos of Chris
tian rectitude.
The Graduate
The College of
The Teachers
The College of
The College of
The College of
University of Nebraska includes
following Colleges and Schools:
Arts and Sciences,
The College of Medicine, ,
The College of Pharmacy,
The School of Commerce,
The School of Fine Arts,
The School of aAgriraltare,'
The Teachers' College High School.
St. John's
TRAINS t boy lor Me. Edu
cational (ads are avoided
and stress Is laid upon old-fashioned
ideals. The result Is an
improved body, a trained mind
and strengthened moral fibre.
The boy is prepared to take his
proper place in the world and
' make good." -
St. John's t cliMtd by the Qovtmntent
at on ol the " Honor School." Epiaco
ril. but all other dcnominitlont reccivtd.
Situated on high, well -drained land.
Our catalogue will tell mors of our
tucctttlul methods. .
it. josirs murm iciDarv
n 144 Dtlaffel. Waakesaa Cs- Wis.
cstoioo asrauxwTATrrs
lilt M.iaala ftaW ran. Owtnl ItOt
tlve and medical gymnaatlcs. This train-
Ing Is of a nature to make nurses of much
greater assistance on most of the cases
to which they are called.
Great Institution of Learning- that
Overflows velth Advantages.
Many things seem to have combined
for the benefit and rapid growth and de
velopment of Fremont college. It Is lo
cated on one of the most beautiful
campuses Imaginable with commodious
and up-to-dats buildings.
It Is a city of 12,000 people that Is un
surpassed for beauty of Its homes and
churches and the "liveness" of its busi
ness men. The climate here Is Ideal In
every respect.
Fremont college has much of this "live-.
ness" within Itself, from the president,
W. II. demons, down through the list.
Bven its catalogue reflects this get
ahead, do-something spirit. Jt is printed,
unlike most college catalogues. In two
colors, the headings and subheadings be
ing In red .making It easy to read. In It
are found numerous Inspirational quota
tions and these reflect the spirt of th.
The courses offered by the college are
numerous and thorough and Its graduate.
are In high repute. The courses include;
shorthand, commercial, music; didactic,
normal literary, classical, scientific, col
lege, teachers', preparatory, civil en
gineering, elocution, high school kinder
garten and primary.
One of the strong appeals of this col
Mege Is the low cost of living at Fremont,
located, as It is, in the midst of a granary
and garden spot. Excellent table board
costs but iL7v to $3 a week. Board, room
and tuition for the regular college year
of thirty-six weeks is S120.
Careful supervision la givea over th.
students to guard their health and disci,
pllne and to assist in the cultivation oB
gentility and the highest moral habits.
The dormitory rooms were planned with
' ' speolal view to ventilation and light.
. , , , They are comfortably furnished and ar.
QUlnCy lYianSlOn SChOOl , especially cheery and homelike.
FOR CIRL8 The college dining hall seats 500 and
WOT-IASTOW, QtmroT, HAM. I because of the large number of studenta
Reautlful location, six miles from Bos-' who v -- th-,. " . v "
ton. Estate of eleven acres. Athletlo 0 "t ,tnor Provisions can be bought
fields, artificial lake, laboratory, art vefy cheaply, thus making the board cost
room, gymnasium, assembly hall, ten but a nominal m,,m n. , .
...uni. uwnia, , w i ,1 UB C .... .7 . a
vancedi work in Muslo, Language and
Art, Kuropean Travel Glass. Certifi
cates for eolloae.
Mrs. Keraee C Will arc, yrHvelpsJ.
OGrOBTTS BCXOOIm reanaea la 1SSO,
A country school for young ladlea
Near Philadelphia, and Naw York. Jay
Cooke eatate, tS acres. object being to create within h- nlnii-
Miss Abby A. Sutherland. Principal. loV(, fo V!. within th. pupils a
Montgomery Co.. Penna, lov" for tudy. This one acquired, th.
Spevlallslngr ITnroes,
In this age of specialisation, when dos
tors and lawyers spend a lifetime in per
fecting themselves In all human knowl
edge on some one subject, nurses are also
turning more and more to specialisation.
The Pennsylvania Orthopedic institute
of Philadelphia kt giving instruction to an
Increasing number of nurses in electro
and hydro-therapy, massage and oorreo-
"No school exercises closer personal su.
pervislon over its student body," said
President Clemmons. "The management,
faculty and all connected with the school
labor as a unit for tha moral and Intel-
leotuai benefit of the pupils, the chief
ROANOKE. VA. In th. Vall.r of Vlralala.
t.mea for health an 4 bwutir. Bleotlr. .reparatonr
and eoll.f. coura... . Muati:. Art. Kxpr.won. Do
m.rtle Sclanoe. For catalog Ply t th. PrMtaent.
Training couraea for Playground and
Recreation Workers. Technical classes at
H"ull-House and practice work In the
playgrounds and settlements. For An
nouncements, address the Registrar,
1639 Mich Iran Ave.. Chics TO.
The Unirenity opem for the first semester on Wednesday, September 15th. Onej may enter also at the be
ginning of the second semester (about February) or the Summer session (usually the first full week in June).
On any point of information, address
Station "A."
Lincoln, Neb.
Spalding College
Spalding, Greeley Co.. Neb.
Conducted by Fathers of Third Order, Regular
of St. Francis.
Where Your Boy Gets a Thorough and
Practical Education
Up-to-date Methods. Modern Conveniences. Healthful
Location on the beautiful Cedar Elver.
Courses: Elementary, Classical, Commercial, Agriculture.
Send for Catalog.
management of a large body of studenta
oecomes easy and peasant, our aim I.
to bring within th. reach .of thousands
of young men and women an opportunity
to get a college education at reasonable
prices. How w. hav. done so can he an
swered affirmatively by theusands .f our
Nebraska Central College
A Christian College teaching Christian principle
without sectarian dogma. Clean i Physically, mentally
spiritually.;. . " ,
. Guard bd , Athletics and social functions, with all the
liberty needed for a full development of the student.
Collegiate, Academic, Domestic . Science, Business",
Stenographic. Special stress on our Biblical Department,
for all clashes of bible students.
Expenses are much lower than at most institutions.
Write for a catalogue to the President.
E. H. PARISHO, Central City, Neb.
Mount St. .Mary's Seminary
15th and Castellar Streets, Omaha, Nebraska
Day and Boarding School for Young Ladies, conducted by tha
Sisters of Mercy, an institution which alms at the most thorough
education, a school not only for a fin. education, but for culture and
religious training. Th. education afforded trains young ladles to
become useful and accomplished members of th. horn. drcl. and
of society.
Th. location of It. Mary's Academy Is one of th. most desira
ble in th. Oat. City; at tha saine Urn. being within easy reach of
th. center ot th city and Ita transportation facilities.
Academic, Normal and Preparatory Courses, Music
and Art, receive special attention. Graded Courses in
both Music and Art Departments lead to Diplomas and
Gold Medals.
Students under personal supervision of Sisters at all times.
Sanitary surroundings, beautiful, well-kept grounds, well ven
tilated buildings, rood, wholesome, well-prepared food, contribute
to th. physical welfare of th. students.
Uniforms may b. purchased in th. city. School reopens th
eighth- of September. Tor Illustrated catalogue and further infor
mation apply to Directress.
t Bt. Dora I a la
Sehtfol off Nta-h Wm.
! Located at Spalding. Keb.. la a apo
that la noted for ita natural beauty and
also for tho healthfulnaas of Ita cllmata,
1 Spalding academy. Ttila achool haa aa
enviable reputation for thoroughness ol
Its curriculum and Is duly accredited to
th. state university.
, Its currlouium comprises primary, pre
paratory, aeademlo and commercial
ooursea, as well as painting aad musical
Instruction of wid. ruga. Moral and!
religious culture are Important parts ot
th. regime of tha achool.
j Bl. Catherine Aoadosnw.
I 8t Catherine academy at Jackson, Keb
was founded la 1IM. it Is accredited bw
i th. University of Nebraska aad recogo
i nised by the state sirpeiintendeat ef pub.
Ho Instruction aa being fully equipped te
i give a course la normal training to proa
pectlve teachers.
The academy la in chaag. ef Sister, of
the Dominican order from Bt. Clara col
lege, Sinslnawa. Wli, an order wb!ck de
votee Itself ssoiuaively to teaching. Th.
aim aad object of Bt. Catherine academy
Is taa education of girls and young vmim
la the elementary, secondary and teach
ers' courses, while surrounding theea wft A
an atmosphere ef refinement
The location of the academy la eeaa
. dally favorable. Removed from the al
' luring diversions of city surroundings,
'ensconcd In the fertile valley, which th.
picturesque hills overlooking the Missouri
enclose,. It unites the aesthetic advaataco
of beautiful scenery with the practical
advantage of eaayaccea to all parts of
Nebraska and surrounding states.
Jackson la situated on the BurUewte
and Northwestern railroads, twelve miles
from Uloug City, la.
Exceptional advantages are offered hi
iaatrumerutU muslo and in voice trala
Ing. A series of concerts, readings and
entertalnnnrnts, combing Instruction with
amusement not only vary the routine of
school technique, but also prepare the
youthful participants for the broader
walks of life.
. Concerts and recitals are given occa
sionally throughout the acholasti. year
by musical artists.
Kearney Military.
Nearly a quarter century of achieve
ment and growth Is credited to Kearney
Military academy. Kearney, Neb. It la
fur boys from t to 18 years and the an
nual chai gen are UJ, a price that is medo
possible by efficiency.
It haa thirty-five acres of ground and
Is located two miles frm the town. A
separate building u for the lower olaseee.
College preparatory, commercial law and
business methods, manual training, me
chanical drawing, agriculture and animal
husbandry are among the courses of
fered. Members of the factulty are all
college graduates with business training.
Veterinary College.
Dr. Burton B. Rogers Is dean of tha
ft Joseph Veterinary college, 707 Sylva
nie street. St. Joseph. Mc Its courses la
the treatment of animals are thorough
and complete.