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VASSAR COLLEGE la to celebrate Its fiftieth annlrersary the first
?pfk of October.
Elaborate preparations aro being for the commemora
tion of thla event and tnembeni of the alumnae from ail parts of
the country are planning to be present.
It will be three days' affair, and the time will be devoted to lecturea
from men of note from the eastern colleges, banquets and afternoon tea.
Omaha has been well represented In the annala of Vassar college. Mrs.
W. C. Shannon was the first Omaha girl to carry off diploma of gradua
tion from this institution, and from that time on one or more girls from
Omaha have been puplla there.
We may boast also of a few girls In our midst who carried the famous
Daisy chain, the time-honored and well known custom of Vassar. Miss
Natalie Merriam, now Mrs. Barton Millard; Miss Laura Congdon, who la
Mrs. Arthur Rogers, and Misa Caroline Congdon, who la Mrs. Herbert
French of Louisville, Ky., each received this honor while attending Vassar.
Miss Josephine Congdon represents Omaha' in this year's graduation
class and Miss Mona Cowell graduated from there last June. Miss CoweM
will be present at the celebration, as also will be Mrs. Warren Blackwell,
who is now In the east. Miss Margaret Bruce, Mrs. Miles Standlsh, Miss
Hilda Hammer and Mrs. Frank Crawford are other members of the Vassar
alumnae who are making plana to celebrate thla anniversary at the college.
At the Country Club.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hamilton will en
tertain fourteen. -ut at dinner this
vtntnf at the Country club, complimen
tary' to their sun st, Mlas Orac Wii
hir, of Los Anrl-
Mr. Howard HaldrUrs entertained In
formally at luncheon today at the Coun
try club.
The MUwt Naomi and Marlon Towle
will entertain at dinner thla eventnc at
th Country club In honor of Mlas Cath
erine Calder of Cleveland, O., who Is
- their hous swat, ana lor mm juouim
Jsjrch of Dubuque, the guest of Miss
Helen Inawereen, and Mlaa Lillian Sluts
of ntUbureh, the guest of Mlaa
Orac Allison. The tab! will be at
tractively decorated with quantities of
pink and white aatera and covers will
be placed for!
Catherine Calder,
lamias Hurch,
IJIltan Huts.
ltn Inawereen,
Recina nmiell,
Kma Heed,
Klisabeth Reed,
JoiwpMne Consdcn,
Orac Atlleon,
Eathnr WUTielm,
Emily Keller,
Otrtrude rltout,
Marlon Towle,
Naomi Towle,
Frits Hu'rhols. John Caldwell.
Jlerbert iHivta, Jabln Caldwell,
Warren lirecken- ltobort Connell.
rVi(r. llerbrt onnell.
Jaox Hummers, A I 8lrf.rnan,
Iiotwrt Edward, Edward liifiierty,
I'aiit Khlrlev, Inman Kounls,
1'hllllp lowns. lxulas I'eters.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Fraaer will be
hosts at a dinner parly of ten covers this
evening at the Country club and Mr. and
Mrs. Iaa iiaura will entertain for four
guests this evening.
Mrs. J. M. Daueherty gave a pretty
appointed luncheon today at the Coun
try club complimentary to Mlas Lillian
cUuts of Pittsburgh, who U the guest of
Miss Orao Allison. A large mound of
x giadtolas was used as the table center
piece and the guests Included:
Misses- Mlas
Lillian Wuta. Eras, Keed.
Uraoe Allison, Ulga MaU.
Catherine Calder of Oeraldtno Hrss of
Oftveland, U.i
Council Muffs.
Naomi Towle,
Marlon Towle,
Krmna Connell,
r.iaie rotors.
Clara Hart of
Council Dluffs.
Clair Iuiflierty.
Uertruda fctout.
tiiitif Keler,
At Tarter I&ke CI lib.
Tb Carter bak Swimming and Bowl
In club met Tuesday for tunefcsoa at
the Carter Lk club, Th afternoon was
spent in bowling, and Mrs. Ueary Kst
lug s bstnd mad th high soor. In th
evening th member entertained their
husbands at dinner, when covers wer
placed tor:
Ursrra. end Meodamri
W. J. Cattin.
Carl Johnson,
J. F. l'lmmlik
J. It. Kreeland,
J!.' J. llackelt,
Alez Jrit-a.
K. U. i.ierman,
Henry Keating,
J. A. IUiipts.
11. U. I'mterwood.
Joeeph 2,if,
U. L.. Uoluairom.
At thje TieU Club.
Mrs. 1 ;Uebtn entertained ' scxrwn
groeeis ' l luncheon today at th Field
Jlnn?rs will b given this vnlng at
. KMd club by Mr. and Mr. F. H.
Myers, who will hav eight guests; Dr.
ltd Mr. A. R. Knode, eight, and Miss
Margaret Kllngbeal, six.
To Honor Kin Knapp.
Miss Helen Wl.i euUrtalned at a 1
o'clock luncheon, followed by a theater
party this aftprnoon, complimentary to
Mies I'orotiiy Knapp of Minneapolis, who
la the; guest of Miss Winifred Braudt
The gn-ls Included: .
Ml Misses
Ioi-..i(v Knapp, AHiIr Thompson,
v mitred Jiraiiiit. J'orothy Cole.
IJiIihii' Head. Helen Welsh,
Mrorl" Cavers,
Mr. J.ho Weiah.
iZlzli Schmidt wsa hwits at a
lirandiiis maltnee party Tuesday, when
jj Knapp was the honor guest. Tba
yours women present were:
Mn-' Misses
Jxtrotisy Knspp, r.'aiB Bi-nmlntj
SMm(i(! iimi.dt. JlcM-n WeUli.
l;ii,;tn lleail.
Hit. Hugo rVhmiut.
Future Affair.
Mms I'oiotl.y Cole wn give an after-
r.oon i1y Thursday tor Miss IXirothy
Kitupo of Minneapolis, Mlas Winifred
lirainU'a guest.
The ll laws Marlon and Naomi Towl
v.V.1 nfrtJu ten g-.weta at luni-heon to
,ruA at thlr Loins couip!iinntry to
t !..-t? r-iirtt. Miss CmtiiertM Cidr, of
Cleveland. O. .
Thrrr will 1 tiwwtlltg tit tu Mlva
Wliixa shrine ThuisdHy' evening at th tempi. Mra C Vlnoect Is lwd
i.f orKnlMitlon.
Uim llrlcn Ingweraen wiil Klv a din
i:r M-iti.nlay evening at the" Flfld rlub
In ,,i...r oi ber guet. Mlas Louie Uurch
i,l luluuu. 3a.. and for Mls Calhwln
Cul u r. th guest of th Mls Marlon
and .tomi Towle.
Yeek-Had Guests.
Mrs. CitiifUa U. Uvt-raun will hav a
V.-r t i. for Ui t, k-iiil Mr. and Mrs.
Vu i -r i.t ke'rom and thdr two ton and
JUsi Tt.'ll Smith ef Galeaburg, 111., who
i vr ruute hum aitvr a thie ik'
lU't l l tt State.
Vtr. , n's Htlief Ccryi Affalri.
Ti e oman's l.n!n-f Cores of th
(K.itfi A. tXater pt were enirrtaliird
.inahine pfcrty" at th lii'i.M of
i'.e. Arthur tiayni. In Flore oc Tuea-
i ..y d,l!, tiasturie.tns and
Aitf. . flues were lJ In li e Uneoia
1 1. At fc olk a i-i.-ni'i a-'ii-er, at
:: : th ; liittitra wt re gui-hts ut
i ...... r . :n wifl. (ivi-r tMjty-flve
, v. i r-r i r-j.-t.t.
.-:.. i . ; ' 'i t'.c voij.f will ctle-
Wednesday, August 18, 1915.
brat th birthday of Its past president.
Mrs. Olive Tarton, at her horn on Mc
Klnley street In Benson.
Stork Special.
A dsughter was born to Mr. and Mr.
Jay B. Kats.
Newt of the Wayfarers.
Registering at the Hotel McAlplne, New
Tork, during th last week from Omaha
have been Misses Ida Turner, Wllholmlna
fttadter, Helen Baunt and Mr. Paul
Mr. and Mr a Henry Cox are now at
Arnold's Park, la., guests of Mr. and
Mrs. II. K. Lemen. at their summer
home, Marmarlda Cottage, Sunset Beach.
Personal Mention.
Mrs, M. 3. IMmmlck has returned from
a short visit In Chicago. ,
Mrs. Frank Carpenter has returned
from a several weeks' stay In Wyoming.
Mr. Clarry Hanighen left Sunday for a
fortnight's stay In Rates park, Colorado.
Mrs. W. K. Btockham and son, Ilck,
returned Tuesday from a visit with rela
tives in Illinois.
Mrs. J. II. Freeland returned the first
of th wek from th Pacific coast, where
she visited the expositions.
Th MUses Margaret Welsh, Leona
Johnson and Modjeska Johnson ar
spending two weeks at Lake Okobojl.
Mr. and Mrs. Cuthbert Vincent hav
returned from a five weeks' pleasure
Jaunt through th Paclflo coast from
Canada to Mexico.
Miss Florence Baaler-Palmer has re
turned to Omaha after spending Ui sum
mer In New Tork City, doing special
vole work under Freytag-Frey of Berlin.
Mrs. C. F. MeGrew will spend next
month at Pel ham manor. New Tork,
with her daughter, Mrs. Wilson A. Aus
tin, who ha ben there for th summer,
Mr. MoOrow plana to join th party
about September I for a motor trip
through Nts England.
(Continued from Pag Five.)
Taft's tnuital rooms ar located In a
suit of rooms upstairs, next to th
Ouarante Clothing company. Her reno
vations hav been made, also. Th wood
work fairly glistens In the Immaculate
cleanness of white enamel paint. Th
various rooms where skilled dentist prac
tice their art and science ar fitted with
very convenience.
A trained nura In her neat uniform
move noiselessly and efficiently about,
giving an atmosphere ot cheerfulness to
the rooms and inspiring the timid with
perfect .confidence. t
Wemaaa Toggery.
Just east of Hosps's la th Women's
Toggery shop, 1MT Douglaa, a neat store,
with th quiet good taste of dark wood
work in th many closed case where
fin goods ar kept and In th neat bal
cony that run along Ui stole. Evidences
of th work of painter is her to be
found also.
. Across th street on th second floor
of 1511 Douglaa street I th store of th
McMahon Millinery company. 'T7n trance
Is through th store on th street floor
and up a abort stain. Tb femtnln head
rnamentatlons found her ar well worth
eelng. floras of them ar thoao beautiful
thing often called "confections" and the
'dernier crl." as they soy In dear old
Next door is th tor of Julius Orkln.
wher very txteudvft Improvements and
enlargements ar being made.
To th west Is tli Empress theater,
which has made! quite a niche for Itself
in the story uf this on block's Improve
ment In this on summer. It will be re
membered that this pretty playhouse wa
closed for " two weeks, Us attractions
being transferred .temporarily to th
American theater, to allow for th com-
l.let renovation ot the InUrior. It is
now one of the most beautiful theaters
in the west, both Inside and outside. The
exterior has been copied by more than
on theater constructed sine th Em-
prea ha been In existence, -
' Ceaibs t Eslarge.
T. L. Comb Y Co-, a Jewelry firm, long
established. Is Just west of th fknpress,
at 1I9 iJouKlaa A antique walnut dia
mond case la one of the features ot (his
stor. It was secured at a i! In New
York, and contains a gllfctenlB array of
precious stones, i The firm carries a Very
large stock and Is vUnnlng enlargements.
Next door. t 1! JUoutrUs. is the F.
Ml Schadell tt Co.," millinery and hair
goods, a house nuccafu!iy conducted for
many years by a onu.. IteoUie a Urge
mlUlnery buatueas, this store ha th
largest stock of hair goods' In th city
and employ the most people In this do-jxAi-tment.
It Imports Ha own millinery,
getting th latent creation direct from
the originators.
K. M. Clark aV Bon. makers of all kinds
of signs, should be mentioned In connec
tion with the thriving stores of thla busy
blotk. They are located on th second
floc of th bul'uting on the northeast
corner of Elxteemh and Doiiglas streets,
with an entrance at 111 South SUtetnth
atrrt. "Ws inak tlieru ou!k; we mil.
them cheap; we malt tliem rlht." Is the
in.. Ho of this firm, and 1U business Is
v-y larae. ll makes everything from
show ctrUa. ialn, oi naint iitul snd pk
tor.jtl, to niamiiKi'.'i ilgm to-cuer the
tUle cf a l.iiil.liii,'. as 11 as eletiic
years old, well known the
world over eight years ago
as "The Grandmother of
the Russian Revolution, '
t now exiled in Siberia, has
been transferred to Ya
koutsk, on the edge of the
Arctic circle, according to
a letter received from her
by Miss Alice Stone Black-well.
... ; , ;,' ..,. W-
'. '' ': '
Jardine to Insist
On the Payment of
AH Subway Taxes
City Commissioner Jardine has notified
Frank Kennard, Fourteenth and Douglaa
streets; George Baker, southwest corner
of Fifteenth and Harney streets, and th
management of the Faxton hotel, that
unless delinquent subway taxes shall
hav been paid by October 1 th city
will cut off these privileges.
Mr. Jardine reported that th amounts
Of SOTO, $700 and $300 wer due from these
parties, two of whom hav not paid sub
way taxes for three years.
There Is a legal rat of tax for sub
ways, baaed upon th assessed valuation
of the adjoining property and th number
of . square feet occupied underneath
streets, alleys or sidewalks.. .
Coald Not Walk with Hheaasatlaea.
A satisfied patient writes: "eiloan's
Liniment cured my rheumatism, am
grateful; I can now walk without pain."
Only 25c. All druggists. Advertisement
Charles Cook, 1018 North Twenty-first
street, came homo, and after threatening
his wife with a revolver and firing on
shot, was knocked out with Ms own
weapon when his wife took th gun from
htm, struck lilm over the head with th
butt and called th police. He was given
ninety days' suspended sentence when
arraigned in polio court.
A Remedy
For All Pain
"Th fnlsnpy f any drnt' ssjrs Dr. CP.
Roblilnn, "Is known to ua by th rssults
obtain from its us. II ws ar bl lo con
trol pain snd dlaxsa by mean, of any prs
psration, w certainly sr. arra.ntd In lis
bt. Una ot tb principal symptoms oi all
Olassaaa Is pa.ln, sud tlila Is whst thspstlont
most ofta applies to ut lor, 1. . soiuUilng
to rsll.v Lis pstn. If w can arrast thla
rrroniptly, ths rti.nt Is most llsbl to trust
a u.lor th other rstuedles which irlll effect
a p.rnisiiana cur. Una remedy which I
havs uaed largely In luy prsrtlc Is Anti.
karanl lablata. Msny sad varied ar thetc
uaea. 1 hare nut them to th teat on many
Cfuiilom, snd hsv nevsr bse Olasppolnt
d. I found them especially valusul. tor
besdsches of ruslsrlal or!sn,wberqulnlna
waa belug tnkeiu 1 hey appear to prevent
th bad sfter-erTects ot Ui guiiiin. Anti
ksmui lableta sre also cicelleut for th
heaiist'hes from Improper dlgealioni alaa
for headaches of a neuralgia origin, and es
pecially lor women auhject to paluast certain
times. 'l'wo AuU-kainuia 'lableta i
prompt retlef.aud Insahort time th patient
laaliia to go about ss utual." Tbs tablets
mar b oblalued at all drugglals. Atk for
A-Rl ahleia. '1 hey ar also uneieell.d lot
fesaUachss, ficuiaisla ami all palus.
Thompson Brings Great Power
Into nay to Be Sure Before
Calling On Police.
"I believe that this good man is
tolling the truth and that he is sell
ing genuine home-cured bacon. I
v.lll purchase some," said Watson
(an employe at Rlvervlew home.)
"My dear Watson, bow can you be
no obtuse? Does it escape your
notice altogether that this supposed
farmer who says he lives north of
Florence Is driving a horse which has
no mud on his feet on this rainy
morning?" replied Sherlock Holmes
(Superintendent M. B. Thompson of
Kiverview home), with his never-
failing look of surprise at Watson's j
"Then there are one or two other points
hich mak this little case not without
some slight Interest," continued Omaha's
Sherlock Holmes, as he lit a cigar In lieu
of the clay pipe which he should have
had In Ms pocket "For Instance, ther !
Is a government stamp on thla baron i
and It Is trimmed neatly after the fash- i
Ion of packing house. You may recall I
that I am th author of a 10.X-worrt
treattso on the differences which may be j
observed In the curing of various kinds i
of meats, which has been favorably men- ,
tioned In tho European . revlc. a -
Call Scotland Yarn. j
"Now, Friend Watson, rt you will lust !
hold this spurious farmf? for a few mo-
ments by pretending you ar about to '
make a purchase. I will call Scotland i
Yard, rather, I mean, the Omah Central
Metropolitan Tollce station, and Le '
strade, or, I should say, Bteve Maloney. !
will se that h Is placed behind the-
Th foregoing Imaginary passage from
A. Con an Doyle occurred In real llfo at
nivervlew Home.
The police arrived while the spurious
farmer waa discussing a supposed sale;
and he was arrested. He told tb police
he purchased th bacon from Morris & 1
Co. I
John Tied gen. 1124 South Twenty-eighth !
ttrett. wa severely bruised when an
Alnmlto truck which he was driving, was
struck at Twenty-fifth and Leavenworth !
hy an eastbound street car. Th truck j
was overturned.
Photo Craft Shop
"intra sjpeclallsts."
41S B Bldg.
Films Developed Free
IThen Pnroaaad JTrom Us.
Mats 3 to Ao. M-Kou Barrio.
Touring and Closed Oar.
13X0 per hoar. Dong, 4500.
tad at Ksrohants XotL
The Iteal Wash
ing Powder
U perfect
Ask Your Grocer.
Lomon Shorboi!
Hot Oummer Days
Chtrbet Days
For summer dessert or on hot days or
evenings' nothing is Quite so satisfying, ao
quenching to the thirst or to refreshing
m a cold Lemon Sherbet
Here is a recipe easy to make and
requires only a tew minute.
1 Pint Sugar
Finch of Salt
Juict y 4 Ltmemt
I tint of UX
tap EvaporaUd
I Pint of Water
Thoroughly mix diluted milk and the
sugar. Add pinch of salt, put mixture into
a freezer and start freesing. After mixture
is partly frozen add the juice of four lem
ons and finish freezing. Serve with Lady
mgers or other dainty wafers or cakes.
To make a good Lemon Sherbet care
must be taken that it does not have that
watery taste. This means that whatever
milk is used be of the vrry richest quality.
No milk better serves the purprwe than
Cottage Evaporated Milk. Wherever
rich milk or crera U required Cottage
Evaporated Milk can always be depended
on. It has twice the food value of bottle
milk.. It is, therefore, most economical
i Keep a supply in your pantry all the time.
Ibuy it by the dnzrn cans from your gro
cerAmerican Milk Company, Chicago.
t j a
BUT Bee Fals i r Wew B Free
ltrl fan. fT.0 Wore-r;rn1k
T. m. Howell, recent United State at
torney, located offices at 7J&-M Krandela
Theater IUdg., entrance 17th or 18th Bts,
"Today's Oosaplai savt rragrasa
Uard saetlon loaar. and appears) Is
Tk lie KXCLUaiVELY. Find eut whal
tb various moving plcturt theaters of far.
Zrfrai Itls riaed Louis Ptias, (OS
North Sixteenth street, arraigned In police
court, charged with keeping a disorderly
house, was fined 5 and costs by Judge
Wot Sid th BUI Mrs. It K. Woods.
1124 Maple street, bought a dime's worth
of horseradish from a peddler, to whom
she gave a bill. The peddler left the
place to get it changed and never re
turned. Delegates Gto Through Two aleapers
earn ing eastern delegate of the Chi I'sl
fraternity will pass through Omaha over
r"l! I ' "'", I" a mm mini nu mi ll i .1! ' " ' " "' " " "'"' "" """'H mm .H)l' ' i).
Clearance of ; Summer
Our Beautiful Summer
. Thursday will bring
form of huge savings on
$5.00 to
, In this stock o
dresses one will
find fine cotton
voiles, linens,
etc., the
that are so popu
lar and so adapt
able to the styles.
Palm Beach
Suits at $5
For women and misses.
Pleated and sack coat
styles, with patch pockets
and pearl button trim
m. - 3 -
-V4'- 4tsl
The largest and most beau
tiful mountain lake in the.
11 A AAA J
world. Z.UUU leet deeo and
miles long, 1 3 miles wide and completely hemmed in by
lofty, snow-capped SicrraNevada Mountains. AmnVflnrl
excellent hotel accommodations-' A rWifrht-fnl nnrl rcrfnl
trip (?3.00) that should
... HJin IPgidS 5c
Tho Cool, Comfortable, Northern Route to Both Exposition
This is only one of the many scenic and historically interesting features of
this famous Overland Route. Colorado Rockies, scenic Wyoming, Echo
Canyon with its Steamboat Rock and Narrows, the scene of the Mormon
fortifications in 1857; Pulpit Rock, Weber Canyon, Devil's Slide, Cteden
Canyon, Lucin Cut-off over the Great Salt Lake, Palisade Canyon, Battle
Mountain, Humboldt River Valley, Truckee River Canyon, Sierra Nevada
Mountains, Emigrant Gap, Donner Lake, Blue Canyon, Dutch Flat, thence
through vineyards and orchards to the gorgeous San Francisco Bay. Yet
costs no more to travel this 6cenic route than over othrr mntai
f ' a w
See Denver, Colorado Springs, Ogden and Salt Lake City
without additional railroad fare and for slight additional ex
pense see Estes Park, Jlocky Mountain, Yellowstone, and
i..il1lir. '
Jv : -: '!"
iii unit i u
the . Burlington this afternoon. The
delegates ar going to Baa Franclsc for
th annual convention and will be in
Omaha from :U to 1:30 o'clock. Ko far as
known, th only person Joining the dele
gation her will b Robert Turner of
Council Bluffs.
V. Oberg. 68 years, living at KI4 Myr
tle avenue, sustained a broken left leg
yesterday when a block of stone
which he was hoisting fell on him. He Is
employed by A. Schall A Co., Sixth and
Jones streets. After being attended by
Dr. Charles Zlmmerer b waa taken to
St. Joseph's hospital.
Bmtthler- A aderaoa.
Claude K. Smlthley, an Omaha archi
tect, was married to Miss Frances An
derson of Chicago.
an agreeable surprise from
our line summer dresses.
New Neckwear
Queen Elizabeth Ruches, extra ff (Q
large, with chenille, dots. Special p 1. IO
Large Assortment of Ruches In black, white
and black and white fancy
ribbon trimmed, at
-t ' .
clear as crvstal. 23 O
not be omitted from your Exposition trip on the
v?om Omalia and
to Both Expositions
xosemite National Parks.
.Fo,r complete information fill
DC10W ana mau today
U Bftedarff. 0. T, T.
111 amaaa St.. Oaaaita,
It !.
Viml OU Faitkfml I mm. V.W.
1 r mmmmm-rmeUim
. V v CwaKiaa.
Two tfngii, mal Sts. set With rmr
scarabs, ar nrtsamg from th Kgnrtlas
carlo department of tb Omaha puhn
llbrarr jumbsulu.
As memento of an a herond recall,
th rtng ar worth H,M each.
Rupert ef in theft was mad yester
day to th pnltae. Th enrtn were take
soma Mm during th twenty-fear boorw
prerloas to th closing time last night
when th theft waa discovered and lw
ported to the polio.
Kills Marks, formerly a resident ot
Omaha and Idncoln, died Tuesday night
at San TMegn, CwL Tb body will be
brought to Lincoln for burial. He was)
well known In Omaha, being a broth.
of Mrs. Victor Gladstone. II Is sur
vived by his wife.
: J
your favorite store in the
up to
There are dress
es of dainty lin
gerie, fancy voiles
i n stripes and
beautiful floral
patterns; fine lin
en. Silk and vel
vet girdles with
handsome lace
and embroidery
collars and cuffs.
These prices do
not begin to cov
er the cost of the
ma t e r i a 1 s and
Kimonos at
They come ' In beauti
ful floral designs of vari
ous colors, made of ser
pentine crepe material. .
a vv4vw
out coupon
3isnd sn
A&jr gation booklsta
yr dseripHva of
Hto MCalifoniia aai th
ay. yvrni wum
A ddrets .