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Bringing Up Father
CopyrlrM. I1. International
News Service.
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
WHAT'S the.
MAOilE-J f OH. I'M 1
0 HARD - I'M
I .'X 1
,'-r .
i vi a ..r jrt it . r a tavsri, f .rr cai vaxa s-
ooqs before:
1 62
tin poor ..
M 1 sT ...... . L A - I h"- I I I I i
Torj Mr. Boitick Bobblei Three in
One Round and Rourkes Beat
Kick L&kaff.
Cy Forryths was married Tuesday
Cy was In a mood to celebrate.
The Rourkes also wera tn a mood to
Reault: Topeka wn given a neat lacing,
4 to 1 And the Tango Kid made halt the
hlte garnered by the Rotirkea.
Nlcholaa Lakaff wti forced to beat a
t'xarlan retreat before the Rourkea, but
It waan't altogether Nick's fault A.
youth named Boatlrk. who la alto a
nihilist of aome kind, wm the reason.
Sir. Boatlck contributed four errora to
the pastime and made three of thorn In
one frame. A guy who makes three
errors In one apaam la aome athlete. If
that Isn't a world record It ought to be.
The Rourkea have now won two gamea
out of the last thirteen.
One Ram Hits.
Omaha acored flrat In the aecond Inning.
A walk, a aacririee . and hit by 8chlleb
ner and Krug netted the mark.
Another one cam In the sixth on Coch
ran's two-baas heave, a sacrlflcs and an
Infield out.
Two mors cams In the seventh when
Boatlck threw In his three errors and a
sacrifice and fielders' choice wers mads
hy the Rourkea.
Traeawa Triples
Topeka counted one In- ths second on
Tvdeman'a triple and Brown's double and
one tn ths seventh on hits by Brown and
Lattlmore and a double steal by that
illustrious pair.
It was Topeka's laat appearanos of ths
year on ths local lot Ths gams was
delayed half an hour on account of tbs
i nin.
About fifty persons saw ths combat
Today Lincoln comes for two- games,
Friday will be ladles' day. Both today's
and Friday's gamea will be called at t
o'clock Score:
Wmlth, cr..., 4
Hnwn, lb 4
Kovaythe, rf I
Krueger. e 1
Mct'hesney, If 3
lb I
p a
Callahan, aa I 1 1 I 1 0
I.leune. rf 10 10 10
Kane, lb 1 2 ( 1
HenBlIng, Kb J 1 1 0 1 0
Blehsrrls. If 10 110 0
Ionnelly, c I S I 0.0
Kellcy, p 0 1 0 0 0
Totals M 1 iJ 1 1
AH. R. II. O. A. E.
Dennett, cf I 1 1 0 1 0
Talllon. rf S 0 0 0 0 0
Fox. If 4 0-0 1 0 0
Patterson, lb 4 0 I 7 0 0
Rrltton, 2b I 0 0 I I 0
Hetllng, 2b 10 110 1
Hosp, aS 110 14 1
Griffith, C 1 1 1 1 J
Oelst, p 0 0 0 0 1 0
Southern, p 1 0 0 0 0 0
Wright p 10 10 10
Hunter I 0 0 0 1 0
I'ate, p 0 0 0 0 1 0
Total V l "I 18 u i
Hatted for Oeisl In third.
Hatted for Wright In sixth.
Sioux City 0 0 1 0
Wichita 0 0 t 0 0 1 0-3
Two-base hits; Kane, Donnelly. Throe
baae hit: Donnelly. Sacrifice f!y: Rich
ards. Stolen bases: Callahan (2), Hrtt
ton, Kane. Double play: Urttton to Iloap
to Patterson. Hlta: Off C.elit In tuo
Innlna: off Wright, 4 In three Innlnxn;
off I'ate, 1 In one Inning. Raera on balls:
Off Oelut, 1; off WrlKht, 4; off Kelley, 4.
Mrui'k out: Uy Oeiat, 1; by Wright, 3;
by I'ate, 1; by Kellry, . lilt by pitched
ball: iirltton by Kellcy. Time: l:4u.
I'niplre: Uelml.
Evroldt's Doabl ad Breea's Blaale
Score Wlnnliasr Ran.
Boston Defeat St. Louis Browns in
Both Games of a Double
BOSTON, Aug. II. Winning two games
from fit. IjouIs whlls Detroit lost to
Washington today, the Red Soz Improved
their lead In the American league raoe.
They won the first game, 11 to I, by hard
batting, Bt. Louis using five pitchers, one
an inflelder.
Leonard outpltched James In ths second
game, which was decided by a 1 to 1
score. Speaker's triple and James' wild
pitch counted Boston's first run and sin
gles by Carrlgan and Leonard, Hooper's
sacrifice and Scott's sacrifice fly pro
duced the winning tally. Pratt's double
and Howard's hit scored for St Louis.
Score, first game:
ghottea. If. .4 1 t Howr, rf... 111
Ib...l t 4 I U-nvrln. aa.,.1 1 I 1 S
Standing of Teams
Hlalnr. lb.
.4111, Knott, m i 1 1 1
.4101 iSPMker. cr. l I I
PES Aug. 11. Kwoldt's double Waikur. ct...i I I 1 . o.irnr, 1 ID 0
rollowed by Rreen's single scored what tiowars. tf..l 11 ijwia, if.. ..4 lit
proved to be the winning run in today a 1 I I Mrlnr. ib..j I 1 I i
me with Denver, the locale winning,
to I. Des Moines won four out of the
wl,h. p..
.4 I Hmr.
.!! OCaar.
five games clayed here. Kxtra bHae hlta V'l "-
by Oalloway led to both of Denver's Koob .
runs. Score:
Spencer, cf
Miller, rf
McColck. If.
Qalloweg. lb..,
Coffey, ab
Shlnlda. lb
Kellher, ss
ppanr, o
Uaakell, p
Hunter, cf..
Hius. if
Ian. rf
Jonri, lb...
Hartford, at
Sawyer, 2b.
tJWnim, id,,
Hreen, c....,
liaksr, P....
Krng. as...
A. E.
0 0
drm Moines 0 S 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 vik,r, ... 0 I tia If.. ..I 0 10 0 ' roreHakl s.l J .
ThreV-b. Kit. fikllow'a;. TwbaJ . .. J '". J SjjU'JJJ.- '
hiu: Oalloway. Hartfoni. twoldt. Sacrt- i' 1 i ! lfrr,7' '( :' ! ! .? ii!f?uT ""m 0 0
H"t(rk, s
t'orhran, lb
( tnher. lb
Tydfman. rf
Hron, cf
I altlmorti, 2b
Itiiptis, If...,
ilonioe, c
i-ukaff. p
AH. It H.
4 - 14
T 24 It
Cochran out; hit by batted ball.
Huns 10 0110
Hlta 1 IliiMtM
1 1 una 0 1010 0-1
Hlta 1 S 0 1 0 0 1 1-4
Three-base hit: Tydeman. Two-baae
rua: rorayine. t ocliran. Brown. SmctI
fue hlta: Tannehlll, HcliliulMier (2), Mo
t.'heaney. Thoiiiiaon. Ktolen txaaea: Kir own
ljtttimure. loubl play: Krug to Hrwn
to r. nileinr. ijrii on Daara: Omaha, 7
Toiwka.. 4. hlrui k out; Ity Thuinuum. 1
by Lakaff, S. Haaea on baila: Off Tnomu
1; off likaii, i. Time: 1.46. Umpire:
a ana igui.
SUt Last BUI mm Break Eveaj mm
the Series,
SlOrX. CITT. la.. Aua. ll.-Slou Cltv
and Wkhlia divided today's double-
rieaaer tin Droits even on the sertea.
ti-ore, Ural game:
eloL'X CITT.
AH. K. . II. O. A. E.
4-1 0 1 0
l"oon-y, 2b. ..
, 1'ixirove, cf.
t'niiahan, aa.
l.-Jeum rf. .
Kan, lb
1 r!iellng, 2b.
I'tUrlKII, )f.
,by, c
Whlia, p. ....
1-i.yle, p.
e 4
H. O. A. E.
1 S 0 0
0 S 0 0
110 0
114 0
17 11
10 10
0 4 11
7 24 14 "l
II. O. A. p.
14 0 0
0 0 0 0
110 0
0 11 0 1
1 10 0
! ! i i
14 11
0 0 4
T 27 li "l
Umik. p..
I Parker .
28 1
...,0 0 0 10 10 0 0-1
. 1 I W ood, s 4 1 1
,. 0 VOraii. 0
Tetal Nil 17 141
,.i o o
Tetala ....12 1 14 1 7
Hatted for Hamilton In fifth Inning.
Hatted for Cook In ninth inning.
Two-base hits: Uainer Gardner. Three
base hlta: Uvtn. Stolen bases: Hooper,
Lewis, Gardner. Double playa: Janvrln
to Uainer, Wood to Scott to Oalner. Left
on twaea: Hoaton, ; St. Ixnitn. (. Rwaea
on bulla: Off Wood, 3; off Hamilton, 1:
off Waieh, i; oil Jamea, L HJta:Off
Hamilton, 9 In four innings; off Walah,
1 in two Innings (none out tn seventh,
none out In fifth); off oKob, 1 In one In
king; off Cook, 1 In one inning; off Wood,
0 in eeven Innings; off Urettff, 1 In two
innings. Struck out; Hy Wood, 2; by
Ortui, 3; by Hamilton, 1. Umpires: Wilt
lace snd Connolly,
AB.H O.A a. AB.H.O.A .
Kbottoa, if... ll feMf. tf...J ! .....
Aii.Hd. Ib...l OHoott. aa I til t SS....1 flit
P. W. I- Pet.
Pes Moines 110 70 40 .
Denver 1W 64 43 .1
Lincoln 104 ' 54 62 .W
Topeka 110 66 ho .WO
Sioux City Iffi . 1 M
Omaha lli 60 ft) 4.V
Wichita 106 4.-. 60 .:"
St Joseph lttu 40 66 .31
W.LPct. W.LPct.
Phlla R3 46 .Ml Boston " V .6S0
Brooklyn ...55 40 .K3; lHtrolt 4 .622
Hoaton 61 AO .610
Pittsburgh 61 4 .60
Chicago ....61 49 .60.
New York.. 49 iH .WKS
St. Loula....4 M .467
Cincinnati .41 67 .4M
hicago 02 40
Waahington 64 49 .524
New Tork...9 4 .5i0
St Louis. ...40 At .3Mt
Cleveland ...38 (1 .3M
Phlla 33 9 .824
Kan. Clty,..68 46 ,m St. Paul 68 47 ,tW9
Chicago ....M 46 .&VI Mlnneap'a ..62 60.646
rvewara ....of tb .hi. inaiannp a ..!) 4S .M
Pittsburgh .60 45 .k Kan. City... 67 63 .6:3
St. l)Uls...M 47 .5i4 I.oulvllle ,.64 63 .6
Hrooklyn ..47 ) .4:: Cleveland ..47 59 .443
Buffalo ....47 61 Milwaukee ..40 61 ,4:W
Baltimore ..! 67 .3601 Columbua ..43 67 .368
Yesterday's Resalts.
Wichita, 8-3; Sioux City, 7-6.
Topeka, 2; Omaha, 4.
Lincoln, 6-2' St. Joseph, 7-3.
Denver, 1; Dee Molnea, 3.
Boston. 8-g; Louis, 2-2; sailed end
ninth, darkness.
Brooklyn, 2; Chicago, S.
New York-Pittsburgh, rain.
Detroit, 4; Washington, 8.
Chicago, 3; Philadelphia, 1
Cleveland, 1; New York, 2.
St Louie, 1-1; Hoaton. U-l.
Pittsburgh. 1; Baltimore, 1. '
St. Loula, 8; Buffalo, 0.
Chicago. 0; Newark, 8.
Kanaaa City. 6; Broklyn,- 7.
Kansas City, 1-0; Cleveland, 1-1.
Mlnneapolia, 6-13; Columbus, 10-0.
St. Paul, 4-4; Louisville, 14-1.
Games Today.
Western League Denver at Sioux
City, Lincoln at Omaha, Topeka at St
Joseph. WiNilta at Des Molnea.
National League New York at Pitts
burgh, Chicago at St. Loula.
American League Detroit at Washing
ton. Chicago at Philadelphia, Cleveland
at New York, St Loula at Boston.
Federal League Pittsburgh at Balti
more st Louis at Buffslo, Chicago at
Newark.. Kansas City at Brooklyn.
Cubs Thus Prevent Superbas from
Making; Clean Sweep of
the Series.
CHICAGO. Aug. 11. Chicago defeated
Brooklyn, S to 1. today, and thereby pre
vented the visitors from making a clean
sweep of the series. The locals made all
their runs In the second Inning off Doll.
In this session they gathered four hits,
one of which was a triple and, coupled
with Dell's wild throw of McLary's sacri
fice, a base on balls and a sacrifice, took
a lead which the Dodgers were unable to
overtake, The visitors outhlt the locals,
but Lavender was given fine support in
the pinches. Score: '
i Myrs, cf....i 114 flood, rf 1 1 0
0"Mara. a...4 11 FlFhr. ...4 111
nanhert, lb...l 0 14 0 I B.-katU, ... 110
C.WhMt. If.. I It fZlmtnar., lb..l lit
ruftiair. lb.. 4 0 14 OWIillami, ct.l Ills
Humtnrl. rl..l 1 OMrlnrrr. lb.. I 11 0 0
i"t lb 4 1 0 1 tArrhar, a I 1 4 0
'lll.r. e ... 4 1 t I OPhelan. lb...l 1 1
!ll. 0 0 1 Larandar, p I I
Pk-hulti ....1 a
Appl.ton. p.. I (SO Totala ....I," 17 13 1
i Xtassai ....1 1S4S
I Sm.rth .... S
Pfelfar, ..,.
Mccarty ....1 lt
Totals ....4 IMIl 1' .
Batted for Dell in ths third.
Batted for Appleton In the eighth.
Ran for Stengel in the eighth.
Batted for Pfeffer In the 8th.
Brooklyn 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 02
Races at Sac City
Prove to Be Close
SAC CITY, la., Aug. 11. (Special Tele
gram.) In spite of a drizsling rain, there
was a good attendance at the So county
fair today and the time of the races waa
exceedingly fast for a mudy track. Fal
lowing are the summaries:
Trot 2 2R; purse, 1400:
Slrt McKerron (BettO. first; Winnie
Lockhart (Taylor), lofind; Lord Airh
diilo tParks). third; Billy Murray (Jen
kins Little, Hunter, Ark.), fourth. Ten
horses started.
Beat time: 2:214-
Pace, 2:15; purse. M01:
Bonnlvard (Plllonl, first; Orpheus Pan
(McCoy), recond; Ixiulo Mc (Ca-y), third;
Lucille DeForeet (Colbert), fourth. Eight
horses started.
Best time: 2:144.
Flve-elgl-ths mile running race, purse,
6'Tello (Good), ''first; oCuntrv Gentle
man (Williams!, recond; .1. W. Fuller
(Walte), third; Ella Schroeder (VV right),
Time: 1:10.
P.nnr. e 4 18 1
Ihrntadoah Trims Essex.
SHENANDOAH, la.. Aug. n.-(8pec!al
Telegram.) In a one-sided games Shen
andoah defeated Essex, 7 to 8. and Tabor
won from Imogene, 13 to 4, In base ball
gamea.. Scorea: . R.U.E.
Tabor 7 101110 0-13 10 6
Imogeno 0 10000080-49 12
Batteries: Tabor. Kills and Clair; Imo
gene. McCloy and Berg. R H E
Essex 1 6 0 0 0 0 0- 8 3 6
Sh"nandosh .0 00021010786
Batteries: ' Fssex. McKee and Castle;
Shenandoah Carlson, Sullivan and Lacey.
Spolllasr for Sosne tiantea.
The Stars and Stripes would like to
break the winning streaks of the follow
ing teams: Memphis, Gretna. Schuyler
and Pender. The Brewers have the fol
lowing open dates for any of the above
teams: Sundav. August 29: September
.0 6000000 -ol6, and 12. Address Roy Stacey, H34
Tip Tops Stage Revival After Twj
Are Out in Final Frame and '
Take Game.
Two-base hlta: Z. Wheat Millar Thnu.
base hit: Flaher. Earned runs: Chlcsgo,
4; Brooklyn, 2. Double play: O'Mara to
Cbtshaw to Daubert Basea on balls: Off
Dell, 1; off Lavender. 2, Hlta: Off Dell,
4 In two innings: off Appleton. 1 In five
Innings; off Pfeffer, none In one Inning.
Struck out: By Dell, 1; by Lavender, 2;
by Appleton. 1. Umpires: O Day and
Orth. -
Braves Wlai First.
ST. LOUIS, Aug. ll.-BoHton wound uft!
i North Twelfth street. South Omuha, Neb.,
or call South 1228.
. MIND EN, Neb.,. Aug. 11. (Special.)
The body of Mrs. B. . F. Darnell, who
died at her home In Culbertson last Satur-
Its series here todsv bv winning th rir.r ! waa hrousht here and burled yeater
fnTthe' Vttr'rttZt," J!. -T- Mr. and Mrs. DarneU wer. tormorl.
called at tha enil r the inh ( i , residents of this place. Mrs. Darnell
SUIar.' lb.X',4 14 Kpmker. cf.'.t 1 1 ! Stanase. C...1 S 1 Mrnrtda. at 8 111 ! 2 and 1.
I'ratt. lb.. ..4 lit 1 rtoomaei. IB.a w a a ; paaar. v v v i vauia. p a w v
account of darkness while the scoro stood
Des MoUies, 7. Struck out: By Hakrr, 4;
ur uasKeu. . nasea on oaus uir iiaser.
1: off Uasknli, 8. Double plays: Soahr to
Coffey. CWfey to Calloway to ShlHds.
Paasvd ball; Spabr. Time: 1:64. Umpire:
van iv vaia,
Llacola Loses Bath Ends of Da able.
BT. JOSEPH. Mo.. Aus. 11 Tha, W.I.
captured both ends of a double bill here
this afternoon from lincoln. Both games
iaai. ine iiiitinif or the newly
elected cnptnln, Jake Boulten, aa the fea
ture of the contests, he having handled
six safe onea out of eight time t bat.
Score, first game:
AH. R. H. O. A. E.
. a 1 11
:1 MM
.41 148
ii ! 5 s i
Nicholson, if..,
Orodl.k. 2b
Olelmer, cf.....
Kns. lh
Houltea, lb....,
Wllllnnia. rf...
Groelirg, as...
I onneliy. c....,
Kelfer, p. ......
Vance, p
Totala .... 4 14 17 1 Totala ....17 I 11 11 I
M. uouls 0 0 u 1 0 0 0 0-1
lioston 0 O 1 0 1 0 0 3
Two-baao hits: Pratt. Three-btue hiu:
Speaker. Stolen haae: l.avan. Doublo
playai lavan to Pratt to Staler (2). Bases
Total .... I M II
Chicago 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0-8
Philadelphia ....... 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1-4
Two-base lilts: Weaver. Foumler,
Blackburne, Feilsch, Davles. Stolen base:
iv tolllns. Hmea on balls: Bheehan, a.
Wolfe. If
IJoyd. 2b 4
Mi.fflan, as 4
Morse, rf 6
Williams, lb 1
Srhrxliwr. cf. 8
AH. R. H,
0 1
11 27 1
Vanta lh
McAlllater, c....,
Iloffmsn, p
U. Schreiher, p.
A. E.
0 0
Totals S3 S 10 24
Lincoln 0 II 10 0 0
fet. Joseph 8 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 7 nit; , iieimrr. i wo-naae
hlta. Houitea, McAtliMer Morse. Saerl-
4... 1.1,.. ... ..
- in,.. iinisnma. tji. t onneiiv.
J stolen bases: l.loyd. Wolfe 12). MiHia"!
fan, Williams (21, Nlr-holson. Hits: Off
iioiinien, a in two inmiiKs; r.ff Schrcl-
wr, a lit six mninxa: tf Keirrr. I In
three and two-third limlnva' off Vance,
4 In f)v and on-htit Ixnlnfs. Struck
out:- By tvlinilirr. l:.... nn in..
off Vance. 3; olf llnffman. 1 off S'hrr'-
1 17 li
W 7
AH. H. H. O.
4 114
ii"' i?i'ihl pi?: Mc1afflran to ' r.vaaa. lb!!!4 41 li tu.. "ml f 4
IO'tlrleii. tu'oie a'nd CHina'
Bl, Jt.k.lJlt
t'hapiaaa. aa.4 1 4 1 IMalMl. lb... .4 114 rf...t I I I trip, lb 4 III I I
Umpires: Evans and Chill.
Links Come to Omaha
for Two-Game Series
Matty Mclntyre'a links open a two
gams aeries with ths Rourkes today at
Rourka park. Ths Lincoln club has been
remodeled somewhat sine last seen In
Omaha and Its roster now contains the
names of Red Whalen and Guy Hoffman,
formerly of the Rourka tribe. Friday will
be ladles' day. Both games will be' called
at lo'clock.
on balls; Jamea. 2; Leonard, 3. Hit by I struck out: By Bens. 4; by Shechan, 4.
pitched bail: liooper. Mruca oui; iy
James, 1; by Ieonard, I. Umpires: Con
nolly aud Wallace.
ftallla Blaaks Tigers. - -WASHINGTON,
Aug. U.-Gallla let De
troit down -with four hiu today, Wash
ington winning by 8 to 0.' Errors by
Young and Crawford figured In the scor
ing of two of Washington's runs, ths
other being the result of McBride's sin
gle and Gallia's double. Jennings used
three pinch hitters, none of whom deliv
ered. Score:
Murskr ... 11 Walah. If. ...4 I
Wravar. aa...4 1 1 1 aBlruok. K...4 1 1 0
B Collins, lb. I 0 14 tlmnlsa, (.. 4 1 4
Fourular. lb. I 1 II ( Hchang. lb.. .4 111
KalKh. f...4 II 41 -Jul, lb.. ..4 1141
J Collins. If.. 4 II Molaala 1S..I 11 1 c... 1 III (Lavs, a.... 1 I 4
niackb.. lb.. 4 II 1 kui( is I 114
Bant, g 4 III I Haeehea, S...I 0188
Totala .... I 17 11 I Totala ....II 1 17 II I
Hatted lor Stanage In eighth.
Hatted for Coveleakla In eighth.
Batted for Moriarty In ninth.
Detroit 0 0 0 0 0 O O
Washington 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 -3
Two-base hits: Gallia. Stolen bases:
Young, Uallla, Garni 11. Double playa:
Gallia to Foster to GandU, Bush, to
Young to Hum a. Bases on balls: Oft
CovalealVi. 8; off Gallia, 1; off Boland, 1.
Hits: Off CoveleskUi In seven Innings;
off Boland, I In one Inning. Struck out:
Hy Gallia, 1; by Coveleaklo, 3. Umpires:
Dtnecn snd Nallln.
NEW YORK, Aug. ll.-Carroll Brown,
starting hla first home game of the sea
son, pitched a strong gams here today,
and New York defeated Cleveland, 1 to 1.
Morton was hit hard In the third Inning
and the Ysnkees scored twice on a double
by Boone, Nunamakcr's triple and a sin
gle by High, i-core:
AU.ll OAK AS II 6 A r
Wilts, rf 4 111 lH!a. cf I 1 I
Hard hitting marked thm
test each team getting one or more lilts
tn every Inning except in the first Long
was the star batsman of the Uay. In
elaht times up he sent out a homer, a
triple, a double and two atnglea.
Ragon, driven from tho box in the first
game came back In the second and held
St I.ouls to three hits In seven and one
third Innlnss. Score first game:
BOSTON. bt. uirm.
.. AB.H.O A B. AB.H.O.A ft.
Mnran. rf.... 11 eFntter. aa....i till
Rrem. lb 4 1 8 1 I Slearher, If . 4 1 I 1
OmollT. N...4 14 1 Millar, lb.. ,.4 111
alaaae. ft ... I 111 Simons. H.....4 1
' -fmidt lb 4 I 10 I lb. ...4 I 1
fmlth. lb. ...4 III IWIlans. ef...4 1 I
Xuranv.. as. .4 11 SHnrdar. r..,.4 III
Oowjr, e....4 I I 1 ntl. lb.. .4 114 1
Hasan. 1 I 1 1
Huahaa, p. ...I Oil Roacb I I
. Toula .... II 1 Totals ....a Tin 11 1
' 'Batted for Doak In the ninth.
lioston 0 0 2 1 1 0 1 0 08
St. I.ouls 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 11
Two-base hits: Moran. Magee, Bet Ed
Maranvllle, Ixng. Three-base hlta: Long,
Wilson. Stolen bases: Butler, Maran
vllle. Douhle play: Oooy to Smith.
Bases on balls: Off Hughes, lj off Doak.
1 Hits: Off Ragan, 6 in three Innings
snd none out In the fourth; off Hughes (
In six Innings. Struck out: By Ragan 1;
by Hughes, 7: by Doak. 4. Umpires: Rig
ler and FmaMe, Score, seend .:
.. AU H.O A g AB.H O A a.
BUT RUN ON SLOW TRACK ErV.:i ? i I it '-1 1 S
i , rnaollr, II.. 1 ei.ooa. 'rf 4 I I
SHENANDOAH. Ia.. Aug. ll.-(Speclal sch4t .4 in otJoTa'a: " J !
Telegram.) Closely contested races fca- f" lviiwn. cf...l
. .. " . .... .... r7T"'. as.l V V 1 rnonrslaa S..4 I. I
was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Smith. Their 8-year-old son died Monday
night at Culbertson and will be burled
hero today. Death was due to scarletina
In both cases. -
MINDEN. Neb.. Aug. 11. (Special.)
Clarence Matthews and Wu'.ter Noonan,
both young men, pleaded guilty to a
charge of robbery and were) sentenced
to from one to seven years In the peni
tentiary by Judge E. B. Perry at a spe
cial term of district court.
tured the second day of ths Biienanaoah whaling ...! 4 I cnetasi tb .. I i a
fair, although run off In slow time, A T?ier'.:". S 'oVS' t 1 J
large crowd attended and the night fairs K.ioa, i'.'.'.'.t t t p'. !
i-r. l l s Total 1 I ST 11 I
are proving drawing cards. Prises were
awarded today. Exhibits of stock and
ths floral hall make up for absenoa of
crop exhlbtts. Summaries:
Trotting, 1:17 class: Edith All Tell (F.
Fargo of Parsons, Kan.), flrat; Sweet
wood (Mr. McClarry of Kansas City), aeo
ond; Charlie Mara (Karl Beealey of Syra
cuse. Neb.), third. Best time. 2:2.V.
Pacing, 2:13 claaa: Kid lUley (Tom Pat
ton of Salitia, Kan.) won In three straight
heats,' twice defeating R. W. C, owned
by R. W. rJlllngton of Kansaa City, by a
nose; Charley' C. "(C. 1 B. 1 Clarke of Cha
pute, Kan.), aecond; Baron Tc (Ed Berry
or Albia. la.), third. Heat time, 1 13V
One-half-mile dash: I jui y Box (H.
Shields of Tulsa. iOkl.). first; Gertrude
S 11 17 11
i enneit, cf. .
'iaiiu.n. rf. ...
i'ailetson, lb.
l.rttton, 'b. .,
Melting. JO. .
Iujn. ss. ...
i irut th. e. ..
Wrirht. p. ..
s0 .tiiern ....
it, p. ....
Totals ....
tatted for Wrlht In the fourth.
M.;x City 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1-7
WKhlla :. .. 0 1 0 8 0 0 1 10
T-Un hits: Lrlucne. Patterson.
Home r,n: Ij j. une. t-at'riltce hit: 7l
iK.n. t.rlfH Ily: limoili.s. Stulea
t 'uoney, Callahan, 1 atteravu.
Double plaa White to Callahan to
Kane, (Jriitith to Patterson. lnnlnss
H.h.d: rsy Wrtrht. 1; by White, 4: by
Doyle, 5: t,y C.vUt, Hits: Otf S'rl-bt,
f. .,ff Vl,Ue. 4. ,'f Iol. 7; off Oelst, I
I bw rii balls' f ' Wright. 1: .ff Wl lte,
I- i'( I' .vie, 1: eff Ci.i.t, 1. Struck out:
I y W ri;-t.t. l: it Vt hue, 1: tv Ilcyle. :
btr o"-t, 1. v,n ich: White. Tme:
t'lupire: iji-lnpl, P,-ora, cond
a rfine :
AH. R. H. O. A. E.
',, fb... 1 li 1 II
' ti..te. tf 4 0 1 0
Nicholson, If...
Grodiek, 2b
Helinee. cf
'Km. lb
Houltes. Sb
WillUnis. rf....
lro..llng. ss....
Hlia. c
p.".' 1
R. H. Q. A.
0 i D 1
1 I 0 0
1 1 12 1
0 4 11
0 0 0 0
0 111
0 14 1
kirk., lk l ssi ri i i a a I 1 lx i.lileUlal. sond: Pat Moral (Andy
Knuik. ll I 8 lanasll. If, 1 I I Mo Bee of Council- Bluffs, la.), third.
Waaiuas . lb. I 1 I I Boona. tb... I 114 ! Time, O il. .' .
aaan. a a i t aiwiiaataa.. i e s
0 " - f - - - w
iu.iL,Mh t a a a a
Wolfe. If
l.loyd. lb
Mrtiaffisan; ss.
Morse, rf
Williams, lb
S hrt-toer. cf
Yams, lb
'MoAlllater. O....
LillllKO, p
83 8
AH. R. H
4 0 3
ij n ii
1 8
! i
i a u
llarataa. I 1 I Totals
..MM!? 11 I
Totals ,...M IHU 1
-iiatied for Morton in eighth.
Cleveland 0 0 1 01
New loi It 0 0 S 0 0 1
Two-base hits: Boone, Kgan. Three-
base hit: Nunamaker. Stolen base: Cook.
Double plays:
lil'P, Haratad to Chapman to Klrke,
Boone to PtH'kinpaUtth. to
lirown. 3: by Motion. 3. Hlta: off Morton,
In seven Minlona: off Haratad, 1 tn one
liiljc brand
Wolfe and MrGafftgan out tmntlng
third strike,
n out when winning run soored.
IJncoln 1 0 U 0 0 0 0 0 02
St JoM-ph 0 1 4 1 e a
Two-baae Mts: McGafflgan. Morse.
Bouu.-s. tlroeilnr Ka.crtflre hits: Ens.
Morse, IJoyd. Dtnien base: Nicholson,
htruck oui: Bv Ktiman. 1: by VtrUn
dlnitliam. t l'u on balla: Off V.
iMriilinkham. 8. Hit by itelIMi r.,11
Williams by KhmaB, I'ouUa plaa:
lliiaios tutis-a:aieu, t.lid to Will,
iatns, IJod to Ihiiii to Wl.iian'.a Ttnw
1.40. I in ;i us: O Briea. -
Hruwn to pan klnpaUfti to I'tpp. Basa on
trails: (iff Morton, 1. hlrwl oi: Hy
iy Moitu
Inning. Linpires
O uougnnn.
kleas Heats Macks.
PHILADELPHIA. Aug. U.-Error by
Shechan and bihsng which cost two
runs gave Chicago the victory over Phllav
aieiphla today, 3 to i. Bna kept ths hoiikt,
team's hits scattered excrpt la the flfut
and alnin tnnlnaa. Bens did not Issue a
i a as and he was given splend4 support
1,1. ano playing without an error (ur the
thud s'ii',-ealva game here. Score:
bsrraofT washing-to.
Mortanr. Ik I 1 IMaalla. rf...4 4
B h. aa 4 14 1 t 1U ..4 I I I I
I.. .( 4 1 t'kl.l.a. rf ...I I I
Craiffuld. rf I II I MJUIl Ik .1 I
e. tf... 4 I I ll,.t,dil. ID. . 4 1 14 4
bursa, IS ... 1U AMia. It. ...I 1
The first of a series of playground ball
games between teams of boys of ths
seven superv Ised play centers will be
held this, morning between the Rlver
vlew and Ilanscom park teams on the
grounds of the latter.
A schedule baa been arranged, enabling
each team to meet every other team.
Beginning Saturday Morning at ths
recreation grounds at Thirty-fourth and
Center streets, a series of volley ball
matohea between teams of girls will bo
sUrted. The Miller Parks will play at
tills location,
At ths end of ths month prises will
be awarded to ths winners la each division.
ar Tkratl aal t int.
Quick relieved by Dr. Bell's Plne-Tar-Honey.
It cases the throat loosens
phlegm. Only 2f5- All druggists. Adver
tisement, x
Totals .;..M Tfill 1 '
Batted for Bagon tn ninth Inning. !
Batted for W haling In ninth Inning.
Ran for Evers In ninth Inning.
Two-base hits: Smith. Homo run: Long.
Stolen base: Oonaies. Double piavs:
Gowdy to Maranvllle. Base on balls: Tv.
ler. 8; Itagnn, 3: Husrhee. 1: Robinson. 1;
Meadowa. 2. Hlta: Off Tyler, 1 In two
third Innings; Paean, 3 in aeven and one
third inninira; Hughes, 1 in one Inning;
Robinson, 6 in five and two-third Innings;
Meadowa 1 In one-third Inning. Struck
out: By Rae-on. 8; by Robinson, 1; bv
Meadows, 1. Umpires: Rider and Emails.
Asaeriraa Aasoeiatloa.
At Cleveland Flrat game: R.H.E.
Kansas City 17 0
Cleveland 1 7 t
Batteries: Delhi and Gelbel; McCall,
James and BHIInsa.
At Cleveland Second game: " R.H.H.
Kansas City Old
Cleveland 17 1
Battnrlea- Gardner and Crisp; Carter
and Devoat.
At Columbus First game: R II E.
Minneapolis 4 7 0
Columbus 10 10 1
Batteries: Fnvle and Sullivan. Ghar
rltv; Curtis. O'Toole and Coleman.
At Columbus Second game: R II PI
Minneapolis 0 8 1
Columbus .0 1 1
Bsttertes: Ylnellng and Ghsrrltv:
Berry and Robertson. (Called end sev.
enth, rain).
At iuisvuie nrst game: R.ti ft.
St. Paul 4 8 5
Louisville 14 14 2
Batterleo: Williams. Larov, Iathrop
and Johnson: Danfortfi and Crossln.
At Louisville Second game: RUE
Bt. Paul 4 4 1
Louisville 3 4 3
Battoitea: I-elfield and Graham; Mld-
dleton and Clemena. (Called end sixth.
Mllwsukeo-Indlanapolla, game post
poned; rain.
- Neve Balldlags at Losp City.
LOUP CITY, Neb.. Aug. lL-Spectal.)-Thls
city is experiencing a boom Just
now. Mrs. John Solms Is building a
new brick hardware store on Main street.
Dr. Bowman Is putting up a new 13,000
residence, McNulty At Simpson have re
cently finished a fine new cement block
residence. Many new cement sidewalk
and street crossings have been put In
and work will commence on the new
330,000 school house as soon as the loca
tion Is definitely settled. A vote on the
location will be taken by the people of
ths district, August 16.
Light Y ield ia Hall Belt.
LOOMU Neb., Aug. U. (Special.)
Threshing began In this section ths first
of the present week. The yield of early
hailed wheat is disappointing. The grain
appeared to recover from ths hall and
looked good for twenty bushels, but has
threshed but seven or eight. Few fields
out of the path of storms have been
threshed to date. .
BROOKLYN. Aug. ll.-The Brooklyn
Feds rallied, with two out In the ninth
Inning today and defeated Kansas City,
7 to 6. The locals knocked Cullop out rf
the box In the fourth. Hennlng, whi
succeeded him. weakened In the nlntli
and walked Magee, who stole' secon-l.
Cooper was passed also. Hits by Kauff,
Myers and Holt sent over three run.
winning the game.
Wlltso relieved Walker for Brooklyn
with the basea full and one" out in tt-.o
sixth and held the visitors to one run
thereafter. Score: R.H.F1
Kansas City 0 2 0 1 2 0 1 0 0 8 8-0
Brooklyn ....0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 37 12 5
Batteries: Cullop, Hennlng and East
erly; Walker, Wiltse and II. Smith, Land.
Renlbarh Beats Whales.
NEWARK. N. J., Aug. ll.-Ed. Reul
bach heat Chicago today, allowing onlv
two hlta to the Whales. Five hits and
two banes on balls In the second kinlne;
netted five runs for Newark and sent
Black to the club house. Rasmussen. a
Chicago semi-professional, pitched the
eigntn. ana ma wiiancsa gave uewtr two
rutin. Score: R.H.E.
Chicago 0 0,0 0 0 -0 1 O
Newark 6 11 I I M I 1
Datterle: Black Prendcrgast, Hasmus-
sen and Fischer; Reulbach and Rarlden,
Rebs Whip TersM.
BALTIMORE. ' Aug. 11. Pittsburgh
evened up the series this afternoon By
taking a fourteen-inntng battle from Bal
timore, I to i. notn burrs ana itogxe
pitched good ball. The fielding of both
clubs wan sensational. Score: R.H.K.
Pittsburgh 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2-3 11 0
"'ttmore 0001000000000 01 11 L
.latteries: Rogge and O'Connors;
ijggs and Owens. -
Terriers Hlank Blaes Again.
BUFFAIXX Aug. . I.ouls scored
the second consecutive shutout, aitntrst
Buffalo today, winning. to 0. Bedlent
was taken out at the end of the second
inning after kivlng eight hits. Lafltti
also was hit freely.
It waa announced that . the tec'iiecd
rates for admission would go Into effect
here on Saturday. Score: R.H.E.
St. Louis ...1 4 0 1 0 t It 1-814 1
Buffalo 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 7 0
Batterlea: Davenport and Chapman;
Bedient, Lafitte and Blatr.
..' I
Hojbrook Wins.
HOLBROOK. Neb.. Aug. 11. (Special
Telegram.) The Holbrook ball team won
a fast game from Hartley on tne nome
grounds this afternoon, ft to I. Bartley
made three runs . in the second Innlnt
and Holbrook scored two In the fourth
and tl.ree In the sixth inning. Batteries;
Holbroc'A George and Maxiel Hartley,
Brown and Walters. Struck out: By
George, 10; by Brown. 7. Cambridge plays
here tomorrow. A large crowd Is at
tending the Chautauqua here this week.
laatkrrs Asctttea.
IJttla Rock, f; Memphis. I.
Chattanooga-Mobile, postponed;
No others scheduled.
Relief (ram A en I Jtheasaatlsaa.
John H. Gronx, Winchester, N, H.,
writes: "I suffer from acuta rheumatism
snd Sloan's Liniment always helps
quickly. 26c, . All ' druggists. Advertise
WJ-.ijr Daliy
Missouri Pacific
Ar. Kan aag City
. 4:00 P.M.
. 8:35 P. M
7:07 A.M.
Leave Omaha
8:00 A. M.
100 P. M.
11:16 P.M.
Modern Equipment
Observation Sleepers
Superb Dining Car Service
Meala a, la Carte
Direct connections In Kansas,
City Union Station for points
South-rEast West
1423 Farnaru St.
Union Station.
f Thomas F. Godfrey,
General Agent, Passenger Dept.
I . . -3
- 4- W-
Most tlodern and Sanitary Brewery In the West
Family Trade supplied by WM. JETTER, 2502 N St,
Telephone South 883.