Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 11, 1915, Page 9, Image 9

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    THE UFA): OMAHA. YYKDNT.KIiAY. AlHU NT 11. 15lf.
Moa eml 4 nttnges.
For Rent
(South hir ef double br"c
Sous. 7 rooms, 4 Mroonn,
l modern, st liU South 29C
lit . near Turk school, one
block east of Manaoore park.
Tal. Harney 1509.
Phono DcjKlaa r8 for ecmplet llat of
vacant bouaes and apartments: also for
txrag, moving. 14th and Jackson Uta.
fl2.00-lt.4 N. Win St., S rmi., mod. ex.
U5.084.Xl X. 25th Ave. 6 mil., mod, ex.
$17.00-Svi2 Maple St.. 5rma., mod. ex.
SH.rift-tor'l n. soth St.. I rim, all mod.
J.f; (Ki Kmtnct. 10 rint... all mod.
$27.502613 Sherman Ave., u rmi., Ml mod.
$'?8 004124 N. lHh St.. 6 rms.. bitnsalow.
.0i-lT:i5 S. 29th St., S mm.. Mil mod.
Fth Fir. Urn. Nat. Hank Bldg. Iong. ITSt .
SER the Ontrl Furniture Store. KRRI
GlobeVan & Storage
teres, idcvm, pack ships; l-horx van
and 3 men. H 14 per br.; storage 11 Pr
Brio. Satisfaction guar. D. 433S A T-. t
TTrmaou Gralgh Sons Co.. hs bKl
In all i
parts of the city.
Gordon Van Co. i
$ N. 1Kb fit.
Tel. D Her Web. li3.
leg, packing, chipping. 1713 Webstar Si
Dcuglas 14M.
J. C. Reed
w vvv,u 12V7 Fu-nan
1207 Farnam. it. 14
W'E HAVE rod-Jed i,nno buildings sln-e
lyio, and never had one struck. We
Juarantee every Job. ' AMERICAN
.KlHTNlVd Tl An vm li mil. at
l-KOOM modern brick house, 610 N. 20th
St. Thomas S. Kety, care of Jlurgisn-
ifO N. 22D., 10 rooms, modern. t.
24 Cap. Ave., 7 rooms, modern,
Mfi N. SfOth, 4 rooms, 114.
TtlNQWALT BROS., Prandolw Th. P!d(r.
YOR RKNT-'-r. house. Phone Tyler '1140.
-ROOM cottage for rent. Tel. Hax. Wi:
Lieaseholda. ' -
'W2xl3J feet of RTound at the northeast
orner of 17th and Jackaon His., only two
blocks from urges-Nash company
tore. Suitable for a down-town garage.
Rental, only $720 per year. No reap
prateement. Prloe, 3Fi,000.
A C1X)S1-1N CORNER North weet
corner 15th and Howard Sts.; improved
with a aubatantlal 8-story brick build
ing; good store rooms and a hotel ot
fi rooms. Near Orhpeum theater, oppo
ertte Auditorium, and only one block from
Itlth and Howard Sts.. Omaha's best
street car transfer point. (Lease W years.
INo reappralsement. Price, $;,000.
Georjge & Company
thone D. 7M.
902 City Nat. Pk. PM.
tores Bkd Offiues.
FRIVATB corner office, reception room,
stenographer - and telephone, in State
Bank building to responsible attorney at
. 40.ii0 per month. AddrcKS J S7S. Bee.
LARGE modem store near postoft'lee;,
low rent. O. P, Stebblns. 1G10 Chicago
Office on 17th St
: v Double Windows
, , ONIjY vacant room
' STREET." : : .
Frtvat lfflc Waiting; Room
X80 Sq. Ft. 118.60
The Bee Building
' ' . ; Office Room 108. -
One Small Office
For Rent
Good Location Fourth Floor.
Water end Electrtc Light, Free.
$12.00 Per Month. '
The Bee Building
"The building that Is always new."
Office, Room 103.
WANTED ReliMbla real estate company
to sell, large tract of Texas land, sub
d I v lded, Auuross Box 36. W Internet, la.
OFFF1CB furniture bought and solJ- J.
C. Reed. IkTI Farnam. Doug. U4
, HIGHEST prices lor old clothing. D.4714.
,. Yala auys everything tod hand. Web. 4a0.
Bliantiy mwki man iraue uisjim. 1. MXl.
' 15 'OR 20 acres good land close to dome
Nebraska tiwn; quote price and descrip
tion. Address V 6L7. Bee.
live Oak Coloojea, none better. W. T.
Smith Co.. 1-14 City NaU Ba. P. stifc
'. FOR SALE OR TRADE Beautiful Den
ver home, s lots, ll-room house and
' garage and outbuilding; pressed brick,
lull cemented basement; new nurd wood
finish; new Capitol hill, on principal
' boulevard; wilt also consider lrsUe- lur
clear Property Dear Omaha. Cull Hiei
B..K. PrUt. bard, iiarley iiutcl oiualia.
ttaVe totj a farm roR sale?
Writ. a good dwcrlution of your land
and jeaj It to the bioux City, la.. Journal.
"Iowa's Most Powerful Want Ad Me
dium." Twenty-five words every Friday
evening, Saturday morning and every
. Baturdajr venlug and bunday morning
for one month, giving sixteen ads oo
- twelve dlfforeut days for U; or to words,
H. or 76 wordj. to.
Largest circulation of any Iowa news
'. 'paper. iO.GUv readers dally In four great
MINN, farms; low price, easy terms. Mln.
uesota Land Co., P. O. Box 317. omuh.
UET out of the mud; come to Wrsl oen
tral iinncHotii and sue the bumper
.irupi uroHn will' su unusual amount ot
rainfall. Harvesting now un.itr ideaj con
nitions. Roads 'inc. I Hand Liind it Loaa
Company, Fergus Kalis. Minn.
Nortk Dakota.
Our excursion party Tuesday, August 17,
bound for tl.o BIO Cltul'M on our farms
in North Dakota. You can bargain for
our farms by paying $3 au acie down,
balance on your terms or on the crop
payment plaa. We can help you. Try
us. Wm. H. Brown Co., t N. La Sail,
r.. Chicago. '
Free Land
If you are a practical fruit man,
we will give you abkolutely free 40
arres of rich valley l.n I. for your
labor. ciiihlMtli)g of planting- .nd
cariir for 40 acres of upls. we
will furnish the trees, you furnish
the la I or onlv. I. ami la located In
the lunnniM Yaklini valley, Vah
mcton, within inllm of a live
liUKlltrig town pn main line railroad!
snd worth l per acre. Further
particulars of
W. T. Smith Co.
City National Bank Iilli.
FA It M A Rtllll L A Ml roR RtLB
FOR 8Al.n-l acre, well Improved. (
mile from Meadow Orove, .Seb., and
ha good mill; IHli per aire; $2,f eaah,
balance lerina Liuper Theisun, Osmond.
Neb. ,
MO-ACRE farm, lit per acre; $30 cl and
50 ner month; no Interest: rich mill;
fine Mini; pnro Water, good title. Writ
W. T. Young. Jr.. KltnWl. Neb.
bbal estate toA?r
TOLANP ft THl'M BULL. 448 Bee Bldg.
$)0n TO lio.OfK) made promptly. F. D.
Wend, Wcad RMj;.. lth and Farnam Bta
CITY and firm loaiie, i. W. per cent
J. H. Dumont A Co.. 4llState Bank.
WANTED-dood farm and city loan at
low "at rate.
CITT property. Large loana a specialty.
W. H. ThomsS. State Bank Bldg.
MONEY mi hand (or city and farm loana.
H. W. Binder. City National Bank Bllg.
6FE u first for farm loana In eastern
Neb. United Slates Trust Co., Omaha.
CITY LOANS. C. O. Carl berg.
WO 13 Brsndele Theater Hldg.
WANTED CHr and farm loans; loweat
rates. W. U. Teinplcton. lies. T. JC
FOH SALl Bargain, Ixit 6H Seymour
Lake club. Bt I roiwrtv with the eluh.
which includes life membership. Phone
Marney li4. o
FOR EXCHANGE Clear comer lot, 0
140, Lowe's add., Omaha, for good flva-
paener automoniie. Address Y fltl, noe
1'RACTICALLY new g-cvllnder car and
one-half ton truck: will exchange either
or both for equity In bungalow, or what
have youT Address B. M.. Care Pee.
OMAHA residence property exihange for
Sioux City property. Box. 59. Sioux City.
Two Good Building
Tocated north: 1H blocks from car line
and paved street; an excellent place for
chickens and good garden ground. Easy
terms, $10.00 down, $i.00 per month. No
interest and no taxes for I years.
Shuler & Cary
Phone P. 4EtJ.
W4 State Bank Pldg.
A Good Buy
Fine four-room cottage, with four full
snted lots; plenty of fruit. In a good
neighborhood, near 34th and Ms pis Hts.
Can be bought on easy terms.
Scott & Hill Co.
Douglas 10D9.
107 McCagim Bids;.
Classy Bungalow
Five-room; has oak finish In three
rooms, one a sun room, beam ceilings.
bookcHses, window seat, fina large kitch
en, with convenient pantry and Ice box
room; furnace heat; cemented basement;
fine lot, paved street, close to car; lo
cated near 19th and Laird streets. Easy
terms, or lot taken as first payment.
Rasp Bros.
10S MoCaguo Bldg.
Douglas IATiS.
A Dandy New
Bungalow - -
All modern and
half block from car line.
In beautiful now
residence district.
$J00 cash and balance tc suit.
Telephone today and. If description
sounds good, we will send an automo
bile to brine you to see it.
Today Phone Wal.-1343 or
Wnl. 682. '
Any week day phone Doug 2926.
Look at This
1S14 N. 18th St.. rooms, hot water
heat, gas and electric lights, completely
modern, two blocks to two car lines.
Rent reduced. See this today. Keys at
our office. .
Creigh, Sons & Co.
Douglas Wi.
UA Bee Bldg.
Modern Home
Not Far Out
Parlor, dining room, with colonnade
opening, library, with large sliding door,
all three rooms In oak, large kitchen,
nice front bedroom and bath room on
first floor :two nice bed rooms and store
room on second floor. Entire house nicely
decorated; fine lighting fixtures. Entirely
modern. Including first-class Turnace.
built honestly throughout. Paved street.
south front lot. Near Sherman Ave. car.
school, stores, etc. This Is a splendid
property and can be, bought light.
Scott & Hill Co.
Dougles 1009.
307 McCagu. Bldg.
' shrubs and trees giving splendid shade
and uniformly distant from each other, all
In now, not promised for future years. Pav
ing taxes paid, no sneus, aucys or an
agreeable environments. On car lines,
nesr school and churches; five new house
completed, or Hearing completion, van o.
sold on easy payments to responsible par-
tie. Keys at mv residence, 11. j. ecanaeu.
Phone Doug. 3W or Web. 3ull.
t .
BITNOALUW 6-room, modern. , new and
up-todat. In every resect, -2d and
Amea, Oak L'hathura addltiun. Webster
4XH. ' '
BBAUTIfUL 7-room bungalow, strictly
modern; corner lot; sacrifice for quick
sale. 4UH1 Grand Ave. l'hone Webster K!7.
A HEAL HOlffi $200 CASII
An ideal home- of $ rooms, with hot
water heat, all kinds of fruit, barn, fine
largo comfortable porch, built cottaae
btyu'. with 6 rooms and bath downstsirs
and 3 up; lot 47X1W. on Lartmore avenue.
It will appeal to you when you see It, and
it ' certulnly a snup.
Sin Floor Omaha Nat. ' Bank Bldg.
Doug. 17&1. f
Seven rooms, strictly all modern, close
to school and car line, epienuid location,
near 38th and Mason streets.
312 Brandels Theater Bldg.
An East Front Lot
Cathedral District
Sewer, water, gas and sidewalk la and
paid for: one block from csr line; mod
erately resu n-uu.
Swii.oo M OO Cash.
We alll linn nee ycu tor a horn on
tliia lot. . .
Shuler & Cary
Phone D. 42 J3. 204 BUI Bank BIdtt
A Large Corner
Lot Bargain
West Farnam District
' 78x128 '
Only- $f,25.0 Only
This priiV ' Includra sidewalks, aeeer,
water mn In and gaa nmln; lot la k-vel
and on the cxii'"t grade, and en solid
ground; surrounding property restricted
to niooVrate-rrlced home.
Shuler & Cary
302 -J04 Plata Bark Bldg.
Owner Wants to
Sell Beautiful
7-Room House
Thin house Is located U block from car
line. In beautiful section of the city,
where everything Is modern snd nu-to-dale,
and where the surroundings are ex
tremely pleasant. Mouse Is finlshd In onk
In principal rooms and la well built and
very conveniently arranged.
Will Take $500 Cash As Firnt
Payment and Balance Can
Po Arranged in Monthly .
For further particulars telephone Dong.
3w any week dsy
Choice South and
. East Front
Large Lots
$275.00 to $375.00
$5 Down $5 Per Mouth
No, Interest, , No Taxes
' For TVo Years.
' Near Good Car Line
These lota are high, affording a splendid
view; they are practically level and on
grade and are splendid lots for building
small homes.
' Phone us for full particulars.
Statesmen and autos at your service.
Shuler & Cary
Phone D. 4233.
N4 State Bank Bldg.
Mr. Rent Payer
You'll Be
Interested in
This Ad
If you're tired of continu
ally paying out your hard
earned money for the pri
vilege of living in a land
lord's house
Why not let us build you a home, espe
cially planned, to suit your Individual
tastes T A horn, that you can pay for as
you earn A home located In one of the
Rrettlest nw residence districts tn
maha, close to car Una, and where there
are modern conveniences.
Will be pleased to show, you this ad
dition today and explain our way of furn
ishing; new homes on the easy payment
Telephone Wal. 1343 or WaL
G82 Today or Phone Dong. 292(5
any day next week and will
send a car for you.
Bankers Realty
Investment Co.
Offices: Ground Floor Be. Bldg.
$3,350 Bungalow
Five larce rooms, atrlctlv all modern.
with oak finish and nicely decorated
throughout. One of the nicest bungalows
we know of on the North" Side, with full
east front lot; nice lawn; paved street;
paving all paid.
Glover & Spjain
Doug. 3842.
W City National.
A BA Hil A IN for cash; having moved
from Omaha I will sell or trade for
land In Minnesota or North Dakota, th.
DroDertv at 1M1 Capitol Av... oonelstlnr
ef nearly 3.400 sq. feet of ground, with
a brick building tnereon, at a sacnlloe. If
a quick deal Is made. Address your offer
to C. K. Elving, 21i Plymouth Bldg.,
Minneapolis. Minn.
LOT, east front. 41st and California bis.,
62x130. Price $760. ' Oeo. Schroder, 4o$
Ware Block.' Pbon. Red 4444. .
KvH BALK or rent, trackage building,
Utli and Sswaid. alias. Apply lt-4
Oust St. . .
Cwffee Mark.t.
. NEW YORK, Aug. lD.-COf KEB-The
heavy movement of new crop coffee In
Bran I seemed to 'itli more impression
on sentiment in t'l. market for coftee
futures today and price hrok. quite
sharply ; undr liquldtition. The market
oix-ned at a decline of S to 11 pointa and
active months sold about 11 to 13 points
net lower during the middle of th. dsy.
Tli. cloee was a shad, up from th. low
est 011 covering, with last prices showing
a net dentine, of 4 to 11 pointa Males,
begs. AuKuat and September, 4. a",
October, 4.4nc; November, ti.iio; loeinher.
4 Vic, January, 4.4M-; Dncember, S.iuk;;
March. 4.57c: April, S io( May, 47o; June,
4.7'ic; July, 4.77:. Btxit. quiet; Rio No. 7,
7'fcO; Santos No. 4, Cost nd freight
otfei. wre Irregular, averaging about
uuchangsd at from SVnC to fur Santos
4s, while sale, were rsported of Hio 7s
at 4 .Mto, or a suada under yesterday's
. , 1 111 1
Dry Market.
Cotton gooxU quiet. Yams quiet. Large
orders hav. been booked by Italy for
cloth and blankets for army purposes and
woolen mill are running to nearly 70 per
rent of capacity. The alik trad, show
laitr Market.
NEW YORK. Aug. 10. 8rOAR-Ra w,
firm; centrifugal, 4.44c; molasses, J.,o;
1 rcflnad, firm.
New Wheat Holds It Own, Advanc
ing One to Two Cents, and Corn
Makes a Small Gain.
OMAHA. Aug. 10. lft.V
Old wheat la off, selling So lower than
yesterday s prices. New wheat held Us
own today and advanced lw.'o htjrher.
There was a fairly active demand for
corn and this cereal advanced o. Both
old and new oata war reported un
changed. The export demand at the seaboard
yesterday was light, and for nearby load
ing, business was further restricted by
otters from th west. I'lear weather fur
the last few Hirl tierniltlAfi runmiilnii l
of harvesting and favorable weather for
one or two week will see cutting of all
gralna completed and considerable thresh
ing rone.
Liverpool spot: Wheat, le lower to He
higher; corn. mlo higher.
Primary wheat receipts were) l.OSS.Ono
bushels snd shipments M3.0U0 bushels,
against receipts of l,tft,0m bushels and
shipments of 1,014.000 bushels last year.
Primary corn receipts were .uW) bush
els and shipments X14.U0O bushels, against
receipts of 41.0iw bushels and shipments
of fc.4.000 bushels last year.
Primary oata receipts were M3.000 bush
els and shipments &W.O0O bushels, against
receipts of 7W.000 bushels and shipments
of l.)7,0u0 bushels last year.
Jbv heat Com. Oata
Chicago ,
Minneapolis .
. 14
. M
. 77
Kansas Otr
Ht. Ixiuls
Winnipeg ....
These ssles were rennrte fnm tolav?
Wheat; No. I hard winter: i car (old),
I1.8R. No. S hard winter: 1 car, il;
2 cars, $1.18; 1 car, I1.17H; 1 car, $1.17;
I car, H IS. No. 4 hsnl winter: "4 car
i er. sin, i : S"' .TT
Sample 1 car. We 1 car. : W ear,
i car, iw-; l car, Wc; I car, ; 1 car, fcto.
vv.. iiv. m wiiiiQ. cars, ino. o.
white: 7Hc. No. 1 yellow: 4
care. 7;; $ care, 74Vo. No. S yellow: 1
oar, 75c; 3 cars. 74"c. No. 1 mixed: 1
car (near white), 741c; H oars, 74c. No.
nnxeu: cars, ,o; car, 7aia Hample:
j r. vk i car, ,c. uau: no. I White:
JH cars (old. bJc; 1 car (red and new),
46c; 1 car (new). 4Jc. No. 4 whit.: 2
cars (old), tifcc; csr (old), 61o; 1 car
(old and new), 41o. Kamle: 4 car, 4'c.
Omaha l'al Piloas Wheat: Niv " tur
key, ll.18iil.3ti; No. S turkey. SI.1Uav1.3K-
No. 2 hard. ll.lSJrl.SS: No. a hard. 11.14m
I 'dl; No. 4 hard. 11 miul Nn 1 aurinu
1 ISO 1.44; No. epring, $LlMtr1.41. Corn:
No. X white, 74'.'tei No. white, 74iJI
74So; No. 4 white, 7k,r74q; No. 6
while, 7SV,Jt73c; No. 6 white, 7i4ff73o;
No. S yellow. 74jfto; No, $ yUow, 74Ht
75c; No. 4 yellow, 74&74S40; No. t yellow,
7m.tf74c; No. 6 yellow. 7SV7Hto; No. i
iiu, u'ii-ro; no. s mixed, Tswiw:
TV; No. mixed, 7724c; sample, mixed,
MlflSc.. Oats: No. 2 whlta. 6M4io:
standard. fc-'VnWVkc: No. a whlta alAiiS
52c; No. 4 white, 614C1H40. Barley: Malt
ing. wu74c: no. I feed. 64gWe, Bye: No.
i. Wii:c; No. a. souvio.
Keatare. f th Tradlaaj Closlmgr
Prices Bear4 of Trade.
CHICAGO. Aug. 10 Torrential reJna 4
parte of Kansa and all of the nouth-
nan a good oeai to ao with rallylrur
the market today after an early decline.
Prices closed firm. 12(imn hn l..t
night. Corn gained io to kBe net, and
oats SiOc. In nrovlalons the rtniah
ranged from 2!ic decline to a shad, ad
Short sellers of wheat became decldedlv
nervous In regard to reports that In many
inaces in western Kansas! tnere had been
storms wrilch amounted to a cloudburst.
Further declines tn the movement of
the winter crop tended to also Increaae
miiiten sentiment during the last part
of the day. and ao, too, did Word of
neavy export sales.
Beartah constructions put on the gov
ernment crop report were responsible for
rreneral selling that forced a sharp brenk
n wheat prices at the start Favorable
weather In the northwest and In Oanala
proved also for a while a decided disad
vantage to the bulls,
Predtrtlons of a railing off in receipt
here gave strength to the corn market.
Firmness In oats was based largely on
a material Improvement in th. seaboard
Provisions lacked aggretsilv. support.
The market was fairly well sustained
though by gossip that stocks of cut meats
were decreanlng and by the fact that
hog pi-Ices were on the advanca. .
futures ranged as follows:
Article! Open. High. I low. I Close,, Bafy.
Whoati t !
Sept. 1 08V, 1 07 1 0M4 1 07 1 OS7.
Doc..) 1 Wri 1 CbVal 10614 X g', I Vila
Corn J 1 I J I
Sept 74i K ( 744 74T 74
Dec.. 63-SI 4'4l ' 63 C4 . 6S
Osts II
Sept. 3 SPTif SSS 8H
Dec. S9', 4(i' J ' ' t
Pork 1
Sept. 13 5 IX SO I 13 73H 18 87 H 18 00
Oct.. 13 a 14 (M I U Be 1$ 7A 14 00
Lard J J
Sept. IS 8 15 I 110 115 8 IK
Oct.. J 17V 8 $ 16 8 $4 8 22H
Ribs II I
Sept. 8 16 U I W I 20
Oct.! ITS' tn I 10 HIS I 16
B t TTTKn lllglier; creainniT. ZAiUi'ia.
K3G: Higher; receipts, 0.344 cases; at
iW r'i, rases Included. l617Vc; ordinary
fliVn, l&HrVtc; firsts, northern stock,
174IHc; firsts, southern. ltH4vi7o.
pt)TATt, ; receipts, so cars;
j Virginia, barrelled, L6w
1 oi'iTyjv,
POULTRY Alive, higher; fowl. 18Hc:
springs, lti'iil'c.
l ash prices wheat: no. 8 red. UJ
1.15; No. 8 hard, tl.21fcl.24. Com: No.
2 yellow. SObKlc: No. 4 yellow. 7WWt0o.
Oats: No. 3 white, new, 47H9c; No. $
whit, old, blV1r.c; atannsnl, blVro. Rye:
No. I. $1.06. Barley: 4fc. Timothy;
$&.607.10. Clover: $8 Sfrffrll W. Pork: $13.40.
Lard: $S.07W. Ribs: $S.7t-Jf.lB.
I '
Qaotatloas of tb. Day aa Tsurloma
NEW, YORK, Aug. lO.-FLOrR-Carely
teany; spring patents, SH.eutr.oo.
WliEAT-Spot, firm; No. $ red. SLlt, e.
I. f. New York; spot and No. 3 hard,
II. 27V. to arrive; No. 1 northern, Duiuth,
H.l'i'-i, and No. 1 northern. Manitoba.
Il.oy. c. I. f. Buffalo. Future wore
steady: September, $1.1V
CORN Spot, firm; No. I yellow, $S-o,
lake and rail, prompt shlpmeuta.
OAT 8 Spot, steady; standard, 4tt4: No.
HAY-flrm': prime, $1.46; No. i. $1.40
1.46; No. 3. $l.itfU1.3u; No. 8, $1.2a; aulp-
Dlng. Il.16iiI1.20.
HOPS Firm; state, common to
choice. 1P14 crop. Ofilic; Paclflo coast, 1914
crop. lifivlMs: WIS crop. D-ft'llc.
HIDKS-Steady; Bogota, $0lc; Cen
tral America, eic.
LHATHKlt-Flrm; hemlock, first, 32c:
second , sou 31c.
PROVISION! Pork, steady: mess. S16.CS
i 17.00; family. $..; short clears, Beef, steady. Laid, fliin.
middle west, $S.lbiit.&.
TAUAW-Quiet; city. lc; country,
6Vic; sptK lal. (Hie.
BUTTER Steady; receipt. $3,2f3 tube;
creamery extras, fy'Vai.c; firsts, 'iAi
24c; seconds, 2iVuiaWc.
KOU6 Firm; rvcelpta, 1316 cases;
fresh gathered artrss, ttVflrc; .xtra
firsts. 21iu3c; first, l"jAHtc; seoond. UH
CIlKFSK-lSasler: receipts, 7,007 bta;
state, whole milk, freeh, flats), white and
colored, siatclals, lJVa'llc; bum, colored
average fancy, LP4'o'lJc: same, whlta,
lia i3ic.
POULTRY Allvs, price not settled.
Dressed, easier; western frosen roasting
chickens, Uya.'2c:- fresh fowls, Iced,
loVsc; fresh turkeys, load. HlSc.
I. Loala Ural a Market.
T. LOU 1 8. Aug. 10. WHEAT No. I
red, 11.1711.14; No. 3 hard, nominal; Sep
tember, $1.07; December, $1.07al .07.
(-OK. No. 3, 7c; mo. 1 wnite, thokuc;
September. 74a: December, SlHSWvc.
OATS Nominal.
Liverpool Ural Market.
LIVERPOOL. Aug. la-WHEAT-ftpot,
No. 'i. lui utock; No. 8, lis 7a; No. 1
northern Duiuth, lis 7d.
i .t 1II.1-Siot, Amcilriu, nitied, new, ts.
rLOL'R Winter patents, w. 4d.
Kaasaa City Ceraeral Mark. 4.
-Higher; No. 3 liaid, ILu', Nv
red. $1 ltl 1: Septemlicr. $1 0Kin.0S';
leremlir. $1 i'il ; Mav. $fl
iMHN-Higher: No. 1 mixed, T.tSVMc;
No. 1 white. Tfx-; Septemlier, 71ty(;iV;
December. tM'llV: May, ae.
OATS No. $ fWhlte, SHVV'-. ; No. I
mlxefl. 4.W.
Hl.'TTLK Creamery, 27o; firsts, iio;
seconds, ;e: pai-king, I.
KOOS-Klrata, lie; swonds, K'ie.
lt)CLTRY Hns, 11 V: roosters, c;
broilers, 176 1A
Mleaee polls UreJa Market.
September, I1.06S: Iecemher. tl OS; No.
1 bard. ).&: No. 1 northern, 1.4tSW
I MS; No. t northern, Il.yil.4.V
KLOVfb lTnohangvd; shipments S7.l
KICK 1 06.
()KN Nix I yellow. llftWi-'.
t'stlsa Market.
NKW YORK. Aug. 10,-COTTON-Spot.
steady; middling . uplands. I9.I&; sales,
W teles.
Cotton futures ripened steadv; Octo
ber. S.Joc; December. ic; January. .7c;
March, 97c: May. 1017c
The cotton market closed steady at
net loss of 11 to 16 points.
Cotton luturea closed steady; October,
Jc; leceniUr, .Bic; January, .ci
March ; May, Slo.lfic.
eaaicr; good mlddhrg. K.aikl; middling.
Sd: low middling, 4.IXV1 fsles, I.Oiio
Oil isl ft eat a.
SAVANNAH, Oa., Aug. 10.-T1BPF,N-TINIQ-Klrm
at a4; sales, 7!4 bales;
receipts, ftil bales; shipments, S10 bales;
stock. CT.M bales.
ROHIN Firm; sales, 7M bbls.: rei'elpla.
J.M bbls.; shipments, 1.601 bbla.; stock.
Mi.444 bbls. tjuote: A. B. '. and D. 1Ki;
K and F. UlO; O. .!WfS: II and I,
HIS; K. H4f.: M. M.0f4it.; N, 14 ; WO.
i.0; WA', 15 W.
Metal Market.
NEW YORK, Aug. 10.-MRJTA1J leaiL
offered at $4.W. Copper, dull: electrolvtl.
ill: electrolytic,
nd unchanged.
.Tin stesdv.
$t4.avti:i4.7j. At Ixindon, spot
.Topper, !!!: futures, 7t lis; electrolytic.
LKl Na. Spot tin. filSl: futures. tlM. An
timony. liV lcad. fl 17s 6d. Ppelter,
Evaerated Apples and Dried I r.lts
DR1KD KKCfTH Prunes and raisins,
firm. Apricots and peaches, stesdy.
ciiicaoo MVK rrot'K markkt
Cattle firm llosa Stroar heea
CTIirAOO. Alia. lO.-OATTl.K-Recelpte,
4,tfM hesd; market firm; natlvo beef cat
tle. 8H.Ki4110.8O; western steers. 8H.7Wi9.Oi;
onVTs and heifers, $J.liXii.i0; calvea, 7.7iW
HOnS Receipts, g.ono head: marnet,
strons: unchanseil to 10c higher: bulk of
sales, $H.4il7.hO; light. 8fi 8it7.70; mixed.
$.2fi4j7.(jo; heavy. KloQTglO; rough, 8ii.l0ii
120; pigs, iiWVr7.60.
HllHKl AND LAM Br4 Receipts. 4.0"O
head; market weak; sheep, 8MKK(l.0;
lambs. IT.OO'uS.SG.
Kansas f'ltr Live Stock Mark.t.
KANSAS CITT, Mo.. Aug. 10.-CATTL11
Receipts. .r00 head: market strong;
orlme fed steers. tH.Ma 10.00; dressed beef
steers, IH.OOmO.fiO; western steers, $7.60ct
.2S; Blockers and feeders, Hus.OO;
bulls. $,".2f.75: calves .004i'10.1S.
HOOS Heoelpls, 10.000 head; market
strong; bulk. !.fc'.n.40; heavy, $A.a'ti7.IIO;
K ackers and butchers. H4j7.424: light,
MOm'7.4V: pies. M.7iV?f7.flO.
HB)KP AND IJtMHH-Recelpts. $.000
head; market lower; lambs, $s.4Tii.tW;
yesrllngs, M.7Ra7.M; wethers, K527.(I0;
ewee, tti.3tj6.75.
SI. I.nala Mr Stock Market.
BT. IX)UI3. Mo.. Aug. 10. CATTLE lain heed: market higher; na
tive beef steers, $7.604tlO.U; yearling ateera
and hetfera, ix.wmo.tii; cows
stockers and feeders, WOO: southern
steer. $K.X6iat.KS; cows and heifers. i.W(J
.W; naUve calves, 8 OOrulO.60.
HOOH- H.celpts, S.4O0 hesd: market
higher; pig and lights. 7.irr7.TB; mined
and butchers, $7.4TxU7.76; good heavy, $4.76
tj7 25.
HHBEJP AND LA MBS Receipts. 4.00$
head; market higher; lamb, $$.00a.0;
heep and ewe. $i.uosj7.24. -
Sloaz City Mv Stock Market.
FlOine riTY. Ia., Aug. 10. OATTLB1
Receipta, 1,4u0 head; market, steady: na
tive .imii IS mttt 2Tii rflwi and helfera.
14 8f.M- stockers and feeder. 84.00s'llng, $7.75i.(i0: good tn choice heavr
7.2ft; bulls, stags, etc., to.00frft.09. ' 1 beereg. m.ttj.M; fair to good oornfed
HOOSRaoelpU. 4 head; market. IV; uwevee,; common to fair oorn
Maher; heavy, $4.707.15: mfxrd p Vy.r fed beeves, 7.2(8.45: good to choice fed
$.7nj light. $4 ixiW.40; hulk. H.t.75. iWIki.Ihiiij.'uaT m
KHEEt AND LAMBJ Keceipin swcow. $8.BiKji7 26; good to choloe araaa
St. Josepk Live Stock Market.
ST. JOSEPH." Augf. 10 CATTLE "Rn-
eelpts, 2.W0 head; market steacy; steera,
17 OfKtutO.oo: cows and heifer. $4.00410.00;
calves, $4.00410.16.
HOOS Receipts. 4.W30 neaa; maraet
steadv to 60 higher: top. $7.40; bulk of
sales. $6 4087.40.
8HEKP AND LAMB8 Re"lpts. 4,500
head; market weak; Iambs. $8 00500.
Live Stock la Slgkt.
Receipt of live stock at the five prin
cipal western markets:
vauie. nogs, oneep.
St Lout 4J i.40
Kansas City S M 10.000
Sioux City 1.400 4,WW
Chicago .0" .W0
South Omaha 4.700 7.000
ToUl receipts 24.400 34,400 47,300
BUTTER No. 1, l-lb. carton, Xc; No.
1 80-1 b, tub. 230.
OH EKSkt Imported fwUi, Me; Amer
ican Swiss, Xuo; block Swiss, Vx; twin,
14c; daUie. 14c; triplets, 14u: Young
Anieriia, UVto; blu. laiiel brick, Wa;
Umburger, $-lb., 30o; New York whlta,
lyc; Imported French Roqu.fort, 4oo.
KltjH-'l'rout, 16c; whit, fiaii, 13c; hali
but, lHo; channel catfish, 16o; barring, 7o;
oodflah, 10(ul2ci mack.rel, 16c; saimoo,
BW EFJT POTATOES Kan a. $2.76 bbl.
BEEK CUT-Ribs: No. 1, UH40: No. 8,
19'ic; No. 8, 16c, Loins; No. 1, K&o; No.
tiuoi No: 8, 17A40. Chucks: No, t i2V;
No, 8, UW: No. $, ltounda: No. 1,
17o ; No. 3, 14o; No. 8, Win. PlaU: No. L
Dc; No. 3. Vic; No. 8. S4C
Fruit and vegetable pnoo f urn la hod by
Ollllnski Fruit company:
FBI' ITS Oranges; California Valencia.
100s, litis, 2MHa, 1:4a, $w, $4 M per box;
California Valencies, 16is, 17an, 21'i,
Vf, $6.00 per bix, Lsmuus: Extra fancy
Oolden Bow, 80ns, Urns, $.V60 per box; ex
tra fancy Sunklat, $uus, Suos. $0.00 per box;
Red Ball, $4.60 per box. Peaches: Cali
fornia Crawfurde. 46o per crate: Calltor
i.ia Llbertas, 70c per crate; luu-crat. lota,
;vo per crate: 6-craie luU, eva per
craw; per bu., $1.2o; 26-bu. lots, $1.30 per
bu. Plum: Burbank, $1.00 per orate;
Wlcksons and Kelseys, $1.24 pir orate;
Tragedya, blue, $1.40 psr crate; Diamonds,
Hungarians and Uross, $1.40 per crate;
Wlcksons, $1.16 per box. Peers: Califor
nia Hnriletts, $lou per box: Washington
Hartlett. fancy, $1.76 per 'box. Urapes:
per crate, $1.76. Bananas: Medium fruit,
$2 0042 36 per bunch; Jumbo fruit, Cban
guinola and Port Llmon. 4c lf lb.
Cantaloup..: California ponlaa, 6e, $3.t8)
tier crate; aiiiorma M'HianiB. s-.w y
elite; Moapa Nevada standards, ti l i'i
crate; jumoos. S2.W per crate; ponies, $3.26
per crate. Watermelons: Par lb., lc.
VEOETABLEM Cabbag, home-grown
. i.,k..n 1 lu, tM,e It. 1 f ,ia it lattuce.
Kiiu v ..... , - ----- -.
$1.00 per do. Leaf l.ttuc. 4Uo per do.
berts. lie tier lb. liraalls, liVe par lb.
Pecan, llvil per id. Ainiunoi, sue per 10.
peanuts: No. 1. raw, 4 pr lb.; No. 1.
roasted, $0 per lb.; Jumbo, rw, 7o per
lb.- Jumbo. roaMed. 0c fer lb.
ilSOKLLA N HOI'S Crackerjack, $8 60
per case; $1.76 per half case. Cornpops,
U 36 per case; $168 pr ?' ca.
' Bisk t learlags.
OMAHA. Aug. 10 Bank clearings for
Omsha today were tv.6l6.810U, and for
the corrtspondlng day la it year $J,4f,-
Apartments, flats, bouse and cottsges
can be rented quickly and cheaply by a
Be "For Rnt."
Tomatoes, i w (i 144 ...
per basket. Paraley. 36 tar 4, Wax m J - 2;;;::;:;!iT ! t H
and green bean. oo per basket Oreen . J JJ M 4 t to
peas, 6O0 per basket. New beet, carrot J J - w , 4 g
and turnip. 40o per basket. Radish. 200 J? J4 ... 144
ir dos. New potatoes. 70o per Mj,"":''.., war- lajgeat
whits. 60o p.r bu. bweet poUtoes. $1.7 " "J rr .arl- ot
per damper. . ... .... -" the larvaat for a Tu
No Very Great Chang in Cattle ot
Any Kind Sheep and Lambs
Are Lower.
OMAHA. Aug. 1. 1&
Receipt were: Cattle. Mogs. Sheep
Official Mnndav 1t, 4.MT 14.B1
Estimate Tueailsy 4.7m 7 so.oao
T0 days this week.. IJ.SF5 11.S47 W ill,
-me nays laet wee k . . in .tvii
fame days I wks. ago.. T.7U I.-..77H
Name days I wks. ago. . IW 19i MO.aso
j Sam. days 4 wks. ago.. .. ,4 IN.fct
Same days last year.. 7,U U7 ,M
! The followlnw tahl. show, the average
price for hoaa at the i im.i.. iiva
stock market for th. laM few days, with
comparisons :
Date, t I'.iH inn .mm mi; i-m ,sie no7
July U
July 24.
r ! $ 7 $4 I S Sal 1 ST
P'ii: Ml e iff 7 8 8-1 I 7 ST
- 1 ) Ml T7 7 4T1 $ 8 8 18
72Hf (8 1 7 S7 8 4ft) 17 T1
U 8 S I T V-I M HI 7 4
$ HU $ (Ml 8 (PI I t M, 8 til 7 !U
l a 5 1 1 im 7 ; t hi 7 14
$ I Mi 7 7 $ I 7 44
July K.
July r.
July M
July xu.
July 90.
July ft.
. 1.1
I api s M 1 i 1 M 1 a
AUg. I
Aug. 3.
Aug. 4.
Aug. $.
Aug. .
! "I . $ 4h, 7 8S1 JB 7 S T 4
SO I 8 tl 7 Ml 7t: 7 1 5 I 04
W4.I t h$ l 8J17 70TM
3Si 7 701 8 til 8 Ml 7 041 7 mi 7 M
7 S&l 3 171 7 rl I 7 711 7 M
8 li 8 ini 7 1 7 1 I 7
$ IS 8 1 7 S3 7 SW1 7 n
$ 19 7 8 7 27 i 7 r. 7 40
$ H 7 tstl 7 7 81 7 41
Aug. 7.
Aug, 8.
Aug. .
Aug. 10
. CatUa. Hoga tfheep. H r's.
1 .. in. at hl. i' 1
S I 1
:i -57" "i
I ... 1
34 7 1
II "i
u 1
114 71 4
1 nion I'sclflc 10
Missouri l-nciflo 4
t:. N. W east....
C. t N. W west... 40
C., Ht. P., M. O.. $
C, R. A Q , aat... 8
C, U. A VI . west.. SI
C. R. I. 4V P., east.. It
C, It. I. P.. west. 1
Illinois Central .... I
Chicago Ut. West..
Total receipts
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Morrl aV Co 0.7 ao 1,Im8
Swift A Co 781 l.ttW 4.714
Cudahy lacking 4.5o.... Llt! l.M J.f.l
Armour Co ;2 J, Ho
Hchwartg A Co tio ....
J. W. Murphy " l.itHS l'acking Co....
So. tuna ha racking Co.
St. ( lair Packing Co..
W. U. Vatisant Co
Kenton Vansant A L...
f. n. Iewia
Huston A Co
J. H. Boot A Co
J. It. Bulla
I. K. Hues
Kosenstock Bros
Wertheimer A Degen...
H. K. Hamilton
Sullivan Bros.
Rothschild r
Mo. A Kan. Calf Co....
r? I sober g
Baker, Jones A (Smith,.
Tanner Broa.
John Harvey
Other buyer
Total 6,044 S.144 17.186
CATTLE Caul, receipt were r.ry
much anudler than yesterday, although
It wa a fair run for a Tuesday, a total
of 187 car being reported In. This make
a total for the two day of 12.364 head,
th. largest of any recent week and larger
than a year ago by almost $.004 head.
1 he market on beet steurs was alow
and steady to a Utu. easier than yes
terday, borne cattle that buyer Just hap
pened to want, brought prtnaa that were
no different from thus, prevailing yester
day, white tn other case salesmen
thought they wer. forced to take off a
Cow and heifer war. In moderate sup
ply and In good demand so that prices
were generally steady with yesterday.
Offerings at stocker and loader were
quit, moderat etht morning and as there
wa aom llttl. Inquiry tit. market wa
generally about . steady. .
Quotation on cattle.- Good tn ehAloa
yearlings, $ ft 86; uir to good yemr-
1 v-ii.w. f -a ,u uciviue inw
cow, $4.kiit4.76; air to good oowa $6.6u$
4.00; common to fair cows M.7&W.M; good
to cholco feeders, $7.60ta.SO: fair to good
feeder. $ft.6ocr7.SO; common to fslr
stocker. $S.60i.60; stock heifer, $5.7f.($
4.60; stock oow. $60Oft.(j0; stock calvea,
$4 0010.60; veal calvea, $7.0OM 10.00; fat
bulla stags, .tc. $6 4j7.26.
Representative aalea-
Kn- At. Pr. Je. 'at. rr
H v.. .1171 T 1 to imx I f
7 74 44 u-4 S 14
DinMia ahj ifiM"
4 404 I IS
IM 74
41 tut t 4
til IM $
11 4 28 ......
' ts
.. 84 4 s
. M 4 44
., II I M
.. 114 I 04
.. 1M 8 M
.. IM 14 M
CALVaiW. .
....... im f ti 1
. 1 do " ' t
.m.... 144 4 40 . I
174 141 1
M tl 744 T 4
S::::::::::::K-iS u ,u,tw-
HOO Another verjr moderat run wss
Ui. order of the day, only about 116 car
or 7,6u head showing up, Total for th.
two day. amount to 12,t'4 head. whl"h la
2.000 larger than a week ago and mora
than twic. aa larg. as for tb earn, day
last but la over 8,000 smaller than
the corresponding period two week agt.
Report from other market wer. only
strong, but all local buyers wer. out after
hog early, and aa supplies' wer on the
lightish order, shipping trade opened
strong and In most esses a dime higher.
Good lislit reached $7.30 on more than
on. occasion, and butcher weight sold
high a $7.00, when they were good
enough. Both packers and shipper
seem to prefer th. In-between weights of
good quality, and It is these kinds that
hav. shown th. most advance this week,
a they are th. object of a good deal of
Killer trade opened out In fair een
on about the same basis aa shipper boss
had sold, that is generally loo higher.
Trad, wa uneven, and whtl. sum. sales
war. only quoted a nhikel higher, others
wer polntd out that looked aa much a
To above yestemay. Movement wa
fairly active and a prtty decent clear
ance had beeti made before 10 o'clock.
Neither the shipper nor th packer
want the grassy hog, and a it waa a
pretty hard proposition to get a bid on
soma of th. green tuff this morning,
ther. were eeversi loads of tr.t. sort left
after th. bulk of th. offering had been
cleaned up. Most of th. killer sales were
mads at .S0'!-. ,h M I"""
around $6 4... Price paid ranged from
$4 10 to $7 30, and there wa pretty good
sliowin a high a $7 00.
u,',h" ,
"J,. M
" to 4
I?"""" 'lto 4
..a a ia
v, - -
i7 t,t ij 4 14
day since last October. KUmetcs Palled
for seventy-en. care, or
which bring th week total up to
Sk,212 head. This ts a gain ovr laM
week of 10,000, 1 more than three time
a large two week ago, nd ov.r
1400 larger than for the earns day last Tlk two days' total 1 the bav
lest 1no the laat week of Oo-oler.
Pajckers Intimated yeoterday that If
supplies did not moderat lowar prloe
would be In order, and with th largest
run of tlie sesaoit -here today they made
lh-lr prediction good when they started
out bidding a emsrier lower on the-bulk
of the leivb offerings. IMie of the flrat
ls nnitli was a four-i ar string of rans
Unilie st $ . which wa only l!ttt: undr
vesterday, jhut from that time on pack-
4. . ,... 111
1 Ill M I
th I4 IN IN
U StJ ... 4 7i
T7 H
hlnmi r.e u i a IM Tl m "H i
ers T"'t th. limit at $V7S. ami the next
good lambs to move took this figure.
hll. some aot So deeirable went to .'..
The mnvetiHMit was Very .low, snd at a
let. hour la th. forenoon most of the
iHmbe were still unsold, as a good many
ellers a.r. still refusing to make
large a conoeaslon as Packers demanded.
Aged sheep war. In larger supply than
on Monday and prices broke In sympathy
with the slump in lambs. Decline wsa
hardly ao severe, however, snd urh
sales as were made earlv were not
quoted a over IV off. (mod yearling
touched $7.0)1, which might hsv been jr..
off, but teat ewea at $A.3S ant others st
84 10 were not over ISc lower.
Quotstkms on sheep snd lamb: Lamb
gmid to choice, IV 74 1 .:, Iambs, fair t
good, $R.SniiS.7.i: Inmha. feedete. 17 Sdti im
yearlings, fair to chol e. .2"ai7.00: weth
ers, fair to chelre, $f..7TPiiv.'Vi; ewes, gool
to ehnlre. HOttfrti : rM fslr to goml
tV0r9 oft.
lUiiresenlativ. rales :
Ht feeder Ismbs
ixo 1'tah feeler lambs
117 Wyoming feeder lambs.
U Idaho lamba
81 Idaho lambs
let Idaho lambs
1JH7 Ilsho lam lie
2 Idaho ewea
A v.
. M
. f7
. :a
. ail..
. M
. V.
,. .vt
. 101
8 r,
8 1.-,
( 1
8 Ki
4 h
Hevlew of Osrralloai oa Stock K.
eh a a are Derlasr.tfce Day.
NEW YORK, Aug. tfl Condition of
more substantial snd enduring rhnrm let- .V.
contributed to today very strong an, I
active market. After yesterday's nlahly
promising cron report, came the nevts that
the Interstig Commerce commission
would In all prohahilttv grant Inri-easel
freight rates to the two score lallioeli
traversing the western section of tin
This aiau'tcd In a brrwd demand for
the better known railroad Issues. Includ
ing the traiUK-nntlental group and th:
hard end soft coal share.
Canadian Pacific also made the strik
ing gain ot points on announcement
late yoeterdav of the maintenance of the
regular dividend. Even minor roads ap
peared appreciably in the forward move
ment and apart from the rlae In th
railways the most Interesting develop,
ment of the dav wss the further activity
of United States Steel common, whirl
touched 74, Its best price since ll12. The
price fell back over a point shortly after
midday, when the publication of tl. Julv
statement showed an increase, of about
HH!.ti tons, whereas a larger gain had
been antlf-inate1. K.ven at flint twin-evei-
toT.ay's exhibit waa the rnnat favorable of
7ny since February of last year.
war speclaltlea were not entfeiv ne
glected, new high quotations being reg
istered by tlenernl Motors, common anil
pi-erer-red, at 2i'l end KW.l. respectively ,
vVeatlnghnuan at 1 1 Wlllvs-tverlsnd at
t0 and Studehaker at 87". The Inteat turn
to events In Mexico was reflected in th
strength of Southern Pacific, Amiiinn
Smelting, Mexican 1'etrjleum.
Railways of Mexico and shares of other
corporation whose Interests are more or
less bound up with the future of that
country, Total sale of stock aggregate
Impending Imports of gold from Lon
don, via Halifax, were without effect on
the weakening exchange market, demand
starting following the low level of tt.ioV
while checks on Parts broke to the new
record of 4'.7R, Italian exchanse depreci
ated to the new low record of In. 37.
Honda were stesdy, hut relatlvelv ntilct.
Total aalee, par value, wer. $3.17.'i.
United States bonds were unchanged on
call. .
I .,
Money Market.
PAPER .'IVi'.l1, per cent, sterling ex
change, elly-dsy bills, $I.7W; Oi inoinl, .
$4.7Mfii cshles, $4.70.
SILVER Bar, ..c; Mexican dollar.'.
J7c. -
BONDS Government, steady; rullroad,
LOANS Time, steady; sixty daya.
1 per cent; ninety days, per cent;
six months, 8'4 er cent.
MONKV Call, steady: high. 2 per cent:
low, li er cent: ruling rate, 1U V
cent; last loan, 3 per cent; closing bid.
14i per cent; offcied at 2 per cent.
Closing quotations in bond today were:
V. a. rt. I. ft..'Hb. N. an. M....41S
4o esusos I1SM , K. A T. lt 4s.1S
V. g. , r tim4Mo. P. t. Im....
ia eeusna 10 H. Y. C. 0b. . I'm',
V. . 4, rg ) M. V. 4. ' UMil l-l!
(to eoaina ..I10HN. T. n. , .....iot
ranams la, eoupoa.ini N. T . N. H. A H.
Aasr. Smelt. 101 ev. 4 Ml
A. T. A T., ev. 44.lol1( Nnf. Pac. 8a........
Anaeur Cm. 4a. SIHOra: S. L. r. '4a.. n
AtekUea sea. 4 '.-. Ttl. 4 Tel.. 4a. ri,
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.' Loadoa Slock Market, ,
IiONDON, Aug. 10. A good tone pre
vailed In th. American section ot th
slock market. United state steel ana
Union Pacmo were strong ana equip
ment stock were In demand at advanc
ing price, under New York Influences.
Canadian Pacific waa firm, following; th.
declaration of th regular dividend. The
closing wa firm.
MONEY SHU rr cent.'.
SILVER Bar, 23id per ounce.
v DISCOUNT RATE.S Short bills. 4'4t-,
per oent; three month, 4"a(du"per cent.
Would Apply the .
Golden Rule in
Handling Emigrants
AN FRANCISCO, Aug. I0.-Appllcat1on
of th golden rule was asserted to be th
only possible solution of th ImmlSTratlon
problem before th International Immi
gration congress which opened a throe
day eloa her today, Ira B. Cross,
assistant professor of economic at th
University of California:
"A constructlv domestlo Immigration
policy 1 badly needed. W must make a
conscientious effort to fore th people
In 'this country Int. an American rc
tliat will stand together fur America In
time of peace and war.
"The Issue Is: What can b Sou ' to
make th work of th malting pot mors
"Th. government Industry and pliilan
lliropy a yet hav scarcely geratefhed the
urfac of thla most Important and frul -ful
field of untold promise.
"Even our greatest authorities seem to
lose their ability to reason clearly and
Judge fairly when considering this que
"W oppose th Immigration of any
rao. no matter what It virtues, that
comes tn any larg number. W must
realli that Immigration la both llabil
Ky and an asset." -
Jtent room quick with a Be Want Ad.
Wal v. Baaaalaatlem.
EL PASO. Tex. Aug. to. Twenty -five
filibusters and alleged adherent of Vic
torian Huarta, arrested last week near
Fort Hancock today waived examination
before United State Commissioner Oliver.
The Sien were detained In default of
I.4.0U0 total bond pending th. action of
th. grand Jury In Outobcr.
y 1 big kite Ilk tlu, but your nor
I may hav s tmnrh or bruis oa bis
Ankle, Hock, Stirl. K nee or Tfaroat.
Will clca it otf wiihout kyir.g th
kors up. No tiUter no bair
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