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AND now comes the edict that ber ladyship, to be really smart, must
wear ber fcalr don low.
Tha bluh hair-dress, except for evening, la pausing, and the
latest fashion la wearing tlie hair low and the return, of the old
time favorite "figure I."
The hair Is worn rather plain about the face and either drawn loosely
and aafeJy back or, for those who bare
permit of the severity, It may be more
back of the bead In a figure 8.
For evening wear the blgb and severely plain headdress Is fashion
able, the hair being tightly slicked back from the forehead and ears and
softly pulled down Just a little over each temple, while the ends are colled
simply and tlghty high on the bead. , '.
This severely plain and quaint fashion proves very becoming to some.
Rttnrn from California.
Dr. and Mrs. P. T. Barter returned
jrMOrdy from California, where they
hare bwn apendlne; a month vlaidng
friend and attending the exposition.
Mr. Harry ana Warwir Byrne returned
thla uwmlnjt from California, where
they have been ojoumlna" for the last
month and attending the exposiUona.
PlemittTtt Past
The a. T. club care an outing party
Sunday at Ferrees leJte, Valley, for HIM
I.ueile Horn of Detroit. Mich., who la the
curort of Mlsa Catherine Bowman.
Thoee present were:
Mirer: Mleeee
Marrrt Ce hill. I.uclie Horn.
mrh, Jul In Flrarrrald.
Mwy Kltirald. John O'Donnell.
Catherine Bowman,
Mr Mosare.:
Fran I'.tvker. Dr. A. McOealin
"hriei Nfunun, of i'rii-ao,
Jtmn Murphy. Will Hlmpaon,
Mlae Caiita O'Brien entertained elirht
item at the matinee today at the Bran
dels, In honor of Mies . Mary Butler of
Pt. Louie.
i ' ' 1 1
At tie Field Club. '
Mrs. O. VT. CUhaugh entertained three
ftuents t luncheon today at the Field
club. .
Jsr.'C.'S. Montgomery Will have eight
g'.ieeta at dinner Wednesday evening at
the Flrld club, and Mr. F. U Cubbs, five.
i -
At the Country Club.
Mrs. . Charles E. . Mets entertained at
luncheon today at the Country club. A
Urge basket of correopals waa ueed aa
the table centerpiece and the gueeta en
tertained Included:
Mfnlmrtf, Mnadames
Fred Mris. Anna Oray, Chicago;
tirlo MoU, Fred Krug.
Arihir Mets,
Mleaee Mlaees
Grace Wlleon, Krug.
Chicago; ' ....
Mr. and Mra. Glenn Wharton will en
tertain at dinner Wednesday evening at
the Country club, and on Saturday even'
log Mra. Charlea Marsh will give a
dinner of ten covers at the Country club.
For Mrt. Wmiob.
Mra William Lincoln Byrne entertained
Informally at luncheon Saturday at her
, home in honor of her house gueat, Mrs.
Im E. Wesson of St. Louie. The table
iaa attractively decorated In green and
whit. A low mound of aaparagua fern
formed the centerpiece and covers were
placed tor: ,
Xifadamre Mesdamea
1 K. Waaaon. A. 1. ilredner.
U. Chamherlaln, ' Jiyrne.
M.saie Mlaeee
i:ibel Fullaway. Emma Fullaway.
Mra A. I. Iradner gave a luncheon
yesterday at her home In honor of Mra
Wesson. The guests were:
Mrftdnmx Meadames
W. U Jiyrne. Wawo.. . . ,
l-nae. B. Ciiamberlaln,
of Hut Tork Clt t.
Mra Waaaon waa gueat of honor today
at the Commercial, club, when Mrs. Klla
8. Byrne waa hostess, and Thursday
Mrs. Wesson will be .entertained at
luncheon at the borne of Mrs. B. Cham
berlain. . - .1 ,.'
Arnonj Uie Visitors.
Mrs. Anna Gray of Chicago la vlitttn
JUra Fred . Krug.
Mra. L. K. Waeeon of Bt. Ixul Is the
curat of Mra. William Lincoln Byrne.
Miss Grace Wilson of Chicago arrived
aturuay and la a guest at the heme of
Mr. and Mra Charlea K. Mets.
Miss Florence Glirk of Kan Francisco
errlved last evening to visit her uncle.
Mr- Joe Abraham, and family.
Ig Club Outinj.
The tnrmbera of the Ig club left yes
terday artertioon for Valley, Neb., where
thry have taken eottagea at one of the
iwaby lakea They will spend a week
tiOnylng water sporta The party In-
Nflnws Misses - -
Fr1l- Hsumgardner.flsrah Cole,
lllfiitM Mim, Helen Korsnssn.
li., Delia Rich.
Uyrdio TrcbiScock.
At Carter Lake Club.
MSs JVannette feasor will give a dunc
tng party this evening at the Carter Lake
club In .honor of Mlsa LucSlo Zancnelater
of Chicago, flipper will be served at the
Jaeger cottage after the dance. The
guests will be:
Minxes M'ssee
? .!' i'e Jaefer. Csiherln White.
liilei iicCrann. Arlms iicOoary.
-inrs ilK'reary, Milnln Kinney,
1 torenre he
JoMiieUe JiLaer.
I runi-ea N alt
Lltra Lmdlvy,
J ik- Murray,
Ja.-k D rials,
Walter &inhony,
. Artnur Hnervard,
Janice Dugaaie.
.!fm-4 1 'update,
:., i-l M- t reary,
J..un hi hrriiol,
! .. ,.m1 I'..irkn, .
li.iyiiiond Htirsess
1U'. iisrd DugiSaus,
To Honor Eouae Guttt
Mrs. 1 '. M. Newman, gave a theater
j arty till afternoon at tha Brandela ta
iu'iior ot her Cvusln. Mrs. George Berg
man of i.usgo. who la her house guest
The timtinee was followed by tea at
KogerK. and the guests entertained In-
c ! ided:
CrtiiiB nn-nan,
l u i.i.y ,ifiiw.
,V..riU V. Gross.
rl r brl;aia,
l.U-t (iir.M.
1..U.IU Hl'l!UIIr,
C:. ruuao Feltner,
A. Hen,
Itvtd Wella.
ilav Komruer.
1. uitck,
I .kf. Newman,
lfHtlore boiuiuar,
ki ut
FStt,cr Newroaa.
At the ElftE-ifJl.
M.inf large j-artl.-a aie planned for the
i ik.'.J.U t!,ct.-r this wrek. At this after
noon n.tuiee Aira K. K. Klflinger had
r Hum M. iHiiishue, seven; Mr,
r .i.b'o, 'mi; f;tfdlnsr. five; Mlas
I.sik ustrr, fto.r; Mrs. T. C. C'lianey, four
'!'. J. O l.i ' i. :a; 'Mrs. ' J. ' A.' Iniwtr,
jiv; Mr., fuur; lira HaJia, four
i! Johueon. sit; Mis. E. L. Litby,
,,i;r. Tl.u e.d.liig V. F. Jiavingcr WlU
!.ase C lr. fcettcr, fwa; Giorgo A.
i ,...,iji..i n. fvr; If. M'tlmsky, four; Gert
i ,'!t!iid. sis. Wednesday evening
i . 'J.Li ;,- eiJ Lave tiiaf gutaUn Dr.
Tuesday, August 10, 1915.
such beautiful facial contour aa to
tightly smoothed and cone at the
Mr Clrnc 6 Tate-
Mr. and Mrs. Warren-ftpain of.Lee'a
Pummlt Mo., announce tha marriage of
their daughter, Olive Florence, to. Clar
ence - B. . Tata of thla city, on ' July 81.
They will ba at home In Omaha after
September 1,
Pulver, four. Thursday matinee, - Mra
Tompklna will have four guests, Mrs, II.
F. Kellogg, four; Mra. EOilngley, four; P.
Mets, five; Mra Kerr, five; Miss Weeks,
four; Mrs. J. W. Bedford, four; Mrs. W.
II.' McCrary, four, and Mrs. ' MoAdama,
five.' Thursday svenlng, Mrs. S. B. Smith
will have four guests, and Mra. A. Wal
lace, five. Saturday matinee, W. S.
Blackwell . will have . five , guests; , Mra
Welnsteln, four; Mrs. Stein, eight; J. D.
Kendis, .four;. Mlsa Anna' Cohen,., four;
Mra N. I Keaton, four,' and Miss Rubin,
Mr. O. C; WTiarton" has ''reserved WO
seats fur tha Monday evening performance
of August 30, , to entertain the wives of
the visiting merchants, who will ba In
town that week.-' .......
At Happy Hollow Club.
. Mlsa Helen Dunham will give a dinner
of els, covers thla evening at the Happy
Hollow club. In honor of her guest. Miss
Ethel Jones.
Mr. and Mra. Lea Hamlin will enter
tain infonnalljr at dinner .thla evening
at tha Happy Hollow club In honor of
Miss- Marlon McDonald of Duluth, who
la their bouse, guest.
Mra, K. C. Saunders ot New Tork City,
who haa been the gut of her sister,
Mrs, J. F. Wagner, for some time, enter
tained .at. luncheon today at tha Iler-py
Hollow, club In honor of ber hostess.
Shasta deities decorated the table and
daisy 'place Cards marked tha plaoea of:
Rev. and. Mra. Ernst . .
Mesdamea - Mesdamea
O. W. Kerver. - N. 1 , .
D. Huteliinsun. , Ilav C. VYaaiier.
John A. Dempater, J. F. Wagner.
. it. JtoMsnn. K. C. Faumlrra.
Mr. andvWra C-C Belden will enter
tain at dinner this, svenlng at the Happy
Hollow club In honor of the Misses Lu
etic and Mary Brown of Madison. Wla.
the gueeta of Mr. and Mra C. R. Belden.
Garden flowers will decorate . the . table
and the guests entertained will Include:
Messrs. and Mesdamea
. W. Uordou. K Sykea.
Raymond Hay ward, C, It. Beldes.
J. I. uenweii.
Wrs. R. V. flrecVenridie,
Mien Marie Hodge.
MsMrs. Messrs.
m I'arrler, Warren Brecken-
Charlea Foster, ri.lne,
U MoCague, Jr.; Dr. H W. Reed.
For Temperance Speaker.
Mrs. Ella A. Boole of Brooklyn, N. T..
waa honor guest at a luncheon at the
Commercial club at noon. Since white
la the Woman's Christian Temperance
union color, the table decoration waa car
ried out by the use ot white garden
phlox. Covers were placed for:
Messrs. and Meadames
J. H. Vance, Talllaferro.
W. T. liraham. 1. C. John
C. C, Van Kuren,. F. N. Hlh.
Orpha MrKlttrlck,-
r.lla a. lionle.
N. J. MrKlttrlck,
Mary Vanning,
C J. Rnbrrta,
Edith HI, In rock.
'. 1. t-itt.
M. MoL'lalr. '
l'unian 1'ialarsoa.
U. lAtta.
A. V u.on. '
Yaak Butt.
Itlnnrha Van Kuran,
John l)le. -Av.
It. !i.-k.
Flora Hofrmaa.
H H. Bw,ley.
Nellie I'alton.
Joaeiihirie Carr,
A ill lain Berry, ,
Oeorte Co veil.
Pertonal Mention.
Mr. and Mra. James D. Read have left
for aa extended trip to the Pacific
coast. . .
"lAt winter I used a bottle of Cham
berlain's Couth Remedy for a bad brou
chud cough I felt its beatficlal effect
ImmtMilaKly and before X 'had I'inUiied
the bottle I was eured. I bevrr tire of
recinumo.ling this remedy to , my
frlenda." artlea Mrs. William Bright.
Fort .Wayne. lad. Obtaluabte . every
where. Ml rtiggtt.AdverUyent.
Bniineu Men Inspect Garden Work
Beinp Done by the Children
of the City.
A flying Inspection tour of the Oarden
club work of the various Omaha schools .
waa made by eight men from various i
lines of business
and association work-1
to get a general Idea of the character of
thla work being carried on In Omaha by
about tm school children this summer.
The men who made the tour were Invited
to do so by the Garden club committee,
ao that men from the varloua llnea of
business In the city might have a com-
prehenalve view of what la being dona
before the fall prises are issued, and
while the gardens are still In the growing
Those who made the tour were A. E.
Henley, Thomas Fry, Robert IL Manley,
Nels B. Updike, C. C. CYowell, B. V.
Den I son, C. J. Krnat and E. E. Pale, who
la the salaried superintendent of the
summer's gardening work.
FevsreWly Impressed.
The committee visited the gardens In the
vicinity of Park, Windsor, Clifton Hill,
Lothrop and Beared Heart schools. They
were favorably Impressed with the con
dition In which they found the gardens
and were agreeably surprised with . what
they learned from some of the boys and
girls as to the handsome sums of spend
ing money the children had made from
tha aale of their produce from the va
rloua gardens. .
Mr. Dale is being kept very busy by
hurry-up appeals from the children from
various parte of the city for help In
their gardens. Thla la the time of year
When trouMea of various kinds overtake
gardens. He la called out first to spray
a garden to .rid the plants of a certain
disease of a certain Insect pest Then he
Is called on a hurry-up case to slay rats
or rabbits or neighborhood chlckena that
maka themselves a nuisance In aoma of
the plots. -Again he Is called for advice
aa to when to pick certain fruits of veg
etables, or 'when to plant others.
With the first bean crop well, out of
tha way.. Mr. Dale advised the. children
to. plant another crop of beans any Urns
up to tha end of tha first week In August
Tha result la that many , of the children
who grew real enthusiastic during the
summer have planted beans within the
Isst two weeks, and many of them now
nave a nanasome new. patch of. beans
just up out or, the ground that they are
lin.ln T M . . .
4, itu.i anes nor. come excep
tionally early,' it la pointed " out that,
aounaant molature now In the
son. another bean crop should be easy
io raise oerore frost
Relief Iroiu iciti Rheasaadsm.
John H. Gronx. Winchester. N. w.
writes:. "I suffer from acute rheumatism
and Sloan's Unlment . always helps
c. aii . druggieta-Advertlse-ment.
. ';. - ,
Jitneers Start
. Petition for the':
'Ordinance Eecall
Jitney, drivers, have started to ctrou.
iw is recau of an
ordinance passed by tha city council last
Neatly 1,000 signatures will ba required
to bring the petitions within the referen
dum law.
Attorney Button, for the'jltney people,
la preparing papers for an action in dis
trict oourt, attaoklng the emergency
feature and the-bond requlremente Of the
ordinance. . . .. ; v '-
Fcsd FcsSs For Tho
l7orkingbanfs I7ife
To Study.
Tou owe It' to yourself, vmir Vnn1
ana runny to buy ail food atuff. rroi.i
practically one atandpolnt antrttloa.
jinr iiium iiiuni, or rnursa, hut nu-
iruinn anouni not Da aacrmcd for any
thing viae, for nutrition la tho baela of
econumlo foo' buying
Muei woi KiriKiiiafi a. wleea aenre too
rnuoh meat From a etarvnpolnt of nu
trition, meat la dear food. Home meat
Is essential, but we can profitably cut
out much ef our meat and aubatltute
other nutritious but much oheejtwr food.
There's Kauat KpaKhvitl. When we
eat It, we abaorb practically all of It:
ruet of It goea to enrich our blood and
build wo our bodies, l-'anut BD.Lrh.-t 1 1
Is mad of Durum. . whnat a iilghly I
H.ui.uuu. vvrecu. puiy in larga ivo pai'K
ces is a splendid ipartlal mrat eubatt
tute. Is easily prepared and makes fln-
eating. Try plenty of ; Fauat Hpeghettl
cut own on meat. . . ,
MlTJtl. BBOS. , i -.
U Leula, V. U. A. I '
1 I
. - r :
t -
"Mi t
V felelt HfelM
, Mm'
e.l-s leVl
T 1 7MII,
Oozes Ozono All
"MirrVif onrl T.iTrnci
Aiifcuu uv ajx.
On Spring Frys
United States Marshal Warner has
come back from his summer borne In the
well known bosom of nature near Mc-
osftgor. Minn., in order to remove rrora
shoulders the toga of the mareriai-
ship and place It gracefully upon tne
Person 01 iTiomaa J. riynn, wno wu
recently appointed to wear It
Mr. Warner looks as healthy aa a yean
ling ateer. Ilia cheeka are red, hla eyes
are dear, and be looks Ilka a frontiers
man or a backwoodsman or something
healthy and care-free and all that
uoeh. It s no wonder, either. When a
man can take file family and go off and
live in a log cabin In the woods far from
the madenlng crowd and aleep out on
a screened-ln porch thirty feet long and
ten feet wide and Just ooilng oxone all
night why. It's no wonder..
Here's something more tha marshal
tells us that la calculated to make city
dwellers pine for the wilds. Its aays
good fresh eggs cost 15 cents a dosen.
plump ben for tha boiling pot are M
eents per each, lusty spring chlckena for
frying may ba had In any quantity at
two bits, a quarter of a dollar each, and
exceneni Dutter costs But centa a
Mr. Warner will remain In tha city
about a week, and after ha turns over
tha office keys to Mr. Flynn he will flit
swiftly back Xo hla cabin In the woods,
not to be seen In these parts until ha
has to return ao the children can go to
Many Omahans Are
Taking Vacations
Many prominent Omahans are taking
vacation Mpa In many directions at
present, and many are planning trips for
tha near future. Rev. T. J. Mackey and
Mra. Mackay left Friday for a ten days'
cruise of tha great lakes. Mies Mar
garet Houston left Sunday for Kingston,
Ont Mr. Olllo Berg of the Berg Cloth
ing company left Sunday for New Tork;
Edward Qelsen, cashier of tha Peters
Trust company, left with hla nelce for a
cruise on tha great lakes; A. J. Love
left Saturday for New York over tha
Burlington; K. L. Dodder, tha under
taker, leavea Wednesday with hla family
for a trip to tha expositions; Mrs. George
A. Beabury and daughter have gone to
the raclfk) northwest, and are to continue
their trip to the expositions, where they
will spend several weeks; C. T. Kountse
and Mra. Kountse leave over tha Union
Pacific August 13 for San Francisco, and
they will make a extended tour of the
coast Dr. Coulter leavea tonight for
the expositions, -and many others are
planning to go In tha next few daya
When at
Dine af
Under 'SCDrujvtOMaqcment as
Fast trains daily from Omaha
arrive La Salle Station arid
Englewood Union Station,
most convenient locations in
"Cliico-Hctnisia Llmitedw at 6.-08 p. m.
"Chicago Day Express" - at 6:30 a. eu
"Chicago-Colorado Express" at 4:10 p. m.
"Rocky Iloimtab Limited" at 1:09 a. n.
Automatic Block Signals
Finest . tod rn All-Steel Equipment
Scperb Dining Car Service
Swap Anything in the
No Rain but What
Does Somebody Good
There is one class of business men at
present that just smile, and smile and
smile, at what tha months of continued
rains and floods have dona for them.
These are tha lumber men who 'make a
f II iMMnggf fflMl
Unusual Bargain Inducements-Wednesday
of Any Hammock
ffiiSiyC -r: Values
Rugs and Bath Rugs, sizes
24x48, 24x36 and 36x36.
Worth to $i.7S, no
special Wed., at ...1700
Velvet Rugs, size 36x72.
Ice Cream Day
Quarts, 20c
Pints, - 10c
Pompeian Room
Women's Pure Silk Hose
mmm egjBaBnsaaaBBaaaaaaaae wsBBBsnsaMaaajaa wmhwhm
Mostly colors and a fev blacks, worth
75c a pair, some worJ:h $i,oo. aq
On sale for : ...frC
Genuine Hand
Hand colored, on appropriate double and triple mounts with gold edged mat Sizes from.tlx
13 to 12x24. Beautiful subjects in nature prints, landscapes, marine scenes, etc ;. On sale
Wednesday, Main Floor, at . t r 1 - -
Tickets, reservations and information at
Rock Island Travel Bureau. Phone,
write or call
J. 8. McKALLT. DMeiaei Faeejaacer Asat
1323 rarsaai Si. Osiaka, Nab.
Ceeaea Oeslaa 42S
"Swapper Columa
specialty of selling bridge lumber. The
heavy rains washed out bridge after
bridge and sent them crashing down the
turbulent streams all over half a dosen
states. County commissioners have been
specially busy keeping bridges - in shap
all over and salesmen of bridge timber
have never been busier In their Uvea.
The Omaha Bridge Supply and Lumber
company of Omaha haa had something
of a harvest in this respect Salesmen of
Up-to-date mer
chandise, slightly
soiled from hand
ling. Worth to
$1.50, specially
priced for Wed-
Liquid Veneer, 25c site
Wednesday, for...
Bath finishes, special rA
Wednesday, 75c values... a24C
Johnapn'a Floor Wax, nn
Mb. can
Lftterlne, 60c site o
bottle for a8C
Crepe Toilet Paper, 10c O
kind, at, 8 rolls tor OJC
Diamond "C
Soap, 10 i n
ban for
a ?C
Fels Naptha Soap,
10 bara for
Ivory er Borax Soap,
is Dare nr.
OrtTM' Tooth
Pewdar in glass.... ,,
Madonna Rice Powdar,
ll package
eeiellta Powdara. IS hi
box for
Jnvaalle Soap,
ie eaaa
PalmeltTe Soap, special,
ISc caka
SS-Mule Team Borax, 1-la.
Colored Carbon Gravures
II ir . BTirr
. da MMVil
Willow Sprin
No better beer brewed than
"Stars and.Stripes" and "Old Time"
Order a case for your home. .
Retail Distributors. Telephone Douglas 2108.
Telephone Douglas 1306.
Persistence is the cardinal vir
tue in advertising; no matter
how good advertising may be
in other respects, it must be
run frequently and constant
ly to be really succcessful.
tha company any their business In brldga
lumber haa been Increased 60 per cent
In the last two months. They have been
especially buny taking orders In Ne
braska, Kaneae, Iowa and northern Mis
souri. t
Orders for Bteel Isereaae.
NEW TORK. Aug. 10 The tinflllei,
tonnage of the United Ptales Reel ror
norotton on Jolr W totalled 4.M.Mn tone,
an Increase of 250 34 tons over J"""-
Lingerie Blouses
c muir
New Neckwear
Dainty Organdie and Voile
Collars, in Puritan Jff
and other styles, at. OUC
Ri c in
Quality Feather
black, white and
awT J 411 VIKVIVt
black and white. Prices,
$2.93, $3.25, $5.00 and up.
Choice of Any
In the House
Regardless of Former
Values at
Women'sPure Silk Gloves
Double tipped, blacks a'rid whrtes and some
colors, worth 75c a pair, a . AZtg
splendid value at ... . , . . . --t ..OC
. Untnually Hlgli 7
: Grade Pictures
buitable frames for these
pictures at reduced prices. '
as Beer