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Bottom and Browns Diride Dcmbla
Header in Beantown.
BOSTON, At. 10 The Boston Amer
icana lost (round In the rare for the
Americas leaaue pennant In an fvn
r-reak with Et. Ixiula today. losing tha
first iiim, I to I, and winning tha seo
or.fl, IS to t.
A trlpla play by the visitors, tha flrat
In a Ira (rue ram In thla city within tha
memory of tha oldest fan, featured tha
second contest. Shotton caught Ifobtlt-K'-Va
fly after a long run In, threw
rlanly to Staler at flrat baae. catching
sneaker, and Sister threw home, where
Severrld tagged out Janviin. Koob'e fine
pitr-hlng and Ion hlta by Auatln and
SiaW decided the flrat game for the
Huth's twirling waa ateady In tha awe
ond fame, while be and hie teammatee
hatted two PC Louis pltchera freely. The
second trame waa held up forty-five min
utes In the third Inning by rain and work
noi aaa ry to put the field In condition
to reaume ptay. Boors, flrat game:
IT. urn otrrotf.
RMttna. If.. 4 t t I aKiwrr. rf...l
A ".tin. IV. ..4 11 JaaTrtn. M...I til
ei.w. l....t 11 1 fier. ef. l I it
rv.ii. lb. ...I It IHnMitwl, lb I t I a
H"l-4. Ik .l I Iwln. If a I 1
W.:ar. et...4 1 a IHnrtliM. If
Tarter, rf....l ft Gardner. IV .4 Ill
Wilrt. TT....I t Norrr. lb... I 1 I
1nn. .. t Thmna ...( II
fmrmtt, a. t I I t I Ruth, I I
ro. a I l
Uotoa.. a t 1 Totals .... M K I
iMrf. II
Taal .... T M II I
ft. Ixnila I IIIMMi-l
BtMten 1 I I I H i I -10
Two-hoae hlta: Ruth, Pratt. Thorn,
riomenm: Walker. Stolen bases: Iewls,
Howard. Trip!" play: h hot Ion to Staler
to Hevereld. louble play: Oardner to
HoHltsei. Bases on balle: Oft Ixurter
m!!k, I; off Vwk. : off JUtth. 7. I'm
llrea: Connolly and Wallace. Boors, sec
ond game:
T Ijfin B.O8T0W.
ihmna. If,.. I IHeeeer. rf... a
Aaxlo. lb.. .4 11 SJanvrm. aa . I I 4
ftmr. lb . ..I I II ISr-aakar. rf..$ 4
fn't. lb 4 III lQatnee. lb.. .4 I J
W.laer. ef...4 I 11 ..!, If. ...I lit
rarter. rf....4 It Snantner lb.. I 1
laa. M....4 I 1 Harry, lb. ...4 1
A.1.W, t K aAr, 4 til
kooto. ..,...! tt Shore, a I 1 4
.Woo 1 1
TMala ....M mil 4 Mara, 1
Tetala .... 4 IT II
Patted for Shore in eighth.
st. Louis o o o o o o a 3
iifton 4 0 0 t o o a
Two-baae hlta: dialer, fihotton. Thrae
hase hlta: Auatln. Gainer. Btolen bases:
A mat In, Kooh. Flrat baaa on errors:
Hoetnn, 1 lieees on baila: Off Kooh,
4: off Phore, 8; off Mava. 1. Hln: Off
.--hnro, i in elkht Innings; off Mays, 1 In
ti inning. Kinirk out: Hv shora, 3,
Wild pitch: fcliore. Umpires: Wallace
end Connolly.
Spilt Dable-ller.
NWW YORK, Aug. 10. New York and
t'levelend broke even In a. double-header
hem today, the torala winning tha flrat
name, t to 0. while Cleveland anatched
a ninth-Inning victory in the aacond
jianiH, wlnnlnic I to 1
New York won the flrat m behind
' rialier'e fine pltrhlnK. It halntr hia aerand
'traiaht ahutout. In tha eecond irama
Cole pitched great ball until tha ninth
Inning, when the vleltoraj arored two
nine on South worth' paaa. Willed aacri
fle. Kvan' double and a which
let In tha winning run. Score, flrt game:
Will, frf 4 IBIiV af.....t I
n.rNira. lb.. 4 1 I f-n.. aa t III
liatxnaa. .4 111 tMalaal. Ib...l 111, rf.. 4 1 PliA. Ik I U
Kirk. ih.... 1 trvx. rf t 1
w-nlih. If 4 Hnall, If.. I 1 1
mha.. lb t t 1 lraM. th.
(in. a I 1 1 I fKaaubar,
I 111 IKlak
.-.uihvittlt .I, ..
liHrata. p.. Tstala IBM
Off Hcott. ; off Breealer, 4; off Davla. 1.
Hlta: Off Hrraeler. 11 In aeven Innlnna.
off Javla. I In Iwti Innlnra. lift by
pitched ball: My Scott. Khang, Ptruck
out: Py Pent I, I; by Breaaler. I; ly
L'avU. 1. L'mptrea: Chill and Kvan.
Wlaa lone Fogg won from Mra. Will
Plainer In the Carter lake women' a
tennla tournament, and thua waa the
only favorite beaten In the opening
ma tehee of play. Mite Adelaide Fogg,
preeent cupholder at the club, will meet
the winner of the challenge round Sun
day. The reatilta Monday were;
i Helen Adama boat Lillian Hrghea, M,
e-z. a-i.
Mlllan Refresler beat Murlal Webber.
-. a-t.
Mra. A. M. Thompaon beat Mlaa New
man, w-n.
Mlaa Mendedoht beat Maybel F.aelln.
-. 4-0.
Mary Marat on beat Lola Ilarrla. -4.
Frances Watt beat Mlaa Llndakor. -L
lone Focc beat Mra. Will Plainer, t-4.
Inn Iladra beat Mlaa Hickman, tVl, (-4.
Taasba Aabr Val vera gweeaey,
NKW TOKK, Aug. lO.-The New York1
dub of the American leaaue have caked
for wavera on Kd Sweeney, for many
yeara flrat catcher of that club. It wa
fated today. Sweeney joined the New
York club aeven yeara ago, la one of Ita
veterana and a few yeara earn waa re
garded aa one of the beat catcher of
the league.
Hernia a J.oeee te Dodge.
ITKRMAN, Neb., Aug. 10.-Ppeclai Tel
egram.) Herman lout to Dodge today, T
to 4. Joe Btecher played with Dodge and
put up a good game. Hlta: Herman. 1;
Dodge, 7. Hnttarlea: Herman. Kite. Bur-
dlo and Weat; Dodge, Alexander and
....I 1(11
r. a. I 1 t t
toaralaar Meet at Talmage,
AVOCA, Neb.. Aug. J0.-fpeclal.-The
second annual couralng meet will be held
at Talmaare on October -41. Tha com
mltteea have been appointed and expect to
make thla meet one of the moat succeee
ful In the country. '
- Alva Blanka Avtea.
AVOCA, Neb., Aug. 10.-tBpeclat.Wn a
f aat game of ball here Sundiy Alvo de
feated Avoca, by s ecore of I to 0. Avoca
waa handicapped by the loat of aeveral
of Ita regular playera. Klepaer waa In
the box for Avora and flkinner for Alvo.
"England Started
the War Because
of Envy and Fear"
BERLIN, Aug. 10-ny Wlrele to
Sayvllla.) The following waa given out
today by tha Overaeas Newa Agency:
"The Voaatacha Zeltung and the Ber
liner Tagablatt comment at length on th
latest official publication of Belgian
ClplomaUo reports found, In t Brussels.
They aay these documents prove conclu
sively that England prepared systematic-
Asks that Suit Againit Father and
Brother Be Thrown Out Day
After Hit Aunt Appears.
Jerome P. Ma gee hag dltrntssed his
partition suit In district court against
fcig father, Henry W. Mage of Chi
cago, and brother, Wayland of
Omaha, In which he sought title to
the greater part of the estate of the
late Colonel James H. Pratt, hit
mother's father. ,
A one-half interest In the estate
sold to Jerome Magee by his aunt,
Mrs. Margaret Pratt Olsson of Oster
gotland, Sweden, was a part of the
share claimed by him.
Aake Deeda get Aalde.
Mrs. Margaret Pratt Olson of Ostergot
land, Sweden, daughter of tha lata Colo.
nel Jamea II. Pratt nf nmh ta v.i. I
to a half Inter eat In tha estate, yeaterday
aaked th district court to Bet aalde deeda
by which she had granted her Interest
i In Summer Hill farm at Benaon and a
large tract of land In Wyoming to Jerome
P. Magee of Omaha.
Her Intereat In Summer Hill farm, Mrs.
Olson alleges, la worth lt0,000 and hay
equity in the Wyoming land la valued at
an equal gum. Phe sold her interest In
the properties, the petition allegea, at a
price of HO.OOO, of which, It eays, eh
received 15,fJti0 caah and the remainder
In secuiitlea still in the poasesaion of
Jerome P. Magee. t
Jerome P. Magee la a nephew of Mrs.
Olson. Ill mother, Mri. Henry W. Ma
fee, and Mra. Olaon were helre to the
eatat of Colonel Pratt Th petition as
serts that Mrs. Olson in making tha
sale of her intereat In the estate relied
on the' fact that Jerome P. Magee was
her relative and was her attorney. 6hs
received no information concerning the
value of her equltiee except the repre
sentations made by him. she allegea. The
aale waa made when Jerome P. Magee
visited hla aunt at her home in Sweden.
The suit is a climax to charges made
at a hearing before District Judge Scars
laat aprlng by Henry W. Magee of Chi
cago, father of Jerome P. Magee. The
elder Mr, Magee then declared he waa
endeavoring to protect the Intereata of
Mrs. Olaon. He peraauded the judge to
allow hlin to go to Sweden to coniult
her. She returned to Omaha,
A partition suit brought by Jerome P.
Msgee against hla father and brother.
Wayland Mages of Omaha, la pending In
The hearing laat spring
Outing for All Knights of Pythias
in Nebraika it Scheduled for
One hundred . Omaha Knights of
Pythias are planning to leave on a spe
cial train Thuraday morning over the
Burlington for the big Btate-wlde plcnli !
to be given by the grand lodge at Aah-j
land. Nearly S.OCO members are expected I
to be present at tha affair, and a big time ',
la aaaured.. The Methodlat and Baptlat
churchea of Aahland are arranging a big
country dinner for tha knlghta.
After the repeat there will be a apeech
Chancellor John J.
III., following which
will be all aorta of Intereatlng gamea. Fat
men'a rac-a, ladles' races, potato raeea
and other laughable sports are scheduled,
and a baae bell game between Wahoo
lodge No. and Pallas lodge No. 110 of
Pchuyler la arranged for. Mnelc will be
furnished by Aahland Firemen's band.
The Pythian male quartetr, of Lincoln
will ring, and a epeclal orchestra will be
Imported to play for a dance which will
be given..
A. A. Taylor, Tw North Twenty-fifth,
la In charge of the arrangements for th
Omaha delegation, and la ready to an
awer any question concerning the trip.
The Omaha bunch expecte to return at
o'clock. c
(heck Yar gammer .
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your cough and strengthen your lunas.
Get a bottle- now, only 23c. All drugglats.
Advertisement. .
PHlLAPF.LrHlA. Ta . Aug. lft-Charles
Heber Clurk. who wrote under the nam
of Max Adelrr, -riled tday at Eagles,
mere, Ta. He was wldly known at a
writer of humoroua books and short stir
lea. He was alo an authority on tariff
matters. Mr. Clark was a manufacturer
In Conshohocken, near here, where ho
lived. He waa 75 years old.
Until the gas store wason opens
again next spring we will sell this
Kange at a cot price, from $34.00 to
Connected Fre. Cash Only.
714 Hotilh 10th.
ally for th great European war by draw
Ing oloaer and closer tha previously loose , district court.
mealies of the diplomatic and political ws on a motion filed by the elder Mr.
net about Oermany, frustrating all at
tempts of th German government to
maintain patvoe. England Is th real and
Magee asking delay,
At that time the defense waa surprised
when J. A. C. Kennedy appeared In court
unaorupuloua criminal, which plunged the J wlth Power of attorney signed by Mra.
world Into a carefully prepared war for , Olson In Sweden, authoring him to rep
tha moat selfish motives-envy and fear. rnt hr In the litigation. Mr. Kennedy
Tha ; Voaslschs Zeltung says that that t a table In the court room with
normal responsibility for the colossal . Jerome P. Magee and urged District
slaughter rests almost entirely upon Eng
land's shoulders."
-Mala ... It IMS I
'Hatted for Jonea in eighth.
Cleveland 6 0 0 00
Now fork 1 0 II i M M
Two-baae hits: Pwchlnpaugh, Jackaon.
Stolen ba: llarta-M. Vm ne-1 rune: New 2. liaaea on bells: off r'lhr, 1; off
..limes, t. ritrw-k out: Bjf F'ulier, S; by
Jones. 1: by Hs.rtvd. 1. liy Flalier, S; by
in aeven 'milnxa; off Unratad, 0 In one
i'uitttif. Umplrea: Hildrbrand and
i) l-ouuhllii. bV-vre, second game;
ClJTVrif NTS W TfPK. .
All 11 O A AS H O A
aula, rf I 1 1 twteti. t 4 lit
,n, lb... .4 t I 1 aa.4 I
iMginta, as.t til M.iaot. lb.. .4 111
.t.'kx.a,. rt. i I t OPir-p. It. I II 1
Kni... 1K....4 t I i'lw-H ...1 tt
en'tli. If. ...I 11 "". rt A lite
" .o.l.r . lb. I t I H.nU II. .4 till
l e I I OHo,.,. lb.... I t I I
1Unrwa. s.l t I OAl.aajnlar. I I I I M
-rMilhworth . Vk. t I t t
TValker. a. ... ..-
. Total ,...t t It t I
totals ... M 1 II 11
Kntt4 for Maiarnun In ninth.
- liatred for iipp In ninth.
IcveUod 0 0 1 0 S I
f lurk 0 0 1 10 94
Two- hlta: Smith, Rvana. Home
run: VMlie. iHKib'e play. Plr t Majael
hi I'lpp. F.anil rtina: New York. 2;
t 'leveUnd. 2. Kaae on error: ClevelBJid, 1.
Isnafs on iaUa: it"f Cuie4 2, off, liHr
1. Hit bv vitctter: By Cole, Wills.
Hlta: off HaKermnn, In elglit innlnga;
off Walker, 0 in one Inning, r-trur K out:
Ccla. I; by Has. rmaji, I; by VVeiker,
; I'mplrea: O'ltughlln and lilldsbraud.
Tlsera 'Wkls) Walter Jakaaoa.
WARH1NOTON. Aug. W. Walter John
K.n. had no terrors fur Ietrolt tivlay. tha
I ;i r (funding hia delivery for eleven
h,r and elvlil runs. Washington ouuld
lo t:ule with Hteen with men on th
baaex tv ore.
bi.tH.OiT. wi,iu;;.'r,TON.
Vn. Iii t a Kroner, rf..i I
W.ri.r, tb.l I f IT b... 6 tit
r -n. aa I 111 Mila.u. cf... 1 1
. rf ... I t I exnanka IH...I It
i iaiort. rf I 1 I t toenail, Ik.. .4 I 14
Vati. If 4 11 Aoata. U....t t 1
ill!... J 1 i I A!rmlltt. 6
1'js. 1 .. lit eiiai, a.. I t
n-.,!. a . 4 tit .! aa. I t I
an P 4 I t tnti-Mm. ,,.l 1 t
. t t H.rv-T. .... t t 1 t
anus, a 1 t
T'-ala ....H U K 11 !. I I t t t
TKla ... .fit lllll I
Ran for Mtt In tha nrst.
Uatteof or ll.r;r in Hie aeventh.
lim!t - I g t 1 61
Tw t.Ma hit: liurna, Crawfurd. l!im
rim: !..rr,a. Ktoln tuu: al::an. Foa
'r. i.J rui: Ijrou, S, Vtaaiiius
i n, 2. li6y: Yuung to luii'ua.
on ern ra: V aahlnxtun. 1 ltaa-a
i n h!ia: Oft Jnhnaun. . off Hen, .
i 't i.oitr, 1. !:: Off Julin..ii, 11 in
l!iiiii.n: off lir(r, 1 in one inninir.
i 't by UnX bs.l; 1'v Juhnavn. Via,
-i t iir! ; I f Sleeii, W!;;iaina. bt ruck
wi; 1 JuUijaxin, t, by Mn. ; by luoa,
- L'n ; srea; l.i:lu e,ud i inrcti. '
Wklta lat Beat Xtrki.
I'HII-AL-KM'HIA, Aug. lO.-C'hlcago bit
r ari l lintia iiaril ttioajr and aai!y
.!. (. n-.-.l 1 :.uasi;tii, to 4. t-ott waa
aa tay tiiru k. tvT the huuia (ravin
I r.i.-i!o, t"t be en ao:nrUi4 (lent
. f--';t au4 three d-ilA.te plays torrve! to
." tluava l'iadtfUt;U's sure. Irx:uie;
i l-.iA V). PUHM!HIA.
An K O A kl AH U O A
. rf 1 1 tW,lli, If .. 4 1 t
. , .an I 1 S ei-,.a. It .. I I t 1
i ' .. iu 14 t t....-. i(...4 lit
-; Id 4 III 1 .-..-., In... I tilt
.t 1 t I .!-.,,. i ..I 1
., .t .l t f t i ,'.:, Ik. .4 S I t
r t ...I I 4 I I a I lit
. - . ao.,4 1 1 f -r, .. 1 1 I 1 I
t 4 I J a t r . I .... 4 I t 1 I
,,....,, I 1 4
, i io ,4 t e t 1 1 t
'! . .11 IIIUI
. . , lS229t2-t
i . ,. ,t o v i 9 o 9 11 e-t
; j. !...- t: i 'hi: l-"i;m ni-r i'.'i,
: r . ;s , V'. t'-.'l. 'i MK-U'1 Im
i . f. I ! I - rt l.t.i.n: p . i . -i ,
l .,..i iu. r I..IH. I i:.i.i' i.i-
i : 4- I l'.K D
. , , i ... . : J; t .!.!. t-
. ' r ,rt..t. i.ii'.f (iu Ui.c.
Switchlock Broken,
Train Wrecked and
Two Men Killed
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Aug. 10,-Two
trainmen were killed when the Pennsyl
vania railroad's passenger train, running
from St Louis to New Tork, went Into
an open switch and waa wrecked a few
miles east cf Indianapolis laat night
Nona Of the passengers were Injured.
The da4 arai
WILLIAM H. ERVIN. SO. ensrlneer. In-
WILLIAM Z. H UN NEBS, fireman. In-
Deputy Coroner Wagner, after an In
vestigation of the wreck, aald the lock
of th switch bad been broken, th lamp
ex.tlngulahed and th twitch opened.
John W, Coneys, superintendent of In
dianapolis terminals, after an Investiga
tion declared - that th train was
"maliciously wreckedi"
Many passengers were bruised and
scratched, but none required medical at
tention. ,
Judge Seaus to sustain th sale of Mrs.
Olson's equities to her nephew.
Colonel James II. Pratt died November
12, U10. Bine that time hla estate has
been greatly Involved In litigation.
The litigation has divided the family of
Henry W. Mage Into two campa, the
father and Wayland W. Magoa being
pitted against Jerome P. Magee. The
family Is prominent In business and so
ciety In Omaha and Nebraska and sev
eral other state.
For I as larestlon.
Never take pepain and preparation
containing pepsin or other digestive fer
ments for Indigestion, as the more you
tak th mora you will have to take.
What Is needed Is a tonla Ilka Chamber
lain's TaLlets that will enable the stom
ach to perform Its functions naturally.
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ASHLAND, Neb., Aug. 10.1tpecUI
Telegram.) Np to a late hour tonight no
traee has been found ot the whereabout
of Charlea S. Wortrrum, sr., a wealthy
farmer who escaped about 4 o'clock Mon
day morning ' from the home ot his
daughter. Mrs. Earl W. Richards, In thla
city, where he had been In a critical con
dition for aeveral months. Harboring the
hallucination that someone waa trying to
Induce him to sign away hla property,
consisting of more than a section of fine
Cass county farm land lying along tha
Platte valley batweoa Alila.uJ and South
liend, Wortman had restated all efforts
of his relatives to tak him to the home
of his daughter, Mrs. Barnes, at Iowa
City. la., today where It waa hoped
change of surroundings would prove ben
In soma manner Wortman. who Is about
to yeara of age, nearly blind, lame and
scarcely able to walk, escaped from the
second story of the iUchardt bonis
through a window, a dtstanoa of ten feet
In the early morning and, although
searching parties have hunted the coun
try adjtaent to Aahland, no clu haa yet
been obtained.
I'lood honnds from Reatrtce were put
on the trail Monday afternoon, but after
huliing the trail for aeveral hours, lead
ing up to the vicinity of fcalt creek, ail
trace was loat and the hounds were sent
back. It waa supposed that Wortman
endeavored In go back to hla farm, five
miles aoutheaat of town, and became lost
or fell Into fait creek and waa drowned.
Wortman fcad resided nearly alxty yeaj-e
In Caaa county, near aahland. coming
here at a time when there waa no habi
tation between tha preeent alte of Ash
land and Plattsmouth, and had resided
here since. Efforts to find hla body In
or nea Bait creek are being mads, t'(
reward having been offered by rela-Ute.
DRCATim. HI.. Aug. 10. Recognised as
a, Texas escaped convict murderer, Eu
gene Mason, alias Earl Ray, waa today
taken bark to Texarkana, Tex., by Sher
iff Mitchell of Cass county, Texas. Mason
had been convicted of the murder of an
aged farmer near Texarkana and had
been sentenced to a life term. He es
caped a short time ago and went to work
on a farm near here.
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rr3car 1Kb. NATIONAL
INDIANA rT)I J S. Ir,d., Aug. 1.-It was
announced by officials of tha Indianapolis
Motor rday that an invitation race
cf 1j0 mllra will be held on the local
-our on September 1. The seven driv
ers who have been aakrd to compete are
lUli.h Ie Talma. Rsrlo Rtaia. Krl
fiwiirr, Hord Wilcox. (Ill Anderson,
J lie I'.ii-kenbacher and Johnny A It ken.
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H J a-irLat4law.
! ; Mnl THI sMTltlCUi
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Send lis and
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lealer'a nam.
and we'll send a full-size 10c
cut ot ,,PU'--"an4 a hand
some leather roach YE EE,
anywhere la U. 8. Also a
lulder about " PIPEE." Tb
tobacco, pooch ai.d malUm
will coat as 20c, wtlcr we
will (ladl spend because
a trial will make you a
Stead seer ot "FIPSK."
Are You going to Invent In
This Fall? Why not take ad
vantage of the Special August,
Rale Reductions?
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High Quality and Low Prices Arc Great Attractions at
Don't - Forirpt to Inyestlgat
Remember we guarantee
every Instrument we sell.
You're always safe.
Fall Millinery Modes in Profusion
ALMOST our entire Millinery Depart
ment is now given over to showing
of the new Fall 'styles in Trimmed and Un
trimmed Hats. The host that the makers
of the world have produced are here for
your inspection and selection.
Plushes, satins and velvets are excep
tionally popular and are shown in broad
assortment of the smartest , styles, absolutely
correct in material and colors. Over 350
charming new Trim
med Hats here for
your selection at p rices from . . . .
$4.98 to $18
Tremendous Clearance Bargains in Women's Summer
Suits and Dresses Wednesday in the Domestic Room
iTTSv Nobby Wash Dresses
Nobby Tailored Suits
Value, to $17.50
All wool fabrics, satin lined coats, .
choice of entire stock . . .$2.08
Pretty Wash Suits
To $15.00 values in white and
colors, your choice Wednesday
at. .....S1.00
35 Pretty Wash Dresses
Last season's styles that sold to ,
$15.00, choice of the lot ...69
Wash Dress Skirts
Some real linen, but soiled, choice
at.. 49t
39 long lawn kimonos, good as
sortment at ... 19 '
Children's rompers, sizes 2 to 6
years IO?
$1.25 to $1.75 values, in lawns,
batistes and fancy weaves, all col
ors, sizes 3-1 to 44, your choice
at... a...;...........;., 89
All Wash Dresses
That sold at $1.9S to $2.50, broad
rtment of pretty designs for
selection... ....$1.19
Children's Wash Dresses
Many with high necks, suitable
cv fall wear, all sizes and colors,
choice 49
Neat Gingham Aprons, with cir
cular ruffles ............. .10
50c Bungalow. Aprons fitted or
loose styles .29
Now Is the Time to Put Up California Elberta Peaches
A solM carload to go on Bale Wednes
day This la extra fancy, larte, ripe
fruit. Nothing; finer rrown. This
car was shipped to tin to sell f
for the (trower. WESXTEs- hHC
Bushel baskets Tezaa Slberta ohes
for $1.X5
Bnsbel boxes CaUfornl Bartlrtt
Pears 1.S3
Vow Is tha time to nt no your Crab,
apple Jelly. Wednesday large) market
basket Sao
4 baaket orates California Bur bank
Flume .OSo
4 8-lb. aacks bent high srade DlatnonJ
H Flour nothing; finer for bread,
pies or rakes, sack $1.70
10 bars Beat 'Em All, Diamond C or
I undry (Jueen White Toilet Sony.
for : a 3o
10 cakes Cupid Toilet Bosp ......190
6 cakes Ivory Soap 7.. 190
6 cans OH or Mustard Sardines . .190
2 -lb. cans Early June Sifted Peas, 8V4
2-lb. cans rsncy Wax, String. Oreen
or Lima Beans sTHo
Mact ren's Peanut Butter, lb., 18Ho
W. O. C. or Krumbles, pkg- 9e
drape Nuts, pkg .....loo
Yeast Foam, pks". .....30
thinner's Macaroni, Vermicelli or
Spaghettr. rkir .TM0
8 lbs. best White or Tellow Cornmea.1
for 17o
4 cans Elkhorn or Mansfield's Milk
for 85o
4 cana Pet or Carnation Mllk'....S8o
The best Tea SiftintTS. lb lHo
Oolden Bantoa Coffee, a fine drink,
per lb. . . 90o
BaaS. PB XOaEaT .............190
The best Creamery Butter, carton,
lb 880
Fancy No. 1 Creamery Butter, bulk,
lh see
Full Cream Young; America, Wlacort
sln Cream or NeW York White Cheesn,
lb. ... 80o
Fancy Dairy Table Butter, lb. . . .80
Good Dairy Butter, lb. 930
Imported Swiss or Roquefort Cheese,
lb 40O
Fancy LarsA Queen Olives, quart, 3 so
12 lbs. sood Cooking; Apples to the
peck 10o.l5e
Fancy Sweet Corn, per doien .,,.159
Cahbafe, for kraut, 2 for 5o
4 larne bunches fresh Beets. Carrots
or Turnips ,
t large bunches fresh Onions or Rad
ishes . : SO
Fancy Head Lettuce, per head, Eo-Tao
Fancy Denver Peas, auart .....7Mo
Fancy Denver Cauliflower, lb. ..10o
Fancy Wax or Green Beans, lb. ...6o
3 Cucumbere for lOo
I.arsre market basket fresh Beets or-
Turnlps 150
Iarge market basket Tomatoea for
rannlns; 85a
Fancy 8weet potatoes, lb 60
ror Quality Goods Try Kaydsa's .
It Pays Try HAYDEN'S -.First It Pays
- . y'VSv ''
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Root tor
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Hes as enthusiastic over his '
chosen cigar as over the "Home Team. "
Save EL TELLO Bands
Fan, Rad TLla; To the man presenting the greatest
number of El Tell Cigar Bands by September 1 8, Kir, viii
be given I- REE ticket to the World'a Championship Serief of P--eba!l Gamer
and all expenses of tran.portatioa to and from the place where the garnet are
puy ea. i o tne one preientinj the 2d largest number of
bands $50.00 in ca.h 3rd forget number of bands
30.00 in cath 4th Lrgest number 20.00 in cash.
1 wo Hands from Littla U Talla Cigara
at one from Large El TeU.
Save Your Banks
Larjt S t
in itr .
CIGARS iuaa jc
tlcCOXD r?vADY CODUtriSutor., 0:.IAIU "
All band, must be presented at our oEce not Liter than
noon of September 18io.