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    Omaha Da
The Uee is The Paper
yt mi rati if rm im be
Nn nm tku a few aara,
hava ha maiie4 as yea,
VOL. XLV NO. 4fi.
Om Trelne, Hotel
STswe Btsads. eta. Be
RIGA, THE NEW GERMAN OBJECTIVE Russian seaport on the Baltic, for the capture of which the Germans are
making great efforts, both by land and sea.
One Hospital Reports Death of Eight
Unitde States Sends Vienna Note
Children, While Another An
nounces Number of
Famine Victims.
Declaring- Neutrality Not Vio
lated by Allies' Baying:
Munitions Here.
i ! i J 1
.- UM0
! PI lu M ft Vii
M n I B m
Woman Arrested for Stealing: Dog: to
. Take Home for Her Young
to Eat.
MEXICO CITY, July 31. (Via
-Vera Crui, Aug. 8. Via Laredo.
Tex., Aug. 10. Delayed In trans
mission.) Eight deaths hy starva
tion, all children, were reported by
the police station of the Second ward
today. The general hospital also re'
ported deaths by starvation, though
the number was not made public.
A police court record in the Second
ward wai brought to the attention of
the American Red Croaa representatlvea
today aa illustrative of the extreme mis
ery prevailing- among the lower claaaea
because of the want of food.
A woman waa brought Into court
charged with stealing a dog. The de
fendant' plea waa that the animal waa
stolen for the purpose of feeding It to
her children. The Judge dismissed the
1 Food Can't Enter.
Despite the distressing conditions the
Red Cross representatives and the for
eign relief societies have been able to
do very : little because the military of--flcials
refuse to allow food to enter the
city. .
Red Cross officials now have a supply
of beef and beans sufficient for 750,00
liters of soup. Already applications
have come from 60,000 persons, and the
present supply will last no longer than
a fortnight.
Cosee of death from starvation are
bring dally reported to the Red Cross
During the last twenty-four hours thla
.e:!tM has seen three chanKes of. govern
ment. Such a kaleidoscopic shifting of the
political status - has alarmed even this
.Ity. accustomed as It has become to
rapid changes of political leadership.
Zapatistas Go.
Shortly after the noon hour yester
day the Inhabitants were startled by the
precipitate evacuation of the Zapata
army before an invisible enemy. . Two
hours later the Villa contingent of the
former army .of occupation rallied and
. street fighting ensued with tha Invading
Carrania forces.
. At S o'clock the tiling ceased, and in.
Its place was heard tbe' clanging of bells.
' Offices and stores which had been In the
line of fire were opened and' the oCcii
panta emerged to learn that the city had
been captured by Captain Manuel Ban
dies and twenty men of Carranza's
army. It is estimated that 2,509 Zapata
soldiers fled before this force, believing
It to be much larger.
bead All Civilians. '
' Captain . Ranches Installed himself In
the National palace and the Red Cross
ambulance and cars gathered up the dead
and. wounded, numbering eleven, all of
whom were civilians, the fighting having
taken place in the main streeta of the
business section.
The city had settled down to the first
breathing spell of the day when the
Zapata troops, learning that they had
been routed by a force of twenty men,
returned. Banches. with his Carransa
forcea thereupon evacuated the ' palace,
which was taken possession of by Gen
eral Castillo, who occupied it during the
Fleea Police.
Castillo, when morning broke, left the
palace because of a rumored approach
of hostile forcea and General Albania,
claiming to be a Villa follower, occupied
the government offices. Towards noon
heavy firing on several streets leading to
' the national and municipal palaces, an
nounced the second approach of Carransa
men. This firing lasted all forenoon and
well into the afternoon, and when It
ceased the Inhabitants were in doubt as
to whether tha forcea of Villa, Zapata or
Carransa held tha capital of the republic.
The Weather
Forecast till 7 p. m. Wedneaday:
For Omaha, Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Fair; not much change In temperature.
Temperature .t Ouaa Yesterday.
Hours. ' ).
t a. m 6
a. m 64
T a. m ss
a. m 70
a. m 73
10 a. m 76
11 a. m 78
II m w
1 p. m si
lp. m 83
1 P. m 83
4 P- m 84
i P. m 83
p. m 81
7 p. m 80
5 p. m 77
CoaaparatlT t.oeal Kecord.
X915. U14. 1813. 112.
Highest yesterday 85 80 3 8:
Uwnt yesterday M W 71 60
Mean temperature 74 70 83 71
Precipitation 00 .00 .12 .00
Temreratura and precipitation depar
tures from the normal:
Nornnal temperature 74
Deficiency for the day 1
Total deficiency aince March 1 2tt
Normal redpltatlon R Inch
IKeflclcncy for the day 12 inch
Total rainfall store March 1. .19.78 Inches
Fxcesa alnce March 1 .29 Inch
Deficiency for cor. period, 1914.. i. inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1913.. 187 Inches
ftroorls fraa Statloae at T P. M.
Station and Stata Temp.Hlgn-Rain-
oi weatoer. 1 p.
Cheyenne, partly cloudy.. 74
Davenport, clear 78
renver, partly cloudy 78
les Moinea, cletr 7
Dodge City, clear..... 7
Lander, cloudy 78
North Plane, cloudy 73
Omaha, partly cloudy 80
Fuehlu, clear ....78
Rapid City. pt. cloudy 74
halt Lake City, cloudy M
Hint a Fe. cloudy 70
KheHdan. partly cloudy. ...82
Hou City, clear 73
Valentine, partly cloudy.. 7
eat. fall.
78 .08
80 .00
80 T
80 .01
83 .(
84 .00
80 .01
S .ft)
83 .00
8 .00
M .0(1
78 .00
M .00
83 .14
83 .ft)
li- St-
Two Carloads from Georgia, and
They Are Free for All at
Tractor Show.
Tuesday was Wyoming, Colorado, Fre
mont and Dodge county day at the Na
tional Farm Tractor Demonstration at
Fremont. Acres and acres of ground were
plowed by the big tractors and gang
plows for demonstration purposes before
the many thousands of farmers and busi
ness men from a half dozen states who
flocked to the grounds to see the demon
strations. The tractor short course, which Is a
feature of the week's demonstration be
gan yesterday morning, with Prof. D, F.
Seaton of the University of Nebraska
college of agriculture as conductor. Ex
perts on the various motors and the
various accessories were given the floor
to talk on technical points and to answer
the questions of the crowds of those In
terested. Questions were numerous, for
thousands of farmers are today as well
versed on tho carburetor; and technical
points of a gasoline engine aa a decade
ago they were on the spavins and ring
bones of their horses. ' ;
' Esperts for lctrerSi
Nor Jiayo. the manufacturers'- been
asleep on the Job. They have grasped
the opportunity to send out experts to
give theFO lecturea in the tent and thus
get the special features and worthy vir
tues of their various machines laid bare
before the prospective buyers. Fifteen
companies have entered their accessories
for exhibit and have furnished their ex
perts to lecture on them. Here are the
companies that entered for this special
Waukesha Motor company, Waukesha,
Hansmann Manufacturing company,
Long Prairie. Minn.
Bennett Carburetor company, Minne
apolis, Minn.
Hyatt Roller Bearing company, Chicago.
F.ifK-mnnn Magneto company, Indianap
olis, Ind.
Beaver Manufacturing company, Mil
waukee, Wis.
Sumter Electrical company. Sumter, B.C.
Champion Ppark Plug company, Toledo.
McQuay-Norris Manufacturing com
pany, Ht. Louis.
Pierce Speed Controller company, An
derson, Ind.
K.-W. Ignition company, Cleveland, O.
Perfex Radiator company, Racine. Wis.
Wtlcox-Benwett Carburetor company.
Minneapolis, Minn.
v-Kay company, aisrsnaiitown. la.
Burd High Compression Ring company.
Rockford. 111.
Militia la on Guard.
The Fourth regiment, Nebraska Na
tional Guard, Is encamped at Fremont,
and tha militiamen are detailed to police
duty on the exhibition grounds. Special
parades are to be held during the week,
aa also sham battles by the troopers.
Governor Glenn of North Carolina spoke
at tha chautauqua at Morse park In tha
evening, which waa designated aa special
night for tractor men at the chautauqua.
How could a tractor show be held with
out .watermelons? Tha melon crop around
Fretoiont this year Was a failure.
Wols Gets the Moloaua,
Well, President (feorge Wols of tha
Fremont Commerclil v club decided a
tractor show Just con Id not be held with
out raelona, so ha got two car load a of
tha choicest from tha aouth. These have
been resting on lea In storage for several
daya and are now dally being sliced and
passed out free of charge on tha demon
stration field. If they last long enough,
there Is to be free watermelon for every
vIMtor every day of the week.
FUabak Toalaht.
Special trains on tha Burlington from
Sioux City, Lincoln and Beatrice are to
bring crowds to Fremont. Theae trains
have been arranged for and tba sals of
tickets has been large. There la to be a
fishbaka at Moras park in the evening
for tha tractor men and special enter
tainment. Including a battle royal and
other sports.
During thla afternoon tha flrat aection
of tha , 000-foot reel of tha "Romance of
tha Plow" la to be made by the Holt
Feature Film company.
No admission la charged to the show.
Bernard A. Mella, 40 years old, a resi
dent of Omaha practically all his life,
died at noon yesterday at hla home, 1410
South Seventh street, as the result of a
recent attack of typhoid fever. Ha la
survived by a widow, Mrs. Catherine II.
Mella; two sons, Lea and Francis Mella;
a suiter, Mrs. J. Winters. Hammond, Ind..
and two brothers. James and Martin of
Omaha. Mr. Mella had been In the em
ploy of Paxton aV Gallagher for the last
fifteen years.
Tha funeral will be hold at Bt. Pbilo
mena'a church, Thursday morning at 1. 30
o'clock. Interment will be la St. Mary's
cemetery, Bouth Omaha.
t I
Sutherland Is in
Critical Condition
SUPERIOR. Neb., Aug. 10.-Speclal
Telegram.) Word has been received here
of the very serious Illness In a hospital
at Kansas City of ex-Congressman R. D.
Sutherland. He Is reported to have a
very severe case of acute Brlght's dis
ease and the physicians do not hold out
any hope for his recovery.
Villa Agrees to Call Off Meeting: of
Mining: Men and Will Restore
Confiscated Goods.
EL PASO, Tex., Aug. 10. General
Hugh L. Scott, chlef-of-staff of the;
United States army, has accomplished
his mission to the border. At noon
today the following statement wag
given out:
"General Villa assured me during
our Interview that the proposed meet
ing of mining men will be postponed
rodeflniwtrfr'Wrelgn merrtian-'
dlse seized at Chihuahua last week
will be restored to Its owners. Vio
lations of the law, however, will be
prosecuted in tlje civil courts. My
mission bere is now accomplished.
Villa Croaaea to El Paso.
Escorted by a mounted detachment of
bodyguards. General Villa entered an
automobile early today In Juares and
crossed the border to keep his appoint
ment with the American chief 'of staff,
representative, and Colonel R. E. L.
George C. Carothers. Stato department
representative, and Colonel R. E . U
Mlchle, aide to General Scott, went to
Juares and accompanied the Mexican
leader to the private residence of J. F.
Williams, a banker, where General Scott
baa made hla headquarters. On tha In
ternational bridge' a detachment of sol
diers from the Sixteenth .United States
Infantry, were drawn' up as a guard of
honor for General Villa, whom they es
corted in automobilea to the place of
meeting. General Villa a guards also
accompanied their chief to General Scott's
residence and remained there until the
conference was concluded.
Mr. Carothers and Alberto Madero,
political adviser to Villa, and brother of
tha lata President Madero, were the only
men present at the meeting between tha
two military chiefs.
At 10:30 Villa emerged from tho house,
re-enterad hla machine accompanied by
Colonel Mlchle and Mr. Carothers, and
returned to Juares.
General Scott, after Mr. Carothere' re
turn to American soli, issued his state
ment. General Scott said that while hla work
here was completed he would remain
awaiting orders from Washington.
Meslcaa Stocks gold.
Tha confiscation of foreign merchants'
goods throughout Villa territory was or
dered at Chihuahua City July 31, when
Villa accused the merchants of charging
exorbitant prices.
Foreign consuls placed their seals on
the atorea of their nationals, but tha
stores of Mexicans were sold out at
prices fixed by the Villa government plus
IS per cent allowed for profit.
On August I aelsure of Imports at
Juares began. Suppllea of food, coal and
other merchandise consigned to mining
camps, aa well aa to merchants of all na
tionalities were seised and ordered shipped
to the Villa government at Chihuahua.
Meanwhile a meeting of mining men
called by Villa for Auguat I to consider a
matter of "great importance" with Gen
eral Villa was postponed until August t,
when the news of the coming of General
Scott stayed all action and postponed tlie
mining men'a meeting until August 1L
It waa this meeting which waa called off
by General Villa today.
Omaha hat the hotel ac
commodations to make the
away-from -home traveler
comfortable, according! to
his means and his needs.
The best for the price and
the price to suit.
. , ft
Commoner Says His Name and Wil
son's to Be" Linked as Friends
of Peace.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
SEWARD, Neb., Aug. 10. (Spe
cial.) Under ideal oondltloons as
to weather the Seward county old
settlers' picnic was held today with
a crowd of more than 10,000 people
In attendance.
W. J. Bryan delivered an address In
the forenoon to a crowd of about 1.500
people at the park, following out the j
lines of recent addresses made slnco his
retirement from the cabinet.
Mr. Bryan ridiculed the Idea of pre-1
parednesa for war aa being tha beat thing
to promote peace and called the war. In
Europe a "humane war Inhumanly con
ducted." Still After Jlaaoes.
He aald the people were refusing to ap
ply to nations what It would apply to so
ciety and that' tha jingo press of tha
coUntry and the jingo public would, put
4 uniform on every- tltisen and a hair
trlegtf rifle tn hla Muids ready to go' to
war. ' - -
He reiterated the statement made In
former speeches that it was only tha
prepared nations that went Into the
present war and ' that had the United
States been as well prepared for war as
theae were this country would have boen
In at tha start.
"There are a few people in this coun
try," said Mr. Bryan, "who drink blood
before breakfaat, prepared to kill a man
before dinner for fear they will be called
mollycoddles before supper time."
He said, tho sentiment of the present
time appeared to be along the lines of
cruelty, and If any man waa cruel It waa
up to the man who opposed him to be
more cruel than ha was.
la Tboiund Years.
Before closing Mr. Bryan said that one
thousand years hence tha name of Wood
row Wilson and "my name" will be
linked with the peace treatlea and be
household words whenever tha peace
proposition Is mentioned.
Oovernor Morehead spoke in the after
noon to a large crowd and, notwithstand
ing the races and other sports were In
progress, the crowd listened attentively.
The governor spoke along lines of the ad
vancement of the etate. of prosperity and
aald there waa no state In tha whole
union so favorably situated oa so rich
In material prosperity or where the peo
ple appeared to enjoy tho good thinga of
life so much.
Btgr Barkecae.
At noon the tig barbecue was sen-ad,
half dosen big Nebraska ateera being
roasted for tha occasion under tha super
vision of Colonel John Teellng of Hast
ings. Tho carving and serving waa under
tba supervision of Joa Kendall, head chef
of tha Llndell hotel at Lincoln, both of
whom did their very best, tha people en
joying tba repast. Tha program was con
ducted well along Into tha evening, the
Seward county old settlers' plcnlo being
the event of tha season in thla territory.
British Cruiser
India is Torpedoed .
; ' Off Swedish Coast
. BERLIN. Aug. 10. By Wireless to
Sayvlllo.) Tha British auxiliary cruiser
India, of 7. SCO tons, has been torpedoed
off tha Norwegian coast. Eighty members
of tha crew were saved.
Tha place of attack of the India lies
along tha steamship lane between Eng
land and the Russian port of Archangel.
Reatfjord la a bay alx miles long on the
northwestern coast of Norway.
LONDON, Aug. 10.-The British torpedo
boat destroyer Lynx waa sunk yesterday
aa tha result of striking a mine, according
to an official announcement made this
evening by tha British press bureau. Four
officers and twenty-two men of tha crew
were aaved.
Turkish Airmen
Destroy Subsea
Craft of Entente
lln. Aug. 10,-By Wireless to Sayville.)
A submarine of the entente allies waa
sunk near Bui air thla afternoon by a
Turkish aeroplane, which threw bombs
upon the crafu Alt tha crew ware lost.
. Iiii!I!M.i k. . n
Special Train from
Sioux City to the
Big Tractor Show
So great has become the Interest In the
tractor ahow at Fremont that the Bur
lington baa decided to run a apeclal train
from Sioux City for those along the line
who wish to visit the ahow Thursday.
The special will leave Sioux City Thur
day morning at S o'clock, and returning
will leave Fremont at S o'clock that night.
Kansas Governor Orders Inquiry
Into Payment to Former Attor
ney General by Receiver.
TOPEKA, Kan., Aug. 10. Gov
ernor Capper has directed Attorney
Bruster to Inquire into tbe alleged
fee of $8,325, said to have been paid
by tbe receivers of. the Kansas
Natural Gas company to John 8.
Dawson, while he waa attorney gen
eral. Dawson Is now an assoclato
Juatlctj of the Kansas supreme court.
The governor directs tha attorney
general to start proceedings for the
rostoratlon of the money to tbe gal
companv, If . Illegally paid. ' Gov.
ernor Capper also directed the attor
ney general to investigate other fees
paid by the company, which aggre
gated more than 1224,000.
The governor's action la the result of
a report of an accountant for the Kaniss
Public Utilities commission, who mid
an examination of the gas company
Statement by fSoreraor.
Governor Capper in hla Instructions to
the attorney general referred tft fees to
the amount of $224,015,014 shown In tha
accounts report aa follows:
"These fees, it seems to me are so out
of comparison with services rendered and
so far In excess of just and fair com
pensation aa to constitute what will ap
pear to many as a public scandal.
"I note with astonishment that tha for-
(Contlnued on Page Two, Column Two.)
The Day's War News
era war front eoatlaaea heavy
acalast the Rasalan positions all
alon tha line, nltk ateady retire
aneat of brand Duke Nicholas'
troopa recorded la most of tho sec
tors. Northeast of Warsaw aad
p to tho Battle prTeea tho Bna.
lane arc making their moat a,
termlned ataad. laereaalagly
etroa resistance to tho German
assaults Is Indicated In thla terri
tory. FETROURAD CLAIMS that in tho
Baltic provinces tho Germane are
helnar pressed bark from Rti em
land, nkllt on tho water at
tempt by a German battleship
fleet to break through tho mine
barriers defending eentranee to
the t.ulf of Riga waa beaten off.
rherked German advance graarda la
Vllkomer district, at which point
tbe Uvadera- are within fifty
miles of tho trnak lino railroad to
Petrograd. At Kovao It . la de
clared that despite tho brlaalnar up
of tho heaviest caliber da-
, pernio atlaeka mm tho fortress have
been repulsed, with heavy loaaes
to the attacking; forcea. pressure pa tbe
retiring- Rnaslana rontlanea troan
In the Warsaw sector and alona
the lines to tho southeast. Pro
nonncrd for tho Teutonic,
forcea aro reported all through
aoutbern Poland from tho Vistula
to the Bit.
ROM E REPORTS rapture of aomo
Austrian trenches In Ca ratio pass,
la tho Cam la renlon, and m almllar
auccoas la) tno Plum Bono.
ALLIES ARB AGAIN attacking- vl
orously u tho Dardaaellea and arc
making substantial proarcaa, af
front Atbraa.
RI'SSI.tS REPORT new surcease
acalast the Tarka In tho (aaeasus,
urar the Euphrates river.
bombs oa aubmarlao of tho en
tent allies engaged la tho Darda
nelles oporatloaa and aaak tho
craft, with loaa of all of Ita crow,
Constantinople reports.
Penfield Will Probably Present it
to Foreign Office Thursday.
WASH1NUTON. Aug. 10. The
United Slates government today dis
patched lo Vienna a reply rejecting
the Amtro-Hngarton views recently
set forth In a note contending that
the great scale on which war muni
tions are being exported from Amer
ica to enemies of the Germanic allies
"is not in consonance with the defi
nition of neutrality."
The note was cabled to Ambassador
Penfield, who probably will present It to
the Vienna foreign office Thursday. It
may be made public later by agreement
between thetwo governmenta.
Repudlntea Snareatlon.
Though framed In diplomatic language
and entirely friendly In tone, the reply
la understood to repudiate flatly the sug
gestion that the United States has per
mitted violations of neutrality and rests
firmly upon the right of American export
ers to send war supplies to belligerents
able to purchase and receive them.
The United States always has held that
this is n unquestioned right under Inter
national law and high officials have
pointed out tha tto prevent such ship
ments to one country because another
waa not In a position to receive them
would be In Itself a violation of neutral
ity. rPecedents also have been recalled
where In previous wars Germany and
Austria Imported arms extensively.
The Auntro-Hung&rian note, handd to
Ambassador Penfield on June 29 waa a
lengthy document, setting forth the views
of that government and suggesting that
the United States might redress the state
of thinga complained of by Informing the
enemlea of Austria-Hungary that the sup
ply of foodstuffs and war materln! to
them would be suspended unlesa legit
imate trade in these articles bntween
America and neutral countries were per
mitted. According to Berlin dispatches, this
complaint waa aent' after a conference
between .the. Austro-Iiungarlan and Qep
man foreign offices. Similar notes, it waa
sgld, soon would be, aent. la (he United
States by Germany and Turkey.
Germnas Take Loinza,
s Tighten Net Around
Grand Duke Arniy
LONDON. Aug. 10. Lomsa, tha strong
fortress holding tha same relative position
on the northeastern lank of Warsaw aa
Ivangorod on tho aoutheast, fell Into Ger
man handa today, tha outlying defenses
hkvlng been taken by assault yesterday.
Tha Russians still hold Ostrow some
twenty-five miles ta tha southward of
Lomsa, but their only purpose In holding
It la lo delay aa long aa possible tha ad
vance of the victorious Germans and
enable the Russian armies to get clear of
the widespread net in which tha Teutons
aro trying to envelop the forces of tha
Grand Duke Nicholas.
That tha Rusalana are getting ready for
a further retreat seems clear, from tha
newa that preparations are making for
tha evacuation, of tha Important city of
Vilna. Thla information was quite unex
pected In London, aa the latest official
bulletins from Petrograd conveyed the
Impreaalon that the Gorman rush In that
quarter had been atammad.
The sudden change of front Indicates
that developments must have supervlned
to Induoe tho Russians to surrender their
Six Indictments
Voted in Eastland
Disaster Inquiry
CHICAOO. Aug. 10. Three Indictments.
naming alx peraop. . nona of whom are
federal government officials, were voted
today by tha stato grand Jury In connec
tion with tho steamer Eastland diaaster
and will bo returned In court tomorrow.
Tha atate's attorney aald 'tha grand jury
had been given evidence that tho East
land waa overcrowded. Evidence con
cerning government officials In tha case
was cons.dered proer matter for the
I federal grand Jury.
British Fall Baokr -Then
LONDON. Aug. 10.-8lr John French,
eommander-ln-chlef of tha British forces
In Franca and Belgium, in a report
given out today by tha official press
bureau, aaya tho British troopa have
Sllehtly Withdraw a frn mthnir Una smith
j of Hooge, near Ypres, but have conaol-
uiaiea tno village or Hooge.
Harry K. Thaw and hla party arrived in
Omaha at T:30 o'clock laat evening. Thaw
went directly to his room gt tha Fonta
nels hotel without stopping to register.
Ha expected to remain two or three days
B. C. PUertaff of fdalia, Mo., S'lper
i'tendnt of the machinery and Indus,
trial sections of exhibits of the Missouri
state fair, was In Omaha last night on
his way home from the tractor show at
Large Fleet Which Attempts to
Force the Mines and Forts at
Entrance of Harbor is
Driven Away. x
Capture of German Trenches Near
Hoog-e Not Followed by Usual
Counter Attack.
LONDON. Aug. 1 0. Although
military operatlong In Russian Cour
land have, hardly reached the da
elMvo stage, the Germans, who have)
been smashing their way toward
It'ga. have been checked. . Almost
simultaneously German warships,
which attempted to seize the Gulf of
niga and attain a strategic position
to seslst the troops ashore, were dis
persed and damaged.
The assemblage of German craft
was the largest of any engaged. In
tp naval actions of the war thug
far, with the exception of th allied
squadron at the Dardanelles. It
nosed Its way towardg Riga much
after the manner of the British ships
ranged off the Belgian coast last falL
The fact that the German wgjpshJpd
were forced to retire is a sourca of
satisfaction to the British nraaa.
which finds encouragement In the)
reslstauca of' the Russians In thU
northeastern theater in contrast to
tlielr retirement elsewhere. ,
British Gala In West.
The British advance In tha vldntty of
Honge. while not mmhinhl. wttfc u
tremendous actions In Poland, marked tha
most important engagement In which tha
British army has f I mired since tho h.t
of Featubart In May. The gain waa
small and still has to be maintained
against . the almost Inevitable rwm.r.
counter attacks.
The Balksn situation la still ehaotla.
Dlspatchea from Balonlkl aav that eh.
Austro-Owman plan to strike again at
Serbia already has found expression In
a concentration of Teutonlo forcea along
tha Serbian frontier. It la aald 100,009
men have been massed near Orsova.. Hun
gary, wnirn may be tle forerunner of
the predicted campaign through Bert la
for tha relief of Turkey, Italy aa yet
haa .not declared war on Turkey, hut
Athena reports that Italian consuls are
leaving tha Ottoman empire, entrusting
their affairs to their American ootlaaguea
if this be true. It probably means that
Impending developments In tha Balkans
dictated th action of Italy,
Many Ru mora Aboat Italy.
It baa been rumored frequently that
Italy Would send Imnni ta lull) r..
and England in tha Galltpoll operations,
tContinued on Paaa Two, Column Two.)
Andrews Is in Race
In Fifth for Congress
HASTINGS, Neb., Aug. 10. (Apeclal
Telegram.) W. E. Andrews today author
ised tha statement that ha will ha a can
didate for tha republican nomination foi
congreaaman from tha Fifth district ta
Mr. Andrews said that he would at. the
T roper time enter upon tha public dis
cussion of national questions that will bt
Involved In tha campaign.
Thla announcement dlsposea of the re
port that Mr. Andrews might enter 'tha
race for tha governorship. His friends
i assert that he haa had no thought of
seeking that place.
Mr. Andrews rendered distinguished
service in congress before taking tha
place of auditor for the United States
treasury, which he held during several
different administrations and until a few
weeka ago under tha democratlo regime
of President Wilson.
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