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Nebraska I Nebraska
Afieei on Six and Ei&ht-Tenthi
Killi m Amount to Be Charped
Thii Tear.
(From a Stuff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Aug. i. (Special.)
The state board of assessment thli
morning agreed en a 6 8-10 mill
levy for this year, being 1 mill lee
than in former years. '
The board ha done some pretty close
figuring In an effort to make a record
and baa anticipated to ' lomt extent the
Income from fees, the dealing In future
shoving that the members are depending
on the report on Income In fees In the
different departments to bring In 9459,000.
There will be needed to pay general
fund claim .81,23. The board figures
on a 4.1 mill lery to raise fl.rt.M0. Add
ing the fees of the departments estimated
at ttM.AOO will make the general fund re
ceived t2.C3.6E0, gtvlng only the small
margin of $32,41S to cover the failures
which might come In the falling off of
business, generally Incident fo the aver
age democratic administration.
Following Is the Jevy as divided by the
board on a grand assessment roll of
Oeneral fund at 4.1 mills).
t-nlvemtty at 1 mill
University special building at .75
Normal schools at .S mills
State, aid bridge at 1 mill t
. 4MOT.H
Total. I t mills, total...
Notes from Beatrice
. and Gage County
, BEATRICE, Neb., Aug. t-tSpeclaU
C. Q. Taylor, a traveling salesman of this
city, will soon begin the erection of a
three-story, thirty-room, apartment block
for traveling men who make headquarters
In the city or live In rented properties.
The new Mock will cost about 130,000. All
the rooms have already been engaged
About 200 harvest hands passed through
Beatrice Saturday evening over the Union
Pacific for the harvest fields of South
Dakota. One of the men was put off the
train at the station by members of the
gang, because he was Intoxicated,, and he
was later arrested and lodged In jail.
He resisted the officer and a free-for-all
fight took place, In. which Chief of
Police McOlrr was bitten on the arm by
the stranger.
Charles Kear of this city, who went to
Stella last week to assist his father In
the harvest field, was severely burned
yesterday on the face and hands, when
a gasoline engine he was repairing ex
ploded. -
Twelve boys of this city havs been
summoned to appear tutors the county
attorney Monday to anawer the charges
of stealing husking pegs, brass and other
rnaterial from J. H. Ramsey husking
peg factory. An eleotrto motor was dis
mantled and carried away by the boys.
Mr. Ramsey places his loss at about 300,
and If the parents of h boys do not
make It good ha says he will prosecute
Body of Burlington
Cook Found at Dawson
FALLS CITT. Neb., Aug. l3peclel
Telegram.) Th body of I S3. Watson,
negro cook on a curilaeton dining car,
whow ent swimming with three other
helpers) from the train that waa held up
at Table Rock, July 1, on account of high
water and was drowned, floated down th
Nemaha river Sunday afternoon and was
picked up near the depot at Dawson. The
relatives of the dead nan suspeot foul
play and an Inquest was held at which
a verdict was returned that th man
came to his death by means unknown.
The three men returned the olothlng
which the relatives thought had contained
money and also an order for his pay
check. The men resigned their positions
a few days after the accident, which
made the relatives suspicious. Watson
was well-to-do and haa property In Kan
sas City. The body was taken to Ala
fcarua by relatives who cams from Kan
sas City.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
. LINCOLN. Aug. t-(BpeclaL)-Oeneral
fund warrants lasued by th stat auditor
far th month of July amounted to 1188,
iZi.H aud numbered 1,470. Th total
amount Uaued run th figure up to
tWT.IU.M. Next to th general fund th
state university building fund was the
greatest running to M,87.i,
The several funds were drawn on as
follows :
Coneral fund fim.4SA.23
I mversiiy una
T ntverc'ly cvD fund
1 nitrd btete x pertinent station
fund . . .
Flats library fund
(-in aid bridge fund......
h-tilth-Lever fund ,
ue rommimlon fund
Vnlve rnlty income fund
F'.wtal university building fund.
&j-t'il motor vehicle registration
luuiuUun cash fund.. .............
it l) oj
1 JM
!uwl in May
h'jtl In Junr
3-nd In April.
l-.f1 In March
In February
Issued la January
.. ;xr.vio
..Im7,' H
.. 4"4 7S1.1S
.. JM Ml. 13
.. '3,71.t7
rn IMeade Galltr.
FAIRULRT. Neb.. Aug. l- Special
Te!f erarn. The preliminary hearing of
A tulam Crane, charged with robbing
Jerry O'Neal at the Parker House Sat
urday, was held In county court before
Judge Nutsman. He pleadud guilty and
was bound over to an adjourned term of
l!tiict court. August 80. Cren and
D"Nal. harvest hands, returning from
Kinwi, stopped in Fairbury and took
room at tbe Parker House. Crane got
duiiog tte night and robbed O'Neal.
Tea C lerk liufutMe It,
"A ciaVrmar caxue Ik to my store th
ether C f and said to one of my clerk.
Have yoti anything that will cure
lUiriUoe? and my cl-rk went and got
t. m a bottlu of Chamberlain' Collu,
(': 't. ra Hud 'iurrhwa Remedy, and aald
'.j I lui. "if tlil dos not cur you, I will
c .it i f,tr.;e ju a cetit for It." tx. he took
t 1 -.'.. m. 1 une bai k In a day or two
a. I u 1 he u oured." wrttua J. H.
l-r,y & Co.. t-lt Crerk, Va Obtain
(. cTjfher. All drugglca- Adver-
Secretary of State Tool Reports Ee
ceJpt of Tifty-Two Thouta-d
Dollari in July.
(Prom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Aug. 1 (SpeclaL-Th
month fit July was a record breaker In
the office of Secretary of State Pool,
as shown by th money received. The
total receipts aggregated the snug little
sum of Hl.liS.lS. as against M6,996.40 of
ths corresponding month last year. Cor
poration permits were the rest cause
of the raise, being greater alone than
the -total receipts last July. Following
are amounts received In each case:
Corporation permits t4fl,tl7.00
V'orporation penalties ... 4 60
Filing articles of incorporation. l,Tns.5
jNotary commissions
(Certificates and transcripts
labels and trade marks ...
Hale of statutes
License tinder It. R. No. 44
All other sources
61 00
on no
Total tr-2.1H.3
A beery increase Is shown In ths au
tomobile department, license on
new cars having been applied for during
the month. Thus far In ths year 21.718
licenses have been Issued on new auto
mobile, whll th number of renewal
I greatly In exceas of that In any pre
vious year.
It required a heavy outlay to operate
the automobile department during July,
as may be seen by the following figures,
as reported to Stat Treasurer Hall by
Secretary of fUat Pool as th new law
ftamp t 700 00
Plate t,343 4
Printing 310.46
Office supplies M .Si
xrayag t.ts
oTtals U.Kts.St
Th fund for this expense are derived
solely from a 36-cent tax! upon each
license issued, th money being collected
by the county treasurers of th respective
counties and forwarded to th stats
treasurer and deposited In what Is known
as the "epeclal motor vehicle fund."
against which Secretary Pool Is per
mitted to check for payment of all ex
penses arising In the administration of
that particular act
Jefferson Farmers
Cannot Cut Wheat
FAIRBURY, Neb., Aug. t-flpeclal Tel
egram.) Jefferson county wss visited by
another heavy rain this morning, inter
fering with harvest andw heat stacking.
Farmers ar worried over th condition of
shocked wheat, as It can neither be
threshed or stacked and In many fields,
it Is commencing to grow In shock. Hun
dreds of threshing machines ar standing
Idle In the fields. A number of wheat
field In th vicinity of DIHer. are a 111
uncut, as th owners cannot operate
harvesters In wet fields and have ex
hausted every . means to get th wheat
cut Never In th history of th county
haa th wheat not been cut tn August
About an Inch and a half of rain fell this
Lightning Flash
Causes Collision
SUPERIOR. Neb..,Aug. t-8pclal Tel
egram.) While returning from church
service last niht th cartage occupied
by Mr. and Mr. Albert Qulnn and fam
ily wa run into by Donald Montgomery
In hi automobile, Th carriage wa de
molished and Mrs. Qulnn suffered a dis
located shoulder. Th accident was caused
by a sharp flash of lightning, which
blinded th drivers of both rigs Just be
fore th collision.
IFrom a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Aus. , (Special.)- Dele
gate to the International Irrigation con
gress at Stockton, Cel., September 11-14;
Fresno, September, 16-46; Sacramento,
September 17-18, and Ban Francisco, Sep
tember to, have been appointed by Gov
ernor Morefaead. a follows:
W. V. Hoaalani. North Platte: F. E.
Williams, Bridgeport; W. J. Scoutt Kear
ney; O. P. Rots. Umaha; U. J. Hunt.
Bridgeport; W. P. Uyron, Gothenburg;
William Morrow. Boot fa Bluff; F. 6.
Bible, Paxton: T. C. Klleston, Harris
burg; C. H. Dempster, Beatrice; 8. O.
Porter, Haigler; W. P. DeVault Bayard;
H. 11. Anderson, Callaway; J, C. CVCoy,
I. ewellen; K. H. Yale, Lincoln; J. O.
Woodman, Morrill; W. V. Harvey. Cul
bertson; Otto Jurgens. Minatare: Frank
lin Lane, tad well; W. M. Barbour,
Scott's Bluff; Fred Plerson, Sutherland;
Claud Uelauey, Nortliuort; R. A. Blake,
TUsttnga; H. K. Warrick. Scott's Bluff;
W. T. Strafford. Big Springs: J. L. Mo
lntoah, Sidney: C. II. Heruoke, Bayard;
M. B. Smith, BvJdfport; A. J. Weaver.
Falls City; Henry W. Halg. Haig; W. T
Btonnlw-hlck, Odell; W. 8. Marian, Uc
Cook- William Sweet. Omaha; F- H. Han
son, Fremont; J. K. Porter, Crawford;
J. Vi. IjeHlanc. Bii1irort: William
Frank, Grand Inland; Heher llord. Cen
tral City; J. O. Graf Tecumeeh; II.
Lomax, Broken Bow; 1. B. Palmer, Sew
ard; Uan KavenauKh, Kelrbury ; Frank 8.
Bplrk, Nelson; O. K. Plttlnger, Albion; T,
t ovni, u Neiu: w. m. Keurrman.
Brownvllle; John R. Henry. Howell:
Oharlws. Krumbausih. Shelby. J, M Gatea,
Port I rook; v tuiam Urueber. Byron;
John wehn. Lwrellen: iugene Burton.
Alliance; Jake eGorhrlng, Seward; Julia
Neumann. Wrmore.
Eaataeer lajared.
SUPERIOR. Neb., Aug. 1 (Special Tel
egram.) On and sixty- hundredths Inches
of rain fell her last night aad th Re
publican river is out over tba bottoms to
th south of town egkaln, promising to
ba as high m It has been at any time
thl year. The Nebraska Portland Cement
company ha It whole force at work
trying to save th railroad to th quarry.
Aooordlng to th government rain gauge
th total rainfall for th city of Superior
sine April 1 1 tL14 Inch. Only eight
clear days, fiv partly cloudy and eight
een cloudy days waa th record for ujly.
Twe Weeks' HevtvaU.
SUPSRIOR. Neb.. Aug. l-(Bpecial Tel-
-ram,-WhU C. F. Stuck waa hitching
hi team of horse te a mowing maofctoe
Saturday afternoon a flash of Uabtnlcg
struck th horses and killed both of them
and also taaaporaLrtly stunned Mr. Btuck
The team was on with which hs had
won two prise at th county fair.
Why euffert Tak a doa of Dr. King's
New Life Pills tonight; you will feel tine
tomorrew. On! k-u. All dmgglata, Ad
verUeraMeit l
Bodj of Former Dodge County Offi
cii! Found in Platte River,
Where Ended Life.
FREMONT, Neb.. Aug. 1 Special)
Th body of A. Bauman. Jr., former
sheriff of Dodge county, who took his
own lifs by drowning In th Platte river
Friday afternoon, was found by Henry
Post a fisherman, two mile east of th
Platte river bridge, south of Fremont
Monday morning. Th body was In shal
low water and was sighted by Mr. Post
who was out searching for it with a field
Mr. Bauman, who had grown de
spondent over business affairs and fall
ing health, was seen alive th last time
Friday about 1 o'clock when he rod to
the river bridge with Ralph Johnson, a
Fremont man, who was On hi way to
Saunder county on business. When they
reached th bridge Mr. Bauman asked to
be allowed to get out as he said ha was
not going any further. Another passerby
soon after saw no trace of th former
Mr. Bauman wa 45 year of age and
I survived by hi wife, his parent. Mr.
and Mrs. A. Bauman, and three brother,
Cd ward and Henry of Fi-emont and
William of Arcadia. For four terms
up to 1810 h was sheriff of Dodge county
and as a result of his untiring efforts
In running down and Identifying crim
inals he became known as on of th
best known officials In th state. Sine
retiring from the sheriffs offlc h had
been engaged In the real estate business.
News Netea of Oeaevn.
GENKVA, Neb.. Aug. 1 (8pecteJ
D. B. Huston died at th home of his
son In Schenectady, N. T., Friday. Th
burial will take place at Tekaraah
Wednesday. He leaves surviving htm
two sons, on In New Tork and on In
thia state and three daughters in Cali
fornia, two sister and a brother in thla
Mis Eva Bumgamar, the 1-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Bum
garner of this city, died yesterday of
heart trouble. Th funeral will take
place tomorrow.
Over eight and one-half Inches of rain
fell here during July and two and one
half Inchea fell last night Wheat in (he
hock Is growing and th alfalfa I
rotting and there Is no prospect of a
Repabllcaa Oat of. Banks.
SUPERIOR, Neb., Aug. 1 8peclal Tel
egram.) The Man's league inaugurated a
two weeks' revival meeting In a tent
erected on Central avenue last night
This t spart of the campaign against the
oomiiyf liquor ordinance election to be
held August la. Dr. Frank Houser or
develsnd, O., Is th evangelist
Civil War Vet Just
Becomes Citizen of
the United States
Charles J. Harrison, 1701 Park avenue,
a veteran of the civil war, 74 years old,
passed an examination for nationalisation
before District Judge Redlck. Until re
cently Mr. Harrison believed he was a
cltlsen of th United States. He came to
America from Sweden with his father
when ha wa 10 years of age.
Elgin Boosters to
Take In Den Sights
The Commercial club of Elgl'v Neb", la
anxious to bring a crowd of Elgin boost
er to Omaha some Monday night for an
Initiation at Ak-Sar-Ben den. Samson
has told them all right He ha Informed
them that any Monday night they com
will be all right He I ready to take
car of them. They ar expected to ar
rive on a special train on some Monday
venlng within two or three weeks.
Scarlet fever In Omaha last month was
reduced materially, th total being sixty
six cases reported to th health depart
ment as against 10T during June.
Report of th health offlc show a
decrease of all 'contagious diseases dur
ing July.
'Continue swatting th fly and main
tain clean yards and alleys." la th ad
vlc of Health Commissioner Connell.
M re. Henry Msartr.
MADIBON, Neb., Aug. t -(Special)
Mrs. Henry Maurer died at th horn of
her son, Henry, In Green Garden pre
cinct yesterday after a month's Illness.
Mr. Pheob Demmell Maurer la sur
vived by fiv sons, Henry. Cart, Frits,
George and Leonard, and four daughter,
Lenore and Roee. Mrs, Otto Plttberner
and Mrs. Fred Raguae, all residing near
Madison, and two brothers. Cart and
Phillip Remroell of Green Garden, and
three sisters, Mrs. John Maurer and Mrs.
Andrew Schwarts Of thla city and Mrs.
Jacob Maurer of Covins,, Cat Funeral
exercise will tak place Tuesday after
noon. James W. White.
TORK. Neb- Aug. L-SpeoiaL)-James
W. Whit died at th Independent Order
of Odd Fellows bom. He waa f rear
old. Mr. White waa initiated into Pioneer
lodg at Franklin, Neb., ta UN, Funeral
servloee were held yesterday afternoon
and the body taken to Franklin, Neb., for
W. J. Beard aaaa.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 1.W. J. Board
man, father of Miss Mabel Boardraan,
executive head et the American Red
Cross, died suddenly at bis horn her
Kaiser Takes Over
the Cotton Industry
ROTTERDAM, Aug. 1 (Via London.)
German newspaper report that th guv.
emment is taking over tu entire control
of the German cotton Industry. The
order which ha been tsaued, aays:
"From August 1. all textile factories In
Weetohalla will be worked under state
control as pert of an arrangement te
provide for an equal division of cotton
among tbe factories in Germany."
Large Contingent Come from
Wahoo and Other Towns and
Others Are on Way.
More than fifty trotting and pacing:
horses, together with a retinue of
owners, drivers and caretakers and
all the varied paraphernalia used by
the racers, arrived in Omaha yester
day to participate in the meeting
which will be held the last three
day of this week.
The horae caravans unloaded at th
station a short distance from th Omaha
Driving club track In East Omaha.
Horses were placed In the new boxa tails
built for them and the grounds speedily
assumed a typical appearanc of activ
ity. Yesterday' arrivals added to the
horse already on th ground brought
the total number to date to about seventy-five.
More thatj fifty additional
speed animals were expected to arrive
Monday and Tuesday.
Ten carloads of horses came from
Wahoo yesterday and two more carloads
ar expected from there tomorrow, horse
men said. The horeas raced at Wahoo
last week, that town having the dates
just preceding, Omaha In th Nebraska
ciroult Many of the racers entered
which ar yet to arrive will com from
Iowa tracks.
tall (or a la Bear Cat .Arrives,
Along with th Wahoo contingent came
Hal McKlnney, f Ot pacing, which prob
ably will be th favorite for th 3:08
pace here, oa his record of victories since
he invaded Nebraska this summer from
bis homo In California. II won the fast
est race of the year en a Nebraska track
Saturday, when he defeated Columbia
Fire and Strlaln In the t:0t pac at
Wahoo. Ha set new track record at Be
atrice, West Point and Wahoo.
Hal 1 a bay stallion aired by Hal- B.
and comes from the famous strain of
Hal pacers which produced many world
champions, including Star Pointer, th
first harness horse to travel a mil In
two minutes. He is In the stable of
Clark and Sebastian.
Although himself a famous race horse,
Hal MoKlnney ha none of the arrogance
which sometime accompanies patrician
ancestry and the applause of multitudes.
In hi stall h resembles the proverbial
pet kitten. In fact his sunny, pleasant
disposition makes him a pet wherever hn
Ha Weakness for Sagar. ,
Hal like many other successful inAl
vlduals, has a weakness. It is his liking
for sugar, and other articles of diet
which please his palate. He Is especially
fond of women folks because they like
to gratify this little foible of his.
. Upon being Introduced to The Bee's
representative, Hal pointed his ears for
ward and Inquired whether any ' sugar
wa in sight by attempting to put his
inussle Into th reporter's pockets. Upon
learning that this metropolitan news
paper had failed to provide any sweet
meats, he laid back his ears and retired
to th other side of th stall.
Hal's taaacea ta Omaha. .
If thla horse I defeated In Omaha he
will have a pretty good excuse in that
th track her will be softer than would ,
be most suitable for blm. He I not a big ',
horse and firmer footing la better suited
to his style of gait He will probably be
picked to win, however, by th wis ones.
He earn out of th fast raoe at Wahoo
Saturday la th best of condition and la
fast anough In his present form to cop
successfully with the mil track pacers
of his class. He wears a six -Ounce rim
shoe and two-ounce weight In front and
plain, light shoe behind. . . .
Among th other stables which arrived
yesterday were those of Fred E. Ward,
Los Angeles, Cel., ' and Roy Owens of
West Point who has LMstrict Judge
Sears' pacing brothers, Shadelln and
Thousands of Houses
in Turkish Capital
Destroyed by Fire
ATHENS, Greece, Aug. t-4Vla" Lon-
don.) Arrivals her from Constantinople
report that 1.000 buildings. Including th
German hospital, filled with wounded
soldiers, war destroyed last week by
don, Aug. 1 There have been no im
portant action .on either aide In th last
fortnight en th Galllpoll peninsula.
Even th British bombardment of th
Turkish position haa lessened consid
erably in it Intensity. This applies both
to Avt-Bumum and Bedd-El-Bahr. Th
Turkish artillery ha been active, how
aver. .There ha been no serious Infantry
Th military hospital her and else
where, which a few day ago war filled,
now ar in many case half empty. Th
American hospital la tnoluded among
thl number.
Big Crowd Attends
Becker Funeral
NSW TORK. Aug. I Th funeral of
Charles Becker, executed In Slog Blng
prison Friday for Instigating the murder
of Herman Rosenthal, was held today
from th Church of St. Nicholas ef
Tolerine, th Bronx. So great was th
crowd around th church and th Becker
home, nearby, that the police reserve i
had to be called te handle it.
Carriage to tak part In the funeral
prooeaalon extended several block from
th ohurch. On carriage wa filled with
floral tribute. Th largest of the was
a .floral croas, bearing th Inscription.
"Sacrificed to Politic."
Before th body wa taken to the
church friend f the former police lieu
tenant gathered at th bouse to view th
body. Polio reserves formed them into
a line that stretched for half a mile.
Those who saw th casket noticed that it
bore th raw plat reading. "Charles
Becker. Died July u, JJU." A Plate re
moved by U polio yeaterday bora th
allagation that Becker waa "Murdered by
Oovernor Whitman.
Las than a doaao carriages followed
the hears to Woodlawm eematery. A
the carriage filled with th floral offer
ing wa about to drive through, the gaUa
of th cemetery, uniformed employes
etepped up and removed th 8acrlfto4
to Politico' Inscription from the floral
eras. Hundred of curious persona
crowded around the grave as th caaket
was being lowered.
Apartmenta. flats, houses and cottages
can be rented quickly and cheaply by a
Tractor Makes a
Most Remarkable
Run of 1,000 Miles
The most effective test of endurance
ever tried by any manufacturer of farm
tractor engines wss recently completed
In Fremont when the Wallls "Cub"
tractor, handled by the J. I. Case Plow
works, finished Its 1,000-mile d'srabtmy
nm, from Cleveland, O., to Fremont
There were no previous records in th
ttsctor business with which to compare
thl work, but the thousand miles wa
made In thirty days actual running time,
with a dally average of thirty-three and
a third miles. This with a machine whose
maximum speed Is stated aa four and a
half miles per hour.
Th run started June XI and finished
July 28. Sundays were rest days, but all
other days were used to the limit and
erlth this rather remarkaVie time was
coupled the fact that the engine under
went no repair from th time of leaving
Cleveland until Fremont wa reached.
Not even a spark plug wa changed, but
the engine la running nearly aa well as
the day it started.
Through Ohio, Indiana and Illinois
the trip was uneventful, the smooth
"Pike" roads giving absolutely no trouble,
but with th Mlseteslpi behind, th
wearher man took a "hand In the game.
Rain, clay roads and flooded valleys all
did their best to hinder the "Cub's"
progress. With roads turned Into rivers
and valleys Into lskes, the tractor pa
tiently plodded across Iowa and Omaha
was reached at last
Mora bad weather was encountered be
tween Omaha and Fremont, and when
the "Cub" and It's trailing wagon fin
ally pulled Into their destination, they
were mud from radiator to tall board.
This cross-country run mark a new
era In tractor building. Several features
were brought Into prominence, and lines
for futur Improvement were firmly
established. Spring mounting, . light
weight th thorough protection of parts
and surplus power were demonstrated
to be th foundation of the dependable
Th "Cub" will be one of the attrac
tions at th Fremont tractor ahow next
Redf ield Orders
' Test of Steamers
On the Great Lakes
CHICAGO, Aug. t Secretary of Com
merce Redfleld stated today that an
equilibrium test of all passenger carrying
steamers on the Oreat Lakes would be
made and that the work of steamboat
Inspectors during th last fifteen yeare
would be Investigated.
John A.. Cotter of New Orleans; John
K. Bulger of San Francisco, H. M. Beeley
of New Tork, Eugene O'Donnell of Bos
ton, all steamboat Inspectors, and a fifth
I Inspector, to be named later, will be
brought her to assist In the work, th
secretary said.'
The Investigation of the records of the
inspection service will be made by a
board on which the traveling public will
be represented. The sixth session of the
federal board of inquiry into th East-
lands disaster was held- today.
The Western Electrlo company' plant
resumed operations today for the first
time since the disaster to the Eastland.
Mourning draperies were removed from
the buildings and only the American flag
remained at half-staff.
Today's revision of the casualty list
shows 838 identified dead, two uniden
tified and 140 missing. Of the missing all
but two have been accounted for aa hav
ing perished.
Captain Harry Pedersen of the East
land, who ha been In Jail since shortly
after th dlsaaUr, waa released on flO.000
ball today.
New Submarine Wrecked. .
LONDON, Aug. 1. A Reuter dispatch
from Copenhagen says that fishermen,
who have returned from Lubeck, are au
thority for th statement that a new
German submarine, while on trial trip
between Kiel and Fehmarn, waa totally
wrecked some days ago, twelve of th
crew being drowned.
A DoHsr Bottle of
Lea's liqd Shssrpoo
contains full quart;
Just eight times es
much uln the 25-cent
bottles sd, therefore,
just 0Q-hslf the cost
Clean tetok -dries
onlck Isavs no soap la
the hair, which goes rigfct back lata
Its old training.
At drwggtsts or delivered prepaid,
tos,29oaUoaUH.Uoa 1.0.
GEO. R. LEX CO, UUwettxIe
7X quality printer errjet
kit customer . to tptnd
money for tooi engraviaxt,
because it U money well
toertf. The best printer in
Vie buslneu cannot get ve
il talis est of (In inferior cot.
!We male then to mil fie
L.u5'"f C?)um '!.
Burlington Report Show that Dry
Weather it Needed for Small
Grain and Corn.
The Burllngton'a crop report for
the week ending last Saturday ia far
from being satisfactory, ao far as
Nebraska and Kansas are concerned,
the discouraging feature being too
much rain. For tba week, the pre
cipitation, according to the . reports
from the agents, ranged from one
half to four ond one-half inches, with
almost constant rains since the clos
ing of the report. Several stations in
Nebraska reported from two to four
inches during Saturday and Sunday,
with still more rain falling.
Dealing with the wheat throughout
Nebraska, considerable damage ha been
done by the excessive and continued
rain and In many localities the loss
is thought to be quite extensive. It Is
estimated that in the state, et the close
of lsat week, K per cent of the small
grain remained unharvested. That still
uncut Is deteriorating rapidly, a th
ground Is too wet to get harvesting ma
chinery Into th field.
Cora la Gowel Condition.
Though late and somewhat weedy th
Nebraska corn generally la reported t
h In fairly good condition and with a
late fall rain will make close to a full
crop. By districts, th Burlington officials
Substantial Savings in August Sales
on Evei-7
Ton Profit,
August Sale of
Pricing Actually Less
Dresses that sold at $8.00 up
clever designs at
Krcv mo icuiain-aoio vaiues snown in windows.
1 m M . . e . .
$5.00 Klosfit Petticoats $2.50
Mescalines and Jersey Top,
all colors, in 14 different
styles. Don't miss them.
Oaraeata Worth
' SSe to 39o
Dresses, Bootees,
Bonnet, Bacquea,
Kimonos, Shoes,
Bunny Diaper a,
etc.. etc. One bt
table, at. fx
choice....... oC ,
mMm Staple
50c Pad Hose Sunnortefs 2Sc
35c Pad Hose Supporters 19c
on 1T.- C l , r.
itow mu importers at xuO
. r. 0. Embroidery Cotton,
In Domestic
Long Remnants of Apron
r tr..t. it.
iwuh, vones ana minings;
per yard
Bleached Muslin and brown
muslin, 7V26 and 8Vfcc qual-'
ity : on sale a V yard . . . . 5t?
Brown Sheetings, good
quality, 10-4 wide, per yard;
at .' .. 23
Bath Towels Extra heavy
uuruers ........... . . .
e turtraryw rr,v-:
Read the Big Special August Grocery Opening Tuesday
- - " w
41-lb. sacks beat - hle-h arrada Iia
mond H Flour, made from No. 1 se
lected old wheat; nothing finer tor
bread, pie or cakes, per sack ..$1.70
IS lbs. best pur Can Granulated
Bugar . . $1.00
lUU-lb. sack beat pure Cane Granu
lated Sus-ar $0-33
The only kind to preserve your
fruit with.
10 bars Beat 'Em All, Diamond C or
'l-eundry Queen White Laundry
fcoap 83
10 Iba. beat White or Yellow Corn
meal aao
4 lbs. fancy Japan Rice or Tapioca
for a So
4 lba. fancy Japan Rice ae
The beet Domestic Macaroni, Vermi
celli or Spaghetti, pke. ....... ,rV40
Tail cans AJaaka Salmon loo
can Oil or Muntard Sardinia, 96
tl oa lex pure Fruit ''serves, 1M
Yeaet Foam, pkg so
Advo Jell for desaert, pkg. . ...TW
K. C. Corn Flake, pkg. . ".
W. O. C or Krumblea, pkg So
l ib. can fancy sweet Sugar fnrru
Wax, curing, Oreen or Umt Bean
for ... T
4 lt-os. can Condenaed Milk
Fancy Queen Olives), quart sso
Large bottle Worcester Sauce, Pure
estimate th yield as follows, bastng th
figure on a percentsse of 100:
Division. ' Division.
Omaha M'Wrmnr J
Lincoln . MlMiCwi M
The figure Indicate a falling off ol
t per cent from those of th previous
According to ihe rr-pcrt. In som 104 s
call tics, the corn Is in silk snd tassel; I
while In others silk and tassel Is barely1
In eight, and In still ofheis, neither hsv
appeared. It Is contended that corn IS
greatly In need of warm and dry weether -
While pastures are In prime condition,
th cutting of hay has been, sorely InterJ
fered with, and In many Instance thg
first crop has been ruined by th wet.
Th prospects for apple and potato fj
were never better and th yield promts!
to be abundant.
. - ' ' I
Italians Capture
17,000 Prisoner
ROME, Aug. l.-CVIa Pans. Aug. D-t
Prisoners tsken by the Italian forcej
now number 17,000, Including 30 officer.
LVl Ul.l, . o ...1 II. lllw VY J
the Stefanl News agency. Prisoners come)
from all parts of Austria-Hungary. While
under the surveillance of Italisn troopsj
they re under the direct command oi
their own superiors. Their ration are)
the same as these served to th Italian
Four Deaths from
Heat in New York
NEW TORK, Aug. I.-Four deaths and
a number of prostrations, caused by the,
excessive heat and humidity, were re-'
ported ' from various sections of New
Tork City today. The weather bureau,
thermometer registered M degree during
the early afternoon.
Nearly all
Monday Sale
For Tuesday.
Women's Dresses
Than Worth of Materials
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$2.98, S5.00 and $6.98
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percales, all sizes 34 to 46
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Oarment Worth
. Mo to 90
Uong and ahort
Dr es. K n 1 1
ting 8 acq u as,
Embrold. Bhawls.
Shoea, Moccasins
big assortment
for selec- - op
tion, choice. .
and: Fancy Notions
15c Linen Haudkerch'fs 7Vc
5c Pearl Buttons, dozen 2Vc
30o quality Tooth Brush 10c
per ball 7y2$
Room Tuesday
Check Gingiiams, Pretty Dress
Dig assortment to close at,
Amoskeag Chambrays, new
patterns, a splendid assort
ment; at, yard ....... 10?
36-irir Dress Voile Crepes
Small : neat patterns, per
yard , .......... . . .SHe
large size, with fast color, red
. 1
am iuus sausrTXV vsliT
jomato Catsup, Plck.ea, assorted
kinds, or Prepared Mustard, bot., gu
tor ice tea try our Diamond H Blend,
The beat Tea Kiftings, lb,
(?Oldn Snnlna Ik
ut Wp Tour Alberta Peaohei'irow.
lueeuay we lli have a special car
tna lancy iruit packed in 4 baa-
ket crate and buahela,
Tuesday, per 4 basket crate ..... .66
Tuesday for bushel basket us
avBscoira. - Lixoai. rxxoxg.
str fancy, larg. juicy fcmons,
oen j
15 lba. Vw Potato te th peek, 80
Iar boxe California Freeatoa
Crawford Peaches aoo
Th last of ta Aprioet for canning
Tuesday, 4 basket orate faaoy Cali
fornia Aprloc'. 913
12 lb. Cooking Apples to peck. 80S
Wax or Oreen Beans, lb Ve
bunches fresh Leaf Lettuce . ...6o
( bunches freah Radishes ........ a
4 bunctie fresh Onions , Se
4 bunches freah Beets, Carrot or
Turnips ,...5
Ripe Tomatoes, lb .., ft
Home-frown Cauliflower, lb. .
Fresh Peas, nuart f U
1 stalks fresh Celery
. . r
ir mm
. - I s