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Km Mwr Ms T Tfow hwrni run
Cleetrle faae, tT.BO. Rurtm-Ornta
Zees Ton Money and valuables In the
American Bae Deposit Vaults, 21S South
Seventeenth street. Bee building. Boxes
rant tl for three month.
Today's Complete atovu Frog-ram
elasatfWdl asotloa UMway, aal appears ta
The Fee KXCL.CITI!LT. TVid out wkat
the various moving picture theaters offer.
Tor Safety First In life insurance, se
W. H. Indoe, funeral agent State Mutual
Life Assurance company of Worcester,
At us., one of the oldest (71 years) and
beet companies on earth.
Impersonate an Officer R. H. rrla
coll and M. II. Hutcnlngaon were fined
115 and costs each In police court aa a
re milt of their arrest on the charge, of
Impersonating an officer.
Ad Club Talk Mr. Anderson Pace of
the Chicago Advertising association will
speak to the members of the Omaha Ad
club Wednesday noon In Room A, Com
mercial club. His subject will be "Ad
vertising." To Ham Sarpy County t Con
gressman Liobock states bo will name a
Sarpy county man as on of the deputies
under the new United States marshal.
He explains that Sarpy oounty la entitled
to this patronage.
Steel Work Bobbed The Omaha
Structural Steel works office at Forty
eighth and Leavenworth was entered on
the night of July 0 and t20 was removed
from the cash drawer. Nothing else was
touched and the thief made his get
away. Mill yornau Xeldr Mike Foreman.
90 Homer street, was arrested by De
tective Fsynowskl on a charge of "shoot
ing with Intent to kHl." The shooting
occurred on May 19 and the heating has
been postponed until August 7. He Is
being held on to.OOO ball.
Stolen Oar Bsoovsred H. Wsndel
born had his car stolen at Twenty-fourth
and Farnam streets Saturday night. By
Saturday afternoon he had recovered it
through a detective agency. The oar was
standing at Fortieth and Farnam streets.
It was slightly damaged.
Thiers Enter Drug; Store The Rin
le Drug company, 213 North Twenty
fifth street, was entered by thieves last
night, who stole merchandise to the) value)
of S3.
Two Automobiles Stolen Two autos
were stolen from Seventeenth and Doug
las streets last night, the owners, C O.
Pickett, ttO ' Park avenne, and W. M.
Lana of Council Bluffs, reporting the
thefts to the polltoex
Goes te srsw Torfc Samuel H. Aoker
man. the ladles' tailor in the Flatiron
Iralldtng, leaves tonight for Mew Tork
City to study the new fall styles and
models. As a special feature of his shop
Mr. Aokerman is going to install an ex
clusive ready-to-wear department.
To Bsa jrrankHn Convention C. D.
Traphagen of Lincoln, Joe Redfleld and
Sam Bees, sr., will Sep resent Nebraska
at the National Typothetae and Ben
Franklin Clubs of America convention
to be held in Los Angeles In September.
About the middle of August the master
printers will begin to move toward the
west for the exposition and convention
cities. '
Brandeis Buyers
Move on New York
For the Fall Stocks
Fourteen buyers from the Brandeis
tores will leave tonight for New Tork
City for the purpose of buying fall mer
chandise for the various departments of
the establishment. In a few days this
buying party will be reinforced by an-'
other group of seven Brandeis buyers.
The party headed by George Brandeis,
includes B. I. Dan forth and Mrs. A.
Archer, assistant, oloaks and suits; Miss
F. La Boschen, blouses; M. Cahn, silks;
El Ella, draperies; W. C. MoKnlght,
laces, embroideries, hosiery and under
wear; F. Srhrlmph, linens; D. Carter,
toys and novelties; Mrs. M. Willows,
wash goods; Frand Reld, art needlework;
F. Nisaen, boys' clothing; Meyer Xaijer,
basement cloaks and suits, and M.
i The later party will be composed of D.
i Amsden, A. Adler, H. Boyd. Will Culkin,
Miss C Jones, Miss Burro aster. Miss R.
It may Interest the Omaha public to
know that some of these buyers makes
seven or eight trips a year to the east in
search of the newest things, and when
a number go at the same time they travel
always by different routes, so that, in
case of accident, the store may not be
disabled by the loss of its entire staff
at once.
Even in New York City, these repre
sentatives scatter to different hotels, re
porting evening and morning to Mr. Bran
deis at the Brandeis headquarters at U1
Broadway. At the latter place is main
tained a staff of experienced employes
who accompany the buyers on their visits
to manufacturers.
State Commander
Of Maccabees Coming
Omaha Tent No. 75, The Maccabees, will
have a regular meeting Monday evening.
Colonel A. I. Lee, state commander, will
be present and be has a number of very
important matters to bring before the
Tent. The new entertainment commit
tee will have something special on for
that evening.
W. P. House, a cement worker, and
three helpers, employed by Frank J.
Carey, In erecting a concrete wall at B23
Fark avenue, came near meeting with
serious injury yesterday, when the re
taining wall weakened by the incessant
rains toppled over on them. While all
were almost completely burled and more
or less bruised, none was seriously in
jured. The wall which was 150 feet long
snd almost fourteen feet high, is a com
plete loss and will all have to come out.
Traveller H'i Eiperltact,
"In the summer of 1838 I had a very se
vere sttack of cholera morbus. Two
physicians worked over me from. 4 a. m.
to p. m. without giving roe any relief
and then told me they did not expect
tne to live; that I had best telegraph for
my family. Instead of doing so, I gave
the hotel porter H cents and told him to
buy me a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and tke
no substitute, I took a double dose ac
cording to the directions and went to
sleep after the second dose. At I o'clock
the next morning I was called by my
order and took a train for my next stop
ping point, a well man, but feeling rather
shaky from the severity of the attack,"
wriies H. W. Ireland, Louisville. Ky.
Obtainable every where. Advertisement.
Omaha Scots Turn Out in Force for
Twenty-Seventh Annual Merrymaking-
at Xniff Park.
'Twat the twenty-seventh annual
picnic of Clan Gordon No. 63, Order
Scottish Clans and the "R'i" were
rrrolllng might menrrlly rrrround
Krrug parrrk Saturday afternoon
and evening. Tls a fconnle thing- to
hear the burrrr of a true Scot when
he speaks the English language.
The clan was there In force, the
lads and the lassies and the little
ones, and a jolly time they had.
There were several lassies in the full
highland costume with the kilts and the
cute little caps on their bonnle heads
and they entertained the crowd with
some very clever danolng of the highland
Seme Piper.
And. hoot, mon. dlnna forget George
MoDougaH. wT his bagpipes. He Is the
piper to the clan and .he can certainly
pipe. He also wore the full highland cos
tume. Mast of the afternoon was taken up
with the contests of various kinds. Be
sides the ordinary race and Jumping
contests there were several novel events,
soon as the "mental race," which was
for the ladles' auxiliary and clansmen's
wives. After a most spirited contest Mrs.
W. J. HlHlop carried off the first prire
of 12 and Mrs. David Cathroe the sec
ond prise of ft.
Another edd race was the "plnn'.ng
clothes contest" A clothes line was
stretched loosely between two trees.
Then the contestants, using the right
hand only, endeavored to fasten as many
olothesplns as possible on the line in tho
space of one minute. Mrs David Cathroe
won this by putting twenty-seven pins on
the line. Mrs. John McTaggart and Mrs.
Kenneth Flnlayson hod to play off a
tie of twenty-four pins twice before the
former finally won by one pin, taking the
second prise of L
Bath Wins Babies' Baee.
The babies' race, fer children under t
years, was won by Kuth Strlbllng.
A novel race was that for little girls. In
which there were prises for all five con
testants. The prises were beautiful dolls,
and these were set up at the goal. All
the little girls had to do was to run
right up and clasp the dollies in their
arms. Fannie Mann, Annie Mann. Hasel
Engler. Bonnie Kelly and Margaret Mulr
were the "winners."
Other results were as follows:
Girls Race. Under 13 Tears First prise.
75 cents, Christina McQovern; second, 60
cents. Gertrude Hlslop.
Girls' Raoe, Under 16 Tears First prise,
fL Elisabeth Donley; second, 60 cents,
Ida HIbIod.
Boys' Race, Under 8 Tears First prise.
71 cents. Malachal Donnelly; second. 50
cents. Donald Douglas.
Girls Race, Under 8 Tears First prise.
75 cents, Gladys McGaffln; second, 60
cents. Elsie Strlbllng.
Running Broad Jump-First prise, 13, F.
Roberts; second, (L Julius Festner.
Putting the Shot First rise, $2, Andrew
Dow: second. tL Julius Festner.
Running Hop, Beep and Jump First
prise, & Jullua Festner; second, tL K.
Young Ladles' Race First prise, 12,
Elisabeth Donley; seoond, H, Mary Man
ila Clansmen's Raoe First prire, gold
badge, I. Howard Home; seoond, gold
button. Donald Munroe. .
The officers of the dav were these:
Clerk of course. Harold Fernandas :
starter, Tom Meldrum; assistant starter,
Robert Gait; Judges of sports, W. J.
HlHlop, John McTaggart and Robert Mal
colm; linesmen, Alex McKie and Art Fal
The committee on the picnic was aa
Kenneth S. Flnlayson. chief: R. G.
Watson, secretary; W. Hlslop, treasurer;
Harold Fernandez, financial secretary;
Art Falconer, Robert Gait, Howard
Everybody brought lunches, and there
was plenty of ice cream and cake and
lemonade. And there were the good old
songs of the land o'WaUaoe and o'
Burnasco Buyers
Go to New York and
Other Cities East
L. C. Nash, vice president of the Bur-gess-Nash
company, with a corps of buy
era, left for New Tork and eastern mar
kets last night on the Northwestern, for
the fall and winter buying trip. A full
supply of goods for Immediate shipment
as well as purchases for future delivery
will be ordered, and a complete line of
holiday goods.
"Yes," said Mr. Nash, in answer to
the question If he was satisfied with the
season's business, "we are more than
satisfied we are highly elated with the
really wonderful strides our business has
made during the sis: months Just closed.
When we take everything into consider
ation, the weather, which has toeen very
unusual, the market conditions, etc., we
feel that our gains have been really
phenomenal, even surpassing our most
sanguine anticipations for a normal
"And light here let tne say we are
certainly very grateful for the patience
and Indulgence of our patrons during the
torn up conditions of our main floor,
while installing the new fixtures.
"Our buyers have been instructed to
buy with discriminating care, and special
effort will be given to the selection of
merchandise for our basement store. We
expect our stocks this fall will be the
biggest and best ever on our shelves. I
am fully in accord with Speaker Champ
Clark in his belief that the fall season
will realise a wonderful business, and
especially throughout the territory around
Omaha. The people are here, the money
Is here and the demand will be here. It
is up to us to provide and we Intend to
do that very thing."
Those who accompanied Mr. Nash in
cluded: A. B. Curtis, merchandise man
ager; Hiram Jones, for silks snd dress
goods; W. E. Grout, for the men's and
boys' clothing; J. W. Little, for women's
and men's shoes; A. C. Hoover, for
women's and misses' ready-to-wear; J. L.
Weinberg, for women's and misses'
ready-to-wear; Miss Mary Durr,. for
dresses, and Miss Margaret Butler, for
laces, neckwear and handkerchiefs.
Mrs. Nash also accompanied Mr. Nash,
as well as Carl Phelps.
It Healty Vara Relieve Rheaauallsni.
Sloan's Liniment does give almost in
stant relief. Nothing better for r lieu ma
tt m, backache and sciatica. Only 36c.
All druggists. Advertisement.
A "For Sale" ad will turn sscond-hand
furniture into cash. ,
iwtlllilili iKSfSS
Bellevse Collesre.
Prof. Edward Kriokson la at his home
in Morehead, Minn.
Mlas Luelta Carter Is spending the
summer In the Michigan lakes country
near Detroit.
Miss Jeanette Goodwill of the hlaii
school faculty Is In California at the San
Framinco exposition.
Miss Evelyn Hopper of Omaha has been
In Pouth Dakota enjoying a short rest
after a very busy season.
Prof. E. M. Jones of Omaha has din
continued his summer students, prepara
tory to taking his vacation.
Prof. Oscar Pchmledel has been In
Belli. vile all summer. He expects to see
California before school begins.
Prof. P. W. Evans has one more week
In his summer school. This has been a
very successful session of hard work.
Carleton Yodrr, who has been doing
work under Prof. Evans In the chemistry
laboratory, left for his home in Wymore.
Vice President Raxkerville, Is hooked
for a vacation the InM of August, Nit
he denies mont emphatically that he In
tends to take one.
A few members of the faculty find time
too valuable to rest. Dr. Tyler has been
In poor health for some time. He has.
however, been nble to work at catalog
ing his herbarium.
Mrs. Lyda Churchill Is settled for the
summer at Riverside, Csi. Khe will reach
Bellovue a week before the opening of
school, September 13.
Only six more weeks now tmtll the
beelnnlng of school and the majority of
Hellevue professors are ' still "vacation
ing" in all parts of the country.
Prof. Albert Snore has gone to Join hi
wife in Wyoming, III., after spending a
few days laat week looking after busi
ness interests at Beaver Crossing, Neb.
Dr. C. A. Mitchell Is passing the sum
mer very usefully at home. He spent a
short time visiting his brother, but even'
that short visit aded sest to his re
search work.
The prospect for students this fall Is
unusually promising. The college build
ings. Including Philadelphia hall, are be
ing mode ready to accommodate the In
coming crowds.
Mlas Parah Bailey has Just finished her
work as Instructor in home economics
at the summer session of Peru Normal
school. Miss Bailey will leave Immedi
ately to Join Miss Hunter on the Pacific
Prof. W. A. Peters returned Wednesday
nhrht from his last trip through Ne
braska In search of students. The re
mainder of his time will be employed In
the suburbs of Omaha and In western
The gymnasium building grows on
apace. Only fifteen days remain until
the contract time expiree, and It Is ex
pected that Contractor Harte will put a
large force of men to work to rush it to
For some members of the faculty va
cation Is only beginning. Acting Pren1
dent W. E. Nlcholl and Mrs. Nicholl
left Saturday for a three weeks' camp
ing trip in the mountains near Estes
Park, Colo.
Prof. E. L. Puis and Coach Benjamin
came In Wednesday from "the road,"
having completed their share of the
student canvass. Mr. Puis left Saturday
for his home In Buffalo. N. Y. Mr. Ben
jamin, after supervising the Improve
ments on the athletic, field, also left
Saturday for Albion, Mloh.
Miss Myrtle Hunter stopped In Bellevue
Wednesday between cars. Hhe has Just
returned from a long automobile trip
through the state and is on her way to
California to visit the expositions. This
Is Miss Hunter's first real vacation In
several years for she has spent her sum
mers specializing In Latin at the state
Coiner I'alverslty Notes.
Chancellor Oeschger made a business
trip to Omaha on Wednesday of last
week. I
Mrs. O. A. Thomas, head of the normal
department, has been spending the week
In a teachers institute at Fu pulton, Neo.
Mrs. May Hart, who has had charge of
the college hall during the last year, has
returned to 31mwood. Neb., her former
Jesse Iee Payne and wife have gone to
Alnsley, Neb., to beTBne during August.
Mr. Payne will be a senior In the mediuai
Rev. Mr. Neel. the pastor of the Uni
versity church, will spend the month of
August in Colorado, going on his snnual
Mr. and Mrs. Cutter, who have been
on an extended vacation for the last sis
weeksj have returned, They spent the
time on the Padflo coast.
The Misses Cleo and Ruth Dixon of
Blair. Neb., are moving to Bethany with
their parents They expect to make
Bethany their future home.
J. H. Blcknell, the college secretary,
has been spending a short vacation at
Kenesaw, Neb. Th's wr the former
home of Mr. and Mrs. Blcknell.
The medical school will be opened on
September 15 as an affiliated school of
Ootner university. F. I Wllmeth will
serve as dean of the school the coming
Nebraska Wesley ni University.
Because of the unsettled weather Mon
day evenlna- it was necessary to give
the plnv "MM Summer Nlvht'e Dream" In
the auditorium Instead of In the open air.
ns prevlouMv announced. The large
number In atendance pronounced It one
rf the best productions ever seen at Wes.
The summer session came to a close
Friday morning with the annual summer
school commencement. Muslo wss fur.
nlshed by Profs. Krlcdemann and Movl"
of the conservatory of music. The ad
dress wss delivered bv Rev. A. O. Hln
son of Holdrere. his suWect belnc "Ms Ic
ing a Living While Making a Life." In
he absence of Chancellor Fulmer. Vice
Chancellor Bchreckengast conferred the
degrees and awarded the diplomas. The
The Nebraska Wesleyan
Islfuexa OOX4,GrJI
sexoox. or ExiK.EHsiojr
acxoox. or abt
3or taformatloa and free bulletins,
Nebratia Wtileyan University
University Maoe, Xdaoola. Nebraska
Lutheran Ladies' Seminary
Bod Winr, MinaMOt
A coisX.OB roB aimia
offOT Junior tAjiivfjei, KBiliAry i'uarmm, I'rvtHira
lory, Horn Kouiomy, ComKiufclitl, Ait. El ut.,ejt
PUno Violin Vol. t;4, t,iajhisMi t-tchr,
beautiful lcHAtioii: moltTTi uulldins; iA tannic
hil. With tedrW rf) tpr sKU ii.MliUtWl ttUt
frnf. 14 kUDDfl. Hotrrj 'td tuiOuB, $ib to 1-
r Tfir fcteni f'tr uw raHl'i
&SV. H. ALIdiaJT. Aod Wi&f, Mlnn-otv
. in'SB II'
v J iiviiisi arTkA m - . vi i i i i i ' i i la 1 1 . at
degree of bachelor of arts was conferred
on Hasel Adam. Ralph Austin, llvt
Norrls, Chester Soott and Ruth Warrick.
Twenty-five teachers' certificates of va
rious grades were granted and four were
graduated from the academy. Dr. A. FJ,
lY1nhlp of Boston addressed the
students at convocation Thursday morn
ing. York College.
York la needing another building.
The Century dictionary has been placed
In the library.
Prof. Misner was called to Omaha re
cently on account of the Illness of his
The campus has presented a very at
tractive appearance this summer. The
cool weather has made summer school
work very pleasant.
The college quartet has Just closed a
successful meeting at Scranton, Neb.
President McLaughlin assisted the quar
tet during the last week.
The summer term closed Frldav, July
30, with an enrollment of elRhty. Courses
were given In college, academy and nor
mal subjects and In the nrislc and art
departments. A round table on general
school problems wss conducted twice a
week at the chapel hour. Great Interest
waa mantfnMcd In this feature of the
work and the discussions were not with
out value,
A New Building.
The college is located at Eighteenth
u1"? trp. Denver. It was es
tablished in 1909. with forty students.
Pf"fnt enrollment Is ISO students.
Colorado Woman's college expects com
pletlon of a new building In 191 to help
accommodate the school's rapidly crow
ing student body. This school has al
ready reached its aim for this year.
WM n,M"n freshman class
high chWl0eB a,ua,e of cr0l
Jack Holt, Twenty-fourth and Howard
streets, lives In a neighborhood where
all the houses look alike. Last evening
he got on the wrong porch and while
ruminating on how to find his own, fell
off the railing, seven feet to the hard
Neighbors rushed forth and adminis
tered water, both Internally and out
wardly, but Jack appeared to be dying
fast, so they sent for the police. Officers
and doctors arrived and tenderly lifted
him into the emergency, thence speeding
swiftly to the station. But Holt recuper
ated rapidly, once within its shelter, and
strive as he might, the physicians could
find no spot where he had been Injured.
Midwinter home, St. Augustine
f wriui. An ouiaoor. tutorial
school for boys. Every boy
on a
team, a o areas, Chas. Carey. J
Istrar. Prairie du Chlen. Wis
Strong Teaching Force and Double
Advantages In Clinic.
tf kanlar at fata fmr ms r Miam
nlH to mtytr. rufilhmt tt M mn m4.
IWnftiaa hmtaKtloa Umm :.nla(
IVIhs, tl IM4i fjpat aj stsaMp m, Omm ssl ssat sassv Wsia. ,
Oeerge p. Msgill, A. M., 6. O., Freshta
Dm Melase, Iowa
offers the best opportunities; Hth year
Largest. Beat Write today for our
special proposition.
laa-aa Oak at., Kansas Qity. Mo.
St. John's
TRAINS the boy for Me. Edu
cational (ads are avoided
and stress is laid upon old-fashioned
ideals. The result is an
Improved body, a trained mind
and strengthened moral fibre.
The boy is prepared to take his
proper place in the world and
''make good."
St. John's it classed by Ihe Oovemmsnt
a one ol the " Honor Schooli." tpitco
pal. but ill other denominations received.
Situated on high, well -drained land.
Our cataloiut will tell mors ol our
successful method.
14 DeUUcM. Waukesha Cs, WH.
tail MmmU twfl tkw. Outral II II
Mebraska Klilitary Academy
TOUR BOY must he propertly educated and developed. The NEBRASKA
MILITARY ACADEMY (Inc.) is a school close at home, where you can send
him and be sure that he gets what you want him to have. This HCHOOL,
understands boys and deals with them, individually. Prepares for college and
business. lr Information, talk to our patrons, visit ths school, phone or
write for catalogue. Address,
To provide thorough
at the loweet terms
boys from s to It.
LOCATIOBT Two miles from Kearney, In ths Platte Valley.
XQUiratEBT SB acres of land. Four bulldlns-a. Oymnaalum, swimming
pool, bttparate lower school building.
TACUI.TT College graduates with business sxperisnca.
COUKSSa Cnllege preparatory; eommerclal law and buslneea meth
ods: umnual training; mechanical drawing; agriculture and
animal husbandry.
ATKX.ETICS Kontball. baseball, basketball, track, tennis, swimming,
CATAX.OOUB Ail. I it as Harry Roberta Drunuitond, Headmaster.
"tmciMcr xa Tata ttbt or bduoatiow.
-IrrSV'iiiihii !:' J
Mrs. Miriam Boyce
Suing for Divorce
Charging cruelty and that her husband
went as far aa to strike her at times,
Mrs. Benjamin R. Boyce, formerly Miss
Miriam Patterson, a society girl of
Omaha, has filed suit In the district
court of Cook county, Illinois. Mr.
Boyce is the son of a wealthy pu Wisher
and explorer of Chicago.
A month ago Mrs. Patterson left her
home In Chicago and la staying at Lake
OkoboJI, la., at the summer oottags of
her father, D. C. Patterson of Omaha.
D. C. Patterson of Omaha, father of
Mrs. Boyoe, says he hopes still that a
reconciliation mny be effected, for the
sake of the little daughter, Jane.
Little Jane la with her mother at Oko
boJI. The baby Is 1 years old. Since the
birth of this child, Mrs. Boyce alleges In
her petition, her husband began to abuse
The wedding of this couple occurred
June 11, lm, In All Saints' church in
Omaha. It was a society event.
titb runs axt tnm.
TUTS, Kansas City, Mo,
1020 McOee Ht. Thorough
trainlna In Drawing, faint
ing. Design, Illustration.
Write for catalogue.
OOOMTS SCHOOL, rounded la 1SBO,
A country school for young ladles.
Near Philadelphia and New York. Jay
Cooke estate, 61 acres. . J , ,
Miss Abby A. Hutherland. Principal.
Montgomery lo renna.
rrlmary Intermedins Hlfh School
Boarding department limited. Hps
rial department for girls from to it.
8 mall enough to be a "Real Home," and
large enough to be a "Real School."
Fir catalogue, address
Section A, Xiaoola, Vsb.
Nurses Wanted
A Profession of Helpfulness
In mitt to be ths greatest hats la the
phrstclaa you aheuM hara a thorough
eoune In namas. eorrettllT and mailtoal
mulattos, electro- anA hydro-lharapr.
Wa kin tha flnaat aquipmant In the
eoantry ani caa stve ru the nnA vonela
ana thorough eouraa. Both phratolaa sad
Jttlant of to4r want ttM auraa whs ul
rtan1a thao branch Wa aava aa
aaeoclall? atrartlva oonraa arranges tor
auraaa; eomethlnt entirely new.
Call on ua ana w will tall ynn all about
It, or write tor booklet. Olaaaae now
Penna. Orthopaedic Institute
lT0t-U QHBEN gT., FhllaJelphla, rasa.
Big business men employ our gradv.
atea year after year because they al
ways make good. Our students pass
the government examinations with high
ratings: they are sought for by tne
leading ' railroad companies, bankers,
wholesalers, manufacturers and nrofea
slonal men; and are so trained ths they
may advance to coveted nosltlons of
trust and responsibility. PHBSTIOH1
COUNTH when you are seeking a posi
tion. Our prestige is due to two th "
thoroughness and oommon sense
courses. Our graduates are worklna- n
22 states. We help you to a position.
If you are thinking of taking a short
hand or business course, write for our
now 1U catalog. It Is free to those
who are thinking of taking a course.
Hastings Business College
(We do not employ solicitors.)
Dept. A. Hastings, jrelereaka.
Conducted tsy the
Haters of the Holy Cross
Notre Dame, St. Joseph Co., Ind.
One mile weet of tha VnWerattr of Notre
Heme. Two houre ride from rhluaso.
Two miles from Boutk Bead, Indiana.
Tha School for Your Daughter
Tfeoee who are Interested la tha educa
tion ot glrla and roung wvmm will find
so aekool where they eoaw do mors for
tuaatelr plaaed than at St. Marr'a "ollae
and Aeedwrar, Noire Dame, Ind. Hero are
fouod caroful training, thorough lertme
tloo, serfeot discipline and aurroundlnsa
whlah at one raise the Idaal toward tha
hlehaat aad ba In Ufa. The srenOco!
aide la aot aesleotod and tha puplle of St.
tUrr aoqutre a toannatlon wlilrh I a
praparatliHi for Ufa with Ita pleasures
aod vlclaottvdoa.
Manr fnaturaa ot this eoaool of blsh
Heale, Ita haaal Iful sroanda and edinuea,
oaonot be touched upon or Illustrated is
tha ilmltad evade of this anneuaeament.
Tha Dtrectreie therefor, mat eordlallr
Invitee oorraapondenee from parents having
daushtera to odueate, and will lake plee
eurw la melitng an llluatratad catalogue,
which slvee a eomplete out I tee of work la
Preparatory, aaademlo aad (llitate Do
partmenu. sluale. Art. Hoaiebold Aria
and Athlottoa. (Tiena win be raeumad
a hnuoter 1Mb. AOdraee
St. Mary's Collect and Academy
ox Ita, lrotrs Dame, St, foeevh
Ooh Isdiaaa.
TvrxarrT-roTrBTaT tsak.
mental, moral and
moral and physical training
it with efficient work. For
1160 00.
IDKAIiH and COLLEGE SPIRIT. Ask anybody who knows. 44th year
begins Sept. 14. 115. WILLIAM O. ALLEN, President.
Omaha, Xebreska.
Boarding and Pay School for Olrls and Young Women. Certificate admits
to Bmlth. Vaasar, Wellelev end other collegee, Preparation for Bryn Mswt
Household Arts. Muslo, (lymnsslum -
' FY, r.l.lno,.. uMreaa the Principal. MISS BUFHEMXA JOKITBOW.
FTTatFOSlJ To develop true womanliness. Careful attention to manners
and morals. Conducted by the Ursullne Sisters. .,.,. VX tlctureaqueiy
and nestled In the timber-crested hills
record has been remarkable. 8pe
and well lighted and ventilated.
Ample sn1 attractive grounaa.
CvaaiCUUC la comprehensive and guarantees a sound and refined educa
tion. Exceptional advantages In muslo and art. You will be Interested In our
free Illustrated catalogue, sent on request.
Address MOTKII tmiklOB, Arcadia, JCiisoorl.
Noted fee Its CeBega Ewwassss. ke
elualas Yala, Harvard, Priaeetsea,
Columbia, Jokae Hankies, ete.
College of Saint Thomas
Undtr tht Control sns Direction of Jrtkbuhop Ireland
ColltiM Commircla! Afitmlt Prtpartltrf
Cartful Mmtal, Moral and Jtelifioiu Training
Seven Hundred and Forty Students from Twenty-four States Last Year
For tlluitrsted catalogue address
Very Ree. H. M0YN1HAN, D. D., President
The University
of Nebraska
and Schools:
Tha University opens for ths
ISth. One may enter also at the
February) or the Bummer Session
On any point of information,
Station "A.
The Curtis Publishingf Company Says:
"Those young people who come to us from busi
ness schools which are carefully administered and
In which the instruction is of high grade, are able
to anallfy for better positions taaa they eonld other
wise do. It la, of course, necessary that they get
training either within or without the company before
they can be of any considerable value to it. To
this end, we are believers in the well-established and
Intelligently conducted business schools." E. M.
HOPKINS, Mgr., Employment Dept., Curtis Pub. Co.,
The Largest Salary Always Goes
to the Man or Woman Who Has
The men and women with business training get the good positions, the
best salaries, the eaaieat houra, and the beat urtortunltlea for promotion.
What's left will go to those who come Into the business world raw untrained.
This difference In salary and opportunity. U tlie price yoa will pay for doing
Without a business training a difference you can take advantage of if you
will get the training open to you any day in the week at
Boylea College trains you In short
hand, bookkeeping, telegraphy or civil
aarviie preparation.
Boylea College equips you with
these Instruments of knowledge,
these tools of business then teaches
you how to uae them to make ths
most for yourself.
W, e
ST. JOIN'S JUUTARY SCHOOL, (Eaucosal) S.liaa, EatMi
Development of character and individuality com
prise the serious Work of this school. Thorough
preparation for colleiie or business; accredited by
State University. Kvery boy receives careful and
Individual attention Special Instruction in Ath
letics. Modern buildings, extensive campus, com
plete M equipment. Ixiwer school for younger boys
With verv careful supervision. Catalog on request.
KAJOm W. Tj. OAWSSI., Commandant.
situaieu in me dmuiiiui jiry oi anwna
of t
he tT.ark mnge, this school's health
designed bull'linga modernly equipped
- watar heat, complete rire protection.
16 Buildings 200 Acres
1000 foot abvra aoa UvoL 10 saUae aamta of St Peal
tstfc year. Founded and conducted on the same
broad lines sa the famous Engllah schools el Wla
eheater and Eton.
Equally efficient In training for collage, business
snd technical fields.
Noted for clean athletlea.
Dealgnated by U. & War Department aa an "Honor
For catalog and particulars, address
Drawer T, Faribaalt. Mkea.
Six week Summer School June to Angiut
Includes tha following Colleges
first semester on Wednesday, September
beginning of the second semester (about
(usually ins lirsi iun wees in June;.
Lincoln, Neb.
Bt. B. BOYXJZS, Fres.
Boyles Training Inspires you with
aimbltlon and determination endows
you with ability and efficiency;
teaches you the science of initiative
snd leadership which will put you ou
the top rung of the ladder if you
rightly apv'y your knowledge.
Get Our Special Tuition Offer
Drop a postal for our free 114-page catalog, which
tells all about the school. We find you a place to earn
your exponaes while attending. If you wish, and will
enroll now. We positively obtain a posillou for you,
free of charge, when you graduate.
It B. BOYLES, Prea.
1815 Harney St. Omaha. Neb.