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    niH BEL: OMAHA, THURSDAY, JULY , 1915.
Auiitant Tells of Efforts to Fill and
Empty Ballast Tanks as the
Ship Listed. -
CHICAGO. July 28. What hap
pened la the engine room of the KmI
Und la the seventeen minutes Just
before the steamer overturned at
7:30 o'clock last Saturday morning
was told at the coroner's " Inquest
. Fred S. Enow, assistant engineer,
said that he and Chief Engineer .?.
Erlckson were busy trying to trim
the ship and restore It to an eve a
keel by pumping water In the star
board or dock aide water ballast
tnnks and at the same time trying to
empty the tanka on the liver side.
Snow Mid that he had Wn on the
Kastland two day and that ha had
anrked as engineer en lake boats for ten
years, but never on boats having- water
ballast tanks similar to (he Eastland.
Tea Itallaat laaka ta Huat.
"There- wera flvt atr ballaat tank
en earn side of the Rutland," Snow
aid. " That morning when the boat was
loaded wi started to fill tanka I and t
on the dock aHe and to empty tanks 2
and I on the river side."
'Why did you' work only on tanka 2
and I Instead of oi, allT" aaked Assistant
State's Attorney Hulllvan.
"There wera two reasona," aald Know.
The Intake pipe would not fill all at
nee and tanka t and S wera supposed to
respond more quickly than the other. "
"Wera the ballaat tanka foil or empty
when you tied up at the dx k that morn
lnr 1
"I don't know. There was nothing- In
the engine room to Indicate whether the
tanks wera full or empty. It waa custo
mary to empty the tanka when the ahli
docked,' then we knew how much water
we had." -
Km I. title A boat Oaf I.
The witness aatd he did not know how
long It would take to fill the ballaat
tanka and trim the ahlp.
In response to a' question he said ha
did not think It necessary for the engi
neer of suhh' a ahlp a the Kastland to
know how long It would lake to fill tha
ballaat tanka. He aald he did not know
how much 'water the ballast tanka held
"The vessel first listed to tha dock aide
and wa let water Into the tanka on tha
river sMe. 'Then, whan- tha loading be
came heavier, it listed to tha river aide
and we began to fill the dock side tanks
and empty the' port or river aide tanks."
Snow aald that ha left the veaeal when
the list became ao great that water
poured Into tha gangway.
Deeertblng- the efforta to fill tha star
board tanka. Snow aald:
"We bad pumped etit tha port tanka
and began to fill the starboard tanka.
afr. Erlckson aatd, -J. think It la catch
trig,' meaning that tha intake waa work
Ing. Wa had no Idea that tha tanks ware
not filling."
Young Eastland Oiler
Testifies Crew Was
Used to Boat Listing
C1I1CAUO. July . St. rprter Khckaon, a
l-yar-ol4 oiler on tha . Eastland,, a
brother ef J. M. JCrlckeon, chief en sinner,
testified at tha coroner's Inquest It was
the custom, to , empty, the ballaat tanks
on tha Eastland whan tbe .vesael dorjied
and that en ordara from tha engineer he
opened the valves to empty fjur ballaat
tanks on the morning of the disaster.
"Later when the boat listed vary rediy
they aent ma up to aae if tha boat was
caught on the dock."
., . Uricksoq eajd the Eaatland frequently
naught no tbe dock while tha tanks were
being filled or empttec.
"1 don't know whether the boat caught
on the dock or not," aald tha ooy. "Wheu
1 got up on the aeoond Jerk the water
waa pouring la and I had Just time to
grab the dock and climb out "
"Was there much excitement In tbe
"erialne room while the boat waa listing T"
"No." replied Krtcksen.
"Wa were used to the boat tinting. It
alwave Hated ene aide or the other."
FJtckaon aald his brother, tha engineer,
since the accident had told htm he
"thought the boat atuck on the bottom or
- that there were too many people on
' Plate's Attorney Hoyne aald today:
- VThe slate 'a attorney's office la pro
ceeding oak the theory that somebody Is
, guilty of manalaughler and certainly
some owners of common carriers are
guilty' of gcoaa criminal negligence. Bec
' tlon S ef the criminal code In the latter
connection makes It neceeaarv only to
endanger Ifves of paaeenrere they need
iMit be loot.
"There are three contributing agencies
or causes of thta aoctdent, as I see H.
They are the government ,nanectoTa,
steamboat people and the operating force
or crew of the boat"
No Ono Has Power to
Pass On Design of!
Boats, Says Redfield
CHICAGO. Jdy 3. -Secretary William
1 Redfield of the Department of Com
oierca. who le eondurtlna' an Inquiry
lno h alnklng of tbe Baetland, en In
structions .'mm President Wllaon. de
clared thet the responsibility tor Ignor
ing aUe;d faulty ooaeu-uotion of the
t! i'fttct be placed on federal ln-
"T!(r, ia no ' fcmmluBloa, body or de
partment tn tha errvtce that hae-any
uowcr to ait in Judgment on the stability
of a vessel. In ray iretorto I have called
! l-ntlon to tie tHjA xt (4dltlonai pow
er," aatd Secretary liedeld. "A year
ito bofore tbe Association of
New Tork, I epoka on the necessity of
' !ng the erv greater powers of In
!. tun ovr f iMtitttKieta"
A. I. Tt.urr.ian. ksallcllor for the do
partuieui, aald:
"A man mxt build - any son of a boat
f. sees ftt. He can take any OKXiol he
drr.a aod 'got It Into commlaalon. with
out ar.y tnciuiry at all from tbe govern
ment ae to whether it 1c a stable craft,
't here is no board with authority to pass
en its deelga.
fk- iflirx luvlCitld aays hla inquiry l!l
) of s tet riK Al nut and wtll be dlrecJed
to finding wrra the en eptlonaJ . lr-
1'imaianie that rtaultrd Id t!i cspeuung
,f H.e .. el.
MON Mrs. Bertha Eccles, legal wife of the late David
Eccles, the Morman timber and sug-ar millionaire, and Mrs.
Margaret Gecldes, a plural wife, and her 16-year-old son,
Albert, who will share in his millions, unless the Utah
court is reversed.
( c;jv- :. I ....
.iUv-t '1 ( V.' j
fe-Av ?: f
'r - ' J
. .fx ;-N
I LrfL 1 I J
(Continued from Page One.)
boat cupauMKi, In the hope of finding ad
(Continued on Page Two, Column Four.)
dttlonal bodies. One more body waa re
oovered early today.
Pederaoa Not Allow t Testify.
ClllCAUO. July M.-Captatn Harry
Psdereea of the Eaatland waa oaJled aa
witness by the . ooroner's Jury at laat
nlght'a eeeeton'. He testified that he bad
aalled, among other ahlpa, the Northland,
which for a time piled between Chicago
and Hamburg, Germany, and had been a
master of ships for twenty years.
The etate'a attorney Interrupted to say I
You made a statement In my of floe
and I don't think Mutt you ahould testify
here, aa you may be Indicted for man
slaughter." '
I am willing to tell the truth," aald
Captain Pedereen. but on advtoe of coun
sel, the captain left the stand, and waa
at once taken Into custody by officers.
Joseph M. Erlckson, chief engineer of
the Eaatland) waa excused from test'y
Ing on the aame grounds aa Pederse
. . i
(ConUnUfMl from Page Ont )
that criminal proceedings be started, and
then it the. county attorney ahould, In
hla Judgment, decide otherwise i wui let
the matter drop. If Weaterfleld'a aots
do not constitute embeaslement, then I
want to know iwhat doea constitute em
beaslement," declared the mayor.
The mayor believrs that Weeterfteld'a
dertalon to return wsa the result of ad-
vlre to him that circulars bearing bis
picture would be sent through police
channels all over the country.
Differ front Mayor.
Commissioners Hummel, Drexel, Jar
dine and Wtthnell dp not share the iewa
of the mayor aa to the criminal proeecu
tlon of Weeterfield. They maintain that
If the former treaeurer of Dundee makea
good the ahortage the matter ahould be
"I believe there waa mismanagement
on the part or Wssterfleld. I don't be
lieve he waa a .crook or criminal at
heart," aald Commissioner HummeL
"I believe the members of the Dundee
village beard are morally guilty for not
having checked the Weeterfield aocounta,
aa required by law," waa a statement
by Commissioner Butler.
Asaerta Ha Waa lck.
A composite aummary of tha altuatlon,
ae expreaeed by several who are eloae
to this matter. Is. " Weeterfield will return
voluntarily and will plead he haa been
sick, that there are some errors In his
books and that there la money tn the
bank to meet any ahortage on. account
of such errore."
Corporation Couneel Itnbert la pre
paring the papera to be eubmtued to the
county attorney. A certified eopy of Com
missioner Butler's report will be trans
mitted to County Attorney Magney and
the corporation counsel will outline what
evidence the city haa In the raae. Tbe
county attorney wtll require a little time
to review the evidence before filing a
An Independent check of the Weeter
field accounts le In progrrea In" the city
It la expected Weeterfield will arrive
on a Friday morning Kansas City train.
He wired he started from 'an Bernardino,
Cal , Wednesday. fe
Proaeeailoa Mlaht Kail.
The county attorney bWlevee, however,
that if the shortage is made good by
Mr, Weaterfteld prosecution probably
wuld fall.
,"( doubt whether prosecution would be
euccesaful If Mr. Weeterfield makea good
the etvortage," said Mr. Maguey. "But
If city officials dealre tbe proeecu tlon to
t4 made, regardlees. of whetl-er the
ahortage Is repaired. 1 have no objection
t continuing It."
UriMtrlateat Oraere.
WABIIINOTOM. July 8etlal Tel
egram I Nrhraeke peiielona granted:
Mary M l'Uli. brownewlle. Ill: Ttiereea
Mtrutatrffen. ljncnln, u, t'haiitte Tom,
luutuo, Hastinas, IU, Fiancva M. barker,
ti ' ' mill im' vl
linulavllle. III; Kllsa 8. Wheeler. Pleas
antilale, 112.
Victor II. Mantpeakcr waa appointed
mall rarrter at Arradla. Nrh., and Otis
O. Hears at Fontanel!-, la.
John J. McCrecy' was appointed poet
maatar at Pawaon, I 'alias county, Iowa,
vice Kate Oaskell, resigned.
Favorable Week in
Winter Wheat Belt
WASHINGTON. July .-The most fa
vorable week of the season In the winter
wheat belt, and continued favorable week
from the spring wheat belt were reported
today by the National Weather and Crop
Bulletin. In tha far west harvest Is near
Ing completion. .i .
Spring wheat Is nearlng the heading
atage In all northerrrt districts end is
ripening In some southern districts. Other
small grains, rye, oata and barley, are
reported In good condition.
Oorn continued small and backward.
Need of more rain for later plantings la
now becoming general In the south, and
rain would be beneficial In many central
British Ship Sunk
Without Warning
LONDON. July 8.-The British steam
ship Hogarth was torpedoed and sunk
by a German aubmerlne off Aldenburgh,
a watering place, off Suffolk, Eng.
The vessel waa aent to the bottom, it
la alleged, without warning. Some of
the crew were saved, but others are
missing. The masts of the steamer re
main above the water.
1 JS1M
Trjiply Protected
First, the inner container of paper,
next the big yellow carton, and
then, the outer wrapping of waxed
paper, sealed air-tight and dust-
groof . Superior protection for tho
uperior Corn Flakes
These delightful flakes are made
of the finest white Indian Corn,
steam-cooked, daintily seasoned,
rolled and toasted crisp and golden-brown.
Post Toastiea reach you fresh and
delicious, perfectly protected and
ready to eat. They are mighty
good with milk or cream, or witn
any kind of fruit.
The Memory Lingers
eold by Grocers everywhere.
Congratulations and Applications
Mixed in Heaty Mail that Fol
lows New Appointee.
Letters In bundle, sacks and
great packages followed Ttaomaa J.
Flynn, new-y appointed Vnlted
States marshal, on his vacation to
Lemars, la. He returned last night
and It took an extra trunk to bring
In the ma.ll that bad been sent him
on his vacation.
Many of the missives were congrstula
tlons on his snpotntment and many of
them also were applications for place.
The marshal has a large staff to name
and a great host of democrats, now that
lie hsa secured the Job, Is anxious to
aerve under him.
Mr. Flynn, with his fsmlly, went to
visit his wife's parents at Lemars. la.,
for a few days after the appointment had
been reclved. He had not been In the
retreat long, which Is on a farm nine
miles from town, when he was railed up
by long distance telephone asking him
about the outlook for place.
He has received word that his commis
sion hss been sent In care of Judge W.
If. Munger, having been mailed at Wash
ington, July 23. He will be obliged to
furnish a 110.000 bond and will begin the
work of arranging for this today.
Marshal W. P. Warner, whom he dis
places, 'la at present In the Mtnneaota
woods on an outing. He la fifteen miles
from a railroad and Mr. Flynn will await
hla return before taking the office. This
will probably be about August 1.
Three Danish and
One Swedish Ship
Sunk by Torpedoes
LONtKX, July JS. German submarines
show no cessation In their actlvty In the
North Sea. The lateat reports set forth
that the FTcdlsh steamer Emma and
three Danish schooners, the Maria, the
Neptunla and the Lena have been sunk
by them. The crew of these four vessels
were landed at Blyth today.
Jnarpk If a t tenbat'h.
DEADWOOD, 8. D.. July 2S. (flpeclal.)
Another of the one-time prominent
early-day figures of Deadwood panned
away In the death here of Joseph llat
tenbach, a pioneer grocer. Mr. Hatten
bach came here In 1ST7 and with hla
brother, Aaron, opened a grocery that
I -ere me the leading house of Its kind In
the hills. Later he entered the mining
business, built the first smelter in this
country at Carbonate and waa Interested
In the Far West and other well known
properties. Prervloue to coming here he
had been in business In Slous City, where
he leaves a sister, Mr. David . Maghee,
and three brothers. David, Mitchell and
Louis. He leavee a wife and three chil
dren here and waa tt years eld.
Jack Robbloa. -
WAHOO. Neb., July 28.-(8peclal)-Jack
. llobblne. who haa been a resident
of Wahoo and Saunders county for forty
alx years, died last night at his home
here. of, paralysis, aged 70 years. He
leaves his widow, three eons, Louis, Al
bert and Henry, of Ithaca; three daugh
ters, Mrs. Grant Wagner of Green pre
cinct, Mrs. Lee Knlpple and Miss Edith
Robblne of Wahoo.
Silas Slela.
STELLA. Neb.. July . (Special. )
Mlaa Slvla, 67 years old and unmarried,
died at St. Joeph'a hospital In Omaha
Tueaday. The body will be brought tn
Btella for burial. A brother and slater,
James Slvla and Mrs, Is'ancy Btlne, reside
here. Mr. Blvla had made his home
wth hla brother at Stella for some time.
Apartments, flata, houses and cottages
can be rented quickly and cheaply by a
Bee "For Bent."
Great Loss of Life
on Chinese Coast
BHANUIIAI. July 28.-Tbe forve of the
great typhoon which sprang up along the
Chinese coast Monday night appears to
have been centered tn Hang Chow Bay
to the south of HhanKhal. Communica
tion between Bhanshnl ant Hang Chow
haa been severed. The tolj of live. It
Is believed, will be' heavy and consider
able damage Is known to l ave ben done
to native craft.
The Vnlted States cruiaers Saratoga and
Cincinnati were li the thick of the storm
and while at first some fear van felt for
the Cincinnati the anchors of bot.t ei
shlpe held fast.
The t'nlted Ptatea collier No. L Hear
ing completion at Shanghai, dragged t
anchors across the river, where It
stranded on the opposite bank.
Fifty large junks were sunk durtna; the
storm In Woo Bung river, ten miles
north of Shanghai. Impeding navigation.
PIERRE, 9. D.. July tFpeclal.)
Judge McNenny today refused a new
trial to Herman Sonnenachlen. on a con
viction In the Stanley county court, on a
charge of cattle rustling. In which he was
given a sentence of five yeara, which
ia concurrent with the sentence fiven
In thla county on a trial on change of
Judge Hughes, In thla county, on a
Plea of guilty to obtaining money under
false pretence sentenced William Harri
son, an Indian, to five months In ths
A "For Sale" ad wlu turn second-hand
furniture Into cash.
Various Forms
Of Headache
"It is neoessary In order to treat head
aches properly to understand the eaases
whleb produce the affection'' aays Dr. J. W.
Ray ofBlockton, Ala. Continuing, bs sayti
Physicians eannot even begin the treat
ment of a disease without knowing what
causes give rise to It, and we must remem
ber that beedaohe Is to be treated aooordtng
to tbe aame rule. We must not only be par
ticular to give a remedy Intended to coun
teract the cause which produoea the head
ache, but we mast also give a remedy to
relieve tbe pain until the oaose of tbe trouble
baa been removed. To answer this purpoae
Anti-kamnla Tablets wtll be found a most
convenient and satisfactory remedy. One
tablet every one to three hours gives eomforl
end rest In the most severe oases of headache,
neuralgia and particularly the headaches
of women."
When we have patient subject to regnlar
attacks of sick headache, we should oautton
blm to keep his bowels regular, for whlob
nothing Is better than "Actoida", and when
he feels tbe leaat sign of an oncoming
attack, be should take two A-K Tab leu.
Huob patients should always be Instruoted
to carry a few Antl-kamnla Tablets, so as to
have them ready for Instant use. These
tablets are prompt In action, and can be
depended oo to prodaoe relief la ft very
few minutes. Ask for A-K Tablets.
Anti-kamnla Tablets oan be obtained ataU
Working for a Irving? ;
Making regular wages T
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ceive your wages, take
out of It some sure, cer
tain fixed gum, and be
fore you gpend a single
dollar of your wage,
bring that aum to the
bank and deposit It.
It isn't the amount that
counts. It la the doing It
regularly, gygtematicaUj,
keeping at tt all the time.
Mora Hart
y Lett Ah-No
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assured erery asea aad woessa whe ere c-uox l.n
tlcma snfl will enroll In a ecaooi of repute feus,
ed la ia4 ss receanisea br the Feaa State BneM
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eeremlve (Tmnaetlce aaS elenxe ui Hydrotherap.
t'leeeee mow rorealna. Write or sell at eaee tor
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