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,t ; J I a 'J r' -. v. v I
IF ROYAL blood counti for anything, little Mini Elizabeth Davit wUl
be a future queen of Ak-Sar-BeD.
Tiny MIm Elisabeth la the daughter of Mr. and Mra. Tom Davie
and Is Juat 8 days old. She numbers among her family connections
several members of the royal household of Quivers. Her mother, who
waa nil us Beanie Brady before her marriage, reigned as queen of Ak-8ar-Ben;
then, Mra. Btewart, her second cousin, ss Mlas Oertnide Kountse, was
among the earlier queens; and her a tint, Mlas Elizabeth Darts, reigned as
queen two years ago.
Princess Elisabeth Is also the third Elizabeth in the house of Ak-Sar-Den,
bavin been named after her mother and aunt.
In Europe the hand of a princess who Is so well connected Is greatly
'sought after, so In democratic America we may look forward to conquests
galore for little Elizabeth when she makes her debut. V
At the Country Club.
Among others dining at the cltih lest
evening were Mr. and Mra. Fred Hamil
ton, who had three guaata; Robert Burns,
two; D. M. Vlnaonhaler. two; George
Prim. thr, anil Vrrr fllhhernaon, four.
Complimentary to Mra. CharVe Turnar
tf Fremont Mr. and Mia. Louts Clarke
save a auppr of right covers laat even
ing at the Country club.
Mr. and Mr. Glann Wharton's guests
were Messrs. and Mesdsnws Moilchr Col
potior and Wlllard Hoaford.
Dr. and Mra. Frederick lAe enter
Ulnrd at STPer laat evening at the
Country club. Their gueste Included
Mesara. and Maedames John U Kennedy
and Harry loorley; Mlas Ruth Hitch
rock and Mr. Lwrence Drinker. "
Mr. and Mra. H. C. Hows' were host
at the largest aupner rarty laat evening
at the cluh. 1-lnlng with hem were Mra.
Krnet.llart, Cornell niuffs; lliw (1r
Hart ami Marlon Howe; Mra Henry
Hart. F.ldred Hart. Alec Beckner of New
York City and Robert Howe. ;
At Kappy Hollow Club.
uppers wrre she n Sunday evrnhig at
the Happy Hollow club by Ir. and Mra.
i Falnvr Klndley, who had aeven guests;
J. C. Howard, three; Kugane Duval,
1hree; Vale Holland, two; James Drum-
mimd. three; H. E. Patteraon, three; R.
Jf. Booth, two; F. C. Aldoua, three;
George Carter, five; E. F. teary, two;
J. R. Webster, five; If J. Mitchell, aeven;
7i. K. Goane. two: R. W. Reed, two; P.
M. Garrett, two; Harry Bowman, two; E
M. Wellman. five; Walter "malls." two;
I U French, four, and Mlas Rahtn, two.
Mra. H. G. Browne will have eight
guests at luncheon Tueaday at the Happy
Hollow cluh.
Mr. C. F. Weller and Mr. -Byron Haat-
ln will httA-e Ritoata at dinner Tuoeday
evening at the Happy HoHow club.
A urikfst will be. given Wednesday
mornlna at the Happy Hollow club In
honor of the t letting Helta Gamma glrla.
Covers will Ins placed for 160.
At Carter Lake" Club.
Mr. John Bevrldfte had five gueats at
dinner Sunday at Carter Lake club! W.
i J. Vlnail. tliree; Thomas Durkln, foorj
O. J. Uothard, three; T. R. Woods, two;
! R. Cox, two; C. J. Cain, four; R. Orrln,
t five; R. Drake, two: Grant Patera, two;
' P. II. Nolln. three: R. Weirion, two;
T. A. Jonea, two; W. P. Fuller, three;
'a Wlnstrajn, two; Jack McCarthy, twoj
Jk. A. Zlpol, two; J. Eldrlge, twelve;
John A. nine, two; D. Creadon, sis;
H. I.. Hannah, two; A. F. Mullln. two
A. A. Burnt, two; John Huth, two; V,
I two, end It A.' Newell, nine.
Mr. and Mra. M. T. Pfleffer enter
Call Bcal Reported to Be Well on
His Wny to Recover in Lincoln
Sanitarium. ' ) '
fail '. Fouth Rtde High echoel sth
lft. In.inrnl ea the reault of a etrenu
tiii4 tarket ba nession at the state high
si liool onruainrnt at IJncoltl laat March,
t i.llr p' inj( fnr the local school, is ex
r '!'! to be ah! to return horns within a
month.,-' Heja now oonrlned In a private
(.Anlurl -im at Lincoln and Is reported to
J.nve Improved wonderfully.
Friends are rejoicing ever his recovery.
Many of the local alumni are planning
.to make a special trip to Lincoln to vlalt
)te athlete. He will probably never be
able to entvr athletics asaln.
rbnaoatraah Oeta ITortay. '
AlaiDi . kick thief stories bave.beea
fskc.-titnnuall.v and even aeml-annually,
a'corti ng to the feellnga of the reading
I . but INe tbouth MJJa puUoe have a
rnnd m cne that no one can oall
Saturday . nlk'ht an Irate woman called
the ttallcn and demanded that the police
at ome itieperae "aeveral drunk caroua
irr" who were landing uninvited vocal
incliwtlcs in the region of bcr hema at
Tcnly-aeond and M street a.
The auto petrol with Chauffeur Beugh
man. conductor Grace and Sergeant Prioe
han rushed to the auene and apent ftf
trn minutes ef sleuth-like riding up and
down" alleys in the vicinity ot 'the cell.
trare of t'n "vocaliets" could aa
found. The aeanh was given up and the
jiairol rnt hark, exrept Kergwaut Bhea
br, who rlofrmined to mveatlgate the
nwtti r
'I'-ii r-.lir.itee later Bheahan walked Into
the station. Haughinan looked up toupee
tantly and Mr. Bheahan announced:
" ; tmiii graph
Tl: hsd eiplatned to the aer
gfnt artrr he had found her that aha
m'. -t.-'k the nfti!o from a phonograph In
a i'ifehhnrlnr hoaaa, as that of aome
tli ii'l.Cii csrousbls.
Halarra Are Baay.
Ttr-e tasca of e'lfged dlaordarty
hoiiKs. two allcgod UwUegging Joints.
)ookrd ly tte police Sunday. !-t.-the-
Alli n and tJiH-n of the day force
TKl'i-4 a saloon at Thirty-slsth and V
eti -cis t I" o clo k la the morning and
arifiicd three mrn en rhars of keep
ing uiortiei'ly houoea. Tbey ar: John
hasii ki, koloou k-rir, Tliirty-sisth and
' tre1; Hn!e Skndrn and John Merl
V it'll. !alior-m l,lng at 3o7 Q fctreet.
At 4 ''k in the aftrnoon, Jje Ixu
)lr rsl u rreid on the charge of
e-'JMMiig a Cliordcrly bouse at 1771 Walnut
a!:-t t'v Alln-n and Oilltn. Itr In the
vci.lhg Ceinaln Hriisjs, H.-tectlvea Za
Pou1. k id fpliiBkl, ra)l.J a plit.a at
w Dt --r tilth end U stt-wta and arretted
Jke It' krnff as proprietor on the rtiarg
n.f . I li'K iut-r. lie aal'l lhet lie
fc-i'i'.iy n,kirg fM-nt' ' while ceiebrat.
I' i l it t i'-iluloj'. Four fmn of b-cr r
. 1 1 ire n:-o were found In tlir
t- nen were,
iu'liti Jhn Za'oudflc and Andrw
Monday, July 26, 1915.
tained at dinner Sunday at the Carter
Lke club. Covers were ptaoed fort
Mlse R. Phell. Meaara.: A. Shell end
Edward Pfelffer, Lincoln, and Mr .and
Mra. Pfleffer.
At the Field Cluh.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Russell entertained
four giJeTrts at supper last averring at the
Field club: Mr. W. H. Herd man, three,
and Alee Flck, two.
Original Monday Bridge Club.
Mrs. A. I Reed entertained the mem
bers of the OrUrtnel Monday Bridge dub
today at her home in Bsnson.
The wedding ef Mlas Haset Irene
Samp, daughter of Mrs. F. W, Samp, ana
Mr. George Huchart was celebrated
quietly Bunday afternoon at the horn
of the bridegroom's parents, Mr., and
Mra. George Burhart. The Rev. Baltsly
of the Kotintae Memorial church per
formed the ceremony. There ware no
attendants. The bride wore her go
away gown of blue !ardlne oloth with
white fox fur end blue hat. After a
trip to Kanaas City and the northern
lakes Mr. and Mrs. Rurhsrt will be at
home In Omaha.
For Rome Guest. '
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Ayfert gave a small
buffet supper laat evening at their apart
ment In the New Hamilton In honor ef
her slater, - Mlas Dorothy Maullck of
Broken Bow, who Is her house guest.
Twelve guests 'ware entertained.
Wedding Announcement
Announcement was made laat week In
Lincoln of the approaching marriage ef
Mlae Annie fk-hroeder, daughter of Mr,
and Mrs. F. D. Sohroeder, and Mr. Lrnn
Trobee of Omaha.
Personal Mention.
Mrs. Walter TUloUon and Miss Mae
Foley are the guests ef Mr. and Mrs.
Rimer Watson at their cottage In EU
orado Hpiinga, Colo,
Mrs. Edward Fries will leave this week
for a few weeks' stay at Port Arthur snd
Mrs. Allmaa Is visiting friends In Lin
coln. ,
In and Out of the Bee "klrt.
-Miss Louisa Bldwell.Is the gueet. of
Mlas Alloa Proud fit in Lincoln.
Mra. P. M. Malloy ef Tulaa, Okl., was
the guest of MUs Maria McBhane e few
days laat week enroute to California.
Mrs. Wade Is the meet of her stater.
Mrs. F. Brown. In Lincoln.
sixth and M streets at o'clock last
evening. A neighborhood quarrel at that
point had brought eome SOO people to
the place and when the two detectives
nova in view a third or more of the
mob waa engaged In a freevfor-all. . .
io uiiis, Kick Flilar and Mike Cliscas,
Greeks, 'were arrested.- Tha latter ear
ned a pockatbook with $10 in gold sewed
In hie undershirt. The police believe
that fight we, started by the other two
to get away with this money. Later it
develop that the man waa ti-ylng to
pacify the mob.
Polio Make SUal4.
An alleged gambling joint at Twenty,
fourth and Q etreete waa raided by the
polios, led by Captain John Brlgga,
early Sunday morning at l:ft o'clock,
lour fBen. W.
Twenty-fourth etreeti U Crlsneckei1. la
borer. Twenty-first and I streets; John
Thomas, nioa flttar. gnrtvrntirK r
streets; . Haokar, laborer, Forty aacend
ana km atreeta. ana Maunua- ini
BeventeenUi and Cblaaao .
taken. X table Was eo&naoated.
Raoltal Tvnesr, -
Junior dudUs of Edrwanl r ra,.iu
South Bide, will alva a nUnnAi. . . -,'
Tueadav evenlna: at tha Uhr. v.n -.
Twenty-third aud M streets. South eMde.
prsarani nas Men arranged.
Several wall known ln.l
slat. Mlas Eva Tarlan, daughtav af paa
tor g. It Tartaa. af 8L Luka'a T.iv,
cJiiuxh. will give a reading anUtlad, "At
i-iratoarapnara.- rjtttars whs will
easlet ere: John McTunrt m.i.1.,
WUllam Kooh, baritone, and Elmer
AUsn. vtollnUt'
f'""iee t VM.
B. E. M'llooa. ch ,. v .
revision coramtttaa nafrul lmt .v v..
called a meetlna r.f .
Thursday evonhjg at the South Side city
hall. All Omah
Laavanworth atreet are Invited to attend.
MU City Qaaalp,
William llMth.. t - . . i ... ... - .
at C-edar itaXVdl w,ln '
BII w y" C'ub nimah" Plcnlckad
-- f tei vej ,
.."""i"" P bk hM returned from fc
fUhtug trip to iarid oty. Neb.
Louie koley cawa back atuKlay from
a week'a Ulfl to feorla. lit '
lllbnl Si's Wr' "'" ".other at
Kuulia and Enaoula Mangaa returned
boiiw nuauay fcitr apwmliuj a Weeka
A'twr a month'a tour of tha wast. Mra
F. li. L.U.U. Xwaiity-sisih aud C auweta
has leluru4 to hut tioiua.
Miss MonMlh I k"X k r ...
firm street, im ssnaing a week s Vacation
rTl? ilf.?m or4a' lvn by the ladles
f the HlliaiUe l-iaptlt tburxli last Bat-
"-j w...... wju aiinaea.
Kmll Hsnsen retarned yeaterday from
a two wveka' vacation, ai'ent vWltiu
lelnwea aud at tYeinotit and
Mlsa Merle Cooper, Fort Madleon. la.
r.,.',n-."'h' v'"" Uh her
tiunt, Mrs. C. U. Krr. luis Mortk TWen-ty-alxtn
K. A. Hsllgren.' North Nineteenth
aiiaet. returi.rd ycsiwOay from BUelby.
!., where he h. ltu 4.iV,.g wlfb l.ts
lughter. Mis. Will l-avis.
A fire or iiiikiiowit ,risin t, out at
Miniuv enln- in the Loum o-
r.-lil-i t.v il.rtha 10., bou,l,
lwrni. fifth street. The r.i.i J,i,rt
i..nt c.iie.l. Ii, di,ia.. and
't'oie the iitise as eni.k-
Victory of Enemy Supreme Law and
Neutrals Muit Make Beit of It,
Sayi One Paper.
BERLIN, July 26. (Overseas
News Agency Dispatch by Wireless
Telegraph to 8ayrllle.) The latest
American note to Germany concern
ing submariner-warfare was received
most unfavorably by the German
newspspera in which it wss printed
Sunday morning.
. The Vosslsche Zeitung, in a
lengthy editorial, says:
- "The refusal to accept Germany's prso-tk-al
.proposition t protect American
paanengers shows an absolute lack of
readiness to understand the v German
standpoint. The principle that belliger
ent states must protect .neutrals Is un
tenable If applied In tho fullest swnae, as
It would mean abdication to neutral coun
tries. It is true that belligerents muat
reepeet neutral rights, but only provided
neutrals do everything to prevent their
cttlsene getting Into situations where pro
tection la impossible. - ,
"Victory over the enemy la the si
preme law for every belligerent. Those
who render more difficult this task than
does International law, support ths en
emy. . The wsr on land tiaa ahown clearly
that reatrlctlons are neceaaary. A per
son who remains within a belligerent
fortreas or walka into a gun fire son
risk a his life without ths right of pro
tection from his home government"
This Journal continues:
"Tha aame alao la true of naval war
fare In aplte of mlataken praise for tha
freedom of the seas. It is gTsnted that
the'ooaan la frao for peaceful travel, but
havat battlea alao take place on It. Neu
tral ships nailing between fighting battle
ships run ths risk of being hit by shells)
and also of being struokby mines. The
submaiine'a only tnetr'umenta are the
firing of torpedoes.
Saya It la Not If trallty. '
"Those who demand that Uarmaay
should conduct the wer according - to
rules laid down by some academio pro-
fesaor, expect Germany either to endanger
He submarines or to give up this war
fare, which means ths weakening pf Ger
many In he Interest of Its enemy. . This
Is not neutrality, but partisanship against
'"We know, today .that the faaaengere
(of the Luettanla) could have been saved,
but thet they were neglected. Germany
regrets their desth, but) it hss a elean
oonaoiance snd has no reason to disap
prove of the conduct of Its submarine
"President Wllaon conaiders the further
torpedoelng of British warships carrying
American passengers a deliberately un
friendly sot. WMle Germany always is
glad to respect American friendship, ft
has conceded everything that can b con
ceded. One bit more would be con
sidered humiliating by the German na
tion, whose armies have bean victorious
upon all the battlefields In the east and
In the west."
The Tagllche Rundschau and the
Kreuirfltung, similarly declare that the
American note oalle for the moot decided
opposition and that It reculrea Great
Britain to show at least an equal re
spect for the spirit of International law
as the president demands from Germany.
Oat ( the (taeatloa.
The Tageblatt says:
'Ths Bote shows clearly that the
American government carea more for the
crippling of our eubmaiine war than for
the safeguarding of American lives. The
United States muat realise that to change
our submarine warfare Is out of the
question. Tha note proves that pro-
Brltlsh Influence has gained an upper
hand In President Wilson's circle. We
hope the common sense of the American
people will prevent cltlaens from serving
as protection for EngUoh munition
shlpa." 1
The Tagea Zeitung writeei,
"Neutrals have lights, but so also has
a great nation fighting for Its life.
Though maintaining submarine Warfare,
Germany always Is willing to , respect
the Justifiable wishes of Americana, put
not at any price."
Count Ernst von RevenUow In the
Tagea Zeitung declarea that the oontente
aud wording far exceeds svea the most
unfavorable anticipations. Count Bevent
low writes: . -
'The note uses language whloh will
find no response with the overwhelming
majority ef the German nation, since
It means In the laat analysla. an appeal
to fear, a threatening, domineering de
mand. The note will make a Quaceav-
Tha Doctor Cayt It
Wrffff r W'tfWsJB)s w iaj i arias agatsgi I ay ipsa
jf i; -W-teispno-
WSyX "Tbafi
VTr jury to your
! Eesideac f u )
" -1
ably bed Imptreaeion among the people
alnce it larks utterly the friendly frank
ness of the German note and breathe
almost hateful disregard to the German
government s standpoint"
Reference to Tree'
Speech Stirs Bryan
BAN' FRANCISCO, July X -William
Jennlnga Pryan, former secretary of
Sate, who delivered an addresa here to
day at the t'nlted Evangeliata' taber
nae'e, resented a remark made by Illahop
Bdwln Holt llughea of the Methodist
Episcopal church In Introducing him, that
"on thle occasion, MrT Bryan was speak
ing without a cent of coat to tho com
mittee." Mr. Bryan prefaced his address with
the statement that the blahop'e refer
ence to a fee waa humiliating. In view of
the fact that he had not accepted com
pensation for religious addresses for the
last fifteen years.
He told his hearer that ambition waa
an Influence that helped keep office hold
ers In tha path of rectitude and that the
god of fame, while a false god, had some
thing In the polnta.
Concessions Made
to Russ Radicals
PBTROOmAD, July i.-Vla London.)
Tha Ruaalnn government hastlecided to
give socialist. and labor members of the
Duma repreflpntatlon on the military snd
naval committees In proportion', to their
Heretofore eorlallat and labor daputiee
have not been admitted, and In conse
quence the constitutional democrats have
refused to participate In the work of
these committees. This Important concea
ston to the radicals Is dealgned by the
government to ahow that all political par-
tiee are harmonious In this time of war.
The Price She Pays.
There is hardly an American woman
nowadays who can keep pace wjth the
demand made upon her time end energy
without paying the penalty of Ill-health.
It may be that dreadful backache, drag
ging pains, headaches, nervousness or the
tortures of a displacement. It is the
prjes she pays. To women In this condi
tion Lydla E. Pink ham' a Vegetable Com
pound comes aa a boon and a blessing.
A simple remedy made from roots and
herbs which brings glorious health to
suffering women. Advertisement '
Teutons Hold Million
and a Half Russians!
BBRLIN, July M.-(By Wlrelefle to
fiayvllle.) Ths total number of Russian i
prisoners or war In the hands of Ger
many and Auatrla-Hungary since the be
ginning of the war. Including tha figures
reported by the general staffs yesterday,
surpassee l.SOO.OOO officers and men.'
ZWiy.'CM Tear
!fT w , ror uquor ana
rug U
Removee permanently the
for Liquor and Irugs.
. craving
Always Improves the general health.
Burroundlnira pleaaant eyetem hu
mane, nothing "heroic,"
Drugs are withdrawn gradually, and
with the aid of our tonio remedies
patients autfer no collapse.
Do not be pursuaded that all treat
ments srs alike. Oura le the onlv
effective one. as time and experi
ence provee.
Come to ua without delay. Theae con
ditions are serious and there should
be no experUnanta. . .
Bend for illustrated booklet. Corre
spondence atrictly confidential.
The Keeley Institute
Cornet aath and Case Streets.
Glen Morris Inn
Christmas Lake, Mlnnstoska
Popular Rendvezous
"tf Omaha Pecple
Owned and Operated by
Minneapolis, Minn.
Uovm to yKJ.
Fir of tn
times a day yon
make trips vp and
down the etalri to
tha telephone.
ttreeotJQtv and an ' in-
(0 Cent)
a Uonth.
Motorcycle Hits Post
and Racer Killed
SACKA M PINTO, Cat., July H-W.
Lueders of Chicago, holder of amateur
motorcycle championships st fifteen
miles, was killed In a race here today
when hla machine ran Into a )oat
Lueders had won three racea and he
White Lined,
t , - - 'irrzrs
llliiiftpas $mm$ l
a j
v We begin our inventory of stock about the end of this week and between now and then
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a pair worth less than 1 4, and the majority
$S and $6, all sires and widths, for
I 'A CfWJV r'jy- - : II ---'.i . . .1
! A' Pair A
j ' f H LI '1 I '-lmi I. J i II ii iMr jii nj wwi isnljuTii ii i ii in ii i n n i I 'i'" "' t ... 'T
1 ' -'".tf 'Mi I 1 .1., , i riai L.,t. ,', , iLaJBssjegassaiaggasssi
t 'i ,.,i. l....... i. ., .., , '.y r .
Y4 i ..--i.- w-jrr--jMt..aji' .r.imwta....i. , . - - . ......... .. - ..-,., - -- S
I . i
104 Bee Building.
waa trying, in a t wenty-flve-mlle con
test, to equal a time mark he made laat
year st Pt Louia.
la the second lap, his pedaling chain
broke. Instead of stopping, he attempted
to steer with, one hand and remove the
tangled chain with the other. On the
far side of the track the motorcycle was
seen to waver and then crash Into a poat
Lueders was thrown twenty-flv feet
and almost Instantly killed. The ma
chine reMunded from the fence snd con
Worth up ta
15c each
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sils desired in every household. We are glad to be able
to mane wis Bargain otter torone day only, Tuesday.
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Coffee Pot$, Preserving Kettles, 5
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Massif! ed DepevrtaMHtt.
tinued down tha track for nearly SfWj
yards, cauaing Al Settle of Ban Jose tej
be thrown from his machine, Zettle
escaped with minor Injuriee.
the Yr Cwagh aai Cwl.
Bell's rine-Tsr-Honey gnee right to thaj
spot. Check the cough, . eaaee throat,
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Tyler 1000.
i.-V I inn Ir.iy a near riot at Twenty-