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Boot Trl V Now Baaean Mil
1 nl of BulM lota Batmraay.
Uctrta fuu, VT.Se. Burtaas-Grtad.a.
TU. Iuuum AJnstr Voorga
EohroJcr. War block. Had 446.
"Today. CosaBlat Man Praffraat'
elasslfl.d aactlon looar, and appear In
Tba Boa BXCL.UIVELT. rind out what
laa irt)ui iMorinc picture thoat.r offar.
Tor Safety TTrst In Ufa Insurance
eo W. H. Indoe, rrnrral -nt Btata
Mutual Ufa Aaaviranre Co. of Worceat.r,
Mm., ona of the oldcat, Tl yrs, and
brat companies on rth.
X with lohlra TaUay o. it La,
rrneral passenger aicent of the Rock
Island linaa, with office at ft. Ixnita,
ha retHgned to accept a similar position
with the Lehbjrh Vallojr. Mr. Lee'e rasla
naUon cauaea quit a ahakeiip In the of
flees of the Rock Island, although the
Omsha offices are not affected. Mr.
Lee's resignation ges Into effect
August 1.
Eailroads to Bast
Still Are Paying the
Elevation Charges
Although the railroads running south
from Omaha, have stopped paying ele
vation charges for the grain they carry
from Omaha, the lines to the east have
not changed their former policy. Ac
cording to C. J. Chtaam, genoral freight
agent of the Orent Western, the grain
business of Omaha has not yet been
affected by the change, but ha believes
tha4 If the lines going east adopt the
same tactic aa the southern lines have,
Omaha mill feel the effect on Its grain
"If the lines going eat atop paying
elevation charges." aaid Mr. Chlaam.
"there will be no inducement for ship
pers to send their grain to Omaha. It
will pass directly through here In order
to save the elevation charge, and Omaha
will rail to seoure a largo amount of
grain that under the old ruling would
atop here. It Is of considerable 1m
portance to Omaha aa a. grain market to
have the elevation charges paid by the
railroads, as has been done for a num
ber of years.
Splendid Parade Saturday Morning
Lttds to German Home for Dele
gates' Convention.
Omaha's most successful saenger-
fest did not close after the concert
last evening, but instead the visit
ing gingers will remain for two days
longer, and these two days will be
filled with Jubilation. A splendid
program of event will be carried
out, starting with the parade at Q
o'clock this morning, the meet
ing of the delegates at the German
Home on South Thirteenth street
and a gigantic picnic at the German
Home Sunday, to which all are In
vited. Spirited Fla Spectacle.
The saengerfest parade this morn
ing promises to be an Interesting anil
spirited spectacle. It will b a proces
sion of flags born bv a legion of atngeia
and member of various German ergan
lsatlons. Th maas chorus of 1.000 will b In
Una and city and county officials will
appear with the hosts. PVature of the
parade will be flag companioa, the Star
and Stripe being In the forefront.
The parade will start at 10 a. m. and
the route will be as follows: Form at
Seventeenth and Caas. east to Sixteenth,
south to Douglas. wet to Nineteenth,
south to Parnam, aaet to Sixteenth, south
to Leavenworth, counter tnaroii to Six
teenth and t'nrney. east to Fourteenth,
north to Parnam, wet to Fifteenth,
north to Pouglaa, east to Thirteenth,
south to Howard and disband. Hera a
Iflleet of ivtm-et cars will convey tha
marchers to the Qerman home.
Celebrations will be held Saturday and
Sunday at the Gorman home. A big
German plonlo bo held and all are
Invited. There will be vocal and In
strumental muslo a-plenty. Special
street car will be provided for the Ger
man home service.
SATURDAY, JULY 24, 1915,
Les Tucker Nipped
for Knowledge of
White Slave Case
While ho waa lying in wait untler the
Eleventh street viaduct to cat ah a train
out of town, Ls Tucker, giving his ad
dress as the State hotel, wa arrested by
Detectives Williams and Hulden, charged
Willi knowledge of the alleged white
slavery of Margaret Lewis of Manhattan.
Kan. .and Kdith Schone, 101$ Mason
street. Mrs, G. F. Rockafellow. 1618 Web
ter street, was arrested Thursday on
.Uf! jharije and held for the gov
.urr.tijt .Mnno.'idea, whUa tiifc two ri;.s
were -ikrti from her place and bookeu.
at police headquarters a Inmates.
The Lewis girl testified to Chief of De
tective Maloney that she had come to
Omaha In answer to a note purported to
bo from the Schone girl, declaring that
t she waa 111. The note proved to be a
fraud, declares the lfwls girl;, n. tier
friend was well and happy.-' The polite
are investigating this fcaturo of the caw.
Dog Which Bites !
Dunn is Killed!
Kd Dunn, 2023 Center street, was se
verely bitten on the right leg Thursday
afternoon when a bulldog belonging to
flam KeopoUtan, Twentieth and Popple
ton streets, attacked him. The dog was
shot by a polio officer Friday morning.
I The runeral or Larmon p. pruyn, Who
died at EXoelstor Bprlngs, Wednesday,
is to be held at 2 o'clock Sunday after-
j noon from
J parlors, at
the Swanaon undertaking
Seventeenth and Cuming
streets. Burial will be at Forest 1-awn
cemetery. The Mason and Rev. C. W.
Savldge will have charge of th services.
Friends are Invited.
Bad Odor from Dead
Animals is Coming
Across State Line
In connection with the Ohio street and
other dumping places, City Attorney Rine
has struck an Interesting lead In his legal
research work.
An Investigation showed that the smell
of dead animals lying on Iowa territory,
south of Carter lake, was blown onto Ne
braska atmosphere by an Interstate wind.
Is this a esse' for the federal court i?
Should not Washington take cognisance
of a situation of this nature? Mr. Rine
wants to know.
Should not Iowa be required to prevent
such an odor being blown across the state
Turnip as Big as a
Cheese at Y. M. C. A.
By paying a Matt o the Young Men's
Christian association one can at moat
any time see wonderfully developed
specimens of the . radish and turnip
specie. The two vegetable which form
tha added attraction were grown by
Owen Carter. 48U Taylor street, a mem
ber of the Omaha Garden club. Hie
radish la one foot In length and nine
inches lu circumference In Us biggest
portion, while the turnip is equal In
six to a fullgrown Edam cheese.
The Soap to cleanse and purify,
the Ointment to soothe and heal.
Nothing better than these fra
grant super-creamy emollients.
Samples Free by Mail
Outtoar Boa aa4 Otatmat soM mhr.
Llbaral auapta W swk lulled traa, with It-P. book,
Atonm sow mrt "CmUrur," bop. T,
Remarkable Clearaway Saturday of
Sewing Machines
Do your summer sewing in comfort and at the
same time a big saving in price.
Sixteen splendid values in well-known sewing ma
chines slightly used Some Lave not
been off our department floor, but all
are marred from being moved around.
Every one a most remarkable value.
2 $18.00 Drophcart machines . .$10.85
1 $23.0QD7opheadlnachirie . . . $12775
5 $30.00 Drophead machines . . .$18.00
1 $35.00 Drophead machine . . .$22775
3 $38.00 Drophead machines ..$20775
4 $50.CO Drophead machines $33.75 to $37.50
Terms, $2.00 down, $1.00 a week.
BurgaTaa Co. Tklx4 Floor.
of Women Will Come Here Satur
tha last day of tha wonderful
ceneographlc reproduction of
If you have not een It. coma
Saturday; you can't afford to
miss It.
Lectures every half hour from
10 A. M. to 8 P. M.. excepting:
between 6 and 7 P. M.
We trust you have enjoyed your
stay In the city and that the
niany attraction have met with
such favor from you that you
will always have a warm spot In
your heart for Omaha and an
ever-Increasing desire to return
iom future day.
Help one to recall pleaoant mem
ories, and our selection is very
attractive, both for sending; to
friends or to take home with
"Heet He In tha
Cricket Kamm"
Rear Main floor.
The "Cricket Room" Is a pleas
ant retreat these warm afternoons
where you can enjoy the cool
restfulness and light lunches.
We feature tor Saturday:
t;nu1n salt water taffies, lb ... lie
Old-fashioned raramot kls. lb.. 20c
Home-made caramels, l&o kind, par
pound lo
t'hocolat whipped Praams, 40c kirnt,
per pu mt . . . . 1 5c
Bargs-Taah C. Mala moor.
These $2 Matting
Suit Cases $1.25
EVERYBODY that travels these
days carries a matting suit
case, becautie they're handy and
easy to handle. These special
Matting suit cases, 2 4 -inch site,
leather boundv leather corners
and straps; also fibre cases, f 2.00
kinds, for each.
argaaa-Baaa Co. Foarth Tloor.
Doubtful If You've Seen Better Values
Than These $1 to $1.50 Parasols at 69c
IT'S a clearaway of our entire, stock of white embroidered and col
ored parasols, some with white ribbons, all sllkollne. etc. Newest
fancy and plain shades. You'll appreciate the value when you see
the selection.
Bargssa-sTash Co. Mala Floor.
We're All Ready For
The Vacationist
IN anticipation of Summer Ontino; requirements we offer
new modes of the moment at pricings that distinctly
emphasize this week-end opportunity.
A Timelv Sale of
I ORAL for lake needs, town and
country wear these pretty
summer frocks have tbit dis
tinctive smartness ordinarily
found only In much higher priced
dresses. All the most desirable
sheer cotton materials are Includ
ed; introducing many new style
7.QO riroonf 83.05
10.00 ilree
To be cloned out Saturday.
Light Weight Street
Suits Vs Price
EVERY economically Inclined
woman will appreciate the
marvelous advantage afforded her
in this wonderful sale. A com
prehensive assortment of smart
style suits. Including poplins,
serges, checked effects and a few
silk sulU will be offered Batur
dav at Half Price.
fUA.oo suit 812.50
;t.oo Kutu 814.75
B5O.0O Buiu 82-1. 50
White Golfine and
Yama Coat
$7.95 to $16.50
Tv KLIGHTFUL styles appropriate for lakeside, motor
xJ and general utility. Tl.ey represent, too, exceptional
values. The new fashions will find favor with all a roomy
coat comfort, a natty touch of braid, a certain smartness
and individuality mark these white wool and pastel coats
Italian Silk Jersey Coats, white, gold, rose, emerald
and all shades, $10.00.
Burgsss-ITash Co. Seond rloor.
These Leather Hand Bags at $1.95
Are From Our Lines Formerly to $5
XTOVELTY pin seal, dull pin seal, ecrusl, morocco leather bags, all
IN new shapes, beautifully made on German allver frames, self
leather handles, silk lined, every one has coin purse and mirror, some
have other fittings. Regularly worth up to 15.00; Saturday at fl.uo Co. Mala Tloor.
A Sale of Summer Footwear
Regular Price $3.50, $4, $5 and $6
f L'R July Sale brings wonderful
values in the new summer
styles In pumps, patent colt, dull
leathers, kid skin, satins. Every
pair in this sale regularly priced
not less than $3.60, $4.00, $5.00
and $6.00; choice of all, $8.15.
Just the kind for vacation and early school day wear a big saving
on good shoes.
Child's dull calf and patent colt strap pumps, were $3.00, for f 1.66
Misses' sixes, 11 V4 to 2, were $1.26, for
A big lot of misses' dull calf Instep and ankle tie pumps, Ooodyear
welt sole, sliea 11 H to 2, were 12.76, for I2.8S.
Child's white canvas button shoe, were 1 1.76. for $1.00.
Our best grade of white nubuck and canvas button shoe, regular
$2.00 grades, for XA.
Little boys' and girls' tan willow calf button, welt aolea. foot
form laats, sixes 5 4 to 11, were $2.00, for $1.50.
Child's and misses' white canvas and nubuck, button, Goodyear
welt sole, alxes to 11, were $2.00, for ft. 03. Bleea 114 to
were $2.60, for $l.un.
Misses' tan Russia calf button welt aolea, were $2.76, for $3.15,
Llttlo boys' valour calf lace and button, splendid vacation shoes,
were $2.00, for $l.nn.
All odd pair of black ealf lace and button shoes for boys, sixes
1 to 6. were $2.7 and $3.00, for $2.45.
Boys' patent calf lace and button dress shoes, were $3.00, for
Barg-aTaB Co. aeoaa Tloor.
For These, the Season's Biggest
Values in Silk Hosiery at
FORTl'NK favored us when we picked up this lot of superior quality silk
hose to sell for 69c. Every pair is pure thread silk, with high spliced
heels, double solos nd double garter tops.
They're the mill lrregulurlties or regular $1.00 to $1.50 qualities, but the
Imperfection are so slight you would not notice them. We consider them the
season's biggest end b nt ollk hosiery Values and that means something at Uur-
Black, white, bronxe, emerald, champagne, gray and other shades; some
have Hale tops and ellover silk.
Bnrgss-Wa Co. Main Tippy,
Remarkable Clearaway Saturday of Lingerie
Blouses That Were $1.00 at Choice for 50c
Mme. Isebelle
face powder,
60c size, 10 4
Can tin ox for
shampoo, 60c
size '-Bo
Pebero tooth
paste, FiOc site
for 2flc
Aubry beautlfl
er, 60c site,
for 33r.
shaving soap,
cake He
Dr. Graves'
tooth powder,
26c size . . . 14c
Vaucalr Galega
tablets, $1 size,
for 0c
talcum powder,
can llo
r a 1 in Ollvo
shampoo, 60c
size, for . .81c
Face chamois,
1 5c stxe . . .10c
Jap Hose toilet
soap, cake. . 6v
Hal Hepatic,
25c size. . . . 10c
Lydla Plnk
ham'a Com
pound . ..flic
Jad Salts. "!.(
size 4c
Selelleltz pow
ders, 25c size,
for 1 1 o
Sloan's lini
ment, 2uc bot
tle 17c
Beer, wine and
Iron, 1 pt., 42c
Hill's Cascara,
Quinine, 26a
size for . . 13c
Men tholatum,
26c size . . lAc
Household am
monia, qt., lftc
Peroxide, pure,
pint 17c
Borax. 20-Mulo
Team brand,
lb 0c
Borax Chips,
large package
for lttc
Sunt Flush, 26o
nlze ...... 17c
Fels - Naptha
oap, 10 rakes
for .100
llubber gloves,
76c kind... 30o
Hot water bot
tles, $1.60 kind
for 7Wc
Crepe toilet
paper, 10c rolls,
4 for U5o
Crepe toilet
paper, 6c rolls,
8 for Sc
Bath sprays, $1
kind for . .4l)c
Bathing capo,
60c kind .
Bathing caps,
T.'ic kind . .4lo
Bathing caps,
$1 kind . . tc
Co. Main Tloor.
Straw Hats to
YOU'LL find a reat variety of pretty styles in the collection
the broken slie assortment of our regular $1.00 lines. Voiles,
crepes, organdie and batistes, all more or less soiled and mussed,
but every one a most unusual value, Saturday at .Wc.
The selection Is an unusually attractive one. Including the aeason'a
very newest and most individual creation a. The materials are laces,
nets, Ueorgett crepes, chiffons and hand e.mboldered lingerie.
The prices were $5.S to $26.00, now 2.l7 to $13.50. Co. aWoond. Tloor.
SO THOROUGHLY dissimilar and ao infinitely superior to the usual
dollar waist, that they should not be contused with the ordinary
waist that sell at this low price. So great has been the satisfaction
from the wearing of these waist that many women, recognising their
real superiority and true worth have been buying them repeatedly.
Theee are the Justly famed Wtrthmor waists, and in this city can be
bought only at this store.
Bury -h P.. Main Tloor.
Here You Are Again, Men's
Shirts That Were $2 for 69c
Tllli broken lots from a big shirt rannu
fnoturer; every uliirt this season's pat
tern, neck blind, French cuffs, coat style, in
nrepes, madras and several other fine cloth
suitable for suinmor shirts. There
are all sizes represented in the
collection, from 14 to 17 neck
band. The values range up :o
$'2.(iO and at this price Saturday
it will bo to your advantage t'
buy your season's supply at GiV.
Men's Night Robes, 69c and 50c
Good quality muslin "Faultless" brand,
cut the usual length and fu lines of the
Faultless" Idea. Two prices, OBr and
Men's Foulard Neckwear, 50c
rioseu at tne euas, insuring eaiui
becoming stringy or out of shape. This new feature in light weight
silks should appeal to every man. 60c each.
Men'a Pure Linen Handkerchiefs, 15c. -
with white or colored borders, in Eicelda.'speclal Beturdayat 15c each.
Men's Silk Fiber Top Hose, 12Jac
Silk fibre top hose with lisle feet, imperfections of the usual 160 '
qualities, Saturday at 12)ic
Bnifsaa-Bssh Co. alala Tloor.
Boys' Suits That Were $10.00 to
$18.00, Special Saturday at $5.95
Ma.DE of the very best material, strictly hand tailored throughout,
blue serges and fancy mixtures, for ages to 18 years, values
. .... AA a. ( AM
$10. 'U to flK.uo. nai pru-o,
Boys' Hats, 39c
$3.50 at $1.00
MANUFACTURER'S sample line
Including the most desirable
of new styles, shapes and straws.
In fact you are certain to find the
style and kind of hat that Is best
suited to you and at a remarkably
big saving. ,
Men's Panamas
Men's Leghorns $2.45
Men's $1.&0 Silk Hats BI.OU
Barrss-aTaa Oo. Toarth rloor.
Rvar shane. atvl and Color for
the little fellows; a splendid line
for selection Baturaay,
That Include Values to $25.00
On Sale Saturday at
SPECIAL purchases bring about these very unusual values,
but in every instance the garments are up to Hurgess-.
Nash standard of specifications in fabrics, style and workman
ship. Every Korraent is strictly hand-tailored throughout--the
most favored materials, including blue serges some quar
ter, some half and others full-lined with silk, mohair and serge
lining. They're highly specialized suit?, designed to give the
fullest satisfaction and service. Every dominating fashion
idea, such a will please the discriminating young man, is
shown. They are garments to suit the ideas of particular
men, and the values are niovt remarkable.
Saturday We Feature Men's Tropical "Mandalay" Suits, $10
"Mandalay" Is the true clothing word of the hour. We have lots
of them. Cool, open and airy, In a wide selection. Made of fine wool
and linen material. All sUes and all colors. Sold exclusively by us.
Men's Palm Beach Suits at (5.00
Every suit is made of (tenuine Palm Beach Cloth, double cold water
shrunk stayed as every seam and double welt stitched. A suit made to
hold Its shape and it does. 8Ues 3$ to 60, for stouts, slims or regulars.
BarrTah Co Towrta Tloor.
Demonstrat ion
of ,4Neo" for
cleaning white
hhoes, 15c & 25c
"eve ryd ODYl
Boys' $1.50 Pants, 98c.
Knickerbocker ' style, for agee I
to II years, including blue serge
and fancy; were $1.00; QO
ale price IOC
New Wash Suits, to $2.50 Values. $L00
Clever new variations ot Oliver Twist and vestee style. There la
great big assortment of combinations of colors In plain and striped
effecta in blue, tan, brown, white all neatly trimmed with pearl but
tons and all nicely finished.
Boys' $2.50 Hats Saturday 69c
A Q assortment of boys' straw and wash bats, many styles, were
to $2. CO, now 0c.
BaxaMs-Vash Oo T.artti Tloor.
Men's Hand-Tailored Suits
We Develop
your films free of
charge v. hen an
order for printing
Is given.