Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 24, 1915, Page 6, Image 6

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A. Hospe Co.'s
and vou should see the people
have we had such a successful
sale. Every Piano must be
sold or ruined by dirt and dust.
s7 hi
Brambach Grand
In Mahotany Only.
Price $455
New Up-to-date
We hare brand new, denendable, guar
anteed new piano marked down tor
thle Remodelm Sale at tie. fist,
tsot, ft IS on ternia of
One Dollar Per Week
m in tti rr -vv j
..:-,Ul1 -
Kimball Upright Piano
In Oak. Walnut and Mahogany.
$265, $295, $345
Re finished Pianoa
Hospe, Mahogany $185
Whitney, Walnut $198
Wegman, Oak $223
Cable-Nelson, Mahogany, $223
Stcinway, Ebony $275
And Many Others.
Calle-NeUon Upright Pianos
Walnut. Oak nd Mahocany.
$250, $275, $300, $325
On mall Monthly Installments, 'Btool
nd Scarf Free.
Ghickering & Sons (Bos
ton) Upright Rosewood
Case ......'..$ 08
Weser Bros., Mahogany.... $145
Gilbert, Mahogany.. $150
Hospe, Oak. ....... . . ... .$150
Kremlin & Son, Mahogany $175
Kimball, Walnut $175
And 30 Others.
Chartered Trains Carying Conven
tion Delegates Fast Through
Omaha from Coast.
8peclal trains with private par
ties to and from California are pass
ing through Omaha every day, and
many of the tourists are . stopping
here for stays that are from a few
hours to several days in length: The
Shrlners of the east are now return
ing from their convention In Cali
fornia, and large parties are being
taken back In special trains over a
number of the lines. The Lu Lu
temple of Philadelphia passes
through Omaha In a train running
In three sections next Friday, there
being 411 Shrlners In all with this
one delegation. They are returning
over the Rock Island, coming from
The Aladdin Shrlners of Columbua, O.,
with 140 In their party, pass through
Omaha on their return. Tuesday. One
hundred and thirty people who are trav
eling" under the direction of the Oattls
Tourist agency pass through here, so.
Ins east, on August 2. They will arrive
at I p. m. and Inave at l:4t.
Boston et Week.
The Aleppo Temple Shrlners of Boston,
IV strung, are to so through here next
Friday, and over 100 people front Birming
ham, Ala., pass Omaha on their return
from Uie coast on the same date. A dels
tat Ion of New England Elks, returning
from Log Angeles, are In Omaha today
and four cars of Cook tourists leave
Omaha Saturday evening over the Mil
waukee for Chicago.
The Commercial Law Leaaue of Amer
ica, from Chicago to Pasadena, Is due
In Omaha at I 30 p. m. next Thursday,
with over 128 people. Thsy will atop half
an hour at the Burlington station.
The Milwaukee, Madison and Rock f or (t
delegates to the Bacnrerfest leave Satur
day evening over the Milwaukee on their
return trip, over too members being In
the party. Other delegates to the Baen-
gerfest are planning to leave Saturday
evening, but a large per cent of those
here are planning to wait until later, and
many are going to the coast before their
return home.
New Books
a. ... , ' -a
;i slit
IhrJirson Upright Pianos
$225, $250, $275
On 5 Pajments. Stool and Scarf
full Else. IS Note - '
at ......SHOO, 9350, $S79, $405
Terms, f IS to US' down! fS to
f IS per month. ...
A Urge variety to select from.
Flayer Rolls. 8c, 19c, 28c, 1 9c
The Art Stock Is moving fast;
off, H oft. 4 off. Is doing it.
A. Hospe Co.,
1513 Duugla$ Street
TltH ENEMY. By George Randolph
i nesier ana i.iuian uiieoier. i
Hearst's International Library com
imnv. Whisky is "the enemy" that wracks the
life of one of the two principal men
characters, threatens to destroy that of
the other and brings shame and sorrow
to a couple of good and devoted women.
There la nothing particularly new or In
genious In the story, for there are faw
people who have not at least one Billy
Lane among their acquaintances and a
considerable number who have known a
Harrison Stuart. It Is all. Indeed, quite
true, and as commonplace as tragedy so
often Is. It contains many effective
scenes and among the masculine part of
the dramatis personae are several well
drawn characters.
- t-anor Hallowell Abbott. (0 cents. The
Century company.
This story Is concerned with a conver
sation on a train from Montreal to Boa
ton, and Its chlof characters are a trav
eling salesman and a young woman, with
a young electrician to make an occasional
remark. It Is gay, whimsical and charm
ing a delightful hammock book.
Harrington Billings, to cents. The Cen
tral Publishing company.
A well told tale having as Its theme the
theory of reincarnation.
l.KT. By Willis George Emerson, tti pp.
tl.n. Forbes Co.
A novel of western life, laid for the
most part In Wyoming. ,
The plot starts out with a quest for a
lost mlns, but this Issue before long
becomes of subsidiary Importance to the
human story that gradually unfolds Itself.
The author has an understanding of men
and motives and the characters and In
cidents are true to the section of the west
of which he writes.
By Guy Thorns. $L Bully bUelntelch.
The eoene la the eaat coast of Brig
and the story tells of the extraordinary
and mysterious plot of a Oerman spy. Its
detection by an English schoolmaster.
and his attempt to frustrate It. A vivid
picture of lite In a submarine.
William queux. 17 pp. 11. bully A
The scene Is Belgium, the time of hap
peningduring the present war. The
story Is one of vivid human Interest
woven Into a background depleting the
horrors of the tragedy of Belgium.
cents. U. I . Putnam a Hons.
The book Is a fine, patriotic embodi
ment of a nation's spirit, as evinced by
the people at home, no less than by those
who are bearing the brunt of battle.
IN HOC VINCE. By Florence- U Bar
clay. Tl cents. U. P. Putnam's Hons.
This little story of a Bed Cross flag was
written for and first published In King
Albert's book. Founded, the author tells
us, on an episode which occurred aftsr
the battle of Mons. It Is. she says, "true
In Its mala details." and Is a rather ef
fective, brief aooount of how some
wounded soldiers, gathered In a municipal
building, were without the protection of
a Red Cross flag. There was no time to
get one, but there waa a way In which
one could be made, and though It waa a
decidedly unpleasant, even a rather grow
some thing to do. a youag English offi
cer accomplished the grim task, and pres
ently the tragic flag waa waving In the
G. Lrvlne. Zl pp. 11.26. The MacmUlan
Alice Is an engaging little heroine who
In spits of her youth displays a most re
markable ability in running the house
hold of the widowed Mr. Nudds, laborer,
and his rhtldren. How she manages not
only their affairs but those of the under
taker, the Insurance agent, the schuol
mcater, the keeper of the newspaper
shop, her own oixuher, as well as sev
tiel other people, is Mr. Ervlne's theme.
IXOni,krf. y K m me C. lmwd. 1.
Hougiitun-Mif f tin (u:uMny,
iKKMlks livos well up to his title of "The
Sunshine Boy." A poor little cripple, he
Is endowed with a cheerful temperament,
an anrelle character, a voice of surpass
ing sweetnese and a genius for music.
Moreover, he Is the possessor of a mar
velous mockingbird, bought In a dilapi
dated condition for the sum of 25 certs,
but which turns out to be somebody's
lost bird, valued at t. as, Indeed, a
bird ought to be which warbles from
start to rinlsh "Annie Laurie " and "Auld
Lang Syne." All sorts of delightful coin
cidences and happenings come to Doodles
and his family.
d Chamhrun. 3S pp. UK. O. P. Put
nam Hons.
The scene of the novel, after its open
ing at a New England summer colony
favored by the diplomatic circle from
Washington, Is laid In the nation's cap
ital, and Its two chief characters are a
young bride and groom, the latter an
Attache of the French embassy. The plot
hinges about a bit of mystery In his
csreer a few years earlier, and It la
with some skill that the author manages
the sly gr1p and furtive moves of the
womsn whose Ill-will he hss won and
who la determined to bring disaster upon
him and his young wife.
Hamilton. 325 pp. 11.25. George II. Doran
The hero Is a duke, young and charm
ing, but feeling himself forced to sacii-
flee himself for the family whose hAd
he hsd become. Longing for a girl In
EnKlsnd he raced through New Tork,
peered curiously at the Florid keys, all
the while trying to be true to his family
rather than to himself. A surprising, un
expected "miracle of love," not to !
guessed beforehsnd, made a delightful
sndlng to this romance.
SAENGER Home Folks Know that Brandeis Prestige
Commands the Best in the Market for the Least Outlay
Wash Dresses
Choice of a lot of Dainty Colored
Wash Dresses In smart good mod
els, daintily trimmed and of pretty
wash fabrics; values o no
to 15.00, at $Z.UO
Hot Weather Dresses
Smart lot of Wash and Hot Weath
er Dresses In pretty white and col
ored effects. The new striped and
Dresden pattern effect- a f rr
trelymade. Vala. to $10.
300 Fine Dresses From New York at $10.00
Just Purchased at 40c on the Dollar Worth up to $30.00
Fine nets, laeet. voile, create, inert, milhm and nnnw mntmrlaJm im nm, aJ
effective atyle shown thia aeaaon. Alao a number of pretty, dainty dancing frocka in ailka and
neta. The lot beggara deacription. All are proven good faahiona, but ever ao much leae in
nrifm. Wm arm nlnrtna fAm all tr m Ul 7 .. .. L ...... L M f rn
Special offering; of New Ice
land Fox Summer Scarfs, the
smartest novelty of the sea
son, made with the large
head, open mouth and
full bushy tail, fJjQ QQ
at DJ.a70
A Wonderful Oppor
tunity in Children's Fine
Wash Dresses
Choice of several hundred fine
dresses for children (2 to 5 and 6
to 14 and girls from 13 to 17)
at just half price. This will in
clude every child's colored or
white dress in our entire stock
that has sold at 13.98 and up to
$5.00 dresses, at. . . . . .$2.50
$7.50 dresses, at $3.75
$10.00 dresses, at $5.00
$12.50 dresses, at $6.25
$15.00 dretses, at $7.50
$20.00 dresses, at $10.00
Specially Selected
Lots of Wash Skirts
A wonderful lot of pretty skirts In
gabardines, cordeline, tf 1
ratine, etc., at. aj) 1
Special lot of smart skirts of good
wash fabrics, new girdles and
pockets, also new, khaki skirts
:r.wu?f..;; $1.50
Specially selected lot of fine
skirts, made of fine qualities of
imported gabardine, pique, linens,
ratine, etc., many in lot worth to
6.50, at
$2.98 and $3.98
Silk Jersey Coats
Choice of any of the Popular
Sport Coats with silk Jerseys In
all the good bright and light col
ors, values to 110.00, tc nfl
while they last, at $O.UU
Outdoor Shoes
for Outdoor People
Bathing Shoes and Slippers In colors, cork soles, og
Tango laced, all sizes, at, pair a3C
Sport Oxfords and Shoes for Women, white, buck, patent
leather or tan calf combinations or all .white. "t do . CkVt
All on sale Saturday, at.... V. . . . . .'uOeat0
First Quality Tennis Shoes and Oxfords, all white, with white
rubber soles, Lakeside Brand, fi or rj f ff
at, pair,. J 1 and ij 1 .UU
Children's Slippers and Roman Sandals, patent fQ
leather or dull, all sizes; worth to S2.00, at, pr.,. . . . 70U
Silk Gloves
Women's Long Gloves
worth to 89c, at.
These gloves are 22 Inches
long, made of a heavy quality
pure silk, double tipped, some In
black or white. Very special for
Brandeis Special Guaranteed
Silk Gloves Milanese sllkv dou
ble tipped, every . pair guaran
teed, regular price
$1, Saturday
Specials in Hair Goods
We offer some very attractive specials in Switches and
14-Inch Natural Wavy
Switch, $2 quality
Natural wavy Qrey s g
Switch, fS quality iJZ.4y
All around Transforms- sq
tlons, 3.60 quality epleUo
AU around Orey Trans- (fa nn
formations, 18 quality. p'feiO
Large else Real Hair nr
Nets, 2 for LoZ
We specialise In children's hair
Shampooing, Hair Dressing, Massaging and Manicur
ing. Appointments, made by phone.
Dainty Parasols
Ladles' Regular $1 Parasols In
all colors, one and two-ribbon In
sertions; some have canopy
tops, exceptional values,
at, each
Children's $1 Parasols In all
colors and combinations, about
H are silk, one and two-ribbon
Insertions, very (r
special at OjC
$3 and $4 All-Silk Ladles' Para
sols All colors and
shapes, special at . . .
Some Exceptionally Good
Hosiery Items
Women's Pure Thread Silk
Stockings in odd lots, black,
white and some colors, a few
are slightly soiled. They are
full fashioned with wide lisle
garter tops, reinforced soles,
heels and toes, good assort
ment, mostly all worth $1, on
large bargain square at 59 o
Women's Pure Thread Silk
and Fiber Silk Hose In boot
patterns and fiber tD the top,
in black and white orly. They
are full fashioned and seam
less with spliced heels, toes,
double soles and wide garter
tops, 60c quality at 35c
Women's Fiber Silk
Hose with fancy boots,
In all shoe shades, also
plain black and white
Hales, seamless with
double heels and toea,
26c quality, at 19o
Children's Silk
Lisle Hose, in black,
white and colors
with double knees,
heels and toes, me
dium weight, 25c
quality, at 15c
Men's Fiber Silk
Male Hose, seamless,
with spliced heels and
toes with double soles,
in black, white, tan and
gray colors, regular
25c quality, at 15c
Knit Underwear
Women's Kayser and
lisle, with cuff knee style;
quality for 59c t
Women's Lisle and Cotton
Union Suits Cuff and umbrella
styles, regular and extra sizes,
40c quality, at 29 o
"Cumfy-Cur Union Suits, silk
regular and extra sizes; $1.00
Odds and ends of well known
brands In Union Suits for boys
and girls, odd slses, worth up to
EOc at, suit, 19c
These Blouses Reduced for Quick Clearance
The best of blouses must part com
pany, and these values are nothing
abort of wonderful.
New Lingerie, Jap Silks and
Blouses, values to J 1.50,
at :.
Dainty Voile and Organdie
1 semi-tail-
also striped Tub Silk
Blouses, at
Crepe de Chine, dressy and semi-tail
ored Lingerie Blouses,
values to $3.oo, at. . . .
1,500 Middy Blouses, values n
to $1.25, at ; OVC
(Sizes 10 to 20, also 36 to 40.)
One group of slightly soiled blouses,
values to $3.50,
The Boys' Store
Boys' Wash 8ulta 1-3 to 1-2 off the regular price our stock is
still complete with all the new style effects. Billy Boy suits,
middy styles, various Oliver Twist styles, Vesta styles, Tommy
Tucker suits.
75c and $1.00 Suite at . . . . . 50c
$1.50 Suits at . ...... . $1.00
$2.00 Suits at $1.25
$2.50 to $3.50 Suits at $1.75
$4.00 to $5.00 Suits at ... . $2.50
600 Boys' Palm Beaoh Suits Wobby Norfolk styles. In q CA
plain colors or fancy strlpea and checks, all ages, at epJ3U
A Big Special In Blouse Beautiful aolsette blouses, Cfla.
the $1.00 quality, at : OUC
Splendid tailored blouses In vary Beat stripe effects, also plain white.
Other Specials in Our Boys' Furnishing Section.
SI. 50 Palm Beach Knickers at $1
?6o Boys' Bathing Suits at 39c
$1.25 All-linen Knickers at g5c
A Big Knee Pant Special.
$1 and $1.50 Pants at 75c
Blue serges and fancy mixtures, with plenty of them, every
slse 6 to 17 year.
Drugs and Toilet Needs
Peaipelaa Miaaei Cream, II
M.lba rase Pewaer. all eaeaae.
lea etee
Aaerr Sletere Dry Rouse, lee
ele , ,
M.loroee Beeety Create, lie
atoe lr
Medem lMtolt'a
Ctmb. tee et.
Leatrtll NaU roilaa, tie etae
cake :
White's Maaloere Tab
Ute. l mm
TwMtl. re ToU.t Water, Tie
Mm kettle
Maaem laeeeil-a Bath OU. lie
mm at
Swaa fowl Faee Fewaer. ait
eaedee, ea
I Black race Pew4.r, all
faeaee ,
araxxaL balk
4T11 White Keee Olrcerlae
Swap, cake
Preil4e ef Kjrdrosea, 14-lh.
Horllok'e Malted Milk, koe-
pltal alee i
Wlt.h Haael. full pint
Sloan I .Intra. Dt. lie alee
bottle lee alee
battle ,
Her-e Hair HMVlta, lie etae
Rubbar SbMtlns. yard Hide.
the yard
Ledtee Baaitary Deache mj.
rtug., epeclal
Automobile Chamele. resular
II I, at
Setdllts II la boa
I! far
Photo Supplies
R uter Braent IA Caviare,
lekae plotarae Itoalfc; eun
pl. te eperete. Macular 1
value, at
Ulna Qredualea
at ,
Ruby Lantarne
We de.etao rear
erdariaa PrtMe.
Som.thins n.w 4'4ceenpt Kuss'te-
vanilla, strawberry and C.
chocolate flavors
Snow Plaka Marehraallowe th. kind
you toast Saturday spa- l"t
rial, p.r Ik AW.
Cocoaout Klesae Aeaorted
Pompalao Bltt.r BwMta. assorted;
pure fruit and nut enter.; rsu
lar ; Beturday On.
special aiC
Try eur delicious Maple Ooofectlone,
aeaorted kmda, rasular OA.
10c; Maturday
Bwlaa Milk Btyla Chocolates,
IMl. fruit aad But t.nt.ts;
raular lci Saturday
Our Specialty. Our Own
1 lb. Mstlnee Clrl 29 O
Maraschino Cherries. H lb-25o
Maraschino Cherries, 1 lb..fOo
1 lb. Gold Medal Chocolates
for GOo
2 lb. Oold Medal Chocolates and
California Fruit, also Bon Bons
at $1.25
" Wallace Nutting"
Hand Colored Platinums
Through special arrangements with the publishers we
are showing a very large and most carefully selected collec
tion of "Wallace Nutting" original hand colored Platinums of
the interiors of colonial dwellings, and cool summery nature
prints, with all the wealth of detail and soft nature colors so
We have arranged a little room in our Pic
ture Dept., In true Nutting atyle with an
electric fan to cool you, where we are aure
you can epend a few pleasant momenta.
The most comprehensive collection you will see this sea
son. Mr. Nutting's own assortment.
Third Floor.