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"Wheat Market Halliei After Thnri
day Drop and Prices Advance
Half a Cent
OMAHA. Jul? cms.
Whoat was ilrtincw today. The wht
market, which ws very ni, gained a
T4M 7;V!
14 M
Ort la f.
I 12
I 22
t 9
t t2
14 72
I 27
10 on
14 40
14 hi
8 U
I 22
t 90
i n
14 47
14 3
I 17
14 M
t 224
Oah Prices Wheat: No. 2 red, new,
tl.llfil 1H4: No. 2 hard. new. IIIHslrlH.
Mo. 4 ye - i
orn: No. 2 yellow, tiKgMV;
low. wivr. onto: No
Choice Beeei Show Leu Decline
Than Any Other Kind of
Tleoelpt were: Valtle. fee. heep.
little toly, cwh wheat veiling Wc higher . standard. Kye: No. i new II
than yesterday a prices. "Barley, JVg Hmothy, V'.'tl &0. Cloi
New wheal shipments are Hunt, but It . waD.j, f'orU, 414 i. l.rd, $7.ir7
i iim4 m-in he hpLvv re
corral before the end of
1 expected th
eWpt of Cilia
the month.
Com recelj t numbered only thlrtv
elght cars; but the demand w Rood and
corn told nn hanged to 1c hl-her.
Ontl vrr prartlrnlly unchanged.
Country (hlpi'cr ar asking fur bid for
five .lays' shipments -if new wheat. th'J
Indicating the probability of a material
increase n the new crop movement In
the near future.
In addition to winter wheat crop tt la
expected that harvesting of spring wheat
will begin ti fr-outh Imkota and In Min
nesota In ten rlsys. Heorta of favorable
Weather for tnrcshing were received.
Clesrances were: Wheat and flour equal
to W4.HW bushels; corn, 8,000 bushels; oats,
STT.ono busheis. . ,
IJverpool Spot wheat, HSH lower:
corn. MfiSd higher.
Primary wheat receipts were WJ.ww
bushel and ihlpmente 24,Orn bushels,
galnat receipt of 2,460.0110 hushela and
ahlpmenta of 1.270.000 buahela laat V
Primary corn receipt were 44S,0nO
bushels and ahlpmenta ZJA.ono buahela.
against receipt of 442,Ono buahela anJ
nlpment of i.0r0 bushel laat year .
Primary oat recelple were 471,000
tushel and Hhlpmenta M9.000 buahela.
gainst receipt of bushsle and
Shipment of b23.000 buahela laat year,
Wheat. Corn. Oat.
Kmsas City
Tha following sales
.. 14
.. ft
.. 1
,. 70
were reported
day. Wheal: kg. J hard winter, 1 car
told). $1.H; IS car mew), 11.17. No. I
l ard winter, 1 car (old), 11.29; 1 car (newl,
81.14, No. 4 durum mixed. 1 car, l...
t.t: No. 1 white, t car. 49c. No. 4 white,
car. 4bVc. Sample, 1 car, 471c; IV, car,
Vc; car, 7Ho. Corn: No. 2 wnlle, 2
tar. Ttio; 1 car, 7Mc No. I white, X car.
oi 1 car. Tbo; 1 car, 7;.'4o. No. white.
1 car. 74c. No. 1 yelllw, 1 car, 71o; 1
car, 7Sc. No. 2 yellow, t car. 77c. No.
( yellow, H car, 7bo, No. 4 yellow, 1
car, 74a No. t mixed. 1 car, 7c. No. I
mixed. 1 car. 7tc; 1 car, 75c. No. I
mlxeA, 1 car. 7M4c. Sample, 2 car, .'.
Omalut t:an Prl-ea Wheat: No. 2 Tur
key. 11.17b l.m No. 1 Turkey, 1.1
lSlH; No. 2 hard. Il lW : No. S hard,
tl.lfw1.2"; No. 4 bard,'l .27; N.
rprlnir, l 27fll M. Corn: No. 2 whit. 7DV4ISJ
Hk-; So. I white, 7f.'.iri6ej No. 4 white.
74r75Hc; No. I whlt, 74W?5e; No. 4
white. 7474V4cl No. I yellow, W4f T7r ;
No. S yellow, 7147lc; No. 4 yellow, 7Vtf
No. yellow, 7uiS7Rct No. 4 yellow,
7f.Hi7c; No. 2 mixed, 7SV'"c; No. I
mixed, 7BHWMie; No. 4 mixed, 7rf
7f.Wic; No. t mixed, 7r7SV4c:. No. mined,
747SUo. rat: No. I white, 4BMHW;
tandard. WtiW'ir; No. I white, 4s;ff
4fc; No. 4 white. 48Hc. Ttarley; Malt
ln. (XUlc; No. 1 fee.1, Ki)'.H)o. Ky:
Ho. s. n&ooc; No. sr. mma.
A Sr T. I ' n I h I We.lneeday
tfriolal Thrw1ay.
Official Monday
u-h7KlT'.wVZ "??Vi!rJ. Ftv r thu. week..i.l
mir, raaea innunia. iiwh'ifc; ordinary
first, lVi KHc; firat, litrKc.
I'trTAloKH-ixiwer; rtctlt,
barreled. Il.2fAl.K0.
piing, lima'20c.
higher; fowl, m&c;
ll. "II
41 .a
Feat a re f 4b Tradlp aad f loalac
Price oa Board of Trade.
OHICAOO, July 2S Report that black
runt had bevun attarVIng the atem of
Wheat In South Dakota lvd to a quick up
turn today In the market her. Quota
tion at tha do were atronir, 'lo
lH)ve last night. Corn nalrw-.l S!V,o
ret, and oat VtdSo, In provlalona, tha
outcome ranged from 7Vv3 decline to an
advance of 6c.
Attention to black rust took first place
In the wheat pit th moment new cam per box
that a vital part or the plant waa ne-inir
attacked. All prevloti advice had been
that tha bllxht had touched only the
leave, aad that there wa apparently
not much causa for alarm If the weather
remained windy and clear. Today dis
patches, however, seemed to put a radl
railv different aapect on the situation, the
barveet in the field endanirnred being ten
Qaotatloa of the Day oa Varlaw
WHEAT Hnnt. firm: No. 2 red. Il.lMv
iMS and No. 2 hard, 1.2ffl., c. I. f ,
New York; No. 1 norV.ern, Ouluth,
I.12'4. c. I. f., Hiiffalo. Future, firm.
oepiemoer, nrm,
CORN H pot, trong; No. 2 yellow,
02V. prompt shipment.
OATH S.ot, firmer; standard, c; No.
t white, Kir; fancy cl1ped white, 4470.
HAY Klrm: inline, i.ilv; " o. I ..ioi
1.2TVj; No. i, I1.2JV,; No. t, $L11; hlppln,
HOP. Market steady; state common
to choice, 11)14. fjl3c; Paciric coaat, 1D14,
12WI: IMS, wilc
HIDRH-gteaily; Bogota, KxSftlc; Cen
tral America. Zfte.
LKATIIKK-KIrm; hemlock first, 3ic;
jeennria, "aJc.
PHOVIHKIN44 Pork, quiet; meaa, Hft.OO
fllft.oo. family, t71.0n22.0n; hort clear,
)!. 21 .hi. Heef steady; mesa, IIH'iotfJ.
Ift.bO; family, lift ttfum.m. 1-ard, firm;
middle weat, ft.aiH16.
IiU'l'TKK nteauy to llrm; receipt, 11.719
tubs; creamery i-xtraa, WVb'fiQ; first,
2iliV': second, 2:ii V4c.
KOOH Weak; receipts, 10.440 boxe;
frrali Rathrred extrna, 24-62!"c; extra first,
2i4'(IVic; firsts, lVVilc; second, VtW9
CHEKftE-Receipt, 4,222 boxe; state,
whole milk, flat and twin, specials, col
ored, 14V(i14c; white, 14f(14Hc; colored
average fancy, 14?)14c; white, M-UHo;
colored average fancy, 14 14Vfac ; white,
POULTRY-Mv. firmer; western chlck
en. broiler, 21c; fowl, lHo; turkey.
lKql2c; dreaasd Irregular; weatern mast
ing chlckena. froxen. 1.Hia222c; freh fowl,
Iced, lak&nc; turkey. lf.'(ilo.
PCTTKR-No. lTTlb. carton, 24c; No.
t, lb. tuba, 24c.
CHKKRhJ Imported Pwlaa, 850; Amer
ican Dwiaa, 24c; block Hwlsa, 22c; twin.
1Vic; daUlc. 144c; trlplel. MVic; Young'
America, INVic; blue label brick, 17c; llm
burger, 1Mb., 20c; New York white, 18c;
linMirtcd French Roquefort, 40c.
FIBH Trout. 15c; whlteflah. 12c; hali
but, Wo; channel catflah, 15c; herring, 70;
cod f I ah, l(ul2c; mackarel, 16c; sal mon,
BKkK CUTS-Rlb: No. 1, lhc: No. 2.
lsc; No. I, 17ao. Ixlns: No. 1. 2(Hc;
No. 2, liic: No. 1, 1ft'v,o. Chuck: No. 1,
HHc; No. 2, 11c; No. I, luc. Round:
No. I, lA4e; No. 2, r-Vfcc; No. , Un.
Plates; No. 1, ic; No. 2, l'c; No. t.
Fruit and vsgetabte prtces rurnlshed by
Olillnakt Krult comcsnv
PRl'ITS-Orangea, California velenclaa,
ia, IXa. 2M(. 2:4. 3s. (4.u0 ter box ;
California Valencia, 1ft", 44.25 per box;
California Valencia, 17t. 2uiht, 21a, HUH,
14.(4) per box. Lmona extra fancy Ool
den Howl, 3o0, stioa, R.u ptr box; extra
fancy Hunklst, Ikios, IN. 2 00 per soxi
extra fancy Red Hal!, !, 80, 24 CO per
box. Peachea, California Crawfords. 7fo
Mrt, tour Daasei crate, oq
dava Inirt week 13 fM2
Ham day 2 wk ko., .
Kame rtaya 2 wk ;o..14!7
riame dajsa 4 wka aso .1ft. find
Came Jay laat year... 11.2411
The following table sn tr receipt
of cattle, ho and sheep at t: outh
Omaha II v stock 'narket for the year to
date, compared with last year:
111!, 1DI4. Inc.
fttle &4H.W) 421.W1 11ft,4
"ok J,7H.-.,277 -l.6id.2ai 21.044
Khep 1.22S.404 1.221.271 1.14
The following; table how thn tverag
price for hog at the fo ith Onmlia live
atock market for th laat f.'W J-y. with
f 'ate. I 1R16.!llll4.'1lft.iiti? '
to twenty day off, leaving ample tlmo j Cantaloupe
a turn for the worse
"' .,,..1. '.-.. . 1. k, inn, .&., iMi t I B IT
for serious losses in onan atnHwpheiio Msopa Nevada Htandard. S.O0 per crate
r crate: t.ioerta. tour basket crates.
crate lot. 67Vko crate: Kllwrta. buah
ela, 11.2 er bu. ; Klberta. iO-buahel lot.
11 20 tier bu.. Plum, fiurbanka. DUo bet
crate. Pear. California Harllett. 2iV6
iier crate. Ulackbenlea, 24 nr. cases,
2(iO per crate. Banana, medium fruit
2.00 to 22.26 per bunch; Jumbo fruit,
Chanculnol and Port Umon, 4 per lb
I'oine, Ms, 22 25 por crate;
July 7..
July t.
July ..
July 101
July 11.
July 12
July 12.
July 14.,
July IS.
July 14.
Julv IT.
July is.
July 1.
Julv 30.
July 21.
July 22.
July 2ft
7 I 74 2 ftl I 4 21
1 nW 4 nt I ftV! 7 23
WHI g t
1SVV.I I 47
I 4 61
4 4 I 46
4 4 64
l I I 64
7 024 I CS
7 U I 761 2 2 7 1."-
I a 73 1 7 17
T Wl g 18 7 20
vt) si 1 m
4 7:, I 711 7l
t 77T I 471 II ftft!
4 ftH'frl ft ft Kt
1 ft?) 7 221 4 Sfil
1 7&j 7 lit
2 70( 7 241 ( r4
I Tl 7 M 7
I 74! T H 4 il
7 14
I 461
I ( 7 15
I 74 7 11
7 7
( 64 7 K
I 42J 7 'i7
.. 'J"
I I 231 7 43
4 20 I 211 7 47
4 24 S 24 7 7i
26 II 3r, 7 ft2
I t 281 7 83
law 1 1 11
I 4 24i I JS
4 Ul 8 26 7 74
7 23 4 331 4 28 1 7 75
4 371 8 21 7 70
7 26 1 4 S3 ft 4.1 7 ft
7 24
more than were received during the same '
nays a year ago. j nia is ine nriviFn
week since the early pert of March.
8ippllea were small at all point, and
partly owing to the Influence of en
couraging advice from other market
the lorl lamb trade cered a flat He
advance, bulk of the offering selling ,
at lft.00, a against 7.ftt yesterday. Thle '
mean that price are tedy with a.
week ago today. Quality waa fully a,
good as yesterday, and eortlng very light, 1
ome string selling almost straight. I
Old heep were In light aupply nd
the few her showed a good strong
tone. What ewe were here, a little
over a load, sold at $r.J5, the highest!
price pld o far this week. They i
were hardly a good a yesterday's 26 Km,
and were quoted a dime hllrher. Thera
were no yearlings of consequence on 1
sale, and only shout a deck of wether I
showed tip. These brought 24.00, tha I
week's high price on anything but ai
few head. Kwes are selling atrongerj
than at laat week' cloae and are Just 1
about as high a they have been for'
some time back. Wethers and yearlings';
are fully steady with laat Friday, but
they urrerel a bad slump last week
along with lamb, and current price
re from 60-n76c on wether, to I1.0nj
I t", on yearling below two week ago.
Quotation on aoeep and lamb: Iambi,
good to rholce, r.V8.00; lambs, fair to
good IT.4W7.ft6; lamb feeders. 27 0W7.SR;
yearlings, fair to good. 8.'.6Oa60; ewe,
good to choice, 5.25jr6.85; ewe, fair to
good. 24.76ft6.26.
Representative sale:
17c.liiM.ho lamb 71 S 00
1X2 Idaho Irurvt'S Tl 8 00
121 Idaho lamb 72 8
Ul Idaho lamb 70 8 Oil
) Idaho lamb 72 S 00
i23 Idaho lamb 72 ft 00
20 Idaho lamb 72 (00
I 8K 7 67
Receipt and disposition nf live atock
at the I nlon stock yards. Routh Omaha.
tor iwenty-iour Hour ending at 2 o'clock
p. m. yesterday:
cattle. Hogs. Bheep. lfr s.
8t. P
C, M.
n abash
Missouri Pacific... I
Union Pacific 4
C N. W east.. 1
C. N. W., west.. I
C Kt. P., M. A O.. ..
C, B. A Q., west... i
C R. I. P., west ..
Illinois Central
Chi. Great West.... ..
Total receipt.... 15
Cattle. Hon. Bheep.
.. in
.. 19
conditions sensed
Hmallcr world shipment, especially
from India, and th unfavorable outlook
for Fnvland crooa gave an aVvantntie to
the bulla. Healdea, showers were threat
ening In Illinois. Iowa and Missouri. Kx
port demand, though, failed to become,
urgent and In the last hour holder
showed a desire to realise profits until
just at tha close tha market tightened
VKniCTAl4li.l-4l,.l.tiire hnmeoomn
and southern, la per Hi.; ml. lettuce
11. V) er do.j pepper, Wc per basket;
If. lettuce, 20c 1oa; tomatoes, $1.76 pel
box; onion, wash., 2"o per lb.; celery,
36c per dox. ; cucumber, $1.75 per basket,
parsley, 860 per do.; wax and green
bran, 60c per basket; green pea, 60o
per basket; new beets, carrots ami tur-
I du. New potatoes, COc. r bu. Hwwet
Corn manlfetod tmvarylng trenirth 1 potatoe. 11.76 per hamper. Nut. No. 1
from the start. July led the ndvaive 1 walnut, IKc per lb.; filbert, lie per lb.!
and easily rose above 80c a bushel. The I Hratlla. 12'o per bl. ; pecena ,124c pel
lltfhtneas of stocks and the eool tempera-1 lb.; aimoml. zo per lb. MlscellHnous,
tur prevailing Kept tn snorts runnin; racKerjacs, .vi iier case. cornpop.
to cover. Oat mounted to th hitthent
level 1ne Mv. Demand from the sea
board was brisk.
Higher prices for hog nd gra'n atead
led provialona. On the soft sikiIs In tlv
market, pac ker iKiunht lard and ribs.
Closing price en option!
Artlclel Open. I High ' lxw, I Close, I Yes'y
Wheat 1 I I "
July. 1 H 1 1 ii t to
Kept. 1 03J 1 07W 1 KW 1 X, 1
Com II
July. 79T4 20 71r 80 78 H
Here is the ,
Opportunity YouVe
Been Watching for
A Bonutifully I(5atod
G-Hooin, New, All
Modern Bungalow.
$300 Casli-
Monthly Tuymenta to Suit.
This lionso is only V2 block
from car line; is on a beau
tiful lot; principal rooms iu
oak; brick fireplace, ce
ment basement and all mod
ern. Phone Douglas tSM today and will be
pleajn-u to send an automobile to bring
you out and Inspect this house. On week
oysrall Walnut 62 after 7 p. in.
- ...r, ;r . . . oV,,
Wondertul Minne
Lusa Soon on Sale
13.6 per cae. Crackerlack. 1.78 per hall
rasa. Cornpops, II 46 ir half case.
Peanut. No. 1 raw. 6o lb.: Jumbo raw
7c iwr lb.; No. 1 roasted. Ho jar Ib.l
Jumlio roasted, t par lb, Watennelon
ihc per in.
mib-ao. i warn ma. iso in.; rtinerta.
16c lb.; bratlls, lsto lb.; pecan, 12 'to lb..;
imonds, kj in.
M I8CKL1.AN rX)CS Crackerlack. $3.60
case; case, 11.76; cornpops, 83.26 rase;
H case, ll.Ui. I'eanuts- No. 1 raw, 4o lb.:
No. 1 masted. Su lb.; Jumbo, raw. 8o lb.v
Jumbo, roasted, loo lb.; salted, 813 can.
Honey, 4.ln) case Lime. 82.00 basket.
Watermelon, IVto lb.
Mlaaeapoll Grala Market. '
MINNKAl'OI.lS. Julv t WHK1T-
July. $l.S7,; Rsptember, 81.07V Cah, No.
I hard, linos; No. 1 northern, ll.40H'ir
1.4o: No. 2 northern. U.87H01.47U.
HRA N 1-1. 60.
CORN No. 2 yellow. WHtrrX;,
"A rrt no. a wiine, DSMrutiJC.
Kansas City tirala aad PratUUii,
2 hard, HX"ul 43; No. 2 red, tl 17Cfl 26;
July., bvptember, $1.02s; December,
CORN-No. mixed. 7c; No. 1 whit.
TSHo; No. 2 yellow, 7iVti79e; No. 8, 7c;
July, 7Stc; September, o; December,
OATS-No. I white. t23Ho; No. I
mixea. hHiJ4c.
St. I.oal 4rala Market.
ST. IH'l. July 22. W H K AT No. 1
red, 81 11(1 14; No. 2 hard, nominal; July,
tl.Oft; September. ll.OS-itil.04.
CORN No. 2, 81c; No ! while, 81Hc;
July. c: Beptember, 7S''ll'74c.
OATS Nominal: No. 2 while. t7o.
Liverpool tirata Market.
L.IVKRK)Ol., July 23 -WHKAT-Spot.
easy; No. 1 northern, Duluth, lis 7d; No.
2 hard winter, lis 7d; No. t Manitoba, lis
Jd; No. 8 Manitoba. 11 ikmI.
(offce Market.
NEW YORK. July 22. Th market for
rnffe future opened aulet at unchanged
price today, but eased off under scat
tering liquidation and trade selling, whl h
I seemed to l based on talk of free ret
1 Hraxlltan orferlngs and the accumulated
j Kunto stock. General business was quiet
)ea, Including exrhamcea, 23 .VM bag
Meptamber. 4-i7c:
ber, 8tc; lcemtr
February, 4
Th largest addition ever platted bar March, 4 Vk; April, 7.09c; May, 7.!0c; June.
wi i oori ie on sm e. o .i.i&c.
Rlo No. T, T"c
KCH &AIK or nut: tra( kag build hi . t'. Ju,le,,: ma. T"'0 NO
11th and Steward. l,,xSL lili K 0e. t oat and freight offering wer
Runt Ht.
Sealed proposal wOl be received at
Ltj.colu, Ntbraiika. by the Board of Kdo
callon, Ntbrssiia fctate Normal tM-hool
vw until ten o'clock a. m., August 4, ln,J,
fur tb rctton of a brick and stone
auditorium lur th Htat Normal kVhool
stX Kearney, Nebraska, In awcordaaoe
with piaus and cpecKlcatkinr prepared
by J. 11. Crsddock. Architect, Room 12,
Continental builduiir, Omaba, Nebraska,
Ths board of bducaiioa, Nbrsska
fct' Normal bchoola, will also rwieWe
proposal fur the heatlbg, plumbing and
tlt-.tilc wiring for above building, ac
cording to plans snd specifications Pre
pared by the architect, up until In hour
and ".n i a tibove namel.
all bli mu.t be aoompanled by a cer
tified iiik tor rive tit per cent of th
full amount of tld, peyabl to U.
L. Hall. Mat Treasurer of Neuraska.
Ti.e liuuti itwrrn the riul.t tu accept
ry or r-jt any or all blua.
..oed by thw 1'resldi-ot snd th Secra
leiy of the Hoard of Education, N
B(i.e "Isuiu.! b-buijL Jx-jdUt
reported about unchanged, but there wer
further rumor that Hrasll wa accept
ing bid at light concession. No rhang
waa reixirted in the rale of Rio em-hangs
on Ixmdon and lullrela price were un
changed. Metal Msrk't.
offered at t 65; spelter, nl quoted.
Copper: Market easy. Ueclrolytlo,
tlKtwO 14.30. Iron' Market quiet sni un
changed. Tin: Market easy; t34 8.)4.75.
At Ixtnnon: t opper. Kit, a. 74 10s;
future. A'76 12 4d. Electrolytlo, 1.
Tin. spot, sT 162. 10s; future. lo0 6.
Antimony. S.12S. Lead, A34 10a. bpalter,
Morrl A Co
SwJft & Co
Cudahy Packing Co,
Armour V Co
8chwm It Co
J. W. Murphy
K. P. Co
Cudahy. from K C... 74
8. A K
F. B. Llw '. J6
Huston & Co 87
J. B. Root A Co 81
Werthelmer Degen.. 107
Rothschild AV Kreb.... 2
Mo. & Kan. Calf Co.... 1
Huffman 4
Roth 1
John Harvey 20 '
Other buyer 87
Total 647 6,867 4,232
CATTL.K Receipts were unusually light
for a Friday, th sharp decline In prloe
tht week evidently causing shipper to
hold off with their cattle. What few beef
steers wer Included In the offering want
st suratanttally Bteady figure, but value
In general run anywhere from 20o to 6oc
lower than at the cloae o( laat week.
Htrtctly choice beeves, both heavy ad
light, have been hurt least and prime
steer would still bring the even money,
110.00. Bulk of th dec-Tin ha been reg
istered on th half-fat and warmed-up
cattle that ar now selling from ls.76 to
while the grassy grade selling from
to 88 60. ar very uneven and uncer
tain gollers. Liberal receipt and bad
lieef and cattle market la th east are
responsible for tho slump In value thla
week, but tlier I atlll a healthy under
tone to th market as far a finished
beeves are concerned.
The market for cow and heifer wa
quolably steady today and price hav
nut shown much change for the week.
Supplies of h stock hav been compara
tively limited and with a good demand
from toth local packer and outside ship
per th trade ha been in fairly satisfac
tory hp all week, although bulk of the
fir as stock I selling right around 60c
ower. than ten days or. two weeks ago.
veal calves, bulls, stag, etc., hav found
free outlet right along and price art)
much the same a a week ago.
There wer several load of stock cattle
nd feeding steer her today, but they
met with a eery Indirrerent demand and
prices were sofewhal lower than recently.
Quality ha been a potent feature In the
trade this week and while prims offering
hav founa a ready sale at very strong
prices trend of values on the medium to
common atock Is lower and the feeling
In th trad I rather weak than otherwise.
- Quotation on cattle: Good to cholo
yearling, 89.0uifl0.00; fair to good year
ling, i.0mi! 00; good to oholoe heavy
beeves, 8.04j10.14; fair to food corn fed
beeve. M.6c4i.60- common to fair corn
fed beeves, 7.?5A.tO', good to cholo heif
er. !7.00iflM.76: good to cholo ted cows
t4.60tf7.60: good to cholo a rasa heifers.
K'. 60fl7. 26: good to choice grass cow, 84. Ou
4X4.75: fair to good cow, sa.nout.uu; com
mon to fair cows, 84 lVt6.60; good to
cholo feeder, 87 4OST8.20; fair to good
feeder. 24.6Kf7.60; common to fair
Blocker. t6.Wo4.60; stock belters. f..7frij
t.00; stock cow. 8o.60itr4.60: atock calves,
rVOOia.7.60; real calves, !
bulla stag, etc, 86 6OJJ7.B0.
Representative sales:
COW 8. .
Ne - "t.v Ha
U M IK 2
4 71 1
in l
i m i
I w
IN 1
114 I
HOOH Receipt were moderate for a
Friday and wer th mallcet of th
week- to date, only about eighty-three
cars, or 6.i0 head being reported in. The
five day' run foot up 40,740 head, a
against 22.074 last week, 87,221 two week
ago and 40044 a year ago. - -
Khlpper hog ld fully to higher and
bi'yer quoted them a much a 6ti'10c
hlhrr. They ranged all the way from
to. 66 for butchcr-welght atuff to a4 high
aa 87.60 for beet lights, cteveral bunches
reached this latter figure, which was th
highest price paid.
Packers trade waa slow In starting, but
once under way, moved nlong In fairly
lively fashion. Prices were fully a nickel
above yesterday, and possibly more than
that In spots. The most advance was
noted In the In-between kinds, on which
packer and shipper could com Into
competition. Narrow bulk of the killing
hog sold at ttl.tvvn4.76, with a sprinkling
aa low as 21.60. and some of tb most .1c-
slrable ones over ti.7a. Ther wa a fair
apt Inkling of shipper all the way up.
and a pretty suowing a nin as
27 if. the iay' top.
So far th! week shipper hog are
around a Cline off, while packer ahow
declines of fttVUc. There has been a
spread ef 11.00 or more between th bot
tom and top all week, and a I usual
when prices show such a wide range
things ha' been very uneven all
through. Ilea vies have prohably ahown
the moat decline, aa buyeia have bad
little use for thwia at any time, and as
a rule, thev wer th last hog to IL
Representative sales:
. 44
,. HI
. 14
l.00.7i, fat
At. Ft.
.14ts) I Ul
.110 I M
in o
4 II
I 11
Cattle Rteadr lloga Bteady.
ceipt, 1,10 head; market steady; native
beer cattle, 24.40jri0.36; western ateera,
r.omfr.20; cow and heifer, 23.iMr3.26;
calves, IT.OOrfj 10.60.
HOOH Receipt. 11.000 head: market
teaily at 6o advance; bulk. 84,70.86;
light, I7.tor, mixed. 26.7ya7.70: heavv.
84. 404(7.36; rough, 6.i;i.hl: pigs, .7n4i'7.0O.
HHBKP AND IAMBS Ret-eiDts. 2 0U0
neao: market, ruin: slieeo. . ni. ,h:
lamba, lti.0ii.20.
St. I.oals Live Stock Market.
ST. IMHS. July 22 CA TTLJi-Re
ceipts, 700 head: market, steady; native
oeei (teer. yearllmr. steer
and heifer. 2H.0iKriS95; cow. tO.OOu'S.lJi:
stocker nd feeder. fi.Oifrtj.a: southern
teer, t6.afya4t.K5; cow and heifer. 84.00
j" no; native caivea, -aa niyiajt).
nous Kecelpts, 4,300 head; market,
higher: pig and lights, t7.a6ti7.8o: mixed
nd butcher, t7.407.80; good heavy,
87.4tKff7.4i.. .
HHBEP AND UAMBS RecelDt. 1.000
head: market. teadv: c Honed mutton.
tf..ooR 25; lamb, t7.6wa.26; clipped lamb.
Kanaa City Live Stock Market.
iteceipts, duo bead; market, lower; prime
iea steers, stt. isrio. iu; aressed beer
steer. t8.5ofa.70; western steers, t7.2wfi
.: cow. H.0"l7.a: neiter. rr.owiO.M):
stocker and feeders. 2.50iS,76; bulls,
2fi.7R(i6.7B; calves, 2fl01810.25.
nous KecelDta. s.WM) head: market.
blither: bulk. 27.2b&7.60: heavy. 87.M-
7.3T.; packer and butcher, tt0&i.Ui
ngnt. i,.2.tu-i.mi; pins, r,, ai.
BHEEP AND L.A M B8 Receipt. 1.600
bead: market, 10c higher: lamba. 87.3.V?
7.76; yearlings, 8 4047.00; wethera, t4.0Ci
4.76; ewe, $o.604l.50. .
St. Joseph Stoek Market.
ST. JOHRPH. Mo.. July 21. CATTLE
Recelpta, 300 head: market wreak: steer.
17. W-u 10.00; cow and heifer, t4.2&i30.75;
calve, I7.60&9.60.
HOQS Receipts. S.OOO heed: marknt.
higher; top, 17.60; bulk of aalea, I7.l4
tHBEP AND LAMBS Receipt, non;
market, nominal; lamb, t7.26r7.75.
Rloax City Llv Stoek Market.. '
SlOtrX CTTT. a.. Julv 29. CATTT.FV-
Receipt. 800 head ; market firm; cow
and net rem, 16.00y.2&; calve. t. 0000.00;
bull. t4.7rvg26.
HOtw Kecelpt. 8.600 head: market 6Vf
16c higher; heavy, 17.0007.60: mixed. 84.60
(j7.00: light, K2TW.60: bulk. tiO&7.00..
BrtJiltP neceipia, WD beaxx
Lire Stock la Sight.
Receipt of live stock from th flv
principal weatern markets:
Cnttle. Hogs. Bheep.
Pouth Omaha 260 6,6"') 4.700
Hloux City i0 8.600 600
Chicago LOW) 11.0iO 1,000.
Kansas City 600 8.600 1,600
Bt. Louis 700 4,300 1.000
Totals t 8,000
S7.W0 t2&a
II ..
Dry Gwaaa Market.
Cotton good wer teadier and more
active today. Yarn were steadier and
wool market firmer, lu.rlxp pik-- have
been broken, (.-tton closed steady at a
net advance of 7 to points.
KTssrs)s4 A spies sal Drleg KraMa
API'I KS-O'ii. t and easy.
1.R1M) KRl'IT-IVune. firm; apri
cot and peacun. quiet; ralslua, steady
M ...
ti ....
..IT I
h. rr Ns. At. k. rr
M I 49 it Iti I
R III 1 HI ... IS
... I U M Ul II II
... 4 W . 114 ... IS
M I II '- 4 1 IS
St) I 4 Tl til lit 1 IS
... 14 41 lM ... ? It
to 4 t at. IH ... 7 15
U I TO 71 lvl 19 I M
... I ;t u t it 1 m
41 4 H II. t; ... 1 U
M I Tt I Ill ... t 4
1 IN II Ik ... I 4S
H 4 M Tl !" N IH
rub " - ,M
... Hi
BHEKP A compared with mnt re
cant rrldaya, auppliea were light, and
toilay rua of sixteen oar, or about
l.iut) had, was th smallest for any
day except a Saturday sine Juti 14,
which mean that It wa tha lightest
since rait lamba began to coin In
any number. Total for th week to
dat amount to 1 head, being l.OuO
larger than laat week, 14 0o heavier
luea two week ago,
General Sltaatloa Maintain It
Favorable Aspect. v
NEW YORK. July 23. Dun's review
will aay:
A.part from the development of further
labor controversies the general gltuatlon
maintain It favorable aacepta. Recent
settlement of the trouble In the build
ing trade In the west had been followed
by the adjuatment of the local clothing
trlke. but freah disturbance have arisen
here and elsewhere, notably at oil plants '
in New Jersey. Difference between em- j
ployer nd wage camera, however, hav
not yt sufficiently wide spread at to aeri- I
ously Interfere with the progress of man- I
u fact u re and distribution, although tha
unsettled condition make for Increased
conservation In some direction. It I
not the aeason for the tide of bualne .
to rise, but there are Indication of a 1
well sustained volume of transactions In ,
various commercial and Industrial line 1
Not the leuei)Knlflnt of these 1 th
steady upward trend of commldlty price
Most product are gaining tn value be
cause of tbe urgent foreign demand, but '
in aome instance domestic consumption
Is also broadening. Except for essentially
hot weather merchandise recent high
temperature had th usual effect of re
tard'ng the retail movement, yet bank
clearings at nutslde cities this week wer
a'aln slightly tarter than last year
while with New York Included the gain
of 8.8 per cent. Return of railroad earn
ings do not make the satne favorable
comparison, but the are gradually In
creasing. I - -' - I
' Local Stock aaal Beads.
Quotations hirnlsktd by Bums, Brlnksr A Co.,
441 Omsha Nallou) bank building:
Stocks BI4. Aiksd.
A wer ian Sawlter Ssrvrltles. ptd. A:. 14 M
Burgess-Nxh 7 r esat pf4 W4 l'
Itsnk ot Floreae 20
riser a Co . pM SO m
PoiutUa Haisl I4., bonus 7
rxMUs nr-s Mfs.. pta so
Pslratont Crssmsry 7 per sent, pf4.. I'll 1st
Kslrmsnt OesnMry to., eorn 1254 DTUj
Hsrsld P' I pr eeat pfd Hit 1M
IJnroln Tra.-tlna, p(d , t. 4Uj MUj
IJnrols Tsl. tt) . eora , . T-
Omahs . B. t Rr., pfd 7114 "
Omsh Nstloasl Bsnk ISO il?4
flsunosrs-Ksnnsdr Bldg., pit 1M
ats,art-W'snr RpsedosnsUir, eora..;. ST - 1714
1 ndlks nraln, coot
Inlon Stock Tsrd Stock
Pemr., Nb . Wstsr Is
1 Hi . Nsk.. Vnnlclnsl U.. tM.
lXnnr Oltr Tram Co.. Is. 1.I. ... It
Par Tr. Tsrmtnsls C. .ts. 1V14.... f (114
Iowa Rr. lit . itt M 4
gnos Cwintr. T.B . I per esnt, 19. . 101 lot 1
t Inrola 1A. , Heat as Power. Is.... M
Mlnasapolls. 4Vs 1 lot 1st
New Klate Tslsphoas Is TO M
f.m.hs Wstsr. 4k,.. 1M1 10 KUV4
tvsna C. B. Kt My., la, 1M ... S4 MV
Omaha KVwsra. s. 1ST let i4
Omshs glerlrl. U P. OY H4 H
atoux Cilf Stock Yds.. Is. 1" tt tl
HI Joseph. Ho., ftvhool. coi ... list 44 1ol tt
tintTsrsltr Plsos ., 4H. "
WloStui Vats Stack Yds.. Is. 1M4.. N 104
I anlos StooV Msrket,
IX)NDON. July SI Canadian Pacific
waa tb feat ir In th American section
of th stock market. The stock was ac
tive and k. Th rest of th list closed
dull but steady.
pnvKR-Htr, tiad per ounce.
JHONKV-'WU re' cent.
plgOOCNT RATW-Short bills. t per
rent; t months. 68.Vi par cent
latsr Market.
ncmlnal; centrlfus-al. 4 88c; molasaea 4c
refined, quiet Th futur market wa
teadv st noon with pr'eea unchanged
from y st-rday. R-w sugar nia ket closal
dull; centrifugal offered at A7"o and Itvo
bs sugar at t.OOc
ti MS4
101 Tt lns .M
('Its Market.
NKW YORK, July 28 COTTON foot
market, quiet; middling upland. 12-c;
no aalea
UVtitPOOU July 22. COTTON-Ppot
In fair d-mami prices eajy; good mid
dling. 4.U: middling, lllti; low middling.
aad over b,oj0 j t".d. fcalo. k.uui bsUea.
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