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    Tllil mKi OMAHA, FttlPAV. JULY 23, 1915.
Erent for Two-Klna Trotter at
Clerelutd Brings Out Seal
Talent of Country. y
CL.EVEI.AND, O.. July n,-TheOhio
stake for tm trotter, which brought out
the real trotting talent of the country
for Its first 19H brush, was the feature
of yesterday' grand circuit prof-ram at
North Randall.
Peter Bcott, Tommy Murphy's $30,000
beauty, took the honors, but waa given
a real battle by PMer McOormick. rot
' lowing th third heat protest was mads
to the Judges that Dick McMahon, driv
ing King- Clansman, had aided Peter
Bcott to nrln by letting him out of a
packet and forcing Peter McObrmlck
Me by so doing, but no action was
FJvery on of the twelve heats on' to
il ay's card went. In better than t:0G.
In tha opening event Lou Jennings,
fresh from a string of victories on the
big half-nil tracks, annexed first money,
but waa forced to step tha second heat
in t :06 to beat Guy Net la,
Blngen Pointer, tha favorite,' was an
rasy winner In tha 1:15 pace. In tha 1:09
pace, however, tha talent received Its
hardest bumping of tha week, Fred W.,
tha favorite, falling to push his pone
in front until tha third mile. Major
()ng showed tha way In the other two
Trotting, 1 11 class, purse H.M0:
Ijoii Jennings, br. m., by Todd
(Brennan) S 1 1
Ouy Nella. b. m. (fleers) 1 8 S
Laramie Iad. b. g. (McDonald) 4
Time, iT4. tM.
ImIu T.umine (Murphy), "sir Virginia
Co. Pass All (Colburn), John R, Dillon
(Andrews) and' Baby Dolla (Qulnn) also
Padng, 1 15 olaas, purs fl.JOO:
Blngen Pointer, b. h., by King Bln
gen (Snow) 1 1 1
TJilly Lav, Nk. g. (Soiree) S t I
Uella E., b. m. (McAllister) 7 t
Time, !:, I:06tt, l:(V
Jean (Murphy), Vsndola (Powell), Ra
Heart (Valentine). Crescent eltmmont
(McMahon) and Prestolttw (Qeera) also
Trotting, 1:08 class, Ohio stake, value
Peter Bcott, br. h., by Peter Tha
Great (Murphy) 1 t 1
Peter McCormtck. Wk. h. (Schuler)..! 1 I
King Clansman, br. h. (MoMahon).. 4 I
Time. 2:0SH. 1:06. 1:07.
Worthy Prlnc (Cox). MeCloskey (Mo.
Ponald), Alabama (Qulnn) and Ussie
Brown (Andrews) also-started.
Pacing, 2:0ft class, purse $1.:
Ma.lor Ong, b. g., by Major Gants
(Murphy) 11 4
Fred Wk, b. g. (White) !. I 1
Tredel, b. h. (Ray) .6 t 1
Tlmo. Jt04, 2:06. 2:08'i-
Altawood (Valentine), Aconite (Cox),
Symbol Meath (McDonald), Fleeta Dillon
(Schuler) Ruby K. (Dempeey) and Kred
Russell (Herzy) also started.
. PKORIA, HI.. 'July It -Illinois repre
sentatives of the contest board of tha
American Automobile association today
issued a sanction to tha Chicago Motor I
Tfvi m mj car m ma.icn Kuwmouuf rmjce
between Dario Reata, winner of tha first
annual automobile derby at Chicago In
June, Ralph Da Palma, winner of: tha
1!)13 Indianapolis 500-ratle sweepstake
Omaha business men will be materially benefited by the rate reduc
tions. ' '
No other form of lighting is so serviceable to the business man, so
adaptable to his needs and so valuable as an advertising feature as
; Our special store wiring plan with deferred payments is proving
very popular. , -
Maximum lighting rates have been reduced approximately 49
lace, and lismey Old Meld, Ihe tsoted
California dilver. Tlie race will be bald
on Saturday. August T. at Cht.ago.
The race win b over a dlstan-e of K4
miles for a pvrs of ts.50-1. .
Sears' Pacers Kace
Well at Tekamah;
Aro Full Brothers
TEKAMAH. Neb., July U 8jeolal
Telegram, r Two Omaha horses, full
brothers, both owned by Judge W. O.
Sears, were contender in two paotng
races hers . today, and each made the
winner step tha fastest mile of tha con
test In which he waa engaged.
They were Shadetine and Charlies, both
being by tha former Grand circuit win
ner. Shade, on t&PA. now dead, and" out
of tha great brood mars Lin a V., 1:17,
which waa by a son of old Daniel Lam
bert, lot Both are entered In tha races
to be held at Omaha August (, and T.
Bhadsltne la a veteran, but his younger
brother, which la a green horse, forced
Brown Betty In tha first heat of the
l:tS paoa to step In I:1I. the season's
record In Nebraska In a slow class paoa,
while tlie fastest heat In Madeline's
race was MS. Brown Betty was after
wards drawn.
Tha second dsy of tha Tekamah meet
was one of tha best In tha history of
tha local association. Tha day waa Ideal
and tha track waa In excellent condition.
Tha attendance waa large and soma of
tha best and most closely coo tested races
ever seen In Tekamah were presented.
Pace. 1:23 class; purse. M:
Joele Kntght, g. m., by Twelfth
Knight (Warren Dennle) 1 1 1
Van Sickle, b. e (Bert tmarl)..l lit
Charllne, b. g. (W. O. Sears).. .-3 1,4 4
Kara, ch. g
Louie Mack and Brown Betty also
sts rted.
Time: l:12i. I:14. t:14V:16.
Trot. i.M class, purse eWO:
El Bell Maden, b. m., by Bell
Maden (F. K. Ward) .11 1
Charm King. b. m., by Norvei
King (not shown) ................ 4 I I
Blllv Murray, b. g. (F. ft. Jenkins). 14
Booetous. Kitty Red And Great Ivan
a1"0 started.
Time. 2:20. Mil.
In the flve-elghths-mlle run Stalby won
first money; purevs IM. Time. 1:0. IS class, mine S0:
n u v w Kv Hlilv
Houston (8. Bonfleld) 11
Bhadellne. ch. h.. by Shade
On (W. U. Bear l its
M. T.. b. g., by Conrad (Arch
Adrian R- b. s.. bby Roc
b. s.. bby Rock-
terfly I I 1
well W
Cecil Boy
Joe Joe
Uh.H, RutteeflV
o.ll.nt rnnatantlne t 8
Time, Z.Vi. l:ut. s:i. '.un-
Arimtre Defeats Gordo.
GORDON, Neb.,- July 3. (Special.)
In one of tha most exciting and hard
fought games aver played In this sec
tion of tha country, Ardmore defeated
Gordon In the second game of their
series by the score of 7 to 4, Score:
Ardmore ...0 101014 O-T
Gordon 4 441010 1-4
Batteries: rwilson and Gray; Olden berg,
Rock and Burks.
dbnditionof LeoM. .
Frank Unchanged
condition of Leo M. Frank, whose throat
was cut last Saturday night by another
rconvlct at the state prlaon farm, la un
changed, prison officials s:ated today.
New Maximum Lighting Rate. 8 Cents
Business Lighting
Will Be
Much Cheaper
Export Dutiei on Fooditaffi Sent
Out Collected While 'the
V Ptcple Suffer.
WASHINGTON, July 82. ln
report to tho Wsr department todtr
on effortg to relieve, famine condl
t'ons In Mexico, Brigadier General
Devol, general manager of the Amer
ican Red Crow, declared that while
noncombatanta were Buffering tor
want of food, .military leader of
both the Villa and Carrem tacUona
had reaped a harvest from export
taxes on Mexican grown food pro
ducts shipped into the United State.
"Both Oeneral Hernandea and General
Villa," said tha report, "prohibited tha
purchase of food supplies In Mexico for
relief of tha Mexican people stating that
any such supplies must be purchased
eutslde of M si too. The reason given Is
that tha food In Mexico Is required to
feed tha Mexican soldiers. Tha real rear
son, m my opinion. Is thst there Is a
military export tag or. In other words,
that a charge on all sxportatlons amount
ing, on tha northern border, to .M00 to
MO for each car that crosses the border.
This money la paid direct to tha military
Coat af Baahel af Cara.
"For Instance, at the time supplies
were being purchased for Monclova,
three carloads of corn could have been
purchased on the Mexican side for
So. per bushel; tha actual supply, eost
the Red Cross Wc per bushel. Tha dif
ference In the prlea per bushel Indicates
tha amount of revenue accruing to tha
military authorities from export products.
Relatively the same difference applies
as regards beans.
"There are still large quantities af food
supplies assembled In various parts of
Mexico and held by tha military author
ities and not permitted to reach tha peo
ple. .
At the present time there may not be
any actual cases of starvation In Mexico.
The t Mexican people can live on little or
nothing and when driven to It can sub
sist for some time on cactus and other
plants. .There Is in nearly every part of
Mexico, destitution and constant misery.
People outside the military factions sub
sist? only by suf franco and only when
permitted to do so by tha military lead
ers. It Is evident that not 50 per cent of
a - crop has been , planted generally
throughout Mexico.. Continual suffering
obtains and Is growing worse from day
to day." v
Oeeapy Nice la Mextea.
WASHINGTON. July 22.-OooupaUon of
the Mexican side of tha town of Naoo,
on the Mexloo-Arlcona border, by Car
ranxa forces, waa brought to the atten
tion of the State department today by
Secretary of War Garrison with tha rec
ommendation that the Catranaa - com
mander be requested to withdraw In ac
cordance with the agreement entered Into
last winter that there should be no fight
ing there. No action had been taken to
night by the State department.
The situation at Mexico City and sur-
rounding territory continued today to
Lighting Builds
arouse apprehension In official quarters
here, ne direct word having been received
from tha capital since repor'a yesterday
that Zapata's forces had re-entered the
rlty following Its evacuation by Ueneral
Circus Children
Have Their School
A temporary kindergarten w 111 be es
tablished here nfxt Monday. It Is the
school of the Barnum A Bailey clrcua
The youngsters of school sge, as com
monly accepted, who are connected with
tha great traveling social aggregation
that makes the human elenvut of "the
greatest show on earth" attend dally
school exercises and learn dally lessons
just as do the other kiddles who live In
houses and don't wear tights and span
gles. There are half a hundred boys and
girls, actual or adopted sons and daugh
ters of tha men and women performers
or attendants of the circus. Mrs. Kmma
TaJhot, "mother" of the big Institution.
Is their schoohnlstreiis. rthe organise
her clsaa at tha beginning of tha season
In Madison Square garden, New Tork
City, and gathers her pupils about her
every afternoon when the crowds have
left tha "big top." Mrs. Talbot baa been
with the Barnum Bailey circus for
twenty-seven years and has been Its
schoolmistress most of that rfod.
Tha circus boys and girls moet of
them have another kind of training on
their dally schedules. They take Ahelr
dally physical lesson, for most of them.
If not already performing with some one
of the numerous "families" of the rings,
stages or trapeses, aspire to be heroes,
aground or aloft, some day, and moat
of the best rtdors and gymnasts and acro
bats and equilibrists have been reared
with the smell of the sawdust continually
In their nostrils.
Grand Duke is Sure
Of a Final Triumph
MOSCOW, Ma London), July 22.
Grand Duke Nicholas, tha Ru.ylan commander-in-chief,
received a depntatlon
representing the municipality here today.
Ha spoke enthusiastically of the spirit of
the Russian soldiers, all of nhom, he
paid, were confident of final and com
plete victory.
A commission appointed to Investigate
charges of Inhuman methods on the part
of the Germans made a report today that
they had employed shells with cast Iron
tips which were filled with prulo sold.
ST. THOMAS. Danish West Indies.
July B. The Danish government orders
the .deportation of Clprlano - Castro,
former president of Venesuels, who ar
river hers Monday from Port of Spain.
Trinidad, demanding that he return on
the steamer on which he came. Conse
quently Castro left this afternoon aboard
the British steamer Berblcs, presumably
for Trinidad, where he has resided for
some time. A
Don't Let Vaar Cold ttet Worse.
Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey ' wilt cure your
cough and give you restful sleep. Good
fnr nMMreft. ftnlv Krv ' All rimifratBta.-
J Advertisement, . . '
Up Trade in
per cent within the past
rllll" 11 111 J"l 1 ' "iTA.'lTfWVIY11?, """" i1-11'-'-'-
fi mrf ' ;
Are Enthnjiattio Over New Gamci
Distributed hj Superintendent
English for Their Tlie.
Superintendent English created a
stir yesterday afternoon when he
distributed croquet and , playground
ball acta to the seven supervised
play renters.
"I'm sping In that game, boyl"
remarked an enthusiastic youngster
to Miss MacDougall, supervisor at
the Kountse playgrounds, fie was
eyeing the new playground ball and
bat. .
At rYntenelle park Mr. Rnglish started
to explain to a group of boya the rules
cf playground ball, whsn one freckle
faced potential Hans Wagner evoke op
1th pride: "Say, mister, don't you sup
pose wa know how to play base beltr"
Mr. English thereupon explained ha waa
alluding to playground ball, using h
lanre, soft ball and shorter base lines.
Miss Scott at Hanerom park Is organ
ising a playground ball team among her
boys. The plan Is to have games be
tween tha teams of the play centers.
Mrs. King, supervisor at Fontenelle i
park, has started her story hours. She
told the children the story of Hansel and
Gretel and then allowed tha boya and
girls to play It out In abbreviated form,
the park surroundings lending an appro
priate setting for the enactment of tha
story. She Intends to have other stories
played out. with the children represent
ing birds, animals and flowers.
The playground tract at Thirty-fourth
and Leavenworth streets has taken oa
new activity with a regMlar nipervlvnr
In charge. Richard Thomas Carrlngton,
jr., 1 years of age next month, has
joined this group of players and is miss
ing nothing of Interest.
Another feature of ma wwtTenelle play
activities Is the making of doll hats and
boskets by tha gliia. who use raffia In
this work.
Several boya at Ko untie park asked
Mr. English It he had brought them
something to eat, noticing the boxes ot
play apparatus In his automobile. It te
not Intended to furnish lunches to the
children at tha plsy center.
During one of the story hours yester
day a group of children were allowed
to take turns telling all the riddles they
knew. One of the small boya says hs
knew a riddle about a certain nooular
type of automobile.
Superintendent Knglish plans to meet
his supervisors at 9:30 a. m twice a week
in the rlty hall for conference.
WASHINGTON, July rl-Batiefaelory
progress with the new school for the
training of submarine officer was re
ported to Secrets ry Daniels todsy by
Captain Albert W. Grant, recently desig
nated as chief of the submarine service
afloat and ashore. '
Maximum Lighting Rate, 1 1 Cents
Every Line of
For business lighting either indoors or out, the new Mazda C typo
of lamp renders highly satisfactory service at lessened cost.
The large majority of our lighting customers will have their bills
reduced by the new rate. .
, Let our Contract Department send an expert to study your lighting
conditions and to suggest improvements.
2 years due to physical
30 minutes
does the hardest part of wash-
V4CAJT W U I r, 5Ckv) II It? Ull L.
b. vnt" t r lit 1 r" f-O i f ;rvi i jd
j i yjA viwii ii j uu
in cool or
water. Just
the clothes to soak. That
means for you no hard rub
bing, no boiling, no smelly suds,
Pais e Co.,
Treat your f riends
of quality, Krug
INL T . J-4s vtt" &. a 1 v n w . 1 " ' k' V r '
r 1 1 p '
appreciate your hospitality and
good judgment.
. Save Ooapoas sad get premiums. Thens Douglas in.
LUXUS Mercantile Company. Distributers
TT TcTTT1 Fop Result!
Investigate Our
Special Store Wiring
improvements and growth of business
30 minutes for '
Cflf to a bee
eJWfe They wi
1 U El! OBijfeitiiM
.Sec Want Ado.