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    THE NEE: OMAHA, FRIDAY, JULY 23, 1915.
Attorney General Keed Findi Rail
way Commission Not Qualified
to Enforce Provisions.
(From a Ftaff Correspondent.
LINCOLN. Neb.. July 22. (Special Tel
egram.) The only campaign pledge made
by the democrats and enacted Into law
by the. last legislature, the public ware
house law. In the opinion of Attorney
General Reed, cannot be enforced by the
Plate Railway commission. He gives aa
hla reason that the railway commission
was created for the purpose of aupervls
lnr railroad rates and that It has no
authority to take over any other matters
not set out In the law which created the
Tknmsi to Sherman.
Dr. A. O. Thomas, state superintendent,
has gone to Sherman county to look after
school developments In that county. The
people up there are wideawake on the
consolidation proposition and expect to
have some of the best consolidated schools
In the state In that county.
To F.atend Burlington.
Coleman township In Holt county, wants
a railroad and has voted bonds In the
amount of $7,600 for an extension of the
Burlington Into that township. The bonds
have been put up to the state auditor for
hla approval and came to the state house
today. The road will connect with the
O'Neill and Alliance line of the Burling
ton. State House IMcnJe.
The annual state house plcnlo will be
held Tuesday. July 27, In the afternoon.
The state house will be closed during that
time. Sports of different kinds will take
place Including a ball game between the
north and aouth sides of the state house.
Thirteen Lucky for Once.
A peculiar accident happened last night
on the penitentiary line of the Lincoln
Traction company, when a street car
Jumped the track about two blocks north
of the pen and turned over on its side.
Thirteen passengers were In the car when
It went over, but none was seriously hurt.
Most , of the passengers were base ball
players, on the way to pliiy the pen club
end all were abje to go Into the game.
Oil Fees Ileportetl.
The report of the food, drug, dairy
and oil department of the state for the
month of June shows a healthy Income
for that department, the fees amounting
to $10,309 for that period.
The oil Inspections amounted to $9,j0R;
permits. $3.S3; condimental receipts, 410:
fei-dlnK stuff tags, flVi.Tc:, seed analysis,
$150, and weights and measures fees,
There were 3,213 Inspections made by
the department, of which 4i9 were of
grocery and general mercha nt" ise, 3uR
meat markets, 418 cream stations, 245
cars of oil and 206 cars of gasullne.
Twenty-one complaints were filed and
eleven prosecutions made.
State Board Awaits Report.
The-Btate- Board of Control- not In
a position to make any statement re
naming the death of an lnmati of the
Norfolk asylum who fell from a window
at that institution and was badly injured
this week. They have had no report
from the superintendent and will take
no action until the matter Is brought
before them.
Kansas Wheat Crop Short.
Gustav lilert of Atchison, Kan., a
cousin of Colonel Philip Ackermnn, hotel
commissioner, Is visiting him this week,
lie says conditions surrounding the liar
vesting of the wheat crop, in his locality
are alarming. Very littlu of the wheat
Is cut because of wet fields, while a large
iiuantlty of that which has been cut Is
sprouting In the shock. It Is estimated,
according to the Kansas man, that the
wheat crop of that state will be 90,000,OX
bushels short this season.
Saunders Crop Good.
Dr. E. O. Weber, a prominent democrat
of Saunders county, was in Lincoln today.
Dr'. Weber snys the crop outlook In his
county is exceptionally fine. While there
has been plenty of rain, on account of
the lay of most of the land, the water
has not stood in the fields and the farm
ers have been Able to get in and cut the
wheat. There will be about W.000 acres
of wheat, 60,Ooo acre of oats and 163.000
acres of corn In Saunders county this
year, and wheat that has been threshed
so far has been turning out around the
thirty bushels per acre mark.
NORTH FLATTE. Neb., July -'Special)
H. C. Osterman and his party
of Lincoln Highway moving puctwe men
rpent Tuesday In North Piatt taking
The party wss met at Gothenburg by
1' of the lucal Chamber of Com
merce, who accompanied them to the
city. Tiny Hotpfd for pictures at th
Fort M national cemetery,
S'oux I.ookc nt, a li.Ktorical point, and
the state experimental substation before
entering te city from tho east.
Cpon arriving here pictures were taken
of the Lincoln Hlgbway bridge, under
const ruction, t he principal street and
trout's Rest ranch, formerly owned by
I'uffal) till. ,
NORTH PLATTE, Neb.. July 22.
i Special Having pleaded gudlty to steal
ing. Raymond Ogden and Edward Hall
were this week sentenced to tha peni
tentiary by District Judge H. M. Grimes.
Ogden admitted stealing a horse and
', owned by Martin Wyman, from
tha street where they were left. He was
given a sentence of from one to ten years.
Smith admitted stealing an automobile
fiom the rear of tha Methodist church,
where it had been left by the owner,
somo ttme ago. He wa arrested at
Brady, where the auto was also found.
Ills sentence was one to seven years.
"On account of my confinement In tha
printing office I have for years been a
chronlo sufferer from Indigestion and
Uvar trouble. A few weeks ago I had an
attack that was so aavara that I was not
able to go t.) tha rasa for two days.
Palling to get any relief from any other
treatment. I took three of Chamberlain's
Tablets and tha next day I felt Ilka a
new man." writes H. C. Bailey, Editor
Carolina Nems. Chapln. B. C. Obtainable
tTtrywbsre, Advartuwrasat
International Reunion on Stage
Marks Wait for Saengcrfest Start
The soloists and accompanists who wer
on the program of last evening's concert
at the Auditorium enjoyed a little Inter
national reunion at t lie hack of the stg.
while wait ng to go on.
"We are fortunate this evening." said
one of thein. "'for It Isn't every Kv
that we can hear a Danish chorim sing
an Italian opera In French at a Herman
Mrs. Thomas J. Kelly, who took upon
herself the task of making everyone
about tht pi let- feel very much at home.
was everywhere with a smile and a word
to liven the conversation.
"I didn't realise," said Mrs. Kelly,
after a wait of some little tlmj for her
number, "that we were to have such a
politlcul meeting, or I would have gotten
here later."
"But then, you must remember," re
plied lierr Flgmund Landsiberg, "that
there is the Oerman vote to be consid
ered." "How careless of me." answered Mrs.
Kelly, "hut you see I have not yet at
tained the point where I can easily mix
music mid politics."
Miss Margaret Ha mm, after waiting for
some time, remarked that her little ef
Notes from Beatrice
and Gage County
BEATRICE, Neb., July 23. (SpociaU
Rev. J. B. Reents, pastor of the Ger
man Lutheran church in Hanover town
ship, northeast of Beatrice, reports that
over $1,Oiio has been raised with which
to build a new church. The church will
have a meeting soon, at which plana
for erecting the new edifice will bo dis
cussed. Three new cases of smallpox were re
ported In the city Wednesday by the
city board of health. Thera are about
twenty oases of the disease tn the city
at the present time.
Ralph Heal, who assaulted Justice of
the Peace Woolsey, of Wymore, during
a trial in Judge Kraua' court at bue
Springs Tuesday, was arrested Wednes
day and pleaded guilty to the charge ot
assault. He was fined $10 and costs,
which he paid.
SEWARD, Neb., July 22J-(Speclal.V-The
eltv council, at Its last meeting de
cided to rebuild the electric light plant
destroyed by fire Thursday night. July
15. Twelve thousand dollars will be ex
pended. The barn of J. A. Stephens was set on
fire from the spontaneous combustion of
damp hay Thursday night and burned to
the ground. Loss $2,!S0f, with $800 Insur
ance. The Burlington railroad had more busi
ness here during the month of June, 1915,
than In any month of any year since the
establishment of that railway.
Theodore Hlllmann of Staplehurst was
badly Injured yesterday by falling from
the second story of a new house he was
building, to the first floor.
Joel Tlshue, president of the First Na
tional bank of this city sold three of his
unimproved eighties yesterday to. Her
ro Merer for $30,000. .'.'"
Frank Lamme has sold his quarter of
land to Frank Koranda for $19,000. "'
The new $50,000 high School and the
$15 000 county Jail-are two of the largest
buildings to be erected here this summer.
A tabernacle Is to be built for religious
services In the city park, donated to the
city by Mr. and Mrs. Moffatt founders
of the town.
A :arge new alfalfa mill, the second
one here, and elevator are being finished.
FREMONT, Neb.. July .-( Special.)
Hans Anderson, a fanner residing north
of Malmo sustained Injuries that may
prove fatal, and his little son and daugh
ter received painful Injuries when the
automobile tn which they were riding ran
off of a bridge. One of the son's fingers
was cut off. Mr. Anderson with his
children was hurrying home from Malmo
ahead of the storm when the accident
happened. In' making a short turn at
the bridge the macbino struck the edge
ana lurnea over. Mr. Anderson was
pinned beneath the car.
Will Tote on PbtIbo; Bonds.
NORTH PLATTE. Keh... July V.
(Special) A Hpecial election U to -be '
held here on August 31 for the purpose of:
voting on a 81(1000 paving bond proposi-'
tlon, J12.0W bonds for a olty park and a
better street lighting system. j
Three Generations j
In German Army!
(Correspondence of The Associated Press.)
i DRESDEN, Germany, July 16.-A re-
murkable cane of three generations In
hc fi l(i has Just been discovered. The
! unusual honor belongs to the family of
: Kloetxtr from Bockwa near Zwickau.
, Kloetzer, sr. a veteran of the war of
; 18T0, in which he won the Iron Cross
second class, volunteered for service tn
his sixty-seventh year, at the beginning
of the war, and went into the field aa
captain of the First company of the
Zwickau reserve battalion. He has been
advanced to major and has received the
Iron Cross first class.
Ills son Is In the field as captain of
the Eighteenth Uhlan regiment, and his
grandson is lieutenant in the Thirty
second reserve artillery regiment. Both
of the latter have been decorated with
the Iron Cross second clots.
Helps Weak Kidneys mmd Linbtio,
Get a 26c bottle of Sloan's Liniment.
Apply on back and take six drop four
times a day. All druggists. Advertise
ment. .
t. Kdwiri Defeats Genoa.
ST. EDWARD. Neb., July .-Seclal.)
In a fust name yesterday, St. Edward
succeeded In giving Genoa a food trim
ming. Powers had Genoa In hand from
the start of the gome, and struck out
sixteen, while Irish only scored five
strikeouts. St. Edward has a carnival
next week and expects to put on ball
games fr four or five days. Score:
It. If. E.
Genoa 4 0 0 0 1 4 t 3 4 8
St Edward.... 0 3 1 0 1 0 8 0 7 t
Batteries: St. Edward, Powers and
Fisher: Genoa. Irish and Budura.
Caiubrlda Win frosa Hartley.
CAMBRIDGE. Neb., July 82. I Special
Telegram.) Cambridge won a thlrteen
Innlng gam from Hartley, t to 1, at
Hartley, Wednesday. Batteries-
For UarUey. Frown and Miller.
Bnwn giving eight hits and sixteen
strikeouts: for Cambridge, Rodwell and
Kranglnger, seven bits aud fifteen strike
outa, ...
fort would soon be past, and then she
could go swimming In the morning wltn
no one to trouble her.
"There Is nothing I like as well as the
water." sild Miss Dnmm. "As long as
I sm near It f am contented."
When Miss lamm had finished her en
core she returned to the dimly lighted
enclowir with a mass of flowers, which
nearly hid her as she carried them to
her dressing room.
' We shall have to give these a little
water now," she said, "hut I am the one
who gets to swim In the morning."
The conversation between the singers
partook of many languages. French.
Herman, Danish, Italian and even a
little Kngllsh wre spoken, and Mr. Kn
rlco I'almetto seemed quite capable of
understanding them all, and of speaking
them fluently.
"Win you not Join us?" asked Mr. Paul
Reese of Mr. I'almetto In (lerinan.
"I shall be delighted," replied Mr.
Palmetto In the same langusge.
"In what language did you sing your
second song Mr. Palmetto?" asked some
one In French.
"In Danish,".' replied Mr. Palmetto.
"And the first?" asked someone else.
"In Italian," replied tho llnmilst.
Fort Dodge Company
Wins Cup for Best
Drilled Company
n,F.AH 1.XKV. ta Jul it ? Siwrlol
-.Seven hundred and forty-five Is the
exact number of enlisted men, officers
and regulars tn attendance at camp of
the Second Iowa regiment. It la the
largest attended camp ever held In the
state, according to announcement of of
ficers. Governor Clark will not be present
to review the regiment, but will be rep
resented by General Guy E. Togan and
Brigade commander H.. A. Allen.
Commencing with tntiluht hr m-tn 1a
battalion drill everv evening It VI with
the excention of Thursitnv unri RtinHav
evenings, when there will be a regimental
parade. Four trophies are to be contested
for and one trophy was given to Com
pany F of Fort Dodge Immediately after
drill tonight. It was won In three suc
cessive contests previous to this, for tho
best drilled company In the regiment.
One of the trophies Is to be given to the
winning company In the field meet, the
time of holding not yet announced. A
beautiful loving cud will he niven to the
company having the winning ball team.
uom every compnny supports a team.
About fifty visit the hosnltnl daJIv with
minor troubles. The unsophisticated po
tato peelers are tho most frequent visit
ors, suffering from cuts.-There has b.n
one broken finger and one case of blood
poisoning. Meat and potatos are all that
are cooked on the around, ntimr r.
stuffs coming in cans. The general health
or the enmp Is fine. Water is piped on
the ground from a neighboring; farm rei-
dence and the best of water Is provided.
Firemen Win Prises.
IOWA CITV Is Till.. 0-1 i-i n-. i
egram.) Tournament races of the Iowa
niaie riremen b association attracted big
crnwria t rut a i- . Wlinra ' t . - .
follow: Calamus. Clinton. Grand Mound,
.'iiinuunuii una vesi tfrancn.
Red Soa Contlnae to Win.
ALEXANDRIA. 8. D , Jtilv 22. (Special
Telegram.) Kansas City Red Sox won
from the Alexandria club, leaders of the
Corn Belt lean lie, here today, 6 to 1.
Llston. formerly from Mason City, worked
for the Sox.
Too Nervous
To Drive a Car?
That's too bad, old man, but you know nervous
ness i largely due to wrong habits of eating and drink
ing. If you would quit coffee and use Postum your
nerves would steady up.
Postum tastes much like fine, mild Java but there's no
drug in it that's where it's got coffee beat a mile.
8ouud advice.
More and more, people are waking up to the harm
ful effects of caffeinc the drug in coffee a frequent
cause of nervousness, heart flutter, dizziness, headache,
and other ailments.
Instant Postum
is the soluble form of the original Postum CereaL A
level teaspoonful of the crystaline powder in a cup of
hot water makes a delicious food-drink instantly. 30c
and 50c tins.
The convenience of Instant Postum is seen at n
glance, but some prefer the original Postum Cereal
which must bo thoroughly boiled 15c and .25c pack
ages. Grocers sell both kinds and the cost per cup is
about the same.
A change from coffee to Postum has been a good
thing for thousands.
"There's a Reason"
Chicagroan Tells Them They Have
Got to Use Some Common Seme
and Not Shout Suppression.
K. II. Tratt of Chicago, who was to
address the International Purity
Congress today on "The Actor, the
Stage and the IMay," astounded his
audience when he laid aside his
folded manuscript and turned loose
a volley of pointed criticism of the
propaganda ot the purists.
He was expected to follow out the ex
pressed Ideas of previous speakers who
have maintained that tho stage and
actors needed reforming. But the Chl
cagoan abandoned his text and declared
that the methods and standards of the
International Purity Congress needed
reformation before It could hope to erad
icate the evils It condemns.
"All the talk, steam and force of the
speakers of this convention," he said,
"are In line with suppression, suppres
sion, suppression. W hat are you going
to do about vice? fan you punish any
harder than the Instruments In the mid
dle ages did? Can you preach any louder
than did those who lived at the time of
the crusades?
"Olve me a remedy for temptation.
There's the real rub. All else Is suppres
sion and not cure, and suppression Is like
a boiler filling with steam when It gets
chuck full enough, pop goes your boiler.
You peoplo have got to use some common
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Epworth League
Institute Will
Meet at Clear Lake
CLKAU LAKE, la.. July S.-(Speclal)-
Tho program has been announced for the
second annual Institute of the Iowa State
P:pworth league to be held here August
!-8. So far as attendance la concerned
the Blithering Is Interstate, "Pie dally
schedule for the convention sessions Is
as f.tllows:
6:t0 "Morning Watr4iv" B. C. Fintel,
Des .Mo'nes.
S 15 Tho nible," W. J. Lowstuter,
9:t5 "Fvnngellsm," K. C. Fintel, Des
.Moines- "Stewardship." W. E. J. Qrati,
bt. Tanl.
9:M "Sprotary'a Hour." W F. Bherl
dan, Chicago; I'eter J.cobs, Handolph,
la.; "Junior Methods," Mrs. Nellie Ford,
10:4i Social hour. "Rural Problems,"
Dr. J. K. Wagner, Mason City, la.
U. "Temperance Citizenship," Harry
O. McCain, Topeka, Kan.; ' MlewioniV'
Loren W. Bdwarda, Misliawaka, lnd.
Kvenliur and Sunday services:
M'nday KJeyotono service. Bishop
Homer C. Stuntr.
Tuesday W. J. Lowstuter.
Wednesday W. K. J. Grats.
Thursday W. F. Pheridun.
Friday Loren M. Kdward
I Saturday camr fire. Peter Jacobs.
i Sunday 9:3t. love feast. J. K. Wagner;
10:3il, sermon, Ixren M. Kdwarda; 8:W, life
work rervice, w. k. j. tirarm; ci, r
worth league. W. J. Lowstuter; 8:00, ser
mon. K. . Fintel.
Rev. E. J. Man- will have charge of
the mn-lc and a big chorus oholr will be
organised for the meeting-.
Reduction in
One Quality Only The Best
Ctt Reduced Prices
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