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    THE RKK: OMAHA', FIJI DAY, JULY ltf, Ipid.
HKSK ar busy days at the
Thlf Is the unpretentious name given to the m(tnlflcnt
Harbor Point borne of Miss Katherine Darker,, the IJO.000,000
helreaa, who ! to become the bride of Mr. Howard H. 8paulliog,
Ut of Chicago on Saturday, July SI.
MIm Barker Is well known to Omaha society, baring served aa brides
maid at the recent wedding of Miss Marie Stewart of Council Bluffs and
Donald McFerron.
This bride-to-be Is Immersed In the detail of trousseau Just now like
all other bride elects, and, unlike others, she has Imperative demands made
on her time by the Interests of the huge estate to which she lsttsle heir.
Wedding presents are pouring in thick and fast at Barker Cottage
these days and the bride-to-be Is making accommodations for 400 gueata,
who will oome by special trains for the event, and the hotels of Harbor
Point will be weighed in the balance.
TBrs. Donald McFerron. now of Hoopston, 111., is to be the matron of
honor, and cereral members of the Stewart family will be present.
At Happy Hollow Clnb.
Mum Uladys Robertson and MIm Ruth
Anderson entertained at luncheon today
at the Happy Hollow club In honor of
MIm Clare rtlenon of New York. A
large basket of pink snap dravooa and
Klllarney roses was used a the table
centerpiece and twenty guest were en
Mra C W. Gotten entertained very In
formally today at luncheon at Happy
Hollow dub
Mrs. C. W, Russell rare a prettily ap
pointed luncheon today at the Happy
Hollow club, complimentary to her
daughters, the Misses Ann and Florence
(Russell. A large mound of KUlarney
rweee decorated the table and the guests
Marion Known,
Kdltu Hamilton,
Gertrude Htout,
Ruth McCoy,
Ruth MtaaeraM,
Merrlette Hemes,
Harriett" I 'Inning,
Helen 1'earie,
F.leannr McGlltorv
F.lmnor Auatln,
Irene Carter,
Kether Carter.
Mirlon Coad.
will entertain at
the Happy Hollow
XOulee White,
Irene Carter, .
Bth Carter.
Erelyn Ledwtrh.
Marfaret HuMln,
Mr)r1e Mcintosh,
Ruth Planeush,
Urere MatMiueh,
Adelaide Kunk-
Oertrude A Ik In.
Allot Duval,
Iorls Clarke.
Mies Ines Bloom
luncheon Friday at
At Seymour lake Clnb.
Mrs. C. C Bhlmer entertained at a
bridge luncheon today at Seymour Lake
Country club. Four tables of players
were entertained.
Mrs. W. T. Adklns gars a luncheon of
seven covers today at the Seymour Lake
Country rub and Mies Ida Keley had
five guests.
The Centurion club will give a dinner
this evening- at Bnymour Ike Country
club. The dinner will be served at 10
o'clock p. m. and will te preceded and
followed by dancing. -
Wedding Announcement.
The wedding of Mies Alma. Woods of
Benson and Mr. Frederick Rense was
Mrs. Harrison Says Her Husband
Has Not Allowed Her Any Lib
erty or Eights.
Troubles of a pretty wife who
holds the modern view of equality of
women, married to a man who de
sires to rule her, are detailed in a
divorce petition filed by Mrs. Ella
Warn Harrison, in which William a
Harrison, a salesman. Is defendant
The home which Mr. and Mrs. Harri
son made when they were married five
years ago has bee wrecked as a result
of their quarrels and Mr. Harrison la
now living at a hotel, aooordlnf to his
wires petttk.iv. Mrs. Harrison la asking
ruatody of her -year -old daughter, Wini
fred, and permanent alimony of Sag a
month. Ths Harrison residence Is at t3
Wool worth avenue.
Tries ( HaaaClUte Her.
A stubborn and vicious disposition on
the part of Mr. Harrison and repeated
acta Intended to humiliate her. are aU
leged by Mrs. Harrison ln support of her
charge of cruelty.
Blnos ths first day after their mar
riage, Mrs. Harrison asserts, her hus
band "has uut allowed her any liberty
or rights; ha never allowed the plaintiff
te jo visiting or have other privileges,
bit. always has forced her to do things
contrary u her will, merely out of cun
trarineea. stuUbornees, meanness, vtcioue
ncss end perversenrss."
Mrs. Harrison alleges that she has been
dutiful, obedient and savins- wr. .,
has been
, good housewife.
Fight Leads Two
Into Police Court
Irene Hoffman, color white, jot so
charged she wlahod to fight Nora Melee,
darksome hue, same condition, wlahed
so. too. Yet the fray had hardly started
when ths plr waa rudely parted by ths
famous "itaa In blue." Copper Carney,
brave and true.
To ths booby each was toaaed. and
among the erring hosts, faced Ills Wor
stilp. Justice Urtlt. who. with mercy not
a whit, plastered each with ens and coots.
The city commissioners yesterday visited
four proposed sites for dumping grounds.
Ths loceitotis will not be made public
until negotiations now pending have been
concluded. It Is stated slds tracks will
be aaceeaaor.
Conunlsalutier Jarduie, who has taken
the lead In this matter, asked ths r ti
ro d companies for bids on the sxpenae
of hauling tte refuse of the city to these
duutfrtag places. Mr. Jardlne has three
other planes in view.
Kewt lettlons snd a law suit
sgalnst dumping place st Ohio street
an t rwar Thirty-first and Cuming streets. stlrrvd the commission re to art on
this nuttier.
( the kllS a Ceasrh, It'a Serleos.
t rup and whooping rough are chtl
aiu's aliments. Ir. King's New IMscov
rry U what lou fceed It kills the cold All durfit-AderlUM!niut.
Thursday, July 15, 1915.
Barker Cottage."
'celebrated quietly Wednesday afternoon
at the pareonags of the Barred Heart
church. Rev. P. Judge officiated. Mies
Grace Oilbert of the Methodist hospital
and Mrs. Burton Btratt were the only
attendants. Mr. and Mrs. Rer.Se will be
at home In Omaha after July la.
At the Country Clnb.
lr. and Mrs. J. K. Bummers entertain
at dinner Saturday evening at the Coun
try club.
Mr. Herbert J. Connell will have twen-ty-etsht
gueeta at dinner Saturday at
the Country cllub and Mr. C. W. Hamil
ton will entertain twenty.
Stork Special.
A son, Thomas R. Hay ward M, was
born to Mr. snd Mrs. Thomas R. Hay
ward of rittsburgh Tuesday. Mrs. Hay
ward waa formerly Miss Margaret Busch
of Omaha.
At the Field Club.
Mrs. H. A. Cameron entertained four
guests at luncheon today at the Field
Bridge Luncheon.
Mrs. Edward M. Martin waa tastes
at a bridge luncheon given yeeterday at
her home In Falracres. The guests were
seated at small tables and each was deco
rated wtlh KUlarney rosea. Covers were
placed for sixteen.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mlas Margaret Oerow of Kearney, who
was the gueet of Miss George Trimble
for several weeks, left Tuesday for her
Personal Mention.
Miss Flale Nelson of Colon, Neb., Is a
gueet st the home of Mrs. James Trim
ble, Mr. and Mrs. John Madden and chil
dren will leave August I for Lake
Oca-jus. N. Y., for the remainder of the
Four Hundred and Fifty Employes
of Burfeis-Naih Store to Hare
Big Outing.
The seoond annual plcnlo given by ths
nurgees-Naah company will be held at
N tin h wood, the country home of tioula C.
Nash, ncsr Calhoun, next Tuesday after
noon. The 4BO employes of the company
will be the guests, and everything pos
sible will bs done to make the outing
The day of ths plcnlo the Burgess Nash
stores will close at o'olook In the after
noon. Immediately the employes and
officers of ths company wlU board spe
otal street cars In front of the store and
will proceed to ths Webster street sta
tion, where a special train cvsr ths
Omaha road will be provided. The run
te Calhoun will be made in twenty min
utes. From there the picnickers will go
to Naahwood. where they will own every
thing on the farm until o'clock In the
evening, when the plcnlo will break up
and on a special train the party will re
turn to Omaha.
For the plonle everybody connected with
the Nash company, from presi
dent to cash boy. has been Invited. The
company provides Individual lunches,
each lunch being- in a carton, and whila
each carton will contain but one lunch,
that lunch will be about enough for two
Pletaro of Naakweei.
Bach msmber of the party will be pro
vided with an Individual eup, and each
person will wear a badge, fastened to the
coat or gown, by a souvenir on which will
be a picture of ths Naahwood home.
The amusement card Is filled with
eventa There are twelve numbers given
w.r 10 races, jumping and tests of
sirengtru on the lawn there will be
dancing for those who enjoy It. an or
cheatra made up from among ths store
ppie urrusnmg the tnuslo. Bealdee this
mere win be a Vaudeville entertainment,
store talent doiag the stunts. There will
he Ice cream and ceka and lemonade. jid
sverythlng will be furnished the store
employes without cost to them.
George Psppsndopulos. convicted of
assaulting his sister. Mrs. Hien Arhanllls
with Intent to kilt her. was taken to the
penitentiary st Lincoln, handcuffed to
Paul Btelnwlndcr, a guard. Hs waa ae-
oompanled by Larry Flynn, deputy
rappendofMilos was convicted In anlt
of. evidence , Introduced by the defense
thst he was suffering from paranoia, a
mmta! disease. He declared he had re
ceived divine Inspiration to .Knot -m.
sister In a dream.
A recent escape of Basil Blxter, an In
sane patient, who Jumped from the win
dow of a train while being taken to
Norfolk, has Oauaed the sheriffs office
te increase precautions taker with prts
nera. Ptxler has been recaptured.
Vlllees Attacks.
When you have a bullous attack your
liver falls to perform Its function y,u
become constipated. The food you eat
ferments In your stomach and causes
nausea, vowltln, and a terrible hesd
ache. Take Chamberlain's Tablets. The)
will tone up your liver, clean out your
stomach snd you will soon be ss well as
ever. They only coat a quarter. Obuia
ttle everyw here. Advert scment I
Examinations Are Conducted by
Snperriior English for. Pity
Twenty-four young women teach
ing games to each other afforded
considerable Interest for a group of
boys and girls in Hanacom park.
Superintendent English of the public
recreation department was conduct
ing examinations of applicants for
positions as play supervisors.
These demonstrations were part of the
are we going to have these kind of
games in the parky asked a little girl,
holding a largs doll upslds down.
Ths little girt went away and returned
with other girls and boys. Finally there
was quite a gathering of youngaters.
Ths Recreation board Friday afternoon
will pses upon the appointment of some
of these applicants, who will begin their
work next Mondsy morning.
These supervisors will direct the chil
dren In their play activities and will
teach them new and Interesting games.
The youngaters will be divided into
groups. If the older folks want to play,
they will be cared for, too," explained
Mr. English.
The examinations held by ths play
superintendent Included written state
ments on the theory of plsy.
S.K. Hush is to Be
Suggested for the
Federal Judgeship
Friends of Sylvester R. Rush, speotal
agent of the Department of Justice, are
Planning to prevent his name as a possi
ble successor of W. H. Hunger, federal
Judge, who Is to retire October L
Mr. Rush has been for some time past
active In government work, having rep
recented the government In many impor
tant esses, among them being the case
asainst the real estats firms who sold
sections of ths Kverglsdes, In Florida, to
gullible buyers. He Is now engaged in
government work In California, where he
will remain for some time.
Ths appointment of district judge Is foe
life, and the position pays a salary of
14.000 a year.
State Suffragists
to Talk Convention
The sUts board of ths Nebraska Suf
frags association will hold an all-day
seaalon today at the Toung Women's
Christian association. Ths data and
placs. together with other plans for ths
state convention, to be held In ths fall,
will be the principal matter of business
This will be the last board meeting be
fore the convention.
The constitution committee will meet
with the stats board this time to discuss
revision of the constitution.
Mra II. H. Wheeler, Mrs. W. a Bark
ley, Mra T.' J. Doyls and Mra Herbert
Avery of Lincoln will come down to at
tend ths meeting. IxcaJ members of the
hoard and constitution committee are
Mrs. Draper Bmlth, stats president; Miss
Daisy Doane, Mra Oeorge Copper of
South Omaha and Mra Q. W. CovelL
Johnson is Now
When City Commissioner Jsrdlns's clerk
announces, "Mr. Johnson wishes to speak
with you over ths wire," or "Mr, John
son wishes to see you," those statements
mean nothing. They must be amplified.
yeeterday morning the clerk entered the
inner office and proclaimed that a man
named Johnson was on ths wire. Mr.
Jardlne was busy at ths time on impor
tant matters.
"Which Johnson is itr hs asked. "
After a pause the clerk returned and
Informed. "He says It Is ths Johnson you
used te play poker with."
"Put him up, I must talk to thai man,'
waa ths reply.
Z. D. Clark, member of the Recreation
board, upon tils return from Clear Lake
stated that residents near Miller park
need not fear leat the links will be
"I believe the boulevard Intersections
In this park create an unsafe situation.
out I reel sure conditions mar ha
remedied without taking out the links,"
said Mr. Clark.
r IlllllllllllllliP535!
Hawaiian Instrument
IVmonatreAioai by an Expert Friday and Saturday, Jaly 18-IT.
ah utmar ana aianaonn rang are Invited to hear this
Hawaiian Instrument, which is the talk of the muaical nubllo.
By Mr. D. E. Langl&nds
at A. HOSPE'S. 1513 Douglas Street
I " ' -r
The Beo's Fund for
Free Milk and Ice
The Bee's free milk and ice fond is
already working; to relieye the
wants of the little ones for whom it
is intended.
' Today's list represents contribu
tions in the Loch cafe, in the State
bank building.
Contributions from 10 cents to $9
are solicited and will be acknowl
edged in this column.
Vrevlouslr ackaowUdg-sd ...tieo.SS
sCrs. reter X-och 6 OO
Iete X.oeh BOO
Joe Olyaa 1 .OO
SL . Wymote 1.09
B. A. Keel 1.00
W. roeey 1 OO
O. B. Hyde... 1.00
Joe Loch 1.00
(ens Tylse 1 OO
T. W. M
Tred Smith BO
Jaok Jones , .BO
T. O. Moore .BO
John X. Xelpta B0
O. Q. Alesender BO
McKenney, Globe Trotter, Stops
Oyer in Omaha and Puts In a
Few Days at Work.
Found! One globetrotter, who
Is a
working man Instead of a moocher.
Ia. E. McKenney has trotted the globe
for twenty years, has washed l&O.OOO win
dows, has chucked a little money Into
each and every one of dosens of postal
savings banks from coast to coast, snd
has money In ths horns bank In Boston.
McKenney U washing windows In Omaha
today. Hs Is on his way to San Fran
cisco to ses the fair.
'There," said McKenney, when he had
finished washing three windows In ths
offlcs of Dr. Harry A. Foster. "I have
made my expenses for ell day, and I still
havs part of the forenoon and all the
afternoon ahead of me.."
"You don't mean that you live on 15
cents a dayT" was asked.
"No, but this Is not ths first office I
have worked in this morning."
At work McKenney Is a marvel of
speed and agility. Four feet and eleven
Inches tall, spider-like In build, he popped
the windows tip, crawled out on the ledge,
clung to a nail or tack, polished the win.
dows and when hs hsd occasion to use
both hands to change position he
slammed his mop rag Into his teeth snd
went about his business.
"Ton never use the strap and belt to
seoure yourself In climbing out on the
ledge, do your' he was asked.
"Not unless I get over five stories
high. I don't mind falling a mere five
storiea I hsd many a spill on the build
ings In Nsw York."
Don't "ell Post Cards.
"Do I sell post cards T 1 should say not.
I work for my llvlne. ami t u.i
the whole world. When 1 go In to eat 1 1
flip out the coin, and they all treat me !
"Post csrdsT Say. men. I sold a bool: j
el the road once and rsrried post card I
picture of myself. I asked an old Dutch- !
man in I'ennsylvanla to buy one. Hs said
Tat do devU Z vant dat for- when ha
looked at my mug. I looked In the irises
and then at the picture, and I concluded
the old man had sised ths situation up
right. What the devil would anybody
warn my picture forT So I have worked
a day or two In a town ever since and
itito lectures, xooay i make a
dollar or two over expenses and tomor
row morning I'll be on the hike toward
in winter McKenney hikes Into a niv
dty, washes windows and tends furnaces
ror a few days, establishes headquarters
in a little room, installs a telephone and
soon has two doe en furnaces to tend and
a score or more of rooms to sweep and
oust every morning.
"I oleaned up. 11.800 that way in two
years onoe when I stuck two years in
Chicago straight." he said. "Then I went
on ths hike again, for I don't like to
wash the same windows every day; there
isn't excitement enough.
Married T I should say not No trou
bles at all. Goodbye."
"ktre. J. W. Crumpacker. who renr
ssntad ths National Associstlon Opposed
to Woman Suffrage In Nebraska durlns
Ik. MllfM-. . - ..
wniiin ias ran, is or
ganising anU-suffrasists at Atlantlo City
mis summer, eoco ruing to word received
by Omaha friends. Mrs. Crumpacker waa
In charge of antl-euffrage headquarters
tn the Bee building and organized many
societies opposed to suffrage throughout
toe state.
Some Orow Facetious and Are Sent
to Jail for Various Peri-
ods of Time.
Rum or other alcoholic beveruM ).
taken li.temally in copious quantities, has
a tendency, arrnnllnar n -
Ir. C. B. Polts. to intoxicate. . Judge
Brltt waa firmly convinced of this dls-
overy wh"n twenty-two followers of ths
demon were lm bxfore him. Hers are a
few harrowing details brought about by
the sinful not heeding B. Sunday's cslls
thenlc gosprl gyrations.
H. Devls of IVs Moines crept weaklv to
the bar of justice and awaited his turn.
"Ah been awful sick lately Jedae. and
In powaliful pooh spirit." vouchsafed H.
Powerful poor spirts Is right. Ten
day," quoth the magistrate.
Nest camo Julius 8. Cooper of the
South Fide, who was still decidedly cheer
ful. "fay, lullus. haven't you got anything
'" m gaggg'" 'Hi ii i sMsisaMsiiiasi.rt...swvT iHlnUB "il 11 ,M-,.mmwmmimmmJMnm.wum9m.u.j.s,iMMMn
Semi-Annual July Clearance
Positively the Greatest Sale of Pianos and Player Pianos Ever Eecorded in the West.
The store that offers the Biggest Values always gots the Biggest Business, and this
is why we have grown to bo one of the very largest Piano Houses in America,
Av e aro Manufacturers, AVholesalers and Retailers.
AYe have conducted many July Clearance Sales, but nevor before have we made such
sweeping price reductions on AVorld-Famed Pianos such as Stcger & Sons, Emerson, Hard
man, MoPhaiL Lmdeman & Sons, and Schmoller & Mueller. Many other high-grade in
struments, including Player Pianos of fame.
flOO Kmornon, Square
$250 Kimball, Upright
:iOO Arlon, rprlcht . .
300 HchmoUer A Mueller, Upright
row nieuittay, ipngut
400 Htoget- A Sons, Upright
- itiueuer, iprigbt
$0O Emerson, Upright
soEar.iOLLEn & mium
1311-13 FARNAM ST., OMAHA,
Exclusive Representatives for Steinway, Weber, Also
Of dainty das, In 14-K
with velvet snd sstin in
Tl ll l , .
w.uimi uiunit u moat attr
vr th. toilet food. In department stores, also in lewelry snd drug Moi
and ths foremost woman's specialty shops. The price u $5.
Shown by good dealers everywhere
fir full fmrtuultrt semi MilmJf DflUti CillmH
4 iti ut, mritt mi dirtct
to do but snoot the csnr1 questioned ths
Why, yes, sir: I've got some work this
mornlna-, if v0u II turn me loose," re
plied Cooper.
What kind of work," Interrogated
Judge Brltt.
"Why. riling the holes I shot In the
can." hilariously replied Julius.
After many others had passed, P Q.
Brown tripped lightly before the magis
trate. "Why, goodness gracious judge, I
never In all my life touched anything
stronger than Penine,': burbled Z. Q. "I
had just consumed two chocolsts tee
cream sodas when the big burly bruts
arrested me."
"Ice cream sodas," ferocioosly gritted
Brltt through his mustache, and hastily
dropping a paperweight while he clutched
on his hand, discharged Brownie snd
hsstened from the room to set sn Ice
cream soda himself.
David C. Collins, aged It years, con
federate vetersn. died Wednesday even
ing at his home. K3S Chicago street, of
heart failure brought on by the heat
He had lived in Omaha three years and
Is surbvlved by his widow. This is the
first heat victim of the present summer
that has so far been reported.
I'-,' "r:
Worth $325, -five
makes to select
from, will be sold
together with a
Bench, Scarf and
of music, for
We have made the
"Ways and Means" very
simple; a small Initial
payment and $1.60 a
week is all you need.
peemlfor Women
IN a sleeveless evening
gown or in sports
clothes the modern woman
as a matter of good groom
ing sees to it that her under-1
arm is as smooth as her face
And she doesn't use the more
or less harmful and unsatisfactory
depilatories. Her demand for a
Gillette adapted to her own
has led to this new model
She finds she need use ironly
, occasionally and she knows by
experience that its use docs not in
any way roughen the skin or
coarsen the hair.
-K gold plate, enclosed in French Irory case, Kaed
in Purple. Old Ross, Green or Old Gold Miladr
, mV ,
- ttv t . i
II be found
James Bushee, the lad who started on
a long hike for home, leaving word that
he woull rrturn In a month, was met
by an uncle at Columbus, who took htm
In hsnd.
Vow is the Time to Oet Bid of "These
ugly spots.
There's no longer the slightest need ef
feeling ashamed of your freckles, as the
prescription othlne double strength Is
guaranteed to remove these homely spots.
Simply get an ounce of othlne double
strength i'romi Sherman at MoConneH
or any druggist and apply a little of It
night and morning and you should soon
ses that even the worst freckles nave
begun to disappear, while the lighter ones
have vanished entirely. It Is seldom thst
more than an ounce Is needed to com
pletely clear ths skin and gain a beauti
ful clear complexion.
Be sure to ask for the double strength
othlne ss this is sold under guarantee of
money back if It falls to remove freckles.
300 Ivere & rond. Upright 81 OO
300 Camp A Co., Upright Z
H0O Chickering & Sons, Grand fc2(M.
$900 A. B. Chase, Grand ...Statin
"r. . u . 5o
lauwiai isuuiet 1 lay or ....,..,...
500 Mahogany Player Piano 2i
This is worth very serious consideration. If
you wish to make your home a musical home,
this is your chance.
piano go.
Aeolian Pianola Piano;
mt jes 4e-r