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TIIR BEE: OMAHA, Kill DAY. JULY 10, 1915.
American Meat Men Appeal to U. S.
State Department to Iniiit
Britain Free Cargtea.
can n.t packer appealed to the
State department today to demand
that Great Britain stop interfering
w'th their cargoes consigned to neu
tral porta and settle for $14,000,000
worth of their products now held up
In prise courts. They charge the
Itrltlsh government with the destruc
tion of commerce in food products
between the United States and other
neutral nations.
After two conferences between the
packers and Chandler Anderson, special
counsellor of tha State department. It
waa announced that tha department
would make representations to Oreat
Britain. It Is understood that thla would
ba dene Immediately, tha communication
dealing 'specifically with tha complaint
of tha packer and not going Into tha
general subject of Interference with neu- '
tral trade under tha order In council
against commerce with Germany, which
soon ta to be mad the subject of an
other mta.
rial ma Delayed.
Tha packers will discuss ttvelr differ
anoe further with Mr. Anderson tomorw
row. la a statement tonight outlining
their eaaa as laid before tha depart
roe nt, they declare that the British gov.
nnoent purposely delaya settlements of.
their claims tor seised cargoes, ar.d that
they are not inclined to reopen trade
with neutral countries unless they can
ba assured of delivery of their shipments
' to ports designated.
The statement give the Jiljjory of tha
detection of consignments .Jon 8coHq
' vtan osuntrlea shipped before the British
j order In count 11 was Issued In soma In
stances and In others before It was known
i to the packers.
"As reported ta tha packers by their
representative In England, Alfred R.
Urtoo," says tha statement, "tha lataat
j terms (or tha release 'of tha cargoes as
i laid down by Oraat Britain, are held
to be so onerous as to be unacceptable.
i Attorney Vrton went to England, ar
riving there tie Utter part of January.
In response to a request made by Str
Edward Orey, through the English em
bassy at Warrington, to discuss tha
setsure of the shipments with a view
of arriving at some conclusion In tha
"Until a week ago the claims, the pack
era were assured by their representative
in England, would be amicably adjusted,
practically all differences having been
agreed upon when the new set of unrea
sonable terms were suggested by the
authorities and Immediately rejected by
the packers ,
In brief these latest terms are:
What Teres Are,
'That the packers guarantee Oreat
Britain against claims arising out of
the detention of ships.
"That the packers guarantee Oreat
Britain against ths claims of buyers
who bought and paid for large quan
tities of products seised.
"The packers assert that this lat
est move by Oreat BnKaln la only an
other step to delay a settlement of the
problem, and that there appears to be
absent the sincere desire to settle the
controversy. With the 14,000,000 of
packers' products held uo in the prise
courts and with the settlement of the
controversy ss remote as It waa
months ago, the packers are not in
clined to take further chances In re
opening trade with neutral countries
unless they are able to receive as
surances that their products will be
allowed to arrive at the ports desig
nated. In their conferences with Mr. Ander
son the packers were insistent that the J
American government should tske firm
action, and their statement says of this
phase of ths subject:
'The packers assert that ths attitude
of Great Britain soems Incredible In
view of the many adjuatmenta they have
made to meet the English government In
Its demands. They take tha position of
being entitled to full compensation for
their goods, and declare that as Amer
ican eitlsens they should be afforded
protection by the United State, and that
this government ahould take a determined
stand to protect their light to ship to
neutral countries."
Cases teat Are Eaaptaalsed.
The statement lays particular stress
upon the cases of five cargoes shipped
before November H last in neutral steam
era for Copenhagen and selied on ths
high seas on the ground that they were
ultimately destined for Germany. These
cases, prfpined from time to Urns, are
set to corns up In the prise ' court again
tomorrow. The ships Involved are the
Alfred Noble, BJorstjaroe, Fridland. Kim
and Arkansas. Three sailed befors the
order-in-councll waa Issued and two be
fore the order was known to ths pack
ers. The packers maintain that the
goods had been sold at neutral porta be
fore shipment, or "where the good had
not been so sold, then to ths consignor'
agents for sale by them to bona fide neu
tral purchasers at such neutral ports."
The packers call attention to a atate
ment made by Premier Axiulth in the
House of Commons March 1 laat "that
vessels with cargoea which have sailed
before th date of this notification (order-tn-rouncll)
will not b affected."
Tbe statement continues:
"Hhortly after tha beginning of the
war the British embassador st Waehlng
ton assured the Untied States govern
ment that Great tlrllaln would not In
terfere wlih the trade In foodstuffs be
tween neutral. With this In mind the
parkere say they were Justified In mak
ing their shipments to neutral ports In
neutral ships.
tteleass rirfaseg.
"After numeroua conferences the prise
court authorities definitely refused to
release the goods except upon the terms
of tbe packers selling the goods In Great
Jirttajtn and to give KnslUh ball to the
full value of the selied cargoes. Inas
much ss these cargoes consisted mainly
of fata, oil and pig products of fat
and heavy texture adapted to colder
countries than England, the packer tie- I
ciare It was Impossible to sU the car
goes and rejected the proposition.
Representatives of the packers who are
tore conferring al the IMate da-pertinent
ere Thomas K Wilson, president of Mor
rW A Co ; UuMxvu T. Swift. Bwtft A
(V; Arthur Meeker, vice president Ar
rr.our at Co, and counsellor of these
A "Tcr hale'1 ad ui turo second-hand
J.n lturs Into C-
Hummel Has Idea for the
Brightening of the Parks
Pome day, probably nest season, Oma
hana aho are wont to stroll In the public
parks will see In the perspective an ani
mal with horns and large liquid orbs.
This snlmat will be seen graslng con
tentedly on the grans 'green svsrd), and
many of the older generation will have
recollections of having seen similar anl
mals roaming the uncharted precincts of
thla city many years sgo.
This animal will he known as "cow,"
a creature of the genua Bos, which yields
milk and sometimes kicks the burket;
also chews a cud snd Jumps over the
moon when angered.
Commissioner Hummel of the parka has
an Idea. He does not claim It Is original
with him, but he ears he Is alwaya ready
to adopt a good Idea when he reads or
hears of It.
Inn Serves Pentose.
For many years a too ha been main
tained In Rlverview park and, so far as
It goes, this soo has served Its purpoee.
Mr. Hummel contends that as an added
attraction for some of the outlying parks,
at least, the sight of a cow would lend a
Ambassador Belierei Way Open for
U. S. to Mediate Between
Berlin and London.
WASHINGTON, July 16. While
there wag no outward development
today to Indicate what progress waa
being made here toward framing an
answer to the laat German note on
submarine warfare, It la known that
official are at work getting down
vlewa on the situation in definite
form for presentation to PrealdenL
Wilson on his return.
The general belief Is that the president
will be here for a regular cabinet meet
ing next Tuesday and that ha may bring
with him from Cornish, N. H.. a memo
randum or rough draft of note to be
sent to Germany. He will exchange
lews first with Secretary Lansing, who,
it Is believed, also haa mapped out a
draft of a note.
Decision en the policy to be followed
probably will be reached at the cabinet I
meeting and the new note may be com
pleted by the end of next week.
Will tall oa I.analav.
Before the president returns. Count von
Bernstorff, the German ambassador, will
call on Secretary Lansing to sx plain at
length the viewpoint of his government
The ambassador rsconnnended to his
foreign office the Inclusion In the laat
note of those paragraphs expressing the
hope that the United States and Ger
many would work together for the adop
tion of the principle of the freedom 'tt
the seas. Ha places much significance
on the expressed willingness or Germany
to fouow the lead of the t'nlted States
on thla question and thinks that the way
la thsreby open for the United (States to
mediate the entire oontroversy over the
rules of maritime warfare as they affect
neutral lights.
Ths ambassador. It Is understood, be
lieve his government would accept a
tender of good office that had for it
object mediation as between Germany
and Oreat Britain where the rights Of
neutrals are Involved, either In the car
riage of contraband or the safety of pas
senger travel,
.Secretary Lansing ihaa not set a date
for the conference with Count von Bern
storff. Mr. Inlng explained today that
he had not yet completed hla examina
tion of the German note and waa not
rody t0 dlCUJ 11 wlth ambassador.
mmmrm rrn(TH mm neie,
CORNISH. N. H., July lB.-Prealdent
Wilson mads progress today In the de
velopment of hla ideas as to the next
step In the policy to be pursued by the
United States toward the submarine
warfare of Oermany. He spent prac
tically the entire day working on the
question and allowing the Impressions
which he had gathered from repeated
readings of the laat German note to
take shape. He wrote a long letter to
Secretary Lansing and received one f ran
Mr. Wlieon will return to Washington
in time for next Tuesday' cabinet meet
ing and on that occasion ha will take
the flret opportunity of conferring .with
his official family over the German
Following a game ef golf early In the
day with Dr. Carey Orayson. his naval
aide and physician, the president retired 1
to his study at Harlakendrn House ami j
remained at work steadily until lunch '
time. The German situation kept him
from taking hla usual automobile ride
with members of hla family, 'He decided
to apend the afternoon Indoors and for
more than an hour he wrote steadily, !
but no intimation aa to what ha was 1
IutUng on paper waa (len out ,
PARIS, July IV The following retort
concerning the activities of the French
airmen was made by the wer office:
"Our aviators, conttnulrg their bomb
ing, succeeded yesterday In causing Im
portant damage to the station at Llher
court, tha military bifurcation between
Ioial and IJUe. One squadron ef twenty
aeroplanes dropped on the building and
roads twenty-four ahells of ninety mllll-
Ri,t,n anrt atiten ah)1a e.f !5ri mllll-
m"'r" . j
"Aeroplanes furnished with cannon, j
which were Dart of tha sauadron. bom-
barded a train that had come to a stop
between two stations, and also obliged
German aeroplanes to come to the ,
Travrllev Mai l swatte-rleae.
"In ths summer of lift I had a very
sevare attack r-f chtlera morbus. Two
physicians worked over me from It n.
to I p. m. without givtnc me any relief
and then told me they did not expect m
to live; that I had best telegraph for my
family. Inatead ( f doing so, I gave the
hotel porter H cents and told him to buy
n.e a bottle of Chamberlain's Collo.
Cholera and tnarrhoea Remedy, .and
take no substitute. 1 took a double aoe
tccording to the directions and went to
sleep after the second dose. At I o'clock
the next morning I was called by my
order and took a train for my next stop
ping point, a well man but feeling rather
shaky from the severity of the attack."
writes H W. Ireland. Louisville, Ky.
Obtainable everywhere. AdvartlaemcnL
bucolic embellishment to the outlook.
He says the cow I nearly estlnrt In the
city nowadays. Many people, he avers,
go through their humdrum existence In
the city without seeing a cow once In a
decade. They have forgotten what a
cow Is like, nave as they may happen to
notice advertisements of Infants' food In
the magaslnes, or If they are wealthy
and can buy canned corned beef they may
see a picture on the can.
Mr. Hummel Intend to place a cow and
calf In Fontenelle park to start with.
He asks, "What la more ennobling. In the
dumb creation, than the sight of a row
with her calf? With the maternal In
stinct springing eternal within that cow,
she Is seen guarding her calf as a human
mother guards her little one. And to see
the calf looking anauringly Into the .face
of Its mother and to note the esponstve
glance of the mother cow."
Mr. Hummel believes It Is time to Intro
duce Into the parks specimens of such
strange animal and birds ss cows, pigs,
ducks, geese, rabbits, chickens snd tur
keys. He sees great opportunities for
natural history study.
Efforts at Rescue
Cost Lives of Two
WACSV. Ne., July 16. Special Tele
gram.) Edward Lang, a farmer, living
four miles south of here, was drowned
laat evening together with hi U-year-olJ
son. The boy started to ride a horse
across a creek swollen by heavy rains,
apd the current swept the horse away.
I.ang Jumped In to rescue the boy. and
succeeded In reaching him. The current
was so strong, hs was unable to make
headway, and was carried down the
stream about M0 yards, where fether and
sat) went down for the lsst time.
George Robbing, a young farmer, nine
miles northeaat of town, was drowned
at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Some
small boy were playing on a plank
acroa a creek and the plank broke, pre
cipitating one of the boya Into the water.
Robblns Jumped In and managed to save
the boy, but was swept away by the
current and loat his own life.
Robblns wae 13 year old and unmarried.
Sjecffl Miami
In brief: Touch spots of dandruff,
itching and irritation with Cuticura
Ointment, next morning shampoo
with Cuticura Soap and hot water.
Samples Free by Mall
Outlets Beep sag OtsteMnt sold everywhere.
Liberal sua DM of sank nulled tree, with beok.
A4dne) peevear "OuMowe," Dest. Sir, Soetee,
Diamond Ring
A wonderful .tone of -."-ervui
proportions and full
of fiery unmans,.
randewroe velvet rli
Only t a We.
Open XMUly tlil a p.m., BMiaraay U1 ;3a
l! rr nt- lor i iiti No. sot. I'hon
I'ouglas iiii and asit-eman w" ' rail.
nr?iriPf?.Ht kaiiukal
Liza cros&cql oj!
Wise Precaution
Will prevent the little illness of today
from becoming- the big" aickness of
tomorrow and after. For troubles of
ths digestive organs you can rely oa
MemreUa, la Waa. 10a, Me.
Southwest Impnnreri TJrye City to
Take Tb.ii Step at an
Early Date.
The sixteenth snnlverssry of the fVuth
west Improvement clnb. one of the old
eat and moat influential improvement or-
ganlsaMona In the city, was celebrated
Inst evening In the club rooms at Twenty-fourth
and Iavenworth streets, by a
special meeting.
This meeting wss celled particularly
on the anniversary date, to give the club
! ( 71 Jt 9 DrmMM and sTI i I n V F w m
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a chance to go on record aa backing
the straightening of Tmenty-fourth
street from Foppleton avenue to Cuming
street, and the widening of this thorough
fare to 100 feet within this district
View ef W. H. Green
Tmeha has reached the atage where
Its growth and development Into a great
commercial center la assured." declared
W. H. Green. "In fact, even now the
Industries of the city ere reaching out
for more space and better locations for
their activities. The districts are push
ing west, and It Is only a question of
time, when the main retail portion of the
community will be eetabllahed weet of
Sixteenth street
"The logical main crosatown thorough
fare will be Twenty-fourth, and the bus-
leet section of the street will run from
: 35c L
f 1 111 ' -' n iiii'maj
Domestic R
A Great, Big 8-quart
Enamel Preserving Kettle
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I'orpleton to Cuming street. While the
city can wloen thla street to lis) feet, at
a reasonable figure, the Improvement
should be made."
George Morton, chairman of a commit
tee of five, recently appointed by the
Real Estate exchange to push the pro
ject, attempted to show those preeent
how by making the Improvement now
the cltywould be saved an expense of
posalbly ten times what It would coat
a dosen yesrs hence.
Following this, a committee of five,
consisting of W. H. Oreen, W. F.
Btoecker, F. W. Fitch. Al Dresher and
L. Ouye, waa appointed to co-operate with
the Real Estate exchange and Federa
tion of Improvement club committees,
and put the plan before all Improvement
clubs of tha city an.1 finally take the
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tire stock, was 6c. now, 380
Tokyo 6llk. rough weave silk and
cotton for dresses and suits, all
shades, can be supplied in this
39c fabric, now, yard ..-150
matter before the city planning com
mission. Among those who attended the meeting
were many property owners along Twenty-fourth
street, whose holdings would N
cut by the Improvement, but without a
dissenting voice all agreed to support
the plan.
The club backed up Commissioner Dan
Butler In his proposed effort to make
the Telephone company drop the toll
rate between Omaha and South Omaha
and establish the former South Omaha
rate of 124 throughout the city In place
of the present $30 rate.
Tor Safety First In Life Insurance
see W. H. Indoe, general agci.
Mutual Life Assurance Co. of Worces
ter. Mssk., one of the oldest, 71 years.
and beet companies on earth.
Men's 1.2Msc Hose, all colors, in Ol
the Domestic Room Fridav at . 03C
Some rousing special offer
ings for the busy day:
Coats' Thread, spool . .3
200 yard Machine Thread,
spool 2c
500 vard Basting Thread,
srv-ol Si.
Barbour's Linen Thread,
spool. 7V26
C. F. 0. Crochet Cottons, per
ball 10$
Pins, 2 pkgs. for 5
Nursing Pins, 3 doz. for 5
Hose Supporters, pair . . 5
Pad Supporters, pair. .15
Handkerchiefs, each . .2V
Ribbons, per yard . . . .10t
Pearl Buttons, S dosen for . . 50
7 Be Summer Net Corsets, good
styles, snap at 400
85o Bon' Wash Waists, sew pat
terns, open cuffs, choice at 230
506 Braasleres, all si see, em
broidery and lace trimmed,
Friday at 250
Children's Play Rompers, value
to 60e, choice 250
$1.00 and $1.60 Boya' Wash
Suits, all colore and slses, your
choice at 700
Don t fall to see tnese.
Bed Sheets, 2 yards by 2V4
slse, patent seam, Friday's
sale, each 320
Bed Spreads, extra large slse,
colors blue or gold, heavy
fringed ends, dependable fast
colors, $8.00 spreads, at,
each 81.08
Amoskeag Staple Apron Check
Ginghams, Friday, yard., 40
Amoskeag 32 in. Chambray,
plain colors, checks and stripes
per yard 100
Remnant Lengtha of Lltungs,
Curtain Fabrics, etc, lOo to
19c values, yard 30
Remnant Lengtha Muslins, ott
and 7tto grades, unbleached,
per yard 40
4Mb. Sacks Best High
Grade Dla-
mond II Flour:
nothlng finer for
bread, plea or cakes; sac
bread, plea or cakes; sack ....$1.60
II iba. Beet Cane Granulated Puirnr
for l.oo.
10 bara Bett 'Km All, Diamond u or
Laundry Queen. White Laundry
Boap for ................. tse
T iba best bulk Laundry fttarch. SSe
7 Iba. White or Yellow Cornmeal, 10
4 Ua. beet Whole Japan Rice. 10 cent
quality Se
7 lbs. Fancy Rolled Breakfaat Oat
meal SSe
The beet Domestic Macaroni. Spa
ghetti, Vermicelli or Noodlea. pack
age TW4
11 -oa. Jar pure Fruit Preserves, .see
lt-os. oans Fancy Ripe Ollvea. . . . lOo
JuSto Jell for dessert, the Jell that
whtpe, package TVie
J-oa bottle Parker House Catsup THo
bars Slleio Boouiing Boas lie
n-io. ca.Kea tsauns wnocolate. . . .1
l iirw s-id. oafs bail
baffa fieJt ltw.
jnree o
double sheet Tangle-toot Fly
K. C. Corn Flakes, pkg Be
rresn ltiib mnger Bnapa, lb....
Ths best Tea Sif tings, lb...... la
K'ershey's Breakfast Coooa. lb.... I
uoiaen nantos corree, id boo
Tae Batter sad Chases Ssarkee for
tfce steeple,
Th beet Creamery Butter, carton ,
per lb. SOe
The beat Creamery Butter, bulk. See
Fancy Dairy Table Butter, lb,
Oood Country Butt
ooa uouniry Mutter, id
t utter, lb Bad
'anoy j
per lb.
New Tors: White, Wisconsin '
km or
oung America Cheeae.
na Vsonlsa Tasreaahl ac&vke
New Cabbage, lb to
rreen rape Tomatoes, in.
S bunche
las rr
in Leaf Lettura. .
4 bunches Heels. Tu
urnlos. Carrnt. a.
New Cauliflower, lb Se
t bunches Green Oninna ......... .e
I iaj-se urssn r-sppen ........... e
Fresh Oreen Peas, euart le
Berries ef ail kinds at less than
wholesale prtosav.
Drug Specials hr Friday
II 90 Ba Heoallca s
lOo HJnd's Honey Almond Cream to
Ii.vv lioruci Malted kill Ts
3 7 Hospital alas Horllcks If sited
. Milk ga.TB
si sv unentai i rears see
Friday only. 10 off en all Bathing
do, Jardsn
o Jaroen He Ftoee Fare Powder toe
ie Travel in
! I
ill A
uto Chamois
LvaoL T ounces I
Williams' Talcum Powder, all ed
. 10o
Knnx-arter for your teeth.
m Fmiav