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    THK HKK: OMAHA, SAll HDA. J I IA U, lt
Chicago Wins Contest, Five to One,
in Second Frame of the
CHICAGO, July t.-hlcaro dfaid
Washington, t to 1, today. Tha local won
in tne econa on r ourai.r inpie inn
J. Collins' atngla and hi steal of third
nil ftmmai Brut t t(irtitnf tin rhn ti
visitor threatened to count and wii
i aiven rood support. Lelbold. who was
obtained from tha Cleveland club by
t waiver, tnada his debut In a White Sox
uniform. Score:
Monitor. rl.,1 I I 1 VIIboK. rf.. 4 1
Khan. If... 4 1 I 0 .Www. .. 4 I
rootm. Ib... 1 lit IK Collins, tb I 1 1 4
, MILn. of.... 4 1 I 0 GFVurnW. IK I 1 II
'Qandll. lb... t 1 Oj rollln. rf. I t t 1
Oonollr. lb. ll aMM-li. If.... I 1
H-nrr. ..... 111 Srh.lli. ..... IlltS
MnBrtd. as. I I I Bluckbra., lb I 1 1
&htw, p t 1 tSoott. p I 0 T 1
Acorta 1
' Avr. p I I Totals I'M U 1
William ..!
Totals U It I I
lfatted for Shaw In the seventh.
, Btted for Ay res In the ninth.
Shanks out, hit by batted ball.
Washington ....... 0 I 0 0 0 0 0.0
Chlcaro 03 0 10001
' Three-base hit: Kournler. Doublu plays:
fc. Collins to Fournlfr, J. Collins to
fcchalk, Moellor to McBrlde. Bases on
balls: Off haw. 2; off Scott, i; off
Ay res, 1. Hite: Off t'lmw, In Fix In
nings; off Ayres, 1 In two Innings. Hit
by pitched ball: By .Scott (Connolly); by
Ayres (Fournler). Struck out: By Soott,
t by Bhaw, 2; by Ayr, 1. 1'awrd ball:
Henry. Umpire.; Wallace and Connolly.
Indiana Defeat Ynnlia.
CLEVELAND. O.. July . For soven
Innings th New Yorkers were helpless
before Mitchell. In the eighth they
bunched four hits and scored three runs.
They started at him again In the ninth,
but Jonea came to the rescue In time.
Flshsr was hit hard all the way. Cleve
land winning. 4 to 8. Score:
Bents, rf 4 I 1 OCook. rf I 4 1
JH.m'ond. 2b 4 6 I 1 tPclilnp. at 4 1 0
ninr. If.-a III OMalMl. lb... 4 I I I 0
Klrtw, lb..4 111 0 IPIpp, lb..... 1 0 0
Chapman, si I I I OCto, cf I 1 M
Smith. rl....l 1 0 tlh, rf 1 0
Birktn, lb. 0 1 I 0 Mullen, lb.. I 0
D Nalll, S...I II, It.. 4 0101
Mitchell, p.. I 1 OBoona, lb... 4 0 0 1 0
leoea. p 0 0 ONunamakr, ll I I I i
KIthar. p.... I 0 0 10
' Total. II 10 r7 10 OCottrall. p.. 0 0
J 'Rauman ...11000
Caldwall ... 1 0 0
Dalor 1
; Totala tt 24 11 1
, Batted for High In seventh.
Batted for Fisher In eighth.
Batted for Cottrell in ninth.
Cleveland 2 0 1 1 0 o 0 0 4
New York 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 03
Two-base hits: Klrke. Smith, O'Neill,
Nilsel. Thre-base hits: Southworth,
Qraney, Pecklnpsugh. Home run: O'Neill.
Double plays: Malsel to Plpp, Cook to
Nunamaker. Hits: Off Fisher, t In seven
innings: off Cottrell, 1 In one lnnintf; off
Mitchell, In eight and one-third in
nlnrs; off Jones, none In two-thirds in
ning, liases on balls: Off Mitchell, 1;
Off Fisher, 1. Struck out: By Mitchell,
T: by Ftshor, 6. Umpires: NaJHn and
.' Macks Take Past Game.
ST. LOUTS. July . By hitting when
hits were most needed, Philadelphia won
a fast game, defeating St. Louis, 3 to 1.
Bush oitched shutout ball In all except
the sixth when Shotton walked, went to
second on Austin's Infield out and scored
on Sister's single. Score:
Munilii. rf.. 4 1 1 OShoMon. rf., I I 0
UrunkT of..-. I Aurtln. lb... 1
Walah,' If.... I 0 1 Slaler, if 4 1
gchang, lb.. 4 10 1 Pratt. b.... t 0
baaota. lb... 4 t 1 4 fO.Walkar. cf 4 1
Mulmiil. Ih. 4 111 0 Howard. It. I 1
Lapp. ....... I 111 0Ivau. aa... 4 0
Kopf, u t All Aimew. ..... t 0
BuB. C...-1 I OHaTerald, e...
' Totala.
.. I
1 0
.81 I 17 II 0
Totals M I 17 11
Philadelphia 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1-3
St. Louis 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 01
-Two-base hits: Strunk, Lapp. Stolen
base. Strunk. Sacrifice hits: Lapp,
Aurtln, Pratt, James, Kopf. Double
pl.tys: Laloie to Mclnnls, Bush to Kopf
to Mclnnls. Bases on balls: Off Bush,
5: off James, 3. Struck out: By Bush,
3: by James, 3. Wild pitch: Btish. Um
pires: Evans and Chill.
T la-era Crash Bostons.
DETROIT. July 9. Three Boston pitch
ers were batted hard today and eDtroit
won, 15 to 4. The Red Sox's three errors
were bunched In the first inning, along
with two rasses and two singles, the
Tlsers scorinar four runs. In the sixth
nine of the eleven men who faced Gregg
hit Bafe'v Hcore:
Hooter. rf...4 4 10 OVttt. lb 4 15
Janrrln. aa.. 4 111 Kaana', . 2b. I
dpaakar. of . 4 11 Onobb. of. .... I
Hoblltael. lb 4 1 Kfewfonl, rf 4
Lawla. if.... 4 11 Vach. If ...
Oardnar, lb. 4 1 I 1 Burna, lb ... 4
Barrr. lb.... 4 111 I Baah. aa.....
ir t 4 1 1 Coraleake. p I
Carrlfan, 0. I 1 1 I 0 Caret, p
Buth. p ft 0JcobeB ... 1
Maya. p..... 0 0 S 1 0
rirfU, p.... I 1 K 4
ro 1
HanHkaen .0000
Gainer 1 0
' Total" M I ?4 II 3
'Hutted for Mays In the third.
Ran for Carrigan In the ninth.
' Batted for Coveleskie In the seventh
.. 'Batted for Gregg in tha ninth.
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2-4
Detroit . 4 i 0 0 0 7 0 1 -15
Two-base hits: Veaoh, Jacobson, Larry.
Three-bsse hit: Kavanugh. Bases on
balls: off Ruth, 2; oil Mays, 1; off
Urcgtf. . nits: ore. Kutri. a in one
third Inning: off Mays, 2 In nita and
lwo-thlrds innings; off Orcgg, H in six
innings; off Covelesetie, t In seven in
nings; off Cavet. 6 in tvo innings; tttruck
out: By Coveleskie, 3: by Gregg, 3. Um
pire.!: O Loughlin ard Hlldebrand,
.lfref Huntsman. Henderson
1. M. Cook. Halting t I
A. M. HokpkI.1. Ts!or . S
J. V. Mlrklrwait tilenwood
Samuel Ph-lps. Henlerson W
C. T. Geniing. Glen-ool t:
II. lovlna: llende'pon S
fed Wethorhesd. Tubor M
K. V. Rhode. tJlrniod M '
F. J. Wsllare, tilenwood F
N. S. Ocnung, (llenwood 6
In the medal" eventa W. H. Flck!e
of Glenwond won with twenty-five
straight ; Alfred Huntsman, Henderson,
The 80 per cent medal went to Earl
Wright of Glenwood; second. N. 8.
Gunung; third, F. J. Wallace.
Field Clnb and Country Club Cracks
Battle for the State Golf
Sam Reynolds, present holder of the
championship, and J. W. Redlck will bat
tle today In the final round for the golf
championship of the state of Nebraska.
Reynolds won his way Into the final
round by defeating Ray Ixw yesterday
afternoon and Redlck defeated J. B.
Rahm. v
The match today brings forth reminis
cences of the stato tourney in 1912. Played
at the Country club that year It wa
Reynold and Redlck who met for the
championship and Sum won. S up and 7.
Redlck promises that the Field club crack
will not have so easy' a time this year.
Reynolds won his semi-final match
quite easily, ow couldnL't put up his
usual match against the crack and ha
lost 6 and X On the other hand the vet
eran Ralun gave Redlck a hard run,,
but couldn't s'md t!.e pace and lost by
iropplng the laat fr ho.
Field I lab I. ads Meet.
Two Fied club lad will meet In the
finals of the second flight They are Guy
Beckett and Foye Porter. Porter beat C.
Marley In the semi-finals and Beckett W.
C. Orlswold.
Miller Park has one man left In the
tourney. He I J. K. O'Neil and he will
meet D. SibbeniBcn of the Country club
In the firnls of th third flight today.
M. H. La Douceur and E. P. Murphy
worked their way into the finals of the
consolation event by .winning their
matchee yesterday.
Harold Johnson carried off the swatfest
staged yesterday afternoon for golfer
who had been put out of tha aourney.
And Incidentally in qualifying Johnson
turned in the lowest score yet registered
In the tourney. He made a 73. C. B.
Moser and A. P. Murtagh tied In tha
match play against bogey, another spe
cial event yesterday, each playing even
with the colonel.
Hoar Wins Pro Matrh.
An exciting match was staged by the
five professionals attending the tourney
yesterday. A neat subscription purse was
up for the event and Willie Hoare, the
Country club pro., lugged home tha
change. But Hoare was given a run for
his money by young Leslie Davles, pro.
at the Lincoln Country club and last year
assistant to Charley Johnston at Happy
Hollow. oHare turned In a 70 to cop the
Hoare and Davles were playing even
until the seventeenth, when Davles pulled
lils second drive and then missed a three
foot putt, taking a six on the hole, while
Hoare took a five.. Then Davles sliced his
drive to eirhteen and took an additional
stroke to hole. The Lincoln lad turned in
an 81.
Bill Clark and Charley Johnson tied
with 83. Clark led the field on the first
nine holes, leading 1 up, but Hoar and
Davles passed him on the Inside.
Hoare's score was) a follows:
Out 7 4 6 6 4 6 8 4 4-4!
In 4 4 4 4 6 6 8 6 8-87-49
Other scores were:
nsvles Out, 43: In ,; total, 81.
Clark Out, 41; in, 42; total. 83.
Johnston Out, 43; In, 40; total, 83.'
' Shearman Out, 56; in, 48; total, 104.
Tourney scores yesterday were: ,:
Championship Flight.
m Reyolds F. C.) beat Ray Low
I I.! assk
i a
I f H
.y.;;v.VX-:. HITS MB.
14 0 0
Totals 14 unit 1
WEST POINT, Neb., July. . (Ppecisl
Telegram.) Sunny skies, good roads, ideal
weather and a fast track favored the sec
end day's rsc-lng st West Point and drew
a large crowd of race lovers today. All
horses were In fine spirit and some ex
cellent racing was witnessed. The sum
mary: Pacing. 2:13 class, mile heats, three In
five point syjtein, purse 4u0:
Phadeltne 8 1111
Axoyebetta ,r 1 3 4 i J
M T 4 8 3 3
Rustic Patenter 8 3 6 7 4
Time. 2:111. 3:12"4. Ml, 3:V
' Cambridge Belle, Shady Butterfly and
anica also ran.
, Trotting, S.15 class, mil heats, purse
Lord Duke 1 1
Aubrey 0 3 3
Jootor Wayo 3 3
Merlo Mack 4 6
Time. !l:14'. 8:14. 3:16. 8:1'4.
Trotting. 2:1 class, purse $400:
Great Northern .1 1
t hief P 3 g
4iomer Allerton 6 S
The Corsair 3 4
, Time, i:17Ss. 3:17V 2:19i.
John Emerson and George Summers also
Running race, half mile dash, purse
1100: Esler L, first; Fairy Dunn, second;
fetalby, third. Blue also ran, left at post.
. GLENWOOD, la.. July . 8peclal)
In the all-county shoot held here yester
day, the Glenwood Gun club won prac
tically everything. Scores:
AV. II. Fickle, Glenwood 7
H. Warren, Glfitwood fc,
A. H. Edwards, Olt-nvr.Kvi 'ji
J. W. Laroway, Olenwood n
4 hsrles lav. Tsror V,
i". H. Pster. Hsatlnsa K
.1 M. I'oix-lt.n, tilenwood M
.1 -4" -w a. y - i , T
6 3 3
4 6 3
1 I 3
3 1 1
4 t
8 S
(C. C. 6 up and 3.
J. W. Redlck (C. C.) beat J. B. Rahm
C. C), 3 up and L
Second Flight.
Foye Porter (F. C.) beat C. Marley
01. il.), 4 up and 3.
Guy Beckett .(F. .C.I, beat W. O. Gria
wold (C. C). 4 up and X
Third Flight.
J. K. O'Neill (M. P.) beat M. G. Col
petser (C. C). 6 and 4.
D. Sibbersen (C. C.) beat E. M. Tracey
(M. P.), and 4.
. - Consolation Flight. .
M. H. La Douceur (F. C.) beat E. W.
Longley (M. P.), 3 and 1.
E. P. Murphy (C. C.) beat Paul gcott
(C. B.), 1 up.
Scores this morning were:
Championship Flight.
6am Reynolds, F. C, beat Ralph Peters.
C. C, 6 up and 4.
J. W. Itedick, C. C, beat Blaine Toung.
H. II., 6 up and 4.
J. B. Rahm. F. C. beat Harold John
son, H. H.. up and i.
Ray Low. C. C. beat F. H. Gaines, C.
C. 1 up tU holes).
Second Flight.
Guy Becket beat M. T. Hwsrts. 2 up.
C. Marley beat D. V. Sholes, 2 up.
W. B. Gfiswold beat F. Catlin. S up
and 1
Fore Porter beat E. M. Moraeman, 4
and 3.
Third Flight.
D. Blbbernsen beat E. E. Brando, 6 ud
and 4.
M. ". Colpetser beat E. R. Johnson. 3
up and 2.
E. M. Tracev beat G. H. Conant, 4 up
and t.
Consolation Flight.
E. P. MurDhy beat Ray Taylor, 3 up
and 3. ,
E.-A. Longley beat E. P. Boyer, I up
and l.
Paul Scott beat Clarence Peter. 3 up
and 1.
M. H. La Douceur beat John Reed,
4 and 3.
Browning, King & Go.
Men's Straw
Hats , Off
Browning, King & Co,
iW). T. WILSON, Mgr.
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