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meal instate
Sn ACRES 45 mile from Minneapolis.
dm mile from town. '.HO acres under
cultivation; balance used for pasture;
n practically nil be cultivated; heavy
oil; good set buildings, consisting of It
room hou. lara-e darn, granary, corn
trlba. windmills, etc.; the land will pro
duce 80 bun hula of corn per acre: tele
phone in house; country thtukiv settled-4-omplete
net of machinery; 27 head of
toe It, consisting of U aw.. balance 1
and 1 years old; si Rood horses; 25 hogs;
c-hlcken; one-half of this year's crop and
everything on farm goe at 4) per acre;
half caah. Schwab llroa.. 102s t'lymouth
Bldg.. Mlnneatnlls. Minn.
CAN locate 25 people on homeateada ot I
w acre eacn. uuaraniee nice, amooin
land. Addreaa E. O. Karnswortb, Dillon,
On main line I". P., only 6 miles town;
nearly all level; black loam, underlaid
with clay; 12. 60 per acre caah, balance
long time. Write now for foliler.
1018 Omaha National. Douglas 2715
South Dakota.
190-ACTIE farm, 2W -mllea town on tele-
phone and mail route; 'worth $60; to
settle an estate, $35 per acre. Write for
particular J. H. Ueln. Kimball. 8 D.
LOT Have a lot In t'usper, Wyoming;
' none but Omaha buyer in thla addi
tion; will trade for Underwood type
writer, new or In flrst-claae condition,
or what have you? Addreaa S C MS4 Bee.
, E-A-S-Y Terms
I will aell you 40 ucrea of good, rich,
level land cloae to good live town on
main lint- of I'nlon Pacific and right -:in
the Lincoln Highway; I will seed It to
alfalfa for you and get you a good renter;
$1,000 caah, balance ten to fifteen yearn
time, annual or monthly payment. Don't
phono or write ace me at once.
AXEL. LOFTMAN, 1015 W. O. W. Bldg.
$100 TO 110,000 mado promptly. F. D.
' Wead. Weed Bldr . 18th and Farnam Sta.
C1TT and fann loans 5. 6H. a par cant
J. H. Dumont Co., 416 State Ban.
IWANTED Good farm and city loana at
loweat rates
162J Farnam.
"WANTED CKy loana and warran'a. W.
Famam Smith Co., 1.H0 Farnam St.
' CITT property. Large loana a specialty.
W. H. Thomaa, 128 Bute Bank bid.
WONET on hand for city and farm loana.
H. W. Binder. City National Bank Bldg.
CM AHA hornet. Eaat Nebraska farms.
l1f Omaha National. Phone Douglaa 271i
S7EE ua first for farm loana In aaatcrn
Neb. United States Trust Co.. Omaha.
CITT LOANS. C. O. Ca-iPerg.
810-13 Brandels Theater Bldg.
."WANTED City and farm loana; loweat
rates. W. O. Templeton, 803 Bee. T. 2U20.
. WANT to buy 5 or l' acres on or near
paved road; would prefer Wcat Dodge
"district: must not ba too far out. Call
"Walnut 3037.
FOR SALE or exchange, 160 acres clear
i and Rood level land, no sand black aoil.
"Farming in same section Wallace Coun
ty, Kanaaa. Price $15 per acre, or will
'exchange for 190 acres in Nebraska, of
earn a value, or lnoonte property. Owner,
F. M. KuwiUky. Nebraska Cltv. Neb.
13-ROOM modern house, for land, acres
1 or vacant lota. What have you?
Owner, Box 79.
$30.00 Cash and
$30.00 Per Month
Buys thla beai'tlful. all modern 5-room
hungnlow; located i blocka from car lino
and 2't blocks from achool.
Don't Pay Rent
Another Month.
Telephone About
This Today
Call Douglaa 2S2S today.
Call Wal. Mi after 7 p. m.
We will sell at publio auction Monday,
(July 19, 1916, on the premlaea at promptly
a p. m., the beautiful residence and three
Jots located at 3103 N. 6)t St., Omaha,
Neb. Thia beautiful home win built
'bout 4 year ago and Is a home that
thai to be aeen to be appreciated. Terms,
half caah; balance back on the prop
lerty. There will be no by-biddere. Cir
loumstance are auch that thla beautiful
home must ba sold undor the hammer.
'For further Information call Red. 3285.
JAMES L. DOW1), Auctioneer
I For Dowd Auction On, o
ISave $700 on This
I Good 7-room house, all modern except
I furnace, cloae to two car llnea. Lake
school and atorea; lot tlx 144; lot alone
worth $1,800; room for another house;
'fine site for apartments: located on isth
etreet just north of Lake. Price, $2,300
$300 cash, bal. $20 per month; no Interest
Owner, SSS Bee Bldg. Phone Doug. 3a41
Kvenlnss. Webster 6818.
South Side Snap
For the man who can use a email house
and want a place to raise chickens and
nave a garden, you had better see the
place we are now offering on these easy
k-ayments: 25 cash and $S per month.
This place la near school and car. House
needs some repairing, but at the price
asked this property Is dirt cheap. Ad
dress, southwest corner lnth and Wester-
Creigh, Sons & Co,
I loiiglaa 2u0.
60S Bee Bldg.
Our Sale
of Eckerman Place lots, $5.00 cash and $1
per week,, prices $176 to $3K, will con
tinue until all lots are sold. The highest
priced lots seem to be picked first, but
only about half are sold. 40 lots left to
t-hoose from at 61st and Center streets,
on the new ear line aouthweat from 47th
and Leavenworth. Salesmen on the ground
every evening. Come out after aupper or
Saturday afternoon. Restriction allow
modest cottages, but no shack.
Harrison & Morton
915 Omaha Nat Bank.
Tel. D. 314.
4-Room Modern
Near 37th and California street at a sac
mice price. Lt worth S2.0UO. Owner
leaving (or the northwest and will aull
for $2,500; $'.00 cash and balance like rent
An unusual bargain. You must act quickly
to get this.
Shuler & Cary
D. 4333
204 State hank Hldg.
IXjUITY of i.2u0 for sale In modern rot.
Lage, built two years, part cash, bal
ance trad. Addreaa A 700. Bee.
A 3-apartment furnished dwelling, al
wave rented for tit uer month Price
only $3,aU). A small payment down, bal-J
inic vr Hia oiu or ine rem.
tth float Omaha Nat, k. Bldg. D. I'.iL'
Here Is the
Opportunity You've
Been Watching For
, A Meant. fully lxcateil
(i-lvoom. New, All
Modern Hungnlow
Monthly PayTneiiU to Suit.
This house is only l 2 Mock
from enr line; is on a bomt
tifnl lot: principal room?
in oak; brick fircplucc, ce
ment basement and all
Phone Douglas ?9; today and, will be
pleaaed to aend an automobile to bring
you out and Insert thia liouae. After T
p. m call Wal. ?S2
Beautiful 8-Room
Can Be Bought on Easy
Monthly Payment Plan.
This house la all modem, with " hot
water heating plant snd two fireplaces.
It la located on a high lot and la cloae
to car line and school. There arc beauti
ful shade t-ecs and a very wide lot.
Don't Pay Kent another Month
See This .Today. I will Send
an Automobile for You if You
Will Phone Me Today at Doug
las 2926.
E. P. Wright
Call Wal. 62 after 7 o'clock tonight.
Have You
$750 Cash?
An Opportunity
If You Have
Can offer you new double brick and
atucco terrace. Cloae In. on paved street.
Rent $480 a Year
Price $3,750
Each flat contains 4 room, pantry, bath
and full cellar. Rented long before com
pleted. Make the flrt payments and the
rent will absolutely pay for .thla prop
erty In a very few yeara.
Hastings & Heyden
1614 Harney St
A Charming Home
For Sale
Thla la not a RQIJARB BOX of a houaa
on a TREELESS LOT. but a well planned
almost new 7-room modern house, with
oak woodwork and oak floor in first
story, gaa. electricity, water, sewer and
i iunm':e, tun mnww. t....
' shrubs and fruit of many kinds, Includ-
j Ing peaches, plums, cherrlea, strawber
ries, raspDerrics. etc.; nowera ana vines
In great profusion; mulberry hedge and,
garden. It la located one-half block from
street car and two blocka from achool.
Price, $3,200; one-third caah, balance Ilka
rent. Let ua show thia to you.
J. H. Dumont & Co.
4H1-18 Plate Bank Bldg. Phone Doug. 6U).
$50 Cash Buys Lots
."VHth and Capitol, 43x12;, below grade, $57S.
Hth, near Dodge, with old House to move
JalKA maak frrxnt XI 2F4)
37th,' near Davenport, 50x126, close to best
homes. xa,wxj.
O'Keefe Real Estate Co.,
JOlfi Omaha National. Douglas 3715
All modem, completely furnished, prac
tically new bungalow; oak fintah In main
room, built-in buffet and bookcaaea, ce
mented cellar, good furnace, nice graaa,
pleasant neighborhood, one block to car.
Call Walnut 3037,
5-ROOM modern houae, 10 lots, bearing
fruit. Benaon 28S or 401, Dr. Parson.
Flo reus oe.
C. L. N FT HA WAY for trades. Flor. 27.
Anreicm Telephone & Telegraph Co.
A dividend of Two Dollars per share
will be paid on Thursday, July 16, ltlt,
to stockholders of record at the close
of business on Wednesday, June 10.
G. D. MILNE. Treasurer.
Review of Operations on Bloek E
change During; the Day. . .
NEW YORK, July 9. War specialties
were the feature of today"a strong open
ing with gains of 1 to 3 points. Repre
sentative railways also recovered from
yeuterday'a heaviness. I'nlon Pacific,
Canadian Pacific and Reading gained 1
to !" points, with more moderate ad
vances In copper and obscure industrials.
I 'tilled States Bteel rose, hi, a point on
fair demand. Offsetting feat urea Included
Missouri Pacific, Missouri. Kansas sz
Texas and. Southern Railway preferred,
which descended to new low prices.
Trading was broad and fairly sctlve.
Local Storks and Bonds.
Quotation fsmihd by Burns, rtoasr A Ce.,
44V Omslw Natlaoal bank bulldlua
HUxtim BI4.
Aa. WoMlt. BM-arttUs. (. A M' UortMI Loan, par St...
H National Bank. Omaha
Centlsantal Oas A . p(4 t
Fmlrmunt Oreamanr T Mr oaat vfd ... lvl
it si
Herald Hulldtn. 4 eat cent prtsrr4 n
Las Broom A Dartar. afa.
7 Si
MuuotalD tlalas Tal
umaAs c b. m. nr.. pta
Omalit A C. B. Rr. A B.. y(4
Vv4ik Orala. t
I'nlon Btsek TlMi stock
Hm A Co.. (d
ftats Bank. Oaiasa
Blasbr(r A .. I par sent pM ...
Kiux Cltv Black Yards, pti
Cuoahr Packls Ca. ta. 1H4
CUr National Bank Building .....,
Contlh.aul O. I I it nf.
ba MolM. la . IHa, li
taa4M. Nrk., afunlc. 1M
Kaa. CUr k. Hi 4a. UU..
Knoi Co., T.nn , ia. l2i
Ioulalana 12
New Slat. Talephoo 4
Onaha K. L F. .. 1HI
Omana C. B. 8t Rr U. ltl
hocr Moasula Fual I, bonus
KK.ui Ur Hlock Tards t. 1KI
win oo. . 144
Ht. Jopn. Mo . IVaool 4Wa. UU ...
Salt Laka. t'tak. W. A g. 4Vas. 1M..
t'nlvoraliy Plaoa. N.b . 4a, U14 ...
Wichita Daloa Stack Tarda si, 1M .
wi n lui t
lug u ioi u
loj M lui li
Ul Itlu
44 94
log w ui.
London Stork Market (
LONDON, Juiy 9 American ecurlties
on the stock market opened weak, but
later hardened on a few buying orders
and cloaed steady.
Thrro waa a fair tulae In gold
bond s.
SILVER Bar. 22Sd per ounce.
MONEY lt per cent. Discount rates,
short bills. 4V-4 por cent; three
months, 4S'&4' per ccut.
Weather Conditions Hate a Bullish
Effect Upon the Markets in
Omaha, as Elsewhere.
Report of unsettled weather condition
throughout the grain belt had a bullish
effect on the market today. Caah grains
were higher today and there waa a good
demand for all the cereals on the list.
Wheat waa quoted ltitc higher, but
there were no aalea of this grain reported.
t'om and oata followed In sympathy
with wheat and advanced NtlV for the
com and KMse for tha oata. The re
ceipts of both of theae cereals were light
and were hardly enough to supply the
' With aunahin In the winter wheat belt,
where farm work haa been. partly halted
by heavy rains and muddy fields, there
would be a far different story to tell aa
to the action of the wheat market. The
wheat that has been harvested up to the
ranTiitin.. .n iVLr .1 i. i " I
?v Ioi"n l nh outlook la generally
ums, w'.isur DtlshelS.
Llx-ertool cloae not uuoted.
PrlniHry wheat re-elpta were HW.OiiO bu.
and shipments of fc2.0tM bu.. against re
cepta of 3;4,uoo bu. and shipment of S6J.0O0
bu. last year.
Primary corn receipts were 444.000 bu.
and srtnnients of JM.mai bu.. auninit r-.
celpta of &.) bu. and hlpment of 310.CO3
bu. laat year.
Prlmarv oata receipt were Si.OfO bu.
and shipment. of fX7.liO0 bu., against re
ceipts of 4.M.0O0 bu. and ahlpment ol
478.000 bu. laat year.
Chl. ajro
Minneapolis ....
Kanaaa City ....
St. Louta
. 2
. 44
. 41
. US
w lnnipeg
Theae aalea were reported todav Corn:
No. S white, 3 car at 74c; No. & white,
1 car at 74c; No. 6 white, 1 car t musty
at 73c; No. I yellow, 1 car at 74c, 1
car at 74c; No. X yellow, .1 car at
74ic, 2 cara at 74ic; No. 6 yellow, 1 car
at 'i.X'-ic; No. 2 mixed, i cara Inear whltel
at 74c, S cara (near while) at 74c, 1
car tnear yellow) at 4c, 1 car at 7.1'c;
No. S mixed, 1 car (near white) at ,
1 car (near yellow) at 73Vtc, 3 cara at 73c;
sample, 1 car at t$c, 1 car at Sxsv. Oata:
No. 3 white, 3 cara at 4xc, 1 car at 48c;
ample, 1 car at 47c.
Omaha Caah Price Wheat: No. 1 Tur
key, Sl.SHl-l.S3; No. 3 Turkey, Sl.So'l.Sl;
No. t hard. Sl.SBHtj 1-30, No. S hard, l.?7i
1 :. No. 4 hard, I1.ZHj1.77; No. S spring.
I1.17Q1.28: No. S durum, S1.17&1.18; No. 3
durum, Sl.lfrt.17. Corn: No. 2 white,
74'4J&,74c: No. 3 white, 74Vi7 1'.ic ; No. 4
white. 74f74c; No. & white. 78Vt'Nc;
No. white, TOtfi74te; No. 2 yellow,
74Vii8fT4c. No. 3 yellow. 7474'4CI No. 4
yellow, iifFUM; No. S yellow. 73,f74c;
No. 6 yollow, 7.784c; No. 3 mixed, 73V
734c; No. 3 mixed, "nm3c; No. 4 mixed.
72Vj7Il!c; No. & mixed, TVtc; No.
mixed. 71iff72'ic. Oats: No. 2 white.
4Vi4:V-ic; No. 4 white, 4K-W''. Barley:
Malting, .r.ifH7c; No. 1 feed. lf.3c. Rye:
No. 8, Sl.tt4jl.03; No. 3. 11.0161.02.
Featnrea of the Trading; and Cloalna;
Prices on Board of Trade.
CHICAGO, July J. L'neaslneas over de
lay to harvesting In the I'nited States
and because of dimlnixhlng estimates of
he yield In weatern Kurope, captclally
France, acted today as more than an
offset for the bearish crop report from
Washington a to wheat. The market
closed unjettled, but K,. to IV-' above
laat night. Corn flnluhed Ho off to
l'VUlc up; oata at an advance of fSfHc
to 1S.C. and provision with a gain of
15c to 25c.
Notwithstanding that the government
report Indicated the largest crop on rec
ord, the wheat market throughout the
day showed a tendency to advance ex
cept )ust at the opening and ahortly be
fore the cloae. The early sag came about
from selling due to the Washington fig
ures regarding the doinuatic crop, but ot-
ienngs quickly went into strong hands.
and there waa no decided selling pres-
ure later until aome profit taklne on
the part of holdera took place In the last
nair nour or tne session.
According to a well known authority.
the continued rains and the wet condi
tion of the fields will retard the heavy
movement of wheat . for at least two
week. In this connection. It was
pointed out that primary receipt today
were only 309,000 bushel aa compared
with 1.274.000 bushel a year ago. Al
most a a direct consequence old No.
2 hard winter sold .at 2SVto over July,
the highest premium on the crop.
Active shipping demand lifted the
July and September option of corn, but
me government report led to realising
In the December delivery. A largo part
of the Chicago stock I said to have
been dlanoaed of. Field advloe were for
the moat part unfavorable.- In the oats
trade everything was subordinate to the
out shortage of Immediate supplies.
Caah houses were aggressive buyers, re
gardless of the official crop report.
Provisions advanced owing to a stop
page of liquidating sales and because of
support by packer. Lower price for
hogs wens Ignored.
Closing prices on option:
ArUolel Open. High ' Uw, Close. Te'y
July. 1 0844
Sept J 1 02
July. 78
Sept 7SH
July . 48
Sept. S7H
July. IS 40
Sept IB 76
July. S 67H
Sept S S2V
July. S 77H
Sept 10IO
1 11V.
1 08V
1 11
1 09U
1 0844
16 70
1 0ZV
1 034,1
16 63)
15 40
16 71
16 WV!
16 00
8 2H
S 80
$ 80
S 90
8 46
S 65
9 87HI
s so
10 15
S 70
10 00 I
10 u
Chicago Price Price Wheat: No. i
red, nominal; Nn. 3 hard, old, $1.40. Corn:
No. S yellow, 7W79ie; No 4 yellow, 780.
Oata: No. S white. 6rVtJ4Uc: standard.
63056c. Rye: Nominal. Barley, 70flC7ile.
Seed; Timothy. $5.354J.OO; clover, $g.S0H
1826. Provisions: Pork 816.62H; lard, $k.50
08 57U: Hhs. S .S7U4W.7H.
POT ATOKH Lower; new receipts S
cara: Virginia cobblers. H 4W1.V1; no old
POCLTRY-AUve. higher; fowl. 14c;
sprlnes, 18fl20e.
BTTTTER Weak; creamery. TH i4c.
EOOS Higher; reoelpte, 12182 cases;
at mark, eases Included, 14T)S,c: ordi
nary firsts, lo'ifilic: flrsta, HHfl1c
Oaf AHA CE.ltnill. MARKET.
BTTTFR No 1. 1-Ib cartons. Sic: No.
1. 60-lb. tuba 29C.
CHEESlt Imported Swlas. 32o; Amsr-k-an
swlas. tic: block Swias, 23c; twins,
loc; daisies, 17 Wc; triplets, i7Vc; Young
America, lac; blue label brick, U'-to; llru
burgar, 8-lb., Sue; New York white. Uc;
Imported French Roquefort, sue.
FISH Trout, 14c; large crapples, 14c;
ic; codtsh. 'l4c: mackerel, l&c; salmon, 15c.
SWKBT FOTATXJKS Kansas. X7& bbl.
Wholesale prlcea of beet cula effective
April 3 are aa fullows: .
BEEF CUTS Ribs: No. 1, IVAc: No. 2.
17Vic; Ne. 3. l4c. Loins: No. 1. lirc; No.
3. 19Wc; No. 3, 1C Chucks: No. L 10Hc;
No. 1. ltWc; No. S. 9Vc. Rounds: No. 1,
Wc; No. 2. 14HC, No. 5. lSc Platea: No.
t 8e; No. S, tic; No. 3 IWe.
POULTRY Broilers, SOc; spring chick
ens. 15c; bens. 14c: rock. Ssc; roosters
S'o: slag. 8Wc; durka. Uc: gee. 0c;
turkaya, 1:14715c; pigeon, per doa, 40c:
ducks, full feathered, 10c: geese, full
feathered, kc; squabs. No. I, $1 50: No. 2,
Fruit and vegetable price furnished by
nilllnakl rrult company:
FRL-ITS Oranges: Csiifornta Valencies,
100a. 12a. 2hsa. U4a. 3H)a. 12 To er boa; 150s.
$4.00 per boz; !7h 20l, 2ir. tfm. $1.25 per
boa. Umom: Extra fancy Oolden Bowl,
SOOa. 360a, $60 per bog. trunklat. SC.00 per
box; Red Ball, suoa, 30s, S4.m per box
Grapefruit: Chase Brand, 44a. WW; 64s
$5.00. Apricot, 1.36 per crate. P. ache
lilumoha and Hals l:arlv. Son per box:
St, John's freestone yellow, $1.00 per box.
Prune: Tragedy, $1.40 per box. Plums:
Santa Rose, $1 26 per crate: Climax, Bur-
banks and Bo tans, $1.00 per crate,
Cherries: Oregon. $2.00 per crate, logan
berries: California. $1.50 per crate. Raau-
beirtee: Red, per crate, black, 8J.26
per crate. Blackberries, u 09 per rrate
Bananas: Medium, 12.0fir7 26 per bunch;
Jumbo, Changulnole and Port Ltmon. 4o
per lb. Cantaioupesi Flats, $1.00 per erate
ponies, Ua, $ per craui siandarda.
.7 per crate Watermelon. ISc per lb.
VK4JKTAIILKR 4'ahhage: Honn grown
or southern, fc per lh. l.ttuce; Mead. II
per doi ; leaf. 40c per dot. Pepper. 50c
per basket. Tomatoes, 7V per bset.
Onion: California cr)tal wax white.
11.60 per crate; Texas yellow. SI 5 per
rrate; new. lie pr doi Celery, the per
doa. Rhubarb. 3tiHe per H. Cucumbers. I
SI .Oil per basket. lies ns: Wax and green.
WV per banket. Parsley, S!n pet" basket.
Icets, tttrntpa and carrot fcc per basket.
Pea: Green. V per basket. Radlehea,
10c per dosen. Potatoes: Minnesota
white, v per hit.; new, 0c per bu.
tAsparagus, market price
NUTS Walnuts: No. 1. le lb. Filberts,
c lb. Itrami. K'irP lh I'ecana. lilic. Ih.
Almonds, c lb. Peanut: No. 1 raw-,
IB.; Jumho raw, c lh. : Nn.
1 roasted, Sc I
id. ; junit'o roatet. wo lb.
MISi-Kl.LAS rMUS-rr ker Jack, per
case, :t.K; half case, fl.76; Cornpopa, per
cae. U ; half case, II ST.. Hnny, 14 )
per case.
aatloaa at the lay on Varlana
YOOhl July 9. FIo-jc firmly
Wheat strong, No. 2 red T,Sf,; and No.
P""t bllle.l; No. 1 Northern nuluth 14ft;
ind N. ," No,.,horn Manitoba I404c if
lloff.ilo. Future, firm.
Pt rong; No. 2 yellow
prompt ihlpnment.
I Oats tpot firm: atajidard ti';
No 3
I white HO; fancy clipiiel white 62.
HAY Firm;
-m: crime. IUV: No. 1. 11.220
136; No. 2, 11.20; No. S. $1.10; shipping.
Hops Firm: state, common to choice.
1914, lOli tie; 191.1, nominal; Pacific coast,
1914. Pi14o; l!H3. Mrinr.
H11K Klrm; Bogota, Sofl31c; Central
.merlca. 2SV.
LKATItl'R Steady: Hemlock first.
32c; seconds. Hillo.
PROVISIONS Pork. quiet; mess. $H.2f
1H.7S: family, $21.00f23.00: ahort clears,
$19.5O(J21.'i0 Beef, steady; mesa, $18.Xtr- SO;
lamllv . S10.jkni20.SO. Lard, stesdy; mld-
TALIAW die west, $8. JO to $8.30
TALLOW unlet; city. bv: country, &'
JVfrc; special, SSc.
Ml tti. h inill; receipts, o.ttiu tuns:
reainery xtra, f7ti3Mc; flints, VQ27mk:
seconds. '.'4iriBSc.
Ktius irregular: receipts, ib.ii caais
fresh gathered extrsa, 32jtt3r; extra firsts
'Mi 21c; first, 18w19Vtu; second. li";
4. ltr.r;riK; meaner; receipm, .n noxev
state whole milk, fresh flats and twins,
colored, specials, lfV; white, l.ri4fl5c,
colored, average fancy, lSc; white, 14
ilic. .
rill l.TKT-i.ive. nrm: western ciiick-
et.s, broilers, .'c: fowls. We: turkeys, n
12c; dressed, unlet and unchanged.
Kanana City irala and Provisions.
2 red, $1.3143132; July, $V0: September,
97V: December, Sl.uiH01.flOV
CORN No. 2 mixed. 76VWr7c: No. Z
white. 77V': No. 2 yellow, 77H47Hc: No. 3,
c: July. 74Sc; Hep tern be r, 7i"ai'n')ic; De
cember. S3i,SHc.
OATS No. I wnite. uc: jo. z mixea.
Bl.TTEit . reamery, ic; iirsis,
seconds. IV; packing. 19c.
KXIOS Firsts. l; seconn
ItrLTRY HenF, Uc; roosters,' 9c;
brollera 17f 19c.
Minneapolis (irnln Market.
July, $1.0V4; September, S1.04T; Ne. 1 hard.
$144: No. 1 northern, ii.Hiwi.ini; no. i
northern, ii.sewi.w-.
FLOCR Unchanged. .
R y BJ Nominal.
CORN No. S yellow, 7i'inc.
OATS Nn, S white, fpOVT5c-FLAX-$1
Weather la the Grain Belt.
The weather continue unseasonably
cool throughout the corn and wheat belt.
Shower were general west of the Mis
souri river within the last twenty-four
hours, and the following heavy falls oc
curred: In Nebraska Holdrege. 1.81
Inche. In Kansas Dodge and McPher
aon. 1.10; Haya and Macksvllle. 1.00. -In
Oklahoma Enid, 1.32.
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
Liverpool Uraln Market.
No. 2 Manitoba. Hs4d: No. 3, 3Sd: No. t
northern Dnluth. HsSHd; No. 2 hard
winter, 11a 4d.
CORN Spot, American mixed, new,
8s 2d.
HOPS In London (Pacific coast), UVffS.
St. I.ools Grain Market.
KT. LOCIS, July S. WHEAT No. 3 red.
new, ll.2Wl.27',; old. S1.8101.S4; No. 3
hard, nominal; July, $1.07; September,
CORN-No. 2. 78Hc; No. 3 white, 79Hc
Julv. 77V4c; September, 72Te.
OATS No. 2. 61c; No. 2 white, 54c.
Toffee Market.
NEW YORK, July 9. COFFFF, After
opening dull at exchanged prices the
market for coffee futures became a little
more active on bull support of September
and a little trade buying which was
probably Inspired by the continued ateadl
nesa In Braxil and reports that Ruropa
was buvina In the primary marketa. Tha
cloae wae steady net unchanged to 6
points higher. Sales. 18,000 baes. July,
7.08c August, 6.96o; September. 6.87c;
October. 6.90c; November, 6.92c; December.
6.94c; January, 6.9Rc: February, 7.0lc;
March, 7.0&c; April, i.ioc; May, i.ioc; june,
7.20c. ...... .
Spot, quiet; Kin mo. t, i'tc; ttantos no.
4, bc.
cost ana ireigni oners irum iwnim
were reported somewhat with nuotatlone
ranging from 9.06o to 9.25c, while Rio
7a were quoted higher at 7.26c.
The official cables reported an advance
of l-86d in the late of Rio exchange on
London, with rmireis prices uncnaneea.
Omaha Ifay Market.
PRAIRIE HAY Choice upland (none
here). $14 OOtJlo.OO; No. 1 (none here), $13.50
14 00; No. 1. Sll.6O612.60; No. S, $10.WK
1L00; choice midland (none here). $13,009
14.00; No. 1. 11.00; No. 3. $11.604jni .60;
No. X 110.0Oi311.0O; choice lowland, $ll.00
11.50: No. 1. HO.ouau.oo: No. s. S9.004 lC.ou:
No. S. S7.oofje.oo. mow nay is quotable at
Sll.OTKjflSOO, according to tne quality and
8TRAIW None on the market: choice
wheat straw, 86.50.
ALFALFA None on ths market: old
alfalfa in good demand; choice old alfalfa.
$14.00; NO. 1, S1Z.VUW13.U0;- NO. 3, B.UUe 11.00.
Cotton Market.
NEW YORK. July .-COTTON-Qulet:
middling upland, 9c; aale. 1,698 bale.
Cotton future opened steady; July.
1.88c; October. S25c; December. S63c;
January, 9.5c: March, 9.53c
cotton rut urea cioaen easy: July, i.kc;
October, I. One; December, 9.34c; January.
9.42c; March. 9.87c.
Cotton closed a few Point from the
loweat on covering, hut the final tons
waa eaav at a net. decline of 14 to 30
steady: good middling. 6.47d; middling.
S.17d; middling. 4.71d. Kale 8,000 bale.
Oil and Rosin.
TINE Firm. S9Hc; salea. J'6 hhl; re
ceipts,' 373 bbls.; shipments, 270 bbls.:
locks. 25,231 bbl.
ROSIN Firm: aale. 1.S97 bhl.: recelDt.
989 bbla: shipments. 273 bbla; stocks,
84.80 bbls. Quotation: A. B, SSliO; C.
I). 1315: K. 13.25: F. O. H. I. 8330: K.
13.70; M, $4 15; N. $6.30; WO, $6.20; WW
Metal Market.
NEW YORK. July . M ETA L TVin.
per steady; electrolytic, $20 264(00.60. Iron
lulet and unchanaed. Tin firm: 1.18 6iW
89.13V4. At London: Spot copper. 77 12a
8d; futures. 76 17 4d; elerirolytlo. 98
10a. Spot tin. 172; futures. 1 10a Anti
mony unchanged. Lead, 24 10a. Spelter.
sgsr Market.
teady; centrifugal, 4.89f4.95c; inolaaaes,
4.Ui4.18c. Refined, ateady. Sugar future
were easier because of liquidation In Sep
tember, following report of fine Cuban
weather, and at noon were 1 to 3 point
net lower.
Dry Goods Market.
t oiton goon were ateady today with
more hiilnem offering on cloth of ging
ham construction. Yarns in better ra
il uest. Wool markets stronger. Burlap
very firm.
Kvaporatd Apples and Dried Frail
A rfir.i r irm.
DRIED FRCITS-Aprlcot and pesches,
quiet. Raisins, steady.
Apartments, flats, bouses and cottage
can bo rented quickly and cheaply by a
Bee "For Rent"
Cattle Receipts Light and Prices
Ten to Fifteen Lower Lambs
Sharply Lower.
Receipt were; Cattle. Hogs Sheep
sionosy (holiday I
Official Tuesday
10.0" 0
Official Wednesday..
K.atlmate rda .
Flv daya thl week . t.TIH J7.491 47.111
Psme davs last week. .14 897 t M 4iA,3
Same daya I weeks ago Il.tiM nl M 44 9
Hamedayal weeks ago 17.710 39.114 21.097
Rnfne days 4 weeks aao 17,(X) 47.!"n6 7.130
iame days last year.. ,H 31.4.1 35.SJ4
The following tahl shows the receipts
of cattle, boas and sheep at the Mouth
Omaha live stock market for the year to
date as compared with laat year:
1915. 1914 Ino. Dec.
attle MO.tM 413.4:3
'logs I.7H7.0N7 1, 311.619 29.VWH
Sheep l.lOH.tSK I.12MI7
The following table show the average
prloa for hog at the South Omaha live
stock market for the laat few days, with
compel I sons:
Date. 1915. (1914.H91.H ;i91S I!'U. 11910. 1SXK.
S34 ; mw
S4i T
21 7 SvSI
i .!
S 041
S la
S 191
I 44,
I l
T 4 S 141
1 1 45
S !4 T 40
Stb 748
t 53
S 00 7 $4
iih iu
S 08 7 54
IW 111
8 79 7 W
7 87
S 89 7 71
J lint
7 M
S 52
8 4i
3 441
7 i S 13
7 14
7 Ml 4 04
7 341 S U:
S 30'
7 S91 s ss;
7 St.'tl
7 MM,'
7 34V.
I 2's
7 3fU,
s ty
3 51
S 17 1 S 55
S 3uj S 63'
S i'l I 91
I S 7li
S 25, I
S Ml S Slf
S 39, 8 75
7 19
7 S't
7 181 S 45
1 23
t 83
S 3l
S 311
4..I 7 X34
7 K
7 191
$ H T 76
S 7V 7
8 2 7 S7
7.. I 7 I4VI
Sunday. Holiday.
Receipts and disposition ef live at oak
t the Vnlon Stock Yards South Omaha,
for twenty-four hour ending at J p. m.
Cattle. nogs Sheep H'r's.
C.. M. St. p i
I'nlon Pacific 4 3 45 I
C. N. W.. east.. 4 3 1
C. N. W . west., is 5i 2
C, St. P.. M. i O.. 2 1i .. 3
C, H. o., enst... 1
C, H. ft 4J.. west.. 4 J5
C., R. I. A P., east 1 K
C , R. I. A P.. west .. I
Illinois Central I 4
Chi. Gt. West 4
Total receipts... 3i 143 4 S
Cattle. Hon. Sheep.
Morris & Co.
Swift & Co
Cudahy Packing Co...
Armour A Co
Schwarts A Co
J. W. Murphy
Lincoln Packing Co...
Benton, Vanaant & L
I.. F. Hun
Roaenstock Bto
Tanner Pros
John Harvey
Other buyer ..
2. 398
914 S.93A
CATTLE Receipts were light even for
a Friday, only twenty-seven cara penng
reported In. Thla brlnga the total for
the five day up to 9.718 head, the small
eat of any recent week, but larger than
a year ago by 8.200 head.
There were really not enough cattle of
any one kind on aale to teat out the mar
ket or to Interest buyer. A a reeult
the trade waa very alow and dull from
start to finish, with prices anywhere
fronj weak to 10t15c lower. Even the
few good beevee here felt the decline.
The lest cattle here brought $9.98.
There were not enough cows, heifer.
i stackers or feedera In algnt to really
: 1. I V. . . . . a , r-m A WAS rfllll
innnv , i"ia i imi in, wui. i "d . ... - -
and weak on practically all kinds.
While good to choice, long fed and
well finished beeve are 254.40c higher
than a week ago, the common to pretty
decent kind have not shown so much ad
Quotations on cattle: flood to choice
earllngs. $9 250. 10; fair to good year
nti 180OU90U: aood to choice heavy
beeve. 89.509IO 00; fair to ' good eomfed
beeves 18 8ftfflu 60' common to fslr oorn-
fed beeve. S7.608.86; good to choice half- f
era, $7.508.00; good to choice cows. $8,750
7.50; fair to good cow, S8.0fn3.76; com
mon to fair cowa. 84.004300; gooo to
choice feedera, $7.80178.20; fair to gwod
feeder. S7.0ur7.60; common to fair stock
ers. $5.6nit)it.50; stock heifers. S6.764r7.0O;
stock cow, S6.504M.&0: stock calves, S.or9
7.60; veal calve, $8.jOU.50; fat bulla,
stags, etc., S5.6ocj7.60.
Representative aalea-
tll.l.r BTECIUI,
At, Pr.
lit 4 71
Ill 7 Tt
lens I 04
MM 8 it
1IU I 40
USI I 40
Ar. Pr.
1IM I 11
, 1I7C 9 0
1144 9 1
1141 9 U
119 9 7
117 III
sal T 1ft 4
40 744 6 19 til
i 740 4 50 7
1 144 4 74 I
1 NO 114 t
K 10M 6 71
li 141 4 71
in ( ri i
1 410 6 14 1
3 900 00 1
1 IBM II 1
1 1119 8 9
1 4M 71 1
1 IM 8 4 4
1 k X4 8
9T 8 4
.. eT 95
..Hit I IS
. .I1A0 T0
IMM 41
.1414 9ft
.ITS 7 1
.41 1 IS
17a 4 tl
14 tte
HOUS A very decent Friday run of
hogs allowed up., some 148 load, or 10,000
lu.1 being received. Total for the week
to AiUs is 17,4(11 Lead, being 31.000 smaller
thsn last week snd 16,000 short of two
woeks ago, but S.ouo heavier than fur the
corresponding period of last year.
Shippers took another teg slash at
price this morning, and wat hogs they
bought were all of ldtTUVo. and in oase
of tops 20o lower. Most of their pur
chases ranged from S7.01ka7.S0. After
first rounds, however, they succeeded In
buying some hoge under $7.00.
There was utile doing until wen after
11 o'clook. By this time two packers had
raised offers until thev were no m
tnan 54tl0c lower, and It waa on this basis
that tha movement started. Aa the mar
ket moved along, however, prices dropped
back towards the early level and towards
tne close sale ware In a good many
case 10caL6a off. The general pecker mar
ket could be Quoted aa luuy a a line lower.
Big strings landed at a. so and the
bulk of the killer waa quoted at $.90
r. s Shippers were scattered all toe way
from $7.30, the top, on down to Deiow even
money. Bulk of the killing hoge la now
moving under $7.00 for the first tlms since
the middle of April, nearly three month
continued weakness in tne provision
trade gave packers an excuse for lower
ing prices again today, and they made
their first bids on a l0915o lower baste.
R being the popular offer. As was the
caae yeatcrday. sellers thought this de
cline too large, and so far as packer
hna-a were concerned tne market re
mained at a standstill until late In the
Representative sales:
No. Av. 6h. rr. No.
At. . Pr
14 74
MS ... TO
,. ... t 14
.n 9M T II
.911 4 t 9
.14 ... In
.901 19 T 84
,.t4 99 7 la
.114 ... T 90
..14 4 7 40
Tl Ml ... 4 1 94
74 UI 9 I 44 47 ,
44 10 M
I 241 0 11
141 ... 4 7 14
00 II 94 14 44
14 W IN 4
W 4 4 94
I7 4 t 0 t
44 844 14 TO 7
SHEKP A very good
Friday run.
nearly a laric aa any this week
on hand today, about forty-six car, or
13.600 head snowing up. This brings the
week's total up to 47.311 head, a ahortage
of over 1.004 aa compared with laat week,
but 1.400 larger than two weeks ago.
snd 1I.609 heavier than laat year- Local
supplies were the heaviest of any of ths
big marketa
The trade yesterday closed In unsatis
factory shspe. Buyers would not take
all tne lamba at steady prices, and after
being held until lata In the afternoon, a
food share of the day's supplies was
mally cashed at $9 60. a figure that was
considered by most traders as 16u lower
than Wednesday', trade. With much
heavier receipt today It was only natural
that packer should follow up thl weak
close by a subetantll reduction In Prlcea,
but when buyera atarted out making of
fers that were around SOc lower seller
thought they were demanding too large
a omcesslon and the result wss that
nothing waa done until late In the day.
After holding on until nearly noon.
finally besaa to 11 uose a few
lambs si figures thst were considered
fullv 3M1V.C lower than yesterday's gen-
erel market, anil by mi-May the hi end
ot tne oiierinas nan neen canro, al
though there were still several loads In
first hands at thst time. Mulk of the
Ismbs sold up to thl t'.me went axnund
$,i.2T, with three loails of very good lambs
a high a $ Sts the day's high price.
There were only a few scattering
bunrhea of aged sheep on sale, and a
nothing of consequence had sold at a
late houae. there waa no way of lining
up the market. Trend of values wnn un
doubtedly weaker, but how much the
decline would amount to was a matter
Of question.
(Quotations and sheep and lamba:
laimbs, good to choice. V 00dm Ismhk,
fair to good, $8 Uii; lamba. feedera,
17 mvfiT.MV vearlings, fair to choice. $ SO
437.50; wetiiera, fair to choice. $5.5lv"&75;
ewes, good to choice, $52Mfft; ewes,
fair to good, $4 JKfe .t.
No. Av. Pr.
273 Idaho feeder lambs M 7 70
0 Idaho feeder lambs .0 7 70
78 Idaho feeder lamb 50 7 70
t1 Idaho feeder lamba 31 7 70
SS Idaho spring lamba M 9 50
199 Idaho spring lamba 3 M
2o4 Idaho spring lambs 83 9 50
118 Idaho Spring lamba iU (So
i native feeder lambs ... 44 7 00
60 feeder spring lambs 58 8 50
( attle I naeltled llnsia Steady to
Dime Lower.
CHICAGO. July 9-"ATTLK-Recelpts
1,000 head: market unsettled; native beef
steer. K90rulO.SH: weatern steers, S7.25W
8.40; cows and beifers, SV.35re.50; calve.
HtxlH-Recelpi. ?,'in0 head: market
steady to 10r decline; bulk of ante. $7.00
7.40; light. $7.2Mr7.W; mixed, W.W45I.t;
heavy. $.7.'ii07.4O; rough, $7.754K.t&; pigs,
riliKKI- AND LAM IIS Receipts, 13.000
head; market, sheep, firm; lambs, weak;
heep, S5.4f7.0o; lamb. 7.00ti.7O.
' I
Kanaaa City Live Stock Market.
Receipt, head; market weak;
prime fed steera. $.irMl.00; drea-vl leef
steers, $a.80t)'9.50: weatern steers. $7.5rl
S.60; cows, $4.5007.86; heifers. 37.00ia.?6;
tockera and feeder. S8.504i8.6o; valve,
$8.00ti10 25.
1 KMlfl Receipt, 1,.i0O head; ' market
lower; bulk of aalea. $7.1dr7.40; heavy!
$7.1tf7.27H; packers and butchers, fi.U?
J. 45; light. S7.15tf7.46: nlga. S8.7MT7.I6.
SHEKP AND LAMBS Receipts. 600
head; market steady; lamba, $9.0tWf9M;
yearlings, $fi.6Offt.00; wethers, 8A.5ord.50;
ewes, S5.254i4l.00; stockers and feeders,
St. Lonls Live Slock Market. '
ST. IXJCIS. Mo., luly S. CATTLIi
Receipts, 1,300 head; market ateadp; na
tive beef steer, $7.5Ki)1O.S0; yearling
teera and heifers, J.00v.6o; cowa $
4T.80; stockers and feeders. S"".Oi!iw.25;
steera, $o.25ts.86: native calves. $6.00ti 10 M.
HOOA-Rei-elnts. 10.000 head: market
lower; pigs and Itghta, 16.50y7.75; mixed
and butchers, 17.50417.70; good heavy.
SHEEP AND LAMMS Receipts, 1.300
head; market lower; clipped native mut
tons, $.V0O6.2S; clipped lambs, r.Mitf. 60;
spring lambs, $7.UMU4.C'i.
Slonx City Live Stork Market. '
SIOUX CITY. Ia. July 9.-CATTLK-Receipta,
1,000 head: market strong; na
tive steers, $71O10.00; butcher. $5.76tfl
$.00; ranner. $4.3606.00; stockers and
leaders, $t.Mk&7.16; bulls, stage, etc..
HO(SRcelpU. 8.000 head; market So
nd 10c lower; heavy, 47.054i7.3o; mixed,
SH.75105; lights. KWi.76; bulk of sale,
SHEKI' AND 1-4 MBS-None, no quota
tions. St. Joaenh Live Steek Market.
ST. JOSEPH. JulV . 4-ATTI.rc Re-
relpt. 100 head; market steady; steers,
$7. 604,. 7; cows and heifers, $4.60J9.50;
calves, S8 6rl0.0A.
HOOS Receipts, 4.500 head; market,
lower: top, $7.35; bulk Of sales, S7.10kf7.80
SHEKP AND LAMBS Reeelpts, 500
head; market higher; lamb, S9.D0W9.96.
Live Stock la Slarht.
Receipts of live stock at the five prin
cipal western markets yesterday;
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Chicago 3.000 29,000 13.0110
St. Louis 1.SO0 10,800 l.SOtt
Sioux City S.ono
Mouth Omaha 10,000 11,600
.Kansas City l.NOO LSOO too
8.500 68,900 27,900
Indications Point to Activity Dsr-
Ingr the Somas or.
NEW YORK. July , Dun's wUI say
Uniform Progress I not to 'be ex
pected at this period, when Inventory
and the advance of the vacation season
lend to produce quietness In varloua
mercantile llnea It 1 significant of
tha economic cihanjre resulting from
war. however, that Industrial conditions
do not reflect the usual midyear lull,
and all Indication point to fully ana-
talned activity throughout the sum
mer mot ths. Instead of ahowing the
customary abatement, Industrial opera
tions steadily expand and eacn wee
there la a further rediKition In the
perectntage of Idln ' machinery and In
the number of unemployed, 'ehle la a
moat encouraging feature, inasmuch a
the retail demand for all kinds of
staple merchandise la stlmu'"d as more
ware earners una woi payroll
Increase. Since the Iron f ".ind trade
is considered one of the . e... barom
eters of the teneral situation. It la
gratifying that production at the mills
snd rurnaces is rapidly rising close to
(he point of cai-adty. the output of
Pig Iron laat month being at the rate of
29.500.000 Una a year, against only 18,
OOO'iOO tons on January I.
Bank clearings S3.957,158,8B, same week
last year $3.6o44..
Now York Money Market.
PAPERJMa per rent.
cHTtUHi'iiNia aixuHANtiis sixty - day
bills. 84.73; demand. $4.7660; cables, $4.771
mi, Visit Bar, 479hc; Mexican dollar
BONDS Government, steady; railroad.
TIMH LOANS Steady ; sixty days. 1
per cent; ninety daya, 24T!! per cent;
six months. S per cent.
CALL MONEY Steady; high, I per
rent; low, 14 per cent; ruling rate, 1 per
cent: last loan, 1 per rent; closing bid,
14 pi' cent; offered at 1 per cent. quotations nn bonds today were:
U. B. rat. -, rag. ..,9m, M. K. A T. 1st 4s 76i
do OMipea 97 Mo. Pse. rr. Is nil
V. 8 ts. m 1oaN. T. O. oeu. . . . .lost
do eoupoa WIN, T. City 4Sa laita
V. . 4a. rag Kit N. Y. Biai 4WS....1MV
no M. T , N. H. A H.
Panama 9a eoupoa.
Am. ttmaHars
.1 No.
Pnclfl. 4a.
.. 90S
.. 94j
.. Ili
.. 971,
.. 97
A. T A T. eT. 4a
Armear m Os. 4H
Alehlao (a. 4a.
Bal. A Ohio 4...,
. PaMfla lot .
Ha A Ohio 4
n. B. A Q i. s..
9IH0. B. L rot.
4u . T. A T. Is
4 Pasa. eoa. 4V.a.
W do (aa. 4Ha...
41 Readln son. 4s
H U 4 B. T. r. 4a. Ml,
4So. Pac. av. la. a.,
e raf. 4a 1444
Bo. Ralls-ar ta at.
C M B P ( 4H
C R. I. A P. r.
!. A a rot. 4 Via.
n. a. o.
Karl. sen.
rsf. 8a 4J4tt'aloti rarttio 4a ... 4i,
I u av. 4a .
nan. Blaetrla 4a ..
kilr. H. stahbar as..... lets
97 II. H Bloat to HIV
47 Wabash I at to 100
a Waal. I'nlaa 411a.... US
4iWast. Kmc. ct. 4s..10s
Ol N. 1st 4 US
III. Oa. rat 4a...
K. C. Bo. raf. 9.
LAN. ani. 4a...
Bid. "Offered.
A liability Insurance policy on the
automobile of the city park department
has been hold up by the city council.
Commissioner Butler asserted It is un
wise to pay premium on such policies
when experience . has shown that tha
liability companies will not pay damages
In cases of Injury caused by these city
automobile. He cited two cases of recent
The city council referred to its legal
department petitions flit 'I by an attorney
representing the Jitney men. The city
clerk reported the petitions contain! 3.979
Under the referendum law, latent Jit
nay ordinances ars Inoperative until sub
mitted to avote.
Session Mostly a Repetition of Those
of Previous Days.
NKW YORK. July S.-In Us main as
pects, todays stok market was mostly n
rvpetitiim of recnt dayes. Ilealtatlon .
and heaviness were its chief charactei
Istlcs. with Increased weaknea In the
railway group, notably the loir prtoeil
southern Issues, as well as SI. Paul
and New Haven, and continued pool
manipulations In war are. tallies.
MtMOUrl I aclflc fell in 13. the lowet
price In Its history ani St. Paul -l
iKW recorded Its minimum figure for
many years Missouri, Kansas snd Tex
as Southern railway comon and prefer
red, lUck Island and Chesapiakr and
Ohio nisi registered loest uuotiitu.n
In year. Later St. Paul pref.rred. one
of the Investment leue seldom traded
in , fell to 122, it bottom irlle in al
most a decade.
Foreign liquidation was responnlhle 'or
today's rei-eslons. although offcrlrvs
frm that source were mainly In 1'ondn.
London s n seller of I'nlon Pnclfl.-.
Canadian Pacific and coppera. Accord -Ine
to common report, larir" sales "f
our stocks and bonds were again effected
here by private transfer.
Alnvjt tbe only apectilatlw favorite to
show stadlness was United States steel,
which waa sipported In anticipation .i
an excellent June statement of unfilled
tonnage, to le Issued after the cl -ise
of tomenw reasion. Readlrg, Cr.lon Pa
cini; rnd Amalgamated copper were ai
ded to the list of heavy leaves, tlv
market closing with a feverish under
tone at or near lowest price . the
session. Total aalea amounted to Mi.-
0i4 aharea.
Variable tendencies was shown bv for
eign exchange, slerllnx opening at an
advance over yesterday, but fallng back
on a small offering of bills. Continen
tal exchange reflected the light dealings
in franca and Urea
Rales of bond for future delivery
were altnoct the largest of any day
this wock Total sale par value ag
gregated $2,r.o.oiio.
I nlted States were unchanged on call.
This Burglar Has
Bacon and Eggs
for His Breakfast
Stanlay Pankowskl, 1717 North Twenty
eighth street. South Omaha, likes bacon
and eggs. .Baron and eggs were fried
right In his home Friday morning, but he
got only the scent of them. The scent of -hi
favorite dlah awoke him from hi
dreams Just fti time for him to hear a
burglar clattering out of the back door.
Pankowskl kicked the cover off his
bed and leaped to the floor. He found
the skillet on the store still hot, where
the burglar had fried bacon and eggs for
his breakfast. But the plotter waa licked
clean. The refrigerator waa mlnu several
egg and slabs of bacon. The dreser waa
minus two purse, one containing $1.64
and the other 11.80. PankowaM's trousert
pocket was minus a watch.
Milwaukee Boxcar
Stores Treasures
at Vera Cruz Quay
Milwaukee railroad people are taking
pride In the fact that their freight car,
No. 205149, forty-one feet long and with
a carrying capacity of 80,000 pounds, I
now doing duty as the treasure coach of
the Carransa government ot Mexico. ' It
Is standing on the quay at Vera Crui.
constantly guarded by a large force of
Outside of a few Mexican officials It
Is not known what car No. 306149 con
tains, but It 1 auppoaed that It Is the
treasure of Carransa, kept at Vera Cru
to be easy to load onto a boat should he
be forced to make a quiok getaway.
Britain Asks if U. S. '
Bans Recruit Move
WjABIUNOTON. July 6. Sir Cecil
Spring-Rice, the British ambassador for-
mally applied to the State department to
day for a definition of the American gov
ernment's view whether Engllah patriotic
societies or other unofficial agencies vio
late neutrality law In tending subject
of Great Britain from the United, SUtes
to volunteer In the British army. '
Conferences between the Department of
State and Justice will be held before an
answer 1 given to this question, from
which a serloua diplomatic controversy
may develop. The practice of returning
volunteers to England haa prevailed since
4tiA K. .1 nnln- nf .he VjiAin.. . . mH
It is said, that the British government
Is prepared to register an emphatic pro
test If the United States takes the posi
tion that It la Illegal. The return of
Indictments at flan Francisco against per
sona charged with enlisting recruits for
the British army Is understood to have
precipitated the ambassador's action,
Victim of Auto
Accident Imnroves
Mrs. Christina Petersen. 1507 Ames ave
nue. Injured In an auto accident north
of the Municipal beach Wednesday night.
Is reported Improving at St. Joseph's hos
pital. She had a sinking spell Thursday
evening, but rallied, and the chances art.
favorable for her recovery.
Funeral service for a son-in-law, W.
Olaf Larsen, 1917 Cuming street, who was
killed in ths same accident, will be held
Sunday afternoon at I o'clock from the
Bralley V Dorranoe chapel, with Inter
ment In Spring-well cemetery. An Inquest
will be held by Coroner Croaby Raturday
mornlng at 10 o'clock.
firicrinnl TTnnPof .
V4 4glaaWA liVUUMU
Man is Now Found
"Your a better man than I am. Gunge
Dhln," admitted Desk Sergeant Andrew
PattuUo to W, A. Webber. 3918 Arbor
Mr. Webber found a large roll of bllU
on a downtown thoroughfare about S
o'clock and Immediately brought ths
same to police headquarters to await the
arrival of the owner. "Honesty Is the
best policy I gueas," remarked a wit
ness of the remarkabi occurrence, "but
oh, you roll."
Nebraska suffragists have pledged
themselves to secure 1.000 subscriptions to
tha Woman's Journal, tha suffrage weekly
published in Boston. Miss Daisy Doane
will have charge of the work la Douglas
Pi an for a campaign for subscription
to be initiated soon were discussed at
a committee meeting; at the Young Men's
Christian association. Mrs. Draper Smith,
state president; Mrs. If. C. Sumnly,
A "For Bale" ad will turn eecnd-hu4
ftrnitur Into cash. v