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By MELLIFICIA. Friday, July 9, 1915.
FIRST honora at present time are being bestowed on the ultra leather
Fashion is a funny jade and pays little or no attention to hav
ing things In season.
Straw hats came out In droves In the days of snow flurries, and now
the mid-eummer flurry and excitement of atyledom has launched the ducky
patent leather hats.
Some are all white, others the black and white combination and some
entirely of black patent leather.
They are small and usually tilted saucily over the eye. Mrs. John A.
McShane is wearing one of a black and white' combination. Mrs. Fred
Hamilton has one of all white leather and Mrs. V. D. Honford wears a be
coming one of white, very small and trimmed with a black patent leather
thHr hmiM arusst. Mien Clare F.l'.lse Wil
son, of Newton, K. J., will leave next
week for California for afersl weeks.
Mn. E. C. McPhane left Tuesday for
Charlevoix. MIrh., where he will n'pnd
the remainder of the summer.
Entertain at Kensington.
Mrs. K. A. Mr(Min entertained
Tuearlsr at' her home In Benson at a
kenslnston from I to S o'clock In honor
of Mrs. A. L. Woster of Adel, la., who
la the guest of her daughter, Mra. N. H.
Tyson. A buffet luncheon waa served
and the guests were:
V.n. Phelby.
J. W Welrh
I . V. Raher.
8. r. Jonee.
J. P. Batler.
J. T. Plcksrd.
C. A. f telle,
V. H. Tyson,
Mart Armstrong-,
.T. O'Roiirke.
R. A. Ma"n,
'. K. Ilxffke.
A. J. Mct'lung.
'. K. Hall.
A. 1. Wnster
of Ade. la.
K. B. Parker.
Miss F-stella Harkness of Bllol. Mlea ;
who are. the guests of Mra. A. Bil
ling, sr. A basket of daisies waa usd
aa the tahla centerpiece and cover ware
plaoed for:
Meedame -l.opea,
T. C Piiblrn,
T. N. Conner,
Richard Stebblna,
G-ors- Harris of
R, J. ftouthard.
A. I.. Bllllnga. jr.;
C. C Wilson,
A. I Billing. ar.J
Tark Bllllnga,
R, K. Iavla,
Shannon, daughter of Mr. and Mra. 'are vlelt'ng In Omaha, the gumta of Mr.
Charles Elliott Shannon of Puluth. Minn, j and Mra. Ralph Mar ward.
The weddlnaj was celebrated Tueaday,
At Happy Hollow Club.
Mr. Mary Van Gleeon entertained at
luncheon, followed by bridge, today at
the Hty Hollow club, complimentary
to Mra. Mcintosh of New Tork City, wno
la rtaHIn Mrs. C. B. Ruatln. A large
baaket of fthaata dalale decorated th
tahla and the rueata were:
John A. Wakefield.
Howard B. Hmlth.
Thomaa J. Mackay,
F. H. Cole.
Klla Sjulres.
J. C. French.
J. W. Hamilton.
Isaac Congdon,
". B. R.ietln.
B. F. C rummer.
Herman Kountie,
ieorge Barker,
M. H. Baldrlge.
t'harlea Martin,
J II Butter.
Phillip Totter,
Htchard carrier.
Mlea Nannie Richardson,
At the Country Club.
Miss Orace Allison will entertain at
luncheon Saturday at the Country club tn
honor of Mlas Clare Elolse Wilson of
Newton. N. J., who la th guest of Miss
Margaret Baum. The guests will Include;
Mioses Missea
Kether Wllhelm, F.rna Heed.
Marlon Tow la, Margaret Baum,
Nana Towle, Replna Connell,
Charlotta rarmaJee,VlrKlnla Orfutt,
Mr. and Mra J. E. George will enter
tain at dinner Saturday evening at th
Country club and Mr. and Mrs. M. A.
Hall wilt have ten guests at dinner Saturday.
At Carter Lake Club.
The regular cottager' dinner waa
given last evening at Carter Lake club.
Th room ware decorated profusely with
flower, and th dinner wa followed by
dancing. Those ' present were:
Meaar. and Mesdainee
T. C. Pcttlgrew,
. T. land ley,
R, O. (Irayeon,
'. L I'undv,
I.. T. Heeney,
Roy Bloom,
H. Reeelln.
F. C. Mason,
N K. Van Cott.
K. Holovtchlnsr,
.loaephlne Poor,
tile Brown,
I. awrene flntaon,
harla Dundey,
Roy Hcott.
C. H. T. Rlepen,
F. K. Hanford,
c. . Jarcox.
Paul Meyer,
F. I,. Keller.
I. Bloom,
A. Porenaon,
Mr. R. A. Dodge,
C. I). Rcott.
Porothy Bcott,
Iouts Wlnth.
tlrant Peter,
Walter Wharton,
mony In the presence of th Immediate
family and a few Intimate friend. The
bride wore a tailored suit of Alice . blue
gaberdine. The house was beautifully
decorated with rose and fern. Immedi
ately after the ceremony Mr. and Mr.
Miller left for an extended trip through
th wast. They will be at home after
August 1 at Papllllon, where the groom
Is engaged In business.
Pleaurei Past.
The 67 club gave n dancing party at
Ike Manawa Wednesday evening.
Among those present were;
F.llen Anthes,
Augusta Helntsa,
Alta Hamuele,
V T - .
J. J. Welch, R. Inarahm, - P' 1
8. Plumer,
On the Calendar.
Mra. Ernest FJdred Hart will entertain
at dinner Saturday evening at her hem
In Council Bluff.
To Honor Visitor.
Mr. Park Billings entertained t lunctv
eon today at th Hotel Rome In honor
of Mr. Lopes, Mr. T. C. Dublnn and
Mia patella Haikness
Informal Luncheon.
Mia Henrietta Meilar entertained at
luncheon at the Fontenelle Thursday for
Mia Claire Patterson of New Tork City.
The guest were:
Mli we M -
Claire Patterson Beatrtce Tlnlv.
of New Y"-k City, Gladys U one?
Oertrude Aiken. tlenrletta Medlar.
Florence Hlslad.
Mrs. Irvln A. Medlar
With the Viators.
Miss ClMre Klolse Wilson of Nealon.
N. J.. Is the guest of her cousin. Mis
Msrgaiet Baum.
Wedding Cards.
Cards were received yesterday In Omaha
announcing the marriage of Mr. Harry
F. Bleetck and Miss Harriett Trances
July , In Dultith.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mr. J. J. O'Connor and daughter, Mary,
returned Saturday from a stay of several
week In the east.
Mr. fleeter Heyn left Wednesday even
ing for Chicago and Charlevoix. Mich., to
be gone three weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Idling of Chicago
Entertains at Bridge
Mr. B. A. McPernvtt entertained at
bridge this afternoon at her home. The
room were abloom with spring flowers
and six table were placed for the game.
A Con ah Medicine tkat Helps.
Pr. King's New Plscovery will help
yoi'r cough or cold. Keep a bottle at
home for emergencies, 6"c. All drug
gist. Ad vert Iscnvnt.
Ohio Rabbi Conducts
Services in Omaha
Rabhl A. Ptclner of txiraine, O., spoke
end offlclntrd st ce.ntor service for
Congregation B'nal Jacob, Twenty-fourth
rnd Nicholas streets, last evening at 7:
and will do the snme st t. a. m. Sunday at
p. m. he will deliver a lecture in
KnglNh on "Is I,lfe Worth Living?" at
the church c.f Congregation Sons of Israel,
F.lghteenth and Chicago street.
F.O.B. Detroit
ttella Ingrabm,
Gertrude Anthe,
V. Hoo.
R. Ingrahm,
F. B. Helntie.
3ut-oMown Wedding.
The wedding of Miss Ethel B. Empey
end Mr. George W. Miller was oelobraUd
"Wednesday, July 7, at I o'clock p. m. In
Papllllon at the home of the brlde'a per
cnta. Mr. and Mra. A. F. Empey. There
were no attendant.
Rev. W. H. Underwood of th MeCabe
Methodist church performed th cere-
Personal Mention. -
A son was born to Mr. ami Mrs. J. II.
Fradenburg, jr., at the Methodist hospi
tal thla morning.
Mr. and Mir. O. S. E rocket leg? Satur
day for an extended trip to Penver,
Boulder and point of Interest tn Colo
rado. . Lieutenant and Mrs. James W. Peale
of the Twenty-seventh United Btates In
fantry are guest . of th lieutenant'
mother, Mr. E. II. PJureen, at the
Pr. If. B. Lemere and Dr. Charles
O'Nell Kich returned today from Cali
fornia, where they attended the medical
The Misses Edna and Helen Ganihorn
of Baltimore, Md.; Mis Elisabeth Fergu
son, Mis Qsy William. Miss Augusta
Knlgtir, the first .four student at the
Mr. Martin Iangdon and daughter,
Mlsa Irene, left Saturday for Butte,
Mont., where they will Join Pr. f'rederirk
J. Langdon. The Langdon will make
their home In Butte.
Penn)lvanla Academy of Fin Arte,
school. Philadelphia, Fa,, spent July S at
Wake Robin, the log atudlo of II. F.
Odder. In Fontenelle forest, painting and
Picnicking. Ml Kdne aanthorn la one of
fourteen atudenta to win a scholarship
this year. She left with her sister
Thursday for the Panama-Psclflo fair
and will return hem by way . of the
Panama canal. -
Summer Plans.
. The Mlsse Mayme and Catherine Ham
lin exict to leave the middle of next
wek for California.
Mr. and Mr. V. A. Baum, accompanied
by their daughter. Mis Margaret, and
New Pianos at the
New Pianos Selling at $169.00, $190.00,
$215.00. $225.00, Etc.
tiihi aasrzxiT oa beoobd. ,
Some of the most celebrated makes of new and used planoa
go In this sale. Brand new pianos, 1915 model of walnut, oalc
and mahogany pianos as low as 1169.00. Regular $260.00 to
$300.00 pianos. Another grade of $325.00 planoe from $190.00
to $225.00. Next class retailing from $3(0.00 to $400. 0D go at
$235.00 to $265.00. $400.00 to $500.00 will be sold at $285.00
to $335.00 and up. not to forget the beautiful new Brambach Grand
Pianos in mahogany.
Terms Will Bt $5.00 Down and $1.00 a Wetk on Some Pianos
tlO.CO down and 12 00 rer week on others, I1S.00 down and '10 per week
and up. With upright piano, we furnish stool and scarf. With the grand
planoa goes a combination bench for holding aheet music. With the flayer
planoe we furnish an up-to-dste combination bench and ecarf.
Every Instrument Is Fully Guaranteed or Money Refunded
This atoek embrace makea such as Marshall Wendell, Whitney,
Thompson, Rrewiler, Krakatier, Mullet A Pavls Columbus, Hteger Hons,
Hamilton, Standard, Rmlth A Barnes, H. P. Nelosn, Henderson, Btelnway,
Chlckerlng, Weser Bros., etc.
Player Pianos Retailing From $375 Up Co on This Sale at $287
Remember, theae ar brsnd new, fully guarantees player planoa.
Another line of players from to IS00 00. we will put on sale at
1376 00. Our finest KB0.OO player Itss been marked down to M2&.00.
In the forty-one years of our establishment, we have never made such
hlg slashes In piano prices nor aa easy terms aa we herewith offer. Take
advantage of tula sale.
A. HOSPE CO., 1513 Douglas St.
Selling Art and
Music Goods
Must Be Sold
to Make Room
' ' v.r- '""'
More Comfortable, More Beautiful, More
Powerful As Economical as Ever
Just aa truly aa first impressions are lasting impressions,
v you will always think of the Hupmobile as a big car
A car of surpassing beauty
A car of delightful comfort
A really extraordinary value at its price?
- Your first ride in it will show you performance that proves
the car as good as it looks.
And your ownership will give you daily satisfaction in its
' economy and its never-failing service.
- . Please let us arrange for your demonstration at your
earliest convenience.
Oh! for a Glimpse of a Rainbow of Promise?
a i asasaa a i i i ag ' m. si lain ' w t ' iaaiaaas isai is I- n i sn m il ls s i I " iTlsasa!S iiaiwaawsaaaaasaaaeaaas aaiaii -a w
There is a theory that the concentrated thought of a people can accomplish almost anything. We, ourselves, were like
Felix, almost persuaded. From North Platte on the west to our own fair city on the east, you will find "Drive Dem
Clouds Away" the popular song. Yesterday we were in the country and it surely does look attractive. The corn has
good color and we are inclined to believe that we will have a good crop after all. One month of Nebraska sunshine will
work worders, and there is comfort in the thought that if we don't get a bumper this yeara wonderful reserve of
water is being laid away in the soil for the future. Bo cheer up, let's apply a little more axle grease and keep the wheels
revolving. gatur(jays Stirring Sales Stories from Kil Patrick's
Palm Beach Suits Perhaps the most popular and MEN Avho hit the trail at 8:30 A. M. will find dis-
practicfd garment of tbe season. Mohair construction
(see label.) Wear well dnst denying Clean, cool and
comfortable. Snme as were sold earlier at $12.00 and
$12.50, will go at $7.50 each.
Mrs. Jones has just gotten back from the Big City
by tho Sea. . She found some sad hearted manufacturers
who were long on sumro drosses nnd short on money.
Dresses of printed md f voiles. Manufacturers were
in the mood. "No dect v. , ier refused," and Saturday
you participate in the benciits. We include dresses from
our regular stock which sold at $10.00 and $12.00. One
price, $3.98 each.
- Children's and Juniors' Benefit Sale starts also 8:M
Dresses for ages 2 to 14 years, sold formerly up to
$1.25, at 48?.
Dresses for aees 2 to 14 years, sold formerly up to
$1.00, at 75.
Dresses for nges 2 to 14 years, sold formerly up to
$2.50, at $1.19.
Dresses for ages 2 to 14 vears, sold fonnerly up to
$6.00, at 91.98.
Coals for those from 3 to 17 years at $2.50, sold
before up to $12.50.
Junior Suits, including Palm Beach, light Weight
Wool, sold up to $2100 take them away for $5 each.
Last words on Children's Hats. Two lots, 45o and
$1.00. The 45 centers sold up to $2.00; the $1.00 lot
up to $4.50 each.
fcummcr nightgowns, made of white muslins or pink
plisses. C9 instead of $1.00.
Lingerie Gowns, fluff v ruffles, light and airy, us
ually $2.00, Saturday $1.37.
Corsft Covers, 19S Corsets which were $2.25, $5,
and $7.50, Saturday $1.29, $2.49 and $3.98.
played for .ale at Furnishing Section:
Union Suits, nainsook or knit 49 each.
79 cents for the $1.00 Roxford nainsook suit.
Poros and Olobe same.
98 cents for $1.50 nainsook and Taunton mercer
ized rib. '
TALE OF A SHIRT Tudeod of many shirts for Sat
urday. Soi'iobody said to Senator Tillman (the fiery) : "I
never boast." Quick as a flash came back, "Don't wonder
you brag nbout it" And about these shirta that's the
feeling you'll have when you see 'era'. You will excuse
a little bm;; from us. ''They ore about tho best we ever
sold in tho regular way for $1.50." Thus sayeth the
shirt man. Mercerized fabrics, soft turn back cuffs. 7
times 11 Saturday's price 77 CENTS EACH.
$5.00 Silk Shirts, $3.98. s.O Silk Shirts, $4.98.
Women' Summer Union Suits Mad for Kllpatrlca'e aold
by Kllpatrtrk'a tella th atory. don't It. KIT and WEAR la the
meaning 3f) Instead of C0; G9 Instead of $1.00; 83 ln
atead of tl-25; f8 Instead of 1 160. Mercerlaed Vesta amall
lot 37 Instead of 5c. A sal of Silk Stocklnga for those who
lova to wear them. The dollar kind black and colon at 69?.
koi n nuclei ox the pahabolb
SI. 10 for those which aold f 1.50 to $1.00 folding.
81. (tS for those which sold IMS to $3.00 handlea also.
$2.i)H for thoae which sold 13.(0 to $5.50 th laleat.
So. 05 for those which sold up to 11.00 SHAPES.
Initial Handkerchiefs, alt linen. 3Vt ch 3 for a dime.
, Initial Handkerchief a. all linen, gVs 3 for a quarter.
First are for women second for men.
Ladles' Neckwear collars and fichuea V and leaa.
Odds and enda rag tag and bobtail. Th left overs from
Bag Salea 29 for pick. V think they arc worth even now a
- dollar. Once upon a time they were much more.
Silk at 50: Silks at OS4. W are not going into elabo
rate details about these. Suffice It to say 50J lot contains ellka,
which aold 7 5c. 85c, $10" and $1.5. And th f)8 lot contains .
silks which sold up to $2.25.
Last day of th Skirt Making from th Summer Wool Goods
tor 8100 l-tmUlK MAKING.
Glove Bargains, of course.
Just at th last cam Frank Tuttl. "Tell them." aald h:
"400 patra of Women's Low Shoes, formerly $4. $5 and $6. will
go at (2.95 a pair. Pump. Oxforda, Colonials. Patent, Dull and
fatent with gray quartera; also fawn."
We hare don our part you do youra.
Before you do ride in the new car, we
want to tell you of some of the things
which make it, in our belief, the great-
, est Jlupmobile yet built.
On the score of quality, and resultant
durability and economy, it has been
difficult to make improvements.
In proof of this, we need do no more than
point to the Hupmobile repair cost
record of less than cent per mile ; and
its well known fuel, oil and tire economy.
The new car will go as far on a gallon of
gasoline and oil, although its power 19
20 per, cent greater.
This produces a correspondingly better
performance; a response to the throttle
that is hard for any car to excel.
The five-passenger model retains the
generous proportions which set its
predecessor apart from the usual five
passenger type.
Its riding comfort is even greater, be
cause the cushions are two inches
thicker, built of real curled hair and the
finest cushion springs, and covered with
genuine leather.
W. L. Huffman
1814-16-18 Farnam Street
The conveniences which mean so much
to the comfort of driver and passengers
are also improved.
Perfect protection from rain is assured by
the new windshield ; the one-man top is
even easier to operate than before; the
side curtains are the same quick-acting
storm-proof type.
But you cannot form a real conception of
Hupmobile value by reading about it.
An inspection of the car, and a ride in it,
will establish the car, in your estima-'
tion, for what it actually is the best
value in the market at anywhere near
its price.
If you know anything about automobiles,
you surely know the esteem in which
Hupmobile owners, almost without
exception, hold their cars; the complete
satisfaction Hupmobile ownership
affords them.
This car issues from the same factory
is produced by the same organization
that has made the Hupmobile famous
for its sturdiness and economy.
Let us give you your demonstration now.
Your order placed at this time will as
sure delivery of your new car when a
car is the source of greatest pleasure.
Automobile Co.
1C9 efficiency that's
what yom want when you
place an order for engraved
plates. We pat snap in
eer tperfc, b hate work
men tkat we can rtly upon.
Let Your White Shoes
be Fry's Smart Fashions
Surely yoa will want at toast on pair of whit canraa or buck
akin low ahoea thta aummer. And you will surely want Ftya dis
tinctive stylea. Th variety shown npw embrace th newest ef
fects in th highest grades only.
Palm Beach or White Oxford
In a full rang of aises.
$3.50 to $4.00
I i xosa