Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 10, 1915, Page 11, Image 11

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Germans Purohase
Much Machinery
(Cerreapondenco of th Aeaoriatnd Pre.)
PARIS, July t. More than or
the lim.00 timi of Iron ere are prn
elueed annually la France, worth aibout franc, iwrim from th rirnart
ment of the Meurthe and Moaelle, ecru.
plrd by the Urrman Thro and una half
million of the 4.500,000 tone of ijl-lron
produced In Frenre Annielly, ala come
from thoae rirlnne, and J.trAOno of th!S,ftns tnne annual production of ateal.
PeTenty-four per rant of tha Froneh Iron
Induatrl, therefore, are Itnmohllliad.
A arret dral of tha Information con
crrnliiR the fata of Frenrh tnduatrlea
behind tha Qarnian llnaa li anonymous.
I'rlvatrly, however, tha raport that every
machlna that can ha utilised in Uerwany
haa born taken, aa well at all the monajr
and product of tha occupied rralori, haa
boan verified by reliable manufacture,
who hav meana of communication that
thejr are careful not lo reveal. Tha uaual
Oerman sjratem waa arplted to the dl
trlbutlon of the machine K stock com
pany of (Jermin manufacturer inanaacd
thla part of the economic war. Thla
company aent engineer to Belalum and
northern Kranca to relect auch machine
a mlcht bo worth taking. Tlw-te war
hlppod to Colontna and a complete cala
Ion waa ptintad and cnt to Oerman man
ufacturer, offering them at price rang
ing from M par rent of their value tip.
In thla way Oerman fartorle (faking
ahrll for tle army wr able t in
crease their lathe ej'llpment im good
term. The stork company took IB per
rent enmmloalon on tha Mle and the raal
owner received a req.ilalllon payable
nmetlnie by the Relchtbaok, more often
by the Honk of franco al montha after
a year. lth
per cent.
a minimum value of "
tieen received by the committee for civil
preparation at Bologna. The committee
'xlMed during the war of Independent
in wx, and thla aum, which wa then
only H), waa the balance which remained
to the fund after th war wa ever. Ii
wat deposited In the name of Count Sa
Una. a well known patriot of the town
and In forty-nine year It ha more thr
quintupled Itaeif.
War Fend Ha lllatory.
tforretnondence of the Aaaocleled Treaa
ItOMK. July l.-Among the fund wnlrh
are pouring Into th commlttaea In every
city of Italy to provide comforts and
ixeceaeariea for thoae who are uffcrtng
directly or Indirectly through tha war. an
Interesting contribution of nearly 100 ha
I the conclusion of the war. The teq
tlon price la generally baaed on the
tha coat
price, leaa depreciation of 10 pvr cent
v.! j i
ble Merchandise Being Miiiried Out ii Br andeis Stores9
"""y 'n .MMrw-..wi. w 111. in. - n ..j...., mi -td i . 111 1 in., i.u ii . ... li ii'iii i. im i ffl;" -" " ir- t .
ki'n rim 7rfrrrrT)
-s I 1J 1 '' 7 it i Mill U t t U J -
j L .. ...
Km j w.-rui 1 1 wmm 'Atl"A' mnmw m ' ' ' M n '""mmw.'r -t,j-r '""Tr-ir.jt W ri " t -iirrv n-rnr iifii"i-i-TTiT ntt i limn miimiiwW iiiiiiiaajiwMwww..wiiii.i. iijijuiwtiiiiiii- . yjifliiijjlgln- "iiuii
jar "vijjmf- - -waev'- t
This is a house of business. Gaining and deserving and strengthening the CONFIDENCE of the public is our life workseeing to it that you get full value for every dollar, and to share with you every
aavaniage wmcn our presuge in uie market gives us. no aay goes oy wnicn aoea not Dnng sometmng uk uau ai.. you will nna many unusual values on Saturday's calendar and all through July.
Hosiery and Underwear! at Decisive Savings
Odd Lots of Woman'. Pure Py Thrtad Bilk Hotlary BUok, whlto
and all colore, full fashioned, spliced heclg and toeg, carter gtQ
tops. Well-known make. $1.00 and $1.35 value, pair D7C
Women' Fiber Silk Hoe In black.
white and some ahoe
shade. 35c quality, pair.
Women's Pure Thread 811k Boot
Hoae In all color, black
and white. Pair
lk Root
Women's Dale Thread Hone, black,
white and tan. 26c quel- r
itjr. pair IDC
Man's U)a Tbread and Fiber Silk
Hot In all shade. Worth
2fc, special, pair
Women's Pine Lisle Veta Swiss
ribbed, French band. Worth to
60c, at 36c( or 3 for $1.00
Womsa'i "CumfyCut" Union Bult
Hllk Halt, cuff knee; all !ei.
$1.00 quality, suit..... 60
Women' Union Suits Lisle body,
silk tops: cuff knee style; pink and
white. Worth to $1.25, suit. . . .80o
"M" Knit Waist for Olrl and Boys
Patent tapd warns. 15c quality,
apaeial, - aaeh IQc
Special Values in
Dainty eolors are very much In
Quaker Collar In while and col
or, very dainty. Special, r.
up from OvC
Special Colored Embroidered
Collar Values up to 8c.
Lace and $wl Vte nn
Reduced to aJlfC
Collar and Cuff t In lac em
broidered and 6wla embroidered.
rr?..:...39c and 29c
Your Choice of, 100 Dress Blouses
Blouses made by designers such as Samuel, Collins,
Drecoll and Callot.
Values to $40.00
All our Model and Dress Blouses to be sold below eot.
This is a sale that hundreds of women have been waiting
for blouses thev have ffone into eestaeios over ran now be
bought for less than y4 their original priee. All new mer
chandise, advance models, all the most desirable colors, at this
low price. Come early, as those blouses will not last long.
XT- 1 J 1
ixo approvals ana no exchanges.
N - r.-mm- .1 ... n
Shoes With Finer Points of Style
at Clearing Sale Prices
300 pairs of Men's Oxfords at $2.85. Complete
range of sizes and leathers, in white canvas, gun
metal and Russian calf; button and
blueher cut. Worth up to go o C
$4.00, Saturday,, special. . . . $fclOD
Odds and end? in broken lines of
Women's Fine r Ox fords and Pumps,
Worth up to $4.00, Satur- QC
day, special.'. . . P '
A complete assortment of Ladies' Fine
White Canvas Pumps and Lace Ox
fords with rubber heels and boU just
received, all sizes and widths." A special
pricefor 1 QfieTDC
Saturday. . . . P
Art Needlework (
A Handsome Searing
kat. .. Aa daJnty as a
Basket, Waete Paper Banket or Calch-All . Baa
ptert of Prraden ohloa. A useful aa' jour fa
vorite chair. Oretonna cover In fnaarfced pat
terns and color ; can be removed and' C fS
laundered when desired ijUC
Bamboo Trays and Baskets, sandwich and fruit
Styles. Values to f l oo. epeeiauy
priced at. . . . . . . .
Ja Silk CTOChat or. Tatting 'Thread,
wblta and color.. JOc vaA,ue. . .
Faney Oretonna. and Uce Trimmed
Dresser Scarf. Worth SOe, at......
Stamped Oueat Towel, nw dealfn to croaa
atltcb and French mb'oldery. J3c "I C
values, at t.. Iwt
Fancy Novelty Braids in white and ecru, In
cluding turtle and fncy noveitiee. Val- - r
ties to 3bc. at vt
iagriBrfJi..-'W.T'.xiJiT.Jw.iuwiiUavvi', . ' J!-r .t
Dainty Summer Parasols
A pretty parasol is a neat and trim asset
to your personal appearance on the street,
to say nothing of the protection. You will
buy one when you see these exceptionally
low prices.
Choice of all of our highest; priced para
sols ranging up to $20.00 tt(
values'. Very special at, . P f JJ
One lot of very' fine all silk parasols In all
colors and combinations, two and three silk
ribbon insertions, some have ten gold ribs.
Worth J3.00 and $4.00, spe
cial at
July Clearing Sale
Of All
Women's and Misses'
Dresses. Suits and Skirts
Every dress or suit, every value in this sale
is, In Itself, the announcer of opportunities
) women are not likely to meet with again
this season.
Women's and Misses' Summer
DreMK In fine voiles, crepe,
lawn, lingerie and linen, In
plain colors, stripes or fancy
floral designs and checks;
dainty lace, embroidery or strap
and drape trimmed styles. All
alee for women and misses.
Values to I1S.00. Special Satur
day at
Women's and Misses' Summer
Dresses in line linen, crepes,
voiles and lawns; plain colors,
checks, stripes 'or fancy floral
designs, with dainty lace, em
broidery, strap and drape trim
med styles and coat effects;
worth up to $22.50, Saturday,
Women's and Misses' Palm
Beach Suits in plain tailored
or pleated coat models, with
plain gored or pleated skirts;
several styles to select from.
Worth up to $t3, Saturday,
Thi. event ia graced
! . .. . .
by a diversity of atylea
and smart tailoring.
75c children's parasols,
ors and combinations. .
Children's Japanese
50 c
parasols, 25 C
Women'a ;,W a h
Carduroy Bklrta, side
pleated effects,' but
ton -and pocket trimmed-
.White only.
All sites. Worth. up,
.to S3.98. Saturday--
S8.75 510.1
The backward season
Has rweeuiUted great
cut in prices to clear
our shelve quickly.
Women' W a a b
Skirts In repps, lin
ens, ratios and cor
dellne; plain or plott
ed and button trim
med effects. Worth
to 1298. Saturday
79 c
July Sale of Muslin Underwear
And wt wih to emphasise; that, while these
same prices are low, it is the garments them
selves at these price which are the most
Crepe de Chine Camisoles in flesh and white,
made with extra long shoulders or ribbon straps.
with elastic waistline; beautifully trimmed
with dainty laces. Worth to
$1.50, at
Crepe de Chine Envelope Chemise, made of
jtooa quality crepe,
flesh and white. Sizes
Muslin Petticoats, trim
med with either lace or
embroidery, double or
-circular flounce effects.
"Worth up to $1.50,
special Satur- QA
day, at OtJC
r h ii a i J I , . ii, i. M i i ii I ii-
Clearing All Children's Wash Drssie
Children's Dresses in fine lawns, repps, girif
hams, percales and chambray, in plain colors,
checks, stripes and plaids or combination ef
fects j plain or fancy trimmed styles. O f
Worth to $1.80, at OtC
Children'! Wash Dresses in fine glnrham, cham
bray, repps and lawns, plain or fancy plaids,
checks and stripes; plain or trimmed and com
bination styles. All sizes, 6 to 14 years. Worth
to n.vo, nil in
Saturday. J 1 e 1
Children's Dresses in
fine lawns, linens, repps,
finghams and cham
ray, In stripes, plaids,
checks or plain colored
and combination ef
fects; plain and trim
med models. Worth
to $3 98, di aq
Saturdav. 4 1 eCO
Special Corset Values for Saturday
In the Clearing Sale
This is an opportunity you cannot afford to overlook;
you will need a fresh corset for the warm days. Durinjj our
July Clearing: Sale you will find here values such as cannot
be obtained elsewhere.
Successo Corset in fancy broche, a
model built on the new lines.
Would easily sell for df ff
$7.50, our price tDteUU
Sample Corsets In a variety of ma
terials and models. Corsets that
sell at $3.50 and $5,
Saturday . .
a v ,ai
Brassieres that are perfect in fit and
beautifully tailored, In pink or
white net, lace trimmed, ISA,
at OUC
Petri Girl
Sprinkle Me with Klwa
Why hot Bin the Wearlna ef the Graea
Whare (he Slundoe BiU ai Kinging
In the Palace of Dream
Bwcatnaarr 01 Mine
irk.t bs. ui-
iw I n n mmm i ivj run
lKa F.UMl.fle1 Rv thai MsMinlltlhk
oil On Mirvrt fioon
Bo the Funny Kox Tret vocal
You're HUtlag a Theuaand
... ... L . '1 Jh" o-
Walking Thru Lawn Uu
I'll He Walling at the Golden Cat
In My Houm ol Hrokan Urcanu.
Carloyn Turner Latent SenUmenUI Ballad
Th World I Hungry For A Little Bit Of love
I . pm-m i. a. a Ma
Wash Suits Marked Down to
A 1 a. 01 of
nuuui i Jaciii
ogular Price
76e and 1100 Buits...
fl.50 and $1,00 Suits.,
llftO and 18.00 Suits..
two pairs of pasta. Bellini at about half
the regular prltk
$8.60, $10.00 and $12.60 Suits 85.00
$5.00. fS.BO and $7.(0 Suits (3.50
All $8.60 and $4.00 Two-Pair-Pant flult
t $2.65
Big Reduction on All
Bovs' Furniahinrrs
$1.00 Waist
L,iqutd Venaar,
Saturday, SOe
.74 29c Drugs and Toilet Necessities1!'.34c
Pcara' Cnacanted Soap.
at, per cake
WHllama' Talcum fow-
dor, can
Java Rlne Powder, all
abadee. bos
Tiogaf GaUeit Rio
1 Bell a
Atr, all eteaa.
V fid am
Pnwdar. 60o al
La relit ct e r a ) 4 I e
'kc lowder. tee alee
Au-bry Btatere' Beautt
flar. 11 alzo
White' a VaucaJre Qelese Tab-
Uta. II box
Melbe, race Crura. lOe eta
Jar .
Dorla' Brunette Iteufe, ee-
HudnuV CI4 Creaea. $0e else
trr. at . .
Lurille Fera I'owdar. ail
10c I Jehneon'a Floor OQ. ,lv
10a -2&L
r . JTSJl "VV li X)
-eN A Wlx. C o )U
m W SM 11 rlaa aaw K T Wt W
I-ydla Plnkbam'a Compound.
Health. $1 ala
X.m. Blaehe Kaca
alaa boa. at
Senadea. ft to.
rowder, 60e
4711 Tollat Watar. aU edora,
Tie al
69c k Shevlna Soap. r
Norlltk'a ia)V4 afilk. ho
pital eiae. at . .
Orevae' Tooth
lae can, at
Powder. Jlo
39 c
. at
Hay' Hair
.......... ...... .......
ftubker Droaelng Cornea, tie
aluea. each
Prophylaetie Teeth Bruahaa.
White Ivery Manicure Kile,
at. each , ,
Tfla Bottle, resular
14.10 alaa. at
X-Quart Fountain
worth II. 0. at ...
Peroxide of Hydrogen, H-l.
bottle, at '
Phyeielane' end Surgaoae'
Soap, ver reke... T
U. Q. Lieveloper, I tutwa
for ,
iiuatar Broa 1A Carrwra. takaa pic
turca l"i4i, simple to op- e9 CQ
erte. Rrular tl value, at . . . '
v develop jour fllina frr
arUerins print
0c Waist 36c
$1.J6 Unen Pants
at 85c
11.60 Palm Beach
Pants $1.00
60c Khaki PaiiU.SSc
76c Bath In Suits
t 19e
75c Beach RompTi
at le
t&e Wash Tles..16o
Two Glove Specials in
Our July Clearing Sale
Women's 22-Inch Doubla Tipped
fur Silk Glove Reaching above
th albow, in black or wttta; ordi
narily aell at 86c and 9e,
special, pair
Women' 22-Inch Extra Fin Qual.
Ity Milan Silk Qlovee Double
tipped, black or white; jq
Should sell at 1-3 more, pair. .0vC
Kayser'a 1S-lutton Length Guar
anteed Silk Olovaa Double tipped,
In black or white, One Milanese
ilk. Much Setter quality than us
ually oid at thi prlr, (
by Our
E I I'iri aj if-- II
rff jYrssssi
l-S i'J taV aW" A
Sold on
ment. Third
i Floor.$ i