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    Yes! Mr. Jack
Brooklyn Takes Both Endi of a
Double-Header from Boston
on Ebbets Field.
BROOKLYN. N. V., July 8-Brooklyn
tviin.1. n ,
4 to J, In two of the scrappiest nmi
seen thla year at hbbeta field, five
players were forced to retire on account
of Injuries, while the umpire wire busy
trying to quiet player who complained
srilnst declilon.
The tocsin won the flrt gsrae through
the fine pitching of Coomb and Apple
Ion. -Coomb held tha Bravea hltle for
lhrea Innings and had two out In the
fourth when he stepped Into a hole a
he wa- -bout to pitch and trained a
tendon 1 hi left leu, which necesl-
ilated hi removl from the field. Ap-
plcton held the Hrave. to two nit and
iwo run. Rudolph waa batted freely.
He retired with two out In the eighth
after apralntng hi knee while ducking
a throw to aecond baae. Gowdy letlred
with an Injure arm ar.d Hchmilt gave
'way to Egan In the eighth after he had
len hit twice on the right arm by wild
In the aecond conteat Ragan waa
knocked out of the box 'n the alxth, the
uperba getting a four-run lead. Dell
grew wild after the firth Inning, hitting
i.Moran on the left ankle in tha lxh and
forcing him out of the game.
Score. flrt game:
nilkett. if.. 4 t rn. rf... I I
Kvm t.. . I t lO'Mara. i I I 1
l onnollr. If. S t 1 ntnbwt. Ik. I I 1 I
Mum, er . , l iwmi, ll . i
rkhralot, Ik. t ! 1 Cuah, Mill ll.mi. . . . I ill IFl.her. M..I I I I 1
r-gaii, w w "miiini, ri . . v w w
hmlils lb.... I 1 1 4i.ii lb. .... I III
MeraffWI, aal 1 I OMilln.. .,.. I till
lr. 0....4 2 I ( oomh. ... i I o
WhalUi. .. I t 1 I AnlMa. p. 1 4 4 t 4
fte4olpk, .. I 4 4 ' ,
Hiirbaa. ... TtaU...7 M I 27 t
Mora ,.. t , ,v .
ITolala I 24 IT I ' ,
levied for Hughea In ninth,
oeton 0 i) l 0 1 1 I) 0 0-2
Brooklyn 0 0 0 0 2 I) 1 -3
Two-bass hit: OMara. Double play:
ituuhaw and Daubert. Base on ball:
Off Coombs, 4; off Appleton, t; off Ru
cVlph, 1. Hit: Off Ci-ombs, non In
ihree and two-third Inning; off Apple
ion, t in five and one-third Inning: off
Rudolph, S In seven and two-thirds In
nings; off Hughes, none In one-third In
nings. Hit by pitcher: By Appleton,
Hmlth J, Colly. Struck cut: By Appleton,
by Rudolph,' 2. empires; Rlglor and
;oore second gams:
? A0. H.O.A.B. AB H OA B.
Mnfaa. rf... 1 1 Vrera, of..., 1 I I f
f HlWt. rf.. 2 o'Uara. aa . I 1 I I
r.MfW 2b.... till 4H.ub.rl. Ik. I I It
-liav't'k. Ifcl IWhaat. If I 1 2
aiullr. U. 1 2 irmahaw. lb. 4 1 1 I
nn.mi .... I IHtansal. rf.. 4 11
Kasea. ef... lit ot. lb 4111
t iu. lb ... I til IMIIIer. a ... 4 lit
J Hmllh. lb.. I I t III. p 4 1 t t
IMaravtL s t t IgKmltk, ..!
Whallna, a.. 4 I I 4 t :
'Umm TnUla II I IT II I
a. p.... t I
-ikar .... t
' ...... t I
Timt list
' ToUta.....n I 24 12 4
61 oaten 0 4) 0 fl 1 0 2 (V-S
irooklyn 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 4
Hatted for Connolly In ninth.
i Kan for Whaling In Tlnth.
' Batted for Ka.gaa In seventh.
. 'Hatted for Davis In ninth.
. 1 Two-baae hits: Magee, Myara, Dell.
Thrsa-base hits: OMara, Ptengel 1 Baaea
ma balls: Off Davis, 1; off Dell, t: Struck
wut: By Ragan. 2; by Dnvla, 8; by Dell,
9. Hit by pitcher: By Moran. Dell; by
Wneat. Davis. Hits: Off Hagan. In
mtx inning: off Davl. 1 In two tnningan
nff Dell, t In eight and one-third In
Inlnge; off Smith, none In two-thirds ln
jilng. Umpires: Rlgler and Hart.
Tarda Beat 11 rates.
PITTSBURGH, Julv , 8L DouU de-
feated Pittsburgh today. 2 to I. wlnnlnif
ha game In the eighth Inning, when
3xng singled and ecorsd on Grlner's
Wtoubla. The locals tied the count In tha
eilxth on Carey's sats bunt and a triple
Jy Baled. Boors:
ft. 1)UMI. riTTHBrlUlH -
aiiMUr, ... 2 11 tear, If ... I lit
lu3c Ik. 4 111 troilla, ,1.1 Mil
t'.uibar. It. 4 14 tbalr. Ik.... 4 I I I
iliac. Ik.. 1 12 t tHiarkma. rf I I
Vums, ef...l llUut, h.. 4 I I I
(Mlaa. cf.... t t Vk, ta 4 I I 1
jHpsiL rf.... t I 1 tJohaatM. lb I t t
iioas, rf.... I 2 1 tOltawn. ...! I I t
I t I tMruiiiaa. pi t 1
biataar, a... 4 1 t 1 tfUnllaiMf, 1 t I 1
Vrtaar. .... 4 lit 4VW.H. ... I t
- - -Ouilua aa a a a
TauUa r, unit I
Tutal I I IT II t i
Batted for Kantlehner in elxhth.
hi. Uiula 1 e 0 0 0 C 1 0-2
J'lllaburgh 0 A 0 0 0 1 0 01
Two-baae hlta: Orltwr. lox. Threa
ee tills: Butler, Ililrd. htolen baaea
Balrd lit. Double play: Pnvder to Hug
riu: M 'Qiilltnn to X'iox. Balrd to Gtbaon
to Johnston. Base on balla: Off Grlner.
:; off MeQull'an, I; off Kantlener, 1. Hlta
orf McQuillan. In three Inning, none
out In fourth, off Kantlehner, S in five
Inning: off Convlnian, nun in one In
ning. Pi ruck out : Bv Briner. 2; by Mc
juillan. 2: bv Kantlehner. 2 hy I'onael
man, 2. I'mplrea: Klein and Kmalia,
lilaate Blaalt Phi la.
PHIUADCi.PHIA. July l-Xtw York
won today's game by ouiuling .Mayer's
delivery fcr ven hits, which ln ludrd a
triple and two double. In the firet and
third Inning, the score being t to I.
lineup and Daumgardne blanked New
)ork In the l-t klx innlnaa. 1'lilUilrl-
plus hit MamuarJ'a dellveiy hard, but
the safeties were scatterv snd the only
one Uiat counted was Cravatn homer.
It. Buna, Villi tBrra. Ik . I lit
' JtolMrua. if 4 1 tHanrrofl. aa I I II
la... 4 114 Whuu4. rf I I
KM.kar, as. 4 t t t a,in. rf . I I
M.rkK lb.. 111 M.koCf. Ik. I I t I
iM-n. is.. I I IU,w lb. I I t I
Ssr'aa. at 4 1 I Ktllir.r. ... I til
. a.... 4 I 4 I l larM, -. 2 I 4 1
Kutuit pi t t t Aaaina, .... t 1
Sir. ... I 1 iai, p.... 1 t I
. ilfu. s... 1 S 1
imsis M Ll r, II e.rtar. pt t I t
iua.r 14 p a
k t t t
' '; 1 p t t
lle.tted for in uv.i.ih '
I atia.l for y. I, urn in eighth.
'baited tor I'aumuat dned in ninth.
, TVew lork 4 1 -
' i'l ilal. Ii.l.ia . .. t 4 0 t) p 1
, Two-le hila: Flrtcher, Mnodgraas,
, 'w w mw. 1 uiiuu, uii: Kow-rison
: Jimn run: .ruatft. Duubie pl):
Is Some Husband
DE CJDE. which, is
Tmp TallER Miss
Doyle to Mcrkle, Ntclio.;' to Bancroft to
Ludcru Pases on hall: off,
J, eft Mayer, I Struck out: Hy Mar
quart!, 4; lv Mayor. 1; hy Tlnrup, 4; by
Haumganlncr. A Hit: off MHrquanl,
12 In jh-vpii and one-thin! Intlng"; off
Stroud. I In one and two-thirds Innlnss.
off Mayeh, 7 in thro Inning: off Tln
iiip, A In InnlnK; off HaumKard
ncr. 2 In two Itinln I'nitilres: liyron
and Kaw.ii
4 ! Take Mrat Onf,
rilirAiiO. July .. Chicago defeated
Cincinnati, to 4, sfter fourteen innings
of the firm game of a double-header, and
tied the visitor, 2 to 2. In the second
game, which wa called on account of
darknes at thr end of the seventh In
ning. .Immcrman a triple and Iinlsety ain-
winning run of the Initial game. The
local took a three-run lead In the flrat
inning, before Benton had time to steady
hlmaelf Thereafter the vUltor played
an iirhlll same.
Wllllama made the flrat run for Chi
cago In the second name on a homer.
Zimmerman scored the other run when
ho singled and scored on Wllllama' sin
gle. Wegner's double, while batting In
a pinch in the aeventh, enabled tha vis
itor to tie the count, when It scored
HerxoK. who had walked, and Twomhly,
who singled. Poor baae running on Man
W Hresnahan s part cost Ghlcago
enmiu Rniiir, iriirn nci .n - " - .-
ping off aecond Jiiat before Good tripled.
A free-for-all fight orrurred In the aev
enth after Oood tripled, lie alld Into the
bag and aplked Olaon. (Neon en
raged and atrurk at flood. In a moment
they were exchanging blowa. The local
player came to the altan-e of Good,
ftwlnnatl player Joined the fraea. and
t'mplre (JulKley ruhed a'na the field
and picked olaon up and carried htm to
the atand. Olaon attempted to free him
aelf, but Qulgley held him until hi team
matea rould quiet him down. Qulgley
then ordered him to the rlub houee and
made Good follow. All the extra play
era on the bench a I no were banlehed.
Hcore, flrat game:
ttxii. rf . .7 0 t mtMiil. rf 1 1 I t
Wlniin r...t 2 I I OH.hult. If . 4 lit
Klllirer, If . I I CHImrm.n. lb T 4 R 4
V'Kolii'a, 4b ftPnUr. lb.... I I II
Grab, lb..... 4 I t ftWIIIIani. rf 4 4
Orlffltb. r-lf I o I KnlMly, rf . 1 I I
Olaifk. Ik-lb I I I MTl.l.n lb.. 4 14 1
MkIIwHii. Ibt 1 'Arrhr. 0, .4 1 Tie
TwomM ..I a (HmWrlH. t I 1-0
wn.r. tbrf I t I I MitiMih. l I 1
BenlM. a... 4 1 i 1 Cbrar. .. I I
Tottli M lfl 1 I Telal (I l4l It 1
yVi'lngo out. hit hy batt-d ball.
Noi.e when winning run a'orod.
Batted for Mollwilx In aeventh.
Cincinnati 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 o o 4
Oilcago 2 0 P 0 0 1 0 0 i 1
Two-bnei, bile: Zimmermen ill. iviiurer,
Iroh 12). Meraog, Wingo. Three-bno hlf
7. mmerman. Ktolen baaea: m nuite.
ilood, Zimmerman. Double playa: Flalier
to I'hi-lan, Zimmerman to Phelan. Good
to Baler, l'aaaa on hall: Off lienton, 4;
off t'henev, 4. Hit: orr iiumpnnw,
In five Innlnaa: off Standrldue. In three
inning and none out In ninth: off Cheney,
4 In ml- tnnlnga. Struck out: My
Humphries. X by Benton, a: by Cheney,
i. I'mplre: Qulgley and Orth. Hcor?,
aecond giuue-
AH. H O. A K. AB.M.O.A .
Iwt, of ... I I t lOood. rf 4 12
Hr, 1 4 t ri,hr. M.I I I
l.rk,. a.... I 4 t Hcbiili. If., i
Wingo, a I 0 S t Simrmfi, lb I 1 I I 1
TwomblT. If I 1 1 lb... I 1 T
Oroh lb.... . I 11 IWlllMma. cf I I I
Oriflltk., rf.. I I orhln. lb. . I I 1
Waner. rf.. I It OHrentaAta. 2 I
Olaon. lb.. . I 111 Vuhn. ...! t
VKnln'a, lb HtantfrWI
Mnllwlta. lblfv
Ton.y. 2 Totala II II I 1
Ton la 34 I II 1
Han for Good In seventh.
' Called end aeventh, account datkneaa.
idnclnnall 1 0 0 0 22
1 nicago v v i i v
Two-bane lilt: Haler, wagner, Hreana
hen. Tliree-baae hit: Good. Home run:
William. Htolen baae: Zimmerman.
Double play: Zimmerman to Baler, lin
ing lunaeelaied), Mollwlts (unaaelated).
Ilaaea on ball: Off Toney, S: off Vaughn,
2. Htruck out: Bv Toney, t; by Vaughn,
i. I'mplre: Orth and Qulgley.
Contest Director
at Indianapolis as
Pleased with Omaha
The prettiest speedway In tha world,
from the etandpolnt of tha spectator, la
the classification given the Omaha auto
speedwsy by C. W. 8dwlck, director of
contests at Indianapolis. Mr. Sedwtck
was one of the crowd sitting In, the grand
atand Monday, and he declared that the
track, which can be seen from end to end,
is the best In ths country to look at. And
that Is considerable admtaalon from a
man who direct the conteat of the moat
expensUs speedway plant In the world.
Kay Harroun, chief engineer of the
Maxwell company, agreed with Mr. Sed-
wlck that the Omaha track la a great
speedway to kee a race. The view of
the track waa such a wonderful one that
Harroun sat throughout the race In the
atands instead of working In ths Max
well pits, at Is his custom.
Of course It Is too bad." said Mr. gad-
w. k, "that so fsw cars wsrs In ths
race. That is due to tha fact that ftloux
City and Tacoma were allowed to hold
raes at practically the asms time. But
with fifteen car on the track It a ill be a
prettier eight to ace a race here than at a
laiger track with thirty cars on It."
l.ian at l.Ueaflela.
LITCHFIELD. Mo.. July . (Special
Telegram.) Pleaaanlon wan from Litch
field in the flrat game and liasird de
feated Pleaaantnn In I he second game at
the celebration held at Haaard Monday.
First same H 11 F
Ut.hfleld ....1 2 0 0 2 S
t-lraaenton ...O2I2O0 0-7 T 4
Batteries: Litchfield, Hager, Kasta
brooka and Haltjelsen: Ptraaenton, Mar
ietta and fYaute.
(second game H U E.
Pleaaanton .. 0 0 1 0-1 8 4
Hazard 2 0 S 1 1 0 -7
Batteries? Pleasanton, Graaameyer and
Marietta; Haaard. Koberte and V Ining.
Sleraa Lake Takea Fast Oar.
iTORM I.AKK. la. July 1 8uecial
Telegraio.1 In the most exciting gams of
the aeaaon, florin l.ak took a 8 to 4
game from Slous Itaplda today. Watts,
for Storm Lake, waa relieved in the av
nil by Furchner. The festur of the
game wss the battlna of r-torm Iskr
new flrat sacker. Tomer. Balterlea:
Watt Furchner and Cbapmaa; O'Drll
and Krrto.
Standing of Teams
W I, prt.
TV Mlne4l ?S .-'l, Chicago .
Denver 28 .K3I Plitla ....
Lincoln HI .ii 8t. lunula.
Omaha 34 Xi .MR Pltlsburah
Topeka .fiUI Cincinnati
Ploux City. 2 3H ,4t t'mnklvn
m 2 .571
2ft ..M7
iW Sn .S'Jl
34 32 .6"7
VI S4 .4''
a.i v, .4:
Ht. Joseph. 77 V .42) New York.. . 34 XC
Wlrhlla ... 27 , 40Ji Boston SO fx .441
W l. prt.i W.L.Pct.
Chicago ...47 y, .64ii St. Ixul....41 2S .?!
I'oatnn 41 24 .Ml Kan. Cltv...4 t .Sw
Detroit ....44 2 .Kill I "hie ago . . . .41 31 .top
New York..3n .TJ .Mnj (Of j ; i(gJnr."Hi
Wnahlng'n 22 24 .4KA -. .,'otm ....27 IB .S14
Phlla 43 . 277; Brooklyn ...21 41 .4.11
Ht. Doula.,.28 4.1 .277 Buffalo 2H 44 .7
Cleveland & 42 .3 Baltimore . 27 44 .3X0
W.L.Pct. 1 W.I.Pct.
Tndlanap'lt.44 2t M Beatrice ...J9 14 .74
IxiuUvllle ..28 82 .Mf.l Haatlng 1 .S78
Cleveland ..2 82 York H 2H .40
ft. Paul 87 26 .5141 Kalrbury ...1 25 ,8!)
Kan. City. ..87 87 .M0I
Milwaukee .S 27 .4''
Mlnneap'la .22 24 .4l
Columbus ,.M 43 .877i
Yesterday's Reaalt.
Roaton, 8-8; Brooklyn, 8-4.
Ht. Loula. 2; Plttaburgh. I.
New York, 5; Philadelphia. 1.
Cincinnati, 4-2; Chicago 5-2 (called end
seventh; darknes.)
Waahlngtnn, 1-1; Boston, 5-4.
Philadelphia, 7: New York, .
Cleveland, ; Detroit. 7.
Chicago, 12; Pt. Ixiul. t.
St. I.oul. 0; Kanaa City, L
Buffalo. 1; Brooklyn, 5.
Newark. 7; Baltimore. 1.
No games scheduled.
F'alrbury, 7; Heatings, 1.
Bestrlce, 2; York. 1.
Uames Today.
Wetern league rvnv,-i' a I Oinana.
Lincoln it Hlcux City. Topeka at Da
M nines. Wichita at Ht Joseph.
National IeagiiH Boaton at Brooklyn,
New York at I'hlliulelphla. Chicago at
1 11 iinurKn, .
American league Wanhlngtno at Boa
ton. Philadelphia at New York, Chicago
at Bt. Ixtuia. Detroit at Cleveland. .
Federal Ixanue-Buffalo at Brooklyn,
Newark at Baltimore.
Brooklyn Breaks Its Long: Losing
Streak by Winning Five to
One Game.
BROOKLYN. July (.Brooklyn broke
Its long loslntr streak today, winning
from Buffalo. S to 1. Bluejacket pitched
well for the locals: Score: R H E.
Buffalo 00001 00 0-1 62
Brooklyn I 0 1 0 o 1 0 2 5 7 0
i:alterlea: F. Anderson, Krapp and
Blair; Bli'cjacket and Himun.
Terpa Kaay far Newark.
BALTIMORE, July .-Newark found
Baltimore easy today and won. 7 to I,
The vlaitora bunched hlta off Uulnn.
while Falkenberg kept tha home team s
mow scattered, ucore- 1LH.K.
Newark 1 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 07 18 0
B I timer ....1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1 12 2
Batteries: I alkenberg and Rariden;
uuinn ana jacauiscn.
t'aseys Blank Terriers.
KANSAS CITY, Mo.. July 6-Slngles
In the seventh Inning bv Easterly.
Packard and fhadbourn enabled Kansas
City to score the run which won today a
pamr, 1 10 w. Jicore; K M K.
St. IiOuta ...0 000000 00 7 0
Kansas City OOOOOillO 1 t 0
Hattenes: liavenport and Hartley; Cul
lop, Packard and Kaaterly. Comes for
Four-Game Series
The Denver Bears will Invade Omaha
today for a four-game series. Two
games will he played un Thursday and
Friday will he ladles' day. Games will
lie called at S o'clock except on Thursday,
when tha first gam will start at I
World a record were smashed at
Dodge City In most Important SOO-mlle
International motorcycle classic of ths
season and Otto Walker retain to
title of world's chapton.
Otto Walker, on a Harlry-Davldaon.
broke t',te former world's record (hold
by himself) for ton miles, making the
distance in 2 hour U mlautt and to
seconds, svartglng 7i:J7 miles per hour.
t it... former record being an avetag of
mllea per hour, rrade at Vrnlca,
Cel.. on April 4.
Harry Crandell came in sacend on a
Harley-Dalion , time 3:M.; Carl
Go'idy. tMcelslor. third, time 4:07:02; Joa
Woltera on a llarlcy-Davtdson. fowrth;
"Red" Parkhurst, .m a Harley-Davidaon.
fifth: A I. H-atton, on a Haney-Davldson.
aixth: Kalph Cooper, on a Harley-Davld-ion,
Daeky II Take baasea.
tueky Holmes defeated the Bourgeois
at Carter lake Monday. Baker, pitching
for the Duckya, allowed two hlta and
strack out. ten men.
The score: RH K
ucks 0 2 0 a I 0 4 - ii a
! Itoureeols ...S000000aa.a
Stolen bases: Wome. Cunnin.h.n.
Two-baaa hlta. Baker (1). Homeca, Klana-
aan. Basra on ball, off Baker. 1; off
a.inno.t 4. t mpire; nogatl.
Red Kas Release Met'ake.
KOSTON. July 1-1 he Hoatoai AmeH
eans trnUy released McCakM. a pitcher,
and Holmes a catcher, to Lynn of ths
New Kngiand league.
Copyright. 11 a. International
Newa Service.
Bostons Repeat Performance of Day
Before in Capturing Double
BOSTON, July The Red Sox took
two more games from Waahlngton to
day, further narrowing the margin to
first, place.
Tha flrt contest won, 5 to 1. was de
cided In the flrat two Innings when Boa
ton bunched hlta for all Ita nuns. Boehl
Ing was forced to leave the game In the
opening inning, when he waa hit on the
pitching hand by a ball ofr Breaker's
Boston's four runs in the second game
cam In tha first and third inning.
Gregg gave way to a pinch hitter In the
second Inning and' Mays upheld Boston's
pitching burden well thereafter. Score,
first game:
AB.H.O..AE. AB. H.O.A.B.
Mneliar, rf . . 4 lit tHoofMr. rf..,4 110
rnaiar. lb... I 14 4 OJanvrln, aa.. I 2 12
Hhanka. If... 4 til lHpMkr. cf . 4 1100
Milan, cf.... 4 2 11 tHoblltael, lb I 0 11 0 0
ni1ll, lb... 4 11 1 lLaola. If.... I I I 9 0
Oinnollr. lb. 4 1 1 2 OOaDtoar, lb. I 11 H
Henry. C....I 0 14 OBarrr, lb.... I lilt
Mi-llrM. a. 4 0 14 U'kdy, e I 1 I I 0
Boehllns. p.. 0 OBbor. p.... t t 4 0
Hnppar. p... lOttl
Willlun ..100 Total ! t X 11 0
Total 14. I 24 PI 4.
"Haiied tor Hopper In ninth.
Washington 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1
Ronton 8 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 6
Two-baae hlta: Connolly. Btolon bases:
pesker, Mhanka, Moellcr. Double play:
Foster and Gondii. Base on halls: Off
Hopper. 8; off Hhore, 2. Hlta: Off
Hoe h ling,' 1 In one-third Inning; off
Hopper, In seven and two-thirds In
nings. Struck out: By Hooper, 1; by
fhore, 4. - Umpire: Nallin and Dlneen.
Mcore second game:-,
Mealier. rf..t 1 10 0 Hon par. rf...i 0 8 0 0
Koatar. tk...4 1 t 1 Uanrrln, a,.. 4 I 2 4 1
Hhanka. If... I 1 4 1 OHpMkar. cf.. 4 I 4 0 0
Milan, ft ... I t I 0 tHoblltael lb 4 110 0 0
(1, nlll. lb . .4 0 t 1 1LU. If.... I 111
Coanullr. Il llll OOanlnar. lb. 4 4 0 1 0
H.nrr, c... I Pit I Rarer, lb... I 0141
MrUrld. a. I t 4 OThomaa ... 11110
Johnaon. p.. I 1 (k 1 Otlrasx. p.... 0 t 0 0 0
William ..1 0 0 0 0Hnrlkaan . 1 0 0
Maya, p I 0 1 1 0
Totala II 7 14 II 4
Totala II 12 27 11 2
Batted for Johnann 111 ninth.
Batted for Gregg in second.
Boston 2 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 4
WaHhlngton 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Two-baae hit: roter. Three-baae hit:
Johnaon.' Double play: Foater and Gan
riil. Base on balls: Gregg, 2: Johnson,
Hits: Off Gregg. 2 in two Innings: off
Mays, S In seven Innings. Strueit out:
By Johnson, 1; by Mays. Z. Umpire:
I'ineen snd Xallln.
Tigers Wklp Cleveland.
CLEVELAND. July .-Walker and
Hamtad were wild and Ineffective and
Detroit defeatetl Cleveland. 7 to 6. send
ing the local team In the last Waco.
Long hlta were responsible for Cleve-
iniiu 1 nr., inrw rune, wniia m rally in
the ninth Inning sent Cavet from the box.
but left Cleveland one ahoht of a tie.
Southw'h. eft 1 It ovut. lb 4 0 2 1 0
Ham'ona. lb 4 1 1 OKavena'. lb. 4 1 I 1 1
t hapmaa, aa I I I lYnun, ?b...o t 0 0 A
Jackaoa, rr . 4 1 1 ocobb. ef 1 1 1 1
Graney. If... I 1 1 0 6 crw ford, rf I 1 10 0
Kirk., lb. .. 4 1 II 0 tvoaeh. If.... 8 1 S
Barbara, lb. 4 111 OBurna. lb.... I OHIO
O'Nalll, ... 4 14 4 OBuaa. .... 4 114
Walker, p .; 10 11 Bkr, c 4 1110
Hanrtad, p.. a I tr,M, p.... I lot
Johm. 0 Be Land. p... t tit
Hmltk llttt .. t 0 0 0 Totala 11 I 27 11 I
LalDOld ....(OA
Ctfurabe ...t S t t 0
Total 14 t 17 It 1
Batted for Walker In sixth.
Hatted fur Haratad In eighth.
Batted for Jones In ninth.
Ran for O'Neill In fourth.
Cleveland ..,.0, 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 8-4
Detroit 0 0 2 1 1 0 8 0 0-7
Two-base hlta: Smith, Hammond,
Klrke, oCbb. Cavet. Three-base hit;
Jsckson. Double plays: Burns to Buah,
Chapman to Ktrks. Walker to Klrke
Hit: Off Walker, t In six Innings: off
Harstad. 8 In two Innlnaa; off Jonet,
none in one Inning: off Cavet, 8 In eight
innings, none ,,t In nith; off Bolad. 1
in one innia. Baaea on balra: off
Walker,. 5; off Harstad. 2; off Jones. 1
off Cavet. 2; off Roland. 1. HUiuok out
By Walker, 8; by Cavet, t I'mpires
Connolly and Wallace),
Macks Basasi Yanks.
NEW YORK. July . Philadelphia took
ita third straight game of the present
series from New Yoiik today, 7 to .
1 nomas miowison. a semi -professional
pitcher from Rldgeway, Pa., started hi
flrat major league game for the vlaltora
and waa hit hard, but waa effective In
the pinches. Fourteen Tankeea were left
on baaea. The Athletics knocked Mc
Hale out of the box in the third. He
wsa also poorly supported, four errohe
being mado during his stay on the
mound, hcore:
Murphy, rf.. I 1 Hik. rf t I I
runt. ex.. , I eklnpa. sat I 1
lah. If.... I It IMalarl. Ik... I 1 I I 1
SclMHS. lb. . I III rtg. Ik..... I I 11 1 t
W4 jm. ie. . . a i a o,K rf
M. lnula. 11,1 1 I I lliartaall. ir.. 111
ll. 4 I 4 I tBoaaa. th...l I .
k.(. aa..... 4 til Srtr.n.r. ..!
Knowlaoa. si 8 0 -.ldw.ll .. 1
Kunamakr. 1 1 M 11 17 14 IMrHtK. S.l I I I I
Broara. .... 11
'ra I I t
xir.ll. a... I
aaumaaa ..11
Toula 41 14 rf II I
Philadelphia 2 0 8 1 0 0 0 1 u 7
New York 4) 3 1 0 0 0 0 1 14
Hatted for Sweeney In eighth.
Bstled for Brown in eighth.
Kan for Cree In eighth.
-Hatted for Cottrell in ninth.
Two-bae hit: Sclin. Laloia. Maisel.
HartaelL Home run: Lapp. Double plays:
I.ajore and' Kopf. Baaea on balla: Off
Mc Hale, 1; off Brown. 1; off Knowlson.
4 Hits: Off McHale. 8 In two and two
thirds Innings; . off Brown, 4 In five and
one-third Innings: off Cottrell, I In one
Irnlng Hit by pitcher: Boone by Knowl
son, Knowlson by Brown. Struck out:
By Brown, J; by Knowison. 8. I'mpires:
Hildebrand and O'Loughlln.
Wklla Mas Beat Hrawaa.
8T liOtlS. July (.-After losing five
consecutive gsmee. Ctiieago braced and
defeated tha locale today. 13 to I.
Three Kt. Louis pitchers aad sixteen
7. 1915.
men failed to check the visiting "luaging
and auccenafiil base running, .vore:
t HK Arju. ST. UH'IH.
Kelarh. if . , 2 10 OShoiton. If.. 4 I 2 0 1
Weaver, m . 4 1 I S OAualln. lb... 2 0 110
R l nlllna. 2b t 4 I t OIlrmpl, lb 1 0 0 1 0
J (oil Inn, rf. H I 0 II (il"rtl. lb 4 1 S 0
Holh. If 4 0 1 0 OC W alker, rf 4 I I 0 1
Vfulnlan. lf.. 0 0 0 OK. Walker, rf 4 0 1 0 0
f.lialk. C.. ..4 I I 1 minwinl lb . t 14 11
Rlarkbrn. :b 4 f 0 4 OSohmndt. lb 2 t 7 I el
Faher p 4 0 0 1 PI.avan. M...1 0 0 1 t
Walah. an. .. I 1 1 1
Totala ... 41 It 27 17 OAgnew. c.,.,1 0 4 11
HevereM. r . I 1 2 0 0
Pfrrrinin. p 0 0 0 0 t
Konb. p 1 0 0 A 0
vk. p 1180
'.iearr 1 0 0 0 0
Tolala 34 27 1 7
Cl.lcago 2 0 rt 4 0 2 0 : 012
Ft. IjuIs 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0-2
Batted for Cook in ninth.
Two-bnae hits: Felach, E. Collins, Four
ricr. Pratt, J. Collins. Three-base hit:
J- Colllna. Home run: Fournler. Double
plays: Austin, A Knew and Howard.
Bases on halls: Off Ferryman, 1, off
Koeb. 2; off Cook, 1. Hits: Off Ferry
man, 2 in one-third inning; off Kocb, 8
In three and two-thirds tnntnRs; off
'nok, R In five Innlnns. Hit bv pitcher:
ijiilninn nv tJooK. Howard by i-aber.
Struck out: By Koeb, 1; by Cok, 2; by
1-aber, 8. I'mplrea: Chill end Evans.
Denver Team Shuts Out the Links
by the Score of One to
LINCOLN", July 8. Shestak's home run
In the seventh Inning was the extent of
the scoring In today's game between Lin
coln and Denver, the visitors winning.
Today's game was one postponed hy rain
at a former series. Score:
AB. K. H. O. A. E.
Wolfe, If 4 0 0 2 1 0
JtfcGaffigan. as 4 0 2 1 6 0
H Schrelber, lb.... 4 0 0 15 0 0
Wclntyre, rf...'. 8 0 1 0 0 0
Morse, cf 2 0 0 2 0 0
McAllister, c 3 0 14 10
Lloyd. 2b 4 0 0 3 8 0
lialey. 3b 4 0 2 2 3 0
B. Bchrelber, p J 0 0 3 0
Totals 31 6 27 16 0
AB. It. II. G. A. E.
Spencer, cf 4 0 2 2 1 0
Miller, rf 4 0 0 0 1 0
McCormick, If a o 1 0 0 0
Galloway, 2b 4 0 4 J I 0
Coffey, 3b 3 0 0 0 S 1
Shields, lb 4 0 0 in 0 1
Kelleher, ss 4 0 0 .( 8 1
rhestak. c i 1 1 0 0
Captwell, p 3 0 0 0 4 0
Totals 31 1 8 M 18 8
Morse out on Infield fly.
Lincoln 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Denver 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 0-1
Home run: Shestak. Two-base hit: Mc
Intyre, McCormick. Spencer. Iouhle play:
Daley to Lloyd to H. Kc.hretber. .Sacrifice
hlta: B, Schreirer, Morse, Coffey. Struck
out: Bv Cantwrll. 3. Baaea on balls: Off
B. 8chrelber, 1; off Cantwell, 8. Hit by
pitcher: By Cantwell, 1. Time: 1:28 Um
pire: Mullen.
Atlanta Defeats Oxford.
OXFORD. Neb.. July . (Special.) At
lanta defeated Oxford on local grounds
Monday afternoon by a score of 8 to 4.
Lurking waa wild In the first two In
nings, walking three men and hitting
three, and this, coupled with some timely
hitting, gave Atlanta too big a lead to be
overcome. Payne pitched an excellent
game for Oxford after the second Inning,
for The Bee by Swinnerton
Help iossiwG hi
when he relieved Lucking, allowing no
scores, and neither walkinp or hitting a
man. Butteries: Atlanta, Bcrgqulst and
Hodges; Oxford, Lueklng, Payne and
Bendler. I'mplre: Bloom.
RED OAK, la., July fi. (Speciil.) Tho
Ited Onk Grays were easy for tho Storx
and the Brewers snatched both games
before large throngs who attended the
celebration hero yesterday. The scores
were: Btnz, 14-3; lied Oak. 0-rt.
The first game was a complete rout,
the 8tors compiling a lead right off tho
jump. Hay allowed but a pair of scat
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tered hits, and breezed fourteen. Lawlet
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sac kors.
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Defeat tor Stratton.
BICNKFLMAN. Neb., July . (Ppeclal
Telegram.) Benkelman defeated Ptratton
yesterday in a nlnth-lnnlng rally, 2 to 1.
Batteries: Walker and Ballard, Kller and
Gummerie. Attendance, 600.
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