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Ang-lo-Califoniian Rearbei Queeni
town with Dead Aboard After
Attack by Subiea.
Qt'EfcNSTOWX. July 6. With
nine dead sailor stretched on Its
deck, eight men lying wounded be
low and Its sides riddled with shot
and shell, the British steamship
Anglo-Callfornlan steamed into
Queenstowo harbor this morning
after having withstood the attack, of
a German submarine for four hours.
The ship's escape from destruction was
accomplished with no other means of i
defense than the Indomitable spirit of
tt raptaln anil craw, combined with
masterly seamanship, ahlch enabled It
to frustrate tte efforts of Ita sssallsnt
to torpedo It.
Son Take Father' IMace.
The story of how Captain I'srslon
Hood on the bridge of the Anglo-rail-fornlan.
amidst a rain of shot and ralmlv
directed the movement of hii ship
until h was killed by shell, end of
how his place was taken by hta ann
until British destroyers appeared and
the aubmaiine waa compelled to flee,
fold by th turvlvora.
The Anglo-Callfornlan left Montreal
for ths PrltlKh lalea on June 24. The
aubmarlne was sighted at i o'rlook Inat
Sunday morning. Captain Taralow or
dered full steam ahead and wireless
i alia for sssletame were sent out.
The aubmarlne on the surface proved
to be a far spewllrr raft than the
steamer and rapidly overhauled It, mean
while deluging It with shells. One shot
put the wireless apparatus on the Anglo
t allfornlan out of action. Finding he
could not eecape by running for it. Cap
tain Parslow devoted Ma attention to
maneuvering hla ship to prevent the sub
marine from ualng torpedoes effectively.
Captain Brave Mae.
' Our captain was a brave man," aald
one of the narrators. "He kept at hla
peat on the bridge, .-oolly glvln? orders
' the submarine circled around us,
vainly Seeking to get a poaltla from
which It could give ua a death blow with
torptdoea. All the while the underwater
, boat continued to rain ahot and shell
upon ua and at times was ao close that
It waa able to employ Ita (una effec
tively. .'At last one shell blew the captain
off the bridge, killing him outright and
terribly mutilating Mm. Just before
that he had given orders to launch the
hosts, but this waa very difficult under
the shell fire. Several men were etruck
down while working at the davits. Ul
timately four boata were got overboard
and were rowed away ur.til picked up."
iCpnllnued . from Page One.)
'f(veo a'ahore" onth1iuiairdof Gothland
' after shells had been fired Into It within
the -three-mile limit. . . . .
( 1 rrearb 6fftelal Reaort.
s TARIB.' July .-The French war office
tatement today says:
rXsusti night showed much activity at
tevera! point along the front. In Bel
gium the Hrltlsh troops, supported br our
srtlllery, took possession of some Oer
man tranche at a point to the southwest
of . Hlllken. on the east bank of the
isnal. ' There wee a spirited engagement
atound the railroad station at douches.
The " station; however, remained In our
hands though the enemy repeatedly tried
Id take'lt. '
. "The town of Arras was bombarded all
"In the Argonne there was tncesaant
fighting last nlgnt with bombs and hand
grededes. Our artillery . successfully
-necked several attacks
On the heights of. the Meuse two Ger
man attacka on our petition en the
south aide of the ravine of Sonvaux to the
. of the trench of Colonne were com-l-listely
"In the vicinity of U Preti forest
the enemy slao made two attacka. One
pred title by little from the weatern
aide of the forest as fsr as Fey-En-Heye,
while the other was directed pevrtioulaj-ly
against that portion of the forest to the
wt of C'roli-Ies-Carnea. Both were
necked by the fire of our artillery and
our Infantry, which Inflicted vary heavy
losses on the enemy."
(.rrmaa Official Report.
BKRL1N7 July .via London.) The
(Mormaa army headquarters staff today
. gave out the following statement;
' "Western theater: The French attacks
at Lea Kiargea were repulsed last night.
"The booty taken after our success In
' 4be forest of Le Pretre has bean increased
ty one (laid gun and three machine guns.
Futhermore a pioneer's supply station
.with a large amount of material fell Into
;vur hands.
"Our vatiators attacked the aviation
ground st Corieux., east of Fplnal, and a
French camp on the Breitfirst to the east
' jf Krust in the Vosges.
: "Katrn theater: A strongly fortified
. wood to the east of Bialebloto and west
of the road between Suwalkt and KaN
warya was tsken by storm early this
morning'. W took about 500 Kusslan pris
oners. "In the southeastern theater the situa
tion with the German troops is im-
BBRLIX, July .-Vla London.)-Tha
American consular agent at Bwlnemunde.
f'rufsla, reports tbst the American
sle.mhp I'laturla. from New York with
a cargo of petroleum consignad to a
Swedlsk port, has been held up by a
German warship and brought Into fcwtne
munde. C'aasrbesl for Tstroo Veara.
A grateful sutfsrar writes: "Tour
medicine. Dr. Kings New Discovery,
cured my cough of three years standing."
All drvsglaUv AdverUaaavant.
A -Tor Baie" a4 wui tura saooao-baod
furniture lAto cask.
trs ml War Staaltlaas.
IXJNDON. July a. The cargo of the
;rman liner. Bay era, which we con-
ficaxo racantly at Naples, Include too.
u revolvers, 109 000 rifiMi, M.uua gwaes of
mniunKloo- four aarop4ana, fourteen
rirli guus and lag complete wtrelwee
stations, according to the Rome cor
i( of the achaoge Tvlegraph
over the head dealt by the butler, who wielded a coal
scuttle, probably saved the financier's life.
( : t
XV , &Vyr
Diit ft v. "S l? i
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promptness with whlob Holt's at
tempt was discovered, he lost a con
siderable quantity of blood.
Aaka for Lead Penrll.
Holt spent a restless night, tossing
about on hla cot from whloli he had been
unable to rise during the day. and mut
tering to himself st interval. His keep
er had taken from him his belt his sus
penders and every article in his posse
salon with which they thought he could
have attempted suicide. He had seemed
to be so eapondent during tlie day that
a atiiot watch had been kept upon him.
After several hour ha puaid wtlhout
sleep during the early night. Holt called
to an attendant and asked for a lead
pencil. He aald he wanted to write to
his wife. A lead pencil was. brought to
him and a few moments later a pad of
paper. The attendant remained In the
cell a few minutes, and Holt, turning
on his left side, apparently atsrted to
The attendant then left Within less
than five minutes hs passed ths door of
Holt's cell again. He then noticed that
Holt seemed to be In pain, entered the
cell and found blood flowing from a
lagged rut In his wrist.
After the flow of blood had been cheeked
and the wound bandaged, the keeper and
Warden Hulae searched for the pencil.
They found it on the cot. Holt had es
treated the rubber eraser from the tip of
the pencil and with his teeth had bit the
metal which held the rubber In position
until the edges mst. . The result waa a
fairly sharp weapon with a blade perhaps
a quarter of an inch long.
Did Not Reach, Artery.
Apparently Holt had not reached the
artery. He had cut a vein, however, and
from this the blood was folwlng. To the
warden'a queatlon as to why he had at
tempted to kill himself, Holt refused to
Dr. Guy Cleghorn, the jail physician,
waa not aummoned because of the Iste
ness of thn hour and the evident fact
that the attempt had been aucceaafully
checked. He waa to hare visited Holt
some time during the forenoon todsy,
The bandage still remained on Holt's
wrist today and It was said that Dr.
Clcghoin's attention would be called to
the wound.
Holt waa cheered aomewhat today by
the receipt of a telegram from hla . wife
at Dallas. It read: "Have best counsel
here. Advised to rest and wait. ' Ton
must do the same, fiend loving greetings
hourly. Beautiful tribute to you in both
evening papers here. I am tarrying for
details of our finances. I will come
when you need me. Do not be afraid.
The telegram was algned "Leone."
sfertrea Still loaproelac
The condition of Mr. Morgan, who la
recovering from the to wounda In hla
left hip Inflicted by bullets from Holt s
revolver, continued to Improve. It was
said Mr. Morgan felt so much better that
he wanted to get up, but that thla was
not approved by hia physicians. The
physicians feel so encouraged by hla
progress that they have virtually reached
a decision to issue no more bulletlne on
his condition.
Callers from Cambridge, Mssa, were
expected at Mltteola today to see Holt
with a view to determining If he re
sembles closely Fnrlrh Muenter, who dis
appeared from Harvard in lluf after the
death of hla wife from alleged poisoning.
Mar Be Taken tw Hoepttal.
Holt was considered to be In such a
serious physical condition from loa of
blood and refusing to eat, that forcrble
feeding and hla removal to the Nasaau
county hoapttsl at Mlneola were con
sidered at a conference of county of
"I have never seen a man In worse con
dition." said District Attorney Iewla J.
Smith. "Holt la very weak and I ahould
not be surprised if he died. I do not
know whether he la trying to sUrva htm-
self or not. but I do know that ha ia not
eating and that he has lost much
Charles B, Apted ssalstant auperln-1
t and en t of buildings at Cambridge, Maaa.,
who knew Muenter at Harvard nearly
ten years sgo, reached Mlneola today
to see hot her Holt and Muenter were
the same men. Mr. Aptol visited Holt
In his cell and remained there a few
mln-itee, but did not attempt, because of
Holt's weakened condition, to queatlon
him. ...
"There is a remarkable striking re
semblance between this man and Muen
tar." Mr. Apted said.
"But it has been nine yeara sines I
saw Muauter and I cannot say positively
that Holt Is the man. He certainty
looks yry muck like Muenter, hewever."
Chart R. Mood, an assistant dlitrtct
attorney of Maasau county, who knew
Muenter at Ha-vard, viaUed Holt again
todsy in sn effort to eatablUh hi
identity, if poaslblc. M:. Wood laid that
he was rtlll unable to say whether Holt
and Muentcr were tho same.'
Evidence Gathers
Frank Holt's Real
Name E. Muenter
GLBN COVK. X. T., July ,The evi
dence that has been accumulating to
support the theory that Holt and Muen
ter are same person ws strengthened
by the announcement today that an ex
amination of Holts body had revealed
scare which correspond to a description
received by the authorities here today of
scsrs which Muenter bore on his body.
The scars In Muenter's case were said
to have been due to an operation.
Alienists have been asked to come here
to make an examination of Holt's men
tal condition to determine whether he la
sane. Dr. Crclghton aald he believed
Holt was Buffering either from paranolt
and dementia praceo. Dr. Carlos Mo
Donald and Austin Flint, who have been
held In readiness to testify for the stote
at the trial in New York to test the
sanity of Harry K. Thaw, have been
asked to come and might arrive late this
sfternoon. It wss said.
uummivwK, o.. July .-Piev. F.
Bennett, pastor of the Flrat'TTnif.e.
mn cnurcn. tortay declared that Frank
Holt, the aaaailant of J. T. Morgan, was
known to him as Prof. Erich Muenter.
Rev. Mr. Bennett said he knew Muenter
st Harvard, and also at Lawrence. Kan.
He compared a photograph be has of
Muenter with published pictures of Holt
snd said there waa no doubt In his mind
that they were one and the same person
The irhotogreph .how Muenter without
a beard.
"Coffee Face"
ever see one?
There are many with the tell-tale signs of indi
cation, heart, liver or nerve troubles who don't suspect
that coffee is a frequent eauee of these and other ills.
i t
Any ailing person can find if coffee has anything
to do with his trouble, by a 10-days change to
the pure food-drink.
It contains no caffeine or tAnnin (the coffee drugs)
nothing but the nourishing elements of whole wheat,
roasted with a little wholesome molasses.
Potstum comes in two forms: Postura Cereal the
original form must be well boiled to bring out the
flavour and food value and Instant Postum the
soluble form prepared in the cup with hot water in
stantly! Grocers everywhere sell both kinds. They are
equally delicious, and cost about the same per cup.
Mobt people can make good use of a strong body,
clear bruin and Ptendy rervc.
"There's a Reason" for POSTUM
Rickenbacher Has
Winnings Attached
in Big Damage Suit
Kdward Ttl kentmrhe, . winner of the
300-mile automobile race at the Omaha
f-peedwav. waa made defendant In a ault
for personal damages Juat filed by
Vera Mvnn Payne In rtistrl' t court.
' The plaintiff allege that she waa drlv
j Ing In a buggy a mile eaet of Elkho-n.
; Neh., July 2S. 191.'. nhout 11 o'clock ,n
: the evening, when the defendant, dilvlng
i a racing car at a rate of from fifty to
i seventy mltea an hour and without lights
i or a horn, crashed Into r.e rear of the
'. buggy, throwing her out and Hiialng her
to sustain various peraonnl In.turlea.
She alleges that her neck has been mis
placed from Ita natural position ever since
that time.
An order la sought attaohlng Rlcken
becher's winnings In the ra'-e on the
Epeedway. These amount to about $7,000.
Nineteen Killed and
903 Injured During
Fourth Celebrations
CHICAGO. July Nlnete-n persons
dead and 903 Injured was the nation's
aa rlflce to the two da ' calibration of
the Fourth of July. i cord ing to cor
rected flgurea compiled todny by tin
Chicago Tribune.
These figures show an increase over the
totals of l14. whsn there were twelve
persons killed snd TT8 Injured. A large
Increase slao waa shown In the fire loss,
the totsl for this yesr being U,.t!S, as
comoered with 9fc,Mf last year.
Csusc of the fatalities this year were
distributed ss follows:
Fireworks, 9; cannon, 4. fhearma. i:
gunpowder, 1 In Chicago the celebration
was the sanest In the history. Only one
person was Milled and two Injured.
'Continued from Page One.)
both sides began the battle sbout Par
edon early yesterday morning. At night
the Carranza charges ceased snd Oen
eral Trevlno was reported to have failed
to sain ground. This morning's reports
said, however, that he had received rein
foreemente estimated at 8,000 and was
renewing the attack on the Villa army.
All regular trains out of Monterey have
been annulled, being used for tranaport
Ing military equipment and wounded.
The Carransa authorities received re
ports that equally large tralnloads of
wounded had been sent westward from
the Villa bettle line toward Ton-ton. It
was estimated that the losses on both
sides were sbout equal.
Safe Blown Near ftaperlor.
SUPERIOR. Neb., July .-(Speclal Tel
egram.) The safe In the general srore
of Hodges A. Kreska at Webber. Kan.,
was blown open by nitroglycerin late last
night. The robbers ohtalned about !
In change, besides the stamps and sup
plies of the postofflee, which was in the
same building. The robbers gained en
trance to. the building by using a small
gimiet close to the lock and then using
a wire.
Fatally lojared by Rocket.
HASTINGS, Neb.. July 6.-(peclal Tele
gram.) Lawrence Carroll, aged 12, was
fatally Injured last night by a falling
skyrocket In the Fourth of July celebra
tion, which attracted the. largest crowd
ever In Hastings. Approximately 10,000
visitors were here.
! Wilson Exchanges
Cipher Messages
With Sec. Lansing!
' fORVlSH. V I I . J;.y li - l rexi.iel.t
I W llson trwinv exchanged confidential
codo nictwsn with with Secreti:y Lan
, alig In connection with the statement of
jOirmnny'a informnl r.utllne of Its porl
; tlon r-'Caidlng uhminlnc wnrfsre.
; While ahsohite secrecy regarding the
.Mfintinn ji maintained nt President
, Wl'S'in's 5'imnicr home It waa under-
'too. that trio ptrsldcnt v.-as r Mu tant to
;cntr irtr unv arniurcnetit with Gor
; many whirl c0'.;d S" inte -.reted aa the
surrcn i.r t.y the t nitel ,-Jtate of He
; 'n I f. r the freedom nf the ee.
j The l..-w of Germany, re-'eived by the
, piiiit'i:i, Indlo'erl a dculro on !. pert
' to reach hn aKreenvnt wltli the l"nltd
i Staler, but then- u nn Indication here
that Germany was resdy materially to
j modify its use of submarine
: the merehan. shir s of Its enemies.
1 he president spent eHveral hours In
; Ms studv reading ths dispatches from
I Washington and working on his reply.
It was ststed that the negotiations were
In to an Incomplete state that no An
nouncement concerning them w ould b
forthcoming at thla time.
Huge Wheat Crop
Being Cut in Gage
BEATRICE, Neb.. July 6 (Special Tel
egram.) Farmers In this county are tak
ink advantage of the dry weather of the
laat two days and hundreds are in the
fields cutting one of the biggest crops
ever harvested in this locality. Many
Idle nen have been ceiled to the fields
to asuist In the harvest.
Department Ordera. I
WASHINGTON. July 6 (Special Tele
gram.) Clyde V. Itau was appointed
postmaster at Kosslll, Uncoln county,
Wyoming, vice John J. Hersman. re
signed. Postmasters Reappointed Nebraska
Alvo, Cass county, bemarls A. Vincent;
Star. Holt county, Elvin E. Cole; Sum
mit, Thomaa county, Alvln Clark. Iowa:
North IJKort ....... w.
Martha K Hackett; Soarsboro, Poweshiek
county, Clara J. Evana.
. jodsc or omaha has been awarded
the contract for the repairs of approaches
of the Omaha public bulldlnge at $4,464.
Ice Cream Day
?.i:"ts 2o7
"V1H io pi
r n n
6 vi cam larameis g
Special Assorted Full Cream 9
n Caramels Nut and main 2
g Regular 40c grade, Wednesday U
only, pound 0
H arfcge. D
MM a
g D
8 Brandeis Stores 8
o E3oaonoraonoE30E3on
And All This Week
'ran aTOrrsr ........
Edward Lynh .SIT-
The roaniart raros Urn Written,
Katlnass, lBo-SBo. Sysnlajra, gSo-3So-50a.
Alt Week i 0$ dat."
eaerred Beats Sold at Myers-Dillon
Drug Co Show Say.
. iviirr noawno-Min o
M. AM r
Train id tuT
Two Giant
or Aofiission
Au Nations HI
3 Herds of
Dazzling f yl
175 Featurc
Jn jrmim rain OlXSNIMI
Chlldraa ITadas la, 85 Ota. ASaJta, M Cta.
An Event of Interest
30 Real, Talented Boys
Omaha Auditorium
Sat Eve, July 10, 8:30 P. M.
AAmlssloa AatUta, 60e Cnlloraa, tea.
July 7, 8, 8, 9.
ajaiaa ly a rtrst aaUe t T. at,
irrtday. Jaly S. LaAlaa' Bay.
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Thompson-Belden Co
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Class Cotton Dress Goods
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