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Kara ot Prist ft New Bmm Press
Vleetrle fass, $7.60. Burs-ass-Grandea.
aabUe tumae Vnster Owrit
chroeder. 401 War block. Ked 644S.
Tree OaUferale Sseerrtoa, Julr It, to
buyer of Urt OaK ColoTiy land. W. T.
Smith Co., City National Bank Bid.
Cbotoe ef Cpiiac CTalckea tr planked
whit fish dinner at Bchllts hotol July
4 and (, served from U a. m. to p. m.
Fries SO cent.
. x. t. I. Bat, Deatlst, announce
the removal of hla office from (31 to 515
M City National Bank Bide. Telephone
Tyler JOSL.
Ceasae to Wlad Uts Cloeks Ths
clocks In the federal bulldln will be
wound during the eotntn year by T.
L. Cbmbe Co. There are thirty-elcht
f them besides the bis; tower clock.
They mutt be wound each week. The
contract jrlee I H50.
Tree W. Aahevaer and Cornelius F.
Connolly, attorneys-at-law, have moved
to (M-e Brandels Tnearer Bid. Same
phone, Douglas 4980. - i
Keep Tow Money and Yalueblea in ths
American Safe Deposit Vaults. Sit South
Seventeenth street. Bee building. Boxes
rent tl for three) months. .
Must X.oaoh lsewaere No luncheons
will bo served at the Commercial club
flintn room JVily ft. Ths dining room Is
to be closed on that day.:
Oelebrattoa Is Postponed Florence,
which planned to hold Its Fourth of July
celebration yesterday, - was compelled by
the weather to postpone it until Monday.
Censures Parent Judge Leslie, sit
ting In Juvenile court, censured Abraham
Panchansky. mho brought Ma lO-year-oM
son Into court declaring that he was.
fneorrlglblo. "Tou should take better
ear of your son," said the Judge; "you
would find Mm a better behaved boy."
"Todays OemplsM atovle Program"
classified section toaar. and appears In
The Bee EXCLUSIVE L.T. Find out what
the various moving ptcturc theaters offer.
Clothing Stolen from Barn II. D.
. Berger, 4002 Charles street, reports the
, theft of clothing to the value of $30.
which was taken from a barn to the rear
of S&M Charles street. .
To Close on Jtondaj -In observance
of Independence day,- the Young Men's
Christian ' association will close Its
cafeteria Monday and the vacation school
for boyj will also have a holiday.
Changs 1 Tims Stamp For years
patrons of the public library . used to
have their cards stamped with the date
on which they borrowed a book. Now
a new system is being used, the date on
which a book is due being atampod on
the borrower's card. .The innovation
saves patrons trouble and prevents keep
ing books overtime unintentionally.
Sermon at Crospel Tent "What "Does
the Amertoan Flag Stand Fort" will bo
discussed by Evangelist W. II. Sherrtg
Tuesday evening ' at the gospel tent.
Twenty-fourth street and Ogden avenue.
liberty Ben Badgss Several thou
sand liberty bell badges are being pre-
! pared by the Pennsylvania society and
the secretary of the society will be In
the Pioneer room of the court house
Thursday afternoon and probably Friday
morning to distribute them to members
of ths Pensyivanla society and other na
tive Pennsylvaclane of Nebraska and
Iowa, . i.
The Turkish and Sulpha Bath aoema
at the Harney hotel. Fourteenth and
Harne? streets, entrance on Harney, will
not fall to attract the public. They are
conducted vbr. perlenoed attendants
' from Hpt Spring, Ark. To Introduce
' them, a "uniform lee of U for the entire
. night IS charged. Separate rooms for
electrical treatment and massage. Tel.
Douglas SUA.
Triplets Arrive in
Wood Home Just as
Fourth Ushered In
Triplets were born to air. and Mrs.
James Wood, 8T56 South Eleventh street,
fust as midnight cannon and staccato
splutter of giant-crackers announced the
dawn of another anniversary of the Dec
laration of Independence.
A few minutes before midnight Mr.
' Wood, who is smployed as a teamster
by Commissioner Jardlne of the depart
ment of city streets, called polios head
quarters and asked for a doctor. Drs.
Charles Zimmerer and T. T. Harris were
sent. An . hour Ister Dr. Zimmerer re
turned to headquarters, his face wreathed
In smiles.
"Say, boys!" he exclaimed. "Here's a
man who's oelebratlng the Fourth in a
'safe and sane' way!"
Two of the trio of infanta are boys and
ths third is a girl! The mother is resting
easily, and Dr. Zimmerman says there
is every Indication that she will recover
end that the children will live.
When Mrs. Wood came into the world
herself, thlrty-flvs years ago. She was
accompanied - by a sister.- She Is the
mother of nine children besides the trip
lets. Of these, seven are living.
A new pipe, organ without a church in
Vhtoh to put it. will offer a problem to
the First Presbyterian congregation the
first of nsxt year.
Their' new house of. worship at the
northwest corner of Thirty-fourth and
Farnam streets, ' will still be far from
completion January L It la thought Yet
one of the finest church organs In this
part of the country Is contracted for
and ordered delivered by that time. .
The organ will be the gift of Senator
J. if. Millard and Miss Jessie Millard as
a memorial to the late sirs. Millard. To
choose It, Organist Walker of the church
was sent to the organ factories by Sen
ator Millard, and the latter has since
placed the order for January 1 delivery.
Architect George Prlns la pushing tho
final work on ths plans and specifications
for ths new edifice, and expects to place
them with contractors for bids within a
few days. After that, as little time as
possible will be allosred to pass before
construction work begins, and It will bo
pushed to the limit by Chairman -Robert
Dempster and his committee on building
and plana
Travel lag Maa'e tvxr1aM.
. Ta the summer of 18s I bad a
severe attack of cholera morbus. Two
physicians worked over me from 4 am.
to p. m without giving me any relief
and tbsa told me they did not expect me
"to live; that I had best telegraph for my
family. Instead of doing so, I gave the
hotel porter le eenU and told bim to buy
me a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and
take no substltuta I took a double dose
tceordlng to the directions and wsnt to
sleep after the second dosa At o'clock
the next morning I was called by my
order and took a train for my next stop
ping point a wall man but feeling rather
shaky from the severity of the attack.
writes H. W. Ireland,. Louisville, Ky.
Obtainable everywhere. Advertisement
Fake Auction Shops und Pawn
broker! Object- of Rigid Polioe
Investigation. ,
Police Commissioner Kugel, through
the detective bureau and operatives) work
ing from his own office, began yester
day to Investigate certain pawnshops and
Jewelry stores conducting fake auctions
and dealing in pawn tickets.
In the last few months nearly a dosen
of these places have sprung Into ex
istence, and many persons have been
Some of these, according to the police,
employ from one to a dosen "runners"
who hang about hotels, depots and
street corners. Inducing visitors to
"wstch the auction."
Once inside the doors of these places.
it Is but a short while before the visitor
finds that he has been buncoed. Upon
his entry, bidding among "stalls" be
comes lively. Genuine gold watches are
"knocked down" at ridiculously low prices
-to a "stall."
Falls at Last.
Finally the visitor takfcs a hand. A
standard watch la offered. The victim
makes a bid. In a tew minutes he finds
that he la the possessor of one. twenty-
three-jeweled and guaranteed for twenty
years. He must pay 115 for it. Even
so, he has his money's worth. When
It Is handed over to him, he finds that
the name Is slightly dltterent and thst
the only evidence of Jeweled movement
la the announcement. "IS Jewels painted
on the dial. The esse1 is so thinly ve
neered with gold plate that a few min
utes of handling will turn It blank.
Sell Pawa Tickers.
Another favorite trick Is to have
paid "booster approach a likely prospect
and put up a hard luck story about
being compelled to leave the city, and
having a diamond, or watch, or some
ether artjcle, In pawn. The article Is
worth 160, and has beerr pawned for 126.
If the prospect will give $5 or 110. the
pawn ticket will be turned over end a
"bargain" may thus be obtained. The
gullible one Is tsken to the pawnshop by
the booster, where he Is assured that
the article described has been pawned,
and Is worth considerably more than has
been loaned on it The deal with the
booster is mads, and the 16 turned over.
Then the victim hands his pawn ticket
over to the broker, with the smount
that has been loaned, expecting to receive
the article.
He is then told that 115 or 130 interest
has accumulated on It.
Pay Interest First.
. This must bs paid before the article
can even be seen by the dupe.' Slnoe he
Is already out the amount paid to the
man who first approached him. In most
cases the victim will go through with the
deal. He gets an article worth a trifle
more than the amount supposed to haye
been loaned dn It a trifle more.
Sadder and wiser, the victim departs,
carrying an article worth a small amount
which has cost him about STC.
These are onlr two of a whole bagful
of questionable tricks employed by,, the.
Shady dealers.
"I havs had men Quietly at woric ror
some time making investigations." said
Commissioner Kugel yesterday, "and I
already have enough evidence to warrant
revoking several licenses, v This will be
done as soon as possible. ' to set an ex
ample. The pawnshop supervision will
continue Indefinite! and wherever we
find any sharp dealing, license canccim-
tlon will follow swiftly."
Larmon Family
. Holds Reunion
A plcnlo party that celebrated the
fiftieth anniversary of the coming to
America of P. J. Larmon of Omaha, was
held recently on hla old farm near Red
Oak, Ial and is Interestingly described
in the last issue of the Red Oak Run.
Mr. and Mrs. Larmon, who reslds at S020
Davenport street, went over to Red Oak
Just for the celebration.
With them at the plcnlo ' were their
sons, Lee and Russell of Omaha; Park,
lust home from Dartmouth college;
Sigurd, now oonnected with a big bust
nesa Arm at La Salle. I1L. and their
daughter, Mrs. George F, Brown, of Chi
cago, with her husband and baby.
F. W. Floodmsn and Nels J. Anderson
of Omaha also attended, and many peo
ple of Ked Oak and Stanton, la., former
homes of the family, were also there.
Mr. Larmon was born In Sweden and
came to America tn June, 1806, while
still a youth. Although he hss made
Omaha his home for fifteen years, hs
still has extensive farming Internets in
Mooseheart Band
Plays Here Saturday
The Mooseheart boys' band will give a
concert at the Auditorium Saturday eve
ning, stopping oft- here ea route to the
San Francisco and Ban Diego expositions,
where it has engagements. Local lodges
of the Loyal Order of Moose have ar
ranged this concert to assist In making
the band's trip a success. - . i
Thirty-five boys compose the band, and,
with two exceptions, they were all Ignor
ant ef band playing prior to September,
ml Harry H. Nlgro. director and in
structor, . hss aocitmpUshed something
wltk thaA LtHnllA mllalniana that fa
V. ,i,.u
compositions. .
The organisation Is made up of more
than band musicians. There are also
dancers, vaudeWllatus snd aerobe. ta Paul
Dl Bona and Frank La Flamm as acro
batic dancers are In a class by them
selves. Jack Iflaad, xylophonUt. is also
with the company.
Tuesday morning, tnrough Omaha, the
Northwestern-Union Pacific will . handle
a special train loaded with Christian
Endeavorcrs en route from ths west to
Chicago, where the International conven
tion of the organisation will be held. The
special will arrive tn Omaha at 1:30
o'clock and will remain here thirty min
utes. '
To the convention of Kndeavorere it is
expected that Nebraska will send about
fifty delegatee. Out of Omaha they are
expected te occupy two cars on ths spe
cial. ((k t'eide I .
Don't wstt, take Dr. King's New 11
covery now. It will help your cough and
soothe the lungs.- WV. All druggists.
Autoists to Observe
Lincoln Highway Day
Saturday. July 10, Is bow being looked
forward to by Omaha autolsts ss Lincoln
Highway day In this community. On
that day a big parade of many' auto,
gaily decorated, - will proceed over the
Uncolrr highway through the city, snl
business houses, hotels and homea will
be docorated In patriotic colors for the
oocaalon. The Automobile club Is co
operating with the local representatives
of the Lincoln Highway association to
make the dsy a gala one In auto circles.
Chase Given When He Leaps Out at
Young Woman Near Forest
Lawn Cemetery.
Folios ar seeking a middle aed
man, who made two attempts to at
tack girls near Forest Lawn ceme
tery. They believe he might possibly
have some connection with the Ada
Swanson hatchet murder mystery.
Last May. Julia Berg. 4718 Ida street,
was pursued by the man, who leaped
out from a clump of bushes as the girl
was on her way home, taking a short
cut through the cemetery. 8he escaped,
and was so frightened that she told no
one of the experience.
Yesterday, her elder sister, Sebastlana,
aged 19 years. Was going along the same
path, when the same man, stark naked.
Jumped out Ths girl screamed and fled.
Her screams attracted a farmer who
was passing nearby, and he gave pursuit,
but the man got away.
A search of (the entire neighborhood
by a hastily organised posse failed to
reveal hla hiding place, although some
of his clothing and a bottle of thloro
form was found In a clump of bushes.
where he had been. In the pockets of his
coat were art panels depicting nude
The cemetery sexton notified the Omaha
polioe, and though the attemtped as
sault took place outside of the city limits,
Detective Rooney and Officer Thrasher
were Immediately sent out. They traced
the man to Irvlngton, but there they lost
the trail.
Detective Rooney has the bottle of
chloroform, which was bought at a drug
store at (Sixteenth and Dodge streets.
'Cricket Room' Open (
For Business Under
The Boyd Theater
The 'Cricket room" at the Burgess-
Nash stores opened yesterday.
Whadda you mean "Cricket room?"
Folks don't play cricket there, do the"y?
Cricket players don't gather there, do
theyt "
Well, then, whadda you mean?
The, "Cricket room" la the new i
freshment room Just fitted up under the
lobby of the Boyd theater, and reached
directly from the main floor of the
Burgess-Nash stores.
The nams was chosen from among
1,000 submittsd tn a competition, with a
five-pound box of candy as a prise. Miss
Halite dchelberger, 4403 Prairie, avenue.
Chicago, 111., was the winner of the
"It la a name easy to remember, easy
to say and pleasing," said Advertising
Manager A. L. Green. - "Out on the
coast there Is a company with a string
of candy stores named oddly. They have
ono called The Plgn Whistle and an
other, the French Poodle. We believe
'Cricket room' Is more attractive than
The new room Is spacious and Is op
erated under the direction of T. J. Mo
VUtie and management of C. M. Hardy,
both experienced in this buslnesa
Woodwork Is of Circassian walnut
Tables are stationary, with plate-glass
tope. There Is a large refrigerating room
for the storage of chocolates and other
"We will serve only the famous Mo
TltUe's velvet Ice cream." said . Mr.
Hardy. "This Is the richest cream we
know of. containing always a minimum
of Z3 per cent of butter fat We make
frequent tests to see that It maintains
that standard.
"Our three principal brands of choco
lates will be 'La Zeus, which we maks:
'Mullans, from Cincinnati, and 'Martha
In spite of inolemeat weather there was
a large patronage of the new corner of the
big store and many compliments were
passed on the department
Dope Fiends Risk
, Death for Desire
Thieves who - broke Into the C. H.
Coughlln pharmacy at Forty-eighth and
Leavenworth streets last night to obtain
drugs, satisfied their purpose, but If they
attempt to dse them, they run chances
with death, and even give the grim
reaper a big handicap.
They stole several. hundred heroin tab
lets, two and one-half ounces of powdered
opium, 100 eodlne tablet, several grains
of morphine and several derivative drugs
of similar action. In addition, however.
.they took several packages of stryohnlne,
powerful poisons resembling the drugs
they were so desperately anxious to get
When you buy a
home on the in
stallment plan you
pay interest.
When you save for
a home on tha in
stallment plan you
receive interest.
- -- r
i "-- i ii 1r "rr el
r. i
School and College Notes
Educational Institutions Are Plen
tiful in Nebraska and Outside
from Which to Chooie.
Practically all the ideational Insti
tutions have entered now upon the eoml
somnolent summer season. students
have graduated, teachers have (tone on
their vacations.
Now, however, arises some f the most
important questions f the year. An
especially Important question conion up
in the homes of the stmlents. Where
shall the young min and the young
woman who have completed the course
at the school where they have been at
tending, continue to flrli'k of the foun
tain of. learning?
Ths wide land of America la simply
overflowing with answers to this ques
tion. But, as the student cannot attend
morw than one school at one time, the I
rrooess of elimination must be brought I
into play and those Interested must
choose the institution that best suits
Nebraska, with Its pre-eminence as a
state of education, has, within Its own
wide borders, many schools of all kinds.
The University of Nebraska ranks sec
ond to none In Its standing among high
educational Institutions. It bas grown
astoundlngly in the last' score of years.
It offers to students Instruction In hear-
ly every branch of learning. A brief
consideration of Its different colleges
and schools Is pertinent Here they are:
The Graduate college has a four-year
course leading to mastei of arts and
doctor of philosophy degrees. Work may
be pursued without reference to a de
gree. The College .of Arts and Pclenoee has
a four-year course leading to tlie de
grees of bachelor of arts or bachelor ef
Tho Teachers' college offers a four-
year course leading to the teachers'
college diploma Students register . in
this college In the- Junior year, at the
same time retaining Identity In another
college of the university which grants
the degree of bachelor of arts or of
science simultaneous with ths granting
of the teachers college diploma by the
TarKra' MllrM. Thus, throughout his
Munlor and senior years, the student is
registered in two colleger
The College of Agriculture includes
general agricultural and general home
economics groups, a four-yenr course
leading to the degree' of bacnelor of J
science. Also a two-year course In at- j
rlculture, i
The College of Engineering In a four-1
year course, leading ta the degree of I
bachelor, of sclsnoe in tnglnering agri
cultural, architectural, civil, electrical
and mechanical. Also a six-year
aoademlc-englneering course. . '
The College of Law le a three-year
course leading to the degree of bachelor
of laws. One year of academlo work In
addition to full entrance Is required for
admission to this college. Also a com
bined academio-law . course leading' to
the degree of ' bachelor of arts in four
years, and to the degree of bachelor of
laws in six years. Work is also offered
leading to the degree of doctor of Juris
prudence. '
The College of Medicine offers a four
year course in Omaha leading to the
degree of doctor of medicine. Also ' a
six-year course leading to the bachelor's
degree and the degree of doctor of med
icine, the first two years being offered
tn Lincoln.
The College of Pharmacy: Two-year
and three-year courses. Also a four-
year course . leading to the degree of
bachelor of science tn pharmacy.
The Oraduate School of Education:
Course leading to the degree of mastsr
of arts and doctor of philosophy and to
the graduate teachers' diploma. This
school Is a part of the Graduate college
and Is designed to prepare for the higher
service in teaching.
The School of Cbmnieroe: A four-year
course leading to the degree of bachelor
of arts, designed to provide vocational
training for students preparing for busi
ness or allied lines of work.
The Be boot of Fine Arts: A four-year
cultural course Including the fln arts
leading to the bachelor's degree."
Execatlvo Beair Mee-ta aat Elects
Faealty for Year.
, The York college executive board and
board of trustees and their wives wsrs
royally entertained for S o'clock dinner
Friday evening at the college dormitory.
The following faculty has been elected
for the ensuing year.
M. O. McLaughlin, A. M., D. D presi
dent. C. E. Ashoraft A. M B. D., dean of
College of Liberal Art Bible and peda
gogy. Charles Btseett A. M B D.. registrar
and principal of toe academy, hUtory
and social ecienoe.
u. ai. turui,
a. a,
chemistry and
i-i o
lo ward C. Fee miter. A.
M.. -mat no
ma tics ana astronomy.
J. C. Morgan. A. M., Latin and Greek.
Mrs. Pearl Morgan. A B . knalleh.
NateaJ fee- its Catle Entrances, fas.
chiding Yale, Harvard. Priacaton.
elsskla( Jakas Haplias, ate.
Sixteen Buildings 200 Acre
1000 feet above aaa laves
50 milf sses-A Si Paul mi MimmmpJiA.
Orslraelae "oner Sc W h U. 5. ffW DM
.1 . tlomestl
Krn-t Knvniond Vls-ur, exprflon.
K. K, ToKnarnd, M. Ant'l., commerce
snd stemiRrsphy.
t'harloa H. Ammlon. rlran of 1h Con-s.-rvntory
of Music, voice, violin and
wind instruments.
K. n. liswklna, A. M., roach atd ath
Irtki director.
Kdna Kankln. M. R., ptano, hsimony
and theory of must.-.
Olariys rtereon, aeaistant plarto,
Kd'th Calender, A. It., assistant In
A ilnn L. Wllllnmsnn. art
Charles Fpureeon Fkrker, A'. M Ph.
D., college raator.
iy R. Pavie, A. M., agriculture and
Mrs. Alice Andervn. model school ob
servation end practice.
Mre. Had I Reetor. viorni of women.
The election of Earl Hawkins of the
Nebraska university ns ell-yenr coach
marks a new era In the i thletlo etiength
of York college. Mr. Hawkins tulds a
mednl for the hlsh school .ehamutonahtp
of Wisconsin and basket and foot bell
! medals from the Nebraska university.
A large number nf the graduating
class of ths Tork High school will at-
tend York college next year. The seleo
tlon of a strong rollcga fsculty, the
strengthening or the Couises effered. the
Increase of. equipment ard the complete
satisfaction of the t!i student who at
tended the past year, has Inspired won- j
derful confidence and patronage for the
college on the part of the people of the
local community.
latereatlagt Fanetleas to Mark
0Malea; e Kew Admlaletrei
The afternoon session will be Kin at I
o'clock and following a selection by the
normal male qi.ertet, brw talks win ne
nude by prominent eduratore of the
state. A number of amusing and Instruc
tive "stunts" by students will close this
part of the program.
In the evening at 7 an the faculty will
give a reception to the public At 1:18
Mies Helen Axe brown of Valparaiso, Ind.,
who appeared last winter on the resjular
lecture courve. will give a song recital,
and Mrs. Marls Monfort Keckley wlu
clve a monclogue reading, selecting Act I
from ,"The Taming of the Bhrew."
Krldny. July H, has been anonuced as
the date of dedlcstion of the new adminis
tration bulUllnK. The exercises will be
gin at 10 a. m with a concert by the
women's nusrtot cf Slanton, Neh. Fol
lowing this Ptste Superintendent Thomas
will deliver n sddrese. From U to X fac
ulty, students and gueets of the school
will Jojln in a plcnlo dinner no the cam
pus. Nebraska Wealeyaa tralverelty.
Frof. Abble C. P-urns of the German
Ethel Clerks. A
Kilith Conn, A.
and lwnatlc art.
OOOsTT SOXOOb romaded la IISO.
A country school ror young laaiea
Near Philadelphia and Nsw York. Jay
Cooke estats, tt acres.
Miss Abby A Hutherland, Principal
Montgomsry Co., Psnna.
Htudenta earn part of tuition la Cllnloa.
No extra cliargea.
rrtmary Intermediate High obool
Boarding department limited. Spe
cial department for gtrls from I to It
Small enough to be a "Real Home," and
larne enough to be a "Keal Behoof
for catalogue, address
Section A. "Wnoola, steb.
The Nebraska
Wesleyan University
oouueoa or urinu axts -
cxoot. or xxrmxssxor
oxoofc or ast
For Information and free bulletins.
' addreas
Vabreska Wsslsyaa University.
Tffatvsrslty rlaoe, Llnooln, iTebrsska
College of Saint Thomas
UnJtr tkt Control nd Dirtttion ef Jrckbuhof Irtttmd '
CoHttfoit Commtrtld AfJtmi Ftpmof$ v
Cartful HtnUl, Url nd Riliiiouj Training
Seven Hundred snd Forty Students from Twenty-four State Last Year
For illuttritcd cstalogee address'
Vtry Ret. H. M0YNIHAN. D. D.. Prttidtnl
. 49th year. Founded and conducted on the game
broad lines as the famous English schools of
Winchester and Eton.
A chief object istoprepare boys forCollefie. Equally
efficient in training for business and technical fields.
Life at Sh&ttuclt appeals to the well-intentioned
boy. The school traditions foster a spirit of enthusiasm
for achievement In study, physical being and sports.
Self-governinii powers are discriminatingly given to
student body. Boys respond td the Shattuck axiom
A Boy's
and Honor
Natiofially noted for It academic work, Shattuck places
equal emphasis on physical training, deeming it as important .
aa and necessary to true mental culture. The military drill is
mad equal, io reirularity and "system, with mental culture.
The school has sn enviable record for clean sports. Shattuck
hoys live a well-balanced life amid most healthful surround
ings The school traditions Inspire high ideals Recognition
of a boy' individuality develop initiative, self-control and
leadership. For catalog address
COL, VASA E. STOLBRAND. C H. Headmaster. '
Drawer T. F-Htaolt. Miaet.
Six weeks Summer School, Juna to August
department wss recently elected stale
preeldont of I R. O.
Chancellor Fulmar gsvs his ewcond
eridreas n "The VMucMlon of the Negro"
at convocation Thurs tay montng.
The sumntrr school etudonta sre plan
ning a plcnlo In connection wlih a trio
to Lincoln to ase the hlstorto Liberty
bel) next Friday.
Mia llul.tah Peterson of the state su
pe'lnten.lnt's office spoke on the work
of the Hoys' and Ulrl cluha before the
students Krldny morning.
The department of ryl'a I yetltnir
out a large order for equipment wuirh la
needed for the work ef heat year. This
Is a difficult problem because the FAi
ropean ar makes It practlcUly Impos
sible tn Import apparatua, sertlclilarly
from Oefvo uiy. .
Detaae Cellesre Netea.
Dean J. N. Dennett Is sttendlng ths
Summer school at Madtaon. Wla. In h s
absence Prof. J. R Taylor la tn charge
tt the somer advertising.
Mlas Helen Meston. dean of women at
i tonne college Is In New York City this
summer te-htns; In the 1acher" collet
of the summer adrertlalng.
Presldrnt Vf. O. Allen and family r
Doane roUrire will spenrt the vacation at
their summer he-me In Maine., Tlity left
for there last Wednesday.
ammer Kehoel at Dafceqee.
Over X teachers have pothered at
Mount St. Joaenh col lea e, Dubuque., la.,
for sum;ner school work In professional
and academic subjects, and tor rourwi n
the subool of music and in tho Onert
ment of hjimehold srts and science.
Mary are taking advantage of the ex
tension roureea offered by th Cat hollo
tTnlverslty nf America, at Dubuque col
lege. What to Do for
It chins Skins
EVsema. ringworm and other Itching,
burning akin, . eruptions are so easily
triads worse by Improper treatment,
that one has to be -
very rareful. There
Is one method, how
ever, that you need
not hesitate to use,
even on a baby's
tender skinthat ie,
the reslnol treatment
Reelnoi tsj the pre
scription of a Balti-'
mors doctor, pat up
In the form ef resl
nol ointment and reslnol soap. This
proved so remarkably successful, thst
thousands of other physicians hsve pre
scribed It constantly for 1 yeara
Reslnol. stop Itching Instantly, and
almost always heals ths eruption quick
ly and at a little cost Reslnol ointment
and reslnol soap can be bought at any
druggist's, and are cot at all expan
sive. Write for free sample, Dept. as-R,
Reslnol, Baltimore, Md.
ST. JOHA S KIUIA1I SCBdOU, tEsitceeal) Stlaw. listi
Development of character and Individuality com
prise the serious 'Work of Vile schoot Thorough
preparation for oollece or business', accredited or
Steta University. Every boy receives careful and
individual attention Kpectal Inntruotlon tn Ath
letics. Modern bulldlnirs, extensive campus, eom
pletee equipment Lower school for younger boys
with very careful supervision Calaloa; en request.
KAJOS W. I aTS8X.K, Caaasaaaaaat.
i m winter nooie, ol AUguaun.
eorlda. Aa outdoor, tutorial
hool for boya Every boy on a
team. Address, Cbaa. Carer, Reg.
istrar. Frairls da Cblen, "Vl.
Crata. xrk.
' College courses leading to the A. R,
degree: Conservatory of Mualo offer
ing Instruction in piano, voloe, violin,
musical theory. Students can take
courses In mualo while working for
the bachelor's degree. College opens
Kept 1 It It. Send for catalog, wan.
O. Allan, H. T. ii. Ph. L, Ireallent
'v.i-'.m. ii''
S stabile bed unt, (
The Haatlngs Business Oollsge is
known aa the "ieoples School" because
It takes young people from every rank
and file In Ufa and trains them for
high salaried poaltiuns as expert aten
ogrsphers, bookkeepers, secretaries,
commercial teachers, civil service em
ployees, etc.
Attend a school with .a record for
getting maximum rssults In a mini
mum of time and at a low cost Couray
offered in shorthand, bookkeeping, civil
service, typewrit ins. penmanship, and
the kindred subjects.
One of the youngest stenographers In
the Government employ at Washington
Is from this school. Positisna secured.
Writs today for our catalog. AiireMt
Hastings Business Gcllege
The MUd-WesI Sobeel, Sept A,
Bastings, aTsbraska,
Sense of Right
is to be Trusted"
Mrs. Chas. Brown Says Mineral
Remedy Relieved Her After
Five Years' Suffering.
After vlHltlns springs snd trying many
remedies seeking relief from rheuma
tism from which she Suffered ever five
years, Mrs. Chas, lirown, a pioneer resl-
I dent Of Omaha, residing at 173S Boutli
Itth street. Omaha, resorted to Akos, the
new California mineral remedy, which
aha says helped her.
"I suffered with rheumatism in my
back, arms and shoutdera for five years.
I via I tea springs snd tried many reme
dies hut the ailment would not leave.
When Akne was first Introduced In Oma
ha, my husband brought some of the
treatment home for me. The mineral
plasters on my back and shoulders drsw
out the pain the first night. The min
eral water made from the internal pow
der, with the assistance of the plasters.
Improved ms wonderfully. Since then
recovery bas been very rapid. My. gen
eral health is so much better that I feel
like a new woman. I know that Akos la
the best remedy that I ever usat
Akoa IS a pure, natural mineral rem
edy. It has proven moat effective In
treating stomach, liver, kidney and blad
der trouble, ectema, skin diseases and
other allmenta It Is now being Intro
duced at Sherman McConnell'a stores.
Visit, phone or write for further infor
mation regarding this advertisement
The best and moat profitable way to,
"celebrate" la to buy and wear a genu-
Ine Diamond or handaioins Watch. Per-'
Iiuds you ars plannma a trip "back
noma." Take HKK the Diamond Rlnn
you promised. One of our brautirul;
wlda stread diamonds, 1 4k Solid gold
Loftle ''Perfection- or Loftis -Belcher
mounting, will be sure to please; month-;
lv payments only IS. You may wish to
;.L. nitiee alfts: select anything desir
ed and have all charged in one accojnt.
OA" T-v v
mw nm
10S3 Wrlnt Watch. Case and bracelet
are both fins solid gold. Lever "sr full
nickel. Jeweled, rnolce or eiwior 57M.a
whits or gold Guaranteed. v'w
v taM a Moata
".Ladles' Ring,
Ilk solid sold
Lo'tlej "Psrfec
tlon' mounting,
brilliant CCA
Diamond at s
S a Month
H Hea'e Hlug carre.
14k Mini s4. fine Dia
mond. Kiua tCg
lu. at eB"
Terms I So a Wtosta
Open Dally Till 8 f.M Saturdays Till 9:30
Call or write for Catalog No. 0S. Phone.
DougUa im and saleamen will call.
WJt Bawfts. "esse e r ataa
ilhiooston !
Pliiladelphiii' n
, Gtso tn OiJirif(uortit tf ;
Allantic Coast
Lonq Inland u::ip
Ksw Enqland '
, And Canada J
'j Zb'roct Rquh cv Via r
w-H Lines mil
bnrit itmurd farmo km vtm04 f
f fem TSeteif t;(hc4yaMi$t0 furtr0t
" h9uvlatm Ltmsm. r iarf
H'. . HitWLAS'lh I'm. Aye
$4 Ui City AsWitI Hmnk liMf.
"mnfq. Nr-h. J-'a i mat ft-.-?', rni f ;
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