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    7 A
His "Store" ii Closed Became He
and 500 Otheri Attend the City
Mission Outing.
If you happened to need a pencil
pencil holder when you were
loar Sixteenth and Farnam streets,
sfud If you thought to yourself,
"Well, I'll just drop over and buy
one from this blind boy that stands
on the corner," you found, when you
arrived at the corner, that the blind
boy was not there.
"Business as usual" Monday. But
"Blind Walter" was off at the City
mission picnic.
The hot tun did not tat down upon
hi patlnnt brad as he stood hesMe the
mall box and called out hta wan. He
dirt not shift from one weary foot to the
other. He waa not. jostled about by busy
Goea to Miller Park.
ITe waa out at Miller park all day. He
sat In the shade of the treei and nature's
soft braexea fanned hla cheek. Ho felt
the grau. He smelled the flowers. Kind
hp. rids ministered to him. A kins- couldn't
have, had it better than Blind Wnlter
rest, comfort, kindness and everything he
wonted to eat from sandwiches to ice
cream and lemonade.
Walter waa only one of about 600 who
spent the day out at the park. They tot
an early start so as to stay just as lona
as possible. It was but little after
o'clock in the morning' when nine street
cars arrived at Twelfth and Howard
streets where the crowd waa waiting.
These cars were furnished free by the
Ort.aha A Council Bluffs Street Railway
Miss MeOee was there with many vol
unteer assistants, including Mrs. '.Jeorge
rioane, Charles F. Robel, Tom Itobel,
hn Robel, Grace Robel and H. J. Stlr
1 W. But when the crowd saw those
chs the whole police force couldn't have
held them back. It looked like storming
the trenches over in Europe. None of
those klddnes waa taking a chance on
getting left out of the picnic, not after
he had talked about it and dreamed about
it for weeks.
A ad Saeh a BTolse.
And away went the cars, the" boys
whistling and the girls shouting, little
cripples holding their crutches and emll
irVf "like baskets of chips on the way
t j a bonfire."
iuch a noise I My, it sounded like a
juvenile riot on wheels. But it was the
kind of riot you read about, "a riot of
fun," "a riot of Joy." And the police
men along the route didn't atop the riot.
They Just smiled. And all the people
that saw the nine ears gliding along
smiled, and everybody was glad that the
folks were off for a good time.
Miller park! Nobody needed to be told.
The conductors nearly had heart failure
keeping the kids from Jumping off before
the cars stopped. And then away scam
pered a thousand feet over the grass.
Some of the boys had been there before
and they assumed airs of 'great im
portance, leading their comrades straight
to the lake, where, in a, Jiffy, they were
In the water. -
Are Enloylnr the Oilfns.
The girls were soon absorbed In the
delights of "Ring Around a Rosy" and
other girl games. The email babies were
rolling in bliss on the grass, while their
tired mothers Just sat and enjoyed per
feet rest and the good fresh air and the
happiness of their little ones.
A committee of small boys guided
Blind Walter around the park and ex
plained everything to him. He had about
fifty pairs of sharp eyes to see things
for him, and fifty babbling tongues to
explain the beauties of the park.
Then came "the eats," and the way
the aandwlches and potato salad and
ings disappeared was a caution. And
le ice cream! It surely didn't have a
lance to melt.
Several base ball games were hotly
contested, particularly that between the
"M. Ji. Boosters" and "King Arthur's
A coroner's Jury Inquiring Into the
shooting of Juan Gonsale; In a restaurant
t the rear of a saloon at Ninth and
Davenport streets, on June K, returned
a verdict that Oomales had been shot In In direct oppoelHon to that she formerly
self-defense by Jsin- Bilk snd trcom- . ve the chief of detectives At the In
mended that Silk be released The shoot- uet her story as decidedly favorable
Ing occurred following a brawl In the to the dead man.
restaurant, occasioned by the Mexican
of the Woodmen of the World snd Pity
Nstlonnl bank bulldlnca from which a
AIIKAUIb InUUSANUS view could be had of the interesting
demanding beer after hours. Pllk wss
not called to teetlfy. Ursoe Pherrlngton.
120 South N'lnth street, offered testimony
Apartments, flats, houses and cottages
ran be rented quickly and cheaply by a
Pee "For Rent" Ad.
A burning lace oiruln attracted a
throng that parked Fifteenth street from
Iwuglas to lfsrner Isat evening, snd be
side, brought occupants to every window
Herman llahin, optMan, who oootiptea
the third floor of a three-story brick
building st l South Fifteenth street, re
turned to his spsrtments to find the
cuttsln shlaie. In a short period fire
vchl.-les of all descriptions filled the
street In front of the place. The bUse
waa extinguished before It bed dono
much damage.
Oet competent help through The B.'
and get Into your own business.
Epworth Leaguers
u Break Camp Monday
l The Omaha District Epworth League
ivtitute at Ralston, which opened Mon
day, will close Sunday evening with the
devotional services, which will be at
tended by a number if Methodists of
this city and vicinity, besides the Bp
worthians who have been In camp. Most
of the Methodist churcles In the city
will hold no services Sunday evening,
giving their congregations an oppor
tunity of visiting the Institute on the
closing evening.
On Saturday night and Sunday morn
ing the meetings will be addressed by
Kev. W. F. Sheridan, Chicago, general
secretary of the Epworth league.
The institute, it Is asserted, has been
a success. The excellent weather made
camping a real pleasure, about 100 mak
ing their homes in tents at Hillside
park, where the meetings were lie-Id In
an open-air pavilion. Plenty of time
was allowed for recreation, swimming,
boating, tennis and base ball, while the
evenings, after the close ot the services,
were devoted to hikes, wiener roasts, etc.
QApRcn rnwrFRT TnNifJHT
The choir of the First ' Methodist
church, under the direction of J. E.
Carnal, will give a sacred concert this
evening at the church as follows:
Orean Preluds Meditation Birtlett
I.'naocompan'-cd Hymn Softly NViw
the Uttht of Xmy
Soprano Sulo Betiolii, There bhall
Come a Day Hu.'lt
Mta Margery Shackelford.
Anthem Pilgrim's Chorus Verdi
iuet Oulde Me, O Thou Great Je-
hovnh Lansing
Miss Haxel Silver and Mr. Carnal.
Anthem Ho Every One that Thlmt-
th Martin
Organ Offertory Melodic in E minor.
Solo I Heard the Voice of Jesua Hay
Howard Steherg.
Anthr m Inflamniatus istabat Materl
Miss Silver and the Pholr
Good Night Hymn Grant l's Thy
f Peace
(Tostlude Fantasia 11 Trovotore... Verdi
Liver t omplalat Mkfi l ot
No Joy In living If your stomach and
liver don't work. Stir your liver with Dr.
King's New IJfe Pills. All druggists. Ad
Sunday, June 27, 1915.-
.Complete Line of Tlotor
Records and Tiotrolas.
. . Bselnslv. Agents for Omaha
for raraons Chloasring ytanos."
.Phone Douglas 137
The Store Tells Its Story Every Day
By the Way Its Represent
atives Speak and Act
THK cleverness, courtesy and manifestation of being
interested in what the customer wants to know or
do is the best illumination that can be given to the pub
lic of what the store actually is.
Unless our eople are in good health and well bal
anced by knowledge, patience and promptitude, to receive
our friends when they come to the store, the generous,
fresh stocks and proper prices on even-thing count for
but little.
In stocks, assortments and character of merchandise,
not to go backward would he something, for we provide
most liberally, but this will not satisfy us; we must go for
ward and forward and FORWARD every day, and b of
the "Greatest service to the greatest number."
.lune 27, 1915. BURGESS-NASJI COMPA NY.
Pretty 18&27-in.
Flouncings at 25c
EMBROIDRRBD flouncings. 1
and IT Inches wide, fins Hwlas
and bstlste, dainty corset cover
embroidery, aJso fine embroidered
organdy and Hwlas edges.
Mountings, 9 Ho.
Organdy, rolls and batiste, dainty
colored embroidered organdv, all
overa, 27, St and 40 Inches wide.
Flouncing, 59r.
Thlrty-slx-lnch wide organdy and
Lace Flouncing, 25c.
Nst top. net chantlNy, fine shadow
and silk chiffon, all beat eolora.
Barg -Ba.h Co. Mala Floor.
$12.50 Lazy Back
Fibre Rocker $6.95
1Q. roomy, comfortable rock-
ers, ot brown fibre, upholster
ed back and cushion of pretty
cretonne, laxy back style, were
$12.50, for ffl.B5.
Burgess-Bash Co. Third Floor.
It Has Been Some Time Since You Were Offered Such
Beautiful NEW LINGERIE BLOUSES as These at $1.95
Every One In
Burgess-Bash Oo. Second rioor.
a Splendid $3.00 Value
THEY represent the very newest fashion ideas
in blouses for mid-summer wear Something
entirely ' 4 dif fert nt. " Each as fresh and dainty a9
the latest style can make it. Blouses of plain and
'embroidered voiles, sheer batistes, organdies and
mulls, with hemstitching, tucks, laces and em
broideries, to add to the daintiness of the trans
parent fabrics.
Special purchases brought this variety of style and
quantity makes it possible for this remarkably low price
of $1.05 for Monday.
Every waist la a positive $3.00 value.
Charming New $5 and $6 Georgette
Crepe BLOUSES Monday at $3.95
Special groups In beautiful new effects, evolved of
Georgette crepe. The usual $5 to $6 qualities at $3.05.
Any Woman Will Appreciate the Superior
Style-Quality of These Palm
Beach Suits at
THE very newest style expressions are represented here In this
showing ot Palm Beach suits at 10.00. . - .i
Every suit is set off with style touches that are new, different
and full of character; all are extremely practical through their per
fect adaptability for street, outing, motoring and afternoon wear. Oo. sjaeond Tloot
Signs of the Fourth: Flags, red,
white and blue bunting, etc.; a
pulse-stirring sight. Be patri
oticdecorate. (Basement)
COATS for Monday at $1.00 Each
AN offering of unusual importance beautiful
much iipinw their usual nrice. There are a
new petticoats ai
score or more or
pleasing styles.
Itest Quality Materials and Trimmings.
The materials are nainsook and cambric, cut full and wide, some
with circular flaring flounces; others straight with underlays, trimmed
with deep embroideries, shadow and val laces. , ribbon headings and
bows, all lengths Included. The values are really remarkable,
. Bnrtrsss-Kssa Co. .oona floor.
A. Clearaway of New Wash Goods
ThaTWere $1.25 to $1.75 at 89c
A MOST exquisite collection embracing a wide variety of imported
wash fabrics, all 42 Inches wide In the newest shades and plenty
of black and white. A ,
Embroidered Voiles, were $1.2o a yard.
Embroidered Crepes, were $1.50 a yard.
Embroidered Voiles, were $l..r( a yard.
Silk Striped Crepes, were $1.23 a yard.
Fancy Crepes, were $1.75 a yard.
Novelty Weaves, were $1.75.
Wash Fabrics, at U5c a Yard.
One large counter, Including 40-inch voiles in stripes and figures,
seed voiles in pretty shades; also plain crepe voiles In all the best
shades. , ,
B Hash Co. Main floor.
These 85c to $1.00 DRESS SILKS
Are Certainly Big Values at 69c
FOULiARDS In pretty neat designs and wanted shades; plain colored
chiffon taffetas, 27 inches wide, fancy Loulslne and other pretty
weaves In stripes and checks. The regular price was 85c to $1.00,
Monday; 0c a yard.
Illat-k Chiffon Taffeta, at W)c.
Full yard wide. This Is the most used In black silk for skirts and
suits this season. An extra value Monday, at Hic a yard.
B nrf ss-Bash Co Main floor.
Month-End Sale of Sewing Machines
Were $35.00 to $50.00 at $23.75
O be exact there are but 17 mar-bines offered at tbis price
and 17 3hrewd buyers are certain of securing wonder
ful sewing macbine values.
The offering includes such famous innkr-s as:
And other from which to make your selection.
Only one or two of some models. Mostly machines
that have been taken In exchange for our famous
hTANlAUI, but every one guaranteed to be in
splendid sewing condition and offered to you on
terms as low as
$2.00 Down and $1.00 a Week
No mail or phone orders.
June's two great novels are "X
Far Country" (Winston Church
Ill). $1.50 and "Jaffery" (W.
J. Locke), $1.35. (Book Sec
tion Main Floor.)
In great demand now are these
colonial glass water or lemon
ade sets jug and six tumblers,
several styles at J9e the set.
(Fourth Floor.)
There Is solid comfort la these
couch hammocks with their
heavy wire springs and felt pad,
and the price Is $4.60 Instead
of $7.50. (Third Floor.)
Wooden serving trays are quite
the fad now. Imitation mahog
any frame with brassed handle,
figured cretonne centers and
glass top, size 12x8 Inches, lo
Monday, (Fourth Floor.)
-One pretty summer frock may
be made as useful as two or
three if you wear different col
ored sashes. New moire and
satin ribbon for sashes at the
ribbon section. (Main Floor.)
At Fully l to i Under the
Regular Price
OUR entire stock of rich, luxurious Oriental
Rugs is included in this clearaway at these
very unusual reductions.
The collection is a most remarkable one,
embracing the most sought makes such as Bel
ouchistans, Rokharas, Kermanshaws, Kazacks,
Irans, Mahals, etc., choice pieces for the hali,
doorways living rooms and bed rooms, in color
ings to match the decorations and in either
light or dark effects.
This ida:
Slse 2-8x3-4, were $12.50. now $7.50
Slse 4x2-4, were $13.60, now
Slse 2-2x4, were $13.50, now fO.HA
Slie 1-1x3-8, were $12.00, now ttt.Bo
Size 2-2x3-10, were $12.00. now
BUe 2-1x3-10, were $13.60, now B0.HA
Site 3-1x3-8, were $12.00, now as.AO
Blie 2-8x3-8, were $13.00, now fO.AO
Slse 1-1x3-7. were $13.50. now BO.PC
Slie 2-1x4, were $13.60, now 9.a
Site 2x3-8, were $12.00, now f7.oO
Sire 2-2x4, were $13.50. now .M
Sire 2-3x4-3, were $16.00. now flO.fto
Slse 2x3-8, were $12.50, now ftf.50
n fl. II . I bHlm 'W
I iir 'liii"iijMin ' t
Site 4-2x1-8. were $15.00. now $18.00
Slse 4x1-1, were $30.00, now
Site 3-10x2-5, were $37.60, now B22.B0
Sice 4x2-3, were $30.00, now $20.00
Slse 8-11x2-6. were $30.00. now 920.00
. 920.00
. 935.00
. .9S7.AO
2-8x3-9. were $13.50. now
Site 8x6, were $18.50, now
Site 3x4-2, were $18.60, now
Site 3-2x4 ". were $18.00, now
Size 6-1x3-7, were $30.00, now
Site 4x5-9, were $45.00, now
Size 4-4x6-4, were $47.50, now
Size 8-5x3-10, were $50.00, now 944.00
Sire 3-1x4, wee $14.60, now 910.50
Size 3x3-9, were $14 50, now 9H.50
Size 8-5x3-9. were $14.50. now 90.50
Size 8-0x3-9, were $14.50, now 911.50
Size 3-4x8-7, were $14.60, now 911.50
Size 3-6x8-8, were $14.60, now 911.50
Size 8x3-9. were $14.50, now 9U.50
Size 3x3-8, were $14.50, now 911.50
Size 3-9x8, were $42.50, now 937.50
Size 4-5x5-10, were $55.00, now 940. OO
Size 4-Sx6, were $45.00, now 95.00
, . 930.0O
. . 9M1.0O
. 9X5.00
Size 4-SX2-7, were $30.00. now.
Site 4x2-8, were $30.00, now. . .
Size 3-8x2-8, were $37.60, now.
Size 5-9x4-ii. were $44.00, now.
8lze 4-3x6-3, were $42.00, now.
Size 4-4x6-8, were $41.50, now.
Size 4-sx6, were $45.00, now .9500
Size 4-4x6-6, were $40.00, now ...9AI.OO
Size 5-6x7-0, were $43.50, now... :.. 90.00
Size 6-8x7-8, were $120, now. 95.00
Size 6-1x7-1. were $90.00, now 970.0O
Sice 9-10x8-6, were $200. now 9105.00
Slse 7-8x9-6, were $97.60, now........ 975.00
Size 10-7x8-8, were $246, now 9200.00
Size 6-7x8, were $95.00, now .975.00
Size 13x9-8, were $195, now 9150.00
Size 12-11x8-8. were $165, now 9155.oo
Site 12x8-9, were $180, now 9125.00
Size 12-11x8-7. were $185, now
Size 12-4x8-3, were $176, now 9145.UO
Slse 12-2x9-1, were $176, now.
Size 8-6x11-9. were $175, now 914.VOO
Size 8-8x6-4, were $30.00, now 92-4 .OO
Sire 3-6x5-10, were $30.00, now 924. oo
Sire 7-2x3-2. were $30.00, now 924.00
Site 3-1x6-8, were $30.00. now 924.00
Size 0x3-2, were $30.00, now 924 .oo
Bnrrsss-Zfaab Co. Talre 11 oor.
You'll Go a Long Way Before You Find
Better Rug Values Than These for Monday
AT least that is our impression and only comparison wilj prove the
statement and we court it. These listed here., are but irnid
posts to unusual rug buying possibilities Monday, '
lL . Kit 1 I'll
$18.00 to $22.00 Axminster Rugs, $12.95
pYTDA! They are Indeed extra values, as an
inspection will quickly prove. Full room fftQC
lze 9x12 feet. Heavy Axmlnster rugs, In a splendid r I J"
selection of new patterns; every run guaranteed per- JL fce1,r
feet; were $18, $20 and $22, for 912.05.
Burg-eas-Basa Co. TkUXd rioor.
917.75 IUm.iu Mlse Velvet Hags, 912.00.
Full room size 9x12 feet, extra heavy quality end In choice
selection of new patterns. Very desirable, were $17.75, now 918.00.
92 and 92.25 Axmlnster Rugs, 91,60.
Size 27x64 Inches, a heavy pile Ax
minsters; regular price $2 and $2.25.
Monday, 91.00.
93.50 and 94 Axmlnster Rugs, 92.00.
Heavy pile Axmlnster, size 26x62
Inches; pretty selection of patterns.
Japanese Bronze Bamboo Baskets
Usually $1 to $2.50, Monday 25o50c
A th
Co ThlrS
IEUE is a limited quantity of tbese baskets, and in most cases
i;re aro only two or three of a style the earlier you get here In
the morning the better variety and the greater values you will find.
Fruit Haskets, Sandwich !laket, Jardinieres, Waste IVaskets,
Flower flaskets, Vasee, Wall flaskets, Etc., Ktc.
SO many odd shapes so many attractive baskets, that almost
every one of the number would have to be described individual
ly to give a fair Idea of the assortment included.' The usual $1 to
$2.60 values at 25c and 50c.
Barrs-Xfaafc Oo Basaanaai.
Radical Clearaway Monday of Girls
White Summer Dresses-Rare Values
IT'S a group of srirl's dresses for ages 6 to 14 years,
that have become broken in assortment and we trans
fcrred them from the Main Section of the Second Floor
to the Basement Salesroom for quick clearaway.
There is a wide selection of styles made up in organ
dies, lawns, lacps and embroideries.
Three groups:
Girls' white dresses,
were 98c to $1.60,
Girls' white dresses,
were $1.18 to $2.60,
I for ...
Girls' white dressee,
were $.$ to $3.98,
for . .
Burgvsa-Bash Oo,
I as. meat.
The Much Wanted White "Sports"
and College Coats Monday at $5.95
TIIERE are sizes for women and misses, in white cord
chinchilla effects; also pretty shades. The dr nr
usual price to $12.50, Monday special, at epDelD
97JM New Cloth Skirts, 93.05.
All late styles, In serges, cords and fancy
mixtures; also black and colors, full wide
skirts, made to retail to $7.60
912.00 Hkirts for 94.05.
Fancy checks, stripes, plain colors and
mixtures; also "sports" skirts for tennis.
golf and outing wear, made
to retail to $12.00, -for ,
Women's Talm Reach Suits to 910
for 9.K v
Genuine Palm Beach Cloth In plain natural
color, mannish styles, with hip length
coat, made to retail to $10.00, JQ
912.50 Mark Hilk Coats,
Made of good quality black chiffon taffeta, latest styles, box 7 QC
plait in back, high waist line belt, usual $12.50 values for..4 I .IO
H Mi
at 97.05. Co..
Checked IHmltles, 7 He.
Also mercerized mulls, dots, stripes
and floral effects, desirable
lengths for dresses and
children's wear. Yard
10 White Flaxons, IS He.
White flaxons, 38 Inches wide for
cool somraery dresses inl
and white, lc quality la&ZC
Printed Flaxons, 18 He
Neat figured designs, checks and
desirable black and
white stripes; the yard.
PajnUU Cloth, 85c.
Beautifully printed designs, very
desirable for house or outing
dresses, 36 Inches wide, Of
yard eSuC
Co. Base meat.
Your Films Developed FREE
when orders are loft for printing.
This is kodak time. Tak a ko
dak with you.
Barf- Co. atala Tloot.
Men's Suits, 91-5 to 940.0O.
Strictly hand tailored and finished, a
feature of oar men's cloth- (" ff
lng store. Palm Beach SwlUiO.UU
Bargsee Baaa Oo- rwth rioor.