Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 21, 1915, Page 9, Image 9

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    TIIK MA.: OMAHA. MUMI.VV, .Hi.Nr. in, V.M.
"7 H 1
I Oil It KM'
"ralahert tloeaes.
FOR RENT- MOPKRN f -room house.
furnished, suitable for hospital, eant
tailuni or nuis' home, on Farnam ftr
lm 1ourlas MAO.
Pt: Ai'Ti i- tl. srm isBAN homk, n
Flu rr ani khri hhrkv. nich
fii'IlfxitA I 'HON K PKNNtS . 2" N.
l AVK. .
iFt'RNIelIKI house, ro"M. until
Sept. J; fine location. Address t
$. Rf.
Faralahed Hmhii.
If you do net soe anything that suite
J -- r . U wrav r rumlaliMt RnOtTlM TOU
..... in viiw - r. . v. " ' ' - - - - .
an call at Room 104, Bee Bldg.. and esk
fop tha Free Furnished Koom burtnu
-A -t.Hlv rfr vnu tr a hll
class rooming; or boarding liouao In any
)rt ef the city.
l!4 CHICAOO Xlc clean rtom. cheap.
1MI FABS AM ST. N icety furnished
loom, east front. liouyiaa
'it.70 Farnnto. room with alcove. H. 4L'ia.
a.r2 tT MARTS AVK. Nice. cool, mod-
ern room; private family. Red 971.
CIlASSf. MOI'PRN. CCH.1, FCRNlrrliri
PARlOU. rooini, rea. can twug. jik,
Fl'RNlBUKP rooms. West Farnam dis
trict, i.n n. iai .rtv.
LARGE, cool, etoijajitly f urn. roomi. 1
to $ wek; real noma meats; large
lawa Kerch. Kl N. -'d. D. 5751.
vT. '1. IV t, ntndnni KHim in.
" vats fa m i ly. Call Harney 744.
Jf17 FARrtAM-LeNte. nicely furnished
front room with east esposure. Modern
convenienoes. ror gentlemen.
ONj large front parlor and one smaller
room. South aith St.
TWO parlors on ground floor, with
kitchenette; large porch, private- en
trance; everything furnished. 04 S. g7th.
I,' , t-f. aultea, modem. $2.50. D. 7103.
Cool" roonia, mod rwa. 8020 Caaa. H. t76.
N. 17TH,' ! Cool housekeeping touroi.
Heawinsble. .
Vsrnl-hed llaartualaiai Ksoiaui.
I42g DODGE Modern Ught housekeeping;
RU K A HN A til Very nice housekeeping
roomo. Very reajonatile.
PARNAM, M70. rm, with alcove. 11. 4213.
"ALIFOHNIA, 22)T, f"r. hkpy., 1.7i up.
CABS, iM'i Three beauyrully furnlahed
room, ground floor, aink, gaa and
' OA3.-, ' 17' Coot, modern rooma, rt.Qi.'
I brRT,J 2 llwlit housekeeping rooma.
i all modrn; rent very renaon,hle.
I range.
(lloiirktrii'.H Hooaaa.
DAVENPORT. 25UVW, aulte of rooma;
' laundry privilege; large lawn, Bo. front.
MODERN housekeeping apartment, min
floor. 1RU Cm pi to! Ave.
JDA VENPOHT, 3014-Two or tbrea nicely
furnished front houbeneeping roonia,
FOR RENT Ueautlf ul furnished room,
suitable tor one or two young man; pri
vate bath and every modern conveitonce.
Apply between and I p. m. Apt. 14,
TravertoB ARt-. & 6t- London
M S. iuih Ave., 8 room for light house
keeping, tit.aO week.
I'Bfarslnkrd HensekeeplnaT Rooma.
'AS8, 41ii 2 unfurnlslied rooms on bath
room floor; reasonable. Iiousrlas 7.f0.
Iloavaek Cottiea
Morth. T ROOMS; all modern; o cr Una. Bemli
Park. H W. .
Afvb modorn -roora house, on car line,
in Florence, Uwge yard. Floranoe .
: llaln St. -
JJ6 6-ROOM house in Kounlxo Flute for
ww; il mooern ran tyier twit.
BKAUTIr'UL, g-room house, 428 IJncoln
Blvd. (!7th and Cass), &. Alight rent
a little cheaper to a good tenant. Owner
would rent a room, if desired, waiter
Wills, 40S Bee Bldir. .
J3J9 NOUTH 3STH HT. New seven-room
tnoderi) house for rent or sale by owner.
Walnut 17.
For Rent
Couth half of double brick
house f rooms, 4 bedrooma.
all modern,' at 1CU South 29th
St , near Park school, one
- bloek east of llsnjcom park-
Tel- Uarney laOa,
ll.fjoo-Easy wrm, buys Marcy;
rooms, niodurn; near Field club. Ltrge
corner lot; both streets paved. Fine
uiil cood shade, nice flowers; a real
home. Apply at premises.
3W6iJWiCY AVfc., b-rootn, mod., rent
u. a. uA-NDKrtyou.
Ttniis-las 67'i5. ' Nuvllle Block.
S-BOOM HOUSE, fctrlctly m' durn. good
(ooatlon. US! H. ixtt Ht. Phone H. il&li?.
4-ROOAI cotuuje and two lots, 66th and
Pine Kis. Tl. Harney 1.
WEST FARNAM IMatrlct; 7-roora mod
ern house. ltM 8. 35th St.
t BC
K. 21TII AVK. Slwooni, modern
i.ii- newly Dauered; good location.
Harney 61W. '
BCRnETTK BT.. OT-6-room houee;
strietlv modern. rnun wenemr ion.
v 4-ROOM houHO on lots; garden growing;
1 block from car; good well; rent rea-
Phone Douglag 288 for oomplete liat ef
vacant houses aad apartments; also for
S-ROOM soreened porch, WW. etrUtly
modern, i blocks to car, located SXlt
Cttfg. Hurney tirx.
cm u yt V, Ht a-e. and mtk.rtuii. i60.
jh Mason St., S-r.. all mod., H0.
t4H3 Franklin lit., U-T-, all mod., f.1a.
nU N. SWd eH., -r., all mod.. $.
tZW Mason 5t.. "-W mod., $ni.
j!iU4 Maple St., 7-r., all mod.. IX.
' kiu N. Wth s)t. -r., mod. ex. heat,
211 S. lath Bt,, 6-r., all mod., $a.
Sjii N. 'ui ht., ft-r., mod. ex. bjeat, IK.W.
Chico St., 6-r., mod. ox. heat, .
VA F.nimtt ft., I-r., mod. ex. heat.
H Pacific Ht., 4-r., nod. . heat, $14.
tit N. 18th Bt., 4-r., mod. ex. htat, IU.
iWm N. 2id St.. 5 rms., all mod., $17.
4 Bee Bldg. Kousias 63a.
27iej Farnam, t rooms, nxd., brick, fort.
41(1 N. 2iJ, 10 rooms, mod., I baths, .
" :i3 V. lHih, rooms, 26.
;.V.4 St. Mary's Ave., i rooms, $30.
it'll C hicago. rooma, mod., $).
R I NOW ALT. Rrand eis Theater Bldy.
N".W (-room, entirely modern brl W; lo-
u lAtH Uf Phnn. Inllflna 4K70.
r-ROOM cottage $601 Franklin, $IH month.
We have a complete list ef all houses,
urimiti and flats that are for rent
This list can be .eeen free of chaigo at
tjmaha Van Storage Co. 80s lt t
g-R()O.M modnrn. 1463 8. llth. Doug.
SErfthe Central Furniture Stores. FRE8
J-BOOM. modern brick holme, Rlrt N. Jih
Hi. - Thoinaa S. Kelley, care of Burgeas
Naah Co., or telephone Wcbfcter li'IN.
GlobeVan & Storhge
Stores, movea, paoks. ships; 1 hone van
and $ men. II. ter br.; storage $3 per
tna. Kmtl. faction guar. D. 4"t1 A Ty. 2 A
ALL alsea. SI (er montn up. $07 1'exton.
house, lacing llanscom park. H. 4;i.'.
Gordon Van Co. tB
fit N. llth St.
Tel. D. 4 or Wub. 1SSJ.
JC! RPPfl pacing i i7ora"e'
AwV,VA. i.f.T Karnxtii. i H4
ljf....J'n Van and Sto.age
Maggard s z't
tt'g. pa kin, shipping
1713 Webstar . St
r uiai
lfnillsPS rtl'' on Ac Co., Bee Bldg.
Ilenara and InlUira.
M tat ellenrona.
V-ROuM o.ttm, modern ejcept hcst;
nice ahadv vard. ITU 8. rsih St. Dou.
Store aaa IIH
A nice offlr tn a Kood locgtlon.
make your business piaus guccesaful.
furnlfhru luat soch comhinatioaa
Office Room 103.
Itrre new etoatn-beated atore room, tm
leavetiworth Pt. Conrad Young. ttl
Rrandcle Tlieater. Ioigias
1K1RAHI.R new store room aid base-
nient. S"7 N. lth ft. tonraa lwing,
Kt Rrnndcis Theater. l"onpla W1.
GOOU storeroom, tii N. IMh Pt. R. 457S.
Nice Cool Office
With Vault
Near the Elevator aad Stairs
Electric Light Free
The Bee Building
Superintendent's Office, Room 101.
OARAOK-riow In, large fireproof build.
I nr. mutable for a rirei-ciasa garsgo;
reaaonable rent. Conrad Young, KX
Brandeis Theater, Douglas 1571.
Yalo buyeeverythlng td hand. Tyler 14V.
OFFFICB furniture bought and sold, J.
V. tieea, 13" r inuun. ioui.
Slightly used high grade planet. D. MIT.
Live Oak Colonies, none better. W. T.
Smith Co.. Kl-14 City Nat. Bk. n. SMS.
acd aend it to the Sioux City, la.. Journal,
" Iowa Most i-oweriui nam u
dlum." Twenty-five words every Friday
evening, Saturday morning and Avery
Saturday evening and Sunday monlng
for one month, giving sixteen ada oa
twelv, different days for $2; or CO words,
$4; or 75 words, $. '
Largest circulation of any Iowa news
paper, 260,000 readers dally In four areat
sta ti a.
$S cash and $S monthly, no Interest or
tam; highly productive land, close to
three big markets; write for photographs
and full Information. Hunger. R. 171, N.
Y. Life Bldg.. Kansas City. Mo.
FREE lumber with every eala Land near
Spokane raising fruit, grain, vegetabiea,
stock. Free booklet. Consolidated Lnd
Co., Elk, Spokane Co., Wash.
WYOMING homesteads; limited area ef
excellent land; open to SUO-aore flllnse
XTnstirpassed for grain, ootn, potatoes.
vogctaine, alralr; gooa water; iree eoei.
C . 1. n1.H,f1,li
ond excursion June 24. He me at Paxtoa
hotel June 1S-I0 only. C J. Dumboiton.
1 HAVE some cash buyer for salable
fnrinm and ranches: owners only write
C. C. Buckingham, Houston. Tex.
WANT ED Five or ix-rootn cottage In
gooa neiiiDormwi, rmr b'wj whwi.
Tt'lll ..n ull aah .11.1 m 1 1 1 VlllV riimltllrA
If for sale and In good condition. Ad-
WE will buy or sell that property ef
yours If priced right. Htatt-Fairfleld
Co. D. 4l$,
LIFT real estule and rentals with DON
ELSON R. B. CO., 301 Om. Nt I Bask.
TOLA N D & TRUMBULL. 44$ Bee Bldg.
$100 TO $10,000 mado pr-jmpily. ". D.
Wead. Wead Bldg.. llth and Farnam Bta.
CJTY and farm loans, S, SH. per cent
J. H. Dumont & Co., 418 State Ban.
WANTED Good farm and city loans at
lowest rates.
PETERri TRUST CO , 1& Farnam.
WANTED City loans and warrants. W,
Farnam Smith ft Co., UM Farnam St.
CITY property. Large loana a specialty.
W. H. Thomas, 2 State 3ank Bldg.
MONEY on hand for city and farm loana.
H. W. Binder, City National Bank Bldg.
OMAHA homea. . East Nebraska farms.
lOlf Omaha National. Phone Douglas $711
6EE us first for farm loans In eastern
Neb. United States Trust. Co-, Omsha.
CITY LOANS. C. O. Carlberj,
810-13 Brandels Theater Bldg.
FOR SALE OR TRADE A relinquish.
niant $ miles from county seat, i A bar
gain if taken at once. For particulars
write Box 114. Merna, Neb. 1
ACHE tracts 'on or near car, wltn new
bungalows; ii.fiuu to Vi.wv. call for loca
tion and free city map.
FATTBKWJK, fatlerson H1K.
ENCK, 404.
A beautiful S-room. ttrlctly modern
home, in splendid condition; good loua
tion; elegantly finished inside; as good as
new; lame lot; eivtern. Price $S.T0u. Call
gili Wirt Plione Wth. 9M after a. m.
$300 cash (or acreage or vacant lot), be!.
mo. puys o-rooin moaern nome; near
rchool, car, Millor park and Fort Omaha
Phone Web. 4141 Walker. 4510 N. Wth St.
SUBURBAN home, 7-room house, 6 luts,
with bearing fruit of all kinds. U block
from paved road, five block a to car line.
This will De sola lor ngnt price end
cash. Call after $ p. m, Walnut Vui.
Va. Ifoaklnson.
Must Be Sold at
1U0 S. tth St. Cood old 7-rooiu housit,
modern except heat; choice east front
lot, ii'li. Strc-l and alley paved anl
all paid for. If lot waa varbnt It would
sell for $1,750. Iluuae nd lot can now be
bought for $V.!A, ty cah, balance
monthly, or exchange considered. Is
veatlKate at once.
Rasp Bros.
10 McCague Rld.
Phone Doualaa luutt.
Bf'NGAIXyW, new, modern; south ionf
$2,600; 7th and Dorcas. Patterson. t. tsT.
Dr. E. R. Tarry cures piles, fistula and
other rectal dlaeasea without surgical
operation. Cure gusranteed and no
money paid until cured. Write foe book
or rectal dis4s with testimonial. UH,
V. R TAHHY. '.'40 Bee Bids
None of 'em are in it at
fun-making with the lCat
zenjammers, Happy Hooli
gan and little Snookums.
Chief Patterson of Union Psoif io De
claret Lowlandi in That $tte
Are Under Wttet.
Chief Patterson of the secret service
department of the Union raciflo Is in
from en extended trip over Kansas and
seaerts lhat the lowlands all ever the
state are under watir and that unless
the rain ceaaa within the next few
days crops win be greatly damaged and.
In many localities, a total fnllurc. Said
Mr. Tat'teraon:
"I never saw such wheat prospect! as
now, except on the lowlands that are
flooded Wheat Is shoulder high, head
filled to tho tlpa and maturing, though
not ripening. With a few days of sun
shine, the grain would be ready to rut
and It would be the greatest In the Ma.
tory of the state.
'Kansas Is filled with Idle men. wait.
Ing for the harvest to commence. Ite
ports of an enormous crop, a long seaaon
of work and high wages eu. gone
broadcast and, as m result, men have
eome in from everywhere. The rltle
and towns are full of them and they
have warmed out Into the country. At
this time there Is nothing far them to
do and the most of them are without
money. Qeneraily thy appear to be hon
est, ready to work, strong and healthy.
Out If something does not turn up
shortly In the way of employment, they
will hare to steal In order to exist
"The cold and wet weather has de
layed ' the harvest and consequently
there Is absolutely nothing for men to
do, and what la still worse, more are
constantly coming In. Moat of them
bum their way en freight trains, riding
la empty rare. Officials of the road are
winking at tha fact that the men are
stealing riles, for they realise that If
these men were charged fares, it would
be impossible for them to pay end con
sequently the armors would be unable
to save tholr small grain crops.
"While I believe Kansas' wilt raise a
bumper wheat, crop, the yield Is going
to be cut down some on account of
damage by wet weather. What Is needed
now Is warm weather and ' sunshine.
From r.ow until harvest, every day of
rain is working a great loss to the
farmers "
Cupid has , invaded many unexpected
places, but when he appeared Iq the
office of Steve Maloney, Omaha's chief
of police detectlven, and dragged forth
Johnnie Psxanowskl, one of the sleuth
ing staff, the action Is the cause of
some surprise.
Omaha's detectives have long been
noted ss Immune to, Cupid's attack.
Eddie Fleming, " Dan Lahoy, Jimmle
JCenelly, and John Barta have long
withstood the arrows ef the archer.
Psanowskt himself remained unassail
able for years.'
Miss Emms. Talsky, KM Dodge street,
is the young woman who captured the
detective's heart. The wedding will take
place at the home ef Fssanowskl's par
ents, jras South Twenty-fifth avenue.
Wednesday evening.7
UAIO.V STATION Tenth aad Haws,
C'hlcaao A Northwestern
a lo w pm
a M am
a 46 pm
all:U am
a 1:11 am
a I So pm
all:k pni
a 1:41 pm
al0:M am
a 1: am
al015 am
a t 30 am
alliW am
ail : m
Tina city Express
Lekota Puhiiiy
loux City Local
Minneapolis KxurMta ..
. . 7 am
, b T 41 am
..a Ins pm
..a :6 pm
Tela Cllf Limited.
a i s pot
Denver Special
Carroll Looal a 7:es am
Hawkare Bxprast a T 4 am
Chicago Local alt C4 pin
Carroll Local a 4 Ml pm
Chicago bpaclal ...a 1:0 pm
tin Pranclate limited all M am
pterland Uralta a 1:00 pm
Oratoa-Waahlnstaa Limited.. a I. U pm
Uou aasaws umiita , l;H (ia
Chadroa Loral a l td sa
Ltacola-Dallas Il3ln
Lli,Milo-Lonf Fins a I 15 pm
Haatiasa-upetior b lili pm
tMaswood-Hot gprlnss Il ttia
a I: to pm
atom pm
k pm
a 1 -in pm
ail.vo am
tsir-Laodr Illipa
Omabe-St. LouW txpraas.
.a I II pm a 1.45 am
..a T:o em all: pm
Stall BBS Bapraaa
lolo FacltUs
Orerlaal Limited
-ullfnrnte. U.ll
..s I: am a I
..alia pm all
a I
..all U am e
..a 4;t pm s 4
..ail XI am a I
..all:) am ....
..all:am at
I. .all M aw s I
. . I U am a 4
..a I tu pm all
..kii 41 pm bl2
..a I M pm a I
..a I so am a I
41 am
Omaha gapraaa
Aiiasu fcipraaa
A nvr Ira LJmlteS
Colorado special
Pas Fraaciano Lsmiiao
Pactfla Umllsd
nnuQI-WiakmiUI LlBlitM
fcorlh FlaUe Local
OranS lalanA Local
giromaburs oi
Illinois Ceatral
Chlraps ImlUd
I'hloaao gaonas
aa pm e 1
V St. Paal
. T M pm all
t klcaao; Mllwaake
Pacltlo Limited
a i m pm a f
t'hiaso Darlliht
Callfuroia Mail ,
ilai a Till am all
a $:( pm a I
a lieo m all
a s la m . a
Manilla im
lb teas u treat
an at am
Twin tf IJilt4
Tula Cltr Wi
la Cltr IXpraas I., s I SO am a I
ilraga xriproas IM la a I
Issoarl Pave If le
K. C. at, U Bipraaa a I OS am a 7
K. C. a K I. sapraaa .....all lo pm a I
u- m. a. Mt a ft an . m
Ihiease. Ileelc lalcad Paelftt
a W . Mountain Unllid....! ISm mm
Ctlcafo Loral Pammr bit am bll
tlaaso oaur nipreaa. . . .. ...s a : am a 4
C'nuaao Night kvpra a 4 14 pm si
D alulnea lral yaaaongar. . 4 W pm all
Cklcaso-Nobraaks Limited oipm a I
mi. Nab. Llmlt4 to Llncola.a I IS am a I
Colorado a Calirornle Bap ...a i 40 pm a I
(klahoma Taiaa Kpraa..s 1 :V4 am all
Rocky Mountaia i.imiio an la pm a 1
Usee west
Poavar Uailtet a T 10 am
Ik. Loral s I It am
Nasraaka gipraas a I H ara
l.locoln Lral 4 1 10 pm
Loulavilla-clrliuTlar bl.Otiua
NorihveM. Maak Hllla. Mas-
tana ant Waablnstra a 4:1$ pm
Beatrice. Haatinss aa4
Oranl lalattt S4'llpm
penver-lalirortlnm s IS pm
Haatlasa-ran4 lalasd a 4 It pm
Unroln Ixioal a I M pm .lliomla, North-
weat-Uraat Northern a It :11am
us am Kxin
mioage sag llllBota a fit am
luea Ical a I. la am
a 7 tit am
a I 10 pm
S t It pm
b I M am
ble at aw
a I K pm
all U pm
s t .m pm pm
a 3 :10 pm
s I :lt is
a I N am
a' I M 'a ia
S I 40 pis
bll o am
a I 61 pm
a I oo am
alt si m
IS pis
all at a a
a 4 41 am
Platunjiooth-Pacltlr Junst. ., .a I iO pm
Plattainoulb-FauKtO Jnoot... all M pro
Crealoa local i k I U tin
Cbl ago fcjpraas a I 41 an
CtU ago JjmlU-4 a t It pre
Oluato su4 Illinois I I N am
gsnsas Cllf St- Juacpk a I II as)
St. 1-cAita, Mo.,, a 4 It pm
Kasaaa UHr-St. Joaaph all pi era
S tally, b Sallr sacapi guatajr.
treatb aad Webster.
Cblraao, Sl Paal, MIeaeapulis Jt
rwraet. Arrive
Tela Citr Paaarngar b I 13 am b 4 ti pal
fvnii ( iir rwiM b 1 U am bll ij a
nii'Ui t ujr r-aaaangar a a ak mm
gsraos Lal b I t pat elites)
a Amur, b sallr aasopt SaaSavp.
Pioneer Business Han Recovering
from Injuries Suffered in
Fall from Torch.
A. Ie Perttqulat, who was injured when
he fell from a porch at Twenty-fourth
and A streets a few days ago, In recover,
lug at his home. What waa thought to
he a fracture ef the femur has turned eut
to he less serious snd the Magic City's
pioneer business man will be out again
In a few days. It was said.
Koraier Stnelt Rarer Head.
Wllilam Buckley, formerly head hot.
buyer st Cudahy's here, is dead at the
ase of 46. after an illness of seven month.
He di"l In a hoepltsl st Council Pluft.
Mr. Buckley was unmarried and was well
known in stock circles here, lie was a (
well known booster of South Omaha from
his early youth and many of tho ettuies
told of the old days contatn the pleaainc
remembrance of "Billy" Buckley. Ho in
survived try two brothers, John T. Buck
ley of Ploux City and Michael O' Lough
lln of South Omaha, and three Bisters,
Mrs. Ida MoOarthy of Chicago, Mra M. '
P. Brennan of Houth Omaha and Miss
Mantle O Loughltn of South Omaha.
The funeral services will be held Mon
day morning at o'clock at the residence.
1617 North Twenty-fifth street, and at
St. Bridget's church at I a. m. Burial
will be In Holy Bepuloher cemetery.
To Install Officers.
The B'Nai Abraham will Install officers
today. Harry Dworsky wss elected pres
ident. George Sax. wice prealdent: Pol
Fogsl. secretary, and Joseph Hherman.
treasurer. Morris Lefkovlts, Abraham
Welntr and P. Ant man are the trusters.
The association will hlld its first annual
plcnie at Ralston today.
Merpbr's lst Words.
City Attorney IL C. Murphy said:
Nothing remains now except the taking
over of the dry by the Omaha commis
sioners. We wish that this formality be
done with due regard to the rights of tha
local officials who guard tits books and
papers of the city, I will esk that the
mandamus be made returnable at I
e'olock Monday afternoon.. That will be
the end. There will be no appeal from
the decision. Our antlon In making a
forthal refusal Is dictated by my dealre
to protect the officials In the bonds
should the suits now pending in, the cotfrts
he finally decided In fsvor of the men
who think the merger law unconstitu
tional." City Attorney Murphy, who has been the
strongest and perhaps the ablest of tho
antla, expressed his pleasure at the end
of the fight. "There have been good
merl on both sides." he said. "The people
are the ones to say what they went. I
am for giving the best there Is to Greater
It was said thst W. U Polity Intended
to pursue his appeal In another suit.
"Mayor Jim" Wo Strawaer.
Mayor Dahlman, who will osnume tho
teadershlp of the Magic City government
after Monday, Is no stranger to Houth
Omaha. Ferhaps there Is no man in
Omaha who Is more familiarly known or
liked in Kouth Omaha aa the cowboy
mayor. For year before he entered the
political arena Mayor Pa hi man was In
the stock business at the Union Stock
Yards. ' There his friends are legion as is
shown in every campaign that be ever
made. Without regard to party lines the
stock yard men and many South Omaha
men have gone out to boost for Mayor
Jim every time his name comes up for
anything. In local affairs ha Is always
a figure much sought after on public
and private occasions. .
He takes the place of Major Tom
Hoctor, who for twenty-five years, has
been a figure in South Omaha politics.
Characteristically Mayor Hoctor goes out
of office In the city where he has ruled
for years with a smile on his lips and a
laugh In his eye. Whatever the little
sadness of brsaklng old . ties Mayor
Hoctor In bis last word to the council
last night insisted that the formal re
fute! to turn over the records be done "In
good nature."
Carnival Over.
The -ngajement of the Jarvlu-Sceman
Carnival company, . which has . been
showing- in South Omaha, on N, M and
Twenty-third streets, for the benefit of
the South Cmaha hospital building fund,
tame to a close with the laat perform
ances laat night and, like the Bedouins,
the show people folded their tents and
hied themselves away, to entertain new
audiences at Council Bluffs. Lost night
was tbo big night of the we?k at the
Country Ktoro.
Slasle City Gossip.
Miss' Jessie Fluley leaves today to at
tend summer school at Chicago unl
erxlty. Office ppaco for rent In Bee office. 2.11S
N atreet. Terms reasonable. Well known
location. Tel. South $7.
The Woman's auxiliary of ST. Martin's
church will meet at the home of Mrs.
Adklne Wednesday afternoon, Juno 'Si,
at 2:30 o'clock.
Seven-room, all modern house for rent,
t2U N street. Phone tioitth IM.
The ke cream social which was to have
been given on St. Alartlu's church lawn
this evening will bi postponed until Sat
urday evening.
Pit. Mary's court. No. $77, Woman's
Catholic order of Foresters, will hold a
regular meeting Tujsdiy evening, June
22, at St, Mary's school hall.
Mrs. Kelly will entertain the konsing
ton of the Depree of Honor, Cpchurch
lodge, No. 2-, Tuesday, June 22, at her
home at lf9 South Twejity-ftfih street,
at 2 :io In thd afternoon.
The Ladles' Aid of the First MethodUt
church will be eutertalncd ThtirsUay ift
ernoon at 2 o'clock at a lawn t arty and
tea at the home of Mrs. H. B. Berqulst,
1) North Twenty-fifth.
Members of Houth Omaha Camp, No.
211, Woodmen of the World, are requested
to meet at McCratin'a hail at 1 o'clock
p. m , today (riundayl, to attend the fu
neral of rio vr reign Ueorgo SterrlU
Mrs. F. X. Kersher and little son,
Francis, who have been vl'lting with
tho formers mother, Mra Jim Kelly,
have gene to Jciict. 111., to join Mr.
Kersher. From there they go, to Msr
quelte, Mich., for tho summer.
Charhis Chaplin apiwars at the Beaso
tomorrow, in his three-reel comedy, en
titled, "work. Today we show the
Luhln three-reel film, "On Hitter Creek."
and also "Sham Slipper Slim." A epe
cial Ballboo film, added today. Bense.
Mrs. J. L. Stamp entertained at lunch
eon at f'er home at 4212 Grant street in
honor ot Mrs. J). I. Ham. Mrs. R, T
Tropst and Mrs. R. O. Fiirlong of ftteani-
boat Bpringa, Colo. Iw-coraliutu were in
pink and green. The guests were:
Mrs. W. A. Taylor Mrs. H. P. Kngei
Mrs. Albrt Mead Mrs. U W. Piitrsley
Mrs. Niemnn Mlas Lillian Rolf
Mis. J. Rl mil iar Min Marjoiie Taylor
Mra. Mo. Be of RaLrtotl
ira. It. bu m
Vlsry Pl kford, famous moviiiK- picture
at tress, will sa throuah Onialu Tues-
dsy evening at y:u6 o cluck on the
Angeles Limited, eaalbound.
Big Drainago Project
Is Being Promoted
BLAIR. Neh, June 2n Sxm lal Tele
sram ) A merlins: called by the hoard of
directors of the Hurt-Washington county
drainage tlletrlct was held In the Blair
opera house this afternoon and was at
tended by a large number of Washing
ton county farmers owning farms on the
Missouri bottoli Innds north of Blair. A
delegation of about tlnrty farmers of
Hurt county was also In attendance.
The meeting was relied to ascertain the
sentiment of the farmer for or agalnat
the costly project f draining about 70,'U)
acres of land lying between lllalr and
Ivoattir, the climated cott of which will
he about JtStO.tkiO. The work will consist
mainly of diverting) the Tekamah creek
Into the Mieeourl liver, the same work
on several olhor Hurt county streams
and the Kvncial cleaning out of tho Burt.
Washington county ditch which carries
a ael volume. of water from Burt county
and empties Into the river at Blair.
The board of drainage, directors will
call an cl.M-tlon In the hear future to
be held at lhe Burt county court house,
by which the owners of land In the dis
trict will decide aa to the spending of
this lame amount of money. The meet
ing today was almost unanimous in favor
of the project. The board of directors
re: President John Cameron, secretary
Preckenrldge, Treesurer Ed Latta snd
Mr. Duthee of Hurt ominty. with Henry
C. Jensen and Harry Kuws of this county.
Besides the farmers the meeting today
was largely attended by Blair cltiaens
who are Interested In this vast drainage
Declare Conditions in
Mexico Deplorable
GALVESTON. Tox.i June tYX-Three
hundred and ninety refugees from Mt
Ico were landed In tha United States to
day from, the United States army trans
port Buford after five days In quarantine
off Oalveston.
Few or them would allow themselves
to be questioned concerning Mexican con
dIUons, but all described the situation
there as "deplorable" and many said that
American Intervention waa the only solu
tion of the problem.
A party was given Miss Fern Galloway
Friday evening In honor of her slstsenth
birthday at the home of her parents, Mr,
and Mrs. a J, Galloway, Ul South Twtn
ty.elghth street. The evening was spent
In musio and
wsret '
Fern Uslloaav
gsmea. Thoae present
l.oora Mayanell
Ttogsna Anderson
Hasal Larson
Kilns Oalluway
Mans tlallowav
Heaxla Capehart.
Rudolph Peterson
Leonard Paint
VTHrtm Anderson
William Conkling
Harvey Powers
Charles Karlquist.
Ruth Mass l cell
Mabwl Nelson
Irene Floruit
Klule Mcl can
Frances Ida s
Fon Uoul
tjconard Wlnterton
Kdwln Wlnterton
Raman'. Herahiirn
Rov Karliiulat ,
Arnold Wahlstrom
Howard h'toxel i
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Qulloway
Fannie Patterson, negro, ff South
Eighth street, snd oeltoved tho oldest
resident of Nebraska, died last night at
fcer home, at tba age of 10.1 yeais.
She had been fll for eoveral days.
She was horn Jn Mavery, her eldest
son says. Her husbsn I was a servant
In lhe White House tluVTne the. adminis
tration of president Lincoln. . Whea war
was declared, 'Patttuwon joined a olun
teer regiment from Washington and
served throughout the entire rebellion.
He was mustered out at Leavenworth,
Kan., where ho ho died soon afer. His
wire then came to Omaha with her three
children, where she has lived ever since.
The funeral witl be held today.
MT DDLKTOW N , Conn., June 90. Wee
teyan university hss appointed Prof,
"tockton Axson, a brother-in-law of Pres
ident Wilson, as professor of E.gllth.
Piof. Axson la a Wesleyan graduato and
is at preeent connected with Rice insti
tute, Houston, Tex.
Culls from the Wire
The keel of the largest transport evee
authorised bv congrrns waa laid a: the
Philadelphia navy yard In the prteance
of s great crowd. The laying of the keel
inauKurnird the building of modern (.hips
at the Philadelphia navy yard. The new
vessel will be 43 feet long and will have
accommodations for carrying I.uOO men
with full equipment.
The forty-ninth general sseemhly of
Illinois completed Its work snd adjourned
shortly before o'clock. The senate ad
journed at 0:4ft and the house a few min
utes later. Doth bouses will stand ad
journed until June , on which day slno
dm adjournment will be taken.
Timbers that have caved in frotr the
Mile of the drift of the Longacre mine
ul Nat k City, Mo., further delayed rescue
work in the attempt to liberate Dsn lei
Hardendorf and Redd Taylor, entombed
nine days 216 feet underground.
The cltv of Bridgeport, Conn , at a spe
cial election votsd In favor of a coir. mis
sion form of government, 4.4771) to 1,701.'
The voters expressed a -preference for a
(ommlssion of five to run the clty'j sf
Islrs rather than the city manager plan.'
The city also voted in favor of a mu
nicipal Ice plant.
The Federal Reserve board lias' urao
tlcnlly determined to authorize the At-l
lanta federal Dana to open, a branch tn
Now Orleans. No formal decision has
been reached, but it la understood there
Is practically no opposition te It by the
bou rd.
IKal tender notes and silver in the
hands of the federal reserve hanks In
creased more than $4, O0,000 during the
lust week, according to a statement ef
their condition June S Issued by the Fed
eral Reserve txiard
jpiriLEY . EIa'rrell
a CO.
STsw Tork Stock asokaage
Steer Tork Oetboa Xichaage
Chieago Board of Trade
St. I,oals Kerekaata' Ksohaags
Kaaaas 01 ty Board of Trads
aUaasapolis Okaiubes ef Oommeroe
Omaha Oral a Baekange
711-15 Drandels Dldg.
W. C. FULLER, Mgr.
Morton Tries to Save Second Oame,
but Ball it Booted Back
of Him.
CLKVBLANn. O, June 2n.-Chlrago
won two games from Cleveland today.
7 to 1 end 2 to 0. Cleveland made almost
as many hits a Chicago In the first
game, but failed to hunch them. Morton
pitched good ball In the eccoml, but poor
Work by the outfielders which eonveited
singles Into estra base hits, sllowed 'hl
cago to store two runs. The next run
waa the result of a triple steal,' Weaver
scoring. Score, first game:
AH H O. A T.
SoutllW'h. rf u
Turner, lb il
Chapman, aa 4
I o
1 LrVlarh. ef. .. 4 t I OS
o 1
0 1
1 1
1 s
1 t
t t
1 1
1 l'iir i . 4 I 1
1 ltr. t'nlllnn. Mill"
I Ornnrnler. Ill I 4 II I
tarkann. lb. I
tlranav. It... 4
PJ Cnlllna. ft. 4 I o 0
J Cnlllna. rr. 4 I n n n If .... I j
Blialk. e . 4 I 4 0 fl
llla. kb'BS, IP 4 1 I S 0
Hani, p I 1 0
fmlth. rf .
V ni It. lb
O'Nalll. c
Cnnmbe. p
Jaaa. p . .
S If .... I 1 0
4 0
i Kill
'.i.r. p..
Tali la.
IT 14 T 14 1
Ilhi.l4 ...
Totala ... ft It IT II I
Retted for Jones In seventh.
Hatted (or Walker In Moth
Cleveland 0 0 A 0 0 0 1 o -l
I hlcago 0 1 I 1 0 I 0 0 17
Earned runs: Cleveland, 1: Chlcaso, .
Two-base hit
Roth. Three-base hits:
J Cnl Ins Weaver 11m
eaver 3. Home runs; Smith.
Fournler. Stolen base: J. ColMns. Imini
Play; Blackburne to Collins to Fournler.
lilts: Off Coumbe. T In two and one
third Innings; off Jones. 4 In four and
two-thlrdpi innlnsa; off Walker, $ In two
Intilnga. Rases on halls: Off I'mim', 1;
off Jones, 2; off Item. I. lilt by pitched
ball: Rv Coumbe (Heni). Hlriirk out:
By Jones. 4; by Walker, $: by Hens. 1.
Paused ball: O'Neill, lnplrea: Wallace
and Connnolly,
fcnors, second gams:
AH H O A SB n ti a
Warns! $.,$ OMia.kb'ne. lb I I M
Pran, t S t I Ocicott. p 4 0 111
Morion, p,IM -; ;
Hsejnai. I , i I I Total 11 T IT 14 0
llammoaf . I
Ttali..,..PTf7 11 - -Batted
for Morton In eighth.
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0fl
Chlnsgo 1 Oioeiooo-o
K.arned nm: Chicago, 1. Two-Dase tin:
Qranev. Thrre-baso hit: Felsch. Home
run: K, Collins. Sacrifice hits: wamhy,
ttlaebhiirna. Fournler. Htolen ' pases
Kchslk, Weaver, K. Collins. Roth. Hits;
Off Morton. In eight Innings; off Hir
slad, 1 tn one Inning. Bases on bellst Off
r uit jlin
Morton, $; off Scott. I. Struck out: v
Morton. . bv Hcott, 4. Iwssed ball;
Kgan. T'mplres: Connelly And Wallace.
Browns Blank Tigers.
PETROIT, Mich., June KO.-Wetlman
had slightly the better of Pause la a
pitching duol here today and at. .I-oula
won, 1 to 0. C. Walker'a slnsle, followett
hv K. Walker's double scored the tally.
Deuas struck out eight and was espe
cially effective in the pinches, Both
Pitchers received splendid sunoorl. Boorei
sr. lcm'is unrnuiT. A"H..A.B.
h,Jl. If.. 114 0 Itnuab. m 4 t 4 S I
if., alio onuab. m i i s
lb., lilt PKstan'a, lb 4 1 4
.... I Oil DlV'hb. cf.;... $ I 1 1
rf 4 1 1 t tCravfora. rll 1 I I I
Auatln. lb,
Iran. M)
f. Walkar
Poalhw.k. ef I t I t iralark, ef... I I I t
Turner.. Bk.. 4 111 IWaarae, aa.. i I I 4 0
t'hapmas, aa 4 I I S tiolllne, Ik i I I 4 ft
..... - k A a tl I RVmmImi Hi I I II 0 0; Ill i Celilaa rt. 4 4$ 0 0
a a a aHrfh iff ... 1 0 0 t I
Tho coolest hotel iri New York. Overlookind Central
Park. Within easy distance of all theatres and shops.
Yovr address known the world over while you stop
at The Plaza.
' Special Dancing Features
Sieglo Rootnl wits Beth, 13.50 up Double Room with Beth, 5.00 up '
To reserve mesas er Is I ecu re fartkar isfersullae
adaraaa PRHU STkKMV, Maaaia Ulr.afr .
New York, Boston and the East;
Via Rook Island LJns
Choice of Nearly Flftr Different Circle fTtiurs
to Choose From
, Routing includes principal cities, points '
. . of intAirest and popular resorts of the ? -East,
allowing optional steamer trips , '
via. the .Great Lakes, Bt. Lawreneo ",
River and Thousand Islands, ' Lake
Ohamplain and Hudson River; also ,'
', sound steamer between Boston, New:
York and Norfolk, Va., and others.
Round Trip Tickets on Sale Daily
60Day Limit
Detailed Information concerning
After the game drink
a beer of quality with a neck-label coupon
Phone Douglas 1889LUXUS Mercantile Com-'
party, Distributors and have a case tent home.
B1kr. If 4 I 1 It PVn.ti, r..! S 1 1 B
lerr. Ih .,4 I t Ihr. lfc...l lit
l..n. an... 1 til t Mnrlartr, lb 1 1141
Amv r ... 0 I t OMtanaaa. .. 1 t I I n
W.llman, p. i 1 1 I PM' Km, .... 0 0 4 1 "
lataa 1 I t
Tolala : Iff I dMiunit 1 t S I t
oTtala . . . 4 IT It 1
Hailed fur manage In elKhth.
St. luls 0 0 n t 0 0 0 ? 0 t
1 .droit 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Two-base hits: K. Walker, Austin.
Stolen . base: Cobb. Earned run; St.
Uml 1. tinithte plays: Pratt to fmveu
to 1rfarv. Morinrltv to Kavanaah t
Hums. Rases on balls: Off Wellman. 1;
off laitaa, V Strtiuk eut: By WHmee,
4, by lau"B. 1. Wild pitch: Weilroan,
l imdrrg. Kiaus and Chill.
CHICAGO, June 20. Mrs, Malcolm Netl
won the city tennis ehsmplnnahlp yester
day, defeating Mire Kstherlus Waldo, e-I,
-. Miss Carrie Neiley and Miss
Waldo In the setnl finals of the doubles
won from Miss Frances Houston and
Miss Caroline Brail, 6-3, -$.
Walter Hayes heat Harold Clifford in
llie seml-rinsis, -3, Ml. -, and Ralph
Hurdltk heat A. L. Oreen. Jr., S-2. 12-1".
hJt. (llfford and M. tl. hstehum won In
the sentl fiimls of the men's doubles from
II. By ford snd A. Bqualr, $-4, S-2, -i
Mrs. Fleaaor Kelly.
Al'BI'RN. Neh.. June . fSpeelai.l
Mrs. Ueanor Kelly died st her homa In
Brownville this week, acid yeara She
and her husband, Newton Kelly, located
there In 19. , Jn the early gUtlee Mr.
Kelly, a freighter, was reported killed
near Guide Rock by the Indiana, It aft
erwards developed by the confession of
his companion that h waa murdered.
Mrs. Kslly Is survived by two eons,
Hiram and Sllaa Kelly, and two daugh
ters. Mrs." James Hlggcnbotbam and Mrs,
James lisnnaford. -
Sheldoa rerkras.
At'ttL'TtN, Neb., Jttne 20. BneolaU
Sheldon Cochran Is dead at hie heme. He ,
had ; been In falling health for several
years, but his death eeme suddenly from
hesrt failure. Mr. Cochran was one of
the prominent cUlsens of this county. He
came here In He was Tl Jraare of
age. He is survived by big widow and
by tine daughter, Ella, and a sea. WllN
lam 8. Cochran. . i
H la ei-Sefc m mack or.
Herbert T. Ring, newspaaer man or ,
Hooper, Neh., and Miss Elisabeth Sehn-
marher of Fort .Calhoun, Neb., were
united In marriage at tho bom of thej
brtde'a parents at Fort Caihotisj Friday,
June 1J. at J8 o'clock. Iley, Hey J, Wer
nor, pastor of the Presbyterian courch,
offlclaUnt. , . ' . "
- Restore o Oo4 Health.
"I waa sick for four years with
stomach trouble," wrltea Mrs. ; Otti
Oans, Zanenvllle. O. "I lost weight anil
felt so weak that I almost gave up hope
ef being cured. A friend told me about
Chamber Iain's Tablets, and since using
two bottles of them I have been a welt
woman." Obtainable everywhere. Ad
vertlsament york:
u. ours
routes on request.
J. ft. McNAlXT, P. P. A.,
I4tb and Faruain, W. O. W. Bids.