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TllE BEK: OMAJ1A. MONDAY, JUNE 14, 1915,
When Governor Hu Named Print
in; Commissioner and Several
Others, little Left
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
U.VCJOLN. Junt . (Special.) With
th appointment of Insurance commis
sioner out of the way tho governor will
now have the Job of selecting a print
ing commissioner, member of the pardon
hoard and throe supreme court commis
sioners. When thee ar. appointed It
fWill about clean off everything that la
left on the political plum tree, with the
exception of a few partially dried up
and Inconsequential plume.
The prlntlnK commissions Job li an
attractive one, Itecauae It pays Sl.tno a
;year and does not require very energetic
wortr or Ions; hour. The lucky Incum
bent can alwaya find time to attend to a
little private bualneea and be quite regi
lar at the ball gams, without Interfer
ing with the dutlea of the office.
Pwar Cteadldatea.
There ara four candidates who could
easily be prevailed upon to take on the
'duties. They ara E. A. Walrath, Oar,
ma. secretary of the senate; Mark Par
kits of the Fremont HeraM, Do Tanner
of South Omaha and MoGaffln of David
As far aa 'the appointment of a suc
cessor to Edward O. Msarl as a member
of the pardon board, there appears to be
no candidates, aad Xufl will probably
succeed himself. Ills term expires
Jul I.
The problem befor the governor Just
.now la the appointment of threat non
Dart lie a democrats to the positions of
'' "uprcme court commissioners. The last
legislature passed a bill creating three
- new Jobs of supreme court commissioner
to assist the present court la getUns;
away with litigation. However, tha leg
islature failed to appropriate any money
to pay salaries, nd so it Is up to tha
governor to find some good attorney
who have made enough in the past so
they can afford to live without a salary
in tha future, trusting to tha next legis
lature to appropriate tha money to pay
them their salaries, which amount to
liOOo a year.
Few Are Wllll.g.
However, tha governor has been In
formed that there are a few men who
ara so rich they cast live on nothing until
the next legislature meets, and they may
he appointed. Ona of tha nonpartisan
democrats is a republican. Ex-Attorney
General Grant Q. Martin la said ta look
with longing eyes toward the Job. Mr.
Martin was In tha atata house several
years, first as deputy attorney general
and then as attorney general. Having;
acquired tha state house habit and hav
ing saved enough from tha magnificent
salary tha state pays its attorney gen
eral, ha la wining to taka a chance on
the lob. Another la Fred O. McOorr of
Beatrice. A. B. Churchill of Omaha ta
another man who feels ha can taka
rhanoe, so It la aald. These three appear
to have the boat show, should Judge Dean
of Broken Bow not make up his mind
to accept one of the positions. Tha Judge
was here tha laat week, but did not ay
pear ta be ."hankering" after any Job
which had no salary attached.
Much of the charm of tha position was
taken away by the .legislature when It
attached a provision to the bill which
prohibited any commissioner being a
candidate for supreme Judge during the
term in which he Is serving as supreme
court commissioner. At first the ap
pointment looked like an alluring ona, as
It would be a good grooming Job for tha
judgeship, but after tha provision waa
, discovered which eliminated tha comml.
sloner from being a candidate for pro
motion the Job lost much of Its' value to
many would-be candidate.
' BROKKX HOW, Neb., June W.-tPpe-.
rial Trlifiram The body of an uniden
tified man, apparently about 35 years old,
was found In : a creek a short distance
east of Mason this morning. Iha body
'ind been In the water probably ten days.
A letter found In tha pockets waa ad
dressed to Johnson Bregar to some placa
in Oklahoma. It had an Austrian post
mark. BeMdes tha latter there waa a
t bill, some change, a rosary and a
socket knife In the pocketai
rekes B).w Nates.
' UROKEN BOW, Neb. June M.-Spe.
rial All preparations to handle the
crewels expected here at the state Bun-
.sy school convention June IS to IT ara
now complete. In place of a contention
halt, a large tent Is being erected on the
chautauqua grounds capable of stating
1 x people. A convention special over
tl.e Burlington will be run from Falls
City to Broken Bow. It will stop at all
stations between Lincoln and Troken
Uo and pick up passengers from the
I'nlon Pacific and ft Joseph roao at
Grand Island.
About fifty farmers of the county, who
lest grain and alfalfa in the recent hall
norm, have reported to the Insurance
agent in this city. It Is estimated that
In lossea will aggregate anywhere from
III. to 1U..000. There were several seri
ous losses not covered by Insurance. Tha
loss la chk'kena and bogs will also teach
a conwlderable sum.
Stella News Notes.
hTKLJUA, Neb.. June It po-'a.)
lliavy rains lately hava created Interest
by some laud owners along tha Muddy
for drainage ditches. It la estimate I that
one overflow on tha crop will damage
fully as much aa the ditch will coat tha
(aimers. A big Increase In land price
at tsalem Is cited. M. L. Dowell, a Falem
merchant, purchased a farm on the Ne
maha at administrator' sale four years
sgc at KM aa acre. There were Ml acre
la the tract A few day ago Mr. Dowell
. told the land to two farmer in the
. neighborhood for I HO en acre. Tba en
gineer of the drainage district placed the
UmwMs at trt an acre, wblUi were to
e-rtia within, tea years from the com-
' pl tun, of the ditch to th lands .axed.
. Mm Blff l. .
KlUuAlO.ST. Neb., June 1. -(Special. )-
IWrgler entered th saloon of ftsMer A
?.&k.oa and the pool ball of Ott Lau-
iil.urW at Moras Lluffs Friday night
. amd made easy with stuut ft la il.enge
' i d a f-tiaatlty of y -bla they se-
i ft-i In the saloon.
. - Hmr Mere Tfeaa (Ula lee
K b u uf Lit wuuuua always he 4 good
.. M n. If your digtietlon Is faulty
i i.ati.u i- din 4 Tolltli v-illdu you good
Britain Pulls Men
To Work in the
LONDON, Juno 11 Continuing hi cam
paign to bring about an Increase In the
cutput of munitions of war, David Uoyd
Oeorge, minister of munitions, spoke at
Bristol today and mada the declaration
that War Secretary Kitchener already
had given orders that certain British
workmen be released from duty in the
trenches In order to return to Kngland
to re-enter factories In nd of their
WABH1NOTON, June l.-Or1nsnc. of
ficial of tha United States artillery It
we learned today are faced with a seri
ous problem because of the number of
highly trained civil employe at govern
ment arsenals who have gone to private
arm and ammunition factories since the
European war began.
These men here been offered extraor
dinary advance In pay by holdera of huge
contracts with the belligerent govern
ment and several commissioned officers,
experts In ordnance manufacture have
(Continued from Pag On.)
sign It, Then, too, I was at that time
hoping that certain things would be dona
which would make It easier for Germany
to acquiesce In our demands."
Mr. rryan then repeat In his state
ment tho three things he ha emphasised
In his proposal, namely, thai the United
81 a tea should offer to employ 4he prin
ciple f Investigation embodied In thirty
treaties with other nation, take action
which would prevent American eltlxena
from traveling on belligerent ships or
American shirs carrying contraband of
war, and that this government should
protest against interference with Amert
cn trade with neutrals,
Kelt l Was HU Daly.
"No one will b happier than I." said
Mr. Bryan, "if tha president' plan re
suits In a peaceful settlement, but no
one was In a position to say what effect
our not would have upon Germany or
what result would follow If It In anger
broke off diplomatic relation, and I waa
not only unwilling to assume tha respon
sibility for the risks inctirred-rlsk which
no one could with any degree of accuracy
measure but I felt that, having dona all
I could In the cabinet. It waa my duty
to undertake outside the cabinet the duty
upon which I have entered- I have no
doubt that the country will unanimously
support tha president during the war. If
so great a misfortune should overtake
us, bat 7. believe that the chance of war
win be lessened In proportion as tha
country expresses Itself In favor of peace
not 'peace at any price' but peace la
preference to a war waged for tha redress
of such grievances a wa hav against
Germany at least against war until wa
hav given to Germany tha opportunity
which wa ara pledged to gW Great Brit
ain, Franca and Russia to hav every
difference of every character aubmitted
to an International commission of In
vestigation." Will Amaoaaee Ptaas.
Tha former secretary, with Mrs. Bryan,
left tonight for Old Tolnt Comfort to re
main until, Tuesday. Upon hi return
Mr. Bryan expects to announce hi plana
for tha Immediate future.
Mr. Bryan emphasised that none of hi
predecessor haa served more hair at
hi desk a greater number of days In tha
year and added that Mr. Bryan, who
had shared the strain with him, wa also
In need of a rest
(Coatlnuad from Page One.)
partaks of the entertainment that tha
Omaha exchange will tender all visiting
Coming down eloaer to home.' th
Oiiiiln exchange will leave tha difficult
part of th entertainment to tba toast
master, E. A. Benson. . Mr. Benson baa
gained prominence throughout the east;
In fact. In all the cltle that ara me in
here of tba national association, ha ha
qualified and 1 In a class by himself aa
a toast master, and many of the delegate
who ara going to Omaha on Tuesday
hav already asked whether or not they
a 111 hav th pleasure of meeting lilm
A part of th program at Los Angeles
la tha staging of "Th Day of th Old"
and "Th Day of th Gold" and "Tha
Daya of '." Ona hundred and fifty men
are working, getting this affair ready,
and thsy ara organised under a system
that will avoid all confusion.
On hundred and seventy men will be
used la different places, and every mem
ber of the Los Angela board will hav
a part In the play. (The Mission play will
take placa Tuesday night
On Wednesday afternoon the delegatea
will be guests of Venice, which la tha
Atlantic Citv of tha west coast Presi
dent Billy Mines made tha statement a
year ago that one-half of tha Inhabitants
of Los Angslea were angels. Mr. Inger-
aoll has not been able to see any with
wings, but ha baa seen thousand of
The Feaata Extraordinary, Wednesday
night will hav six or seven bands, who
will furnish th music for this wonderful
affair, which will probably be the fea
ture of th convention from a pleasure
standpoint Tha prominent society men
end women of Los Angeles are going to
attend and welcome all visitor.
There are twenty-seven special oonvea
tkn committees, each committee having
certain dutlea to perform.
FHBMONT, Neb., Jura 11 Special.)
Richmond V. Garrett formerly superin
tendent of tha Scrlbnar schools for sev
eral years, but new superintendent of
th Mammoth Spring (Ark.) schools.
waa married to Miss Martha Allen Leach
of Wlateraet la., at tha brlde'a home
Wednesday of last week, according to
announcement reeelve-1 by Fremont
friend. They will corou to Fremont to
make their home with Mr. Garrett'
father, William Uarrett for tha summer.
removing to Mammoth fprings in the
ATLANTIC. la.. Juna U-tKpecUlH-
Mkss Eleanor Marie Whitney, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. James Grant Whitney
of this city, and Dr. WlllUm reward
Ash of Cuuacll Bluffs, son of Mr. and
Mrs. W. D. Ash of thl city, were mar
ried bare PaturJay at 4 o'clock at tha
eclury of tH. I't-ter rnd Paul Catholic
church. Rev. Father t'aly w( Miming
i lit I.1.IIMI. f U.
horn Firing Line
Munitions Factories
also gone Into private employment The
reult has been to threaten serious em
barrassment In keeping the American
army properly supplied.
Official of tha departmsnt. it was
learned, have been looking over the law
to sea what ran be done to retain Its
trained men. The fflrers csn of course
be held by not accepting their resigna
tions. It is also found that In 10, when
complications with France threatened, a
statute .was enacted providing a fin of
SCO, and Imprisonment for three months
for any person seeking to Induce an em
ploye of a government arsenal to leave
that employment during the life of hi
contract with the government.
The statute had never been repealed,
but no attempt to Invoke It ha been
made within the memory of any living
man. Army official are said to feel that
It may be necessary to bring It to bear to
protect the government' own supplies of
arma and ammunition.
nte of tha contracting parties. A wed
ding supper waa served at the horn of
tha bride' parent following tho cere
mony. The young people left in the
evening for Chicago on a wedding trip.
Tha groom I engaged In tha practice of
medicine In Council- Bluff. Ha wa
graduated from crelghton college in'
Omaha last year. Tha bride U a very
popular young woman, daughter of tha
president of the Whitney bank here, and
a granddaughter of franklin H. Whit
ney, founder of Atlantic.
(Continued from Page One.)
absurdity. The new rule is going to be
tried: Thou shalt love thine enemy and
do him good. Be not overcome of evil,
but overcome evil with good.' Some mar
till say this is not practicable. Well,
how practicable Is tha jther rule? It la
costing the world a billion dollar every
'twenty days, and a mllikra live every
six moBlhs. and a million widows, and a
million cripples, and a million beggars.
It does not pay.
owe Ministers Marrow.
"Second Tha prejudice of creed I go
ing to be eliminated. Wa have talked
too much about doctrine, and too little
about love. A brother minister of mine
refused to go Into a certain uplifting!
enterprise with another minister, saying,
'I do not expect to sea that person In
heaven; how can I work with him hereT
Above all creed 1 eervlce; and wa must
form an alliance and defensive with all
those who love their fellow men. Br
their frulta ye shall know them.
"Third There la on more great and
peaceful war In which you can hopofully
enlist that I th war. for social better
ment. Winston Churchill rightly ssld.
'England must b socialised.' Tha third
motto I would hava you learn la: 'Above
all vested Interest 1 society.' ,
"You are to ellro'nat alums; you are
to open prison doors; you ara to wipe out
the cursa of drink; you ara to purge tha
poison out of octal lire. Tou ara to
emanclpat the press, to eliminate the
delaya of halting Justice, abolish usury:
and establish th tight to work, and th
obligation to work,' Tot ara to make a
new humanity, and' fullfll tha greatest
of prayer. 'Thy kingdom, com on earth.'
Her la your moral equivalent ror
war. If you want to spend your billions,
spend them here; If you want to giv
your Uvea, glv them here; If you went
t find eternal glory, find, It here.
Ha only really live who live to serve.
Thl 1 th abundant Ufa. Thl la th
eternal Ufa. Thl Is th life of him who
aid, 'I came not to be ministered unto,
but to minlater."
Omaha Peony King
Lived in Cuming
WEST POINT. Neb., Juna U (Special.)
J. F. Roaenfteld, tha peony king, who
obtained first prise at the recent peony
show at Omaha, was a former resident
of Cuming county. UntUI ha moved to
Omaha, a few year ago, he had tha
garden spot of tha county on hi farm
two mile east of Wett Point, a slx-
acr peony field, which was visited an
nually by hundreds of people from all
parte of eastern Nebraska. His ship
ments of peony bulbs went to all part
of tha United States.
His moving to Omaha gave him bet
ter shipping facilities, enlarged his sphere
of operations and enabled him to plant
and cultivate a forty-aire peony field,
the largest field of Its kind In the United
Lincoln Gas Suit
Hearing in St. Paul
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, June 13. (Special.) Federal
Judge Page Morrla of St Paul has been
secured to hear tha auit Involving dollar
gas for Lincoln, but tha casa will be,
heard la Bt. Paul.
Attorneys, wltneseea and othcra Inter
ested will loave Unooln tomorrow for
tho Minnesota town, where the case will
be placed on trial soma time during tha
first part of Uia week.
Lincoln already haa dollar gas, th or
der going Into effect the first of this
month, but th case involves rates back
for seven yeara. and tf tha case la oat
to the company will force It to refund
many thousand of dollar to consumer.
NORTH PLATTB, Net... June li
fflpeclal Telegram.) Kobert Dean, a local
business man. wa pinned under hi
overturned automobtl thl morning' in
tha Piatt river. Ue waa aaved from
drowning by thoaa who saw the axx't
dent While learning to drive his csr
Dean attempted to cross the South
Platte bridge near this city. lis , lost
control on the bridge and the car went
off Into tha water.
PHILADELPHIA. Juna 11 -Alba B,
Johnson, president of the Baldwin Loco
motive Works in this city, ssld todsy
teat h had received a cable message
from the Russian government awarding
a contract to the company for Tti loco
nn. fives to be comil-td by the . nd f
thn mMwit vesr
tmm U - 4 A Am .li.,, l.i-
Text of American Reply Published
in Berlin and it Makei Faror
able Impression.
BERLIN (Via London). June 13.
The text of th American note was
published today In tha Berlin after
noon newspapers. Definite state
ment aa to tha attitude of the Ger
man government with respec; to the
note are not yet available, but In cir
cles, which, while themselves not of
ficially responsible, are often good
barometers of the sentiment in re-!
sponsible quarters, the note seems
to have made adltlnctly favorable
impression and is believed to offer
the possibility of negotiations on
which a satisfactory settlement
might be reached.
Tha conciliatory tone of th not ap
parently has evoked a responsive atti
tude her. Individuals, who In th earlier
stage of th negotiations, displayed stiff
necked adherence to their own views,
which made discussion almost Impossible,
ara now willing to talk of compromise
in which the compromise would Yot be
all on on side.
Last Word with KaWer.
Th official viewpoint probably can be
correctly appraised after conferences be
tween th Imperial chancellor. Dr. von
Bethreann-Hollweg; th foreign secre
tary. Herr von Jagow, and r preventa
tive of the army and admiralty, the
naval and general taff. Th emperor. It
I believed, wilt speak the final word.
It I understood that these conferences
will begin Immediately. Tha answer will
certainly not b drrlted. and the lines
of the German policy probably will not
b definitely decided . upon, before Dr.
Anton Myer-Ocrhard, the special envoy
from Count von Bernstorff, tha German
ambassador at Washington, ha arrived
and made hi report.
Both th Lokal Anxclgcr and tha Voa
Icha Zeltung hall the second American
not aa opening th way for further ne- !
gotiationa between Germany and tho
United state, which both profess will
straighten out the situation. The naner.
admit that tho not contain little that ,
ta MAW kill . L. ,. ... - . '
""r rejoice at its friendly
Opeaa Way i Parley.
Th Vosaische Zeltung says:
'There la no difference of opinion about
th desirability of saving Uvea The note
open th way for negotiation between
Germany and America reraniinv
Germany can do and what America must j
oo w protect lives in th futur."
Th Lokal Anseiger savs:
"From tha wording of th note, aa It
la now published, ona sees that the an
nouncements sent out broadcast by the
enemy that tha not would be an ulti
matumnothing ls waa to be expoc tod-
were wholly baseless. Th .form la
friendly and It contain no asperity, a
had been announced,.
"Tha new not I really a roundabout
expression by President Wilson of hi
original standpoint and It will b a mat
ter of further negotiations, during which
tha German arguments .will be repeated
and their Justification proved.
"It would be prematura to go Into de
tails, and especially of a technical na
ture, nowi It la enough to be satisfied
that th Wilson note Is so 'constructed
as to admit th possibility of additional
negotiations. Ha himself ahowa a desire
for such negotiation. He suggested that
the German government produce) further
proofs substantiating th claim regard
ing th Lusitanla, and declare himself
ready to act a an Intermediary betweoa
Germany and Great Britain regarding
mutual conoeMion so far as submarine
warfare la concerned.
MleM Hav Heea Mara Valaakle.
"True, thl offer would hav been of
considerable more value if th president
had explained that he was willing to
make auch proposition, whereas ha Inti
mated that Germany and Great Britain
should Initiate tha suggestions.
"However that may be, th United
State will se from further negotiation
that Germany ha an honorable desire
to treat a friendly suggestion In a friendly
"At all vents, th situation created by
th publication of tha note la auch that
th hypothesis heralded throughout the
world that America also was In th rank
of our enemies 1 now shown to be one
more th old case or in wtan being)
father to the thought"
Captain Perslus, the naval expert of
th Tageblatt. writes:
"A harmonising of vlewa is possible
and tha Washington government show a
clnoer disposition to reach an under
standing. That la tha keynote of the
American cote; there Is no sabre-rat
Captain Perslus assumes that th Ger
man answer will remove th laat obstacle
tn tha way of eliminating all difficulties.
A he understands tha American note.
It by no mean takes th view that th
Garman admiralty must order a suspen
sion of submarine warfare befor nego
tiation can proceed.
Britain riraf Offea.
II regret "that tha United States
haa failed duly to appreciate Germany'
prevtou offer to place restriction upon
tha activity of th submarine, provided
th British abandon their effort to
starv Germany," and add that It I
certain that no satisfactory solution 1
possible unless Great Britain makes this
concession, as Great Britain "was tha
first to break the International law."
Ha concludes:
"Wa hav firm confidence that lit
friendly relation between Germany and
th United State will smooth the way
to a complete understanding and thug
glv victory to justice and humanity."
Alfred Gteraart.
OdCEOLA, Neb.. June l.- Special.)
Alfred Gterhart an old and highly ra
spected oltlsen of Oaoeola. paaaed away
Saturday afternoon at S 0, after a lin
gering Illness, He wa surrounded by
all member of th family but on aoa
shun th end came. Arrangement for
the funeral will not b completed until
this son I heard from. Tba deceased
waa born in Trumbull county, I1L. and
a a at yeara of age. He came to Polk
county bi UTS from Hsory county, I1L
During th last few yeara ha had re
sided la Oaceola, Mr. Glerrhart died
about a year and a half ago.
Bt the t-fctld'a r.,-l fe Sertaa
Croup and whooping cough are child-
liens ilm nl. lr. King New Discev-
riy i wii. i u ned; It kills the cold
feri.i .u m lugista Advertisement
Section Hand Slain
In Bunkhouse Eow
OOALLALA. Nob., June 13. 'Special
Telegram) John Pollet. a Turk section
hand, waa shot and killed Inst night In
the bunkhouse. Four Greeks were oc
cupying the bunkhouse. Sheriff Beal haa
them arreeted and in jaiL Chris Fran
Hncos, a Greek boy. 11, In said to have
admitted shooting the Turk. He claims
Pollot came to the bunkhouse drunk and
noisy and ehot twice In the celling. The
Greeks were In their hunks and had lie en
asleep when he came In. Franclncos
asserts the Turk commenced curving him
and started towards him and then he
shot the Turk three times, killing him.
His story Is corroborated by the other
.evrs Xotea of Weat Point.
WEST . POINT, Neb., iune U-tSpe-clal.)
Kay O. Hulburt, who for some time
was assistant editor of the Cuming
'County Democrat, ha accepted the post-
A TV n
is typical of the light
bottle as a container
for beer.
The light bottle is
just as capable of
withstanding the
damaging effects of
light, as an army of
straw men would
be to protect a city
against a battery of
The Brown Bottle
is the Super
dreadnaught in the Brewing
-impervious to the
damaging effects of
light-the best known
container for beer.
Drink Schlitz in
Brown Bottles, and
you have beer pure
and wholesome un
til it is poured into
your glass. It costs
no more than light
bottle beer.
See that crown is branded "Schlitz"
Hie Beer
tion of associate editor f th Journal of
Osteopathy at Kirks vllle. Mo.
Rev. S. p. Priehem I th new. paator of
th Congregational church at Beamer,
succeeding Rev. David Tudor, who has
had charge of both the Wirt Point and
Beemer churches for th last year. Rev.
Mr. Tudor m 111 now devota hi entire
time to th affair of this parish.
Postmaster Hsrstlck lias received no
tice of the appointment of Ludwig Wal
ter a rural mall carrier from thl office.
Mr. Walter waa successful among six
teen Hpl rants who took th civil sen-Ice
examination her.
The Business Men' association of Went
Point haa raccived word of tha Intended
visit of the Omaha Commercial club to
West Point on June The citlsens will
make all possible preparations fur tba
entertainment of th visitor.
Th neighboring town of Wiener has
just held an election for th purpose of
voting bond for a hew high school build ing.
Bonds for KO.OOO for thl purpose
were voted by a handsome majority and
work will commence on the structure as
soon a funds are available.
Phone Doug. J5J7
ScUlU Bottled Baar Depot
723 & 9th St, Omaha, Neb.
Pbon 424 '
H7. Oerber
101 & Mala 8t, Council Bluff
You will know
Advertising is
Bobbie waa very- ay with pa
' per and pencil.
"What are yoa doing Bobbie P
asked mother.
"Making a plotnre of Ood."
"Bat Bobble." protested mother,
"nobody know how Ood looks!"
"They will whs I get my Plo
rare don.."
You rosy b a business man
who has nothing - to do with,
advertising. You mar think
that the convention of the
Aaworlared AdvertUinff Clubs
of the World at Cliteago Jane
20 to 24. rnnnot ponelbly in
terest you. If you will attend
Just one convention you will
know what advertising is.
More than that, you will insist
on being an advertiser,
Every possible kind of In
formation about It sent on re
Advertising Association of
Advertising Bldg Chicago. Hi.
Boston :
AtlaniijcGttj 1
Pliiladelplua !
- Atlantic Coast A
Long Island ' j
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