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1111 11,11. I t ill I IB llMB
I For ffte Street I
Girt Graduate j
Flowers., j
ij Let Us Handle Your j
Decorations j
Hess & Swoboda l
1415 farnam Street
Phone Douglas 1501 I
We have the
finest assort
ment in Om
aha. Every
flower cut
Useful graduation Rifts nro the most pleasing, to both
the recipient nnd donor, especially when they possess
beauty in udditton to usefulness. Our stock contains
many revelations in gifts of jewelryfor oither'sex.
A. S. RI
Kipert Watch and Clock Impairing.
l"ormly Lindsay The Jwlr.)
The Woman's Exchange
Lobby of the Doe Building
Gifts for Girl Graduates
The following Is an itemized list of what we
have to offer as a suggestion to the Graduate: Beau
tiful hand made Table Runners, Piano Scarfs, Lunch
eon Bets, Sheets and Pillow Case, Towels, Dollied,
Center Piece and Hand Painted Cbinu.
Give Her Something Lasting
to 50 tower Titan Department Slofe Ask.
Imported linens, crochet insertion and ends; two yards long.
Imported linen crochet and fringe trimming.
Linen table runner with crochet cluny.
Piano Scarfs, crocheted 6-lnch butterfly edge.
rrscii ci-oths
Handsome SG-lnrh round lunch cloth; 8-inch hand crocheted linen
rluny edge.
4 8-inch square lunch cloth, in cut work.
4 8-Inch square lunch cloth, beautifully embroidered.
In any pattern you wish and sold by the yard.
( lUK'HKTINO ny the Yard.
Orders taken for Whist Table Covers and Luncheon Sets.
The very finest fresh Home Made Cakes are awaiting you.
nnv cloth cm mothers rek these.
Dainty hand embroidered Slips and Dresses, 00c to $3.00.
Flannel Skirts; Crocheted, Tatted and Embroidered Caps, Nlgbten
gales. Bootees, Hand Made Felt Shoes, Towel and Bib.
Shop rtione, Doug. 3879. Residence Phone. Walnut 838.
1 '"V
Dr. JobB Manh
! . . : - ,
2 -a- i
Something Every Graduate Should Know
Dentistry in Parts
Why We Employ Specialists
The modern way of doing difficult things is to divide
them into parts and employ specialists on each part. That
Is the way we practice dentistry.
There are four specialists In thl office beside Dr.
John Ma.'h, each working at the thing he does bt-st. There
are specialists for filling teeth, for crown and bridge work,
for artificial teeth, for inlays, and. in fhort. for esch of the
Elx dental branches. Dr. John M.-trh't part of thr work is
not only consultation and diagnosis, but lie personally sues
each case is treated properly.
.aK ,f
Ir. M. Marh
THE Wm&Tf&
Largest and Best Equipped Dental Rooms in the West
Located Third Floor, Paxtoa Block.
Corner of Sixteenth and Farnam Sts.
St. McXartln
For Good Photographs
go to
1520 Douglas St.
Douglas 1375
24th & Cuming St.
Douglas 2343
Hand-Bags, Trunks
and Leather Goods
TACTOar pkicxs 05 Tmtnrxs
An extremely interesting; col
lection and variety of ''golnif
away" articles at factory price.
No middleman's profit to pay.
You buy direct of the maker at
the factory price. A visit to our
factory and display rooms will
prove profitable to you.
We manufacture harness, sad
dles and traveling roods.
Alfred Cornish & Go.
We make a specialty of cleaning this kind of
apparel and do more cleaning1 of this kind than
all the other cleaners in Omaha. "There's a
Reason" We clean them better and more
If you want your fine clothes cleaned right
and so that they look like new when they're
returned to you send them here. We guaran
tee all work. Price $2.00 to $3.00.
"Good Cleaners and Dyers"
1515-17 'Jones St. Phone On no- Qfi.1
Read These Offer
ings for the Sweet
Girl Graduate.
SeTtrsl Weeki Probably Will Fas
Before America Takes Any
Further Step.
WASHINGTON, June 12. Sev
eral weeks probably will bo allowed
to pass before the United States
takes any further step In the de
velopment of ita policy toward
Mexico as announced by President
Wilson In his recent statement warn
ing the factional leaders to "accom
modate their differences," and
restore peace to the famine threat
ened country.
In th. meantime replies from Villa
nd Carransa will be awaited; the gov
ernment will watch with interent the ef
forts of the belligerent factions to hurry
a seUlemrnl of their differences on th.
battlefield and the American Hed Cross
will ko ahead wtth ita work of relieving
Blarvlns noncoiiibatauta. ' It la renarded
aa probable the next action by th. tnlted
fetalta wilt not be taken until a perma
nent suereaaor to Mr. Bryan a secretary
of state has been named.
Has M'!r4 Villa.
Condiler Agent Carothera advlaed th.
Rate department today that he had
telegraphed Oeneral Villa in behalf of
Georg. Marks and S. Franklin, believed
to be American citlsena who ar. under
death eentence for alleged circulation of
rouriterfett money. Mr. Carothera said
he would leave his post for Chihuahua
to take up th. case directly with the Villa
authorities. He has been instructed by
tlie fit lite department to Inelat that no
summary measures be taken agalnat the
two men. t
Addition! reports of distressing condi
tions in various parts of Mexico were re
ceived during th. day at the fltate de
partment and Red Ooss headquarters
hr. I'rgent need of food among th.
native of Lapas, Lower California and
vicinity wss reported. In the (tat. of
Temaulipas. dlspatchea said, the food
eltuation was extremely critical, the na
tives being practically without any means
of subslatance.
A nieaeage from Purango said that un
it additional supplies were received
there soon. th. people would be oinpelled
to Hce on green mats, during August and
Uaadlfs Hull (vxauea.
Rt. PASO. Tel., June It. Ocil Boyd,
seed !, son of J. J. Boyd, a mttlcmsn of
M I'mo, Is held by bandits lu ea:ern
Chihuahua for K.0 ransom.
Word of tbe detention was brought U
tie border by (iordy Boyd. II years old.
a brother, aft-r a fifty-mile walk. Ar.
rntinent ere inal smiuedtutely to
-ward the ransom money to th. spot
.'!, tied by the bandits. The two bo s
i i . lined by PanJita mliUe rounding
up cattlo under an escort of Villa soldiers
from whom they became separated.
Canoeists Join in
A Social Evening
At Carter Lake
The cheer of a cool night on th. water,
singing, story telling, a social good tlm.
around a flickering eampflr. and fin
ally delicious buns with welnles, roasted
over th. coals, mad up th. program of
Carter Lake club's Canoe Association
campflre cruise at the lake lsst night.
Nearly loo enthusiastic canoeists from
th. Carter Lake club nnd the Yomtf
Men's Christian association park In light
canoes Joined forces for a sociability
cruise around the lake. Then they all
landed among the b. trcm near th
sit. of th. old Iiod ami flun club and
built a campfir., around which a Jolly
hour was spent.
A mala sextet from Mill!. Kyan's
studio sang, and Qlen Psxson ant Olen
Pmlth of th. Carter Lake club, provided
mandolin and guitar music. Miss Wini
fred Mcott gave recitations, after which
many of th. canoeists were called upon
to tell stories, or fish yarns. Th. lunch
was one of th. most uii.loyahl. features
of the evening, as everyltdy was hungry
after the endue In the cool air.
Mr. and Mrs. U. N. Aulahaugh and
Mr. and Mr. Ham K. Ilanford if Car
ter l.ake club's Canoe association, were
the canoe experts, who navigated the
cruls. and Its attendant f est 1 lilts to a
successful conclusion. Other campfir.
cruises will be taken at intervals dur
ing the summer.
Class Day Exercises
At Saratoga School
Oaaa day .xeroses of the eighth grade
of th. fiaratoga school were hold at th.
Pearl Methodist church Friday afternoon
and were larsely attended by parents aul
friends. The program was entirely In th.
hands of the children mid was as (ut
lows: i
Instrumental TIio Wh.eriiiK Wind..
TUilh Peterson. ,
Swing 8ong
Margaret TI;onipsoa.
Violin Solo Hxth Air Vurloe Dancla
Waiter Rankin.
Hawaiian Kong
Peace JdcMevn. Beanie Tlmm.
Debate Resolved thai the Northern
Kection of the t'nited Pistes Offer
tirealcr Attractions to the Parmer Than
the Soutnarn Section." Affirmative,
lxran Oreen and J.orl Tyson; negative.
Kodroan iirown and A'teri Kiaure.
numb Bell Iji III-H m t Anderson.
Pti.lip Strell, Poster H.aUdoll. Orlando
Bruaner. LroUis lioi er. t.era'.d lv!e and
Verne Hrant.
Song spring )lns t'oine White
Mattel piiKnni.
Concert Recitation a Three Wise
Women. b Three Wise Men. t
Three Win Couples
Trio Barcarolle
Violet Hroichle. Kthel Uynuin and
Kulh IVtrmou.
Play Th. Fairest Ki'tiit
Eighth U (ilrla
Rev. Titui Lowe Delivers Com
mencement Address to Magic
City Graduates.
Pointing out that the great things of
the world are yet unaccomplished. Rev.
Titus Low. of Omaha, led his listeners
Into a simple, yet significant discussion
of th. problems tha must be met be
fore th. greatness of th- ruture can be
fully realised In Ms commencement ad
dress delivered to tn June graduating
class last evening nt the high school
auditorium. Rather than round out th.
Issues oT his message to the graduate
with stolid reasoning, the speaker con
fined himself to an occasional J'.'k. or
humorous Incident that made his speech
Loth convincing and pleasing.
The foundation of ull auwess Is laid
by the ability a student has to utilise
available brains, the tpcaker stated:
"A' grouch never i-i succeed, ulti
mately. You n.unt I'm have i sunny
"In the apex of s min i soul 1'iere is
Infinitely more siiiiehlue than rain. It
la up to you young mm and women to
find that sunshine and make go id In the
Be aa America.
"Be an expert. lxvo your Job. Don't
hat. It because if you do you will never i
succeed," were two of th. frank ddvlees
th. pastor (mad. to . th. graduates.
"Lastly, be an Amerksn. When I say
an American, I don't mean a Qcrman
American, a Scandinavian-American or
a Anglo-American. I mean an Ameri
can. Be on. and you will win tut In
i he end."
At th. close of bis address. Rev. Mr.
Low. told of a man who waa born In
a manger, who grew physically and
morally strong in the carpenter shop of a
poor, but pur. home in a faraway land.
"I do not need to say th. name of th.
man. You all known Ilia nam. Re Ilk.
him. That's all I hav tn say."
Th. auditorium was well filled and
rounds cf applause sounded aa President
Richardson of the eclvool board passed
cut the diplomas to the nineteen grad
uates. Superintendent K. V. CI raff of th.
Omaha public schools spek. briefly. Th.
high school crcbestra gav. th. muslo of
thj evening.
Alaaaal Meet Tealght.
Alumni of th. local high school will
hold a meeting this evening at th. hlga
school auditorium at o'clock. President
Jean Betger la scheduled to occupy th.
chair and th. meeting of th. members)
of tli. association mill be given over to
the discussion of plans for a big alumni
rvceptlon and dan.-, to b. given soon.
Ner Way t Steal Ails.
A aew stunt In th. way of stealing
automobiles came to the eye ( th. po
lice last .venlng Ad unidentified man.
about IS year, of a applied to Mrs. J.
M. Crlatenson at her home, Ml North
Twenty-fourth meet, with a written
order from her husband slating that she
waa to let th. "gentleman" hav. th. us j
hot her graduation gift Our large stock of rare oriental pieces, Jap
anese kimonos, etc., offers you a splendid opportunity for gift buy
ing. Let us show you through our shop.
(fflk The Alia Shop flTTfcj
Palm Beach Suits Dry Cleaned
Yes, we call for and deliver at this price
Lowest in Omaha
Send us your finest gowns you need cleaned for your
Summer Vacation. We guarantee all work.
Our lrices Ar Always Very Reasonable.
Empire Cleaners & Dyers
riume DourIus S8K9. 322 gOUth 14U Street.
"r : JJ
The graduate can Lave no better gift than a Conklin
Self -Riling Fountain Ten. Ask us to show it to yon. I
"Stationery Tbat Satisfies." I
juy boutn 17th Street. Phone Dmio-in- car
s WW.
of th. family automobile.
Lter In the evening th. polio were
notified by a somewhat exasperated hus
band that the order was bogus and the
man had made off with a valuable flve
passenger touring car.
' Helitlan treuard nf Asaaalt.
Steve Cirsouanskl, Belgian laborer, who
attempted the strongarm act on Captuln
of Police John Zaloudek last Thursday
afternoon when the latter attempted to
arrest him on the charge of assault and
battery, was fined 3i In Judge Reed's
court yesterday for hi trouble.
Ryaa aset Style 4.ola Hood.
Reports from Yankton are to the effect
that Johnny Ryan and Reddy Styles, two
South Omaha veteran
men who signed up with the Tank ton
town team managed by Bill Schlpke sev
eral day sgo, sr. doing great work. The
firet thrt. games In which the Rmnh
Omahans played wer. won by good
core. Ryan led each with two and
three-bagger hits and played his plac at
hort with credit Huron. Scotland and
Yanktoa college ar th teams that wer
Miss Graham Katertatna.
Marl. Graham entertained at her home
last Friday evening complimentary to her
cousin. M'ss Kathrtne Ht.wart of tloux
City, who Is visiting at th. Orahrtm home
this week. Those' who att
Misses Kathrtne Htewart. Mary Klipt.
rick, Mabel Lee. Olady Wright, huby
Wilfht. I.Ida l.orlmer. (Irac. Walker,
Helen Kutat, Iura Madison. Moon, and
Marl. Graham.
Ilaa.ra ts Miss Wyaeaa.
Miss Mary Wynesa won first hot.ors. re
ceiving th. scholarship fo the entire
year's beet work. A two-year course
at th. University of Chirugo la th. con
sideration. Forest Dennis won second
r.onors; Mabel Lee, third, and Ixiretta
Meany, fourth. Th. latter finished th.
ccurs. in three and a 1-slf years. Th.
iraduatea are:
Agnes Real Margaret Carley
nuuif i nui r oi eat j h nnls
Frank Faux FTir-mett lioctor
Mury Kli l.Mi trk Mabel
1 oris l.i-i'lteiu Aiig.iU- McArdl.
Paul Mc ride KHeen Mil v
l.orell.-j Meti.y Auk ihi i lucres
Vletor listhiak Ixus llUkaid
Kale ShniintthAn Maryyneis
Julia y.cleny
t llsres'i Der Okmervaaee.
Children's day wtll be observed at all
the churches of the city at soma time
tomorrow. Several of the Sunday schools
of the city ar. giving over their usual
study hour aa well as th. devotional hour
lor tn. presentation ef special program
In response to the event. Other are giv
ing their programs in th. evening in the
Place of the t o'clock evening devotional
Mission for rhlldrea. Day.
Children's Day will be celebrated at
th. Interdenominational church at Thirty
eighth and I streets, with a large special
program. Th. West Q Street mission
nnd the Highland Interdenominational
mission will take part la the program.
Sunday school will be held at 9:5 o'clack.
Hapllsm and reception of members will
follow with communion service at il
o'clock. A basket dinner will be held at
noon. At 1: the Sunday school 1U
Edward Well and Resale Rhyno will
be crowned king and queen of the parado
In recognition of their Derfect reenrri tn
attendance and lesson, during the year.
in. Children s Day program win nun
at 1 o'clock with all thre. missions tak
ing part. Toung People's meetins- will
b. held at T o'clock and evangelistic ser
vices will tak. place at I Rev. William
J. Shallcros of Bel lev ue will preach the
Rett Mea K.leet.
Waahakle Tribe. No. 39. Improved OrJr
of Red Men, held an election of officer)
last Thursday evening at their hull at
Twenty-fourth and O streeta. and Wt.i
the following men to office during the
coming year: Prcphet. C. J. Southard;
Kacheni, C. O. Rrlgifs; Senior Sagamore,
O. II. Sueinulck: Medicine Man. F. O.
Ueck; Trustee. Fred Paro and William (
Historian lloaor Uea.
Judg. J. j. iireen. president of the
South Omaha Historical society, has re
ceived a communication from Charlea S.
Payne, secretary of the Slate Historical
society urging that the second Sunday
In June, the thirteenth, be et aaida and
celebrated as Pioneer's Day by members
of the local organisation. The state sec- I
retary has sent aimilar eominunlcat'ons
to president of the different socletle
of the state. Th. plan of celel ration
urged by Payne la to have all the
churches of the city fclve special servWs
tn honor of the day. In the afternoon
members will make the trip to the grave
yards to honor the dead pioneers of the
city. Tomorrow will mak. the tn'ital
Ma ale City !.
Howard Roscrans was arrested aod
retained In the oltv Ja-1 yatidsy after
Boon by Itetective leplnskl on the chain
of beating hi wlf and children.
Th N. C. a. dub will give a big picnic
at th. Country club ground aest Sun
day ft i m nl r. ml .iTaln . . I ...
- " v. cinuiis, . 'CL!tv 11!J( will
be had at the club pavilion and refresh
ment will be served.
The Eagle will give a dance this even-
mo ui vnir nsai. ,x weniy-iiuro. ana is
street. The local order of Moose will
also give a dance at their ball. Twenty,
fourth and M streets.
Misses Tynon and Shlrry of th Haw-
Ihnmn u.hAAl t rm tnln.r u.m - i .
....... . ., v m i, 111 cunuuii
s aummer achool. at their building at
cmnieenin ana oiiaiouri avenue. The
session will open Monday morning at t
Th. Independent Order of Odd Fellow
will hild memorial service at tlielr hall.
Twenty-fourth and M streets, next fcun-
ftilV .OmUHA. mt k'nlm.1. A . . 1.
has been obtained to mak. the memorla
Caareh Note.
Ptist Itaptlsl, '1 wenty-tath and N. Rev.
Ulltiun K. HUl. Pastor Preaching, Jl
a. in.; tiunday achool, 40 a. to.; young
people' meeung. :J0 p. ill.; Chlldieii
clay program. 7.30 p. in; prayer and
Rlble study meeting every Wednesday
evening at $.
St Martin', Corner Twenty-fourth and
J. Rev. John WaJlls Ohl. Rector Serv
ice (or second Sunday after Trinity:
Celebration holy eucharist. 7:30 a. in .
Sunday school, :& a. m. ; matins anu
litany, 11 a. in.; evensong at 7:tx Stran
gers tvlway v.ejcome.
Hillsdale Baptist. Forty -third and I
Bible study hour at 10 in the morning.
..leaching service. 11 a. m.; tliildi-en't
day exercUed, p. m. Public wel
Boiith Omaha I'nlfed Presbyterian.
Twenty-third and H, Rev. Albert N. Por
jer. Pustor Sat belli .clrnol. ;S a, tn.,
.'ollowed ty CMIdren's day service at 11.
fhe program will connti of rccitat'.o.ns.
sonr awl exerciaea, given entirely b
the children. It will Interest both niu
and young and will be profitable aa well
as devotional. Everyone IS welcome.
Junior mooting. S p. m : Christian I'ulon,
T p. in.: liibl study, 7:io p. rn.; preacn
ing at p. m. bv th. pastor, subject,
"Speaking to Young Men."
First Presbyterian. Twenty-tl.lrd and
J. Kev. R. U Wheeler. Pastor Sunday
school. 9M a. m ; morning sermon at It;
evening sermon at (; all preaching by
PHSlor; Ciiri.ilisji Knaeavor, p. m.,
topic. "Clirlrt's Call to the Toung Men
of Today." Choir will sins. Charles Le
Cock, organist of the Ilrst Congrega
tional churcn of Omaha, will pluy th
orsan in the absence of the regular or
unlt. First Methodist. Twentv-nrth ar.d E.
Rev. J. w. K'r.pctrlck. Pastor-Morning
eenlees at 11, with pastor t:i paltiu
Clilldrens day wtll be reli-brated durl-ig
the rooming devotional hour at 11. A
special program haa been prepared. Jun
ior league, S p. m ; EpwortQ league. 7
p. m. Public invited.
Iefler Momorlal Methodlat. Fifteenth
and Madison. Rev. Henderson, Pastor
Child ren'a day observance at 10 a. m
arecial program; Father' day will be
observed In connection with the pro
gram. Fpwnrth league, T p. m.; evenlnc
ennon by th. pastor at 1 Ptibllo wol-ooiua.
Premier Likely Dropped and Talk of
Duma Meeting and Coalition
Government Heard.
BERLIN, June 12. (Via Lon.
don.) Reports received by the
VosBlsche Zeltung Indirectly from
Petrograd point to the Dossibilitr
a ministerial crisis and the retire
ment of Premier Ooremykln. A
meeting of Duma leaders last Satur
day. with President Michael Rodi
zlanko In the chair, at which a rt
quest to the emperor to convoke the
Duma at an early date wag adoDtad.
had. according to the newspaper in
formants, tbe purpose of starting aa
agitation for coalition ministry.
Princ. Manueroff, the reports continue,
presented a reolution that Duma Im
rredately after Its convocation mva .ml
address to th emperor snd demand a
mlnUtiT in which parliament would be
representee Member of th. extrems
right voted for the resolution la prln.
clple. it : atated.
President Rodtlanko went to th meet
ing after long conference with Or and
Duke Nicholas, cmmander-ln-chlof of
the Russian forces at headquarters.
LONDON. June li-The Petrognd cor
respondent of th. Morning p0t sends th
following dispatch:
"A universal demand has arUen la
Rursla for the re-assembly of the
Duma within th. next few
- w-bi w avr as
oouDie purpo-K1rt. ta assure tu. gov
ernment of the united tupport of th.
whole people In the pr.;t utlon of th.
war; second, to deal vlth th. nrtuct
cf certain rlasses In nttemptlng to turn
the stste of mar Into an opportunity for
enriching themselves at the expanse of
national Interests."
Proakl Walt Klgraa.
1tnk, Whlt-. bantam, and Jtmmy
Blackburn hav. aigra4 for a June aiton
round private bouk