Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 13, 1915, NEWS SECTION, Page 10-A, Image 10

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Price Materially Cut, So that the
Announcement Makes Real
"Th six of )" at $1,230, Just an
nounced by tha Mitrhfrtl factor;- of
liaclne. la creating mora comment and
discussion In automobile circle than any
new model announced In recent years
This "six of '16" Is now belns; shown by
tha Mitchell Auto company of this city,
and the steady Hn of visitors looking
over the latest creation of J. W. Bate
pressag-e an even mora Insistent demand
for this new Mitchell six than (or the
light six of 1316, which was sold out be
fore tha last season had hardly got well
under way.
Tha striking; feature of this new model
tc the casual observer Is tha remaikabla
valua that Is aparent at a glance. While
this is a light six. It should In no way
be confused with tha average six-cylinder
cars In Its range. "Tha six of '14" Is
not a baby six It Is a real full-slsed car
a car of such site, beauty and complete
ness of equipment aa would have listed
at double the price two years ao. It Is
readily apparent this car has not been
built to meet a price. Tha manufacturing
facilities of tha big- Mitchell forty-five-
, acre plant, all Its financial resources and
tha well-known constructive genius of
Chief Engineer 3. V. Data, who has at
five different times In the last fourteen
years created a new class In automobile
design and value, are expressed lo tha
highest degree in this new Mitchell
model, "toe six of.'M."
Remarkable Eqalptaeat.
Outside of the price 1 ,260 there is noth
ing to distinguish this car from those
listing up to $J,000. Tha Ut-lnoh wheel
base, the forty-two-horsepower motor,
th Bate Improved cantilever springs, tha
long, clean, classy boat lines and tha
commodious body dimensions with deep,
luxurious upholstering, tha richness of
tha finish and completeness of the equip
ment Indicate the thoroughness necessary
tc make possible this remarkable car at
the list price.
While tha long wheel base. ITS Inches,
tha large Mx4 wheels are all conducive,
to easy and comfortable riding qualities
light weight serves as a serious draw
hack to this Important feature. However,
aa a consequence of Mr. Bate's untiring
effort to bring about a logical equality
In these directly opposed principles) ha
designed and perfected the Bate Improved
cantilever spring and aa an evtdeno of
tha point of perfection Mr. Bat ha
reached In improving the cantilever
springs, rebound strap and snubbera or
hock absorber are absolutely unneces
sary and In riding qualities the claim I
made that this ear cannot be approached
by any seven-passenger touring car In
the world up to 6,000 pound In weight
Most Accessible Car.
After an examination of tha car, the
Llalm that this I tha most accessible ear
In the world seems well founded.
The "Bate Two-Unit Three-Point Sus
pension" construction I used as In all
former Mitchell Model designed by Mr.
Bate. This construction I such that
either complete unit can be removed!
from the car without removing the body
or disturbing any other part
The front and rear seat are mounted
on removable standard - and these
standards and all the floor board can
be quickly and easily removed, exposing
the entire mechanism under the body,
which Is ordinarily so Inaccessible.
The carburetor, accessibly located It
attached directly to tha cylinder casting,
the Intake manifold being cast inside tha
cylinder block. This arranrement Insures
a uniform temperature for the gases when
'entering the cylinders which Improve
carburetlon and Increases the mile per
gallon of fuel.
The equipment is complete down to the
last detail Including quick acting, two
piece, ventilating windshields, a positive
acting one-man top with quick acting
ride curtains, engine driven power tire
pump with long hose, and air gauge,
speedometer, oil Indicator, electrlo horn,
license plate bracklets front and rear.
tire tire carrier In the rear, dimming
heart lights, tall lamp, combination In
strument board and Inspection light wide
foot rt, robe rail, package pockets. Jack,
complete set of tools, etc.
wss poeslble to accomplish In a very few
days that which uniW ordinary circum
stances would have taken much longer,
besides affording splendid recreation and
vacation to those In attendance.
Of course, the big feature of the con
vention was a full explanation of tha
new models of Hupmoblles, of which
there were several on board ship, and
plans were promulgated for making this
the largest year In the history of the
Tha factory 1 pledged to tha produo-
W. L. Huffman and W. M. Clement
have Just returned from Pctrolt, where
the Ilubmoblle dealers' convention waa
In session during the entire week.
The Hupmoblle factory adopted a very
unique method of getting the undivided
attention of 400 of Its agents by holding
the convention on one of the largest
snd handsomest passenger steamer on
the Great Lakes, which was chartered
for tha occasion. Tha boat was fully
equipped with officers, crew, cabaret
performers, etc, so that life on board
the ship was not altogether monotonous.
By having the delegate all together It
You pay for a tire
the price at which it
wiamadetoiell the
price cependi on the
quality .aid the qual
ity on he price.
You can't get out of
tire that which ii
not built into it
Cheap tirei are built
for those who can
not afford to dacount
the future food
tires are an ti.-vest-ment
tne it
more toCirf tutlesi
to use.
Wc Stand Alone
Marathon Tirei
tand alonethe cri
terion by which to
judge all others.
Hand built of the fin
est materials, they
embody the concen
trated Angle Tread
that makes possible
the 5,000 mile
guarantee why not
buy a "provc-it"
tire. ,
Rubber Co.
2.123 Kamam Ktrret,
Dousing 2300.
5000 ))
tlon .of not less than 15.000 Hupmoblles
and every one of that number wss sub
scribed by the different dealers.
The W. L. Huffman Automobile com
pany has contract for 1,500 and is de
livering car right now. The Hup at
11,085 Is a very attractive proposition.
E. C. 8wlgert, J. J. Oragg, Charles
AureswaJd and ' other Nebraska sub
dealers of the W. I Hulfman Automo
bile company wer alio In attendance at
tha convention.
Cole Eight Makes
Good Mileage Record
A gasoline mileage test In a new Cole
eight-cylinder touring car, with the top
up. run on the streets of Indianapolis
and the roads near the city last week,
showed an average of 1.2 miles to each
gallon. Every drop of gasoline in the
car was drained out before tha test was
made. Including the gas In the carhuretor.
and then two measured gallons placed In
the big tank at the rear of the car.
When the run was finished and the car
stopped It had traveled 82.4 miles. This
Is one .if the best averages made, al
through many of the eights are averaging
fifteen miles or more to the gallon.
Ralrk. Driver Garoste to Coast.
The salesroom and sen' tee station of
the Nebraska Bulck Auto company is
.fast becoming popular as a rendesvous
for coast-to-eoast travelers, as nearly all
I of the late arrivals are driving Bulck.
I Mr. Drefson has established a register
land a record of each car In evidence as
jto miles traveled and fuel used and the
over-slued smile on his face is proof
I positive that the Bulcks are delivering
;the goods, as usual.
j Mr. and Mrs. Lee Huff are now tour
ing through Iowa, calling on friends an!
i dealers. , ,
Positive Experts On All
Slrahle & Anderson
Red 4473. 2059 F amain.
:. v ;. .uSr "'""-.
You have read the specifica
tions before, but you can well
afford to read them again as
a reminder of how fine the
car really is:
One-man top; Jiffy curtains; real leather
upholstery; deep, soft tufting of natural
curled hair; streamline sted body; ova'
moulded fenders; 30-35 h. p. bloc motor
; with removable bead; full floating; reai
site; Timkea bearing thruout; imported
Swiss ball bearings in clutch and trans
mission; waterproof Eisemann magneto.
12-volt Northeast motor-generator for
starting and lighting; self-lubricating
Chroma Vanadium sted tpringi; drop forg
ing and drawn work instead of casting.
Tha wheel baa is 110 inches
Tha price of the car complete ia $785
(to.. Detroit)
Dodge Brothers, Detroit
1 i'
4. 'I,!
i.: . Million
iill?'H .
IVil! iViMli!ll'.l
Htl'i'il'll'il lrt
'' iii'i .'M ! l i itjr i n "mhiit!!!!!.'-!.. .1 n ii "iit i .i irnr.TSin; tiimiwiini.iiniiiiiiiiiimmiiiiitsTgriiiiiiiHi'iniiiHi
: '&ffim$toffli M i m&mSMSm
'ss. rt
i iimiimi i ii nral
I y. llll I ! 1 1 ! I II I i! I! , ,mmi,TTnj
MmmmmmMirf i t
iwrix? I ll iliiuniliini i.iiMj i III II II m
a .t 1 1 n iii m i h i,t " i r- ii i una
ixsfi! i i! hvw 1 1 1 i i ii till ii ii i a
W Ml
11 ....
W7 fl orf L 'mffSm
iH i
The Greatest Car Value
the World Has Ever Known
You are im pressed with its value at first sight.
Its equal has never before been offered by us or any one else.
This luxurious car is not a "Little Six"
cut down in size to meet a price. It is a real car with a power
ful, flexible, economical motor and long wheel base.
It possesses all that these features imply in beauty,
satisfaction, comfort and roominess and is the most accessible car built.
Illustrations cannot picture the real car from every
viewpoint nor convey the right conception of its beauty, size and power.
Words alone cannot describe the thrill of iti.
smooth action, its easy handling, its luxurious comfort.
Study This Mitchell You'll Long to Drive It
Drive This Mitchell You're Sure to Own One
125-inch wheel base; 42 horse power; large tires, anti-skid rear;
Bate two unit system with Bate cantilever springs; chrome
vanadium steel construction; oversize body; ten-inch upholstering.
With seven-passenger body $35.00 extra
Thm nw Six of '16 U now foist thown by Mitchell dealer everywhere
' r r j
Vi - ri.v-
k m yi" -
l ll a t ll .
Flacino, "Wlo. U. S. A.
Ovtr Eighty Yean of Faithful Service to the American Public.