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June Fourteenth Specified by Chief
Executive at Time for Honor
ing Stan and Stripes.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
liINCOLN. June 2 (Special. )-.Iune H
bas been designated as Flag day by the
governor of Nebraska, it being the USth
anniversary of the btrth of the nation's
emblem, and that the day may bo fit
tingly celebrated Governor Morehead hits
Ineued the following proclamation:
The observance of Flag day Is twins :
more and more recognised a the years .
pass, n Is of especial interest to the '
children and youth of our land, and af-
fords nn opportunity to Impress on the i
Minds of all the significance of our ban- ,
br. !
The stars set In the field of blue keep
fresh In the mind the union o' states in
the formation of the republic, and Its
thirteen stripes reeall the heroism of out
forefathers and mothers In their effort
to establish the government under whl h
we have lived and prospered.
I, therefore, as governor of the Stat-,
Vrge that Monday, the 14th dnv of June, 1
of the present year, be et apart as Hsp
ciav, and aak that the flag be dlsplsve.l
ftom the state capltol bulldlne. school
bouses and various tst institutions
throughout the commonwealth rind bv
citiaens at tlieir homes and olmes or
business; that fin? drills be -ondnoted by
thB schools where convenient. Htm that
a general display of the flag be seen
everywhere, that a wholesome and genu
ine, respect for law and obedience to nr be cultivated In the nearts ot our
l'Vherei,'no more healthful slen of the
f erpetuation of the republic and its in
etltutlons than the fact that the people
cf this country, of all classes, whether
native or foreign born, honor the flog
tind pnt their lives and property In Jeoi
erdv for its defense.
"The Star-Spangled Manner.
Long may it wave.
0r the land of the free
And the home of the brave.
Editors to Meet at
Long Pine Saturday
LONO F1NH, Neb., June 2. (Special.)
The annual meeting of the Elkhorn Vol
ley Kdltortal association will be held here
Saturday afternoon. June 5. The address
of welcome will be by H. M. Culbertson
and the response by President George A.
Mile cf O'Neill. Papers will be read by
Be A. Brewster of Chodron, A. H. Back
haul of Pierce. K. I Howell of Wood
Lake, CharWa H. Brady of Oakdale, W.
U Kirk of Bpeneer. 8. W. Kelley of
Atkinson and, W. 8. Barker of Valentine.
In the evening the editors will be the
guests of the Lionf Pine Commercial dub
at a banquet.
Would Make Clean
Sunday Closing
HABTTN08, Neb., June 2. t8peclal
Telegram.) Aa a result of Mayor Mad
setfa enforcement cf the Sunday ?los
Ing law against barber shops and the
conviction of two clothing dealers for
running their atores on the Sababth, pe
titions war In circulation today for the
cloning ef garages and cigar, drug and
candy tore on Sunday.
Beatrice Grows,
And Business Men
All Pull Together
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
BFATRICK. Neb.. June J.-(Hpertal)
Few cities In the fnlted States of the
else of Beatrice have a prettier or more
up-to-date athletic park.
This fair little city on the Blue is
up to date In every way and going for
ward at a pace that will astonish tin
With three railroads running through
the city, with some of the finest resi
dences! to be found In the state, with
severs! excellent store buildings tha,t
would be a credit even to the metropoli
tan city or the rapltal city, with all of
Its busineg streets paved and many of
them extending out into the residence
portion for many blocks. Beatrice may
well be listed as an Ideal city.
Its park Is a beautiful sight at this
time of year. Nestled on the side of a
hill which has been cut down and filled
In on one side, a retaining wall of ce
ment holds the lower portion of the park
and extends six feet or more above the
ground, almost entirely surrounding the
beautiful place. A grandstand and pretty
grass-covered diamond at one end, with
the nides of the park covered with green
grass and shrubbery completes the pic
ture. The park was presented to the
city school district by D. Y. Cook, the
Kilpatrick brothers, R. J , 1. 8., W. H.
and J. M., and J. 3. Collins of .New
York. The first fixe are among the most
Influential men of the city, and it is
said that the park represents an ex-j
penditure of neatly Mmo.
Beatrice has a commercial club that
will take rank with any In tue state. A
luncheon Is held every week on Tuesday,
and the business men of the city gather
there at that time and after Joining in
a social time go in a bodv to some busi
ness house and tnsipect it- They are
keeping closely In touch with each other
for the good of the city as a whole.
Patterson of Harlan
Is Bank Examiner
tFfom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, June i.-fflpeclsl Kvldence
being shown to the governor by the State
Banking board, of which he is a member,
that the sserk of examination was run
ning behind. Governor Morehead today
appointed P. M. Tatterson of Harlan
countv as bank examiner, being the ninth
on t.e list.
No examiner had been appointed to take
the flare made vacant by E. 11. Mul'.oa
ney, who resigned to accept the office of
cashier of the City National of Un-o1n.
The number of examiners remains the
sam. I
Mr.. Patterson represented Hsrlftn
county in the last letis'sture and Is a
cousin ef Ram Patterson, recently ap
pointed auditor for the Vnlted States
treasury. Ita was born In Cass county,
but has been engaged In the banking
buMneas In Alma the last few years, lie
IS a democrat.
AuBtxo-Hunifarian minis
ter of . war, who com
manded' an army early in
the war,1, has been arrested
in Vienna, according to
late dispatches received.
i i
LEXINGTON, June 2. (Special Tele
gram.) The following officers were
elected at the meeting of the Western
bar association this morning: E. A.
Cook of Lexlngton. president; J. J. Hal
ligan of North Platte, first vice presi
dent; Fred Wright of Scott Bluffs, sec
end vice president; J. V. Romlgh of
Gothenburg, secretary; P. R. Halllgan
of North Platte, treasurer. The next an
nual meeting will be held at North
Tlatte. Judge Hostetler of the twetfth
district. Judge Westover ot th sixteenth
district and Judge Perry of the four
teenth district were voted In as honorary
members; also Senator Wm. V. Allan.
Senator Allen gave an address on "Judi
cial Reforms, and Reformers."
Hundred Diplomas
Presented at Kearney
State Normal School
KEARNEY, Neb.. June 2. (Special.)
The commencement events of the State
Normal school In this city closed this
morning. The address to the class was
by Senator George W. Norris and
diplomas were presented to the class of
100 seniors by President George S. Dick.
Sunday the class sermon was delivered
by Rev. Titus Lowe, pastor of the First
Methodist church of Omaha, the normal
orchestra of sixteen pieces and a choir
of forty voices furnishing the musical
numbers. Tuesday evening the senior
banquet was held at the normal school
dormitory, to which the alumni of the
school and a number of Invited guests
were present. In the evening a public
reception was given In the normal school
main building, which was largely at
tended by the citizens of Kearney, a Urge
number of alumni and the entire student
June 7 the school opens Its summer
term, with prospects for a very large enrollment.
Warrant Clerk Busy
Paying State's Money
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. June 1 Special. -That the
warrant clerk In the office of tSate Aud
itor Smith has bfen earning her princely
Sftlarv during the month of May is evi
denced by the number Of warrants Issued
by that denartment. As shown bv the
auditor's report of the little Joy slips
were written out. The total smount of
these warrsnts amounted to 4.r.""fc.l, or
about 1112 to the warrant.
HASTINGS, Neb., June t (Special
Telegram.) Members of the A. O. U. W.
from Carleton, Grand Island, Glenvllle.
Hansen, Ayr and Holdrege and the local
lodge last night tendered a compliment
ary banquet to Grand Master F. A. An
derson of Holdrege. More than one hun
dred were present.
i .
News) Notes f Geneva.
GENEVA, Neb., June 2. (Special) Win
F. Flory, cashier of the St. Edward First
National bank,, with his family, came
yesterday evening to visit his parents;
Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Flory. W. F. Flory
goes to Omaha and from there to Cali
fornia. Charles Allen, a veteran of the civil
war, la very 111 at the present time
At tho a'umnl banquet Inst Saturday
night the following officers were elected
for the ensuing year: Fresldent, Albert
Held; vice president. lxra Bolton: sec
retary, Grace Hadsel; treasurer, Koscoe
Deha Speaks at Havenna.
RAVENNA. Neb.. Jure 2. (Special.)
Eugene V. Debs, socialist, addrcsted an
audience of several hut drf d people at
the base ball park vot, relay afternoon.
The eveut had le?n freely advertised,
but coming right aftr Decoration Day
the crowd was not at all that had been
hoped for. At the conclusion of the
speech a game of ball was played be
tween Ravenna and Ashley, the result
being victor)' for Ravenna, to Z.
Stephens fieka at Hooper.
FREMONT. Neb.. June 2. (Special.
Congressman Dan V. Stephens was the
principal speaker at the Memorial day
exercises at Hooper Monday. The c-iera
house was filled and many were turned
away for lack of room.
BEATRICE, Nob.. June 2.-(Speeial)
The Gage county delegation In the last
legislative session. Senator A. D. Spen
cer and Representatives D. S. Dalbey, G.
W. Steinnieyer and T. E. Oonley, were
guests at the Commercial club luncheon
Tuesday. E. M. Marvin presided, as
toastmoster. The speakers were P. A.
Barr"we, Lincoln correspondent for the
Omaha Bee; Superintendent W. S. Faat
of the feeble minded institute; T. ' E.
Conley and E. P. Mumford, private aec-
reiary 10 uovernor mooreneaa, wno rep
resented the chief executive at the lunch
eon. Mr. Narrows spoke of the good
work of the Gags county delegation and
Superintendent Fast stated that through
the efforts of the Gage county represen
tatives appropriations for a number of
Improvements at the Institution hod been
secured. G. V. Stelnmeyer sen word
that ho was unable to be present.
TECUMSEH, Neb.. June 2 (Special.)
The Johnson County Good Road asso
ciation was organized in this city Mon
day evening, at an enthusiastic meeting
of farmers and business men, following
lunch at the Tecumseh Commercial club.
C. V. Douglas was named as presi
dent; P. S. Nestor as vict president and
J. C. Moore as secretary-treasurer. The
rpeakers of the evening were Mr. Moore,
Frank Liphardt and Hon. D. S. Palby
of Beatrice, president of the Nebraska
Good Ro.ids association. The county or
ganization will be by districts.
FREMONT. Neb., June !. (Special. )
L. N. Jenkins, formerly with the Omaha
Light and Power company, has been
named to succeed L D. Wright, light artd
water commissioner of Fremont, who re
signed. Mr. Wright, who has been in
charge of the Fremont plant for eight
years, will go to Chicago, where he will
enter the employ of a large engineering
company as consulting engineer.
Frfm a Staff Correspondent. i
LINCOLN, June 1 -(Special ) The bal
ance In the state treasury for the montli
ending May 31 is 142,11027 greater thin
at the close of business the month previ
ous, according to the monthly recoil of
State Treasurer Hall given out tills
morning, the balance the pre1 ions moh'li
being U. '.61. 17. X ahd the Inst $I.1S.V.;.".
The receipts for May were iVl0, and
the payments IHIS.Ssm.i.-,. The money Is
shown to be Invested as follows:
Cash on band 1 12 1 1 1
Cash on depoelt flo,M),:.4fi
Gf petal fund utr-
itnts htld as cosh.. X.iJ til
University warrants
reia as cesn s,sis.4.t
Normal . school war
rants held as cesh .. !M (H7.;'.t-tl .llV.l'T.fci
Permanent school
fund S.840.611!7
Permanent univer
sity fund 22.3.W
Agricultural college
endowment fund... !),:. flu
Normal endowment
fund S1.26O.OI-Jh.706,91fi.ST
Bonds on hand total
(Ftom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. June .-(Speclal.)-D, C.
Cole has written the secretary of state
king for a blank that he may secure
the necessary freeholders In order to be
commlslsoned as . notary public. Mr.
Cole was first commissioned by Governor
Alvln Saunders In 1(W when the state
was a territory and has continued ss a
notary public ever since, having been
commissioned elghf times. He desires
to continue as long as he is alive and
hold the record In the notary public race
for longlivety.
Aatnmohlle Rarwed at RaTeana.
RAVENNA, Neb.. June. 2.-(Speclal.)-Er
Stsndage, a farmer living south of
Ravenna, loat a Ford car by fire under
unusuil circumstances. He wss on the
road' home from' Ravenna last evening
and ran orer a pile of straw lying In the
road, The straw rolled up under the car,
caugjit fire, and soon the gasoline began
to leak. The result was total destrt ctlon
1 "
i ii
Referf ndum cf Missouri Vallr y Con
ference Schools Reinstates
TTianlsjriYin; Garnet.
LINCOLN. Neb . June 1-tSpe.lsl Tele
gram.) Voni ball gsmes In the Missouri
Valley conference will be permitted on
Thanksgiving day. It was announced to
day by Chancellor Avery, who made pul -lie
the result of e referendum taken
among the members of the conference.
The role prohibiting th playing of "tur
key day" game as rescinded by a vote
of 5 to I.
Nebraska. Ante. Drake, the Kansas
Aggies and Missouri voted In favor of
receding from the rule, while Kataa and
Washington opposed It. The two schools
voting against It took the ground that the
action could not be legal except at a
regular conference meeting.
Cnanoellor Avery said he had little
doubt as to the legsllty of the referendum
and the situation resolved Itself Into
thee schools desiring "turkey day"
games plnyli.g them, while those who did
not would not change the present policy.
Nebraska will not have a turkey day"
game next year, because Htlehm has sl
ready ci mpletod the s hrdule, hut in 1flll"
It Is likely the Corrhuskers will return
to the old eystem.
Postmaster Brown
Given Salary Raise
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. June (Special - I'.i t-
niaster Francis Hrown has been notified
bv the postmaster geneml thst beginning
July 1 his salary will be increased lrV
This Is caused by the Increase In Imsl
ness at the Lincoln postofflce which
amounted to JfiT.coi) over that of the pre
vious fiscal year. This will make the
pay of the Uncoln office an even M.'nM
a year.
Fremont l'eaplr in tlarr),
CHICAGO. June 2. (Special Telegmin
Luclua R. Hammond and MIsh Gertrude
Robinson, both of Fremont. Neb., were
licensed to marry here this afternoon.
n an, on a ttHte
i .it tie w lid l en
In i rtntpH ,i ii h
lure t.x.i y on n
fStanlry ( (vritv
of nullum lies s given: Music by Johnson's nrehes-
Inpp. d fi' in ljintiy tin song lo mixed quartet: ' The Sum-
Ihi'i-. w is coinitictircil mon." Martha Smith: "Response," TXwi-
ihiiiKe nf venue from sell 1 ,1ml Ixrg , "Testlmonv,'' Llllle llnd.
ricM Ion ; ocal solo.
worn stopped nt Mol.t .';. ,,.! returned to .Makeerr:
the ptoper os net s.
Minimi II ixlon in x ( e on i
STimMSltrilO. Neb.. .Tune .-(Special.)
The alumni reception for the clni
of l!M5 of the Stroinsbuiu MikIi school
was held Tuesilnv ewnlng In til
Scott nnd Mrs
hnll, at whb h the follow lug program nnd ttensniicr.
F.mll Olson; rending, lvs
Iiims song, duns of 1T.
"When Dt earns Come True," Emm
Wcsjtonliis and Myrtle Hockman. A class
of twenty-six graduates was admitted to
membership. The following officers wer"
re-elected: Fl. A. Hoostrom, president:
Miss Muririiret 11'ickley, vice president.
W. Fred Johnson, secretary
A TRUNK or a BAG Which?
The trunks: w aro offering In our woek-end sale have hppn sold
In the host stores rverywlipre tip lo $10. They contain one tray with
two cninpartnirnts. The eiitsltlo Is steel covered, nnd the trunks Hfe
well trimmed with heavy hardware and have two large
leather strapH. While they la-t. sizes :',4 nnd St?...
From our best stock of small lusmtRo we have taken an assortment
of lf, 18 and lH-lnch. all leather hand hags, leather lined, with pocket
on one side and corners hand sewed. Originally sold for
up to $10. While they last. e..h
(From a.Stnff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. June 2. (Special.) The
state railway eommiSHlon spent the time
todny listening to evidence, in connection
with the application of business men of
East O street in Lincoln for the exten
sion of the street "car line from where It
turns Vest on M to'o' street' direct down
This has been one of' the gTcat prob
lems of the street car service In Lincoln
and It will he up to the ( commission to
settle It one way or another.
The Bee Want Ads Are Beat Business
Boosters. ; " '
Katrliory-e. Notes.
FAIRHI'RY, Neo (June 2. tSpe ial.)
The preliminary hearing " Roy. Barnes
was held ' yesterday before Judge L. J.
Nutzmsn. Ho was represented by ex-
Adjtitant General 'John C. 'Hartlgan, who
pleaded 'not guilty fop him. County At
torney Rain' had preferred .a charge of
assault to kill against him and 1m. was
bound over to district court by Judge L.
J. Nutxmsn, .who fixed his ball at tl.ono,
which was furnished by his father, W.
H. Barnes., city ,att6rney and prominent
lawyer. Barnes ahot Ernest E. McLane,
ex-city policeman: .' '
' Miss Vaunie . lopold, a graduate of
the Falrhury High school In the class
f of 191.V won a prize In the shape of a
) botiiiurt of American Beauty rosos for
having graduated in' the cheapest gown.
Mihs Leopold .bought the material for
FREMONT. Neb.. June 2. (Ppeclsl.)
Miss Iness Stewart of Wslthlll aud Al
bert H. Fallers of Sioux City were mar
ried here yesteruay by Rev. Nsthaniel
McOiffln, pastor of the First Presoyterlan
deatrecord."" ,IB " m ! iwk iiiMpiiiwifi--wwiiiMUi ilium
"wX issi.sitsi,!t''SOAi;:rV"yNw'
Phons Dourlss 1889 anti have a ca sent home.
Jitney Trunk Sale
Can vou Imnglne Bitch a Wiu'? We nre inunufacttirera and sell
direct to you no mlddli'iimn's prr.fil. Our wholesale department in over
stocked Ve are ciitlltiB prices on all trunks (except wardrobe) and trav.
ellng goods. Take advantage of our (.rent Jitney Plan.
Peter Vnsllsnr,
FREMONT, Neb., June '.(Special.)
Peter Vogltanc, father of J. F. Vog'tanc,
superintendent of the Colfsx county
schools, died at his home, four miles
northwest of Dodge. He waa 74 years
oi age and for thirty-four years had re
sided on the same farm.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results'
Referendum In Dakota.
FIKRRE, S. D.. June !. (Special Tele- I
gram.) A petition which had been circu
Itaed by lawyers was filed with the sec.
retary of state today to carry to thc
people for a referendum vote the law
passed last winter which allows a five
sixths Jury verdict In civil cases In this
""- Pet Wttk
laotory Prloe ta.CO
ale Prloe 18.75
rirst W..k. . . .00
BmohII Week.. 1.00
Third Weak . . B OO
Fourth Waek . a. 9!)
rifth Weak ... .75
raotory Prloe S9.50
Sale Fries $7.75
rirst Weak . . .5 .05
Sseond Wesk . 1.00
Third Weak . . . 8.0(1
ronrth Wesk .. 3.00
rifth Wesk .... 1.70
TOTAL $7.76
Then we daUver
the new trunk.
It Will Relieve llseWn.he.
Apply Sloan's Liniment to your back,
Pain gone almost Instantly. Don't rub.
It penetrates; 25c. All druggists. Adver
of the car. It has been used but a few' rtr'B at.,, brgaln sale for Sl.'.'O. It
- geaayler Votes School Bonds.
BCHl'YLWR, Neb., Juns 2. (Special
Telegram) School bonds carried, 2Sr fnr
and 1U acalnet.
was made by her mother. The prUe waa
offered by the faculty of the high school.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred . McKcan and i hll
dten leave for Long Beach. Cel.. tomor
row in the hopes of benefiting their
children's health.
Woman litres Life "etiteiier.
MCHKEOON. Mich., .Line 2. .Mrs. Al
bert Steele, foind guilty of murdering
her 11-yesr-olrf stepd.iugl.tcr, todav was
sentenced to life Imprisonment In the De
troit house of correction. The child was
stgtingled to dentil.
gonnenseheta Trial Begins.
I'lLRRB. S. D.. June I. (Special Tele
gramsThe trial of Herman ponnen
eheln, a prominent Stanley county stoi U-
i . '
A Good Breakfast
Properly Selected
Means a running start toward the day's work.
There's concentrated
TOTAL 86.75
Then we deliver
the new trunk.
Cannot be eutmleil. They are not Included 1n the cut
price sale, hut are h- ii cutest Values in the west.
1 o not fall to in- ' ii
Eaesllo Wardrciji ");s, 835; 5-ysar rnorontes.
iiiiTis tryttiiiii.t'miM
v-iV'i -s-r. t! , I; , , -I
. d SO. OMAHA, eEB ' ' i i
BloHt Mrxlci n and HaullNrr Ilrewery in the West.
Family Ualo supplit'd l: K.nitli Omaha WM. JKTTKIt, S5fh! N
Street; Teh-phono Noiilli MM. Omuha IIILO K. IIILZ, 1:124 Douglas
Street; 1'hoitc Dounlus ,1010. Couutil I Huffs OLD AUK UAH. 1313 Soutli
Hixtb Ktteet; l'hooo ,'itl2.'l.
HASTINGS. Neb., j"une :. (SpeMal
Telegram. Hastings drugtriets have or
ganised to make sn effort to land the
111 state convention of drurglsls at the
state meeting in Omaha next week. Se--
retary H'ake of the chamber of iom
merce w HI a'-rnmpany the debgates to
! Omaha.
I .
Wen Commissioner Named.
HASTINGS, Neb'., June S. -(Special)-Attorn
y f James K. Addle of Hastings
hss ben appointed a I'nlted States eoin
misyiitrier fur tlie district of Nebraska.
Mr. Addle is a member of the law firm
of n&gan Addle.
(Front a Staff Correspondent !
LINCOLN. June (Special.) t'tox er
nor and Mrs. Morehead left this after
noon for Tern where the executive fill
deliver the eommencement day address
at the Peru Normal s hool.
The Beat Medlelue for 1
The first dose of Dr. King's New Dls
rovery helpa your cough, soothes throat.
let a bottle today; 5"c. All druggists.
Kerr I Fires .Near Dalai.
DIU'TH. Minn.. June 2 Two forest
flies are reoorted t.i he ibclnt (n ttmKe
; northeast of Two Harbors, t senty-elght
; miles from Duluth. The flames after
1 burning two davs in the smsi timber
cot beyond control and help baa beta
as '
It contains the rich elements
from Wheat and Barley in form
for easy digestion; and so quick
ly absorbed that it makes itself
felt in body and brain.
"There's a Reason"
A Fbyslolaa on rood.
A physician of rnrtland. Oregon, hsu
views about food. He says:
"I have always believed that thedutv
of the physician does not cease with
treating the sick, but 1 lint we owe It to
humanity to teach them how to protect
their health especially by hygienic and
dietetic laws.
"With such a feeling as to my duty I
take great pleasure In saying to the pub
lic that In my own experience and also
from personal observation I have found
no food to eriual (Irape-Nuts and thut I
find there Is almost nn limit to the great
benefit this food will bring lien used in
all cases of sickness and couvalcsi enre.
"It Is my experience that no physical
condition forbids the use of Irape-Nuts.
To persons In health there is nothing su
nourishing and acceptable to the stomach
especially at breakfast to start the
machinerv of the human system on the
day's work. In esses of Indigestion I
know thst a complete breakfast can h"
mode of lirape-Nuts and cream and I
think It Is necessary not to overload the
stomach at the morning meal. I also
know the great value of Grape-Nuti.
when the stomach la too weak to digest
other food.
"This Is written after an exrleui e of
more than 20 years treating all manner
of chronic and acute diseases, and the
letter Is written voluntarily on my part
without any reouest for It." N'amo
given by Postum Co.. Battle Cresk, Mich
Look In pkga. for the famous little
bonk. "The Kod to Wellvllle."
Try One Can Anyway and See!
Take the Coffee from Your Grocer on Trial
2-lb. Gas Roasted Ech 60c
. "! l.'!,)s
Better than any 30c Coflee
Equal to many 33o to 4Gc
Gas Roasted means quickly roasted direct in the flame
like pop corn. The strength and mo6t of the aroma are
saved by our quicker method.
tS- -. r-- "-. - - ..