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m Tnmr Sanaa?
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written br
Gouverneur Morrfi
' (Oae ef tfc KoH aTotetle
, wesj to AMrtan Utmtut)
Dramatised Into a Fhoto-Play by
Author of
The VwrUs of VauliM"
"Te XxploUs of Xlalae"
(Copyright, 1915, oy Star Company.)
cc.nyriifht. 1516, by The Btar Co. All Kor
lrn Rights Reserved.
fr nopal of Pifirlees Chapter.
After tho trst1t- death of John Ames
hurjr his prostrated wife, one of Ameri
ca's greatest beauttss, dies." At her death
Prof. Ktilllter. en aent or the interssta.
kitfnaps tha beautiful -year-old baby girl
and bring her up In a paradise where
(the aees no man, but thlnka aha la taught
by angels, who instruct her for her mis
sion to reform the world. At the ace of
IS aha la suddenly thruat Into tha world
where arents of the Intereata are ready
tu pretend to find her. .
Tha one to feel the loss of the little
Ameabury girl moat after she had been
spirited away by the Interests was
Toliimy. In a few days, however, he
: found himself living amid .luxurious sur
' rounding as the adopted son of Mr. Bar
day. Time in its flight brings manhood
to Tommy and great expectations to Bar
clay, who has planned to have Tommy
marry Into wealth. But Tommy's lack
of interest In Barclay's business affairs
changes matters. Barclay meets with
success In breaking up the match he had
really planned. Turned down by tha girl
Tommy goes to the Adirondack's to forget
the affair. While there he meets by acel
i dent Celestia.
"You can't keen on fooling me,'.' he
aid. "Come now, whaVa your real
"Celestia." she said. -
"All right, if you don't want to talLme
jet; It will keep, it's bound to. But tell
, ma then are ' you" he hesitated and
blushed. "I d really like to know. You
see I'm rather craiy about you. You're
not Mrs.. Somebody or other, are you?"
The embarrassed smile frose on his
lips.. lie leaped to his feet ana stood lis
tening. ' Faint and clear, sounding cheer-1
fat rather. than ominous, there rose to
them from the valleys below a baying of
dogs. Tommy -had gone once - with a ;
posse of deputy sheriffs t6 sea how' a'
murderer Js .hunted down wlUt th blood
hounds. " Whole scenes of that pursuit
flashed through hie mind, and he knew
that' tha baying.' which now1 sounded In
his eara, was not that of deerhounds
running out ' of season, but the blood
hounds following a human trad.'
He climbed swiftly to the top of the hub
and stood listening, his field ' glasses
glue: to hie eyes. ......
That there would ever he any difficulty
of evading such a man as Btllltter In the
North woods hnd never occurred to him.
He had pictured Btllllter a man of re
source in a laboratory or in a dissecting
'room with an Insensible guinea pig
jstabed out on the operating table, but
not out of doors. Tha man was fat, un
healthily white and. appallingly near
isighted. That such', a man could be so
I hot. upon their trail had about It a slnls
'ter. quality that brought Tommy's heart
Into his mouth.
A glimpse of two bloodhounds and four
men, one of whom was 8tilllter and an
other a full-blooded ' Indian,' crossing an
'pen space, recently crossed by Celestia
and himself during their unhurried es
cape and In the same direction, brought
Tommy down from the Hub In a great
hurry-. '.
As' for Celestia well, she couldn't be a
movlb actress; no movie actress playing
'truant would be hunted down with blood
hounds and he felt that she must be ac
counted for upon some other hypothesis,
but later when there was mora time. "
Mesnwhlle there was nothing to be
thought of but Instant getting together
i of such things as might prove most use
ful aud flight.
"We've got to beat It. Celestia." he
aid. "I'm sorry, because you are tired,
but that man." then by encircling hia
eyes with his hands ha indicated Prof.
i Sumter's eye glasses "is after us."
She rose obediently to her feet.- "t
don't know why he wants to catch you,"
fcld Tommy, "and either you don't know
or you won't tell'. But you dislike him.
snd you're afraid of him. and that's
A. kettle, frying pan, salt, tea and
matches ' rolled into a blanket and
strapped to his shoulders, .his field
glasses, axe and fishing tackle were about
'all that Tommy could carry and make
speed under. Especially ii he had to help
iCeiestia under difficulties. His rifle he
abandoned. It would be better, he
thought, to be unarmed than to attempt
with a light twenty-two to oppose re
'peallng rifles of a heavy caliber. And
furthermore. Tommy, though prepared
to stand up for CVlestia's right end to
figUt for them, was lot prepared to kill
anybody In an affair which was entirely
a mystery to him.
They were soon under way, following
the higher ground, where the granite
outafoppings neither received any im
press from their feet nor long held tha
cynt of the leather soles. But ths crests
of the ridges wera not all granite, and
Tommy knew very well that In places
tliry were making what woodmen call a
broad trail. A trail of footprints and
bent and broken branches wbich an Indian-
will read as casually as a com
muter reads his newspaper and which,
by bloodhounds, he will follow as
rainhjr as small boys follow a procession
i t rough a city street.
Thst broad reaches of unbroken granite
aouM occasionally baffle their pursuers
sua till that Tommy could hope for. He
ruuaird on thene bafflements for making
il for the difference i.i speed between
urn iind dog, tresclintr light, and a
rl already too tired nnd utterly unused
ile liou kl fust only a ide i its t
It at the Movies.
just what part of the wllderjiss lis
I would take her, but cradually his mind
: cleared up on this point and he he
I came occupied with the problem of 'get-
. ting to that place by a route which their
pursuers would find the moat difficulty
possible In following. He had hopes. In
deed, of throwing them completely off
the trail.
. They turned a little more to the west
I ward, and began to descend from the
hlsh ground. The baying of the hound
i at this time , seemed If anything a little
j closer. j
"Where are we going?" she asked sud
denly. '
"We'ro going to hide on a little Island
in a-deep lske, Celestia, Even If they
find out that we are on It they'll have
trouble getting to us. Very few sailorK
and fewrr woodmen know how to swim.
I use, to fish in that lake a tot, and I've
an old dugout hidden on the' shore, an l
there's the remains of a hut on the
Island. And I left an old moth-eaten
bi.ffslo lobe and a blanket there only
last fall. If there's anything left of
them they'll, come In mlghtly handy, 1
can tell you," . ,
They came to a broad, shallow stream
that flowed brightly under an arch of
dark foliage. "Here's where we begin
to make trouble for them." said Tommy.
Holding her elbow with his free hand, to
keep her from stumbling and falling,
Tommy led Celertla to the middle of the
brook, and then they waded down it for
upward of a mile, as if it had been a
winding road, and only left it when the
rocky nature of the country through
which it pussed offered them an oppor
tunity of so doing end leaving a minimum
of trail. ...
All at once Tommy realized that a great
silence had fallen In the forest. And he
knew that at last the bloodhounds were
In difficulties, for they had ceased to bay.
The oftener Tommy helped Celestia
through, over pr under some difficulty
of the wilderness, saved her from being
torn by tha brambles or eneouraged her
with his voice, the more infatuated he
became with her. .
Mary BlacKstone's image could be re
called only by an effort of memory. And
yet It was only a few days since ho had
fancied himself In love with her. He
confessed this to himself more than once,
and could but feel ashamed and sheepish.
How Ion would It be before he fancied
himself in love with Celestia, after how
long- a separation would he discover that
he dM nut love her In the least?. He
had no stability. 'Was he never to. have
a serious purpose in life? love 7 Love?
Even' hate? v- , ' -v', - ,
AH of a sudden thy caught glimpses
of blue water : between the 'tree stems,
and ln(a few. moments they saw. before
them- and -below thCTn a Jotety lake wttlv
dgnscly wooded shores and in Iter Triidat
a densely wooded (eland:. ;
"Oh!" exclaimed Celestia. . "But this
earth Is beautiful." . -
"Remind you' at" all of heaven?" asked
Tommy, a little mischievously;
Not In the least." said Celestia. and
as If she did not wish to discuss the com
parative beauties of the two places. "Is
that our Island?" she asked
"We'll be hard to find," said Tommy,
"and now the work is almost all over.". .
They descended the narrow strip of
land which divided the lake from the
forest, and here Tommy told Celestia to
sit down and rest while he hunted for tha
dugout and got it Into the water.
' ITo Be Conlnued Tomorrow.)
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Talking Machine Department
in the Pompeian Room
Odd Forms
In (If Aitiriicsn Museum of Natural
1 1 1! 1 1 1 ; y tlinn are oni" line xperlmcn of
Amerhan "family crests." Thev belong
j to th iiHtivo Anierhnns. (V ,eil men,
j an.i thev h(iw that family pride, wh.
j shd Is. lis Mrnnc smonir the orltrlna peu
j pie of this Innd as it has ever been
anions the white race that displaced
I Tho I'uILiii roata-of-arms, ur family
rests, re In the form of tsll "totem
polos." caned alth face nnd fluurcs,
human and animal, rx grotesque' ns any
thing the Chinese or Jaimnese Imagina
tion ever produced, and ornamented with
colors which are often aturlnRly l rllllsnt
hon l-cwly exposed to the sunshine, but
th weather soon softens their tone,
without destroying their picturesque ef
fe(. Manv of the totem poles come from
Als-Ua. a r.d soinr- of them ar so ohl
that the lmll.tnk themselves. It Is said,
lnv imi knotted Pr the time when
they were mmle.
In one form or another totemlMii hits
existed from the most a'lclent times in all
part of th. world, but t'lo word "totem"
I" of American Indinn origin, and It is
line. In America, that the institution has
Hiirlveil In Its most striking form. In
rnlllne. a totem pole ;i family coat of
arms we must conceive of the fumlly In
a larger sense than that It: which we
ordinarily employ the word It means
clan, which may Include many families,
or domestic units.
While plants may be) totems, U Is
usually some animal that plays that part.
It may he a bear, a wolf, a fox, a beaver,
a flh. ttc. In a certain sense the totem
The crop of men thnt women find
Irresistible is large this spring, despite
the wsr. If the irresistible ones had
been placed In front of the firing line
there would have
been some con
verts to the popu
lar theory that
war has benefici
ent uset.
One of the uni
versal winners has
disappeared after
causing a girl who
had too much faith
in him to charge
another man of
similar name with
breaking b e r
heart, a charge
which the Innocent
man promptly re
sented by causing
a.- - .r -,"
her presence In court on a .barge of at-.
tempted extortion. A new charge of per
jury hangs over her. Another man who
has the marrying habit has been inex
tricably tangled In the matrimonial net
formed by at least four wives, and there
are rumblings portondlng others. ,
One woman In In prison for murdering
her two babes because she found a man
so fascinating that for a . lime she for
got he had two wives to his discredit.
Another woman who says she believed
h'.m In face of everything, Is waiting In
Brooklyn for her male charmer-to dis
entangle himself from two current mar
riages and wed her.
Scrutiny of the .pictured features of
I 7 i
I The Kind of a Man that Women Like
I. i ' J
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Romance of Totems
Which Pride of Family Took to Express Itself
v.,:.. tt-y; ..I- X
r!,;t v
J...kL : nkn.mnm
diiof Sliatos'sTotemTole
WraiiRle, Alaska.
Is reKardeil as the common ancestor of
the clan bearing ltn name. Whatever the
chosen animal may he, It ia treated aa
these men reveal they are not young; or
handsome, nor even particularly well
dressed. Hut, scanning the printed mat
ter that accompanies them, we ' learn
that they were all "kind" and "consider
ate." "lie was so thoughtful of every
one. Vou couldn't help loving him," said
one of the procession of vtctlma, that
would be comical if it were not so snd.
If the men had read this news think
Ingly, a great light would-have broken
upon their dsrkness. Men profess that
women are riddles te them. What a
woman thlnka about this, what she wlH
do about that, the most Intelligent of
Where the Heart Is
I' : il
Some make their home In marbl hallg
With burnished draperies drifting wide,.
With tapestries and silken walls ...
And scented nooks and lights inside.
Some tell of home with but a room,
The singing kettle's tuneful chant, "
A candle flickering In the gloom, .
A hearthstone and a tired dog's pant. (
But roofs of gold and fluted show
Make no abode more safe to me
Than the owl's hoot, the stars aglow
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lr. I ..! L -" T-. i. .. i Mi!
k ." 1 'j 1 -1 -1 !; i-i. . Jit t
9 1 i ; !? - ''
,::ipJr;iijii;rti1:ii. j
i ii- '!; t: ii I
sacred hy nil members of the clnn. It Is
fcrhi.l.icn to kill or to nt the totem ef
your cnn. cither clans, having other
animals for their totems, of course, ex
ercla ro such restraint with n sard o
th.i treatment ot your particular totem.
Sometime under the pressure of hunger,
a savaao may kill the tMem of ,! clan,
or tribe, but he first begs the animal's
pardon for the unnatural crime which h
l compelled to commit.
It has been pointed out that the tradi
tional symbols of nations, auch as the
Itusstnn bear, the English Hon, the
French cock, the Siamese elephant, the
Ameriean eagle, etc., although they hare
been deliberately adopted without any
superstitious notions as to their powers,
are, nevertheless, indications of the sur
Vlvsi of primitive Ideas, and thus may
be classed under the head of totems.
In addition to the rlan totems there
are also family totems In-the narrower
aeitae,. find Individual totems.
A curious Instance of the survival of
an ancient totem worship Is to be found
In the cllv of Berne, ftwttserland. As all
travelers know. Heme possesses a cele
brated bear pit, in which a number of
bears ai-e kept at the public: charge. That
this custom originated In no mere desire
to establish a menagerie for the enter
tainment and Instruction of the dtv and
their visitors, nnd, that it does not dste,
a had often been averred, from the kill
ing of a huge bear that ravaged the en
virons of Berne In the ninth century, was
proven lumo' years ago by the discovery
near Heme of an ancient brome votive
offering, showing conclusively that a
hear was worshiped In antiquity as the
totem of a clan which then Inhabited the
country where Berne now stands.
men assert Is stilt an enigma to them.
Allow me t perform a great public
service to the groping sex: Let me
whisper the secret of how to win a .
woman. It will not take long te tsll It.
It Is no uncommon trait. Pooner or later
any woman can be won by kindness.
Juat a' stinxle klndnese.
Be thoughtful of a woman. Be con
siderate of her. Be kind to her an.l
sometime, sa surely as tlie hard,, green,,
little plun on the high bough of a tree
will ripen under the sun's rays, and fall
to tbe ground, she will be yours.