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T Be ruMlPhlny Company. Proprietor.
KntT at Omaha poetofrtce m second-class msttee.
By re rrler Pjr mall
per month. pr year.
an MTidT aso N O
rUr without 8unday....' Kc 4
Evening en.l ?uniar i w
Fvenini without Sunday... Zoo , 4.00
Sunday P only few it
fenl nolle if of address or complaints of
Irregularity la delivery to Omaha Bee, Circulation
Bemlt by draft, rtprrii or postal order. Only two
rent ittiN received In payment of ' am all asv
eount. Personal checka. escrpt on Omaha and eastern
exchange, not accepted.
msha Th Fm Building.
South Omaha SiS N street.
Council Muffs 11 North Mala afreet
Lincoln i Llttl Building.
ChlcegoeOl Hesrst MulMlng.
New fork Room 1104. Fifth svenu.
Pt. Louls-M New Fan, of Commerce.
Washington 72 Fourteenth fit.. N. W.
'AiJdress eomrmiiilcatlons relatlnr to nrw and edi
torial matter to Cm hi Bee, Editorial Departroeut.
Btate of Kehrs.ka. County of Dnuglss. aa.:
Dwirht Williams, circulation manager of The Bea
Publishing cnrr iianjr, being duly aworn. ears that the
average circulation for the month of April, 114, HU
DWIOHT WILLIAMS, Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my presence and aworn to before,
taa, tfaU let day of May. 1915.
HOilEKT HUNTER. NoUry Public
Cnbacrlbera leaving lf city temporarily
aonld have The lie mailed to them. Ad
stress will Itm -banged aa often aa requotd.
f aaa 1
Thought for the Day
5cf by J. M. Town
WJ to prxf uc form from out if unthapti itvff
Jit art and further, to took a toA
from farm bt nothing?
browning: 'Plppa Passe,
Vot early! And vot "Tm!1
Austrian airmen appear determined to rock
the gondola.
Next on the Hit: A strictly aafe and sane
Fourth of July.
Memorial day observer have no kick to reg
Inter on the weather man.
1 -Ambassador Satanoff says enough In aeven
short words: "It will be a long, hard war."
In the language of the auction player, the
kaiser after carefully studying the cards haa con
cluded to "duck" Uncle Sam'a load.
To the residents of South Omaha and Dun
dee let ub suggest that consolidation Is bound to
come. It eventually. -why not now?
Mats off and ball the coming June brides,
While man In necenaary Incident to the center
isle parade, this la not hla day. Some ether
Washington Is noarlng the conclusion thtt
Mexican leaders possess no capacity (or govern;
tuent. The administration la coming out of iti
trance. . .
Contrary to all home precedents, the Ne
traskan waa torpedoed without the provocation
of a cargo. At home a cargo precedes the
The Missouri river boats are officially In
terned until "after too war." Failure to pro
vide a financial scouting fleet renders naviga
tion perilous to Imaginary skippers.
Bargain' counter undertakers in California
he persist In offering cut ratea to live people
Ignore opportunity's merry calHto transfer their
"ads" to the war editions of European news
papers. Where life Is cheap is the pla-e fu'
theap funerala.
The roll of Omaha and Nebraska pioneers
of the '60s Is diminishing steadily. A span of
fifty years or more stretches from the birth of
Omaha to the city of today, and the weight of
years naturally swells the throng to the land
feeyond. To each passing spirit of the empire
Guilders the living owe a tribute of appreciation
for the rich Inheritance of deeds well don.
One of the appeals for commutation of sen
tence for Leo M. Frank la subscribed by the edi
tors of nearly sixty of the principal magazines
and newspapers of the United States. But while
the name of the editor of The Bee is there, no
where in the list do we observe the signature
of either of Nebraska'a two distinguished derno
trata. the United States senator, who publisher
the World-Herald, or the secretary of state, who
issues the Commoner.
L:t?Vc 2wvt 9mdiZ
Tba MUaourl river la having Its June rlae, stand
ins' at nine feet ten Inchea. having gone up a foot
within tb Uat thlrty-elx hour. Tha signal mod
give assurance, however, that no dat.ger la Involved
until h gets near the seventen-foot mark.
Mrs. Kate M. Keen haa been granted permlaalon
to occupy a room In the Leavenworth school build
ing for her summer echool.
II cant r Holt, one of The Be compositor, la set
ting up cigar ovrr tha appearance of a new boy at
fcla bouae.
The Omaha Uoat club liaa been organised with
thee of fit or, t'realdent. George V. Holdrege; via
Jitwaldent, 3. H: Claikaun: eecretary. D. H. Wheeler,
Jr.; treaaurer, K. H. Kaff; ca.t&lit. Ralph M. Connor;
ftret ileulcnaut, C. A. Crawley.
The Slxu-enth atreel property belonging to as
Foealdent Rutherford B. tlayea. recently the subject
of a iwciliy Uluairated artk-1 la a Chicago paper,
becaute occupied ty a saloon, has been aold by Byron
lued to Oethuff. tJarllrh a Johnaun for Hi. 000. Tha
order catno from Mr. Ilae to ocurt a cancellation
'A the leaee or avll the property.
Tha little :-yer-ll child of John Klnaey had a
evare fail that broke II arm. ,
Tha 'hovl board a reeiving apiilratloa for a
potion on the teaching force Irom Kluabeth Hhlrlay
of cirol.i M! la la.
The United States And Europe.
For the first time In history a greet nation
finds itself In the peculiar position occupied I y
the United State with relation to the European
nations now at war. At peace with all, and on
friendly terms with each, no material Interest
of the United States can be served by the tri
umph of either of the combatants. Aside from
traditional inclinations and racial predilections,
the motives for the maintenance of peace and
friendly Intercourse between this country anl
the belligerents are stronger now than ever.
The Interests of every nation In Europe at 4
bound up to some degree with those of tho
United States, and a distinct advantage exists
to each to deserve and retain the friendship of
this country. Services aires fly performed oy
Americans for each of the belligerents have
been great, and the possibilities of the futuro
arc Immeasurable In their effect. It would,
therefore, seem beyond reason that any of the
nations would willingly sacrifice the good feel
ing that exists between this country and all.
It Is no fault of the United mates that the
conditions of war bar developed to their pres
ent stage. This country's duty to humanity is
great, bnt Its duty to Its own cttltenshlp Is Im
perative, and the ability to serve the nations of
the world demands that tho dignity and Influ
ence of tha United States be maintained.
Juit Unfinished Business.
While quit disturbing to the resident of
the valley below, the eruption of Mount Lassen
Is very likely merely the resumption by nature
of certain activities that changed the whole des
tiny of the western slop of the North American
continent In days long gone. The tremendous
upheaval that drained the sea from Nebraska,
raised the lush meadows of Wyoming and made
them arid plateaus, and turned th verdant
downs of Nevada into, a sagebrush desert, and
finally poured billions of tons of lava over
Idaho and Oregon, evidently didn't entirely do
th Job on hand. Early man in California saw
some wondrous sights, when the contour of the
earth was changed and th Coast rang was
thrown up. Modern man haa felt some shivers
from the same cause, when the tilted strata
shift position, and now th mountain belches
forth destruction, that we may know the
processes of change are still In progress. Mount
Lassen' activity may not be especially majestlo
nor partcularly portentous, but It 1 very In
teresting, as Indicating that the great schem of
things I still unfinished.
A Blunderbui Tariff.
Th recent court decision defeating the pro
vision for a 5 per cent discount on duties on
merchandise Imported In American vessels, and
by extending th discount to all imports thus
putting a hoi to th amount of millions of dol
lars Into th treasury, accentuate th blunder
bus character of the democratic tariff bill. This
discriminating discount feature was Inserted ex
pressly to give that advantage to American ves
sels as an encouragement to our merchant ma
rine, and In pursuance of th declaration in the
Baltimore platform favoring restoration of
American flag to. th seas. But no sooner wat
th law enacted, and Its prospective failure to
produce the needed revenue foreshadowed, than
the democratic attorney general declared thi
section inoperative, and the democratic customs
officials proceeded to collect the full duties re
gardless whether Imported in American or for
eign vessels, to the blunder was either in the
democratic formulation of the law or the demo
cratic administration of It
The setback' in th 6 per cent discount Is
not the only defect of democratic tariff making.
The Income tax section has not only fallen short
of estimates of probable proceeds, but Is like
wise' keeping the courts busy deciphering just
what Is meant. A large corps of experts havo
bn needed to construe th question of deduc
tions, and then without complete success, and
the income tax schedule will admittedly hav
to be patched up by supplementary legislation.
Many other mattera of perhapa minor luipoi
tance to the government, but of real moment
to the Importer or home manufacturer, arising
through obscurities of wording or crude require
ments,' are constantly making trouble, and d
dlttonal blunders ar being disclosed from time
to time.
The uneacapable conclusion is that as tariff
builders the democrats not only ' follow plans
drawn on the wrong principle, but likewise are
faulty in construction and workmanship, to
the cost of both th people affected and th gov
ernment treasury.
estoring Order in Mexico.
President Wilson is reported to be on tb
point of noUfylug th bandit leader In Mexico
that order must be restored and some form of
responsible government established In that dis
tracted country. No Intimation Is given as to
what th president proposes In event of hla
warning being unheeded, but the Inference Is
plain that intervention may follow. Carranxa,
through hla agent, sends word that conditlona
In Mexico have been misrepresented at Wash
ington, and that the reports concerning the food
supply have been too highly colored. It may
well be expected that other of facUonal leaders
across the border will assume a similar attltudj
for the purpose of justifying themselve in the
course they have followed.
This will put th issue squarely up to the
United Statea: What ia to be don to restore
order in Mexico?
The southern sea gate to the allied central
empires is closed through Italy'a entrance Into
war. In the last nine months American ex
ports to Italian ports rose from $58,000,000 to
1138,000,000, some of which undoubtedly
reached Germany and Austria. England now
proposes to close the northern aea gat via
Scandinavian countries, which have taken
American goods valued at 1160,000,000 during
nlu montha of war, a five-fold increase. If
England succeeds in its latest move, more
enemies among th neutrals will be made than
the play la worth.
To hold a high treasury office not protected
by civil service for eighteen years under four
different president, marks ox-Andftne ihi..
! as a man of distinction with a unique recorl.
j Th nearest comparisons w know of Is to Im
found in another eminent Nebraskan who has
chased a high federal office for nearly U sane
length of time-- - .-
Sunday Good
Should Bo Better
Tao Ooattaen X.ealag Freabytortaa Organ.
REV. WIUJAM A. SL-NDAT Is today thoroughly
eetaMUhed In th appreciation and cot '.denoo of
the evangelical churches of America as a pre-eminently
effMent evangelist. ,.v
The general verdict of Protestant opinion la. No
man can do these signs except Ood be with him.
In one especially commanding reep-et his preserv
ing constrains sympthx from all who follow Je.u. a
a divine Saviour: , .
Mr. Sunday with t paealonate and supreme cona
tion offers to his hearr continually a Christ who this
day here In America, the ssm sa In PeJeetlne J.s
year ago. "hath authority en earth to forgive sins -ahd
declares that 'In none other l there salvation.
Likewise, hla terrific, revulsion t the sinfulness
of sin and his tremendous urgency on tha sinner to
come and be made clean In Christ, dominate both
regenerate and unregnerete consciences.
Moreover, the church owes Mr. Bunday gratitude
for his militant unconventlonallty-hls smaahlng w.'
on the prtsglnhneas of custom
Juat sa In Christ's time, the church today Is ooun.l
In tradiUon-manarled by shivering fear of doing any
thing pe.'Ullar. Mr. Hnnday burst thoao chains of ttm
oroue propriety. So he seta thouaands of men free
Chrlatlana and elnners-to stand out for what thay
have known for years they ought to stand for.
But while tha church thus confer on Mr. Sunday
Its Indorament. a critical world challenges It to say
whether by this It approves certain much debated
Idlosyncraelc of hla
To this challenge the church can only make candid
It does believe Mr. Sunday to be a man with a
divine commission.
Th's, however, yields nothing to trifling cavil from
the unfriendly and auperclllous. It Is puerile to carp
at Mr. Sunday's slsng. his platform antics and such
like eccentricities. At the worst, these thing r but
broaches of taste.
The only things In which th church hss need tc
allow discount from lie favor for Mr. Sunday ars suen
thing aa subtract from his Imltstlon and Interprete
tlon of the Master ho preaches.
Thus the church Is bound to repudiate Mr. Sun
day's Irreverence. It Is not his famniarlty with hi
Lord which evokee rrltlclem. A holy Intimacy wllh
Chrlat la evory Christian s privilege. Mr. Sunday of
fend not by Intimacy but by a happy-go-lucky air of
equality with hla Meter eapeclally in what he repre
sents to be public prayer.
Apparently, Mr. Sunday never yet has heard the
mystlo whisper, "Put off thy shoes from off thy feet
for th place whereon thou Blandest la holy 'ground."
Inatead of stealing hushed and.aweetruck to the gar
ment hem of God. the ovaniellat bolts Into the divine
pre nee ilk a gossipy neighbor "dropping around"
for a chat.
This la not reverence, and reverence Is vital ti
religion. Mr. Sunday's chummlnes with his Creator
is no wholesome example.
It Is potntleaa to complain of th frequency and
freedom with which Mr. Sunday talks of hell. The
goapet not which lie emphasises with this unmis
takable word la a not that ought to have larger place
In modern preaching. Th present-day preacher fol
low Paul In reasoning gently of "righteousness and
elf-ontrol," but evade "Judgment to come." Mr.
Sundays put It all In.
But his fault la that In preaching hell he preaches
It with gunto Instead of anguish snd yearning. Surely,
It was not thus but In heart break, that Jesus' uttered
his deadful "woes." Would Jeius gloat over dlvea In
torment T But to Mr. Sunday the tongue that Pleads
across th abyss for a drop of cooling water Is a Joke.
Generations sgo the church put being It the
grotesque idea of Jonathan Edwards that the re
deemed In heaven would rejo'ce at the sight Of sinners
punlxhed In hell.v It certainly cannot today approve In
Mr. : Sunday the recrudescence of that point of view.
The great sums 'f money which the people bestow
on Mr. Sunday In "free-will offerings ' ar nothing to
be counted against htm. It Is only fair to recognise
that he adopted this method for his own compensa
tion when the returns from It were very problematical
No sordid motives can be traced In Mr. Sunday's
original consecration to evsngellstlc work.
And now the only queatlon worth the Aixlety of
the church la the queatlon whether tha ''decettfulness
of riches" which Jesus Christ dreaded so much may
have corroded In some degree the mirror In which an
evangelist's soul ought to reflect 'th Imago-1 of tho
Th seal with which Mr. Sunday still maintains hi
financial plans against all modification now that he
haa discovered in them an El Dorado, and th aubtlo
wsya In wh'ch from the platform he encwuYagea ex
travagant gifts, suggnat painfully that he Is not today
ss Indifferent to, the glitter of gold ss when he started
en his work.
But far the moat serious defect about Mr. Sunday
la the absence of sign that he has been in that achool
to which Jetus invite his disciples when he aald:
' "Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly In heart"
He knowa s little of what Mary learned at tha
feet Of Jesus that he has even ridiculed In one of his
sermons the religion of th woman whom Jeads praiaed
for having "chosen the good part" a diaaent from th
Inaplred word of Ood which tho most extreme of
higher rrltlcs can hardly In any Instance have equaled.
And there Is at leaet on text of Paul from which
It would be tmpoatlble for th preaei. Mr. Sunday to
"I tnyeelf entreat you by tle meekneaa and gentlo
nea of Christ." '
In a word, Mr. Sunday Is unprepared to represent
to men tho tenderness, the compassion and th humil
ity of Jesus peculiarly not the humility. And that la
a serioua blank to leave In an evangvllatlo goapel or in
an evangellatlo peraonallty. .
it results not only In un-Cbrlstlik harshness to
ward sinners, but (even sadder) In lofty scorn toward
fellow Christians When Mr. Bunday declares the
failure of his brother ministers, h speaks aa one
superior to t:.e faults ha denouncea oven aa tha Phatl
se who prtdod himself aa being "not as tb reel of
Mr. Sunday pi cache enough gospvl to bring men
Into the kingdom. He doe bring men Into the king
dom. Therefor the church uphold him.
But seeing he 1 at on and the asm time a man
of great power, great poealblllly and great peril, thete
ought to be "prayer made earnestly of the church
unto Ocd for him" that he may be lifted to higher and
safer levels.
People and Events
A Philadelphia woman run down by an automobile
recovered from the owner roe personal Injurte.
The else of the pocket touch Inaure one careful
A bunch of Jolly crooks have bea caged In Paa
elc, N. J., for selling aparroma, dyed yellow, for
canary bird. The yellow peril la not wholly a
Twenty-two medical faku la Now Tork City
drew flnee ranging from Sl to ISno aea for trlmmln
the atck. They dug up the money an promised ti
quit th game. .
Aa ancient marioer of Swampacott. Maaa. who has
Juet died at tho age of K, la credited with having
caught more flh than any other man In the world.
Members of the Ananlaa club are commanded to wear
mourning for n'nety da) a
According to the final report, Rev. Bill;.
Sunday's campaign coat Philadelphia fU.l. Of thlt
aum Sunday s share waa K2.tM.Su. The tabernacle
and maintenance coat $i.T7I and t4.373.84 waa paid
out for housing and entertaining the Bunday party
Two million poopl tear tbe wrmon, 3.KW "hit tue
sawdust trait" and ao.euo men were organised into
Bible rlatse.
The new "honest advertising law'' In Missouri
goe Into effect June IV It applies to all kinds of
eJventaliig. from newspaper ads to bill poetera. cir
uulara or letter Any mUstaterpent of fact or combi
nation of worda calculated to mislead are punish
able under the act Whatever the law may do In
other dtrectlcn. It 1 certain t bring considerable
advertising tnte thf eouits.
International Lavr.
FAIAMONT. Neb., May Sl.-To the
Editor of The Bee: There, are certain,
rules of action which, from time to tlmo
as civilisation hss developed, have been
sdopted, prescribed, acqaleeced n and
approved by all the civilized nations of
th world, prescribing and limiting their
Conduct towards each other In time of
peace and of war, and vesting (or rather
proclaiming) certain rights In them.
Thes rules are called International law,
because they are of force between na
tions; hence they cannot be abrogated,
changed or added to by any nation, no
matter what the necessity or exigency
may be; for to bo International and
binding upon the other nations they inunt
have been established by and acquired
In by the other nations.
One of these rules Is that the coast of
any nation for a dlstsnce out In the
ocean for three miles partakes of the
neutral character of that nation; this Is
called the three-mile limit.'
Another rule Is that, outside of this
limit th ocean Is free to all nations of
the world for their vessels and their
cttlsen. whether their cttlaons are on
their own neutral vessel or that ' of
another nation, cither neutral 'or bellig
erent. Another rule is that this freedom of
the ocean can bo interfered with only In
tlm of war and by blockading the porta
of a beligerent by the vessels of his
enemy. snA this must be by vessels on
th surfaco of the ocean. The blockade
must be visible and effective. A so-called
"war son" outside the .three-mile limit,
and a so-called blockade by submarines
Is unknown to and contrary to Interna
tional law, and whoever undertakes it Is
a wrongdoer and a violator of Interna
tional law; and who proclaims a blockade,
on paper and not actually and visibly
around the ports of the enemy, and
seizes ncutrsl vessels under It, Is a
wrongdoer end a violator of International
It thus appears that In the above par
ticulars both Germany and England ar
violators of international law. Hence.
Germany, In proclalmnlg a "war sone"
and attacking by airships or submarines
neutral vessels or belligerent merchant
vessels, having neutral cltlsens on board
without providing for their safety, and
Irrespective of the csrgo, is a wrong
doer and no amount of warning to do an
unlawful act can make the doing of It
right or afford any Justification for doing
It. It appears that England, under the
paper blockade. In seising, on the open
aea, neutral vessels destined for a neutral
port Is a wrongdoer and auch selsure Is
without Justification.
Hence, it becomes the duty of our gov
ernment and the other neutral nations
of th world to protest against these vio
lation and cause them to cease.
In Judging the acts of the warring na
tions in Europe, it would b well for our
people to . make application of thes
principle of International law and uphold
our president In hla efforts to en fore
them. N. M. PUSET.
OMAHA. May Sl.-To the Editor of The
Bee: Jack Rambler sat by a pile of
tie watching a laborer shocking wheat,
and he said to himself "I sympathise
with a man who tolls In this burning
heat What strenuous II fs this fellow
leads, to supply his family's daily .needs;
what endless hardship and pain he bears;
what a load of grief and domestic care,
whtl L no matter what comes or goes,
ean alt sll day in the shade and dose.
From early morn, when the grass Is wet.
until lata at night be keeps the para,
day after day he wipes the sweat, with
a knotty hand, from hla rough, hard
face; h 1 chained to the spot, his
bounds ar set his soul confined in a
narrow space; while from sea to aea, anV
from shore to ehore. I span the globe,
and the world explore. I have no wife
to disturb tr.y peace, no children to feed
and educate; no one on earth but myself
to pieae. no frienda to favor, no foes
to hate; I've no ambition o eatiafy, no
important place tn th public eye; I
toll not neither do I spin, yet I somehow
manage my bread to win. But' enough,
I must quit my shade nest and catch thla
train that la going west." . '
The farm hand, pausing; to view tho
train, saw tho rambler, stretched on the
shaking rods, go thundering by like a
hurricane; and he muttered, "By all the
Egyptian gods! such riding aa that I a
heavier strain than grubbing stumps or
mashing clods! Poor fellow, 1 wonder
what he would give to enjoy tills con
tented life I live. I pity that wretched,
homeleas man, who on desperate luck
and chance depends; shaping hi course
by no definite plan, roaming th world
without horn or friends. While I repose
on a soft clear bed, ho lays In a barn
or an empty shed, and weeps and groans
'till tho break of day, and In misery
wears th long night away. He Is clothed
In rags, he has little to eat; poor man,
his embarrassment ia complete."
Th laborer took up hla work again,
till bewailing the rambler's fat, and
th rambler riding the cattle train,
grieved o'er tho farmer's wretched state;
and thue their separate way they went,
pitying each other to their heart's con
tent; and eash was happy to think that
ha was blest as the other could never
be. E. O. M.
Tart lea a a Platforata IMiasree.
NORTH LOL'P, Neb.. May M. To the
Editor of The Bee; Many people cannot
understand how an administration can be
under th control of high finance and at
the am tbn dictate progressive plat
forms by which the public la kept in
Ignorance of the fa-t concerning political
conditlona. Thla writer geta letters ao
caalonaily from aom unknown person
calling In question soma of theee Baser
tlon. 1 will auggest that I can produce
much more evidence "la black and white"
titan a newspaper would oar to publlah.
A few days ago I received a latter from
a prominent attorney In Nebraska, with
several Insulting remarks. I happened to
have In my poaaeaaloa copy of a con
tract written by that attorney. In which
he was In collusion with a bualneaa mati
to defrau J another man by legal methoda.
The same oil trust that la at work In
tha Oaage Is also at work In Nebraska,
and any other plaoo where proflta are lit
sight I have before roe a franchise for
llt.ou water horse power, supposed to
be written by th Interior and Agricul
ture departments July S2. 191S. Any per
son who will carefully cover the docu
ment nay rvedtly aeo that neither of
thoaa tkpartmenta wrote any part of the
fiwjwhlae. That Instrument ia "Sixtr
third oo)gra. firt evasion, senate docu
ment ni'tnber 147." .
Evklently the instrument was written
by mn who have been ooneerned for
yeaia Ir. the development of water power,
and they have all the legal flourialiea of
tho M-otraion. It was written tor court
cxmatrui tlon t protect the oil truat.
Where did the oil trust place the campalga
funds la 112? Three thousand of the
reople telegrams were sent back to
Lincoln from Baltimore, but how about
the departments? We should mlle. The
oil trust eein to have placed much of
their money aith the democrats and a
Koodly handful of it to split the repub
lican parly. How many times have many
of ua been whooping It up for the oil
trust, thinking that we were In that
very !inie httt'ng the nail on the head?
Borne of our etatemer sre not all wool
arid a yard wide; neither are they war
ranted not to rtp, ravel and run down at
tho heel. Their legal tactics do not agree
with their platforms.
Yankee It someone wertt so lll-advlmd
aa to call you a liar. Colonel, in what U;ht
would you rrcnrd the act?
Kentucky 'olonel I would regard It
simply as a form of suicide, sah. Dallas
fi wtAnvciy snyjur
r X-' "
IF em possos nins Voices 1
"There's a buralar In the house." she
said In frightened tones.
"What of It?" arked her more or lesa
bett-r half from beneath the blankets. "1
have never yet uncovered myself for snv
man.' he artde-r cth due hauteur.
Philadelphia Ledger.
"Formerly a girl took prUe In at
cumulating linen for her linen cheat. "
"No- she collect a lot of graphopliont
recorda." Louisllle Courier-Journal.
"Pome men," said fncle Eben. "make
de mlctake of keepln' cool when dr y ounhi
to he steamln' up an' gettln' somewhere."
Waohirmton Star.
"When the doctor h.t'l relieved hei
pain, ehe thanked him with her eyes."
"Weil, I shouldn't caro for that kind
of an eye-deal." Baltimore American.
"Can't I sell you ono of our handsome
lounslns coats?" asked the clerk.
"No use." replied the man. looklnir.
round; "my wife won't let me lounge
araund the house." Vonkera ftntesman.
6onr of bird and scent of roses
Gladden the heart when June Is here;
Forgotten, sll the woes of winter,
Nsught but gladness when June disws
Roses and lilies both blooming.
Blight aunshine their beauties disclose;
'Tl.i not well to scorn the Illy.
Because you have knelt to the rose.'
Rare the glow of early mornlnn.
Soft the tint, of the pale moonbeam:
Fairer yet. a loved cn sleeping
In the folds of a lia:py dream.
Never night, but day will follow.
Ne'er darkness hut dawn will ensue: .
Never gncf but time will lighten.
Never cloud but the sun cornea thro.
Then chrerllv sing and retolee,
Witii huzzas and with bllthsome tune:
Let's welcome the season of Jov,
The season that usher': In June.
Do You Read Labels?
Dome st io science teachers and
food authorities are urging the
housewife to carefully read tho
labels on all food artloles.
The National Pure Food Law
compels food manufacturers to
print the Ingredients of their
products on the label, and in this
way enables consumers to distin
guish healthful foods from those
which may be deleterious
High-grade baking powders are
made of pure cream of tartar,
derived from grapes Royal Bak
ing Powder is a type of the highest
grade It is healthful beyond a
doubt and tho safest and best
to use
The low-grade baking powders
are made from alum, a mineral acid
salt Most physicians condemn
their use in food.
Consumers can learn the char
acter of the baking powder by
referring to the label, which
must state whether the contents
Include cream of tartar, alum oi
phosphate. . .
v New York
Against Vo0
Get the Well-Known
Hound Package
(Z Caution
Mdo In tho tersest, best
equipped and sanitary Malted
Milk plant in tho world
We do not m"milkproduct8"-
Skim Milk. Condensed Milk, etc.
Made Irom clean, full-cream milk
and the extract of select malted rain,
reduced tt powder form, soluble in
rrater. Beet Food-Drink for All Ac$.
U4 for ever Quarter Cmtwry
Unto you My "ItORUOlPS"
you may oat m 16-f
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Montreal, Que 84130
New York City,
Norfolk, V. . ,
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Quebec, uiu.
Toronto, Ont.
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YV. K. IMX'K, City Paaacnger Agent, C M. A 8t. F. Ily
HIT Karnam t., Oruaha, Neb.
Ag-uts for all steamship lines.