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    THE HKK: OMAHA. itrMUV, 1, ilUJ.
Attempt' to Blow tJp Mejantic Can
not Be Explained on Pretence Ad
vanced in Lusitania Caie.
NEW HOME FOR DESTITUTE FAMILY Appeal made by The Bee raises $353 to re
build home of Joseph Mecher, which was destroyed by fire. Hungarian carpenters do
nate their services. Home and barn to be completed next Sunday.
LONDON, May .31. Commentir!!
on the German reply to the Ameri
can note concerning the Lusitan'.t
incident, the Manchester Guardian
aya: ,
"We do no( Tcnow how long the
war will last, but it Is clear, if Ger
many haa its way, thai, its end will
find the negotiations with the I'nltfn
States over the submarine 'blocKado'
Kill dragging out"1 their interminable
length. , " ! ' '
"Jhe Gt rnut-n hote does not even rejly
iJire tty to the Ainerlcen request that such
actions an the sinking of the Lusitania
ohniild hr dianvrrwed and that they louM
) .dseontinut-d. The note actually has
Hm' effrontrjr to mid that paweenrei a
probsbly would have been saVrd hud It
not' been for the explosion of ammunition
which. It .alleged, waa rarnet aboard
the I.tisitanta. 'as though the' submarine
lmi torperlowl the iThlp'wIthout internum
sruially te'nk It. . '-. ' i -
"Almost as offensive Is the sugirestirin
il at before the submarine ran be con
oVrnned for not having r'vrn the tree
nJ paswnarrs time to earape It miit he
ahown thiu the l.ijaitania was "duly
equipped with life sarin apparatus, ss
onlered Aiy tie UtMiia eon f eruiu-et (
"In a word, the United Puaj if of fried
tliV nmapict of a prolonaed controvcriy
over point of detail, but no disavowal
of Vhif has tieetr done; no acceptance
of the 1nr1pi s of naval warfare which
II tvaa assumed Germany would be ana
Ion to uthold, snd not a word as t6 auv
i:hnf. or'mhid or policy. "The submaiino
war !s td "bw pursued as before and ArmT
I'.Hn ahlpN and citizens may take the
ri." '
z i ( at Mea-aatlr.
TV.e Pall Mali Oasette says: "If tlifl
I slsnthter of the Luaitaniu passengers la
to be defended by tho assertion that the
xessnl was carrying- ammunition w won
Or what' excuse is 'Available for Hetur
oay'a attempt on tho steamer Mogantlo
nt the White filar Im. That liner, which
was oittwATd . bound, cannot b worked
Into any theory of contraband pit whloh
Germany may base tho right of murder.
Nope of the ouaaMoKlrat rilngvlH-s f"r
f rlghtfulnoaa"-' will etrrtli ' from-. cnc''ot
tf.eac examples to the tlhoT, 1 ",' '.:" I.
The Westminister Oasette sayev "WhaU
ever virtue thoie inlgh I'.are been. In the
German plea that the Lugltama was
sunk because It was believed to be carry"
Ing' ammunition, Is destroyed in' advance
by tho attempt to yt'ip the Megantlc on
Saturday. The Megantlc waa , outward
bound from Liverpool ' and rierUintx It
was not carrying warlfke supplies In that
direction. It escaped S-ecause If 'Its
superior speed and not because of "-any
Herman qualms bout (finding an Innocent
passenger shir' The Oerhian reply to
the American, niesange'' JK'Jexaefcy-. What
wag eapected, II avolifs ,'ny direct answer
to the spm.tflc Questions aaknd by lhS
United Bteles.-'.The German gowrcmeht.
In short, sekea to 'gala time.' " -
. i .. . . ' '.' ( .1
jfe-se I'srn af PlslmuMf. . .
The Evening Standard says:' "Germany
has discovered a new form "of diplomacy.
This consists of glaring- Itiientatenxmts so
readily capable of disproof as scarcely to
lxi worth thtf: trouble, of, eluutloi.r Tle
not to America doclaresf that ta.Xus.
tanla -had 'Suns roneealed nw. It deck
and carried trained .gunners, Apart from
other evident te he oonVrary I'realdent
Wilson la i not iiheiy to, aocept thla, in
fa- of the official statement of the col
lector of th port t Kew York ,tbat no
uns. mour,Ud or, otherwise, were. . on
board. ...r . . .
"It is 9ilM that Germany, thinks to
KtKK-eed .lu till . gigantic gume. or biurr,
t ut, that onU. lutllcatcs the. meaau-e of
Us., oclf-decpption. Wben' .Washingtqn
wants to dlarurs submarine attacks on
neutral vessels n the cjiuie Of an Inter
national policy,', Purlin replies' ty ' argu-
iienta and technicalities." '
, ' It...
t : i - 4J . PS I
Although they have answered many
calls to lessen the suffering of their fel
low countrymen on account of the Euro
pean .war, local Hungarians have not
overlooked a aplnndld opportunity to help
some of their countrymen In Omaha who
are In distress. By next Bunday night the
family of Joseph Mecher will not only
be provided with ,a new home, but wilt
have a 'barn, the house furnished and a
garatn planted. ''.'.,, i '
When the home of Joseph Mecher waa
bumod a couple of weeks ago and the
family left destitute, the children not
even having any clothing left, Henry
Tollack started a subscription in The Bee
to raise funds to replace the home. To
this appeal local Hungarians' and others
have donated over H60.
Sunday thirty-five Hungarian car
pentnra, mora than needed, were on hand
to build the homo. As the place la located
on the bottoms north of .Locust street.
It . was Impossible to haul more lumber
To ftleepiWelt la ttataaaeit. '
JV-fM Inflammation of 'the1 bronchial
tub-.' causes a Ulirtrrwlrig cougn and
malHl refreshing sleep lmiKMeible. Foley's
Honey arid Tar compound orre raw, ln
flamed. Irritated surface wtta a eoolh
Ir.f. f oaling coating and stop that an
n.(? Iiik u kiiug, retterlng.' the racking,
lliing oouth. Take, this spWndlJ oough
tiiVdln'nc with you on aummar trtPf. , ,lt
i 4 jeood for cough, ootda' croup.
lipn?Mal .iffoclions and la grippe, coughs,
Sod it: very where. Ad vert iaemeat, , ; ,
tContlnucd from Tage One.i '
fier.ta'l to the American protest over Ihc
Ocrman method of conducting submarine
Warfare, snd is not as vital from a legal
point of vUnv as the' torpedoing without
warning of ' the Lualtanla.
Oerrhany's contention that the IsUsltania
wa bulitf as an auxiliary cruiser1 and waa
on the Uvftlsh' naval lint, and that it waa
armed with cannon,-' wag me with tho
statement in official' quarter 'that' the
merchant shlpa of ali-tiathne they , be
fcommatideirre'd by the respective toVern
mrhts in times of war.' but the change
from1 'a '"'peaceful ' tnerchantman 'td an
armed' auxiliary naval 'vessel la a ' pro
ceeding of such a distinct character "as to
leave -no doubt ato when 'ltf will Uke
pla,. Great Britmin'g -prae! always
hag eeeti',,')t ia pointed out. place, a
oorrtiniastoivd , naval officer. In, command
of convert! mnrchantmeo, which are
commandeered only tn home porta, and to
equip the vessel with g-uns. Acojrdtng
to report of an official Investigation by
government officials before tho Luettanl
w-as granted clearance ' from New York
the ship carried no runs, mounted 'or un
mounted, ' Moreover, there' haa been an
agreenient for several months between
the United tftatea and Great Britain that
no British Ships leaving' American porta
shall carry any runs. 1. ."
The argument tn the German note that
the Lusitania carried Canadian troops
and ammunition la regarded by officlala
as irrelevant for they 'declare It ia well
known that no Canadian troops' eould
pass aa: an organised body over Ameri
can soli,' and the sailing of a feW un
armed individuals does not constitute an
armed expedition under International law.
Neither) ' It is contended, has traffic In
arms and ammunition been regarded as
warranting the destruction of any un
armed merchantmen without ' prsvioua
visit and search. " '
steamer Dlxlana, Brunswick and Savan
nah to Havre and Tort Talbot, with a
cargo of cotton and gteel billets haa been
sunk off the French coast near Ushant
by a German submarine, according to
tele graphic advices to the agents of the
Dlxlana Steamship; company here today.
The captain and crew are reported eared.
Hob) ef a Confederate.
HARVARD., Neb., May . (Special.)
Union memorial eervices were held at
the Christian church in this city this
morning. Rev.; J. J. Langston, - pastor.
preached the sermon from the text. "And
this day shall -be unto you a memorial.
TheiSpeaker, m son of a Confederate veU
erani born and reared south of Mason
c(vtd Pliron'e line, gave votoe to a paean
of rejoicing over the results' of the great
struggle and gave unstinted praise to the
"boys in blue" who wort the battle. There
were eighteen of the "old boys" tn line
and a goodly number of the membershlji
of ' the auxiliary socletlea. t i .
; -... .... . .. I.;'.-.,
Veteran Plea at Graad Ialaad. , ,
" GRAND fUAND, Nelw May 3L-t8pe.
cla(.) FVederlck pttomiiler, a member of
the soldiers' home since 1MB, ' when he
was admitted from Thernberg, -Neb;, died
Saturday night, at the age of 79, of grn-i
oral infirmity. -lie was bona In Germany
tn 1R38, enlisted In the On Hundred. and
BlKty-slxth Pennsylvania infantry as a
private and waa mustered out at Harrls
burg. He leaves one gone, In Pennsyl
vania. - . r
daring last week, but the balance will be
taken out thla week and the carpenters
will be on hand next Bunday to complete
their labor of love, to finish the house,
btatld the barn, plant the garden and fur
nish the house so that Mr. Mecher and
hla family can move into a new home,
free from all incumbrance.
Some of the carpenters were on hand
thla morning to do what was possible
with the lumber on hand.
Henry Pollack and J'eeph Mecher are
wi the foreground.
(Continued from Page One.) .
j Saunter Tsarist. Exearatoae.
Ef.cct(e June 1, Nickel Flu to road will
sell .reduced, rata tickets to various east
ern points. Confer with local agent or
write John T. Calahan. A. O. P. A., S w.
4lama St., Chicago. ' ' ', '
j ' The Bee Want Ada Are Beat Business
j Boosters. '
twern June and 10; Germane outside
Germany aa soon aa possible.
- Geramaa Official giepars. .
. TERUN. May Jl.-(Vla London, )-At
the war office today the following state
ment waa given out: - . , .
. Western theater: The French attempted
yesterday, north et Arras and in the
foreat of Prate tn heMlr thMiivh
American government that another vcf-' our front with strong forces. At Arras
w-F-the Ivc braufcan-hna beeri torpeloed ; the enemy worked forward on the night
without warning while the dlplomutle ( before last by means of sapping. An
llscussloa waa id 'progress and umeiit attack a our lines on the Neuvtie-RooU
iniulr'. It is thought, will be made aa Incourt, front was expected alnce the et
to what effeetlve measures Will be takutv . temnt ef the eneniir to force ua out of
On Cnticora
There is no n
t-i ; i
When you blow out a
Safe Home match, it is
DUT. And it stays out.
Every S af e H ometnatch
s chemically treated to
. prevent after-glow.
Safe Home matches
are extra long 'and extra "
t strong.
The extra length means
extra service.
e Safe Home matches are
' . non-poisonous. They
c are safe to have in the
" ' home.
Alt grocers,
5c a box.
The Diamond Match
immediately by the fJerman government
to prevent tke further destruction ' ef
Amertcan- Uvea and property.- ' s
fegal officers of the United BUte ov
erriment say the American point of. view
n the legal nuestlnns involved has never
been disputed in the past by (Germany
or any ethr nation of the world in aay'
our - position further north had failed.
Thl attack waa made yesterday after
noon after several hours of artillery prep
aration. Owing to the bravery of the
Bavarian-and Rhine regtmenta the at
tack failed - In complete defeet for the
(jinmy, Hla loseea were extremely high.
in the forest of Le Pretre' the only
of the essential features. Analysing the, BUPC(.M ,ain by the French waa the
(tariuaa reply. It waa pointed out hat , Iwnetratlon of a few advanced trenches,
tho Oerman acceptance of responsibility whJch wer, uy defended. Otherwise
for attacks on the American ships jlf- lM enf mjr-, tUck at tn pomt uli.
bght and the Cu.hlng with expressions of Al 0.un1 (Belgium) a coast battery
regret and offers of reparation, could , hot Aomn M .nemy ,vlator.
not aid materially la clearing up tho j r.,i-v viaduct of Demmarklrck
ntuntloa. since It
waa declared
In -he
1 waa again destroyed by our artillery with
American note such promisee do not ie- ! t,w ,hoU Th Trwcnl ,Ucded only
inovu a dangerous practice. Thla view. , (pw Q,V, , mtLkln ,t j, for
It is l eld. is proved by the attack on the UM mfr month, of ubor
Nbrskn and the absence of any ae- .Ea.,.rfl th.u,: Nothing of Impor
,u, ance- that Americana on unarmed mer- ; ha, occurred."
chant ships of ahy flag In ' the 'future ; .
will be transferred to Jlace of safety I British Uteaater Ulsana itak.
Ufore such a ship la destroyed as a prho f LONDON. May a. -The British
,C vkTi j steamer uixiana was torpeaoea oir
ushant Saturday last, while on Its way
from Savannah. Ga., to Sweneea, Walea.
SAVANNAH, Ga., May Sl.-The British
HaSr andS
WlniQ? Shi.BS ClsansJ
Kaaafeeiatera aa4 Olsaasm
ISIS Vanaam aH. , Soaclag SH
niiiM ax.!, wasx !oo
LnaSsTki Chrijtian
Dally Hata, loci Brgw 10e an soe.
Meat Week BUaTOS OLITt
The Soap to cleanse and purify.
The OintmeBt to soothe laid heaL
Samples Free by Mall
Coutluucd attacks on American Veaaels(
rVeu thoukh hostile Intent may be dis
avowed In each case. Is regarded by
American officials as cTonetttutlttg tn to
'al effeot a hostile practice. -
The d!bculon In the German note of
the sinking of the' British' steamer Fa
lun, ou which leon C. Thresher, an
rr erica n ciliMn,' lost Ida life, was net
hrpriaing to officials, for there has been
a controversy in the reports ef Uerman
it I oils and affidavits of survivors over
il l. length of time given the Falaua to
liaiiefer Its iKnrri-i point that lias
n ii i"Ticwn-srlaf'i.-torMy "eelabtHhed.
')'!, J'Uvj caae, however, is only IirI-
at as i aw
Arthmr Smith's Orchestra ta
Kail Boom,
(toed Beetlag, Boiler Oeaater, aferry-Oo-Jkooaa
aad Maay Otke
Wedaeeday 1 ,
atarday XTKXmrO) S M. -Saaaay
, .
Bifta will be recetvad for the erection
of Ht. patrlck'a ehajcli. Imoaane. la., au-
lunling to plans arid specin.-allona pre- j
i-arvd by Harry Lwrie, arclilect, M
1'esiun hlv W. on or before II o'clock noon ;
June tU lMo. hUU to be addresavd to
!-.. E. liayea, liiiufwit, Ia., aud plana
. an be aeon at arvl.itei t's office, or st
il vf'lce of H. A W tckhant Co., 1 1
K-tt M.. Couucil llluffa. la., and at the
miilenca rf Hev. r-Mmuiwl . llayoav
I m. ,.!.. la. The rih l reaerved Ie
f: iM'''li'
Without a Rival for Drunk
enness and Drug Using
The dUeaae) curad by a thorouah and scientific
course of treattuent. which ramorea the cravlnj or necessity lor
liquor or drugg, Iraparta new gtrenna to ayery organ and
up the general sealth. Tha only Xeeley Institute ia tha state of
Nebraska. ...
CorrKDdtii e' Conf M-nlil. CW; 25th aitd Cai St,., Otuaha, Neb."
Three Years Ago We Originated
Our June Clearance of Suits
In accordance with this established
custom, beginning Tuesday, June 1
Because of the extremely low prices we
are compelled to charge for alterations.
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