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Bringing Up Father
Corf rrtttif . im. luternatloBaJ
Neva Snrrloa.
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
v trfJ,' r. U TO WALK OUT "lOUF. tTB v)R -fc
as?:- i , ) 5555a ZziV r7 iT V. V. A H
, y . ) . '7'" 7 JUlt-rl : 5 V.U I L J
Beiidei Holding Detroit to Two
Sana, He Hammers Out Home
Ban Himielf.
DETROIT. May 27. Walter Johnson
wa too much today for ' Detroit - and
Waahirurton woo, I to L Roland passed
thre man In succession, with non out
lit the third and alnia by Footer and
Acosta scored thre run. With Morgan
on bane, Johnson drovo tha ball ovar tha
left field wall In tha fourth. Datrolt hit
Johnaon afely in vry Inning and had
men left on base In each Innlnc but
tha eighth. Hcore:
An H O A S.
IRllah, a..... I 1
t IVIlt, ib 4 1
t 0M. cl 4 I
H'rswfoni rf 4
4Vaaea, If ...
Mlurna, lb.... 4 I
I IMorlartr. lb
1 Youna. I 1
I IHl&ntunt 4 1
1 4H"lan4 ... 1
-Oidhim, a.. I 1
Totsit mil iMsoobaaa ..11
Voeller. rf.. a i
Ko.tar, Iti... Ill
Areata. If... lit
Htianks. If. .. I 1 I
Milan, ef....l t I
w lb 4 II
14 ax, lb.. 4 I
llnrr. e.... I 4
HHrtl; mm. I 4 1
Jonaaoa, p.. I 1
Totals M 11 II 11 1
Mulled for Oldham In ninth.
Washington 0 I X 0 I 0 9
lvtroil 1 t 1 0 0-
Two-haae hltar Oldham. Jaoobson. Horn
inn; Johnaon. Earned runa: Off Holand.
..; off Oldham, I; off Johnaon, 1. Hacrl
hits: VitC Henry. Double play a:
Cobb to Push, Johnson to Morgan to
William, l,eft on bases: Waahiogtoa. t;
l)troit. . Uari on errors:. WeelilnKUin,
I, Detroit, L liases on ballet Off Hokand,
4. off Johnaon. 1. Hits: Olf Roland. I In
mice and two-Uilrda Innings; off Old
lAin, 4 In flvo and ' one-third innlnga.
Htrmk out: fly Roland, 2: by Oldham 1;
hk- Johnaon, 8. Umpires: Evana and Kld-
. laaiama Trlaa Maoka.. ,
1.iCVKIiAND, May 37. mevwland da
Iralcd riiilariulphla In a alugglnr ronteat,
a to n. flevcland jilled u a big- lead arly
In ihs game, but almoat threw tha victory
nwny In tlia alarhth Inning-. Hut ona of
i'hitftdrlphla'a eight runa waa earned,
l.ilol.-a batting featured. Soora:
f . i 114 tMnrnhr rf.. 4 114
lttitiin, ... .
Automobile Race at Indianapolii
Saturday Excel
Preriom Confetti.
INDTANAPOUS. May 27.-Wlth flva
three-car teama, manned by tba world'g
baat drlrera, lined tip for tha India na po
ll tno-mUa raca Saturday, May It. that
contaat promise ta axnel eery erent In
tha tpaedway hlatory. Flra full teama
bava narar competad In any A me "Iran
oontaat before, th nearest approach be
ing laat yaar'a Indlanapolla 500-mlla race,
In which there wera four.
Two of tha three-rar aggregatlora are
foreign, Peureot and flunbeam, with threa
American, Btuta, Maxwell and Duceen
berg. Tha batUa between thia quintet
will be aa protty aa anything tha world
hag aver aaen. To pick a winner la Im
poaalble. though tha 8tuta outfit may be
conaldered aa having a ahade, by virtue
of Ita crack work In fha peedwa.y elimi
nation trlala.
Than there la any number of Individual
entrantg who, will ba up and bUllng
among tha reat until time la called, not
ably Da Palma In hla Mercedea. Da
Palma ta about due to win the Indlan
apolla race, having loet It In 1912 when
victory waa practically In hla rap, and
meat ba figured among the atronireat
Tha chance of tha various at al tera,
aa far a tha apeedway elimination trial
glva any uB en their ability, ta aa follow:
No., Car and Driver.
1 Ptuta, Wilcox ,
S Mercedes, l Vahna....
Peugeot, Beata 1:S1'4 W.I
1:SS 0 M.7E
Time. Av.
1:11:0 M
l:l:t 8.t
'I urn,, lb. . 4
l ItMtmaa. aa I
Ja k4n, lb.. 4
Mty, If... 4
v. o..o. rf, b. 1
o snl, ..., t
Morlvn, 4
1 1 Mt9, lb.,a, 4
!. -... 1
) Totals.
4. haul.
exAar. .. 4
el-lola, lb... I
1 1 liumpan. ft 4
4ttrrr, aa..., 4
eKopf, lb 4
-!. a.... 1
n U lUarla. m f
I -4
t t
Totals 4 11 10 1
.iWeland 4 110 10X0 t
riuluattlphia 0 0 0 0 X 0 0 ft 0-4
K&rned runa: Cleveluni, 1 phlladoW
pliia, 1. Two-baae hlta: Wood, Turner,
l.loie. Iavta. lhre-baaw hlta: Chap
man. Miui'l". Honw runs: lpp. Iajoie.
fM.iifl-e hlta: 1-1Ih4i1. Hrbare (2.
riacriflce flte: O'NoiU (i). fttolen
limn: Turner, Wood, UclboKI, O'Neill.
Diulle pluya: Barry to l)i to I ins
Kaif to LJole to ljwn, lirry to Laiv.
Ht'.a: Off Davlea, In two Innlnga; oft
iv!, t In alx Innings. Jiavrsa on balls:
ff Morton. 1: off lievvWe. 1: off Davla,
4. Hit by pitched ball: Wood. Chapman
und Jaokaon by levies. Ktnutlc out: By
Morton, A; by Devlaa. 1; by Davis. 1.
Huieed ball: McAvoy. Wild piubee:
Kavte !). First base oa errora: Cleve
land. 1; Phllttdt-lphia, I. Icft on baaea:
Cleveland, ; Philadelphia, a Umpires:
Dlneen and Nallln.
a Wla Nlao tat Row.
CHICAGO, Way r. Chicago won Us
iilntli atraight game today by defeating
New York. I to t In the final gavine of
the aeries. Hunched hlta aldod tha locals.
Kens iiliched in good form. Score:
Malwl. lb... 4 III aralarh, 4...4 II
1'.kiuoa. all 1 I Itlwft. lb..... 4 tit
fra. rf
f'.l.p. lb....
I .k, rf
H.iuall, II.
liooo. lb...
Nvaaikajr, s.
en (VlUna, hi 1 I
', II. a 1 a
, 4 t 4
4 11
..II 11 IT 14 t
1 M U
0 1 a
J. Coillna,
J C'iiina. rf. 4 I I
ewaavar. - as.. 1,1 I
SHrtof. lb.... I III
lHobaik. c.
tllaaa, ....
Toula H I 94 14 I
N. w oYrk 0 0 0 0 0
Chfe-euro S 10 0 0
Two-bsue hlta: K. Colllna,
Frjiu-nler. 11 atari. Huiialk. Htolen baaea
hWach tat. Maleel. kerned runai Off
Wariiop. , off t ot troil. I; off Bens. 1.
Heii'iifli-e hit; , Iloth. Irt on baaea
New York, 6; ftil'ao, T. Klral base on
iiMif: Now lork. I. Ilaeea on balls
off Warliup, X; off Cottreli, 1 Hlta: Olf
Marhou, b In one 'and two-thirds In
Mima, off CottreU, 7 In six and one-third
Innings. Hit by pitched bail: Crea by
Hcna. Htruok out: By t'oilrell, ; by
Ib-na. J. L'mplres: OXougtUIn and
4 rltuia. Conner
l Lit ... . .
v niun, vtnuarauri
t Hunbeam, Horporato .,
T- Hunlieani, Old field
t Peugeot, HirVman ......
t-Kleinart, Klein
10 Dueeenberg, Alley
11 Peugeot, 1 Cain..,
Il-Hunbeam. Urant ,.'
IS Dueaenbera, U'Oonnell
14 Peugeot, li&biwk
uV-Delags. J. Me Palma...
1 i'ebrlng. J. Cooper
17 Maxwell. Carlson
It Maxwell, Orr
1ft liueaenbenr. Mulfoid .
M Maxwell, Hickenbacher
It-Mals Hpeclal. Mala
yj-Purcell ttpeolal, Cox....
14 Cornelian. ( 'ha vr Inlet .
ii iunden
1:S3:4 M.4
... 1:14 a r.l
... 1:M:0 3.?&
... 1 87 : 4 M.4
... 1:W:. tsi.t
... 1:4(1:0 m o
... 1:40: WIS
... 1:40-8 Kd.'JS
... 1.41:1 kn.e
... 1:41:4
... 1:41.4 K1.K
... 1:45:1 M.U
.. 1:47:00 K.l
... 1:47 :K M.5
... 1:4)1:1 M.7
... 1:40:8 2
... 14.a it
... 1:W 4 81.6
....1:U):4 M.t
... 1:61:1 tl.l
... 1:&.:0 W.I
BOSTON. May 27.-Prtaldent James E.
Gaffney of tha Boston National it-ague
bate ball team was officially notified by
John K. Tener, president of th loaarue,
that tha disputed cam with New Tork
on April 20, In which tha latter club at
temped to play Kauff of tha Isronklyn
Federal, haa bean declared for Boston.
Bertram! Defeat a lloldreae.
BERT RAND, Neb., May X7.-(peclat.)
Tb (am yesterday between Itoldrwge
and Bertrand was won by Bertrand, t
to 4. Boor: RH.F.
Holdrega 1 0 1 4 1 t 1 0 04 a
liertrand 1 t 1 1 1 1 0 0 1-4 7 T
Barraa Tratek Captala.
AMK8. la.. May ft. (Bpectal Telegram.)
Norman C. Ilurrua of Burlington, who
ranks ar tho top of the Hat of Mlaaoun
valley conference high Jumpers, thla aft
ernoon was elected captain of tha Amea
field and track twun for 1K1&. lie Is on
his second yoar as a varsity track man.
oatkera Aaaorlatloa.
Chattanooga, t; Atlanta. 0.
Nashville, 4; New Orleans, a. Called In
fifth Inning on amount of rain.
Little Kick-MoMIe postpened; on ac
count of wet grounds.
Coast Leagae.
At Oakland- K.H.I-3
Venice 3 I 1
Oakland t 11 X
batteries: Hrlger, Plercey and Mltse;
Boyd and KUloU.
Quakeri Get Big: Lead in Early
Innings and Chicago It
"" Defeated.
Standing of Teams
nil LA DELPHI A, May 27.-Chlcagi
tried hard to overcome the big lead
which Philadelphia took In the flmt two
inning today, but lost I to 6. Baler made
a horn run, a triple and a double In four
times at bat, while Cra".th' homer In
the first Inning' sent In two other run
ner. Score: i
. . 7 3 .7U0
..ti .wrr
..13 .ST.
.. 4 .401
.. 5 6 .MX
4 6 .444
I I Hi
Phalan. lb.. 4
fisher, ss. ., 4
aVhults. If.. 4
Zrrarmaa. lb 4
Hnlr. lb.... 4
Wllllama, et I
Archar, e.... 4
KnUalf. rf.. 4
Vsuahn. a.. 4
lAvao4r, a 1
Cheney, a... 1
Anama, p.... 9
Mrlairrir .. 1
Braaashan . 1
AB.H.O. I).
nRaneroft, as, 4
M,rna, lb... 1
Nlehnff. lb., 4
4fravalli, rf.. 1
OPaaaart, 1-rf 1
4fu(terwa, lb. I
ewaiaar. rf... 1
Oltarhar. If... I
AKtlllfer, c... I
Oalayer, p.... I
1 4
77 I M !
Dos 11 .6211 Reatrlc.
Topeka ....! 11 .Mel York
Omaha ....1 11 .6.1 Hastings .
lenver ... 14 11 .M0 Norfolk ..
Ht. Joseph.. 1.1 IX .m Kalrbury .
Uniwin ....10 14 .417 Od. Island.
Hioux City. 11 17 ,a3) Kearney ..
Wichita ...4 14 .mi Columbus
w.L.m. w.upct.
Chlfgo ...K 12 .67 Chicago ....19 11.63X
Detroit ....2 14 .WJIphlla 14 .ow
New York..l7 It .5S1 Brooklyn ..1 15 .614
Hoeton 13 14 .4X1 Pt. IiOUia....17 17 .UX
Wajihlngtonlt 17 4 dtoRtrm 18 17 .9
Cleveland ..14 lf .424 Pittsburgh.. .'.5 17 .4K
Sr. Louis.. 14 20 .412 Clnctnmitt ..13 17 .433
Phtla llZa-awNew York.. .11 18 .37
W.UPr-t.l W.UPrt.
Indlanaplla X2 14 .all Pittsburgh. ..22 14 .fill
Gene Melady Finds that Chicago
Mat Artiit Wants 23,000 Guar
antee to Meet Stecher.
Ixutav1Ue...2tl 15 .671
Kan. City. .18 14 .ftM
Milwaukee.. It 13
St. laul....1 18 .471
Cleveland ..14 17 .M1
Mlnne lia.ll 18 .('Baltimore
Columbua ..13 23 .3fai Buffalo
htcaro ....21 14 .00
ansas City. 19 14 .bit
Newark ....18 !) .543
Brooklyn ...17 18 .616
?t. Iuls....l5 1 .4H4
.13 H .2
.10 .S
Shreveport Wants
Walsh-Mandot Bout
bl'PKRIOK. WU.. May 27-Tomray
Walsh, manager of Joe Mandot. here to
day announced that the mate Fair asso
ciation of Shreveport, La., ha offered
a tln.OM purse for a twenty-round match
between Jo Mandot and Freddie Welsh,
world's lightweight champion, to take
place In rihreveport July 4. Mandot I to
box Red Watson of California In a tan
round bout tomorrow night.
.HiiEVEPOHT. I., May 27.-Of flctals
f tha Louisiana Ktat Fair association
declared today that no offer bad bean
made for a meeting betereen Freddie
Welsh and Joe Mandot la this city July 1
Kdaar W las t.aaae.
EDOAR. Neb.. May 27. BpecUI Ed
tar defeated Dewoeaa thla afternoon.
lowers i 1 0 0 0 0 0-1
l.ilaar .4 I t 1 t 1 0 --
liattertes: Kdcar. Car son. White and
Nt-ai.itt; Deweeae, Kcoit. Harai kuian and
Miue i nipire: Harry sHory
Paal J. Dwitr.
After an illness of a few da) a ami an
ojratlon at a hospital. laul J. Dwyer,
of X10X Maple street, died Wrdncaday
evening. Funeral services will be neici
at 1:90 Saturday morning at tiered IKait
church. Burial at Holy Kepulcber ccine
tr'. Mr, lwer waa employed by the
Loose-W Ilea biscuit company and was
with the Cnion Pacific for sever, ytars.
J. V. Dwyer of this city I a brother.
Three surviving sisters are' Miss Helen
Dwyer, Omaha: Mra. Thome M. Casey,
Maasena. la.; Mra. D. J. Keogh, Humph
rey. Neb.
Mra. Narais tawille.
STELLA. Neb.. May 27. ipet inl.)
Mrs. Ncrman Hiullie died at her home in
Btella at noon today after a lingering
Ulna, due to nervousness and a fun
eral breakdown. the was Ml years old
and had lived in this community since n.
young girl. Her maiden name was Molile
Hodse. Her httabaitd and an adopted
daughter. Mrs. Noah Alien, auivlve.
Effective June 1. Nickel Plate road will
tell reduced rata tickets to various east
ern points- Confer local agent or write
John r. Calaian. A. Q. P. A., OS W.
Adams IU., Chicago.
Totals at II 44 it 4
Ha nod for Cheney In scvanlh.
Hatted for Adam In ninth.
Oileagw 0 9 0 1 0 0 2 1 4
Philadelphia X 4 0 0 0 10 I
Two-baaa hits: Paler. William. Me-
hoff, Welser, KXllfer. Threa-baa hit:
Salnr. Home runs: Haler. Cravalh,
Hanoroft. Htolen bases: Crave th, I.u-
derus. Earned runa: Chicago, 6: Phila
delphia, 8. Hacrlftco hlta: Paakert,
Mayer. Hecrlfloe fly: cravatn. jHubi
Rlaya: Fisher to Zimmerman to' Baler,
'lehoff to Luderua tJ). lft on t-aaes.
Chlcaan, 4: Philadelphia. 8. First hane
on error: Chicago., 1. ilisvaea on balls;
Off Vaughn, t; off Cheney, 2: off Ail
itmi, 1; oft Mayer, a1 Hits: Off Vaughn,
4 ill one Inning, none out In aooonU; off
Lavender, X In one Inning; off Cheney,
1 In one Inning: off Johnaon, I In two
Innlnga. Hit by pltohed ball: Mayer by
Lavender. Htrttck out: By Vapgun, 1;
by Cheney, I; by Adams, 2; by Mayer, I.
Wild ptt'-h: Lavtmder. Umpires: Eason
and J,ulgley.
Cards Basap 4iaatal
NEW YOItK, May 27. Rt. Louis aanln
defeated New York here today, winning
a hard fought ten-Inning game, 0 to 5.
Miller otiened the tenth with a single
to center, but took a daring chance for
second aa Murray tosad the ball In, and
mart it. Ha took third on Hyatt' In
field out and scored on Wilson's scratch
single to Doyle. Score:
T. Loi'l. NBW YOItK.
AH. It. O. AC. AB.H.O. A.E.
Hucilna. lb. 4 1 14 4ntiras, If... 4 10 14
barb. lb..... I 111 lDoyla. lb.... I III
haarhar. It.. I 1 1 4 lxMrt. lb.. 4 0 111
Millar, lb.,, I 1 14 4 OKIrtrhar. as. I 1 I I 4
Hralt. K....4 I I 4 lflobarthaa, rf I 4 I 4
Ioi,ia, rl.... 4 4 14 OMrlss, e- 8 4 8 4 4
W'llaoa, rl... I 114 OHralnwd. 14 4 4 11 1 4
Bmlar, aa... 4 14 4 lHmltb. I I 1 I
Ortnar, .... I 4 .4 4 K-har. B..4 4 1
Knr.lar, ....! 114 0lrat 1 14
Jtoblnaoa. . I 4 4 4 AMtroud, 4 444
larilua, p.,,, 4 4. t 8 4 It mar I
tsudsraas . 4 4 4 4
Totals 41 14 N 14 lalurravy, of . 4 114 1
- Malbawsa, pi I I 4
Marble, rf... 1 1 1 4
Totals 44 Ilia I
Hatted for 8obauer In elghtn.
Halted for Ktroud In tenth.
lian for Itltter in tenth.
8t Loula 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1-4
New otrk J 0 0 0 0 0 2 10 0 J
Two-base hits: Beck, Doyle, Mathow
son. Miller I2l, Fletcher, Urant. Three
baa hit: Hyatt, stolen base: Keck.
Earned runa: New York, t! ht. Ixula. i.
Bacritke hit: Butler. Ivnuble plays:
lint I nerd to Flstchm-, Hugglna to Builcr
to Miller. Dovl to Fletcher to Brainerd.
Ilt on bases; New York, I; ft. loula.
1 First base on errors: New York, X;
Ht. lentils. 2. Bases on balls: Off Uriner,
1: off Kobtnaoti. X; off 8troud. 1. Hits;
Off llrtner, 1 in one and one-third Inning-;
nif Hnhinaon. ' I in alx Innings,
ono out in eighth; off Perdue. 1 In two
and two thirds Innings; off Mathewson,
It in seven innlnga; off Bchauer, none In
one Inning: off rUroud, 2 In two Innlnga
btrut k out: By Hrhauer. 1; by Btroud. 1.
by Hohlnnon. : bv I'erdue. 1. VmnmrA
ball: Smith. I'mpirea: Klgler and Hart.
Mr da Blank Bravea.
BOfTON. May 27. Cincinnati, laat of
the National league cliiba to meet th
world's champions so far this season,
evened the aeries hv winning today, t to
t. To Dale, the Bravea have lost four
p-rie. won two ana tiei one. Hale a
pitching had Boston batsmen at a loss
today, two pinch hitters striking out in
the ninth. S-oie:
AB. H O. A. It AB.H.O A K
b. e ...4 1 Mors. rf.... I 1111
I sritipai'k. sb 4 4 4 X
4 oanntlr. II. 4 I 4 4 1
4Maa. ef... 4 1 I 1 I
4 4-Vhatlut. lb. 8 4 I I I
4 O.Sntlih. lb.... 114 11
lb 4 I 14 4 avaamarll, as I I I X i
a a a v w nallna. .. I s 4 1 4
I Ta,ra.or. el I I 4 1
Husbaa. p...l 4 4 4 1
II 11 IT 14 SV.ilUart ....1 4 4 4 4
Tlar 1 4 4 4 4
taibar 114 4 4
Totala 14 "l V7 84 "4
Batted for Whaling in seventh.
Hatted for Train eear In ninth.
Batted for Hughea In ninth.
Cincinnati 0 0 4 1 1 0 X X 0 a
Boston 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 4-0
Two-base hit: Orlfflth. Threa-beao
hits: Orlfflth. Connolly. UaoHft. hi,.-
Oroh. Ial. Double plays: Dale to Gioh
to W. ill It A, llersog to Uollwits. Hrnilh
to eVIimldl, Fltspalrtck to Maranvlll to
Kvhmtdt. Irtt on baaea: Cincinnati. 4;
Boston, a Baa on errora: Cincinnati, a
Baera on baila: Off Dale, t; off Hughes,
X Hit by pluhed ball: By Dale. Moran.
Struck out: By Dale. 8: by Hughes, X.
I'mpirea: Kleni and Emslle.
Dell Pwuta Oat Pirates.
pluhe.1 ahutout ball today and Brooklyn
made It two atraight with Pittsburgh, 1
to O The winning runs were scored la
the sixth on Ktensel's single. N ick's fum
ble end wild throw of Wheat's grouudr
and Myers' lilt. Cooper was effective ia
the other Innlnga. Carry, Jolnatnn,
t-aubert and Myera fielded brilliantly.
Three donbie playa. two flora the out
field, featured. (Score:
riT.tBt'rUIH UKtaTMtt.TK
A a H O. A B AB.H O A
t-aear. If.... I 4 4 1 lO'Mara. ss. .41 1 IS
tuMlmm. Ill I I I, lb. 4 I 14 8 4
Teaterday'a Reswlta.
All games .postponed; wet grounds.
New York. X; Chicago, 8.
Washington, I: Detroit. 2.
Philadelphia. 8; Cleveland. I.
St. Louie, 8; New York, 8.
Pittsburgh, 0; Brooklyn, 2.
Chicago, 8; Philadelphia, 8.
Cincinnati, ; Boeton, 0.
Buffalo. 6; Pittsburgh. I;
Othar game postponed; rain and cold.
Louisville. 4; Minneapolis, 2.
Indlanapolla, I: St. Paul, X.
Gaaaea Today.
Western League Denver at fMoux City,
lAnooln at Omaha, . Wlchlt f at Dea
Moines, Topeka at Mt. Joseph.
American League New York at Chi
cago, Washington at Detroit, Philadel
phia at (levelaud. .
National Ieoaue Bt. Loula at New
York, Pittsburgh at Brooklyn, Philadel
phia at Boeton.
Fed rial league Baltimore at Kansas
City. Brooklyn at Bt. Louis. Buffalo at
Nebraska State League Beatrice at
Hastings, Falrbury at York, Norfolk at
Grand Island. Columbus at Kearney.
Gen Melady, genial sportsman from
South Omaha, who I promoting tho
Ptecher-Cutler match fjr Rourko park
July S, ha run Into a snag at Chicago.
Tho following- teleirrnm explain lUelf.
It shows that either '-he Chicago crowd
Is trying to hold up Melady or else Cutler
has Bern tho handwriting on the wall
and is afraid to com west to meet th
coming champion who handle alt
wrestler with equal ease.
Following I tha telegram received by
the sporting editor of The Bee late Thurs
day afternoon:
"Cannot get Cutler's , signature to
articles of agreement for Stecher match
for tha championship of the world unless
I guarantee a XJ6.000 house, winner and
loser end. Must have support of Com
mercial club. Hotel Men' association ant"
all otner good booster in Omaha to pu
this over. It look to me like the big
Seat advertisement Omaha ever hnd a I
must certainly attract national attention
Do you think I will be safe in giving; thl
Caruso and Elman BLUES FIND ROGGE -Give
Fine Rendition iim npnnim nnnn,
Of Charming BBalladi m A1 KbBb
With the possible, exception of Tost),
no Italian song writer Is more popular
than Lulgi Dcnxa. Hi charming ballads
are known In eveiy land, and It Is a real
pleasure to hear one of his numbers sung
by Caruso with violin obbllgato by Mlsch.-i
Elman and it Is a pleasure that ran be
enjoyed by every ono for thl number Is
among; th June list of new Records.
Join Y. M. C. A. on special summer
membership plan. Then use It. 4o.50.
Norse Countries
Declare Neutrality
LONDON, May' 27. Sweden. Norway
and Denmark have sent to Italy, Ger
many and Austria, following- their dec
larations of war, formal notification of
th Scandinavian nations' determination
to maintain strict neutrality.
Anderson Strong; Until Eighth, When
Home Team Scores Four hy ' "
Bunching Hits. t
PITTSBURGH. May 27. Buffalo lilt
Ilopge hard alt through todny's jrame and
defeated the Pittsburgh Federals. 9 to 6.
Anderson waa strong until the eighth to
ning, when th. locals bunched flvo bits
nd scored four runs. ' The hlttlns ff
Engle and Louden was timely. Score':
'Buffalo 1 0 1 0 4 1 0 0 80 11 :
Pittsburgh ..,0 0 1 0 0 0 1.4 0-0 10 J
Batteries: Anderson. Bedlent and Blair;
Rogge, Dickson and Berry.
W kite Box Hrlewae Demralit.
CHICAGO, May 27. Outfielder Ray
Demmitt was released to the Toronto
International league club today by the
Chicago Americans. .-He came to tho
White Sox last year from Detroit. ,
Hiiiohmu. rfl t 8 1 Sltenasl.
Wasnsr, as.. I I I I IWhaat, II.
Vloj. lb...,
tiarbar, lb.
Olbaon, e.
'00 par, p.
Caatalia .
: 4 1 1 I 4
.14 114
H.r.n,, aa . . 4 t 4
HI Hilar. f... 4 11
Grab. lb..... 8 I I
itrllfUa, H . 4 I 1
V'K'Ulta, lb 4 1 4
rxota. s
Paw. p 8 4 4
14 11 IVrara. cf.
8 4 14 lOats. lb..
114 1 Millar, e,
114 1 ODell, p...
Totals IX I 17 II 1
Totals 14 I 14 4 4
Batted for Uerber In ninth.
Pittsburgh 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Brooklyn 0 0 0 0 0 X 0 0 X
Two-base hits: Balrd. Oetx. Three
has hit: Daubert. stolen htthes: Hlnch
man, O'Mara. Earned run: Brooklyn, 1.
Iiouble playa: Cutshaw to Daubert,
Myara to Daubert, Carey to Gibson. Left
on bases: Pittsburgh, 7; Brooklyn. 9.
Base on errors: Pittsburgh, 1; Brooklyn,
!. Bases on balls: Off Dell. 6; off
Cooper, X. Hit by pitched ball: By Dell
Geroer: by Cooper, O'Mara. Struck out:
By Dell, 4; by Cooper. X. Wild pitch:
Dell. Passed ball: Miller. Umpires:
Byron and Orth.
Canadian Steamship
is Sunk by Torpedo;
One Dead, 3 Hurt
CARDIFF. Wales, May 27. (Via Lon
don) Th aleamer Morwenna of Mon
treal was torpedoed and shelled by a
German submarine ml midday Wednes
day at a pvlnt 140 miles west by south of
St. Ann Head.
One ntainter of th crew of the vessel
was killed, while three were wounded.
Th othera hav been landed here.
The Morwenna was b round from Cai-dlff
for Sydney, Cnpe Breton, in ballast. The
Belgian trawler Jauueltne picked up the
Fourteen Students
In Scientific Study '
Honored at Lincoln
itFrom a Staff Correspondent )
LINCOLN. Neb., May 27. (Specinl T.
cr am.) Fourteen senior and post-grat
uetes In the University of Nebraska wc
Sigma Xt honors, according to announc.
ment thl afternoon. Sigma XI corn
pond to Phi Beta Kappa in the sci
intlflo courses of the university.
Those who won Blgma XI honors were:
Richard H. Boerker, Ora Clare Brad'jury,
Walter" Cheney. Walter L. C. Muenscher,
T. C. Moore. William Meuswanfer. A. R
Powell. J. E. Schott, Paul B. Beat, A
C. Whitford, Truman O. Yuncker. Fred
C. Albert, D. P. Weeks and O W. gjogren
Th annual competitive drill of the uni
versity cadet battalion took place thla
afternoon before three regular army offi
cer who judged tho work of tho cadet
Company B won first place; .Compan O.
second: Company D. third, and Company
E, fourth. Following was the standlnt
of the companies:
Companv B... .1.038.5 Company N.... !
Company G. ...1.0:14.5 Company K."... I9.t
Company D....1,M2.5 Company C... ,.r
Company E... .1,021.5 Company H.... 9S3.X
Company F.... 0O98 Company 1 1-1-0
Company M.... m.h
In the Individual competitive drill Prl-
val C. L. Ellis of Company A won first
place and Phil Warner, first sergeant of
CompanyB, second. Each received . ilvet
cups. The drill was held in a driving
wind which hampered operations.
The Morwenna, a Britlsli steamer, waa
built at Dundee In 1004. It was -0 frvt
long and. was owned by th St. Lawrence
Shipping company of Montreal The
marltlne records show that It left Car
diff May 28. bt. "Anns. Heid la in Wale.
A' distant of ItiO mllea wast by south of
thla location would have placed the Mor
wenna not far from Old Head of Kinsala,
where th IjueltaJil wa torpedoed.
Becker Cannot Save
Himself from Chair
By Any Disclosures
NEW YORK. May 27. No possible dis
closure of police corruption or revela
tion of th identity of the man or men
higher up In th division of money paid
for police protection, no plea Cbarlea
Becker ran make will save hint from th
kctrlo chair, If District Attorney Per
kins can prevent It, according to an
nouncement made by Mr. Perkins today.
In. making- hi announcement M. Per
kins took official cognisance of a current
rumor that Becker, facing death tor c lut
ing tb murder of Herman Rosenthal
waa willing to confesa all h know if (hts
Itr snouia o sparea. tsecaer s extcu
tlon I aet for th week of July it
N appeal for clemency can be riade
In any caee of on properly convk'ted of
murder In the first degree, becaut of
any aaalatano he might rendar tc Ua
autliorltaaa In tha prosecution of of'.nj
ol a muck lower grade." Mr. Peraln
aal 4.
Austrian Squadron
Tries to Destroy
Terminals at Acona
MILAN. May as. (Via Paris. May 2T.)
Destruction of the railroad Junction
evidently wan the object of th bom
bardmen of Ancona by an Austrian
squadron which raided the Italian coast
Monday, according to details which have
been received here. Tho warahlpa ap
pared off Ancona about midnight, ac
companied by two aeroplanes, which flew
over tho city.
The bombardment continued two hours.
Tha runs wore trained not only upon th
railroad yards, but upon the military
hospital the Bank of Italy and two bar
racks. Tho cupola of th cathedral waa
Slight damage to the railroad was
caused by shell fir between Porto Re
canatl and Porto Civltanova.
The Au.-trlan warships retired from
Ancona when an Italian fleet appeared.
Becauae of report that th Austrian
squadron bad been signaled from an An
cona brewery, all German employed
there were arrested aa spies.
McMichael Heads
Assembly of United
Presbyterian Church
LOVELAND. Colo., May Report!
of variotia committees war expected to
occupy moat of th session today of th
fifty-seventh general aaaembly of th
United Pi-eabytertan church of North
America. In session here.
At th election of officer laat night T.
II. McMlc'.iaal. D. D.. president of Mon
mouth colleaTe, Monmouth. III.. wa
chosen rooderatur for a one-year tarm.
Dr. J. T. McCrory of Pittsburgh, th only
othe nominee, withdrew and tb selec
tion of McMichael waa mad unanimous.
Rev. IX r. McOUl wa rs-elected clerk.
Straw Hats for
Decoration Day
The season is here for the Straw Ilat. You .
will want the new and distinctive .straw this
"spring. . . Our Leghorns iand , High Crown
Panamas are pleasing our customers wonder
fully well. Other styles ia numerous blocks' J
and straw materials, from $2 to $6.
Genuine Palm Beach Suits
All of them pre-shrunk and will launder
perfectly without shrinking or fading. We
sold them by the hundreds last season and
know how well they clean and retain the new.
appearance. Qet one or more of them while
sires are complete. Sizes 33 to 50, priced
$0.50, while they last. " '
Beautiful White Flannel Serge
Trousers, $5.00.
Palm Beach Trouaera with Silk
Decoration, $3.50.
T 1
US Soath let Street.
A New Exposition Train
All-Steel Equipment Fast Schedule
In Daily Service Between
St. Louis, Kansas City, Pueblo,
Glenwood Springs, Salt Lake City,
Oakland and San Francisco
The Scenic Limited
Sthedute to Include mrmt of the point of jrreatrt
scenic Interest In daylight rideo -Along th Missouri
Through ltoyal Gorge Arrows Great Halt LaJte
DotiD Feather Hirer ("anon
VU the
Missouri Pacific
Denver & Rio Grande and Western Pacific
thickest route front St, IjouU and Kanaaa City to l'aclfic
Cotsl through ltoyaj Gorge.
Trains Leave St. Louis and San Francisco Daily
Lt. Omaha 2:00 pm
Lt. Kansaa City 9:40 pm
Ar. Pueblo 2:15 pm
Ar. Salt Lake City 1:30 pm
Ar. Han FiancUco B; 45 uni
We cannot begin to tell you all about thla
train and trip here. Send for our handsome
folder on California's International Exposi
tion! ana lb way there on The Scenic
t Limited.
Gen. AgL I'aat. Dept.
1424 Farnani Bt, Omaha. Neb.
Be sure to uta The Ktenle limited one-way anyway.
Daii4. cf. . . I 1 I ia, Pa. 4 4 I I I